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One Piece: Unlimited Cruise 2 (Nintendo Wii, Game): One Piece: Unlimited Cruise 2 (Nintendo Wii, Game)
R438 Discovery Miles 4 380 Shipped within 7 - 11 working days
Ready To Rumble (Nintendo Wii, DVD-ROM): Ready To Rumble (Nintendo Wii, DVD-ROM)
R120 Discovery Miles 1 200 Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

Designed to take advantage of the motion-controlled Wii, features virtual heavyweights fighting in the backstreet of a gym to a Las Vegas showdown with vivid new visuals bringing the five spectacular ring environments to life.

  • All-New Roster: 20 new crazy boxers
  • Wii controllers for intuitive gameplay
  • Dodge, weave and punch opponents
  • Fictional characters, Over-the-top action, celebrity caricatures
  • Better, stronger, funnier!
Wii Fit Music (Nintendo Wii): Wii Fit Music (Nintendo Wii)
R258 Discovery Miles 2 580 Shipped within 7 - 11 working days
Destroy All Humans! Big Willy Unleashed (Nintendo Wii, DVD-ROM): Destroy All Humans! Big Willy Unleashed (Nintendo Wii, DVD-ROM)
R167 Discovery Miles 1 670 Shipped within 7 - 11 working days
Tamagotchi Party On! (Nintendo Wii): Tamagotchi Party On! (Nintendo Wii)
R90 Discovery Miles 900 Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

Tamagotchi: Party On! is a 3D party game based on the super popular Tamagotchi franchise. Jump in solo or with up to 3 of your friends to join the exciting race to become the most popular Tamagotchi on Tamagotchi Planet! Swing your Wii Remote and turn the whole planet into your playing board! The players can choose their favorite Tamagotchis and engage in a hilarious campaign run to be the next president of Tamagotchi Planet. Be happy! Be popular! Be president!

Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles (Nintendo Wii, DVD-ROM): Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles (Nintendo Wii, DVD-ROM)
R262 Discovery Miles 2 620 Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles is a brand new game in the Resident Evil franchise, with familiar locales from the entire series. This action/shooter hybrid reveals the back story behind the fall of the Umbrella Corporation by exploring locations from Resident Evil 0, 1, 2 and 3 as well as new never-before-seen locations, such as Umbrella's stronghold. Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles combines first-person, light-gun style combat with interactive pathways, multiple weapons and new enemies to create an entirely new Resident Evil experience that could only be delivered on the Wii.

Trauma Center - New Blood (Nintendo Wii, DVD-ROM): Trauma Center - New Blood (Nintendo Wii, DVD-ROM)
R125 Discovery Miles 1 250 Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

Survive nature's most devastating catastrophes in Disaster: Day of Crisis, a panic inducing survival game for Wii. In a devastatingly short period of time, an unprecedented wave of natural disasters has pummelled the United States. On top of this inexplicable series of disasters, a rogue Special Forces unit has taken advantage of the chaos and seized a nuclear weapon. Only Ray, a former member of an elite rescue task force, has decided to take a stand.

Nithro Essential Pack for Wii U: Nithro Essential Pack for Wii U
R149 R128 Discovery Miles 1 280 Save R21 (14%) Shipped within 4 - 8 working days
Nitho Charging Plus Dual Charging Dock for 2 x Wii Remotes (Black): Nitho Charging Plus Dual Charging Dock for 2 x Wii Remotes (Black)
R299 R277 Discovery Miles 2 770 Save R22 (7%) Shipped within 4 - 8 working days

Charging Plus
Innovative docking and recharging station for 2 Wii U and Wii Remotes compatible with Motion Plus adapter.

Nitho Charge and Play Kit for Wii U: Nitho Charge and Play Kit for Wii U
R199 R171 Discovery Miles 1 710 Save R28 (14%) Shipped within 4 - 8 working days
Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles (Nintendo Wii, Game): Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles (Nintendo Wii, Game)
R334 Discovery Miles 3 340 Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles is the sequel to Capcom's highly successful, million-selling Wii title, Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles. A rail shooter with an included two-player co-op play option, The Darkside Chronicles is set within a new compelling story which sees the return of series favorites Leon Kennedy and Claire Redfield to the fray in new and classic levels. The game also contains customizable weapons, a wealth of collectibles and a dynamic difficulty feature that automatically adjusts to players' abilities, which together ensure a fun, yet challenging Resident Evil gaming experience, regardless of skill level.

Star Wars - The Force Unleashed 2 (Nintendo Wii, Game): Star Wars - The Force Unleashed 2 (Nintendo Wii, Game)
R232 Discovery Miles 2 320 Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

The saga continues as the apprentice, Starkiller, returns with over-the-top Force powers and embarks on a journey to discover his own identity and to reunite with his one true love.

Starkiller is once again the pawn of Darth Vader - but instead of training his protégé as a ruthless assassin, the Dark Lord is attempting to clone his former apprentice in an attempt to create the Ultimate Sith warrior.

The chase is on - Starkiller is in pursuit of Juno and Darth Vader is hunting for Starkiller.

  • Continue the galaxy-altering journey of Starkiller, Darth Vader's fugitive apprentice, that shapes the key events between Star Wars: Episode III and Episode IV

  • Unleash the Force with more power and precision through improved controls and new powers, such as the deceptive Mind Trick, which turns enemies against their allies

  • Discover the true power of Starkiller with Force Fury, where his attacks and Force powers are exponentially increased

  • Improved targeting system enhances precision use of Force powers and greater interaction with puzzles and the environment

  • Take combat to the next level with the ability to wield dual lightsabers and punish enemies with all-new combo attacks

  • Expanded customization options such as new costumes and power-enhancing lightsaber crystals

  • Fight through all-new challenge levels designed to test and hone your fighting and Force power skills

  • Skillfully manage your combat techniques to defeat a variety of brand-new enemies, which will culminate in epic boss battles
Animal Crossing: Lets go to the City (SELECTS) (Nintendo Wii): Animal Crossing: Lets go to the City (SELECTS) (Nintendo Wii)
R352 Discovery Miles 3 520 Shipped within 7 - 11 working days
Cabela Adventure Camp (Nintendo Wii, DVD-ROM): Cabela Adventure Camp (Nintendo Wii, DVD-ROM)
R309 Discovery Miles 3 090 Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

Cabela's Adventure Camp is a thrilling motion-based game that delivers engaging, easy to learn gameplay with summer camp activities for everyone. You'll feel the warmth of the summer sun and excitement in the air as you compete in many exciting camp related mini-games. Players will lose themselves and forget they aren't outdoors as they compete in summer activities such: Thrill Hill Biking, Wild River Kayaking, Full Throttle Wave Riding and more.

Martian Panic (Nintendo Wii, DVD-ROM): Martian Panic (Nintendo Wii, DVD-ROM)
R108 Discovery Miles 1 080 Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

The Martians are coming and it's up to you (and your frieNDS) to stop them! Battle a horde of loony Martian invaders in this 1 to 4 person shoot-em-up game for the Wii. Packed with non-stop action, players will use a range of powerful weapons against a gang of colorful and comical enemy invaders.

Collect powerups and rescue helpless civillians to get high scores and earn achievements. Visit a range of iconic locales from the drive-in movie theater to the Great Pyramids of Giza. Everything in the game is rendered in colorful comic book style with a retro 50's science fiction vibe.

Call Of Duty 5 - World At War (Nintendo Wii, DVD-ROM): Call Of Duty 5 - World At War (Nintendo Wii, DVD-ROM)
R259 Discovery Miles 2 590 Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

Call of Duty: World at War completely changes the rules of engagement by redefining WWII gaming. It brings an uncensored edge to combat, as soldiers face the most harrowing and climatic European and Pacific battles.

From the remains of Russia and the ruins of Berlin, to the beach and jungles of the deadly Pacific Theater, the volatile action takes on added depth as you employ new features that previously were only available in multiplayer, including perks, rankings and online stats in up-to full four-player cooperative gameplay.

  • Multiplayer - Call of Duty: World at War supports intense, online multiplayer action using the Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare engine. Bringing multiplayer to the Wii for the first time in the Call of Duty franchise, players will be able battle it out in a variety of game types, plus upgrade and customize characters by using perks and completing challenges.

  • Squadmate - This cooperative mode lets players team up to play alongside friends and family. At any moment, a second Wii Remote can be activated, giving the second player their own aiming crosshair to provide cover and added firepower while fighting alongside their Squadmate.

  • New Theaters of Operation - Players fight as U.S. Marines and Russian soldiers facing enemies that employ lethal new tactics and know no fear, or no mercy. Epic conflicts are fought on multiple fronts, playing through the climactic battles of WWII in the grittiest, most chaotic and cinematically intense experience to date.

  • Combat-Look - Call of Duty: World at War includes "Combat-Look" technology - as the player runs through the game's diverse environments and topographies, the vertical line of sight discreetly adapts to keep players focused on the battlefield without having to radically adjust for uphill/downhill grade variations in the terrain. This system still allows complete freedom and mobility for targeting and results in a smoother and more playable Wii experience.

  • Wii Zapper Support - Call of Duty: World at War fully supports Nintendo's Zapper controller through a customized game setting that allows the entire game, including multi-player, to be played with the Zapper. This customized setting adds a new way to play by incorporating unique gestures and button layouts that add to the Call of Duty experience.
Hannah Montana The Movie (Nintendo Wii, DVD-ROM): Hannah Montana The Movie (Nintendo Wii, DVD-ROM)
R104 Discovery Miles 1 040 Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

Hannah Montana comes to the big screen in a larger-than-life journey that takes Miley back to her Tennessee roots, and ultimately forces her to choose between the rock star life she loves and the hometown she left behind. In the film, Miley Stewart struggles to juggle school, friends and her secret pop-star persona. When Hannah Montana’s soaring popularity threatens to take over her life – she just might let it. So her father takes the teen home to Crowley Corners, Tennessee, for a dose of reality, kicking off an adventure filled with the kind of fun, laughter and romance even Hannah Montana couldn’t imagine. Game Overview Step into the secret dual life of Miley Stewart and Hannah Montana in Hannah Montana: The Movie! Join Hannah Montana and live the rock star life while you get to know Miley Stewart as an ordinary farm girl and explore the world she left back in Tennessee. Customise Hannah and Miley's wardrobes with outfits seen in the movie and more. Journey beyond the movie to complete tasks around Crowley Corners and unlock music, accessories and concert venues. Live the Best of Both Worlds.

Guitar Hero - Metallica (Nintendo Wii, DVD-ROM): Guitar Hero - Metallica (Nintendo Wii, DVD-ROM)
R192 Discovery Miles 1 920 Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

Nothing Else Matters, because Guitar Hero: Metallica will focus on the career and songs of Metallica.

With 28 Metallica songs and 21 other songs that influenced the band, fans will love to Ride The Lightning playing guitars, drums, and singing vocals alongside Kirk Hammett, Lars Ulrich, James Hetfield, and Robert Trujillo.

  • Play 28 Metallica songs and 21 songs by artists that influenced their career

  • Grab your friends and make up the entire band with guitars, drums, and vocals

  • Expert Plus difficult lets you plug in a second bass pedal

  • Enter the Music Studio to create your own music that you can share with others
Raz Tech AV Cable for Nintendo Wii: Raz Tech AV Cable for Nintendo Wii
R199 R99 Discovery Miles 990 Save R100 (50%) In stock

Product description
There is no enjoying your Wii console without the audio/video cables. The standard red, white, and yellow cables transmit your gaming experience from the console to your television.

High quality composite replacement Audio/Video cable for Nintendo Wii
Dock connector plugs directly into the game console
Easily connects your Wii Game system to any home theater entertainment system
Multiple use-let you connect your Nintendo Wii console with TV or monitors via the AV in socket, provides composite video and audio output for viewing on a TV
The cable length is 6ft, gives you plenty of flexibility when setting up your console and TV

Connector: Wii console port to 3-RCA (Male Jack)
3 RCA Plug: Gilded
Cable length: 6 feet

Raz Tech Nunchuk Controller for Nintendo Wii (White): Raz Tech Nunchuk Controller for Nintendo Wii (White)
R299 R149 Discovery Miles 1 490 Save R150 (50%) In stock

Customer Assurance:
Product Guarantee and Life-time Friendly Customer Service

About Product:
1.Third party product, not made by Nintendo, cheaper than official product.
2.Built-in 3-axis motion sensor, a must-have for most of Wii/Wii U games.
3.Features C,Z buttons and a Joystick Control,button functions may vary by games.
4.Hook the nunchuk accessory up to your Wii Remote/Wii Remote Plus to use.
5.Ergonomic design, perfectly fit your hands, comfortable to play with.

Material: ABS plastics
Size: 113mm * 38mm * 37mm
Weight: 3.04 ounces
Color: White

Press the locker switch to take out the Nunchuck connector, otherwise the connector may get damaged.
Don't let the Nunchuck controller crash or used as a toy, otherwise the Nunchuck may break down.

Skylanders SuperChargers - Starter Pack (Nintendo Wii): Skylanders SuperChargers - Starter Pack (Nintendo Wii)
R344 Discovery Miles 3 440 Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

The Wii and 3DS Starter Pack will include:
1 x Skylanders SuperChargers Racing Game
1 x Clown Cruiser
1 x Hammer Slam Bowser
1 x Super Shot Stealth Elf

Skylanders SuperChargers
Expands upon the franchise’s signature gameplay to introduce vehicles-to-life -- an entirely new way for fans to experience the magic of Skylands. For the first time, kids can explore and navigate the mountainous terrains, deep sea environments and big blue skies of Skylands like never before with amazingly detailed vehicles, many of which feature moving parts that will play in the real world and come to life via the Portal of Power® in the game.

The trailblazing vehicles-to-life innovation of Skylanders SuperChargers is realized when players take helm of powerful, tricked-out land, sea and sky vehicles. Skylanders SuperChargers is an unprecedented high octane action-adventure videogame where fans have the freedom to speed across Skylands’ roads in vehicular combat, race down roaring rapids and engage in aerial dogfights as they barrel roll through enemy swarms.

In Skylanders SuperChargers, Kaos’ quest to rule over Skylands reveals his most sinister weapon ever – a massive “Doomstation of Ultimate Doomstruction” capable of eating the sky itself. Fortunately, Master Eon had seen the warning signs and assembled a special team of Skylanders to pilot an unstoppable fleet of vehicles with the power to destroy the reign of destruction! With Skylands facing its greatest threat, the Skylanders must pilot their supercharged vehicles over land, under sea, and through the sky to stop Kaos!

SuperChargers, a brand new class of heroes, bring fresh moves, powerful attacks and all-new weapons. Skylanders SuperChargers supports all 300+ Skylanders toys from previous games, enabling any Skylanders character to pilot land, sea or sky-based vehicles. Additionally, for the first time, players can purchase the digital Portal Owners Pack via connected consoles or for select iPads. They can download the full AAA game and complete the mainline game with Instant Spitfire SuperCharger and Instant Hot Streak vehicle. They can also use a Portal they already own to enjoy the full game experience with physical toys from the new Skylanders SuperChargers along with their existing collections.

Everyone Sing (Nintendo Wii): Everyone Sing (Nintendo Wii)
R178 Discovery Miles 1 780 Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

Eveyone Sing is the ULTIMATE party game where everyone can sing! Sing to 35 hit tracks featuring top artists like Nicki Minaj, Jessie J, The Wanted, Michael Bublé, Sugababes, Pussycat Dolls & loads more! Sing with or against friends or sing together in your own group! Multiple party modes supporing up to 8 players including the unique Know Your Song, Pass the Bomb & Tug of War! Multiple ways to play making Everyone Sing the ULTIMATE party game!

Narnia - Prince Caspian (Nintendo Wii, Game): Narnia - Prince Caspian (Nintendo Wii, Game)
R285 Discovery Miles 2 850 Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

Enter the fantastic world of Narnia once again in The Chronicles Of Narnia: Prince Caspian. As the sequel to the smash hit "The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe," the second installment of the Narnia franchise will give players the freedom to explore the deep universe even further while controlling various characters including all of the Pevensie children, Giants, Centaurs and Caspian himself.

Baby and Me  (Nintendo Wii, Game): Baby and Me (Nintendo Wii, Game)
R87 Discovery Miles 870 Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

Can you be a mummy to your little baby? feed, dress and care for your baby. Even be there for baby's first steps. Be the one to hug, squeeze and love your baby all the way to their first birthday. Do everything a real mum would do.

Just Dance 2017 (Nintendo Wii, Game): Just Dance 2017 (Nintendo Wii, Game)
R505 Discovery Miles 5 050 Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

Grab your friends and family because it’s time to dance! The biggest music video game franchise of all time is back*, with over 60 million units sold**. Just Dance 2017 brings you over 40 new tracks, six game modes, updated content all year long and access to 200+ songs through Just Dance Unlimited!

Join a community of more than 118 million players around the world and bust out your best moves! Dance your heart out to Cheap Thrills by Sia Ft. Sean Paul, Lean On by Major Lazer & DJ Snake Ft. MØ, and Sorry by Justin Bieber. Relive classics including Don’t Stop Me Now by Queen, or if J-Pop is your thing get down to Po Pi Po by Hatsune Miku!

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