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The Psychology of Advertising (Paperback, 3rd New edition): Bob M. Fennis, Wolfgang Stroebe The Psychology of Advertising (Paperback, 3rd New edition)
Bob M. Fennis, Wolfgang Stroebe
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The Psychology of Advertising offers a comprehensive exploration of theory and research in (consumer) psychology on how advertising impacts the thoughts, emotions and actions of consumers. It links psychological theories and empirical research findings to real-life industry examples, showing how scientific research can inform marketing practice. Advertising is a ubiquitous and powerful force, seducing us into buying wanted and sometimes unwanted products and services, donating to charitable causes, voting for political candidates and changing our health-related lifestyles for better or worse. This revised and fully updated third edition of The Psychology of Advertising offers a comprehensive and state-of-the art overview of psychological theorizing and research on the impact of online and offline advertising and discusses how the traces consumers leave on the Internet (their digital footprint) guides marketers in micro-targeting their advertisements. The new edition also includes new coverage of big data, privacy, personalization and materialism, and engages with the issue of the replication crisis in psychology, and what that means in relation to studies in the book. Including a glossary of key concepts, updated examples and illustrations, this is a unique and invaluable resource for advanced undergraduate and graduate students and instructors. Suitable for psychology, advertising, marketing and media courses. It is also a valuable guide for professionals working in advertising, public health, public services and political communication.

Evidence-Based Productivity Improvement - A Practical Guide to the Productivity Measurement and Enhancement System (ProMES)... Evidence-Based Productivity Improvement - A Practical Guide to the Productivity Measurement and Enhancement System (ProMES) (Hardcover, New)
Robert D. Pritchard, Sallie J. Weaver, Elissa Ashwood
R3,063 Discovery Miles 30 630 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

This new book explains the Productivity Measurement and Enhancement system (ProMES) and how it meets the criteria for an optimal measurement and feedback system. It summarizes all the research that has been done on productivity, mentioning other measurement systems, and gives detailed information on how to implement this one in organizations. This book will be of interest to behavioral science researchers and professionals who wish to learn more about the practical methods of measuring and improving organizational productivity.

Metathinking - The Art and Practice of Transformational Thinking (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2020): Nick Shannon, Bruno Frischherz Metathinking - The Art and Practice of Transformational Thinking (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2020)
Nick Shannon, Bruno Frischherz
R1,640 Discovery Miles 16 400 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

This book compels professionals to actively imbibe self-awareness in their thought process in order to help them manage complexities in business. The authors explore dialectical thinking -in contrast to logical thinking-and introduce a new mind-opening thinking process called "Metathinking". Four case studies demonstrate the application of Metathinking. The reader shall come across, and learn from, a multitude of mind opening questions on a variety of topics, with particular focus on leadership and transformation. Practical exercises are also offered for training and discussion in the workplace.

Workplace Ostracism - Its Nature, Antecedents, and Consequences (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2021): Cong Liu, Jie Ma Workplace Ostracism - Its Nature, Antecedents, and Consequences (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2021)
Cong Liu, Jie Ma
R2,581 Discovery Miles 25 810 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

Workplace mistreatment is a burgeoning topic of interest, with the majority of workers having experienced it in some form. This book explores workplace ostracism and its negative effects on employee and organizational outcomes, such as employee attitudes, behaviors, and well-being. This edited volume defines workplace ostracism and examines how to differentiate ostracism from other type of workplace mistreatment, such as workplace incivility and interpersonal conflict. Among the questions it seeks to answer are: 1) what are the individual, relational, and contextual factors that influence employees' workplace ostracism experiences; and 2) what constitutes ostracism in stigmatized populations, such as international students, immigrant workers, and older workers. Researchers in organizational behavior, I/O psychology, and the sociology of work will find this book to be a valuable resource.

Talent Without Borders - Global Talent Acquisition for Competitive Advantage (Hardcover): Robert E. Ployhart, Jeff A. Weekley,... Talent Without Borders - Global Talent Acquisition for Competitive Advantage (Hardcover)
Robert E. Ployhart, Jeff A. Weekley, Julian Dalzell
R732 Discovery Miles 7 320 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Talent is one of the most important strategic resources in the modern economy: it is the resource that creates economic growth through exceptional innovation, service, and performance. But talent is scarce, and finding the right talent, in the right place, and at the right time, is challenging. Talent is not distributed evenly within and across borders. Hence, generating a competitive advantage in the modern economy is dependent on identifying, attracting, hiring, and retaining the talent needed to implement a firm's strategy. Talent Without Borders shows how to generate a competitive advantage through the effective use of global recruitment and staffing. Based on a century of science, Talent Without Borders offers a practical approach to help managers think about acquiring talent globally. With explicit consideration of real-world issues that influence the implementation of global staffing solutions, the book shows managers how to use analytics and data to enable evidence-based decisions. Emphasizing national culture, strategy, and competitive advantage, it considers the entire talent life cycle, from attraction through retention. Together, the three authors represent a unique blend of expertise in HR executive leadership and consulting with deep technical expertise in the science of recruitment, selection, and assessment. Their collective experience yields numerous practical insights woven throughout the book. Ultimately, they skillfully link staffing to organizational strategy, financial performance, and competitive advantage.

Digital Transformation Shaping the Subconscious Minds of Organizations - Innovative Organizations and Hybrid Intelligences... Digital Transformation Shaping the Subconscious Minds of Organizations - Innovative Organizations and Hybrid Intelligences (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2017)
Werner Leodolter
R2,032 Discovery Miles 20 320 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

This book offers a new framework for conceptualizing and managing organizations when using new information and communication technologies, for example decision support and artificial intelligence. The book supports managers to actively guide the digital transformation of an organization through its strong metaphor of the subconscious mind of organizations. By designing and developing the subconscious mind, future organizations will evolve as successful and sustainable when implementing "hybrid intelligences" with a significant share of artificial intelligence but the clear primacy of the human. The author draws upon the psychological aspects of decision making, taking the reader from perception to analysis, conclusions and on to decision and action. Short, lucid stories support the conceptual ideas and form three narrations about the future of manufacturing, healthcare and retail. The effects of incorporating new technologies like sensors, visual analytics, decision support, artificial intelligence and robotics are explored. The reader gains a comprehensive view on management and organizational behavior, both as it is now and expectations for the future. This book will have wide appeal: information managers, strategists, organizational developers, management consultants and management students will find valuable support in this book which enables them to triumph in the digital transformation. The thought-provoking set of guiding principles and the ideas explored have something to offer to all those interested in the future of organizations, economics and society.

Politics in Organizations - Theory and Research Considerations (Paperback): Gerald R. Ferris, Darren C. Treadway Politics in Organizations - Theory and Research Considerations (Paperback)
Gerald R. Ferris, Darren C. Treadway
R1,319 Discovery Miles 13 190 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

This edited volume in the SIOP Frontiers series is one of the first to look at the psychological factors behind politics and power in organizations. Noted contributors from schools of management, psychology, sociology and political science look at the theory, research, methodology and ethical issues related to organizational politics and climates. The book is divided into three parts: Part 1 looks at the historical evolution of the field; Part 2 integrates organizational politics with important organizational behavior constructs and/or areas of inquiry, for example in the chapter by Lisa Leslie and Michele Gelfand which discusses the implications of cross-cultural politics on expatriates and within cross-national mergers; and Part 3 focuses on individual differences and organizational politics, focusing on the nature of political relationships.

Warum Scheitern Manager? (German, Paperback, 1. Aufl. 2020 ed.): Uwe Peter Kanning Warum Scheitern Manager? (German, Paperback, 1. Aufl. 2020 ed.)
Uwe Peter Kanning
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The Dark Side of the Workplace - Managing Incivility (Paperback): Annette B. Roter The Dark Side of the Workplace - Managing Incivility (Paperback)
Annette B. Roter
R931 Discovery Miles 9 310 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

The workplace can be a hotbed of difficulty and incivility-from rumors spread about an individual, to the agonies of stress, to physical attacks and even death. Evidence suggests that not only does incivility have significant implications for employees, organizations and society, it is also on the rise. In recent years we have experienced increased acts of incivility in the workplace, social media and government positions. There is a direct correlation between uncivil behavior and financial outcomes for organizations. It is estimated that stress related to uncivil actions in the workplace costs organizations approximately $300 billion annually. The cost of personal implications for employees is often too high to calculate as individuals experience loss of reputation and significant psychological and physical distress. With the increased use of social media, individuals are experiencing incivility that crosses the boundary between their personal and professional lives. This book delves into the darker side of the workplace, discussing bullying, toxic work environments, corporate psychopaths, the struggles of stress, and more. It combines recent research and case studies to provide an understanding of these behaviors, and offers practical solutions on how to cultivate a healthy working environment.

Towards Inclusive Organizations - Determinants of successful diversity management at work (Paperback): Sabine Otten, Karen Van... Towards Inclusive Organizations - Determinants of successful diversity management at work (Paperback)
Sabine Otten, Karen Van Der Zee, Marilynn B. Brewer
R1,227 Discovery Miles 12 270 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Diversity arising from the mixing of peoples from different cultural backgrounds has long been an issue in nations such as the United States and Australia, and in recent decades, European nations have reached unprecedented levels of cultural diversity due to increased migration. This phenomenon of increasing cultural diversity at the national level sets the context for current social science research on the consequences of diversity for social integration, institutional functioning, and interpersonal relationships. This book reviews theory and research in social and organizational psychology on the management of diversity in work organizations. The book shows how diversity management takes place across multiple levels: at a national level, at an organizational level, between work groups and teams, in interpersonal relations, and at the level of individual experiences. Each chapter summarizes relevant empirical research, and considers how the dynamics of workgroup relations are likely to be affected by cultural differences among group members. The contributors also describe the variables which organizational leadership should be sensitive to in designing and implementing policies and practices for inclusive organizations. Towards Inclusive Organizations will be essential reading for researchers and advanced students in social and organizational psychology.

Current Issues in Work and Organizational Psychology (Paperback): Cary Cooper Current Issues in Work and Organizational Psychology (Paperback)
Cary Cooper
R1,213 Discovery Miles 12 130 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Current Issues in Work and Organizational Psychology is a series of edited books that reflect the state-of-the-art areas of current and emerging interest in the psychological study of employees, workplaces, and organizations. Each volume focuses on a particular topic and consists of chapters contributed by international experts, with an introductory overview written by the editors, who are leading figures in their areas. For the first time, this book offers a comprehensive new collection which gathers together some of the most influential chapters from the series into one volume, providing an essential overview of the hottest topics in work and organizational psychology. Including 24 chapters by many of the leading researchers in the field, the book is split into two parts; the individual in the workplace, and how individuals are organized at work. Topics such as burnout, recruitment, well-being and organizational change are covered, as well as research on emerging topics such as flow, humor, i-deals, and socialization. With an introduction and conclusion by Professor Sir Cary Cooper, this is the ideal companion for any student or practitioner looking for an insightful overview of the most researched topics in work and organizational psychology.

The Moral Distress Syndrome Affecting Physicians - How Current Healthcare is Putting Doctors and Patients at Risk (Paperback):... The Moral Distress Syndrome Affecting Physicians - How Current Healthcare is Putting Doctors and Patients at Risk (Paperback)
Eldo E. Frezza, MD, MBA, FACS
R848 Discovery Miles 8 480 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

The rise of suicide and burnout among physicians has brought a new disease to the healthcare provider, which we previously thought only affected the soldier: moral distress syndrome, second only to moral injury. In this book we introduce the concept of moral distress syndrome, which includes any or all of the following: depression, PTSD, risk of suicide, divorce, emotional detachment, and the inability to build healthy relationships and empathy. While veterans can report to veteran hospitals for treatment, the physician cannot find treatment or support without fear of losing their license, their hospital privileges, and their job. Therefore, they are stuck dealing with the issue themselves, along with their family or their circle of friends. To raise decisive awareness of the problems related to moral distress, we wrote this book. This book is designed around physicians talking to other physicians about their moral distresses in a safe space. It brings all the aspects of the moral distress syndrome in a format familiar to the physician: grand rounds with a magistral lecture, where the audience asks the question and directly participates on the subject. The reader will feel like part of the audience and may want to ask their own questions as the book progresses. The format of the book is divided into three parts. In the first part, the research, data, and a crude number of problems are given: moral distress syndrome, PTSD, burnout, suicide, divorce rates, emotional detachment, legal distress syndrome, physicians leaving medicine, and the feeling of being a hamster in a wheel. In the second part, we embellish on real life experiences of physicians to highlight the pain and depth of the moral distress they feel. We share stories around the character-their family, love life, divorce, etc.-to show the individual person behind the doctor. In the third part, we focus on society and physician suffering and the birth of moral distress. This part focuses on the physician's empathy as a way to point out his problems, weaknesses, and issues, and find possible solutions for him and other physicians facing the same issues. At the end of the third part, we discuss how it is the responsibility of physicians, patients, and society as a whole to heal in the face of moral injury, as recommended by the American Medical Association. We finish with the search for good friends and safe spaces, the cornerstones for the healing process. Structure of the Chapters. To make it easier to follow the material, at the beginning of each chapter we outline the points discussed, as a speaker outlines the material, summarizing it in the first slide of each topic. We hope that this way the readers can focus on the issues quickly throughout the book. This book is formatted as a business novel and therefore the characters and situations are drawn from liberally. As well as reading like a novel, the reader can read each chapter separately and still understand the points.

Diversity Resistance in Organizations (Paperback, 2nd New edition): Kecia M. Thomas Diversity Resistance in Organizations (Paperback, 2nd New edition)
Kecia M. Thomas
R1,126 Discovery Miles 11 260 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

This new volume revisits diversity resistance 10 years later, examining the fluidity of diversity resistance in workplaces. Top-notch contributors provide insight about the motivations to resist diversity and inclusion as well as offer strategies for preventing and derailing diversity resistance and enhancing inclusion in organizations. The current edition broadens the conversation about diversity resistance by demonstrating methods of counter-resistance and how diversity resistance manifests in everyday lives, as well as how it presents itself and limits the careers and lives of various stigmatized groups. Chapters also consider why, despite the often expressed value for diversity and inclusion, diversity resistance continues to persist. Contributors demonstrate the persistence of diversity resistance across time, context and for a variety of targets. For example, this volume addresses topics as well as marginalized groups not previously discussed in the first edition such as intersectionality, workers living with mental illness, gender identity, trans workers and the systemic resistance experienced by gay couples. This volume will be of interest to scholars and practitioners as well as minoritized workers. It will function as a framework for understanding the continuum of exclusion, harassment and discrimination that occurs within organizational settings and the impact upon individual and organizational performance. Practitioners will find examples and cases for how diversity resistance manifests, but more importantly strategies and recommendations for derailing diversity resistance and enhancing inclusion.

Shell-Shock and Medical Culture in First World War Britain (Paperback): Tracey Loughran Shell-Shock and Medical Culture in First World War Britain (Paperback)
Tracey Loughran
R644 Discovery Miles 6 440 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Shell-Shock and Medical Culture in First World War Britain is a thought-provoking reassessment of medical responses to war-related psychological breakdown in the early twentieth century. Dr Loughran places shell-shock within the historical context of British psychological medicine to examine the intellectual resources doctors drew on as they struggled to make sense of nervous collapse. She reveals how medical approaches to shell-shock were formulated within an evolutionary framework which viewed mental breakdown as regression to a level characteristic of earlier stages of individual or racial development, but also ultimately resulted in greater understanding and acceptance of psychoanalytic approaches to human mind and behaviour. Through its demonstration of the crucial importance of concepts of mind-body relations, gender, willpower and instinct to the diagnosis of shell-shock, this book locates the disorder within a series of debates on human identity dating back to the Darwinian revolution and extending far beyond the medical sphere.

International Handbook of Workplace Trauma Support (Hardcover, New): Rick Hughes, Andrew Kinder, Cary Cooper International Handbook of Workplace Trauma Support (Hardcover, New)
Rick Hughes, Andrew Kinder, Cary Cooper
R919 Discovery Miles 9 190 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

The International Handbook of Workplace Trauma Support provides a comprehensive overview of contemporary standards and best practices in trauma support that draws from the latest research findings and experience of international experts in the field. * Reviews the major contemporary post-trauma intervention models in both theory and practice * Includes Trauma Risk Management (TRiM), Support Post Trauma (SPoT), Eye-Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), Mindfulness and Psychological First Aid (PFA) * Incorporates multi-cultural perspectives by reporting on the pervasive violence in South Africa, constant threats in Israel and emerging developments in China * Includes social, psychosocial, psychological, and organizational dimensions to offer a detailed mapping of trauma support * Provides latest thinking for supporting those in the military context

Clean Coaching - The insider guide to making change happen (Paperback): Angela Dunbar Clean Coaching - The insider guide to making change happen (Paperback)
Angela Dunbar
R812 Discovery Miles 8 120 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Most coaches today see their role as mainly non-directive, helping to uncover their coachee's own wisdom. However, coaches may unwittingly and unconsciously constrain what their coachees talk and think about, getting in the way of unique, self-generated solutions. Clean Coaching provides a different, simple yet highly effective approach to one-to-one facilitation. It is a style, strategy and set of techniques that help coachees gain insight and make changes through discovering more about their own 'insider' perspective: of themselves and the world around them. Through the use of specifically-phrased, structured coaching questions, the coach's own biased perspectives are stripped from their language, ensuring the coachee's unique personal experience is honoured. In Clean Coaching, Angela Dunbar explains how this approach works in practical terms, with descriptions of how to structure a Clean Coaching session and the steps to take within such a session. The book gives detailed descriptions of the kinds of questions to ask and provides a wealth of analogues, examples and case studies to bring the descriptions alive, offering a clear blueprint for action. In addition, the book explains where Clean Coaching has come from, describing the development of Clean Language and other "Clean" approaches by the psychologist and psychotherapist David Grove. It also tracks how "Clean" approaches have been adopted and adapted by other practitioners. Dunbar draws on current research in the fields of developmental, neurological, cognitive and social psychology to demonstrate why Clean Coaching works so successfully. Exploring Clean Coaching in detail, and informed by both research and practice, this book will be a valuable resource for coaches at all levels, including executive coaches and those in training, as well as managers and executives acting in a coaching capacity.

Bullish on Uncertainty - How Organizational Cultures Transform Participants (Hardcover, New): Alexandra Michel, Stanton Wortham Bullish on Uncertainty - How Organizational Cultures Transform Participants (Hardcover, New)
Alexandra Michel, Stanton Wortham
R1,686 Discovery Miles 16 860 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Bullish on Uncertainty provides rare insight into the secretive world of Wall Street high finance, which has shaped influential business, governmental, and cultural leaders and keeps supplying new business practices to other organizations in dynamic and complex environments. The book studies how two highly successful Wall Street investment banks managed the uncertainty of their high-velocity environment through different work practices. One bank chose the familiar route of decreasing bankers' uncertainty. The other bank used the novel and effective practice of increasing bankers' uncertainty to make them more alert to new situations and more likely to draw on the bank's entire range of resources. The book explains why the two banks differed in their ability to notice market changes and adapt to them. It thereby illuminates current events in the financial markets. Through vivid accounts of newcomers during their first two years, the book traces how the two banks' initially similar participants were transformed into fundamentally different kinds of persons by the different kinds of work practices in which they participated.

Employee Surveys in Management - Theories, Tools, and Practical Applications (Hardcover): I. Borg, Paul Mastrangelo Employee Surveys in Management - Theories, Tools, and Practical Applications (Hardcover)
I. Borg, Paul Mastrangelo
R1,098 Discovery Miles 10 980 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Employee surveys are the central tool for accelerating strategic organization development. They allow managers and consultants to assess an organization on its "soft factors" such as leadership and employee engagement, leading to actions that reduce problems and turn opportunities into tangible results.This practically oriented book details both the factors to be considered and the steps necessary for developing a successful employee survey process - from administration to action. In doing so, the authors draw upon organizational psychology and survey methodology, as well as their wide practical experience with employee surveys in North America, Europe, and multinationally.This book not only shows how to plan and execute employee surveys, but also offers a host of models, methods, examples, and theory for what to do afterwards, including standard and nonstandard data analysis, presentations of results to top management, running workshops with managers and staff on the survey results, and planning and implementing actions. It also includes numerous practical tips and handy checklists that go far beyond simple "how-to" recipes. Rather, all recommendations are discussed so that their rationale becomes transparent and adaptations can be made to optimally fit the needs of the particular organization.

Handbuch Angewandte Psychologie Fur Fuhrungskrafte - Fuhrungskompetenz Und Fuhrungswissen (German, Hardcover, 5th 5., Vollst.... Handbuch Angewandte Psychologie Fur Fuhrungskrafte - Fuhrungskompetenz Und Fuhrungswissen (German, Hardcover, 5th 5., Vollst. Uberarb. Aufl. 2019 ed.)
Eric Lippmann, Andres Pfister, Urs Joerg; Illustrated by Tobias Leuenberger
R3,004 R2,639 Discovery Miles 26 390 Save R365 (12%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Das erfolgreiche Handbuch fur Praktiker - bislang bekannt als "der Steiger-Lippmann" - fasst das gesamte, fur Fuhrungskrafte aller Ebenen relevante Wissen der Psychologie in einem zweibandigen Werk (im Pappschuber) zusammen und ist, nun schon in der 5. Auflage mit neuem Herausgeberteam, ein bewahrter Wegweiser in allen Fuhrungssituationen, wie ein Blick auf die Themen des Buches zeigt: Leistungsbeeinflussung, Fuhrung der eigenen Person, Kommunikation, Teamfuhrung, Recruiting, Personalentwicklung, Motivation, Projektmanagement, Change Management, Konfliktmanagement, Coaching u.v.m. - all das funktioniert im Alltag nicht ohne Know-how aus der Psychologie! Auch zeitaktuelle Themen wie Umgang mit Verhaltensauffalligkeiten, Burnout etc., Managing Diversity, Virtuelle Fuhrung oder Einsatz von Social Media u.a. sind enthalten.Eine sorgfaltige didaktische Aufbereitung des Textes mit Checklisten, Fallbeispielen, Leitfragen, Arbeitsblattern u.a. erleichtert das Lesen.Herausgeber und Autoren sind erfahrene Praktiker in der Fuhrungskrafteentwicklung und Dozenten am renommierten IAP Institut fur Angewandte Psychologie in Zurich.

Coaching for Impact - The Evolution of Leadership (Paperback): Vassilis Antonas Coaching for Impact - The Evolution of Leadership (Paperback)
Vassilis Antonas
R731 Discovery Miles 7 310 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

The world is changing. The first century of the third millennium has seen exponential growth and advancement in almost all areas, and makes the last century of the second millennium look like a rusty old steam train by comparison. The 'digital revolution' is no longer a revolution. Practically anyone can publicise their outlook, whilst having access to a wealth of information at the click of a button. And this levels out the playing field in an unprecedented and unpredictable way. So how can anyone stand out? How can anyone gain a competitive advantage? How can anyone master more influence? How can anyone lead? The answer lies in coaching: a discipline that enhances performance by generating meaning through the art of relating. In Coaching for Impact, Vassilis Antonas brings together his dual expertise in executive coaching and psychotherapy to present a transformative, evolutionary approach. The book examines methodology, presence and fundamental skills and includes a new, innovative model of leadership. Antonas also uses Jungian concepts to address the coach's internal disposition, supporting their evolution and transformation. Coaching for Impact equips trainee and beginner coaches with an A to Z of executive coaching and engages seasoned practitioners to an uncompromised pursuit of excellence by pushing the boundaries of leadership coaching. It will appeal to executive and leadership coaches at all levels, including those in training.

Counteracting Methodological Errors in Behavioral Research (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2019): Gideon J. Mellenbergh Counteracting Methodological Errors in Behavioral Research (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2019)
Gideon J. Mellenbergh
R2,276 R1,943 Discovery Miles 19 430 Save R333 (15%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

This book describes methods to prevent avoidable errors and to correct unavoidable ones within the behavioral sciences. A distinguishing feature of this work is that it is accessible to students and researchers of substantive fields of the behavioral sciences and related fields (e.g., health sciences and social sciences). Discussed are methods for errors that come from human and other factors, and methods for errors within each of the aspects of empirical studies. This book focuses on how empirical research is threatened by different types of error, and how the behavioral sciences in particular are vulnerable due to the study of human behavior and human participation in studies. Methods to counteract errors are discussed in depth including how they can be applied in all aspects of empirical studies: sampling of participants, design and implementation of the study, instrumentation and operationalization of theoretical variables, analysis of the data, and reporting of the study results. Students and researchers of methodology, psychology, education, and statistics will find this book to be particularly valuable. Methodologists can use the book to advice clients on methodological issues of substantive research.

Virtual Group Coaching - A Research Study (Paperback): Dr Pamela Rea Van Dyke Virtual Group Coaching - A Research Study (Paperback)
Dr Pamela Rea Van Dyke
R796 R756 Discovery Miles 7 560 Save R40 (5%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days
Organizational Interventions for Health and Well-being - A Handbook for Evidence-Based Practice (Paperback): Karina Nielsen,... Organizational Interventions for Health and Well-being - A Handbook for Evidence-Based Practice (Paperback)
Karina Nielsen, Andrew J Noblet
R991 Discovery Miles 9 910 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

This important new collection provides not only a comprehensive overview of how organizational interventions can improve health and well-being in the workplace - addressing its causes rather than the symptoms - but also the practical issues faced in their design, implementation and evaluation. Drawing on a range of case studies and empirical investigations, it is the first book to seriously examine each element of the intervention process, and to recognize the individual, group, leader and organizational factors that researchers should consider. The authors describe the various challenges to such collaborative processes, as well as the specific methods and tools that can be used in response. Each chapter offers practical, evidence-based guidance. Featuring a final section examining new directions and approaches in organizational intervention research, the book features contributions from some of the leading international researchers in the field. It will be essential reading for any researcher or practitioner interested in the practical issues involved in improving the organization, design and management of the contemporary workplace.

Neuropsychology for Coaches: Understanding the Basics (Paperback, Ed): Paul Brown, Virginia Brown Neuropsychology for Coaches: Understanding the Basics (Paperback, Ed)
Paul Brown, Virginia Brown
R680 Discovery Miles 6 800 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Neuroscience is revolutionising coaching: it helps us understand the biological basis of our behaviour. This includes the behaviour of the coach and the client.This practical and much needed book explains basic brain functioning and offers a guide to using this knowledge to advance our coaching and make our practice more effective. It builds extensively on the fact that we do now know that feelings underly all decision-making and focuses coaching on helping clients establish intelligent emotions as the basis of their own decision systems. Using a systemic model of emotions, energy and change, Paul Brown and Virginia Brown show coaches how to integrate the client's life experience into coaching and create change. This is a must read for all practising coaches."This book is scattered with insightful, thought-provoking and occasionally beautiful analogies and metaphors, which any reader would be hard-pressed not to be challenged by. The (unrelated) Browns absolutely illustrate the importance for coaches of having an understanding of how the brain works." Coaching at Work, March 2013"The OU coaching series always provides a reliable read for the coach and this is no exception ... The authors have kept the neuroscience refreshingly simple, choosing to focus on key evidence based principles of relevance to coaching.The key message for coaches is that our work is undamentally about being in relationship, using our own 'self' to create safe attachments for our clients in which they can recognise their habitual patterns of response, move to wondering and active experimentation thus creating new connections in their brain which serve them better." The International Journal of Mentoring and Coaching, Volume X Issue 2, December 2012 "This book is a delicious feast of neuroscience. As coaches we leave the authors' table satisfied and nourished. But when we settle back to savour the delicacies, we realise that the feast is in us now: our coaching can never be the same. We can no longer use neuroscience to honour our coaching. We must change our coaching to honour neuroscience. In this way Brown and Brown move us from smug satiation to a new kind of hunger: for the courage to help our clients change their brains. A coach's job, they assert, is to create the conditions for this change to happen. Bravo!" Nancy Kline, President, Time To Think, UK"It's rare to find an accessible, engaging book that combines current neuropsychological theory with working examples for executive coaching. At last here is one that brings the two together seamlessly. Well written and informative, the authors delight the reader from the first to the last page, creating rich pictures through metaphor, case studies and highly practical models. Their emphasis on the importance of trust in enabling change and development within the coaching relationship is particularly welcome in these often reductionist times. And their curiosity and wonder is catching - they do not profess to know all the answers, but give us much food for thought about our own coaching practice. This book gives coaches (and in fact anyone involved in people development) a thorough grounding in this increasingly important subject; it really is a must-read for new or experienced coaches alike, and one which I think rightly deserves to become a classic text." Linda Aspey, Managing Director, Coaching for Leaders"At last, a book that embeds the practice of coaching into what we know of how the brain works - rather than one that tells you about the brain, then leaves the coach to work it out; or one that tells you about techniques, then adds in the brain information as something of a 'P.S'. This book works at many levels: whether for the coach with a fresh curiosity about the neuroscience, or one already using some knowledge to inform their practice, all the fundamentals are there, in a style that avoids over-simplifying, yet makes the complex accessible and 'ready to use'. This is a gem of a resource for the coach who wants to take their practice beyond technique into robust knowledge and understanding of what's going on in the client's brain, the coach's brain and, indeed, between the two brains as they interact. It helps us to understand why what works, works; and what might be happening when what we expect to work simply doesn't." Ann James, Executive Coach / Director, Thinking Space"At long last, a rigorous book on neuropsychology that is both palatable and practically applicable for executive coaches. I like the way it develops an approach starting from the way the brain works rather than adding in information about the brain to the way the coach works. There has been so much demand for a relevant knowledge base around neuroscience, and I think that most coaches will find this book an invaluable source and aide memoire." Dr Tara Swart, Neuroscientist, medical doctor and executive coach, Executive Performance Ltd."Introducing the basic functioning of the brain, this book shows that humanity and high performance are indeed fraternal twins. Growing relational resonance is likely to become a core aspiration for readers. Neuropsychology for Coaches is for executive coaches and their clients alike, with its down-to-earth metaphors and examples that make the complex processes of the brain easier to grasp and manage. A most useful guide!" Anette Prehn, MA in social science, brain-based executive coach (PCC), author of Play Your Brain"In a world of psuedo-theory and airport quick reads, Professor Paul Brown and Virginia Brown offer something most refreshing: hard science married with the intimate relationship between coach and executive. At last the foundation is neuroscience: understanding how the brain operates in the intricate dance between cognition and emotion. Through eminently readable explanations of the brain's critical centers and the chemicals that affect what we do, the authors empower coaches to step beyond the black box and manage the most important tool in the leader's arsenal. Certainly this book will influence how we teach rising senior leaders in the military and government at National Defense University." Dr. Christina L. Lafferty, National Defense University, Washington D.C, USA"Paul and Virginia Brown have done a great job in reviewing a lot of the burgeoning research and literature on Neuropsychology and making it accessible and useable by executive coaches in their work. Neuropsychology is providing coaching with a richer understanding of how Humans, relate, respond and react as well as the brain's brilliant ways of adapting, changing and rewiring its own connections." Peter Hawkins, Professor of Leadership at Henley Business School, founder and Chairman Emeritus of Bath Consultancy Group & co-founder of Centre for Supervision and Team Development, UK

Creating Shared Understanding in Product Development Teams - How to 'Build the Beginning' (Hardcover, 2013 ed.):... Creating Shared Understanding in Product Development Teams - How to 'Build the Beginning' (Hardcover, 2013 ed.)
Louise Moller, Christian Tollestrup
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Development projects that span different disciplines and groups often face problems in establishing a shared understanding of the project's purpose, deliverables, and direction. Creating Shared Understanding in Product Development Teams: How to 'Build the Beginning' uses research-based cases from TC Electronic, The Red Cross, Daimler AG, and Copenhagen Living Lab to demonstrate one approach to this problem complex. It shows how prototyping specific physical artifacts can function as drivers and focal points for creating the much needed shared understanding. Encompassing both the participant's and the facilitator's point of view, Creating Shared Understanding in Product Development Teams: How to 'Build the Beginning' provides both practical examples and theoretical explanation for the process of creating shared understanding. This book provides a toolbox and a practical guide for planning, executing, and facilitating workshops. The result is a clear outline of how to facilitate the creation of physical artifacts that enables and stimulates communication between team members, users, and stakeholders in order to create shared understanding of projects

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