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The Race for the 2012 Olympics (Hardcover): Mike Lee The Race for the 2012 Olympics (Hardcover)
Mike Lee 2
R362 R295 Discovery Miles 2 950 Save R67 (19%) Out of stock

London bid leader and British Olympic hero Sebastian Coe, Tony Blair and David Beckham all played a part in winning the most competitive race for the Games in Olympic history. But it was far from plain sailing and the campaign was a rollercoaster ride of emotions: full of drama, controversy and tears from the moment businesswoman Barbara Cassani was given the task of launching the bid in 2003, to the fateful day in Singapore when her successor, Lord Coe, and the rest of the world was told London had won. Mike Lee was at the heart of this intriguing journey through the entangled world of International Olympic Committee politics, international sport, British politics and the media as he travelled the world with Coe and other team members to present London's bid.

Racism and the Olympics (Hardcover): Robert G. Weisbord Racism and the Olympics (Hardcover)
Robert G. Weisbord
R2,316 Discovery Miles 23 160 Out of stock

Sports are the opiate of the people, particularly in the United States, Europe, and parts of South America. Globally, billions of fans feverishly focus on the summer and winter Olympics. In theory, international fraternalism is boosted by these "friendly competitions," but often national rivalries eclipse the theoretical amity. How the Olympics have dealt with racism over the years offers a window to better understanding these dynamics. Since their revival in 1896, the modern Olympics were periodically agitated by political and moral conundrums. Racial tensions, the topic of this volume, reached their apex under the polarizing presidency of Avery Brundage. Race in sports cannot be disentangled from societal problems, nor can race or sports be fully understood separately. Racial conflict must be contextualized. Racism and the Olympics explores the racial landscape against which a number of major disputes evolved. The book covers various topics and events in history that portray discrimination within Olympic games, such as the Nazi games of 1936, the black American protest on the victory stand in Mexico City's Olympics, as well as international political forces that removed South Africa and Rhodesia from the Olympics. Robert G. Weisbord considers the role of international politics and the criteria that should be used to determine nations that are selected to take part in and serve as venues for the Olympic Games.

Guide to the Olympic Games and London 2012 (Paperback): Maurice Crow, Juliet Morris Guide to the Olympic Games and London 2012 (Paperback)
Maurice Crow, Juliet Morris
R462 R427 Discovery Miles 4 270 Save R35 (8%) Out of stock

The Greatest show on earth has arrived. The year 2012 sees the Olympic Games coming to the UK for the third time in their history. They have been seven years in the making and it will be many years before their sporting and cultural inheritance fades.This book celebrates Britain's achievement in winning the XXX Olympiad by presenting a concise but thorough chronicle of the Games from Ancient Greece to London 2012. It is often forgotten that London previously hosted the Games in 1908 and 1948, and the progress of the Olympic dream very much matches the turbulent annals of that entire century.The book chronicles those years of international sporting achievement, particularly from London 1948 to the present day. But this account is not justabout athletic prowess. Each Olympics has had its own particular story of rivalry, infighting, political chicanery or financial disaster - and, on occasions, violent tragedy. The thrills, joys and dramas of the past are all in this concise handbook, to be used as a companion to the spectacular sporting saga being enacted in London 2012.

Bearing Light: Flame Relays and the Struggle for the Olympic Movement (Hardcover, New): John J. MacAloon Bearing Light: Flame Relays and the Struggle for the Olympic Movement (Hardcover, New)
John J. MacAloon
R3,245 Discovery Miles 32 450 Out of stock

In recent decades, five to ten times as many persons have turned out for the Olympic flame relay as have watched Olympic sports contests live. Flame Relays and the Struggle for the Olympic Movement: Bearing Light, the first anthropological analysis of the contemporary torch relay, exposes and interprets the transformation of the ritual across a 25-year period, from Los Angeles 1984 through the IOC's 2009 announcement that, in the aftermath of the politically contentious Beijing performance, there will be no more global relays. This volume offers a rare case study of continuity and change in a leading transnational and trans-cultural ritual form. Through data publicly revealed for the first time, the reader is carried fully backstage and into the conflicts and negotiations among Olympic organizing committees, the Greek Olympic movement, national governments, and transnational actors like the IOC, commercial sponsors, and operations management firms. Readers will come to know the leading flame relay authorities and practitioners, gaining a deeper understanding of the Olympic managerial revolution with its characteristic 'world's best practice' language. Analysis of the transnational flow of Olympic operations management offers important corrections to much existing globalization theory by demonstrating both how powerful and how culturally and politically parochial world's best practices can turn out to be. The dialectic between the cultural performance genres of ritual and spectacle provides a further intellectual architecture for these studies posing the question of whether the Olympic Movement will be able to survive the successes of the Olympic Sports Industry. This book was previously published as a special issue of Sport in Society.

The Making of Olympic Cities (Hardcover, New): John R. Gold, Margaret M. Gold The Making of Olympic Cities (Hardcover, New)
John R. Gold, Margaret M. Gold
R34,042 Discovery Miles 340 420 Out of stock

In the first forty or so years following its revival at the end of the nineteenth century, the burdens placed on cities hosting a modern Olympic Games were relatively modest. However, as the Games have grown in size and stature, morphing from a small-scale summer festival into an intensively mediated global lollapalooza, demands on host cities have massively increased, resulting in the construction of vast and expensive new stadia, Olympic villages, and associated infrastructure. Moreover, after the Second World War, host cities have increasingly used the Olympics as a means to achieve ambitious non-sporting policy goals.

Edited and introduced by two leading scholars, this new four-volume collection from Routledge brings together key primary-source materials and the best scholarship and serious commentary to elucidate and explore the planning, making, and generation of Olympic cities. The gathered materials (some of which are reproduced in facsimile to give users a strong sense of immediacy to the original texts) cover topics such as how cities have embraced the Olympics into their town-planning strategies; built new stadia and sports facilities; and constructed new transport and other communications networks. From what is widely seen as the paradigm of Olympics-led urban regeneration (Barcelona, 1992) to the planning disaster of Montreal, 1976, issues around the short-term impact, and longer-term legacy, of the Olympics on various cities are also closely interrogated.

Fully indexed and with a comprehensive introduction, newly written by the editors, which places the collected material in its historical and intellectual context, The Making of Olympic Cities is an essential work of reference. It is destined to be welcomed as a vital one-stop research tool.

Vancouver 2010 - Olympic Games and Arts in the City (Paperback): Kirsten Garmers Vancouver 2010 - Olympic Games and Arts in the City (Paperback)
Kirsten Garmers
R1,572 Discovery Miles 15 720 Out of stock
Olympic Cities: 2012 and the Remaking of London (Hardcover, New Ed): Iain MacRury Olympic Cities: 2012 and the Remaking of London (Hardcover, New Ed)
Iain MacRury; Edited by Gavin Poynter
R3,120 Discovery Miles 31 200 Out of stock

Drawing upon historical, cultural, economic and socio-demographic perspectives, this book examines the role of a sporting mega-event in promoting urban regeneration and social renewal. Comparing cities that have or will be hosting the event, it explores the political economy of the games and the changing role of the state in creating post-industrial metropolitan spaces. It evaluates the changing perceptions of the Olympic Games and the role of sport in the global media age in general and assesses the implication of 'mega-event' regeneration policies for local communities and their cultural, social and economic identities, with specific reference to east London and the Thames Gateway.

Watching the Olympics - Politics, Power and Representation (Paperback, New): John Sugden, Alan Tomlinson Watching the Olympics - Politics, Power and Representation (Paperback, New)
John Sugden, Alan Tomlinson
R1,124 Discovery Miles 11 240 Out of stock

Global sporting events involve the creation, management and mediation of cultural meanings for consumption by massive media audiences. The apotheosis of this cultural form is the Olympic Games. This challenging and provocative new book explores the Olympic spectacle, from the multi-media bidding process and the branding and imaging of the Games, to security, surveillance and control of the Olympic product across all of its levels.

The book argues that the process of commercialization, directed by the IOC itself, has enabled audiences to interpret its traditional objects in non-reverential ways and to develop oppositional interpretations of Olympism. The Olympics have become multi-voiced and many themed, and the spectacle of the contemporary Games raises important questions about institutionalization, the doctrine of individualism, the advance of market capitalism, performance, consumption and the consolidation of global society.

With particular focus on the London Games in 2012, the book casts a critical eye over the bidding process, Olympic finance, promises of legacy and development, and the consequences of hosting the Games for the civil rights and liberties of those living in their shadow. Few studies have offered such close scrutiny of the inner workings of Olympism s political and economic network, and, therefore, this book is indispensible reading for any student or researcher with an interest in the Olympics, sport's multiple impacts, or sporting mega-events.

Olympic and World Records 2012 (Hardcover): Keir Radnedge Olympic and World Records 2012 (Hardcover)
Keir Radnedge 1
R502 R415 Discovery Miles 4 150 Save R87 (17%) Out of stock

The Olympic Games is the biggest sporting event on the planet and has developed beyond all proportion since Baron Pierre du Coubertin first raised the idea of reviving the Ancient Olympic ideal in 1889. The first modern Olympic Games, appropriately held in Athens in 1896, featured only 241 athletes from 14 countries; by the time the event hits London in 2012, 4,200 athletes from up to 208 countries will compete in front of a global television audience of 6.7 billion. In the intervening 116 years, some of the greatest stories in world sport have been written and names have been etched into sporting folklore. The Olympic Games and World Records Book is a collection of the finest achievements on sport's greatest platform and a celebration of the legends created by some of the most distinguished names in sporting history. It is essential reading for any fan of the Olympic Games - the greatest and most revered spectacle in world sport.

Global Olympics - Historical and Sociological Studies of the Modern Games (Hardcover): Kevin B. Wamsley, Kevin Young Global Olympics - Historical and Sociological Studies of the Modern Games (Hardcover)
Kevin B. Wamsley, Kevin Young
R2,092 Discovery Miles 20 920 Out of stock

The Olympic Games have become a subject of major importance to students, academics, sports bodies, politicians, urban planners, and the public at large. The Olympic Rings are among the most recognised symbols in the world, and there are few other cultural phenomena that attract such a significant following in the popular media or such widespread support among the nations of the world. "Global Olympics: Historical and Sociological Studies of the Modern Games" draws together some of the world's leading scholars on critical issues emerging from ancient Olympic contests, and over one hundred years of modern Olympic history. A wide range of expertise permits the authors to address these issues from varied perspectives, while encompassing an in-depth assessment of the current literature and debates on the Olympics. This book will serve as an interdisciplinary resource for undergraduate and graduate students alike, as well as for the growing cohort of researchers interested in understanding and explaining the historical and sociological significance of the Games.

The Treasures of the Olympic Games (Hardcover): Neil Wilson The Treasures of the Olympic Games (Hardcover)
Neil Wilson; Contributions by International Olympic Committee
R1,221 R951 Discovery Miles 9 510 Save R270 (22%) Out of stock

The Treasures of the Olympic Games brings to life, through more than 200 photographs and 20 removable artefacts, the glorious history of the summer Olympic Games, illustrating the Olympic values that unite the world through sport every four years. Beginning in 776 BC in ancient Greece through to its revival in 1896 and the 26 subsequent Games, this exceptional title charts the event's absorbing and exemplary history as well as a wealth of world sporting achievement. A book of dreams, this is the first time that the Olympic Museum has co-operated in producing an interactive book containing facsimiles of rare historical documents from their exclusive archive, allowing readers to get closer to the world's greatest sporting spectacle than has ever been possible before.

Hitler's Olympics - The 1936 Berlin Olympic Games (Hardcover): Christopher Hilton Hitler's Olympics - The 1936 Berlin Olympic Games (Hardcover)
Christopher Hilton 2
R567 R457 Discovery Miles 4 570 Save R110 (19%) Out of stock

"I'm afraid the Nazis have succeeded with their propaganda." - William Shirer's diary, August 16, 1936. The Berlin Olympic Games, which remain the most controversial ever held, have their 70th anniversary in August 2006. "Hitler's Olympics" creates a vivid account of the disputes, the personalities and the events which made these Games so memorable. Ironically, the choice of Germany as the host nation for the 1936 Olympics was intended to signal its return to the world community after defeat in World War I. In actuality, Hitler intended the Berlin Games to be an advertisement for Germany as he was creating it, and they became one of the largest propaganda exercises in history. Two Germans Jews competed in the Games while the most memorable achievement was that of black American Jesse Owens, who won four gold medals. Ultimately, however, Germany was the overall biggest medal winner. The popular success of Owens allowed the Nazis to claim that their policies had no racial element and charges of anti-semitism which did arise were levelled at the Americans. In this stunning and important book, Christopher Hilton uses newspapers, diaries and interviews to recreate the unique atmosphere during the XIth Olympiad.

Greek Athletics and the Olympics (Paperback): Alan Beale Greek Athletics and the Olympics (Paperback)
Alan Beale
R610 Discovery Miles 6 100 Out of stock

An exciting series that provides students with direct access to the ancient world by offering new translations of extracts from its key texts. Where did the idea of celebrating the Olympic Games every four years come from? The short answer is ancient Greece. The very name 'Olympic' announces an origin for the competition, but, as with most of our classical heritage, it is easy for the superficial similarities to conceal major cultural differences. The purpose of this new book in the Greece and Rome: Texts and Contexts series is to provide an introduction to Greek athletics and their most important competition at Olympia through a selection of contemporary visual and literary sources.

Olympic Television - Broadcasting the Biggest Show on Earth (Paperback): Andrew C. Billings, James R. Angelini, Paul J.... Olympic Television - Broadcasting the Biggest Show on Earth (Paperback)
Andrew C. Billings, James R. Angelini, Paul J. MacArthur
R935 Discovery Miles 9 350 Out of stock

As the Olympic spectacle grows, broadcast coverage becomes bigger, more complex, and more sophisticated. Part sporting event, part reality show, and part global festival, the Olympics can be seen as both intensely nationalistic and a celebration of a shared sense of international community. This book sheds new light on how the Olympic experience has been shaped by television and expanded across multiple platforms and formats. Combining a multitude of approaches ranging from interviews to content analyses to audience surveys, the book explores the production, influence, and significance of Olympic media in contemporary society. Built on a central case study of NBC's coverage of the Rio Games in 2016, which is then placed within 20 years of content analyses, the book focuses on the entire Olympic television process from production to content to effects. Touching on key themes such as race, gender, history, consumerism, identity, nationalism, and storytelling, Olympic Television: Broadcasting the Biggest Show on Earth is fascinating reading for any student or scholar with an interest in sport, media, and the global impact of mega-events.

Olympic Visions - Images of the Games Through History (Hardcover): Mike O'Mahony Olympic Visions - Images of the Games Through History (Hardcover)
Mike O'Mahony 1
R639 R514 Discovery Miles 5 140 Save R125 (20%) Out of stock

African American sprinters Tommie Smith and John Carlos protesting racial segregation in the United States in 1968. Hitler watching the Berlin Olympics in 1936. Michael Phelps' photo finish in the 100-meter butterfly to win his seventh of a record eight medals in 2008. Since its creation in 1896, the Olympic Games have produced iconic images such as these, from the second the Olympic flame is lit at the lavish opening ceremony to the moment that same flame is extinguished at its close. As billions across the globe watch this showcase of fitness, strength, and skill, few understand how the pictorial legacy of the Games continues to shape the way the events are viewed today."Olympic Visions" explores how painters and sculptors, photographers and filmmakers, and architects and designers have helped to affect the consciousness of spectators around the world. Mike O'Mahony describes and analyzes images such as documentary photographs and posters made of the Olympics throughout history. He also looks at the many special objects, including coins, medals, and sculptures, that have been made to commemorate the games. His detailed insights into the world of Olympic artifacts, combined with the beautiful illustrations included here, present a crucial addition to our understanding of the games and the way we watch them. With the next Olympic Games beginning in London in July, "Olympic Visions" will be an essential companion to viewers tuning in to cheer on their national teams to triumph and glory.

The Politics of the Olympics - A Survey (Paperback): Alan Bairner, Gyozo Molnar The Politics of the Olympics - A Survey (Paperback)
Alan Bairner, Gyozo Molnar
R1,226 Discovery Miles 12 260 Out of stock

The Politics of the Olympics: A Survey provides information on and analysis of the relationship between politics and the Olympic Games. It is argued and demonstrated throughout the book that sport and politics have been and are intimately connected and nowhere is this relationship more apparent than in the Olympic Games. The essay chapters, including an editorial introduction, are written by a variety of academic experts. They focus on the politics of the Olympic movement, the politics of hosting the Games, the political implications of performance enhancement, and gender, terrorism and physical impairment within the Olympic context. The remaining chapters are case studies that are specific to certain countries or regions - Germany during the rise to power of National Socialism, Eastern Europe in the Cold War era, South Korea and Taiwan. Each chapter is accompanied by a select bibliography. The A-Z Glossary provides up-to-date and concise information on famous Olympians, presidents of the International Olympic Committee, specific events, boycotts and demonstrations - each of which has been politically significant in the history of the Games. Entries are cross-referenced for ease of use. A map of the venues for the Olympic Games is also included.

Chinese Subjectivities and the Beijing Olympics (Paperback): Gladys Pak Lei Chong Chinese Subjectivities and the Beijing Olympics (Paperback)
Gladys Pak Lei Chong
R912 Discovery Miles 9 120 Out of stock

Chinese Subjectivities and the Beijing Olympics develops the Foucauldian concept of productive power through examining the ways in which the Chinese government tried to mobilize the population to embrace its Olympic project through deploying various sets of strategies and tactics. It argues that the multifaceted strategies, tactics, and discourses deployed by the Chinese authorities sustain an order of things and values in such a way that drive individuals to commit themselves actively to the goals of the party-state. The book examines how these processes of subjectification are achieved by zooming in on five specific groups of the population: athletes, young Olympic volunteers, taxi drivers, Chinese citizens targeted by place-making projects, and the Hong Kong population. In doing so it probes critically into the role of individuals and how they take on the governmental ideas to become responsible autonomous subjects.

British Olympic Heroes (Paperback, New): Kitty Carruthers British Olympic Heroes (Paperback, New)
Kitty Carruthers 1
R199 R188 Discovery Miles 1 880 Save R11 (6%) Out of stock

Great Britain is one of only a handful of countries to have attended every Olympic Games - Winter and Summer alike. In all, nearly 500 Britons have won a gold medal. Those whose stories are told here, if not always the most famous, are assuredly the most interesting; athletes whose sporting and private lives have been inspiring, impressive and sometimes downright incredible.

The Ancient Olympic Games (Paperback, 2Rev ed): Judith Swaddling The Ancient Olympic Games (Paperback, 2Rev ed)
Judith Swaddling
R2,660 R2,433 Discovery Miles 24 330 Save R227 (9%) Out of stock

Between 776 BC and the year 395, the ancient Olympic games were held every four years. Tracing the mythological and religous origins of the games, and describing the events, this history shows a detailed model of the sports complex and covers the sponsorship and training of the athletes.

The International Olympic Committee and the Olympic System - The Governance of World Sport (Paperback): Jean-Loup Chappelet The International Olympic Committee and the Olympic System - The Governance of World Sport (Paperback)
Jean-Loup Chappelet
R744 Discovery Miles 7 440 Out of stock

When the athletes enter the stadium and the Olympic flame is lit, the whole world watches. Billions will continue to follow the events and to share in the athletes' joys and sorrows for the next sixteen days. Readers of this book, however, will watch forthcoming editions of the Olympic Games in a completely different light. Unlike many historical or official publications and somewhat biased commercial works, it provides -- in a clear, readable form -- informative and fascinating material on many aspects of what Olympism is all about: its history, its organization and its actors. Although public attention is often drawn to various issues surrounding this planetary phenomenon -- whether concerning the International Olympic Committee, the athletes, the host cities or even the scandals that have arisen -- the Olympic System as such is relatively little known. What are its structures, its goals, its resources? How is it governed and regulated? What about doping, gigantism, violence in the stadium? In addition to providing a wealth of information on all these subjects, the authors also show how power, money and image have transformed Olympism over the decades. They round off the work with thought-provoking reflections regarding the future of the Olympic System and the obstacles it must overcome in order to survive.

Dangerous Games - Australia at the 1936 Nazi Olympics (Paperback, Main): Larry Writer Dangerous Games - Australia at the 1936 Nazi Olympics (Paperback, Main)
Larry Writer
R655 R518 Discovery Miles 5 180 Save R137 (21%) Out of stock

Shortlisted for the 2015 William Hill Australian Sports Book of the Year Award This is a tale of innocents abroad. Thirty-three athletes left Australia in May 1936 to compete in the Hitler Olympics in Berlin. Believing sporting competition was the best antidote to tyranny, they put their qualms on hold. Anything to be part of the greatest show on earth. Dangerous Games drops us into a front row seat at the 100,000-capacity Olympic stadium to witness some of the finest sporting performances of all time - most famously the African American runner Jesse Owens, who eclipsed the best athletes the Nazis could pit against him in every event he entered. The Australians, with their antiquated training regimes and amateur ethos, valiantly confronted the intensely focused athletes of Germany, the United States and Japan. Behind the scenes was cut-throat wheeling and dealing, defiance of Hitler, and warm friendships among athletes. What they did and saw in Berlin that hot, rainy summer influenced all that came after until their dying days.

Punching Above their Weight - The Irish Olympic Boxing Story (Paperback): Sean McGoldrick Punching Above their Weight - The Irish Olympic Boxing Story (Paperback)
Sean McGoldrick
R432 R355 Discovery Miles 3 550 Save R77 (18%) Out of stock

Ireland's amateur boxing story is one of blood, sweat and tears - and not just in the ring. Ireland is one of the world's leading nations in the sport. This is the inside story of a great tradition - a story of physical prowess, gritty determination, devastating defeats, sheer bad luck, infamous 'he was robbed' judging decisions, and the ultimate goal of Olympic glory. The boxers' lives play out against a backdrop of the economic woes of the 1950s, the Northern Ireland Troubles, the fall of the Berlin Wall and the break-up of the Soviet Union. Sean McGoldrick shines a spotlight on Ireland's 'Medal Factory', the sometimes-contentious High Performance Unit, which has nurtured Irish boxers on the road to winning seven Olympic medals. Punching Above Their Weight captures the rollercoaster ride of such legendary boxers and coaches as John McNally, Fred Tiedt, Barry McGuigan, Hugh Russell, Billy Walsh, Michael Carruth, Zaur Antia, Wayne McCullough, Paddy Barnes, Kenny Egan, Darren Sutherland, John Joe Nevin, and Katie Taylor, among many others. A countback of over seventy years of Ireland's 'sweet science'.

This Great Symbol - Pierre de Coubertin and the Origins of the Modern Olympic Games (Hardcover): John J. MacAloon This Great Symbol - Pierre de Coubertin and the Origins of the Modern Olympic Games (Hardcover)
John J. MacAloon
R3,400 Discovery Miles 34 000 Out of stock

This Great Symbol is the definitive study of the origins of the modern Olympic Games and of their founder, Pierre de Coubertin, whose ideological stamp the Olympics still bear. Behind this fascinating blend of biography and history lies an impressive framework of cultural, social, and psychological theories skilfully employed to interpret the creation and symbolism of the modern Olympic Games. Hailed as both a classic in sport history and as a paradigmatic study in the anthropology of the past, This Great Symbol helped launch the new collaboration between historians and cultural anthropologists that continues to mark the human sciences worldwide. For this 25th anniversary edition, Professor MacAloon adds a new preface evaluating subsequent scholarship on Coubertin and the Olympic origins and a highly personal afterword describing the impact of This Great Symbol on his own subsequent career as an Olympic anthropologist and cultural performance theory. This book was published as a special issue of the International Journal of the History of Sport.

The Most Memorable Moments in Olympic Swimming (Hardcover): John P. Lohn The Most Memorable Moments in Olympic Swimming (Hardcover)
John P. Lohn
R1,424 Discovery Miles 14 240 Out of stock

Every four years the summer Olympic Games capture the world s attention. Over 10,000 athletes from more than 200 countries gather to prove they are the best in their sports. From the first competition held in 1896 to the 2012 London Olympics, the games have hosted some of swimming s greatest victories and deepest defeats. Fans have witnessed Johnny Weissmuller win back-to-back Olympic gold medals before he found fame on the big screen as Tarzan; they have seen Dara Torres defy age to win three silver medals at the age of 41; and they will forever remember Michael Phelps capturing a record eight gold medals at the 2008 games. The Most Memorable Moments in Olympic Swimming reveals the sport s greatest moments on its biggest stage. Through careful research and the personal recollections from the athletes themselves, John Lohn has brought together the key performances, top athletes, major controversies, and improbable victories of the games. Organized chronologically, the progression of swimming as an Olympic sport comes to life as the top 25 moments are revealed. The best swimmers in Olympic history are featured throughout, from Mark Spitz and Ian Thorpe to Debbie Meyer and Dawn Fraser. Dozens of photographs highlight the athletes and their shared passion for swimming glory. Detailed appendixes include the top Olympic medal winners by country and by athlete, and a bibliography provides key swimming references for the reader. Swimming fans, coaches, athletes, and researchers will enjoy this history of a sport rich in tradition and spectacular moments, as will all enthusiasts of the Olympic Games."

Olympic and  World Records (Hardcover): Keir Radnedge Olympic and World Records (Hardcover)
Keir Radnedge
R746 R597 Discovery Miles 5 970 Save R149 (20%) Out of stock

Olympic and World Records is a collection of the finest achievements on sport's greatest platform. Fully updated with special features on the the records set during the London 2012 Games and the new sports - Rugby Sevens and Golf - coming to the Games for Rio 2016, this exciting book is essential reading for any fan of the Games - the greatest and most revered spectacle in world sport.

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