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Games > Playstation 3

SSX (PlayStation 3): Playstation 3 SSX (PlayStation 3)
Playstation 3
R257 Discovery Miles 2 570 Dispatched within 7 - 11 working days

Push your skills to the limits with Mac Fraser in the epic return of SSX. Riding a Level 6 Elite snowboard, conquer the world's deadliest descents utilizing an exclusive special snowboard boost during your runs to progress and level up faster.

Gioteck XC-3 High Speed HDMI Cable with Heavy Duty Shielding (PS3): Gioteck XC-3 High Speed HDMI Cable with Heavy Duty Shielding (PS3)
R188 Discovery Miles 1 880 Dispatched within 3 - 6 working days

Our bespoke High Speed HDMI cable designed to bring optimal picture quality & sound with true HD signal up to 1080P.

Featuring top quality, high bandwidth cable that produces sharper textures, and more realistic shading... Ideal for the HD gamer.

Thrustmaster T.Flight Stick X Joystick for PS3 and PC: Thrustmaster T.Flight Stick X Joystick for PS3 and PC
R885 R784 Discovery Miles 7 840 Save R101 (11%) Dispatched within 3 - 5 working days

Fly free with Thrustmaster’s T.Flight Stick X Joystick. It’s ideal for people just getting into flying games or who want an extra for when friends come over. Its ergonomic design will keep your hands comfortable on long missions. The weighted base stabilizes the stick during extreme maneuvers.

The 12 buttons and 4 axes are fully programmable for PC and PS3, letting you customize settings for each game, or each plane. The high precision throttle lets you control your speed with amazing accuracy. A rapid fire trigger lets you shoot faster than ever before, so be prepared to watch your kill count rise! Driver-less plug-and-play USB connection offers easy and quick installation. All the features are preconfigured so you don't have to go through all sorts of hassles just to take off.

Burnout Paradise - The Ultimate Box (PlayStation 3, DVD-ROM): Playstation 3 Burnout Paradise - The Ultimate Box (PlayStation 3, DVD-ROM)
Playstation 3
R287 Discovery Miles 2 870 Dispatched within 7 - 11 working days

Paradise delivers an open-world environment built for intense speed, excitement and exploration and sets a new standard for gameplay.

  • Explore Paradise
    From big-surf beach, to downtown gridlock, there's over 30 square kilometers of the ultimate driving playground to explore from the get-go. Nothing is blocked off.

  • Burnout Your Way
    Just pull up to over 120 stoplights and spin your wheels to start one of five different events - the classic Race, Road Rage and Burning Route, and the all-new Stunt Run and Marked Man games.

  • Instant Online
    Burnout Paradise sets the new standard in online social gameplay. See your friends online with the EasyDrive Friends List and connect with them instantly without having to wait or exit your game.

  • Team up or Takedown
    Join forces with up to seven of your buddies to beat hundreds of online FreeBurn Challenges together or heat up the competition and go head-to-head in user created race routes.

  • Road Rules
    Make and break the rules of each road by setting speed and destruction records all over town. Track how many you own against your friends!
Record of Agarest War 2 Standard (PlayStation 3): Aksys Games Record of Agarest War 2 Standard (PlayStation 3)
Aksys Games
R297 Discovery Miles 2 970 Dispatched within 7 - 11 working days
Darksiders - Wrath of War (PlayStation 3, DVD-ROM): Darksiders - Wrath of War (PlayStation 3, DVD-ROM)
R194 Discovery Miles 1 940 Dispatched within 7 - 11 working days
Thrustmaster Ferrari Racing Wheel for PC/PS3: Thrustmaster Ferrari Racing Wheel for PC/PS3
R1,562 R1,400 Discovery Miles 14 000 Save R162 (10%) Dispatched within 3 - 5 working days

 Product manufactured under official Ferrari® license. The name with worldwide notoriety!

- Ferrari® is the emblem of victory and automotive competition values that are genuinely appreciated by gamers
- Ferrari® and Thrustmaster® share the same values: passion, performance, innovation and quality.
- Wheel handles with Ferrari ®-like red rubber texture coating
- Ferrari ® style on-wheel sequential digital gear shift levers

Large optimized pedal set

- 2 pedals with wide foot-rest
- Adjustable angle of inclination for each pedal
- Brake pedal featuring progressive resistance

Official Ferrari licensed product
New wheel
 - Adjustable steering sensitivity for more precise control
 - Realistic linear resistance on the wheel with automatic re-centering
 - Fully programmable on PC and PlayStation®3 with “Mapping” function
 - Wheel-mounted sequential gearbox: 2 Ferrari-style digital paddle shifters
 - 1 D-Pad + 12 action buttons in total!
 - 1 “Home” button to activate PlayStation®3 menus

New pedal set

 - 2 progressive pedals for precise acceleration and braking
 - Non-slip footrest
 - Detachable system: easy to store
 - Central clamping system for optimal stability

Linear resistance
- Auto-centring
- Thrustmaster ® "bungee cord" exclusive system providing with realistic resistanc

100% compatible wheel in all racing games on PlayStation®3 and PC*

- GT, F1, NASCAR, Rally, GRID 2, etc.

Fully programmable functions

- Fully programmable: 2 sequential levers + 11 action buttons + D-Pad.
- Large programmable, progressive pedal set with wide foot-rest for ultra-precise, comfortable acceleration and braking.
- Adjustable wheel sensitivity for precise driving

Central clamping system with wide jaws for optimal stability with all desk and table types

Need for Speed Hot Pursuit  (PlayStation 3, Game): Playstation 3 Need for Speed Hot Pursuit (PlayStation 3, Game)
Playstation 3
R289 Discovery Miles 2 890 Dispatched within 4 - 7 working days

Need for Speed Hot Pursuit is being developed by Criterion Games, the developers behind the critically-acclaimed Burnout racing series. These renowned innovators are redefining action racing by delivering an experience that connects players through intense competition whether playing online together or taking on friends' challenges.

At the heart of Need for Speed Hot Pursuit is a suite of connected features called Need for Speed Autolog that enables players to connect, compare and compete with their friends effortlessly. Exotic cars on the open road, the rush of the escape, the thrill of the takedown - this is Need for Speed Hot Pursuit.

Venetica (PlayStation 3): Venetica (PlayStation 3)
R439 Discovery Miles 4 390 Dispatched within 7 - 11 working days
How To Train Your Dragon 2 (US Import) (PlayStation 3): Solutions 2 Go Inc How To Train Your Dragon 2 (US Import) (PlayStation 3)
Solutions 2 Go Inc
R426 Discovery Miles 4 260 Dispatched within 7 - 11 working days
Metal Gear Solid HD Collection (PlayStation 3): Konami of America Metal Gear Solid HD Collection (PlayStation 3)
Konami of America
R375 Discovery Miles 3 750 Dispatched within 7 - 11 working days


Alien: Isolation - Nostromo Edition (PlayStation 3, DVD-ROM): Alien: Isolation - Nostromo Edition (PlayStation 3, DVD-ROM)
R170 Discovery Miles 1 700 Dispatched within 7 - 11 working days

Discover the true meaning of fear in Alien: Isolation, a survival horror set in an atmosphere of constant dread and mortal danger. Fifteen years after the events of Alien, Ellen Ripley's daughter, Amanda enters a desperate battle for survival, on a mission to unravel the truth behind her mother's disappearance.

As Amanda, you will navigate through an increasingly volatile world as you find yourself confronted on all sides by a panicked, desperate population and an unpredictable, ruthless Alien.

Underpowered and underprepared, you must scavange resources, improvise solutions and use your wits, not just to succeed in your mission, but to simply stay alive.

Sonic the Hedgehog (PlayStation 3): Sega of America Inc Sonic the Hedgehog (PlayStation 3)
Sega of America Inc
R366 Discovery Miles 3 660 Dispatched within 7 - 11 working days

The game is set in Soleanna, the beautiful city of water. In his first adventure set in the human world, Sonic meets a beautiful princess named Elise, whom he quickly befriends, but Princess Elise is abducted by none other than the calculating Dr. Eggman who is working under dark and sinister motives, to destroy this special kingdom of hers. In order to restore safety and serenity, Sonic must maneuver his way through a series of adventures and challenges where he will encounter and interact with a bevy of allies and enemies, and ultimately go head to head against the menacing doctor to thwart his malicious plans. Along the way, Sonic encounters a mysterious character named Silver. Blocking him with unique supernatural powers, even the Blue dude with

Tales of Symphonia Chronicles (PlayStation 3, DVD): Tales of Symphonia Chronicles (PlayStation 3, DVD)
R343 Discovery Miles 3 430 Dispatched within 7 - 11 working days

In the world of Sylvarant the land is dying due to a steady loss of Mana, the energy source that is needed for both magic and life itself. As crops begin to wither and hardship sets in, the people turn their hopes to the Chosen, who can reverse the ills of the world by completing the Journey of World Regeneration. Lloyd Irving and his friends must find a way to help the Chosen awake the Summon Spirits, but they'll soon discover the fate of a second world is tightly linked to their actions... Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World follows the journey of two young heroes, Emil and Marta in a world of chaos as their fates intertwine with Lloyd, Colette, and Ratatosk, a summon spirit rumoured to be the lord of all monsters.

Toukiden 2 (PlayStation 3): Toukiden 2 (PlayStation 3)
R348 Discovery Miles 3 480 Dispatched within 7 - 11 working days
Just Cause 2 (Essentials) (PlayStation 3, DVD-ROM): Playstation 3 Just Cause 2 (Essentials) (PlayStation 3, DVD-ROM)
Playstation 3
R238 Discovery Miles 2 380 Dispatched within 7 - 11 working days

The orders are simple: hunt down and execute a rogue agent that has stolen top-secret intelligence and millions in Agency cash. For agent Rico Rodriguez, the mission is anything but routine. The target is Tom Sheldon, Rico's former commanding officer, mentor and friend; a man who knows Rico better than he knows himself.

Sheldon went dark while operating in the corrupt island nation of Panau. There, three rival gangs wage war in the streets while the ruthless dictator Baby Panay rules the island with an iron fist. With the resources of the Agency at his disposal, Rico must infiltrate the island and locate Sheldon, setting off a violent chain of events that will set Panau ablaze.

Each of Rico's assignments can be tackled by land, sea or air with more than 100 vehicles including tactical jeeps, attack helicopters and jet fighters. As the Agency's best, Rico can execute a range of breathtaking new stunts, utilising his trademark parachute and upgraded grapple to reach any location in Panau. Somewhere on the 400 square mile island of white sand beaches, scorching deserts and snow-capped peaks, Sheldon awaits

  • Unique Vertical Gameplay: Take to the air like no other game. Experience total aerial freedom with the unique parachute and dual grapple.
  • Unbelievable Adrenaline-Fuelled Stunts: Freefall, BASE jump, vehicle surf, parasail, skydive, grapple, slingshot, leap between vehicles, hang from helicopters, scale buildings. The impossible is within your grasp.
  • Upgraded Dual Grapple: Your best tool is now a weapon. Fire two shots with the grapple hook and attach unwilling enemies to high-speed vehicles, hang them upside down from buildings, tether objects in midair. The possibilities are as vast as your imagination.
  • Discover The Secrets Of Panau: Explore the island paradise, from sprawling cities, secluded beaches and towering mountain peaks - more than 400 square miles of your own personal playground.
  • Experience True Freedom: Hundreds of objectives can be completed in any way or order that you choose. When it's time for a break from Agency business, kick back and enjoy all the attractions that Panau has to offer.
  • Massive Selection Of Vehicles: Catch air on a high-speed dirt bike, race across the sea in a power boat, or fire a spread of rockets from an attack chopper - more than 100 land, sea and air vehicles are yours for the taking.
Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z (PlayStation 3): Namco Bandai Games Amer Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z (PlayStation 3)
Namco Bandai Games Amer
R593 Discovery Miles 5 930 Dispatched within 7 - 11 working days
Bulletstorm Limited Edition (BBFC) (PlayStation 3, Digital): Playstation 3 Bulletstorm Limited Edition (BBFC) (PlayStation 3, Digital)
Playstation 3
R236 Discovery Miles 2 360 Dispatched within 7 - 11 working days
Medal of Honor Warfighter ? Essentials Edition (PlayStation 3, DVD-ROM): Medal of Honor Warfighter – Essentials Edition (PlayStation 3, DVD-ROM)
R289 Discovery Miles 2 890 Dispatched within 4 - 7 working days

Written by active U.S. Tier 1 Operators while deployed overseas and inspired by real world threats, Medal of Honor Warfighter delivers an aggressive, gritty, and authentic experience that puts gamers in the boots of today's most precise and disciplined warrior. Medal of Honor Warfighter is an up close and personal look at today's battlefield and the fight against the ongoing global terror threat.

Following on the heels of 2010's Medal of Honor that took the game series out of World War II and introduced players to today's most elite U.S. warriors, Medal of Honor Warfighter takes players out of Afghanistan to continue to experience gameplay missions with a dotted line to real world incursions. This is Tier 1 on a global scale, featuring real world hotspots and international Tier 1 Operators in Multiplayer.

Medal of Honor Warfighter tells the story of U.S. Tier 1 Operator, "Preacher" as he returns home from overseas only to find his family torn apart from years of deployment. Trying to pick up the pieces to salvage what remains of his marriage, Preacher is reminded of what he's fighting for - family. But when an extremely deadly explosive (PETN) penetrates civilian borders and his two worlds collide, Preacher and his fellow teammates are sent in to solve the problem. They take the fight to the enemy and do whatever it takes to protect their loved ones from harm.

Dead Rising 2 - Off the Record (PlayStation 3, DVD-ROM): Playstation 3 Dead Rising 2 - Off the Record (PlayStation 3, DVD-ROM)
Playstation 3
R182 Discovery Miles 1 820 Dispatched within 7 - 11 working days

Photojournalist and original hero of Dead Rising's Willamette incident, Frank West takes center stage once again in Dead Rising 2: Off the Record. Forget what you know about Dead Rising 2, as players will experience a reimagining of the Fortune City outbreak. The new Off the Record storyline means an all new Dead Rising 2 experience.

Frank will face off against more twisted enemies, build more outrageous combo weapons, follow his own unique mission structure and explore brand new areas of Fortune City to get his biggest scoop yet. Join Frank as he indulges in the insanity of "Uranus Zone," Fortune City's very own theme park. Full of deadly rides and crazy attractions, the sci-fi themed Uranus Zone is a true zombie-killing paradise.

Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix (Essentials) (PlayStation 3, DVD-ROM): Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix (Essentials) (PlayStation 3, DVD-ROM)
R297 Discovery Miles 2 970 Dispatched within 7 - 11 working days

Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX PS3
Brings the beloved Disney series to PlayStation 3 for the first time, complete with a wealth of extra content from the Kingdom Hearts family.;Fully remastered in HD, Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX is a stunning collection of the critically acclaimed Kingdom Hearts Final Mix and Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories, never previously available in the United Kingdom or Europe.;Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX also includes high-definition cinematic story videos from Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, enhanced gameplay mechanics and PlayStation3 system trophies. Now you can relive the origins of the celebrated franchise with Sora, Riku and the colourful cast of Disney characters, including Mickey, Donald and Goofy.;Calling All PlayStation Owners: Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX marks the first time Kingdom Hearts has been available on the PlayStation3 entertainment system!;Never Seen Before:  For the first time, Kingdom Hearts FINAL MIX and Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories will finally be available for Europe and PAL territories. New additional features and more!;For the Trophy Hunters: Collect trophies to aim for full completion!

Xblaze Code: Embryo (US Import) (PlayStation 3): Aksys Games Xblaze Code: Embryo (US Import) (PlayStation 3)
Aksys Games
R243 Discovery Miles 2 430 Dispatched within 7 - 11 working days
Thrustmaster T150 Force FeedBack Steering Wheel for PS4/PS3/PC: Thrustmaster T150 Force FeedBack Steering Wheel for PS4/PS3/PC
R4,375 R3,810 Discovery Miles 38 100 Save R565 (13%) Dispatched within 3 - 5 working days

PlayStation®4-certified embedded software and PS4™/PS3™ sliding switch
Official embedded software: the racing wheel is automatically recognized by the PS4™ console
Compatible in the console’s menus
PS4™/PS3™ sliding switch for optimal compatibility on both systems

Also compatible with PC

PC compatibility (Windows® 10/8/7/Vista/XP) ensured thanks to the Thrustmaster drivers available for download from the http://ts.thrustmaster.com/ website. The drivers allow you to make sure that you always have the latest firmware version available for the racing wheel’s base.

1080° Force Feedback base featuring Immersion TouchSense® technology

Drive system with adjustable Force Feedback lets you feel every detail while you’re racing
(the road or track’s relief, loss of tire grip, braking, bumps and impacts, etc.).

Rotation angle adjustable from 270° to 1080°!

Very precise wheel: optical reading with 12-bit resolution
(i.e. 4,096 values on the wheel’s steering axis)

Mixed belt-pulley and gears system

Smoother, more fluid and less noisy than helical gears with metal ball-bearing axle (for enhanced sturdiness)

Internal memory and upgradeable firmware

Robust and versatile attachment system, compatible with all mounts (desks, tables, etc.)

Realistic wheel

Built-in official buttons for PlayStation®4 (PS/SHARE/OPTIONS)
Access social functions, switch between the game and the system,navigate through the console’s menus, etc.

11”/28 cm in diameter, with an ergonomic design perfectly adapted for all driving games (GT, F1, NASCAR, Rally, etc.)
Rubber-coated wheel grips

2 large, wheel-mounted sequential paddle shifters
5”/13 cm tall – 100% metal – Tact switch with life cycle exceeding 500,000 activations

Comprehensive driving gear
13 action buttons (including 2 on the base) + 1 D-Pad

Large, optimized pedal set

Pedals with wide foot rest
Each pedal’s angle of inclination can be adjusted
Brake pedal with progressive resistance

Compatible with the T3PA* and T3PA-PRO* pedal sets (Thrustmaster 3 Pedals Add-on)
Compatible with the Thrustmaster TH8A* shifter
*Sold separately.

L.A. Noire (PlayStation 3, DVD-ROM): Playstation 3 L.A. Noire (PlayStation 3, DVD-ROM)
Playstation 3 1
R291 Discovery Miles 2 910 Dispatched within 7 - 11 working days

A gritty, single player detective game set on the infamous streets and in the smoke-filled back rooms of post-war Los Angeles.

Amid the postwar boom of Hollywood's Golden Age, newly minted detective Cole Phelps is thrown headfirst into a city drowning in violence and corruption. Utilizing groundbreaking new technology that captures an actor's facial performance in astonishing detail, L.A. Noire is a violent crime thriller that blends breathtaking action with true detective work to deliver an unprecedented interactive experience. Interrogate witnesses, search for clues and chase down suspects as you struggle to find the truth in a city where everyone has something to hide.

Against an overarching plot of violence and betrayal, L.A. Noire challenges players to solve a series of self-contained cases as they work their way through the ranks of the LAPD. Each case features a distinct storyline with a beginning, middle and end, and each successfully solved case brings new challenges and leads Cole closer to the true story at the dark heart of the Los Angeles criminal underworld.

  • Solve a variety of cases across the crime desks of: Patrol, Traffic, Homicide, Vice and Arson

  • Search crime scenes for clues, question witnesses and interrogate suspects as you search for the truth in each case

  • Use your wits to analyze suspect's behavior and separate the truth from the lies

  • Experience a stunningly accurate block-by-block recreation of 8 sq miles of 1947 Los Angeles

  • Rise up through the ranks of the LAPD from a beat cop to other positions as LAPD detective Cole Phelps

  • Solve brutal crimes, plots and conspiracies inspired by famous crimes from 1947 Los Angeles, one of the most corrupt and violent times in the City of Angels' history

  • Multiple difficulty settings give players of all abilities the chance to step into the shoes of a detective in postwar L.A.
Lost Dimension (PlayStation 3, DVD-ROM): Lost Dimension (PlayStation 3, DVD-ROM)
R471 Discovery Miles 4 710 Dispatched within 7 - 11 working days
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