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Flow-Induced Vibration of Power and Process Plant Components (Hardcover): M. K. Au-Yang Flow-Induced Vibration of Power and Process Plant Components (Hardcover)
M. K. Au-Yang
R2,541 Discovery Miles 25 410 Out of stock

This volume is a valuable, single source of information on the most common flow-induced vibration problems in power and process plant components. Based on the author's own experience that most errors in engineering analysis come from confusions in the units, the author begins with a short chapter on units and dimensions. He then provides step-by-step examples in dual US and SI units, leading to the final objective of design analysis, problem solving, diagnosis and trouble shooting in the following areas: fundamentals of vibration; acoustics and structural dynamics; vibration of structures in quiescent fluids; vortex-induced vibration; turbulence-induced vibration; impact, fatigue and wear caused by flow-induced vibration; acoustically induced vibration; and signal analysis and diagnostic techniques. Emphasis is placed on the physics of the phenomenon and most of the work examples can be solved with pocket calculators.

Louisiana Electrical Level 3 Trainee Guide (Paperback, 8th edition): Nccer Louisiana Electrical Level 3 Trainee Guide (Paperback, 8th edition)
R2,763 Discovery Miles 27 630 Out of stock
Power Line Worker Transmission Level 3 Trainee Guide (Paperback, 2nd Trainee Guide ed.): Nccer Power Line Worker Transmission Level 3 Trainee Guide (Paperback, 2nd Trainee Guide ed.)
R3,001 Discovery Miles 30 010 Out of stock

This exceptionally produced trainee guide features a highly illustrated design, technical hints and tips from industry experts, review questions and a whole lot more! Key content includes: Construction, Maintenance & Repair- Live-line Barehand, Re-conductoring Transmission Lines, Construction, Maintenance & Repair- Hot Stick, Lift Planning, and Fundamental Skills for the Crew Leader.

Introduction to Energy - Resources, Technology, and Society (Paperback, 2nd Revised edition): Edward S. Cassedy, Peter Z.... Introduction to Energy - Resources, Technology, and Society (Paperback, 2nd Revised edition)
Edward S. Cassedy, Peter Z. Grossman
R1,765 Discovery Miles 17 650 Out of stock

Energy issues such as pollution, resource depletion, global warming, nuclear power and waste are problems demanding timely solutions. This book provides a critical examination of the resources, market forces, and social impacts of modern energy production. The book addresses the dilemmas that have arisen due to society's crucial dependence on energy, particularly fossil fuels, and explores the available alternative energy producing technologies. The second edition has increased emphasis on those issues at the forefront of the current energy debate: energy sustainability, climate change, and the radical restructuring of the power industry due to deregulation. Assuming no prior technical expertise and avoiding complex mathematical formulation. The second edition, like the first, will be especially useful as a textbook for undergraduate programs in Science, Technology and Society (STS), and as a supplementary text in a variety of courses that touch on energy studies, including environmental and technology policy, environmental, mineral and business law, energy and resource economics.

Introduction to Wind Principles (Paperback): Thomas Kissell Introduction to Wind Principles (Paperback)
Thomas Kissell
R4,107 Discovery Miles 41 070 Out of stock

The first book on wind energy designed specifically with technicians in mind "INTRODUCTION TO WIND PRINCIPLES, 1/e "covers all aspects of installing and troubleshooting wind turbines, giving technicians the knowledge they need to handle even complex maintenance tasks. Writing clearly and simply, Thomas Kissell explains how wind turbine blades harvest wind energy, and how generators convert shaft turning energy into electricity. He shows how electrical and hydraulic systems control the speed of wind turbine blades, energizing blade pitch and yaw position controls. Mechanical subjects such as gears, transmissions and gearboxes are discussed in detail. Many pictures and diagrams are included, and all math and data is provided: no calculus or other mathematics is required. Some additional features include:

  • Comprehensive, in-depth coverage--including wind turbine installation and troubleshooting, towers, blades, generators, control, and much more
  • History, background, trends, and demand projections--Provides the context needed to understand the growing role of wind energy Coverage of all parts of vertical and horizontal wind turbines--including small, medium, and large wind turbines
  • Essential electrical coverage--including basic electricity theory, magnetism, motors, generators, PLC controls, and the electrical grid
  • Extensive discussion of mechanical topics
  • Towers, tower designs, and safety- walks through the advantages and disadvantages of each type of tower, discusses the principles of safe tower design and construction, and explains nacelle installation
  • Integration of wind-generated electricity into the grid
Energy and Climate Change (Hardcover): U.S. DOE Energy and Climate Change (Hardcover)
R5,529 Discovery Miles 55 290 Out of stock

Exclusively published by Lewis, and authored by world class scientists, this is one of the most current works published on energy and climate change. It is the best written synopsis of the chemical, climatic, and environmental effects of continuing emissions of carbon dioxide and other radiatively and chemically active trace gases.
This timely work includes energy scenarios, cost and risk analyses, energy emissions, atmospheric chemistry, climate effects, as well as what is accepted as the best possible technical evaluation available, even while recognizing complex social aspects. All scientists and regulators will want Energy and Climate Change.

Building 2000 - Volume I Schools, Laboratories and Universities, Sports and Educational Centres Volume II Office Buildings,... Building 2000 - Volume I Schools, Laboratories and Universities, Sports and Educational Centres Volume II Office Buildings, Public Buildings, Hotels and Holiday Complexes (Book, 1992 ed.)
C.Den Ouden, T.C. Steemers
R14,095 Discovery Miles 140 950 Out of stock

This set of Building 2000 brochures illustrates how architects and other building designers can successfully apply passive solar principles to produce energy-efficient buildings. Building 2000 is a pilot project of the European Commission's R & D programme `Solar Energy Applications to Buildings', encouraging the adoption of solar architectures in large buildings. There was an enthusiastic response from project teams responsible for the design of 32 large buildings with a total construction budget of more than 140 million ECU. During the design phase of these buildings the Commission offered free design support to architects and design team members to improve the building designs. The willingness to collaborate with R & D experts encouraged the Commission's action in this field. The results of the design studies illustrating passive solar architecture in buildings in the European Community are presented in two volumes. Volume I covers Schools, Laboratories and Universities; Sports and Educational Centres. Volume II covers Office Buildings, Public Buildings; Hotels and Holiday Complexes. A summary of the results from the various design support activities is presented in the second part of each volume. These two books reflect the results of the exchange of information between the actual design practitioners and the European R & D community. They are an invaluable source of information for architects and engineers interested in passive solar architecture and modern daylighting approaches. The volumes are available separately or as a set.

DC/AC Circuits (Hardcover): Louis E. Frenzel, Frenzel DC/AC Circuits (Hardcover)
Louis E. Frenzel, Frenzel
R1,468 Discovery Miles 14 680 Out of stock

Your electronic technician education would not be complete without some practical hands on training using real electronic components, circuits, and equipment. On the job as a technician, you will build, test, measure, service, repair, adjust, install maintain, operate and otherwise work with electronic equipment. Your classroom work provides the theoretical background to understand this equipment. The lab work gives you the experience in applying the theory to the hardware.

Wireless Power Transfer - Theory, technology, and applications (Hardcover): Naoki Shinohara Wireless Power Transfer - Theory, technology, and applications (Hardcover)
Naoki Shinohara
R2,928 R2,508 Discovery Miles 25 080 Save R420 (14%) Out of stock

Wireless Power Transfer (WPT) enables power to be transferred from a grid or storage unit to a device without the need for cable connections. This can be performed by inductive coupling of magnetic fields as well as by direct radiative transfer via beams of electromagnetic waves, commonly radiowaves, microwaves or lasers. Inductive coupling is the most widely used wireless technology with applications including charging handheld devices, RFID tags, chargers for implantable medical devices, and proposed systems for charging electric vehicles. Applications of radiative power transfer include solar power satellites and wireless powered drone aircraft. This book covers the very latest in theory and technology of both coupling and radiative wireless power transfer. Topics covered include the basic theory of inductive coupling and resonance coupling WPT; multi-hop WPT; circuit theory for wireless couplers; inverter/ rectifier technologies for WPT systems; basic theory of WPT via radio waves; technologies of antenna and phased array for WPT via radio waves; transmitter/rectifier technologies for WPT via radio waves; applications of coupling WPT for electric vehicle charging; applications of long-distance WPT; and biological interactions of electromagnetic fields and waves.

Fault Diagnosis for Robust Inverter Power Drives (Hardcover): Antonio Ginart Fault Diagnosis for Robust Inverter Power Drives (Hardcover)
Antonio Ginart
R2,933 R2,513 Discovery Miles 25 130 Save R420 (14%) Out of stock

Power drives are used for induction motor control, uninterruptible power supplies, and in electrical vehicles. The increasing penetration of power drives makes their reliability, robustness, and early diagnosis a central point of attention especially in planning, designing, and financing. This book explores fault diagnosis of inverter drives to enable early diagnosis and robust design for efficient long life operation. Fault Diagnosis for Robust Inverter Power Drives focuses on early diagnosis, prognosis, and intrinsic reliability of inverter power drives and their applications. Topics include material degradation, materials, semiconductors, inverter topologies, and early diagnosis as well as fault tolerant software strategies. This work is highly relevant to researchers, power electronics professionals, and system designers in aerospace, hybrid and electrical cars, and power systems.

Industrial Energy Management and Utilization (Hardcover): L. Witte, et al Industrial Energy Management and Utilization (Hardcover)
L. Witte, et al
R2,000 Discovery Miles 20 000 Out of stock

This text fills the need for a comprehensive and thorough study of energy utilization and management. It details the most modern, proven techniques for heat recovery, and introduces second law efficiency for various energy system components. An exceptional feature of this work is the attention it gives to four major areas of difficulty for students: the text provides fundamentals as well as proven procedures for calculating boiler efficiency...principles required and actual examples of component sizing for various steam distribution systems...information for deciding on a particular heat transfer augmentation technique for a given heat exchanger...and a thorough review of electrical system energy management, including proven methods of electrical energy conservation and cost savings.

Proceedings of the XIII International Congress on Electricity Applications (Hardcover): M.J. Thelwell Proceedings of the XIII International Congress on Electricity Applications (Hardcover)
M.J. Thelwell
R5,683 Discovery Miles 56 830 Out of stock
Grounds of Comparison - Around the Work of Benedict Anderson (Hardcover, New): Pheng Cheah, Jonathan Culler Grounds of Comparison - Around the Work of Benedict Anderson (Hardcover, New)
Pheng Cheah, Jonathan Culler
R3,407 Discovery Miles 34 070 Out of stock

Benedict Anderson is best known for his book Imagined Communities: Reflections on the Origin and Spread of Nationalism, one of the most influential works of the last twenty years. Read both by social scientists and humanists, Anderson has thought anew such questions as why people love and die for nations, how religious faith became a territorial issue, the interrelation of capitalism and print, and how forms of nationalism have been adapted and transformed in different situations. This volume includes essays on Anderson's themes and ideas by such scholars as Andrew Parker, Lydia Liu, Doris Sommer, Harry Harootunian, Partha Chatterjee, David Hollinger, and Marc Redfield. Of particular interest is a substantial new essay by Benedict Anderson, written for this volume.

13th NREL Photovoltaics Program Review - Proceedings of the Conference Held in Lakewood, Co, May, 1995 (Hardcover): Harin S.... 13th NREL Photovoltaics Program Review - Proceedings of the Conference Held in Lakewood, Co, May, 1995 (Hardcover)
Harin S. Ullal, C. Edwin Witt
R3,607 Discovery Miles 36 070 Out of stock

This work represents recent progress in photovoltaics technology including progress made in such areas as amorphous silicon, crystalline silican, cadmium telluride, and so on. Special focus is given to PV applications for rural electrifications. Ir should be of particular interest to researchers in the fields of materials sciences specializing in photovoltaics.

Advanced Energy Systems (Hardcover): Nikolai V. Khartchenko, Vadym M. Kharchenko Advanced Energy Systems (Hardcover)
Nikolai V. Khartchenko, Vadym M. Kharchenko
R3,300 R2,867 Discovery Miles 28 670 Save R433 (13%) Out of stock

Series Information:
Applied Energy Technology

Advanced Energy Systems (Hardcover, 2nd New edition): Nikolai V. Khartchenko, Vadym M. Kharchenko Advanced Energy Systems (Hardcover, 2nd New edition)
Nikolai V. Khartchenko, Vadym M. Kharchenko
R1,405 R1,241 Discovery Miles 12 410 Save R164 (12%) Out of stock

This second edition to a popular first provides a comprehensive, fully updated treatment of advanced conventional power generation and cogeneration plants, as well as alternative energy technologies. Organized into two parts: Conventional Power Generation Technology and Renewable and Emerging Clean Energy Systems, the book covers the fundamentals, analysis, design, and practical aspects of advanced energy systems, thus supplying a strong theoretical background for highly efficient energy conversion. New and enhanced topics include: Large-scale solar thermal electric and photovoltaic (PV) plants Advanced supercritical and ultra-supercritical steam power generation technologies Advanced coal- and gas-fired power plants (PP) with high conversion efficiency and low environmental impact Hybrid/integrated (i.e., fossil fuel + REN) power generation technologies, such as integrated solar combined-cycle (ISCC) Clean energy technologies, including "clean coal," H2 and fuel cell, plus integrated power and cogeneration plants (i.e., conventional PP + fuel cell stacks) Emerging trends, including magnetohydrodynamic (MHD)-generator and controlled thermonuclear fusion reactor technologies with low/zero CO2 emissions Large capacity offshore and on-land wind farms, as well as other renewable (REN) power generation technologies using hydro, geothermal, ocean, and bio energy systems Containing over 50 solved examples, plus problem sets, full figures, appendices, references, and property data, this practical guide to modern energy technologies serves energy engineering students and professionals alike in design calculations of energy systems.

Electrical Power Equipment Maintenance and Testing (Hardcover): Paul Gill Electrical Power Equipment Maintenance and Testing (Hardcover)
Paul Gill
R3,495 R3,034 Discovery Miles 30 340 Save R461 (13%) Out of stock

This practical guide provides comprehensive and up-to-date information on the testing and maintenance of electrical power systems equipment and apparatus found in utility, industrial, commercial, and institutional facilities-demonstrating when and how to perform the appropriate tests to ensure maximum operational reliability. Integrating basic principles, theory, and practice, Electrical Power Equipment Maintenance and Testing discusses routine (field) and preoperational (acceptance) testing and maintenance procedures for assessing equipment reliability and dependability shows how to inspect and test equipment and apparatus insulation integrity and other operating characteristics affecting performance evaluates and interprets results for each category of testing-assisting decision making on when to remove equipment from service before failure occurs elucidates equipment degradation mechanisms and their impact on reliability and efficiency by detailing failure modes and effects emphasizes the implementation of planned maintenance and testing programs-ensuring early detection of problems and prevention of expensive downtime by minimizing unplanned failures and more Containing references, equations, and photographs-including numerous tables and test connection diagrams, this valuable resource is useful for electrical and electronics, industrial, transmission, distribution, power, and energy engineers and technicians; maintenance and operational personnel at electrical facilities; plant managers and electrical utility personnel; technical personnel from electrical consulting and construction firms, manufacturing companies, electrical trade associations, and electrical testing companies; and graduate-level students in these disciplines.

Energy-Efficient Motor Systems - A Handbook On Technology, Program, And Policy Opportunities (Paperback, Revised ed.): Steven... Energy-Efficient Motor Systems - A Handbook On Technology, Program, And Policy Opportunities (Paperback, Revised ed.)
Steven Nadel, et al
R513 R408 Discovery Miles 4 080 Save R105 (20%) Out of stock

Motors use more than half of all electricity. This book outlines an approach for increasing motor and motor system efficiency through high-efficiency motors, optimized controls, improved component sizing and repair, better transmission hardware, and more comprehensive monitoring and maintenance.

In addition to explaining technical opportunities in language understandable to non-engineers, the book reviews what is known about the existing motor stock and its use, chronicles experience to date with drive power programs and policies, and offers recommendations for future efforts. Full application of the measures described can cut U.S. electricity demand by up to 20 percent, save motor users and utilities billions of dollars, reduce pollutant emissions, and enhance productivity.

The book was written by an interdisciplinary team of engineers, energy analysts, and program planners who collectively have over 50 years of experience in the energy efficiency field.

Elements of Power Electronics (Hardcover, New): Phillip T. Krein Elements of Power Electronics (Hardcover, New)
Phillip T. Krein
R3,934 Discovery Miles 39 340 Out of stock

Power electronics is an enabling technology for almost all electrical applications. The field is growing rapidly because electrical devices need electronic circuits to process their energy. Elements of Power Electronic, the first book to discuss this subject in a conceptual framework, provides comprehensive coverage of power electronics at a level suitable for novices in the field. It aims to establish a fundamental engineering basis for power electronics analysis, design, and implementation. More than 160 examples and 350 chapter problems support the presented concepts. An extensive World Wide Web site (http://power.ece.uiuc.edu/krein text) includes additional examples, laboratory materials, and author contact.

Industrial Electronics (Paperback, 4th edition): Leslie Sheets, James Humphries Industrial Electronics (Paperback, 4th edition)
Leslie Sheets, James Humphries
R4,237 R3,462 Discovery Miles 34 620 Save R775 (18%) Out of stock

An introduction to the state-of-the-art control systems used in industry, this valuable text identifies the elements that comprise a closed-loop network and continues to explain in detail the function of each. Expanded coverage of DC and AC drives and programmable controls offer readers an industrial career perspective. Examples of real-world applications are presented without requiring difficult mathematical calculations. ALSO AVAILABLE Laboratory Manual, ISBN: 0-8273-5969-1 INSTRUCTOR SUPPLEMENTS CALL CUSTOMER SUPPORT TO ORDER Instructor's Guide, ISBN: 0-8273-5828-8

Electric Motor Drives - Modeling, Analysis, and Control (Paperback, United States ed): R. Krishnan Electric Motor Drives - Modeling, Analysis, and Control (Paperback, United States ed)
R. Krishnan
R5,404 Discovery Miles 54 040 Out of stock

For introductory (senior) level and graduate level courses in electric drives/power electronics.

The book develops a systematic approach to motor drives. While the emphasis is on practice; extensive modeling, simulation and analysis is developed to assist readers in their understanding of the subject matter from fundamental principles. Also, each motor drive is illustrated with an industrial application in detail at the end of chapters to enable readers to relate theory to practice.

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