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Games > Simulation

My Sims Agents (Nintendo Wii): Nintendo WII Game My Sims Agents (Nintendo Wii)
Nintendo WII Game
R256 Discovery Miles 2 560 Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

You take the role of an agent assigned by the agency to help a mayor stop a notorious thief from stealing an ancient treasure.

You must search for clues, solve devious puzzles and match wits with the mysterious thief in order to protect the treasure. Your investigations will have you talking to your favorite Mysims and searching for clues in underground caverns.

Only the brightest and best agent will be able to put the pieces together to solve the case and stop his wicked plot!

Farming Simulator 15 Expansion 2 Pack (PC): Farming Simulator 15 Expansion 2 Pack (PC)
R149 Discovery Miles 1 490 Shipped within 7 - 11 working days
Spintires: MudRunner - American Wilds Edition (XBox One): Spintires: MudRunner - American Wilds Edition (XBox One)
R460 R386 Discovery Miles 3 860 Save R74 (16%) Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

The Ultimate Off-Road Experience!

Spintires: MudRunner – American Wilds is the ultimate version of the indie hit Spintires: MudRunner, including all DLC already released, as well as the upcoming American Wilds expansion that will push your gameplay experience even further! Put yourself in the driver’s seat and take powerful all-terrain vehicles across extreme landscapes with incredible physics with only a map and compass as guides.

American Wilds comes with highly-requested additions, including 2 new sandbox maps inspired by the rough lands of Montana and North Dakota, new challenges to take on, and most importantly, nine of the most iconic US vehicles from household brands like Western Star, Hummer and Chevrolet.

In the Spintires: MudRunner – American Wilds Edition, drive more than 30 powerful all-terrain vehicles, and equip them with 60 add-ons to suit your mission! Complete your objectives and deliveries across 10 unique sandbox maps and 11 challenge maps set in the untamed landscapes of Siberia and for the first time in MudRunner, Northern USA.

Overcome muddy terrain, raging rivers, and other obstacles that all realistically react to the weight and movement of your vehicle powered by the game's advanced physics engine. With your map, compass, winch, and your driving skills, go solo or join up to three others in the coop multiplayer.

Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer with Amiibo Card (Nintendo 3DS): Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer with Amiibo Card (Nintendo 3DS)
R378 R353 Discovery Miles 3 530 Save R25 (7%) Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

Experience a different side of the Animal Crossing world and a new way to interact with your favourite Animal Crossing characters!
- This new spin-off title in the Animal Crossing series focuses on the decorating and home-designing aspects of the Animal Crossing games.
- Animals will ask players to design houses for them, and it’s up to designers-in-the-making to meet the animals’ requests by furnishing and decorating their homes, turning their dream home into a reality.
- Animals will tell you what kind of house they want to live in - listen to their requests, then pick a style, choose furniture and decorations and create a happy home for them.
- Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer works with new amiibo cards which feature characters from the Animal Crossing franchise.
- By scanning a new Animal Crossing series amiibo card to a New Nintendo 3DS system or NFC reader/writer accessory, players can design a room for that specific character on the card and scan additional character cards to invite those characters to visit.

*NOTE: Use new Animal Crossing series amiibo cards with New Nintendo 3DS and New Nintendo 3DS XL OR With an NFC reader/writer accessory and Nintendo 3DS, 3DS XL or Nintendo 2DS.

Xbox360 - Guitar Hero - Van Halen - Stand Alone Game (XBox 360, DVD-ROM): Xbox360 Guitar Hero - Van Halen - Stand Alone Game (XBox 360, DVD-ROM)
Xbox360 1
R146 Discovery Miles 1 460 Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

Live out the experience of performing as one of the biggest rock bands of all time.

See if you have what it takes to keep up with Eddie Van Halen's revolutionary guitar playing or David Lee Roth's unique performance style as you savor all the hot licks and scissor kicks that have helped this band achieve legendary status.

Microsoft Flight Simulator X Steam Edition (Code in Box) (PC): Microsoft Flight Simulator X Steam Edition (Code in Box) (PC)
R378 Discovery Miles 3 780 Shipped within 3 - 6 working days

Flight Simulator X is the culmination of nearly 25 years of the landmark “Flight Simulator” franchise and its most significant addition to date. The 10th addition to the highly successful “Flight Simulator” franchise, “Flight Simulator X” will immerse players in a beautifully rich and realistic world, offering a completely new and innovative gaming experience with dozens of new aircraft to choose from, including the AirCreation 582SL Ultralight and Maule M7-260C Orion with wheels and skis. Gamers of all ages, types and skill levels will experience firsthand what it is like to be an aviator traveling the globe either alone or online with others.


  • Immersive world. “Flight Simulator X” offers players a rich and innovative gaming experience with new technological advancements, incredible graphics and added realism including weather, time of day and seasons. Pilots can watch moving cars and detailed buildings in cities below; traffic on highways; indigenous houses, farmland and livestock; and wildlife in its natural habitats.
  • Mission-based gameplay. With the addition of new mission-based gameplay, players will have a specific purpose as their world comes alive for the first time with automobile traffic, moving boats and ships, and animal life. With more than 50 new missions to choose from, aviators can build their skill levels and engage in even more stimulating gameplay than before. Players can choose to compete in the Red Bull Air Race or bring relief materiel to the Congo, keeping track of their progress on each mission.
  • New aircraft. “Flight Simulator X” will enable pilots to fly the aircraft of their dreams, from the DeHavilland DHC-2 Beaver floatplane and Grumman G-21A Goose to the AirCreation 582SL Ultralight and Maule M7-260C Orion with wheels and skis. Players will be amazed at the details — such as shaded rivets, reflective paint, and glint from glass and chrome — as they view the world from 100 feet to 1 million feet.
  • Connected world. Through increased online gameplay capabilities, “Flight Simulator X” offers players a connected world where they can choose whom they want to be, from air-traffic controller to pilot or co-pilot, as they interact with other aviators from around the globe by chatting in real time via headset and keyboard.
  • Interactive airports. More than 24,000 airports feature AI-controlled jetways, fuel trucks and moving baggage carts, allowing players to explore their hometown or venture to a favorite far-off city.
Miitopia (German Box) (Nintendo 3DS): Miitopia (German Box) (Nintendo 3DS)
R472 Discovery Miles 4 720 Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

Fans have never played an RPG quite like Miitopia. By casting Mii characters in roles across the world of Miitopia, players set off on an adventure to battle enemies, hunt for treasure and open up new areas of the map. The turn-based battles are straight out of an RPG, but allies have a mind of their own. The relationships they build affect their performance in battle.

Demolition Simulator (PC, DVD-ROM): Demolition Simulator (PC, DVD-ROM)
R68 Discovery Miles 680 Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

Destroy for fun and profit! In a city where buildings are constructed as rapidly as they are torn down you take control of an emerging demolition pany. A multitude of missions leads you to various sites in different districts of the city. Take a seat behind the wheel of detailed construction and demo machines. Raze old buildings to the ground with wrecking balls and excavators place explosive charges or tear down walls with a jackhammer. Invest the earned money in new vehicles and unlock new assignments in the city

Prison Tycoon - ALCATRAZ (PC, DVD-ROM): Prison Tycoon - ALCATRAZ (PC, DVD-ROM)
R159 R83 Discovery Miles 830 Save R76 (48%) Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

As warden of the most notorious prison in history, it's up to you to run the infamous escape proof prison. It's the end of the line...

Hunter's Trophy 2: Europa (PC, DVD-ROM): Hunter's Trophy 2: Europa (PC, DVD-ROM)
R195 R28 Discovery Miles 280 Save R167 (86%) Shipped within 3 - 6 working days
The Fisherman: Fishing Planet (PlayStation 4): The Fisherman: Fishing Planet (PlayStation 4)
R766 Discovery Miles 7 660 Shipped within 7 - 11 working days


Available on shelves as a premium version without microtransactions for the first time, THE FISHERMAN offers the complete and enhanced experience of the FISHING PLANET phenomenon.

  • Tons of content with the equivalent of 35 DLCs, which is €700 worth of paid content from the free-to-play version
  • The only fishing game expected in 2019. THE FISHERMAN is the most advanced simulation available and outshines the competition

The Day One edition, available in limited quantities, includes a heavy-duty, camo-pattern equipment pack – ideal for catching predators like pike and bass.

  • Total immersion thanks to high-quality audio and graphics
  • Seasons, climatic conditions, time of day, terrain, flora and fauna… Everything has been included and influences the gameplay
  • 19 environments inspired by real locations, including the Everglades in the United States, La Creuse in France, and the Tiber in Italy
  • 143 species of fish with true-to-life behaviours
  • Thousands of tackle combinations each with unique properties
  • Single-player and co-op tournaments*, and regular community events

*Requires PlayStation Plus membership to access online multiplayer.
Farming Simulator 17 - Platinum Expansion (PC): Farming Simulator 17 - Platinum Expansion (PC)
R148 Discovery Miles 1 480 Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

Get a wealth of additional content and vehicles to upgrade your Farming Simulator 17 to PLATINUM EDITION.

Get to work on your fields in a new playground! A large South American environment awaits you with its authentic landscapes, unique vegetation, railway network, local cows and sugarcane fields offering a total change of scenery and more gameplay possibilities!

New farming vehicles also join the already huge garage of Farming Simulator 17!

Miitopia (Nintendo 3DS): Miitopia (Nintendo 3DS)
R577 R424 Discovery Miles 4 240 Save R153 (27%) Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

Fans have never played an RPG quite like Miitopia. By casting Mii characters in roles across the world of Miitopia, players set off on an adventure to battle enemies, hunt for treasure and open up new areas of the map. The turn-based battles are straight out of an RPG, but allies have a mind of their own. The relationships they build affect their performance in battle.

All Star Cheerleader (Nintendo DS, Game cartridge): All Star Cheerleader (Nintendo DS, Game cartridge)
R112 Discovery Miles 1 120 Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

All Star Cheer Squad allows players to participate in the competitive sport of Cheer, combining traditional cheerleading, dance, gymnastics and squad based teamwork. Players create their own avatar, learn cheer and dance moves, compete against individual team members and ultimately compete against other squads. The player's goal is to become captain of his or her squad and eventually lead the squad to win all of the competitions in the single player campaign.

Air Conflict Pacific Carriers (PlayStation 3): Air Conflict Pacific Carriers (PlayStation 3)
R236 Discovery Miles 2 360 Shipped within 7 - 11 working days
Farming Simulator 15 (PlayStation 4, Blu-ray disc): Farming Simulator 15 (PlayStation 4, Blu-ray disc)
R700 R290 Discovery Miles 2 900 Save R410 (59%) In stock

Farming Simulator 15 invites you into the challenging world of a modern day farmer. Take on all the challenges of farming life, including animal husbandry (cows, chicken and sheep), crops and sales. Manage and grow your own farm within a huge open world, including an all-new Nordic environment. Meet the inhabitants who will provide you with missions to complete, and prove that you are a farmer with multiple talents! A new activity is introduced in Farming Simulator 15: wood cutting! Manage the forest located on your map using the new vehicles and machineries available, such as tree harvesters, chainsaws, chippers and trailers. The new equipment joins the long list of farming vehicles faithfully reproduced - including Case IH, Deutz-Fahr, Lamborghini - that you will be able to fi nd in the new garage shop. New big brands from the industry will also be available like New Holland, Ponsse and more! To keep your vehicles clean, use wash stations regularly. Who wants a dirty tractor in their garage? Farming Simulator 15 also comes with online modes and services. Manage a farm with up to 10 friends online, or via a local network. You can also share mods, vehicles and equipment with players from all over the world, providing virtually unlimited content and countless hours of gameplay!

Marvel's Spider-Man (PlayStation 4): Marvel's Spider-Man (PlayStation 4)
R999 R642 Discovery Miles 6 420 Save R357 (36%) Shipped within 4 - 6 working days

An all-new Spider-Man experience
Starring one of the world’s most iconic Super Heroes, Marvel's Spider-Man features the acrobatic abilities, improvisation and web-slinging that the wall-crawler is famous for, while also introducing elements never-before-seen in a Spider-Man game. From traversing with parkour and utilizing the environment, to new combat and blockbuster set pieces, it’s Spider-Man unlike any you’ve played before. Marvel and Insomniac Games have teamed up to create a brand-new and authentic Spider-Man story. This isn’t the Spider-Man you’ve met before, or seen in a movie. This is an experienced Peter Parker who’s more masterful at fighting big crime in New York City. At the same time he’s struggling to balance his chaotic personal life and career while the fate of nine million New Yorkers rests upon his shoulders.

The Spider-Man Pre-Order Bonus DLC Pack includes:

  • Spidey Suit Pack with three suits.
  • Five Skill Points to unlock abilities from the start of the game.
  • Early Unlock of a Spider-Drone Gadget.
  • Spider-Man PS4 Dynamic Theme.
  • Spider-Man PS4 White Spider Avatar

An experienced Spider-Man with several years of crime fighting under his belt, Peter Parker has sheer mastery of his powerful spider-sense, dynamic skills, acrobatic abilities and new suit.

Experience an original story
This is an all-new Spider-Man universe, featuring familiar characters in unfamiliar roles. Take control of a complex dual life, as a young adult with great powers… and evolving relationships.

Leap into an open world
Swing freely through Marvel’s New York City in epic action set-pieces filled with a rich narrative and relatable characters.
Railway Empire (PlayStation 4, Blu-ray disc): Railway Empire (PlayStation 4, Blu-ray disc)
R326 R308 Discovery Miles 3 080 Save R18 (6%) Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

United States, 1830: 'The New World' is in its ascendancy. Industry is booming, and the race is on to establish the most dominant and powerful rail empire in all of North America. It's time to outthink and outmaneuver your competitors as you lead your company into the 20th century!

In Railway Empire, you will create an elaborate and wide-ranging rail network, purchase over 40 different trains modelled in extraordinary detail, and buy or build railway stations, maintenance buildings, factories and tourist attractions to keep your travel network ahead of the competition. You'll also need to hire and manage your workforce if you want to ensure an efficient train service, whilst also develop over 300 technologies ranging from mechanical improvements to the trains themselves to workplace infrastructures and advanced amenities as you progress through five eras of technological innovations.

However, you can't just build and research your way to the top - the competition never sleeps, and to keep your business on track you'll have to survive against up to three rival tycoons. To get to the top you may have to resort to more cutthroat tactics as you attack and sabotage your opponents through raids and industrial espionage.

Real Farm Simulator (PlayStation 4, Blu-ray disc): Real Farm Simulator (PlayStation 4, Blu-ray disc)
R276 Discovery Miles 2 760 Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

Pull on your boots, fire up your tractor, and cultivate success in Real Farm, the most immersive agricultural simulator around. Go from farm hand to agricultural A-list in Career mode, or cultivate the role of an established farmer in Free Mode. Explore a stunning open world, bringing to life the American countryside in native 4K, 60FPS splendour.

Concentrate on crops, livestock, or both, growing your cash and reputation as you go. Acquire land, manage staff, and drive and maintain the most powerful farm vehicles available.

Reap the best prices in the marketplace, but watch your competitors, as their actions (and yours) will affect the economy in real time.

From business challenge to pastural playground, Real Farm cultivates the life, the rewards and the natural beauty of modern agriculture.

Neo Atlus 1469 (US Import) (Nintendo Switch): Neo Atlus 1469 (US Import) (Nintendo Switch)
R662 R515 Discovery Miles 5 150 Save R147 (22%) Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

It is 15th century Europe, at the height of age of discovery. Back when the very shape of the world was still unclear, and believed to be flat. Searching for what lies at the ends of the Earth, collecting information about the world, creating their very own world map – but only the finest Admirals may take off on these adventures. You are a trader who charters a boat to take on the massive venture of creating a world map.

Are you ready to reveal the true shape of the world? You listen to the reports of Admirals returned from their explorations and use them as a basis for creating a map. The reports from these Admirals range vastly, from the authentic to somewhat dubious tales of monsters. Thus, depending on what you approve or disapprove, the shape of the world can change greatly. Perhaps the continents we know now will not exist, while Atlantis and Mu take their place on the map. The only finished map of the world will be a "subjective world" that reflects your values, and one where only that which is approved by you becomes the truth.

*This game can be played only in English or Japanese.

Modern Airliner Collection FSX (PC): Modern Airliner Collection FSX (PC)
R273 Discovery Miles 2 730 Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

Airliner Collection unites all these Flight Simulator aircraft in one
great package so that you can fly the world's most modern and
ground-breaking aircraft on a large or small scale. There's the Airbus
A380 - probably the most talked about commercial jet in the world -
rubbing shoulders with another monster of an aircraft the Boeing 787
Dreamliner. Added to this there's another six of the Airbus family of
aircraft as well as the other commercial aircraft. All come with
detailed flight plans that can easily be loaded in the on-board
computer making the handling of these beasts a doddle. To make the
experience totally realistic we have included an on-board FMC for the
A380 so that you can fly through the skies at Mach 0.8 with your feet

Crazy Machines VR - PlayStation VR and PlayStation 4 Camera Required (PlayStation 4): Crazy Machines VR - PlayStation VR and PlayStation 4 Camera Required (PlayStation 4)
R417 Discovery Miles 4 170 Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

Crazy Machines is one of the biggest puzzle game franchise's in the world, spanning multiple games and millions of units sold. And now, you can play Crazy Machines in VR. Use your imagination. Build crazy machines and contraptions, that turn cranks, rotate gears, pull levers and use explosives and gravity to solve the ever more increasing challenges and puzzles. In VR, players can literally take all components into their own hands and place them within the machines and apparatuses.


  • Explore numerous impressive worlds and game mechanics in 40 different levels
  • In the virtual reality you are in the very center of the action! Find some genius solutions for the many puzzles!
  • Have a lot of fun in the new interactive sandbox rooms!
The Sims 4: Get to Work - Expansion Pack (PC, DVD-ROM): The Sims 4: Get to Work - Expansion Pack (PC, DVD-ROM)
R289 Discovery Miles 2 890 Shipped within 4 - 7 working days

You rule the workplace with The Sims 4 Get to Work!
Actively control your Sims while they're at work and determine whether your Sims are headed towards the big promotion or becoming the workplace menace. Jump to the rescue and save countless lives as a Doctor, torment your neighbours with mischievous inventions as a Scientist, or investigate crime scenes and crack the big cases as a Detective. If you'd rather be your own boss, create, customize, and manage your own retail businesses to become a Simoleonaire! You decide how your Sims get to work.

*Requires Sims 4 to play.

Professional Farmer 2017 (PC, DVD-ROM): Professional Farmer 2017 (PC, DVD-ROM)
R400 R49 Discovery Miles 490 Save R351 (88%) Shipped within 3 - 6 working days

Professional Farmer 2016 takes you to the countryside! Enjoy the most realistic and most beautiful farming simulator to date! Control your vehicles on your own, take care of your fields, plants and animals and manage your farm to earn money by selling your products.

Dangerous Waters (PC): Dangerous Waters (PC)
R175 R125 Discovery Miles 1 250 Save R50 (29%) Shipped within 7 - 11 working days
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