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Cadac Pizza Stone (33cm): Cadac Pizza Stone (33cm)
R299 R251 Discovery Miles 2 510 Save R48 (16%) View more sellers In Stock

33cm diameter pizza baking stone can be used in electrical ovens, charcoal kettles, gas BBQs and in CADAC’s Carri Chef Deluxe. 10mm thick baking stone can withstand temperatures of 300C. Not for use in gas ovens. Includes chrome plated wire holder.

Cadac Paella Pan: Cadac Paella Pan
Sold By OmegaStore - Fulfilled by Loot
R842 Discovery Miles 8 420 In Stock

The 47cm lightweight but thick aluminium non-stick coated pan is easy to use and clean. Stainless steel handles allow fo reasy handling. The large pan is ideal for preparing risottos, paellas, pasta dishes, breakfasts and otehr meals for a large number of people. For use on the Cadac Kettle Chef 50, Carri Chef, Carri Chef 2, Braai Range and Eazi Chef range of gas BBQs or any other gas or electric hob. With a clear, steel machine finish. A convenient storage bag is included.

MegaMaster Triangle Grid cleaner: MegaMaster Triangle Grid cleaner
R79 R73 Discovery Miles 730 Save R6 (8%) In Stock

This Megamaster Triangle Grid Cleaner with Stainless-Steel Bristles features an extra-wide triangle brush head that reaches inbetween the hard to reach places. The brush also includes a lanyard for hanging.

MegaMaster Triple Action Grid Cleaner: MegaMaster Triple Action Grid Cleaner
R115 R109 Discovery Miles 1 090 Save R6 (5%) In Stock

Invest in the right tools for the job with Megamaster's Triple Action Grid Cleaner.The 3-in 1 design includes nylon bristle head, wire bristles scrubbing pad and sponge pad for the optimum clean.

MegaMaster Chrome Folding Grid (430 x 330): MegaMaster Chrome Folding Grid (430 x 330)
R308 Discovery Miles 3 080 In Stock

Ideal for all types of braais, sturdy chrome plated construction, extra long handle for precise handling, hygienic and easy to clean

My Butchers Block  Wood Care Mineral Oil: My Butchers Block Wood Care Mineral Oil
R141 Discovery Miles 1 410 In Stock
My Butchers Block  Natural Beeswax Wood Conditioner: My Butchers Block Natural Beeswax Wood Conditioner
R198 Discovery Miles 1 980 In Stock

All my butchers block products are made to last a lifetime when treated with
our specialised wood care oil for maintenance and germ protection. which
means, it’s not only eco-friendly and sustainable, it’s also safe to use.

MegaMaster Large Cleaning Brush: MegaMaster Large Cleaning Brush
R79 R72 Discovery Miles 720 Save R7 (9%) In Stock

Make cleaning easy with Megamaster's Large cleaning brush .Equipped with a stainless steel scraper and hard bristles for tackling stubborn dirt. Steel Brush for durability

Charbroil Simply Soy Grill Wipes: Charbroil Simply Soy Grill Wipes
R25 R20 Discovery Miles 200 Save R5 (20%) In Stock

100% biodegradable, soy-based formulation designed to dissolve greasy messes from your grill. They leave your grill lubricated with Simply Soy to prevent rust and make your grill last.

LK's Potjie Lid Knob: LK's Potjie Lid Knob
R61 Discovery Miles 610 In Stock

The perfect tool for all potjie users

Alva Torch Canister: Alva Torch Canister
R226 Discovery Miles 2 260 In Stock
MegaMaster 260 Round Pan: MegaMaster 260 Round Pan
R403 Discovery Miles 4 030 In Stock

Crafted for outdoor cooking, the Megamaster 260 Round Pan is a versatile pan that can be used for anything from cooking a sauce to making breakfast right on your braai. Made of cast iron, it retains heat effectively for longer. Can be used on an oven, stove, gas and camping equipment.

MegaMaster 3 Piece Braai Set: MegaMaster 3 Piece Braai Set
R229 Discovery Miles 2 290 In Stock

All your esstentials in one! Includes heavy duty spatula, fork and tong to make your grilling experience that much easier. Equiped with silcone handles for heat protection and made from stainless steel for durability.

Cobb Dome Holder: Cobb Dome Holder
R183 Discovery Miles 1 830 In Stock

This wonderful accessory compliments the Cobb Premier and Pro allowing you a bigger working surface since you don’t have to worry about where to put the Dome when checking on whichever delicious dish you are preparing.

MegaMaster Premium Grill Light: MegaMaster Premium Grill Light
R206 Discovery Miles 2 060 In Stock

The ideal light to have for night time braai's. Equipped with 1 LED light in head and 10 LED pearls in extension tube, button switch for easy operation and battery operated with batteries included. Equipped with a silicone grip for easy handling, a powerful magnet to easily secure on a grill and a swivel head for adjusting the light to your needs.

MegaMaster Chrome Folding Grid (250 x 250): MegaMaster Chrome Folding Grid (250 x 250)
R238 Discovery Miles 2 380 In Stock

Ideal for all types of braais, sturdy chrome plated construction, extra long handle for precise handling, hygienic and easy to clean

MegaMaster 4 - 6 Burner Cover: MegaMaster 4 - 6 Burner Cover
R914 Discovery Miles 9 140 In Stock

This form-fitting grey polyester cover fits securely up below the side tables to supply snug all-season protection for your Patio gas braai. A hook and loop strap on the left and right keep the cover strapped down, inhibiting flapping and blow-ups when windy. The cover is lightweight and durable protecting your braai from the elements.

MegaMaster Stainless Steel Grid (900x500): MegaMaster Stainless Steel Grid (900x500)
R877 Discovery Miles 8 770 In Stock

Sturdy stainless steel construction, hygienic and easy to clean, ideal for Megamaster built in braai

Weber Original Medium Grill Basket: Weber Original Medium Grill Basket
R279 Discovery Miles 2 790 In Stock

The Weber? Original? Medium Grill Basket is by far the easiest way to cook vegetables on your barbecue! Made from stainless steel.

LK's Collapsible Potjie Tripod: LK's Collapsible Potjie Tripod
R168 Discovery Miles 1 680 In Stock

The perfect tool to fit your No's 2 and 3 potjies

LK's Lava Rocks (2kg): LK's Lava Rocks (2kg)
R225 Discovery Miles 2 250 In Stock
MegaMaster 570 Elite Charcoal Grill Cover: MegaMaster 570 Elite Charcoal Grill Cover
R230 Discovery Miles 2 300 In Stock

To increase the longevity of your braai, invest in our durable kettle braai cover made from Oxford PVC material for lastingness.

Cadac Grill Scrubber: Cadac Grill Scrubber
R75 Discovery Miles 750 In Stock

The grill scrubber is made with brass bristles set in a varnished hardwood handle. It easily cleans cooking grids, loosens and removes stubborn grid residue and can be used on all kettle BBQs.

Alva Pizza Stone with Lifter & Cutter: Alva Pizza Stone with Lifter & Cutter
R444 Discovery Miles 4 440 In Stock
MegaMaster Universal Rotisserie Kit: MegaMaster Universal Rotisserie Kit
R1,008 Discovery Miles 10 080 In Stock

This Universal Rotisserie Grilling Kit enables you to roast meat right on your braai. The electric motor helps make roasting easy and safe, ensuring even cooking. This rotisserie is great for chicken, roasts and more.

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