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Julieta (Spanish, DVD): Pedro Almodóvar Julieta (Spanish, DVD)
Pedro Almodóvar; Starring Emma Suárez, Adriana Urgarte, Blanca Parés, Daniel Grao, …
R121 Discovery Miles 1 210 Shipped within 10 - 15 working days

Pedro Almodóvar directs this Spanish drama based on the short stories 'Chance', 'Soon' and 'Silence' from Alice Munro's book 'Runaway'.

When recently widowed Julieta discovers that her 18-year-old daughter Antía has run away, she vows to put aside her grief for her late husband and do everything she can to find her daughter. The more she searches, however, the more Julieta realises she doesn't know Antía very well at all.

In Spanish with English subtitles.

Extraterrestrial (Spanish, DVD): Julian Villagran, Michelle Jenner Extraterrestrial (Spanish, DVD)
Julian Villagran, Michelle Jenner 1
R34 Discovery Miles 340 Shipped within 9 - 15 working days

Spanish sci-fi comedy written and directed by Nacho Vigalondo.

After a one-night stand he doesn't remember, Julio wakes up in the apartment of Julia, who likewise can't remember what happened between them. Faced with an awkward situation already, their morning is made even worse when they realise that an alien invasion is happening outside and that much of the city has been evacuated.

Told to stay indoors while the extraterrestrial threat is dealt with, any hope of a relationship forming between the two is jeopardised with the arrival of Julia's jealous boyfriend Carlos...

Ozzy (DVD): Carlos Areces, Michelle Jenner, José Mota, Benjamin Nathan-Serio, Elsa Pataky, Dani Rovira, Guillermo Romero,... Ozzy (DVD)
Carlos Areces, Michelle Jenner, José Mota, Benjamin Nathan-Serio, Elsa Pataky, …
R45 Discovery Miles 450 Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

Animated adventure directed by Alberto Rodriguez. The film follows Ozzy (voice of Guillermo Romero), a lovable beagle placed in luxury kennels while his family jet off on a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Japan. Everything is not as it seems however, as Ozzy soon realises that the kennels are actually a front for an illegal sweatshop for dogs, run by the evil owner of an international toy company. Imprisoned and put to work in tough conditions, Ozzy enlists the help of his fellow inmates as they come together to launch a daring escape attempt.

Mrs Mulroony's Fly-away French Bloomers (Paperback): Michael Jenner Mrs Mulroony's Fly-away French Bloomers (Paperback)
Michael Jenner
R210 Discovery Miles 2 100 Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

The moody London weather causes a massive mix up as two large items of underwear go missing. Their owners, world famous Italian opera singer Signore Mangiatutto and a certain Mrs Mulroony from Walthamstow, can only look on as their personal destinies along with their bloomers go blowing in the wind.

Dream of A Summer Night (Paperback): Michael Jenner Dream of A Summer Night (Paperback)
Michael Jenner
R307 Discovery Miles 3 070 Special order

Young Tom has been dumped by his parents on his great-uncle Percy in Oxford for the summer. The boy goes missing. In steps a toy bear called Bodley. The story revolves around the bond between Bodley and Bloomsbury, bear-in-residence in the British Museum. The plot is driven by the search for a highly important lost manuscript. A streetwise hero emerges in Russell Rat. Lives are at risk as the two bears seek refuge back in Oxford. Here, an inspired Bloomsbury finally grasps the meaning of everything, and Bodley gets to find out who he really is. The story balances on the cusp where childhood dreams fade away. Fantasy and reality mix and mingle. Young meets old, past meets present, silly meets serious. Talking animals serve up philosophy and humor. The book challenges fixed ideas about growing up, contemporary lifestyle, cultural values, generation gaps. It's an adult story for the young and a young story for adults. But first and foremost, this is entertainment from start to finish.

Conundrum's Book (Paperback, New): Michael Jenner Conundrum's Book (Paperback, New)
Michael Jenner
R385 Discovery Miles 3 850 Special order

Henri, a young travel photographer with a big identity problem plays the sorcerer's apprentice to Conundrum, a fiendishly clever wordsmith and rogue magus promising ultimate knowledge of a dangerous sort. Their quest takes them on a journey of high adventure from Wales and London via Catalonia, Rome, Berlin, Moscow, Switzerland, Paris, Japan and Madeira to a dramatic finale on the rugged cliffs at the western extremity of the Algarve. But the secret lurking at the end of Southend Pier might after all be the key to the Holy Grail that is the dark mystery of Conundrum's Book. Or does the answer lie in the crazy jumble of Conundrum's seedy flat at 7 Moonbeam Mansions? A unique blend of unpredictable action, philosophical fireworks, outrageous behaviour, metaphysical speculation and some adult material of a rather unusual nature keeps the reader hooked right to the end.

Off Course (Paperback, New): Michael Jenner Off Course (Paperback, New)
Michael Jenner
R258 Discovery Miles 2 580 Special order

The writer explores the Mediterranean island of Corsica but his is no ordinary journey. Michael Jenner travels in the mind as well as on the map. Meeting a mixed bunch of characters along the way, he has several encounters with that famous Corsican, Napoleon Bonaparte. But his finest hour comes during a short walk with fellow Bloomsbury resident Virginia Woolf, to a lighthouse naturally. He has much to say on the phenomenon of travel: why we do it and why some of us simply can't stop writing about it.

Farthing Abbey (Paperback): Michael Jenner Farthing Abbey (Paperback)
Michael Jenner
R335 Discovery Miles 3 350 Special order

Gervase and Ophelia Lloyd-Beauchamp inherit Farthing Abbey, a long neglected estate in a mellow English setting, and with it a chance to redeem a flawed marriage. But the old pile must pay its way. A curious crew of media folk comes down for the weekend: Events take a startling turn. An erotic encounter in the Temple of Venus, a broody scene in the Chinese Boudoir. A drunken repast in the Privy Parlour, fights in the Long Gallery, a body left for dead in the Orangery. Tragedy lurks beneath the waters of the Scenic Lake. Come morning, an artist finds his muse and a lady fondly imagines her true love. But a crime from the distant past reaches out to claim those living in the present. The fate of a sensitive young wife with a brutish older husband unravels in a world where individuals bow to blind forces pulling unseen strings behind the stones of Farthing Abbey. With its mix of comic and tragic, real and surreal, this novel has the pace of a modern film or TV drama unfolding before your eyes.

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