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Small World: Underground: Small World: Underground
R951 Discovery Miles 9 510 Dispatched within 6 - 7 working days

Small World Underground is a stand-alone game set beneath the surface of the same fun, light-hearted Small World universe of epic conquests and fallen empires. Featuring new Races and Special Powers, it also introduces a new twist to the original game play - Monster occupied regions that protect Relics and Places of great power. While more daunting to conquer, these bestow even greater powers to their owner.

Like previous Small World expansions which sold out quickly, this sequel to the best-selling Small World board game (over 100,000 sold world wide) is sure to be a hit with fans. Small World Underground can be played on its own or combined with other Small World game elements, as many of the Races and Sepcial Powers from the original game and previous expansions are compatible. Recommended for experienced Small World players.

Small World Expansion: A Spider's Web: Small World Expansion: A Spider's Web
R328 Discovery Miles 3 280 Dispatched within 6 - 7 working days

Small World: A Spider's Web is a mini-expansion for Small World that contains three Races (Ice Witches, Skags and Slingmen) and three Special Powers (Copycat, Lava and Soul-Touch).

This expansion comes complete with a plastic storage tray designed to store all the badges and tokens from A Spider’s Web, plus it includes room for all the additional recent Small World expansions. It also includes leader tokens for the 3 new Races.

A Spider’s Web features entries from Andrew Capel, Alex and Bill Gurski, and Randy Pitchford, “Spiderine” backers from the Small World 2 Kickstarter campaign.

Small World Expansion: Leaders of Small World: Small World Expansion: Leaders of Small World
R127 Discovery Miles 1 270 Dispatched within 6 - 7 working days

Leaders of Small World

Small World: Small World
R951 Discovery Miles 9 510 In stock

Small World is a fun, zany, light-hearted civilization game in which players vie for conquest and control of the board that is simply too small to accommodate them all! Picking the right combination of fantasy races and unique special powers, players rush to expand their empires - often at the expense of weaker neighbours. Yet they must also know when to push their own over-extended civilization into decline and ride a new one to victory! It has a great Fantasy theme with humor sprinkled in and lots of replay value.
Designed by Philippe Keyaerts as a fantasy follow-up to his award-winning Vinci, Small World is inhabited by a zany cast of characters such as dwarves, wizards, amazons, giants, orcs, and even humans, who use their troops to occupy territory and conquer adjacent lands in order to push the other races off the face of the earth.

Picking the right combination from the 14 different fantasy races and 20 unique special powers, players rush to expand their empires - often at the expense of weaker neighbors. Yet they must also know when to push their own over-extended civilization into decline and ride a new one to victory!

On each turn, you either use the multiple tiles of your chosen race (type of creatures) to occupy adjacent (normally) territories - possibly defeating weaker enemy races along the way, or you give up on your race letting it go "into decline". A race in decline is designated by flipping the tiles over to their black-and-white side.

At the end of your turn, you score one point (coin) for each territory your races occupy. You may have one active race and one race in decline on the board at the same time. Your occupation total can vary depend on the special abilities of your race and the territories they occupy. After the final round, the player with the most coins wins.

Small World: Pocket Encyclopedia: Small World: Pocket Encyclopedia
R328 Discovery Miles 3 280 Dispatched within 6 - 7 working days

From the back cover: This book is a reference guide for players of Small World the boardgame and Small World 2 the videogame. Part artbook, part reference guide, this volume includes the rules of the game, an official FAQ, detailed design notes from the author and the illustrator, extensive glossary and 63 encyclopedic entries detailing every single race and special power from Small World and it's Be Not Afraid..., Cursed!, Grand Dames and Royal Bonus expansions. A copy of these items is still required to play.

Small World Expansion: Royal Bonus: Small World Expansion: Royal Bonus
R253 Discovery Miles 2 530 Dispatched within 6 - 7 working days

The Royal Bonus expansion for Small World introduces three new Race banners and tokens (Fauns, Igors, Shrubmen) and three new Special Power badges (Fireball, Aquatic, Behemoth).

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