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Gigo Fun Lab - Basic Programmable Kit (12 Pieces): Gigo Fun Lab - Basic Programmable Kit (12 Pieces)
R3,190 Discovery Miles 31 900 Ships in 5 - 13 working days

This supplementary kit contains key parts for exploring programming, and it needs to work with #1261 (Gigo Fun Lab - Science Tour)for framework.
With Gigo’s new innovative and genius robotic creation systems, kids can use various sensors and servo motors, a core smart controller that act as the brain and direct link to tablets from where kids will program their creations.
The new GigoBlockly programmer APP (based on the open source “Google Blockly”) makes building and programming your robots smarter and more fun than ever. It is easy to use for even young kids and it can sync with the corresponding program syntax (JavaScript) at the same time to provide a more knowledge background and inspiration for learning.
Download the FREE app to your tablet. Choose the robot you would like to build, then bring it to life with the improved programming tool. You will be an engineer and programmer to your fingertips!

Gigo Learning Lab - Robotics Workshop (306 Pieces): Gigo Learning Lab - Robotics Workshop (306 Pieces)
R3,322 Discovery Miles 33 220 Ships in 5 - 13 working days
Teacher's First Choice Flip Array 0-120: Teacher's First Choice Flip Array 0-120
R2,600 Discovery Miles 26 000 In stock

The Flip Array is the only board with the unique feature of both 1-120 (red/black) and 0-119 (blue/red) on one product. There are no pieces to lose. Numbers reset at the flick of a wrist. This durable product will give years of service. 65 x 55cm.

Ubtech Jimu Explorer Robotics Kit: Ubtech Jimu Explorer Robotics Kit
R3,499 R2,509 Discovery Miles 25 090 Save R990 (28%) Ships in 4 - 8 working days

Introducing the UBTECH Jimu Explorer. UBTECH is a highly innovative software house known globally as the industry leader in humanoid robotics. This is a step away from traditional play and a leap into the future. The Jimu range of robots is an interactive building block system that allows kids to easily build, program and share their creations. They enhance the STEM curriculum (Science, Technology, Education and Mathematics) and the kits come with all the components needed to build your robot as well as enhanced 3D instructions making it a fun experience for kids.

Jimu Robot Kits offer a wide variety of challenging builds. Perfect for anyone just starting out, all the way up to aspiring Jimu Masters.

The Jimu Robot Explorer Kit is a DIY, Bluetooth app-enabled robotics building kit. The interactive building block robotic kit is easy to assemble allowing kids to experience hands on learning whilst being creative. The Jimu Explorer comes with different model options allowing your child to choose which robot to build from 5 pre designed characters. It comes with basic commands pre-programmed but gives the option for your child to programme their own commands using a visual threaded programming interface.

Engino Discovering STEM Amusement Park Set: Engino Discovering STEM Amusement Park Set
R4,300 R3,399 Discovery Miles 33 990 Save R901 (21%) Ships in 5 - 7 working days

The Purpose Of Stem Education - Science, Technology, Engineering And Mathematics - Is To Provide Students With The Necessary Skills, Knowledge And Experience In Order To Cope With The Technological Challenges Of The Future. The Main Attractions Of Amusement Parks Are Often The Exciting Fast Rides Or The Romantic, Slow Wheels That Offer Spectacular Views From Above. Get The Amusement Park Set And Learn About These Wonderful Places Where Children And Adults Spend Countless Hours Of Fun Worldwide! This Set Includes One Geared Motor To Power Four Large-scale Models Of Amusement Rides: Ferris Wheel, London Eye, Merry-go-round And Booster Ride. Conduct Thorough Experiments And Discover: - How The Gear's Diameter Affects Force And Speed; - How To Calculate Gear Ratio Even For Complex Assemblies; - How To Use Gears To Change The Direction And Plane Of Motion

Engino Discovering STEM Architecture Set: Engino Discovering STEM Architecture Set
R3,700 R2,951 Discovery Miles 29 510 Save R749 (20%) Ships in 5 - 7 working days

The Purpose Of Stem Education - Science, Technology, Engineering And Mathematics - Is To Provide Students With The Necessary Skills, Knowledge And Experience In Order To Cope With The Technological Challenges Of The Future. The Architecture Set Demonstrates The Ability Of The Engino System To Build Huge Models Of Impressive Size And Style. Create Two Oversized Models Of The World Famous Eiffel Tower In France And The Sydney Harbour Bridge In Australia! The Eiffel Tower Model Measures 150 Cm Tall And The Sydney Harbour Bridge Measures 142 Cm In Length! Conduct Thorough Experiments And Discover: - How Triangulation Provides Strength On A Building; - What Are The Main Types Of Forces Acting On Structures; - How Do Trusses Work; - What Are The Major Types Of Cable Bridges.

EDX Education Step-A-Trails: EDX Education Step-A-Trails
R3,499 R3,185 Discovery Miles 31 850 Save R314 (9%) Ships in 4 - 7 working days

Our Step-a-Trails are excellent balance beams to coordinate children's gross motor skills, balance and muscle control.

The Step-a-Trail set consists of 2 x Y log shapes that are 46cm long x 37cm wide x 6.4cm high, and 8 x straight log shapes that are 48cm long x 14cm wide x 6.4cm high.
These trails are made of durable moulded plastic with soft non-skid lines to allow the children to safely walk and balance along the winding log trails.
All the fun of a traditional balance beam with the excitement of creating a variety of different log trail combinations.

Learning Skills:
Balance and Coordination
Gross Motor

Age: 3 Years +

Material: Non-Toxic Plastic

EDX products are tested for compliance with EN71, ASTM and CPSIA standards.
All EDX products meet the ISO 9001 accreditation requirements.
EDX is committed to becoming carbon neutral through re-using, recycling and improving energy management

Engino Discovering STEM Robotics ERP Mini: Engino Discovering STEM Robotics ERP Mini
R4,200 R3,324 Discovery Miles 33 240 Save R876 (21%) Ships in 5 - 7 working days

Programmable Robots Are Part Of Our Every-day Life And Our Children Are The Future Innovators That Will Be Challenged To Take Robotics To The Next Level! Engino Robotics Platform (ERP) Is Specially Designed For Younger Students And Takes Into Account The Most Modern Pedagogical Principles Of Ict And Stem Learning. With The Erp, Intellectual Development Is Approached As An Upward Expanding Spiral In Which Students Must Constantly Reconstruct The Ideas Formed At Earlier Levels With New, Higher Order Concepts Acquired At The Next Level.

Thames & Kosmos Experiment Kit - Electronics: Advanced Circuits: Thames & Kosmos Experiment Kit - Electronics: Advanced Circuits
R3,599 Discovery Miles 35 990 Ships in 6 - 7 working days

Tap into the awesome world of electronics with this advanced system of snap-together electric building blocks. Start out by experimenting with colorful light-up circuits as you dive into the basics of electricity. Install a sound module to generate the sounds of police cars, ambulances, or fire engines. Learn the important role resistors and potentiometers (variable resistors) play in an electronic circuit. Use a multimeter to measure invisible voltage and current flowing through your circuit. Investigate transistors in switches and amplifiers to learn how the logical circuits in computers work. Build circuits that use sensors to detect moisture, temperature, and visible light. Incorporate capacitors in your circuits to store and discharge electricity for specific functions, such as a countdown clock and a red-green alternate flasher. Test out the indispensable 555 timer to build some complicated circuits. Use an operational amplifier and an FM radio module to build an alarm clock. This kit uses the same unique electric building blocks as our other electronics kits, with the addition of many new advanced components, allowing you to build more complex circuits. The more than 140 electronic components include capacitors, resistors, transistors, LEDs (light emitting diodes), phototransistor, switches, speaker, integrated circuit, infrared LED, diodes, FM tuner, 555 timer, operation amplifier, two potentiometers, electrodes, voltage and current meter, microphone, and 9-volt battery pack.

Thames & Kosmos Electricity Master Lab: Thames & Kosmos Electricity Master Lab
R3,699 Discovery Miles 36 990 Ships in 6 - 7 working days

We encounter electricity everywhere in our lives — at home, in school, even our bodies have electric charges in them. Alternating current (AC), or electric current that cyclically changes its direction, plays a particularly important role in our world. Countless appliances and devices, including televisions, electric heaters, desk lamps, and smartphone transformers are operated with AC. This is the first science experiment kit to thoroughly explore alternating current in addition to the more commonly addressed direct current (DC), the unidirectional current from standard batteries. With this kit, you can safely experiment with the physical science theories and applications of electricity. Conduct 119 experiments to investigate electrical engineering from AC to DC. Start by exploring the basics of electric current by building simple circuits with batteries, switches, and lights. Build series and parallel circuits as well as more complex circuits such as a traffic signal and alarm system. Experiment to observe the physical effects of electric current such as heat and magnetism. Discover electrochemistry by building a lemon battery. Play around with permanent magnets and electromagnets to learn about magnetism and its applications, such as relays and solenoid brakes. Operate an electromagnetic coil, capacitor, and transformer in an AC circuit and examine their behaviors at different frequencies. A special AC generator creates a harmless AC current with a variable frequency, from a few hertz (or cycles per second) to about 10 kilohertz. This device safely enables the exploration of electrical phenomena such as resonance and high-pass, low-pass, and band-pass behaviors. Measure frequencies with the electromechanical frequency meter. The plug-together electric building blocks make circuit assembly quick and easy. A 128- page, full-color manual provides illustrated assembly instructions.

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