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Salton Pasta Spoon: Salton Pasta Spoon
R69 R63 Discovery Miles 630 Save R6 (9%) In Stock

SALTON has been synonymous with life in the kitchen since 1943. With this strong heritage, Salton has been established as a leader in both kitchen and home appliances worldwide.

Progressive Chopping Mats: Progressive Chopping Mats
R278 R197 Discovery Miles 1 970 Save R81 (29%) In Stock

Set of 4 color-coded chopping mats to keep foods separate.

Tescoma Presto Pizza Cutter: Tescoma Presto Pizza Cutter
R103 Discovery Miles 1 030 In Stock

Excellent for easy cutting of pizza.made of high-grade stainless steel and resistant plastichandle designed for placement on suspension bar PRESTO.
Dimensions: length 18 cm - disk 7 cm

Tescoma Presto Ice Cream Scoop: Tescoma Presto Ice Cream Scoop
R129 R109 Discovery Miles 1 090 Save R20 (16%) In Stock

Excellent for easy scooping of ice cream. Made of high-grade stainless steel and resistant plastic handle. Designed for placement on suspension bar.
Length: 19 cm

Tescoma Delicia Stainless Steel Ball Whisk (25cm): Tescoma Delicia Stainless Steel Ball Whisk (25cm)
R169 R139 Discovery Miles 1 390 Save R30 (18%) In Stock

Excellent for whisking easily and quickly. The two stainless steel balls significantly increase the whisking effect. The substance which is has a higher volume and is better aerated in a shorter time. Made of high-grade stainless steel.
Size: 25 cm

Progressive Chopping Mats: Progressive Chopping Mats
R127 R91 Discovery Miles 910 Save R36 (28%) In Stock

Chopping mats are a necessity in any kitchen. They are perfect for chopping and preparing foods on your counter and then easily moving food to the stove or serving bowl. The Chopping Mats flexibility makes it easy to direct foods into pans or bowls without messing in the process.

Jamie Oliver Accacia Spatula (Wood): Jamie Oliver Accacia Spatula (Wood)
R159 R132 Discovery Miles 1 320 Save R27 (17%) In Stock

This chunky funky Jamie Oliver Acacia Wood Spatula is perfect for mixing and stirring, turning and serving. Made from Acacia wood making it suitable for use with non-stick pans. A hanging hole allows for this Spatula to be stored on a hook.

Tescoma Presto Tone Omelette/Crepe Turner (Red): Tescoma Presto Tone Omelette/Crepe Turner (Red)
R179 R166 Discovery Miles 1 660 Save R13 (7%) In Stock

Extra wide flexible turner excellent for easily gathering and turning omelettes, crpes, potato pancakes, pancakes, etc., suitable for all kinds of cookware including cookware with non-stick coating – it will not damage the surface. Made of heat-resistant nylon (210 C), high-grade stainless steel and resistant plastic.
Size: 36 cm

Progressive Apple Wedger: Progressive Apple Wedger
R121 R84 Discovery Miles 840 Save R37 (31%) In Stock

Slice and core in one easy step. Simply centre and push down.

Jamie Oliver Acacia Spoon (Wood): Jamie Oliver Acacia Spoon (Wood)
R159 R132 Discovery Miles 1 320 Save R27 (17%) In Stock

This beautiful acacia wood spoon is spot-on for all sorts of kitchen jobs - think stirring, serving, tasting and more. The chunky handle is super-comfortable and the hanging hole is great for neat storage on a hook. Suitable for non-stick pans.

Progressive Veggie Peeler: Progressive Veggie Peeler
R127 R85 Discovery Miles 850 Save R42 (33%) In Stock

The Progressive Veggie Peeler features a sharp stainless steel blade for an efficient peel every time. The Y-style vegetable peeler is safer, more controllable and faster to use.

Zyliss Silicone Pastry Brush: Zyliss Silicone Pastry Brush
R149 R130 Discovery Miles 1 300 Save R19 (13%) In Stock

If you bake, you know how important it is to have the right tools for the job. Pastry brushes with traditional bristles shed over time leaving bristles on your food or melt if they come in contact with heat. The Zyliss Silicone pastry brush eliminates these issues, leaving you to focus on getting the best results.

The Zyliss Silicone Pastry Brush has been designed with durable bristles which will not shed or change shape over time and the angled bristles let you clean it easily. The handle is ergonomically desgiend for maximum comfort, and it detaches from the head for easy cleaning.

Jamie Oliver Garlic Slice 'n Press: Jamie Oliver Garlic Slice 'n Press
R699 R542 Discovery Miles 5 420 Save R157 (22%) In Stock

Two large chambers for all garlic bulb sizes means you can slice or crush garlic in seconds depending on your recipe. The press chamber easily removes garlic skin. Dishwasher safe for easy cleaning. The Garlic Slice 'n' Press is 35mm in width, 50mm in height and 185mm in length. "This is a great little all-in-one slicer and peeler for your garlic" Jamie Oliver.

Casa Electronic Kitchen Scale with Jug: Casa Electronic Kitchen Scale with Jug
R321 Discovery Miles 3 210 In Stock
Progressive Zest and Grate (Yellow): Progressive Zest and Grate (Yellow)
R235 R166 Discovery Miles 1 660 Save R69 (29%) In Stock

Our zest and grate makes zesting or grating any ingredient fast and easy. The zest and grate gadget is equipped with an extra sharp S4 grating surface, allowing you to grate and zest with minimal effort! The protective cover will keep the grater safe while stored in drawers.

Progressive Mini Tower Grater: Progressive Mini Tower Grater
R93 R66 Discovery Miles 660 Save R27 (29%) In Stock

The Progressive Mini 3-Sided Tower Grater has three stainless steel surfaces for fine grating, zesting and slicing

Tescoma Presto Multi-Purpose Tongs: Tescoma Presto Multi-Purpose Tongs
R189 R158 Discovery Miles 1 580 Save R31 (16%) In Stock

Made of high-grade stainless steel.
Length: 24 cm

Progressive Nesting Funnels (White): Progressive Nesting Funnels (White)
R93 R66 Discovery Miles 660 Save R27 (29%) In Stock

Set of 3 nesting funnels which save space when not in use. 6, 8 and 10cm Diameter funnels

Progressive Mini Bag Clips: Progressive Mini Bag Clips
R149 R105 Discovery Miles 1 050 Save R44 (30%) In Stock

Our mini bag clips are perfect for any little job in the kitchen, office or workroom! These clips feature a strong spring and non-slip grip that holds tight onto any bag or package.

VAGNBYS Garlic Press - Garlic-X-Press: VAGNBYS Garlic Press - Garlic-X-Press
R579 R479 Discovery Miles 4 790 Save R100 (17%) In Stock

Vagnbys Garlic-X-Press

Pressed garlic that meets the demands of the master chefs. A perfect tool which is simple to use and incredibly easy to clean. No holes that can clog - just rinse the garlic press under the tap and wipe clean. No dishwasher needed.

The Vagnbys design duo Karina Mencke and Marcus Vagnby, mencke&vagnby, visited their design colleagues Carl&Carl in Copenhagen in 2012 and saw the mock-up of what would become a long design journey to develop the perfect garlic press.
A simple idea for an everyday problem; eliminate the cleaning issue after pressing the garlic. The solution: Make the holes disappear for easy cleaning of the product!

“When I saw the Carl&Carl prototype, I was convinced that this was a revolution in garlic press history”
- Marcus Vagnby. Partner, mencke&vagnby

The development of the Garlic-X-Press took an additional 4 years of testing, prototype developments and even a smaller mass production until balance was achieved between the right consistency of the pressed garlic and the pressure required. This process finally resulted in the amazing user experience of the Garlic-X-Press, with its unique flip-back chamber for easy cleaning.

Garlic-X-Press crushes the garlic in the middle of the chamber before it squeezes it through the side grooves. This releases maximum garlic taste and gives ultimate flavour to your favourite dish.

When it comes to cleaning the Garlic-X-Press, simply flip back the chamber and rinse under running water. Done! Beyond comparison the easiest clean of any garlic press.

Enjoy maximum flavour from your garlic – and don’t worry about the cleaning.

Made from zinc alloy with a chrome finish.

Proudly developed in Denmark for Vagnbys .
Designed by mencke&vagnby and Carl&Carl

Russell Hobbs RHSPM2 Electric Salt & Pepper Mill: Russell Hobbs RHSPM2 Electric Salt & Pepper Mill
R539 R444 Discovery Miles 4 440 Save R95 (18%) In Stock
Progressive Locking Tongs (30cm): Progressive Locking Tongs (30cm)
R155 R111 Discovery Miles 1 110 Save R44 (28%) In Stock

Tongs are perfect for turning, flipping and serving meats, vegetables and more. Comfort grip handle.

Progressive Serving Tongs (30cm): Progressive Serving Tongs (30cm)
R95 R66 Discovery Miles 660 Save R29 (31%) In Stock

Tongs feature a durable spoon & fork combination with large comfortable loop handles making them perfect for tossing & serving.

Russell Hobbs Electric Can Opener: Russell Hobbs Electric Can Opener
R490 Discovery Miles 4 900 In Stock
Tescoma Presto Slotted Turner: Tescoma Presto Slotted Turner
R69 R62 Discovery Miles 620 Save R7 (10%) In Stock

Kitchen utensils suitable for all types of cookwareexcellent especially for cookware with non-stick coating; it will not damage the surface made of high-grade beech woodelegant handle with anti-skid surface.
Size: 30 cm

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