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Amadwala ezimpophoma: Gr 9 - 12 (Zulu, Paperback): E.J. Mhlanga Amadwala ezimpophoma: Gr 9 - 12 (Zulu, Paperback)
E.J. Mhlanga
R138 R123 Discovery Miles 1 230 Save R15 (11%) Shipped within 4 - 9 working days

Amadwala ezimpophoma yiqoqo lezinkodlo zembongi ephambili. Liqukethe izikhondlo zomdabu nezesimanje ezihlelwe ngesingeniso esichachile. Ukudepha nobunyoninco bezinkondlo zomdabu buhlaba umxhwele uma umuntu esecabangisisa ngokuhlakani nokujula kwemiqondo yokhokho bethu. Kukhona eziphathelene nothando, ezidumisa imvelo kanye noMvelinqangi, kwasiwo nokuthi abafundi kumele benzeni. This is a collection of poems compiled by a well-known poet. It has both traditional and modern poems.

On Learning from the Patient (Paperback, 2nd New edition): Patrick Casement On Learning from the Patient (Paperback, 2nd New edition)
Patrick Casement
R709 Discovery Miles 7 090 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

On Learning from the Patient is concerned with the potential for psychoanalytic thinking to become self-perpetuating. Patrick Casement explores the dynamics of the helping relationship - learning to recognize how patients offer cues to the therapeutic experience that they are unconsciously in search of. Using many telling clinical examples, he illustrates how, through trial identification, he has learned to monitor the implications of his own contributions to a session from the viewpoint of the patient. He shows how, with the aid of this internal supervision, many initial failures to respond appropriately can be remedied and even used to the benefit of the therapeutic work. By learning to better distinguish what helps the therapeutic process from what hinders it, ways are discovered to avoid the circularity of pre-conception by analysts who aim to understand the unconscious of others. From this lively examination of key clinical issues, the author comes to see psychoanalytic therapy as a process of re-discovering theory - and developing a technique that is more specifically related to the individual patient. The dynamics illustrated here, particularly the processes of interactive communication and containment, occur in any helping relationship and are applicable throughout the caring professions. Patrick Casement's unusually frank presentation of his own work, aided by his lucid and non-technical language, allows wide scope for readers to form their own ideas about the approach to technique he describes. This Classic Edition includes a new introduction to the work by Andrew Samuels and together with its sequel Further Learning from the Patient, will be an invaluable training resource for trainee and practising analysts or therapists, and those teaching in related professions.

Basic Principles of Drug Discovery and Development (Paperback): Benjamin Blass Basic Principles of Drug Discovery and Development (Paperback)
Benjamin Blass
R1,873 R1,554 Discovery Miles 15 540 Save R319 (17%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Basic Principles of Drug Discovery and Development presents the multifaceted process of identifying a new drug in the modern era, providing comprehensive explanations of enabling technologies such as high throughput screening, structure based drug design, molecular modeling, pharmaceutical profiling, and translational medicine, all areas that have become critical steps in the successful development of marketable therapeutics. The text introduces the fundamental principles of drug discovery and development, also discussing important drug targets by class, in vitro screening methods, medicinal chemistry strategies in drug design, principles in pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics, animal models of disease states, clinical trial basics, and selected business aspects of the drug discovery process. It is designed to enable new scientists to rapidly understand the key fundamentals of drug discovery, including pharmacokinetics, toxicology, and intellectual property."

Mechanisms in Plant Development (Paperback): Ottoline Leyser, Stephen Day Mechanisms in Plant Development (Paperback)
Ottoline Leyser, Stephen Day
R1,374 R980 Discovery Miles 9 800 Save R394 (29%) Shipped within 7 - 13 working days

Intended for undergraduate and graduate courses in plant development, this book explains how the cells of a plant acquire and maintain their specific fates. Plant development is a continuous process occurring throughout the life cycle, with similar regulatory mechanisms acting at different stages and in different parts of the plant. Rather than focussing on the life cycle, the book is structured around these underlying mechanisms, using case studies to provide students with a framework to understand the many factors, both environmental and endogenous, that combine to regulate development and generate the enormous diversity of plant forms.
New approach to the study of plant development and a refreshing look at this fast-moving area.
Authors focus their discussion on the basic mechanisms which underpin plant development, tackling the fundamental question of how a single cell becomes a complex flowering plant from a cellular perspective.
An up-to-date, modern text in plant development for advanced level undergraduates and postgraduates in plant science.
Thought-provoking treatment of a difficult subject, the text will satisfy the needs of advanced level undergraduates and postgraduates in plant science.
Experimental case studies throughout.
The artwork from the book is available at www.blackwellpublishing.com/leyser

Professional ASP.NET MVC 4 (Paperback): Jon Galloway, Phil Haack, Brad Wilson, K. Scott Allen Professional ASP.NET MVC 4 (Paperback)
Jon Galloway, Phil Haack, Brad Wilson, K. Scott Allen; Foreword by Scott Hanselman
R815 R542 Discovery Miles 5 420 Save R273 (33%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

An outstanding author team presents the ultimate Wrox guide to ASP.NET MVC 4 Microsoft insiders join giants of the software development community to offer this in-depth guide to ASP.NET MVC, an essential web development technology. Experienced .NET and ASP.NET developers will find all the important information they need to build dynamic, data-driven websites with ASP.NET and the newest release of Microsoft's Model-View-Controller technology. Featuring step-by-step guidance and lots of code samples, this guide gets you started and moves all the way to advanced topics, using plenty of examples. * Designed to give experienced .NET and ASP.NET programmers everything needed to work with the newest version of MVC technology * Expert author team includes Microsoft ASP.N ET MVC insiders as well as leaders of the programming community * Covers controllers, views, models, forms and HTML helpers, data annotation and validation, membership, authorization, security, and routing * Includes essential topics such as Ajax and jQuery, NuGet, dependency injection, unit testing, extending MVC, and Razor * Includes additional real-world coverage requested by readers of the previous edition as well as a new case study example chapter

Human Osteology (Hardcover, 3rd edition): Tim D. White, Michael T. Black, Pieter Arend Folkens Human Osteology (Hardcover, 3rd edition)
Tim D. White, Michael T. Black, Pieter Arend Folkens
R1,985 R1,699 Discovery Miles 16 990 Save R286 (14%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

A classic in its field, "Human Osteology "has been used by students and professionals through nearly two decades. Now revised and updated for a third edition, the book continues to build on its foundation of detailed photographs and practical real-world application of science. New information, expanded coverage of existing chapters, and additional supportive photographs keep this book current and valuable for both classroom and field work.
Osteologists, archaeologists, anatomists, forensic scientists and paleontologists will all find practical information on accurately identifying, recovering, and analyzing and reporting on human skeletal remains and on making correct deductions from those remains.
* From the world renowned and bestselling team of osteologist Tim D. White, Michael T. Black and photographer Pieter A. Folkens
* Includes hundreds of exceptional photographs in exquisite detail showing the maximum amount of anatomical information
* Features updated and expanded coverage including forensic damage to bone and updated case study examples
* Presents life sized images of skeletal parts for ease of study and reference

An Introduction to Statistical Modeling of Extreme Values (Hardcover, 2001 ed.): Stuart Coles An Introduction to Statistical Modeling of Extreme Values (Hardcover, 2001 ed.)
Stuart Coles
R2,650 R2,233 Discovery Miles 22 330 Save R417 (16%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Directly oriented towards real practical application, this book develops both the basic theoretical framework of extreme value models and the statistical inferential techniques for using these models in practice. Intended for statisticians and non-statisticians alike, the theoretical treatment is elementary, with heuristics often replacing detailed mathematical proof. Most aspects of extreme modeling techniques are covered, including historical techniques (still widely used) and contemporary techniques based on point process models. A wide range of worked examples, using genuine datasets, illustrate the various modeling procedures and a concluding chapter provides a brief introduction to a number of more advanced topics, including Bayesian inference and spatial extremes. All the computations are carried out using S-PLUS, and the corresponding datasets and functions are available via the Internet for readers to recreate examples for themselves. An essential reference for students and researchers in statistics and disciplines such as engineering, finance and environmental science, this book will also appeal to practitioners looking for practical help in solving real problems. Stuart Coles is Reader in Statistics at the University of Bristol, UK, having previously lectured at the universities of Nottingham and Lancaster. In 1992 he was the first recipient of the Royal Statistical Society's research prize. He has published widely in the statistical literature, principally in the area of extreme value modeling.

The fundamentals of human embryology (Paperback, 2nd ed): John Allan, Beverley Kramer The fundamentals of human embryology (Paperback, 2nd ed)
John Allan, Beverley Kramer
R418 R326 Discovery Miles 3 260 Save R92 (22%) Shipped within 4 - 10 working days

The Fundamentals of Human Embryology covers embryonic development, with a unique focus on adult anatomy. Its goal is to impart to students a comprehensive overview of how the human embryo forms, not only as a basis for the student of human anatomy, but also as a link to abnormalities they may encounter in their clinical careers. Extensively illustrated with labelled line drawings, now enlarged for better visibility, this concise manual will meet the needs of both undergraduate and postgraduate students in the human sciences.

Engineering Psychology and Human Performance (Hardcover, 4th New edition): Christopher D. Wickens, Justin G. Hollands, Raja... Engineering Psychology and Human Performance (Hardcover, 4th New edition)
Christopher D. Wickens, Justin G. Hollands, Raja Parasuraman, Simon Banbury
R595 R548 Discovery Miles 5 480 Save R47 (8%) Shipped within 4 - 8 working days

"Forming connections between human performance and design" "Engineering Psychology and Human Performance, 4e" examines human-machine interaction. The book is organized directly from the psychological perspective of human information processing. The chapters generally correspond to the flow of information as it is processed by a human being--from the senses, through the brain, to action--rather than from the perspective of system components or engineering design concepts. This book is ideal for a psychology student, engineering student, or actual practitioner in engineering psychology, human performance, and human factors Learning GoalsUpon completing this book, readers should be able to:

  • Identify how human ability contributes to the design of technology.
  • Understand the connections within human information processing and human performance.
  • Challenge the way they think about technology's influence on human performance.
  • show how theoretical advances have been, or might be, applied to improving human-machine interaction
Note: MySearchLab does not come automatically packaged with this text. To purchase MySearchLab, please visit www.mysearchlab.com or you can purchase a ValuePack of the text + MySearchLab: ValuePack ISBN-10: 0205896197 / ValuePack ISBN-13: 9780205896196
Apartheid, 1948-1994 (Paperback): Saul Dubow Apartheid, 1948-1994 (Paperback)
Saul Dubow
R483 Discovery Miles 4 830 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

This new study offers a fresh interpretation of apartheid South Africa. Emerging out of the author's long-standing interests in the history of racial segregation, and drawing on a great deal of new scholarship, archival collections, and personal memoirs, he situates apartheid in global as well as local contexts. The overall conception of Apartheid, 1948-1994 is to integrate studies of resistance with the analysis of power, paying attention to the importance of ideas, institutions, and culture. Saul Dubow refamiliarises and defamiliarise apartheid so as to approach South Africa's white supremacist past from unlikely perspectives. He asks not only why apartheid was defeated, but how it survived so long. He neither presumes the rise of apartheid nor its demise. This synoptic reinterpretation is designed to introduce students to apartheid and to generate new questions for experts in the field.

Practical Nonparametric Statistics (Paperback, 3rd Edition): W.J. Conover Practical Nonparametric Statistics (Paperback, 3rd Edition)
W.J. Conover
R5,628 R716 Discovery Miles 7 160 Save R4,912 (87%) Shipped within 7 - 13 working days

This highly-regarded text serves as a quick reference book which offers clear, concise instructions on how and when to use the most popular nonparametric procedures. This edition features some procedures that have withstood the test of time and are now used by many practitioners, such as the Fisher Exact Test for two-by-two contingency tables, the Mantel-Haenszel Test for combining several contingency tables, the Kaplan-Meier estimates of the survival curve, the Jonckheere-Terpstra Test and the Page Test for ordered alternatives, and a discussion of the bootstrap method.

Flight Performance of Fixed and Rotary Wing Aircraft (Hardcover): Antonio Filippone Flight Performance of Fixed and Rotary Wing Aircraft (Hardcover)
Antonio Filippone
R1,803 R1,505 Discovery Miles 15 050 Save R298 (17%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Calculation and optimization of flight performance is required to design or select new aircraft, efficiently operate existing aircraft, and upgrade aircraft. It provides critical data for aircraft certification, accident investigation, fleet management, flight regulations, and safety. This book presents an unrivalled range of advanced flight performance models for both transport and military aircraft, including the unconventional ends of the envelopes. It offers a unique coverage of fixed and rotary wing aircraft in a unified manner, including optimization, emissions control, and regulation; and is ideal for students, aeronautical engineering capstone projects, and for widespread professional reference in the aerospace industry. It also offers a comprehensive coverage of computer-based solutions of aerospace engineering problems; the critical analysis of performance data; and case studies from real-world engineering experience. It is also supported by end of chapter exercises, an extensive instructor's manual, and downloadable flight performance modeling code. The topics covered include the numerical solution of supersonic acceleration, transient roll, optimal climb of propeller aircraft, propeller performance, long-range flight with en route stop, fuel planning, zero-gravity flight in the atmosphere, VSTOL operations, ski jump from aircraft carrier, optimal flight paths at subsonic and supersonic speed, range-payload analysis of fixed and rotary wing aircraft, performance of tandem helicopters, lower-bound noise estimation, sonic boom, and more. This book will be a valuable text for undergraduate and postgraduate students of aerospace engineering. It will also be an essential reference and resource for practicing aircraft engineers, aircraft operations managers and organizations handling air traffic control, flight and flying regulations, standards, safety, environment, and the complex financial aspects of flying aircraft.

Operations Research: An Introduction, Global Edition (Paperback, 10th edition): Hamdy Abdelaziz Taha Operations Research: An Introduction, Global Edition (Paperback, 10th edition)
Hamdy Abdelaziz Taha
R1,531 R1,395 Discovery Miles 13 950 Save R136 (9%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

For junior/senior undergraduate and first-year graduate courses in Operations Research in departments of Industrial Engineering, Business Administration, Statistics, Computer Science, and Mathematics. Operations Research provides a broad focus on algorithmic and practical implementation of Operations Research (OR) techniques, using theory, applications, and computations to teach students OR basics. The book can be used conveniently in a survey course that encompasses all the major tools of operations research, or in two separate courses on deterministic and probabilistic decision-making. With the Tenth Edition, the author preserves classical algorithms by providing essential hand computational algorithms as an important part of OR history. Based on input and submissions from OR students, professors, and practitioners, the author also includes scenarios that show how classical algorithms can be beneficial in practice. These entries are included as Aha! Moments with each dealing with stories, anecdotes, and issues in OR theory, applications, computations, and teaching methodology that can advance the understanding of fundamental OR concepts. The Companion Website for Operations Research, 10/e (www.pearsonhighered.com/taha) provides valuable resources for both students and instructors. Resources include case studies that require students to employ OR tools from multiple chapters, Excel, TORA, and AMPL files as well as additional chapters and appendixes. A note about accessing the Companion Website: Instructors should click the "Register" link and follow the on-screen directions to access the site. Instructors need a Pearson Education account to register, but do not require an additional Access Code. Students can access the Companion Website by redeeming the Access Code included in the front of their new copy of Operations Research, 10/e. Students can also purchase Companion Website access online. The Instructor Resource Center contains the Solutions Manual and PowerPoints of the art from the book. Instructors can download these resources from www.pearsonhighered.com/irc

Principles of Electric Machines with Power Electronic Applications (Hardcover, 2nd Edition): Mohamed E. Elhawary Principles of Electric Machines with Power Electronic Applications (Hardcover, 2nd Edition)
Mohamed E. Elhawary
R2,965 R2,083 Discovery Miles 20 830 Save R882 (30%) Shipped within 7 - 13 working days

A thoroughly updated introduction to electric machines and adjustable speed drives

All machines have power requirements, and finding the right balance of economy and performance can be a challenge to engineers. Principles of Electric Machines with Power Electronic Applications provides a thorough grounding in the principles of electric machines and the closely related area of power electronics and adjustable speed drives. Designed for both students and professionals seeking a foundation in the fundamental structure of modern-day electric power systems from a technical perspective, this lucid, succinct guide has been completely revised and updated to cover:

  • The fundamental underpinnings of electromechanical energy conversion devices
  • Transformers
  • Induction machines
  • Synchronous machines
  • DC machines
  • Power electronic components, systems, and their applications to adjustable speed drives

Enhanced by numerous solved problems, sample examinations and test sets, and computer-based solutions assisted by MATLAB scripts, this new edition of Principles of Electric Machines with Power Electronic Applications serves equally well as a practical reference and a handy self-study guide to help engineers maintain their professional edge in this essential field.

Introduction to Game Design, Prototyping, and Development - From Concept to Playable Game with Unity and C# (Paperback): Jeremy... Introduction to Game Design, Prototyping, and Development - From Concept to Playable Game with Unity and C# (Paperback)
Jeremy Gibson Bond
R990 R818 Discovery Miles 8 180 Save R172 (17%) Shipped within 4 - 9 working days

Game development and design are among today's fastest-growing technical fields, now supported by programs in hundreds of colleges and universities. Today's #1 game development platform and engine is Unity, and C# is the most powerful language available for writing Unity applications. Now, one hands-on guide covers both game development and design, and both Unity and C#.
Written by an instructor who helped pioneer America's #1 university game development program at USC, this guide illuminates the basic tenets of game design and presents a detailed, project-based introduction to game prototyping and development, using both paper and the Unity game engine.
Jeremy Gibson presents prototyping as a core game design skill (much as sketching is a core artist's skill), taking a straightforward, commonsense approach that has been refined over many years of teaching beginners. Throughout, you're encouraged to experiment on your own, and to discover that most problems have multiple solutions.
Gibson first introduces general game design concepts, including game mechanics, design approaches, methodologies for analyzing games, and the math and probabilistic foundations of many games. Next, he explores basic programming concepts that are nearly identical across most modern languages (e.g., variables, functions, classes, arrays, loops, and conditionals.
Then, in the heart of the book, Gibson presents eight hands-on game prototyping tutorials, each delving into specific prototyping and programming skills. These modular tutorials cover games ranging from block puzzles to first-person shooters, 2D platformer to physics puzzles. Each tutorial chapter ends with optional exercises that encourage you to enhance the games you've already constructed, and learn more skills for launching your own original projects.
To support new developers, Gibson also presents a simple C# reference that makes this language far easier to learn and use -- whether you're writing games or anything else.

International Law (Paperback, 2nd Revised edition): Antonio Cassese International Law (Paperback, 2nd Revised edition)
Antonio Cassese
R1,077 R969 Discovery Miles 9 690 Save R108 (10%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

This new edition of Cassese's International Law provides a stimulating and authoritative account of International Law for undergraduates and postgraduates. It has been fully revised and updated to include all recent developments in the subject, and contains a new chapter on terrorism as well as extensive revision of the section on State Responsibility. Providing a comprehensive commentary on International Law as a whole, it compares the traditional legal position with the developing and evolving law in a way that is sensitive to political and economic considerations, as well as including detailed yet accessible examinations of State Responsibility and International Criminal Law.

Advanced Macroeconomics (Hardcover, 4th edition): David H Romer Advanced Macroeconomics (Hardcover, 4th edition)
David H Romer
R991 Discovery Miles 9 910 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

David Romer&#39s Advanced Macroeconomics, 4e, continues its tradition as the standard text and the starting point for graduate macroeconomic courses and helps lay the groundwork for students to begin doing research in macroeconomics and monetary economics. Formal models are used to present and analyse key ideas and issues. The theoretical analysis is supplemented by examples of relevant empirical work, illustrating the ways that theories can be applied and tested. This well-respected and well-known text is unique in the marketplace.

Understanding History Teaching (Paperback, Ed): Chris Husbands, Alison Kitson, Anna Pendry Understanding History Teaching (Paperback, Ed)
Chris Husbands, Alison Kitson, Anna Pendry
R587 R544 Discovery Miles 5 440 Save R43 (7%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

"Understanding History Teaching is an enjoyable read with a logical and flowing structure. It lives up to its goal of appealing to both academic and professional readers with both academic depth and real insights and opportunities for the professional teacher to draw from. It presents its data and interpretations in a manner which does not avoid the issues revealed within the research but has an uplifting effect on the reader and leaves them feeling optimistic about the quality of History teaching in UK secondary schools." Robert Wyness, Student, De Montfort University, Leicester,UK* Why do we teach and learn about the past? * How is history taught in schools? * What are the influences on the way teachers teach and pupils learn about the past? History is one of the most ideologically disputed of school subjects. Over the past generation, the subject has experienced fundamental changes in content, pedagogy and approach. This book is the first detailed account of the way history is taught in schools to be published for 30 years. Drawing on fieldwork in comprehensive schools, and on research studies worldwide, the authors pose fundamental questions about the way teachers teach and learners learn. They consider its purposes on teaching about the past in a world of accelerating change. The book sets out to explore the realities of classroom history teaching and to offer pointers for the development on the subject in a new century.

The Handbook of Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy - Psychoanalytic Approaches (Paperback, 2nd New edition): Monica Lanyado,... The Handbook of Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy - Psychoanalytic Approaches (Paperback, 2nd New edition)
Monica Lanyado, Ann Horne
R799 Discovery Miles 7 990 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

This updated edition of The Handbook of Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy reflects the many changes in the profession. It includes:

  • additional chapters on neuroscience, work with looked after children and with foster parents, working in schools
  • enlarged chapters on research, attachment theory, work with parents, and developments in child and adolescent psychotherapy around the world
  • chapters on areas of specialist interest including violence, sexual abuse and abusing, trauma, parent-infant psychotherapy, autism, victims of political violence, delinquency and gender dysphoria.

The Handbook remains accessible and jargon-free. It will be a valuable resource for all who work in allied professions where the emotional well-being of children is of concern health, education, social services as well as trainee psychotherapists and experienced practitioners.

Operations, Strategy, and Technology - Pursuing the Competitive Edge (Paperback, New): Robert H. Hayes, Gary P Pisano, David M.... Operations, Strategy, and Technology - Pursuing the Competitive Edge (Paperback, New)
Robert H. Hayes, Gary P Pisano, David M. Upton, Steven C. Wheelwright
R4,623 R583 Discovery Miles 5 830 Save R4,040 (87%) Shipped within 7 - 13 working days


In today's technology-intensive new economy, companies can no longer afford to view operations as a series of isolated technical problems. Those that do will not survive. To succeed, you have to be able to recognize competitive opportunities and know how to apply operating capabilities to take advantage of them.

In "Operations, Strategy, and Technology: Pursuing the Competitive Edge"--the long-awaited follow-up to the highly successful classic, "Restoring Our Competitive Edge"--Robert Hayes, Gary Pisano, David Upton, and Steven Wheelwright take a fresh look at the foundations of corporate success. These four authors, all leading authorities from the Harvard Business School, show how to achieve a competitive edge through superior operations--in a competitive environment that is increasingly global in scope, reliant on information technology, and comprised of networks of suppliers and collaborations.

FEATURES Focuses on the basic principles that create the foun dation for an organization's operational success and describes how to strategically manage operating and technology resources. Provides an overall framework for thinking about the management of a firm's operations functions, rather than specific tools and techniques. Addresses key topics such as corporate networks, information technology, process development, project management, and different ways of managing operating improvement. Provides the latest thinking on operations strategy, capacity planning, and outsourcing/vertical integration, based on the latest academic research and corporate experience. Includes examples in manufacturing and services, including intel, Yahoo!McDonald's, and Dell.

Introduction to the Law of Property (Paperback, 6th Revised edition): A.J. Van Der Walt, G.J. Pienaar Introduction to the Law of Property (Paperback, 6th Revised edition)
A.J. Van Der Walt, G.J. Pienaar 1
R650 R265 Discovery Miles 2 650 Save R385 (59%) In stock

Written specifically for second year students following a first course on the subject. Extensive use is made of examples and references to case law and the authors take cognisance of and accommodate the varying needs and teaching approaches at different universities. As with previous editions, these textbooks endeavour to provide a picture of the new law of property, and therefore chapters concerning the protection of rights in property in terms of the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa, 1996, are included. These books should be used with the new seventh edition of Van der Walt's bilingual Law of Property Casebook for Students / Sakereg Vonnisbundel vir Studente.

Foundations of Materials Science and Engineering (in SI Units) (Paperback, 5th edition): William F. Smith, Javad Hashemi Foundations of Materials Science and Engineering (in SI Units) (Paperback, 5th edition)
William F. Smith, Javad Hashemi
R1,305 Discovery Miles 13 050 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Smith/Hashemi's Foundations of Materials Science and Engineering, 5/e provides an eminently readable and understandable overview of engineering materials for undergraduate students. This edition offers a fully revised chemistry chapter and a new chapter on biomaterials as well as a new taxonomy for homework problems that will help students and instructors gauge and set goals for student learning. Through concise explanations, numerous worked-out examples, a wealth of illustrations & photos, and a brand new set of online resources, the new edition provides the most student-friendly introduction to the science & engineering of materials. The extensive media package available with the text provides Virtual Labs, tutorials, and animations, as well as image files, case studies, FE Exam review questions, and a solutions manual and lecture PowerPoint files for instructors.

Hahlo's South African Company Law Through the Cases (Paperback, 6th edition): J.T. Pretorius Hahlo's South African Company Law Through the Cases (Paperback, 6th edition)
J.T. Pretorius
R731 R294 Discovery Miles 2 940 Save R437 (60%) In stock

This work was first published in 1958 and this is its sixth edition. Generations of lawyers have relied on it as a source of reference in all areas of company law in South Africa. It offers a systematic overview of company law. Each topic is dealt with through an introductory text followed first by extracts from a wide-ranging selection of academic writings and then by case extracts.

Fundamental Methods of Mathematical Economics (Paperback, 4th edition): Kevin Wainwright, Alpha C. Chiang Fundamental Methods of Mathematical Economics (Paperback, 4th edition)
Kevin Wainwright, Alpha C. Chiang
R501 Discovery Miles 5 010 In stock

It has been twenty years since the last edition of this classic book. Kevin Wainwright (British Columbia University and Simon Fraser University), a long time user of the text, has executed the perfect revision: he has updated examples, applications and theory without changing the elegant, precise presentation style of Alpha Chiang. Readers will find the wait was worthwhile.

Principles of Insect Pathology (Hardcover, 1998 ed.): Drion Boucias, J.C. Pendland Principles of Insect Pathology (Hardcover, 1998 ed.)
Drion Boucias, J.C. Pendland
R6,682 R5,927 Discovery Miles 59 270 Save R755 (11%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Principles of Insect Pathology, a text written from a pathological viewpoint, is intended for graduate-level students and researchers with a limited background in microbiology and in insect diseases. The book explains the importance of insect diseases and illuminates the complexity and diversity of insect-microbe relationships. Separate sections are devoted to the major insect pathogens, their characteristics, and their life cycles the homology that exists among invertebrate, vertebrate, and plant pathogens the humoral and cellular defense systems of the host insect as well as the evasive and suppressive activities of insect disease agents the structure and function of passive barriers the heterogeneity in host susceptibility to insect diseases and associated toxins the mechanisms regulating the spread and persistence of diseases in insects. Principles of Insect Pathology combines the disciplines of microbiology (virology, bacteriology, mycology, protozoology), pathology, and immunology within the context of the insect host, providing a format which is understandable to entomologists, microbiologists, and comparative pathologists.

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