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LEGO Friends Heartlake City Bakery (99 Pieces): LEGO Friends Heartlake City Bakery (99 Pieces)
R289 Discovery Miles 2 890 In stock

Help youngsters develop their building skills with this Heartlake City Bakery (41440) gift for kids. This simple café set lets kids join LEGOŽ Friends Stephanie and Olivia as they display their tasty treats and share them with their friends.

Learn to build - This LEGO bakery 4+ set is packed with engaging details to ensure youngsters have a great play experience. Each bag of bricks contains a complete model and character that kids can build quickly to get the play started fast! It also comes with 2 Starter Bricks that give youngsters a partly constructed base.

Great fun for families - 4+ sets are the perfect way for adults to share the building fun with kids. It’s easy to get started – as well as a paper guide, this set comes with Instructions PLUS, available on the free LEGO Building Instructions app. It includes zoom, ghost and rotate tools to help children get to grips with the building process. It also lets them save their progress so they can jump back into the build anytime.

LEGO Friends - Olivia's Flamingo Cube (41 Pieces): LEGO Friends - Olivia's Flamingo Cube (41 Pieces)
R199 Discovery Miles 1 990 In stock

Give kids an unexpected treat with LEGOŽ Friends Olivia’s Flamingo Cube (41662). The cute case features a flamingo face and is topped with textile ‘feathers’. Inside the box is the popular LEGO Friends Olivia toy, flamingo and frog figures, plus a host of other accessories to spark creative play.

Make-believe on the move
This portable playset will help kids while away long journeys. Their imaginations will run wild as they play with the toy flamingo in the jungle setting. All the elements pack away into the durable, pink case and because they’re made from LEGO pieces the mini-dolls and features fix onto the base so they shouldn’t go missing on kids’ travels.

Like and share
LEGO Friends Cubes are packed with play value making them great birthday gifts for kids' classmates. The cubes are small enough to pop in a bag for a playdate or recess fun at school.

LEGO Friends Party Boat (640 Pieces): LEGO Friends Party Boat (640 Pieces)
R1,600 R1,432 Discovery Miles 14 320 Save R168 (10%) In stock

The Party Boat (41433) transports kids to the beach where they can lose themselves in hours of seashore fun. This toy boat playset set comes with 3 buildable mini-doll figures and lots of summer vacation kit, so kids can act out a variety of fun beach scenarios.

Ocean fun in the sun
This water party boat packs in the play starters. Kids can imagine renting beach kit ready for the party. Budding performers will love to play Andrea, toy microphone in hand, entertaining her guests. On board they can pretend to take the helm and sail the boat or relax in the detailed cabin. Active kids can take on the part of Ethan, pounding the waves on his water scooter.

Everyone’s invited to this LEGOŽ Friends party
Take kids on a trip to Heartlake City, home of the LEGO Friends girl squad. Stephanie, Mia, Olivia, Emma and Andrea are waiting to welcome kids to their world of exciting adventures, everyday heroes and fabulous friendships. These playsets encourage creative play and make building fun.

LEGO Friends Heartlake City Shopping Mall (1032 Pieces): LEGO Friends Heartlake City Shopping Mall (1032 Pieces)
R1,999 R1,899 Discovery Miles 18 990 Save R100 (5%) In stock

Delight shopping-crazy kids with the Heartlake City Shopping Mall (41450) toy. It comes with 6 characters, including a new-for-January-2021 micro-doll. Kids will love exploring the stores and food court with Emma and her family.

The ultimate shopping trip - This mall isn't just about clothes. There are 5 stores reflecting a kids' broad interests, from food and music, to tech and toys. It also comes with 2 separate play pieces to extend the fun. The photo booth and fashion turntable are separate from the main model, making them great interactive toys for kids – they’re small enough to pop in a bag for LEGOŽ fun at a friend’s house or at school.

Playset to be proud of - Kids will relish the challenge of creating this 1,032-piece set – the building process will be as much fun as the play! The 3-story set will take center stage in any kids' room and is sure to wow friends who come to play. Transport kids to Heartlake City, a place where the best days are spent hanging out with family and friends.

LEGO Friends - Andrea's Bunny Cube (45 Pieces): LEGO Friends - Andrea's Bunny Cube (45 Pieces)
R199 Discovery Miles 1 990 In stock

Know a little animal-lover who deserves a treat? Gift them LEGOŽ Friends Andrea’s Bunny Cube (41666) rabbit toy for kids and give them a surprise that’ll delight them. This portable play cube has a cute bunny face sitting below a pair of pointy bunny ears. Inside, kids will find a buildable rabbit hutch, tree and mushroom. The creative accessories will also help inspire caring animal play.

Like and share
LEGO Friends Cubes are the ideal portable animal toys to take on a playdate. All the elements pack up into the box as well as fixing to the cube’s base, so there’ll be no missing pieces when it’s played with on the move! It’s small in size, so kids can take this bunny toy on a playdate to enjoy with friends. LEGO Friends animal cubes help boys and girls explore their passion for creatures in the company of the relatable Heartlake City girls.

LEGO Friends - Heartlake City Movie Theater (451 Pieces): LEGO Friends - Heartlake City Movie Theater (451 Pieces)
R949 R859 Discovery Miles 8 590 Save R90 (9%) In stock

Treat kids to a red-carpet play experience as they imagine attending a movie premier at the LEGOŽ Friends Heartlake City Movie Theater (41448). This gift for kids features an art deco-style cinema packed with authentic details, such as a VIP area, popcorn kiosk and slushy cups. It comes complete with a starlet, ready to sign autographs for adoring fans. Everything in a toy a kid needs to transport them to a glamorous night at the movies.

In the director's chair
The model is hinged so kids can open it out to reveal a VIP screening room with exclusive seats for 5 of their most fabulous friends. The characters can ‘view’ the film on the screen, but this also flips to accommodate a cell phone, so kids can play director by showing their very own movies.

Realistic role-play adventures
LEGO Heartlake City birthday gifts for kids come packed with real-world details and relatable characters. They encourage kids to conjure up a creative world of role-play fun, alone or with their friends and family.

LEGO Friends - Emma's Dalmatian Cube (41 Pieces): LEGO Friends - Emma's Dalmatian Cube (41 Pieces)
R199 Discovery Miles 1 990 In stock

Looking for a spot of LEGOŽ fun to reward a little builder? LEGO Friends Emma’s Dalmatian Cube (41663) toy is the portable playset that will keep animal-mad kids happy on the move. Inside this birthday gift for kids is a LEGO Friends Emma mini-doll toy, celebrating her Dalmatian puppy's birthday.

Doggy treats on the go
Small enough to slip into a bag, this cute portable toy packs in the animal play to brighten up the longest journeys. It's also perfect for a pop of LEGO Friends fun at school recess, or on a playdate. And if you think Dalmatians are always black and white, think again! Kids will find out the colour of their dog only once they open the box!

Passions at play
Introduce kids to popular LEGO Friends Cubes toys, which let kids play out their love for animals wherever they are!

LEGO Friends - Stephanie's Cat Cube (46 Pieces): LEGO Friends - Stephanie's Cat Cube (46 Pieces)
R199 Discovery Miles 1 990 In stock

Encourage kids’ love of animals with the just-because gift of LEGOŽ Friends Stephanie’s Cat Cube (41665). Inside the shell of this portable toy, boys and girls will find a LEGO Friends Stephanie mini-doll toy and her cat, which comes in 1 of 4 colours.

Pack-up pet care
Let youngsters enjoy role-play fun pretending to look after the kitty as if it's their very own pet. They can try to stop the kitten toy for kids climbing the tree and bothering the bird by coaxing it back to its cat gym. LEGOFriends Cubes make the perfect travel companion. All the elements fix to the portable toy’s base, which means no more missing pieces! Back at home, this birthday gift for kids looks great on display thanks to its cute cat ears and feline features.

A world of fun with friends
Let youngsters explore their passions with the help of the LEGO Friends girls. Popular Heartlake City toys come with realistic features, cute animals and relatable characters that kids will discover are just like them.

LEGO Friends - Heartlake City Supermarket (140 Pieces): LEGO Friends - Heartlake City Supermarket (140 Pieces)
R510 R457 Discovery Miles 4 570 Save R53 (10%) In stock

It’s time to do the weekly shop at the LEGOŽ 41362 4+ Heartlake City Supermarket. Let your little shopper role-play a visit to the store with this creative playset. They can drive to the supermarket, decide what to buy, load the shopping cart then pay at the checkout. And when the shopping's done it's time to relax at the sundae bar with friends. This LEGO 4+ set is specially designed to be fun and easy for preschoolers and youngsters with a cool store stocked with food and a car made with a special Starter Brick base that lets even first-time builders experience the pride of constructing buildings, vehicles and more, all on their own. The included simple guide to build and play will also help your young shopper understand the purpose of the building steps and grow their imagination and confidence for the perfect start to LEGO brick building in a familiar LEGO Friends setting. This simple LEGO toy grocery store includes a car, separate slush bar, and lots of food items for endless hours of imaginative and role-play fun. Construction set includes 2 mini-doll figures.

LEGO Friends - Heartlake City Restaurant (624 Pieces): LEGO Friends - Heartlake City Restaurant (624 Pieces)
R1,079 R977 Discovery Miles 9 770 Save R102 (9%) In stock

Playing at being grown up is easy with LEGOŽ Friends 41379 Heartlake City Restaurant. Realistic features, such as the salad bar, reception area and stone-style pizza oven pave the way for hours of imaginative play as your little builder acts out dining with friends at a restaurant. Or creative kids can role-play the chef, preparing the food in the kitchen and serving the guests sitting at the al fresco balcony table. Inside, the salad bar is movable to create space to allow access for freer play within the restaurant, while outside the play is extended as kids imagine that Chico the cat goes hunting in the dumpster for scraps with his new feline friend that lives at the restaurant. For a final dimension of imaginary fun with this creative toy, let your child invent the identity of the elusive graffiti artist, who comes to the restaurant at night and leaves their tag. This fun construction set includes 3 mini-dolls: Emma, Ethan and a chef, plus 2 LEGO cat figures.

LEGO Friends Puppy Playground: LEGO Friends Puppy Playground
R195 Discovery Miles 1 950 In stock

Little Kids Will Have Hours Of Fun Role-playing LegoŽ Friends’ Mia And Caring For The Cute Puppy Figures Cookie And Coco With This Puppy Playground Toy Playset (41396). The Best Gift Toy For Animal-loving Kids Aged 4+, It Features A Slide, Skateboard And Spinning Merry-go-round For The Lego Dog Figures, Plus A Variety Of Fun Toy Accessories To Spark Imaginative Play. Welcome To 4+! This 4+ Puppy Toy For Kids Is A Fun Way For Preschoolers And Youngsters To Learn To Build With Lego Bricks. The Lego Slide Has A Starter Brick Base To Make Building Simple. The Playset Includes Easy-to-follow Guides To Building And Playing To Help Even First-time Builders Construct Models All On Their Own And Gain A Huge Confidence Boost. Instructions Plus To Add To Kids' Build Experience, Instructions Plus Are Available In The Free Lego Life App For This Puppy Toy For Kids. This Digital Interactive Guide Has Zoom And Rotate Viewing Tools To Help Kids Create The Lego Brick Models. It's A Super-cool Way To Build!

LEGO Friends - Friendship Box (563 Pieces): LEGO Friends - Friendship Box (563 Pieces)
R890 Discovery Miles 8 900 In stock

Have loads of fun building life-sized LEGO Friends accessories to play with, taking you and your friends right to the heart of the Heartlake action. Each model in this amazing LEGO Friends 41346 Friendship Box represents one of the girls from Heartlake City. Sing into the microphone like Andrea, create a robot friend like Olivia, take a pair of walkie-talkies on an adventure with Mia, win a sporting trophy like Stephanie or snap away with the camera on an Emma-style photo shoot. There are enough bricks to build all 5 at the same time!

LEGO Friends Andrea's Talent Show (492 Pieces): LEGO Friends Andrea's Talent Show (492 Pieces)
R869 R779 Discovery Miles 7 790 Save R90 (10%) In stock

It’s showtime with LEGOŽ Friends 41368 Andrea’s Talent Show. This set features 3 different rotating stage sets for hours of creative play displaying Andrea’s talents. Get her ready in the dressing room, then on stage, help her sing, play drums or perform magic—twist the knob on the clever box to make a bunny appear! The 2 speakers at the side of the stage rotate to reveal big screens. Enhance the play further by placing your cell phone on the stand and playing a video or music to provide a backdrop for Andrea—2 yellow clips behind the stage secure the device. Help Chloe use the red and green buttons on the judge’s desk to say what she thinks of the talent show acts, and make the flags drop down above the stage to reveal her reaction. Then use the firework functions to celebrate the results of the LEGO talent show. Includes 2 mini-doll figures: Andrea and Chloe, plus a rabbit figure.

LEGO Friends Juice Truck: LEGO Friends Juice Truck
R360 R340 Discovery Miles 3 400 Save R20 (6%) In stock

Let Little Chefs Get In A Spin About This Easy-to-build LegoŽ Friends Juice Truck Toy (41397). This Set For Ages 4+ Has A Wealth Of Play Starters To Keep Kids Entertained For Hours, From Whizzing Up Smoothies To Chilling On The Beach Or Playing With Dolphin Toys. This Kids' Food Truck Looks Great As A Desk Display Or Can Be Driven Around A Bedroom To Wherever The Next Shot Of Fruity Fun Is Needed! First Steps Into The Lego Universe This Lego Friends 4+ Set Is A Fun Way For Preschoolers To Learn To Build. It Includes A Special Starter Brick Chassis That Lets Even First-time Builders Feel The Pride Of Constructing A Toy Truck All On Their Own. A Guiding Hand Includes A Simple Guide To Constructing And Playing That Helps Youngsters Understand Building Steps, And Grows Their Imagination And Confidence – It's A Great Way To Introduce Kids To Lego Brick Construction. Download The Lego Life App And Let Kids View This Lego Friends Set In Instructions Plus. In The Various Modes They Will See Their Creation Really Come To Life.

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