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Risk - Retro: Risk - Retro
R1,308 R849 Discovery Miles 8 490 Save R459 (35%) In stock

The game of global domination - Risk is a strategy board game designed to test your mind and skills. Originally produced by Parker brothers-now a division of Hasbro, Risk is played on a board depicting a political map of earth. The aim of the game is to occupy every territory on the board - eliminating your opponents.

Risk - The Walking Dead: Risk - The Walking Dead
R763 R549 Discovery Miles 5 490 Save R214 (28%) In stock

As the leader of a group of survivors, you are responsible for their fate and possibly the future of the human race. The dead have risen and terrify at every turn! But perhaps the greatest dangers of all in this apocalyptic new landscape are the other survivors you will encounter along the way. To survive, you need to grow the influence, population and meagre resources of your group. You must fight through death and horror and expand into more territories. When the group controlling the most territories will stand alone the inevitable overrun of walkers occurs, and win the deadly game of Survival.

Risk - Game of Thrones: Risk - Game of Thrones
R763 R549 Discovery Miles 5 490 Save R214 (28%) Dispatched within 4 - 8 working days

Game of Thrones meets Risk in this game of strategic conquest!

War and chaos have descended upon the realms of Men. In Westeros, the death of Robert Baratheon has created a power vacuum with rival Houses competing for control of The Iron Throne. Meanwhile, in Essos, Daenerys Targaryen is building an army to contest the rule of the Ghiscari slavers, before returning to reclaim The Iron Throne.

Control vital castles and ports to gain power for your house in this special easy to learn version of the strategy game, Risk.

Risk - Lord of the Rings: Risk - Lord of the Rings
R763 R549 Discovery Miles 5 490 Save R214 (28%) Dispatched within 4 - 8 working days

Only you can decide the outcome in the battle for the Middle-Earth in “The Lord of the Rings” edition of RISK. The classic strategy game and the greatest movie trilogy of all time take RISK to a new world. On every turn, the Fellowship of the Ring moves closer to Mordor and the fires of Mount Doom, so you must strike quickly before the Ring is destroyed and the fate of the world decided!

Play on a beautifully detailed board and using specially sculptured characters (including Orcs, Dark Riders, Eagles and Cave Trolls), choose whether to command a good or an evil force and battle against rival armies in a bid to decide the fate of Middle-Earth.

Suitable for 2 to 4 players, 10 years and older.

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