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Books > Children's Fiction & Fun > Fiction Dealing With Specific Issues

Umbilicus - An Autobiographical Novel (Paperback): Paula Gruben Umbilicus - An Autobiographical Novel (Paperback)
Paula Gruben
R242 Discovery Miles 2 420 Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

Charlotte van Katwijk guards herself like a secret. Kids are cruel, and she knows if they find out she's adopted, she'll be a bully's easy target.

When they are fourteen, Charlotte's best friend's mom commits suicide. It triggers in Charlotte a sense of urgency to find her birth mother before it's too late, and the answers to her burning questions are taken to the grave. Seven years later, a tormented Charlotte comes face to face with her past. Will discovering more about her biological parents, and the circumstances surrounding her relinquishment, be enough to lay her demons to rest?

Umbilicus is a coming-of-age story set in Durban during the dying days of apartheid. The tumultuous zeitgeist of the era mirrors the inner turmoil of an angst-ridden adolescent as she grapples to form an identity and find her place in the world.

For This Life Only (Paperback, New Edition): Stacey Kade For This Life Only (Paperback, New Edition)
Stacey Kade
R224 R171 Discovery Miles 1 710 Save R53 (24%) Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

A young man struggles to move forward after the death of his twin brother in this "poignant and powerful" (Kirkus Reviews) coming-of-age tale about loss, redemption, love, and the moment you begin to see the world differently.

Three minutes.

Jacob Palmer died for three life-changing minutes.

And when he woke up, nothing was the same. Elijah, his twin brother, is dead, and his family is broken. Jace's planned future is crushed, along with his pitching arm. Everyone keeps telling him that Eli's in a better place, but Jace isn't so sure. Because in those three minutes, there was nothing.

Overwhelmed by guilt and doubt, Jace struggles to adjust to this new version of the world, one without his brother, one without the certainties he once relied on. And then Thera comes into his life.

She's the last girl he should be turning to for help.

But she's also the first person to truly see him.

Emancipated (Paperback): M G Reyes Emancipated (Paperback)
M G Reyes
R191 R158 Discovery Miles 1 580 Save R33 (17%) Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

Fans of Pretty Little Liars and L.A. Candy will devour this fast-paced series from a writer New York Times bestselling author Michael Grant raves is "an amazing new talent!"Six gorgeous teens, all legally emancipated from parental control, move into their dream house on LA's infamous Venice Beach only to discover their perfect setup may be too good to be true. The roommates--a diva, a jock, a former child star, a hustler, a musician, and a hacker--all harbor dark secrets but manage to form a kind of dysfunctional family . . . until one of them is caught in a lie and everyone's freedom is put on the line. How far are they each willing to go to hide the past? And who will they betray to protect their future?Told from alternating points of view, Emancipated is the first book in a blistering guessing game of a series packed with intrigue, romance, and scandal.

The Beauty That Remains (Hardcover): Ashley Woodfolk The Beauty That Remains (Hardcover)
Ashley Woodfolk
R429 Discovery Miles 4 290 Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

Told from three diverse points of view, this story of life and love after loss is one Angie Thomas, author of The Hate U Give, calls a "stunning, heart-wrenching look at grief that will stay with you long after you put it down."

We've lost everything...and found ourselves.

Music brought Autumn, Shay, and Logan together. Death might pull them apart.

Autumn always knew exactly who she was: a talented artist and a loyal friend. Shay was defined by two things: her bond with her twin sister, Sasha, and her love of music. And Logan has always turned to writing love songs when his real love life was a little less than perfect.

But when tragedy strikes each of them, somehow music is no longer enough. Now Logan is a guy who can't stop watching vlogs of his dead ex-boyfriend. Shay is a music blogger who's struggling to keep it together. And Autumn sends messages that she knows can never be answered.

Despite the odds, one band's music will reunite them and prove that after grief, beauty thrives in the people left behind.

The Ballot Box Battle (Paperback, New ed): Emily Arnold McCully The Ballot Box Battle (Paperback, New ed)
Emily Arnold McCully; Illustrated by Emily Arnold McCully
R145 R110 Discovery Miles 1 100 Save R35 (24%) Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

From Caldecott medalist Emily Arnold McCully comes the inspiring story of Cordelia, a young girl whose relationship with her neighbor, the great suffragist Elizabeth Cady Stanton, inspires her to a remarkable act of courage.

Still Life with Tornado (Paperback): A.S. King Still Life with Tornado (Paperback)
A.S. King
R207 R159 Discovery Miles 1 590 Save R48 (23%) Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

A heartbreaking and mindbending story of a talented teenage artist's awakening to the brokenness of her family from critically acclaimed award-winner A.S. King.

Sixteen-year-old Sarah can't draw. This is a problem, because as long as she can remember, she has "done the art." She thinks she's having an existential crisis. And she might be right; she does keep running into past and future versions of herself as she wanders the urban ruins of Philadelphia. Or maybe she's finally waking up to the tornado that is her family, the tornado that six years ago sent her once-beloved older brother flying across the country for a reason she can't quite recall. After decades of staying together "for the kids" and building a family on a foundation of lies and domestic violence, Sarah's parents have reached the end. Now Sarah must come to grips with years spent sleepwalking in the ruins of their toxic marriage. As Sarah herself often observes, nothing about her pain is remotely original--and yet it still hurts.

Insightful, heartbreaking, and ultimately hopeful, this is a vivid portrait of abuse, survival, resurgence that will linger with readers long after the last page.

Martial Law (Hardcover, Aladdin Paperbacka): Franklin W. Dixon Martial Law (Hardcover, Aladdin Paperbacka)
Franklin W. Dixon
R355 Discovery Miles 3 550 Shipped within 7 - 11 working days



To determine whether there's a connection between injuries sustained

by two students at the Rising Phoenix Martial Arts Center. One student was beaten; the other simply collapsed on the floor of the school.


Holtsville. Just south of Bayport.


The two students are currently in the hospital recovering.

More students could be at risk.


Sensei Paul Huang or any of the students.

Further investigation is necessary.

This mission requires your immediate attention.

This message will be erased in five seconds.

I Love You (Rag book): Kaori Wantanabe I Love You (Rag book)
Kaori Wantanabe
R279 R225 Discovery Miles 2 250 Save R54 (19%) Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

I love Mommy. Mommy loves me. I love Daddy. Daddy loves me. I love you. I love me. This delightful cloth book features the Taggies fleece blanket on the cover and eight colorful tags for babies to pull and rub. Each cloth spread includes an applique as well as a pastel illustration.

The Musical Fort - The Journey to Leadership Collection : Adventure One (Hardcover, 1st ed): I. J Smith, Deborah Hanna Pollard The Musical Fort - The Journey to Leadership Collection : Adventure One (Hardcover, 1st ed)
I. J Smith, Deborah Hanna Pollard
R269 R203 Discovery Miles 2 030 Save R66 (25%) Shipped within 7 - 11 working days
The Great Kapok Tree: A Tale of the Amazon Rain Forest (Paperback): Lynne Cherry The Great Kapok Tree: A Tale of the Amazon Rain Forest (Paperback)
Lynne Cherry
R527 R479 Discovery Miles 4 790 Save R48 (9%) Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

The author and artist Lynne Cherry journeyed deep into the rain forests of Brazil to write and illustrate her gorgeous picture book "The Great Kapok Tree: A Tale of the Amazon Rain Forest" (1990). One day, a man exhausts himself trying to chop down a giant kapok tree. While he sleeps, the forest's residents, including a child from the Yanomamo tribe, whisper in his ear about the importance of trees and how "all living things depend on one another" . . . and it works. Cherry's lovingly rendered colored pencil and watercolor drawings of all the "wondrous and rare animals" evoke the lush rain forests, as well as stunning world maps bordered by tree porcupines, emerald tree boas, and dozens more fascinating creatures.

Awards: IRA Teacher's Choice (1991), ABA's Pick of the Lists, Reading Rainbow Review Book, NSTA-CBC Outstanding Trade Book for Children

The Taste of Blue Light (Paperback): Lydia Ruffles The Taste of Blue Light (Paperback)
Lydia Ruffles
R235 R202 Discovery Miles 2 020 Save R33 (14%) Shipped within 4 - 8 working days

An incandescent, soul-searching story about a broken young woman's search for a truth buried so deep it threatens to consume her, body and mind.

These are the things Lux knows:

She is an artist.

She is lucky.

She is broken.

These are the things she doesn't know:

What happened over the summer.

Why she ended up in hospital.

Why her memories are etched in red.

'The nightmares tend to linger long after your screams have woken you up ...'

Desperate to uncover the truth, Lux's time is running out. If she cannot piece together the events of the summer and regain control of her fractured mind, she will be taken away from everything and everyone she holds dear.

If her dreams don't swallow her first.

I am J (Paperback): Cris Beam I am J (Paperback)
Cris Beam
R203 R155 Discovery Miles 1 550 Save R48 (24%) Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

J spun. His stomach clenched hard, as though he'd been hit. It was just the neighbour lady, Mercedes. J couldn't muster a hello back, not now; he didn't care that she'd tell his mother he'd been rude. She should know better. Nobody calls me Jeni anymore.

J always felt different. He was certain that eventually everyone would understand who he really was: a boy mistakenly born as a girl. Yet as he grew up, his body began to betray him; eventually J stopped praying to wake up a 'real boy' and started covering up his body, keeping himself invisible - from his family, from his friends...from the world. But after being deserted by the best friend he thought would always be by his side, J decides that he's done hiding - it's time to be who he really is. And this time he is determined not to give up, no matter the cost.

Theatre Shoes (Paperback, 1st Bullseye Book ed): Noel Streatfeild Theatre Shoes (Paperback, 1st Bullseye Book ed)
Noel Streatfeild
R148 R121 Discovery Miles 1 210 Save R27 (18%) Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

Three orphans are forced to enter a theater school by their grandmother, a famous actress. Unable to pay the tuition, they are given scholarships from the now-grown orphans from Ballet Shoes. Will they be able to live up to their patrons’ legacies? The children are ready to run away—until they discover their hidden talents. Originally published in 1945.

Under Rose-Tainted Skies (Paperback): Louise Gornall Under Rose-Tainted Skies (Paperback)
Louise Gornall
R190 R146 Discovery Miles 1 460 Save R44 (23%) Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

Norah has agoraphobia and OCD. While using a stick to snag grocery bags left on the porch, she meets Luke. He's sweet and funny, and he just caught her fishing for groceries. Because of course he did. As their friendship grows deeper, Norah fears she's being selfish. Doesn't Luke deserve a normal girl--one who isn't so screwed up? Readers will fall in love with Norah in this deeply engaging portrait of a teen struggling to find the strength to face her demons.

La Estrella De Siete Puntas / The Seven Pointed Star (Spanish, Paperback): Xose A Neira Cruz La Estrella De Siete Puntas / The Seven Pointed Star (Spanish, Paperback)
Xose A Neira Cruz
R212 Discovery Miles 2 120 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days
Pastel Para Enemigos (Spanish, Hardcover): Derek Munson Pastel Para Enemigos (Spanish, Hardcover)
Derek Munson
R257 Discovery Miles 2 570 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days
Mexico Today (Spanish, Hardcover, Library binding): JA Crow Mexico Today (Spanish, Hardcover, Library binding)
JA Crow
R331 R252 Discovery Miles 2 520 Save R79 (24%) Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

¿Los animales tienen mama?
¡Por supuesto que si!
Los animales tienen mamá,
como tú y como yo, ¡igual!

Conoce al bebé canguro que viaja dentro de una bolsa en la barriga de su mamá. Mira cómo el polluelo del cisne navega en el lomo de su mamá. A través de sus coloridos collages, Eric Carle ofrece a los pequeños lectores no sólo un maravilloso panorama visual, sino también la seguridad que les transmiten las imágenes que muestran cómo las crias son protegidas y queridas por sus mamás.

El entretenido juego de preguntas y respuestas invita a niños y adultos a leer juntos en voz alta. La repetición de frases clave ayudara a los ninos de edad preescolar a iniciarse en el mundo de la lectura. Además aprenderán, de forma divertida, acerca de la naturaleza y conocerán los nombres, ¡algunos sorprendentes!, de los animales que aparecen en el libro.

Creador de numerosos álbumes ilustrados, Eric Carle logra, por medio de la lectura compartida, que niños y adultos comprendan que el amor es capaz de traspasar todas las barreras y unir a todos los seres de este mundo.

Runaways (Paperback, Reissue): V. C. Andrews Runaways (Paperback, Reissue)
V. C. Andrews
R149 R114 Discovery Miles 1 140 Save R35 (23%) Shipped within 8 - 13 working days

The spellbinding Orphans series concludes in this thrilling new novel from V.C. Andrews®...

"All for one and one for all" was the girls' motto. In the grim foster home for orphans run by Louise and Gordon Tooey, at least Brooke, Crystal, Raven, and Butterfly had each other. Calling themselves "sisters," together they could forget the past and dream of a new chance...a real home. Then they discovered a secret even more haunting than Gordon's heavy boots pounding on the wooden floors. Their fragile hopes of a better life shattered, they escaped the only way they could. Soon they were runaways in a borrowed car, desperately wishing to wake up one morning in a place of sunshine and love.

Raven hoped to be a singer, Butterfly wanted to be a dancer, Crystal planned for college, and Brooke privately hoped to find her mother in California. On the open road the chains of sadness that had bound them seemed to melt away, and the kindness of strangers made a secure future seem almost real. But the highway was a dangerous place, and soon they were penniless and more vulnerable than ever. Alone under the wide western sky, they had only each other to ask if they should give up their dreams...or if they were really halfway to a haven of safety and happiness....

The Hanging Girl (Paperback): Eileen Cook The Hanging Girl (Paperback)
Eileen Cook 1
R175 R143 Discovery Miles 1 430 Save R32 (18%) Shipped within 4 - 8 working days

Two girls, one fatal reading . . . because the truth always lies in the cards

Skye's mother believes she has 'the gift' - the ability to see the future. Skye however can only see the opportunity to make money - and happily fleeces her gullible classmates into handing over their cash to hear their futures through Skye's well-worn tarot cards. But it's all for a good cause, right? Skye needs to save her hard-earned cash to go to New York with her best mate Drew.

Then the local mayor's daughter, Paige, disappears - and Skye has a tip off about her whereabouts. Skye is uncomfortable about the source and masks the tip off as a vision.

But things get wildly out of control when Paige is found murdered and Skye is a prime suspect . . .

Wayan & The Turtle King (Paperback, English Version, Soft Cover ed.): Yvette Bezuidenhout Wayan & The Turtle King (Paperback, English Version, Soft Cover ed.)
Yvette Bezuidenhout; Illustrated by Fabianus Bayu
R210 R169 Discovery Miles 1 690 Save R41 (20%) Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

Wayan comes from a family of fishermen. His village has always relied on the ocean for food. One day, things start changing. Will Wayan find a way to save the village?

Wayan & The Turtle King focuses on environmenal education. Complete with activities, the book teaches children to think about how their choices impact the environment.

Any Boy But You (Paperback): Julie Hammerle Any Boy But You (Paperback)
Julie Hammerle
R287 Discovery Miles 2 870 Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

Elena Chestnut has been chatting with an anonymous boy late into the night. It’s a very You’ve Got Mail situation, and she has no idea who he is. Hecan’t be Oliver Prince, hot-and-bashful son of the family running the rival sporting goods store. Their fancy sales strategies are driving Elena’s family out of business. Elena’s mystery boy has teamed up with her in their latest sales strategy, an augmented reality game, to help her win the grand-prize plane tickets. Money’s so tight Elena’s going to miss senior year spring break with her friends if she can’t win this game.

The girl Oliver's fallen head-over-heels for online had better not be Elena Chestnut. She's his angry, vindictive Latin tutor, the daughter of his dad’s business rival, and the one girl he’d never even think of kissing. She’s definitely not his online crush, because that girl is funny, sweet, and perfect.

When Oliver asks to reveal their names at the Valentine’s Day dance, their IRL relationship will either ruin what they have online, or they’ll discover just how thin the line between love and hate really is.

Disclaimer: This Entangled Teen Crush book contains swearing, snowball fights, and sexual tension that could melt the North Pole. Read at your own risk.

La Invencion de Hugo Cabret = The Invention of Hugo Cabret (Spanish, Hardcover): Brian Selznick La Invencion de Hugo Cabret = The Invention of Hugo Cabret (Spanish, Hardcover)
Brian Selznick; Translated by Xohana Bastida
R676 R491 Discovery Miles 4 910 Save R185 (27%) Shipped within 8 - 13 working days
Do Kangaroos Wear Seat Belts? (Hardcover, Library binding): Jane Kurtz Do Kangaroos Wear Seat Belts? (Hardcover, Library binding)
Jane Kurtz; Illustrated by Jane K Manning
R319 R298 Discovery Miles 2 980 Save R21 (7%) Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

This warm and whimsical picture book opens with a little boy eagerly anticipating a trip to the zoo as his mother straps him into his car seat. Like most toddlers, he would rather run free than wear a seat belt, ride in a stroller, hold Mommy's hand, or climb into her backpack. As they pass various animal exhibits, the little boy asks teasing questions, such as "If I were a monkey, would I have to wear a helmet?" Mommy's light-hearted responses reveal, in a bouncy cadence, how animal and human moms alike keep their rambunctious young ones close and safe.

The Land Of 10,000 Madonnas (Paperback): Kate Hattemer The Land Of 10,000 Madonnas (Paperback)
Kate Hattemer
R191 R147 Discovery Miles 1 470 Save R44 (23%) Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

Which would you choose: a long, quiet life, or a short, heroic one?

Jesse Serrano has always been drawn to this question, but he’s never really had a choice. He’s known since birth that a hole in his heart would render his life a short one, whether he likes it or not.

As his dying wish, Jesse sends his cousins, best friend, and girlfriend on a trip across Europe—a mysterious mission that seems more harebrained with every leg of the journey. Following Jesse’s vague instructions, they trek across the continent, unsure if they should be basking in a backpacking trip before heading off to college or searching for something deeper. Through the museums, ancient ruins, landmarks, and more religious iconography than could fill a Holy Ark, they begin to wonder if they’ll ever be able to complete the passage that Jesse laid out for them—and if they even want to without him along for the ride.

In turns hilarious and heartbreaking, Kate Hattemer chronicles an unforgettable journey of lost and found, laughter and tears, and a myriad of Madonnas.

All Together Again - Messages To My Dad, A Care Package From The Heart To Dads Who Are Away (Paperback): Dayna Kay Rivers All Together Again - Messages To My Dad, A Care Package From The Heart To Dads Who Are Away (Paperback)
Dayna Kay Rivers
R203 R161 Discovery Miles 1 610 Save R42 (21%) Shipped within 8 - 13 working days
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