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Good Horse, Bad Habits - Practical Solutions to Problem Behaviour in the Barn, Under Saddle and Out in the World (Paperback):... Good Horse, Bad Habits - Practical Solutions to Problem Behaviour in the Barn, Under Saddle and Out in the World (Paperback)
Heather Smith Thomas
R573 R476 Discovery Miles 4 760 Save R97 (17%) Out of stock

A go-to manual for any horse owner, this book addresses a range of equine behavioral problems, from the mild--refusing to stand still or tail rubbing, for example--to the severe, such as rearing under saddle or attacking other horses. With topics broken into four main categories--bad habits in the stable, correcting ground manners, problems under saddle, and the reluctant traveler--noted rancher and horse book author Heather Smith Thomas dissects each topic by addressing the source of the problem, providing solutions to the behavioral issue, and discussing what to do if the fix doesn't stick.

Riding - A Guide for New Riders (Paperback, New edition): Kate Delano-Condax Riding - A Guide for New Riders (Paperback, New edition)
Kate Delano-Condax
R346 R299 Discovery Miles 2 990 Save R47 (14%) Out of stock

Riding: A Guide for New Riders succinctly imparts the basics of good horsemanship and the essentials for riders of all ages. Featuring over fifty illustrations, with quizzes after every chapter, Riding is the best guide available for learning to ride with confidence, safety, and good form. It teaches clearly, patiently, and firmly, just as the best instructor would. (7 X 91/4, 192 pages, illustrations, diagrams)

Mr. Carteret - And Other Stories (Hardcover): David Gray Mr. Carteret - And Other Stories (Hardcover)
David Gray
R688 R568 Discovery Miles 5 680 Save R120 (17%) Out of stock

Follow the adventures of Mr. Carteret as he journeys abroad with fellow Americans, proposes marriage and loses, meets old friends and outrages new ones. No matter what he is doing, Mr. Carteret never fails to amuse-even when tweaking the noses of those around him as he tells the story of how Mr. Caswell received his Medal of Honor.

Essential Riding - A Realistic Approach to Horsemanship (Paperback, illustrated edition): Steven D Price Essential Riding - A Realistic Approach to Horsemanship (Paperback, illustrated edition)
Steven D Price
R391 R335 Discovery Miles 3 350 Save R56 (14%) Out of stock

Most how-to-ride manuals assume that the beginner is mounted on a well-trained horse. "Do this, this, and that," other books instruct, "and your horse will respond in such-and-such a way." In the magic world of these manuals, nothing ever goes wrong. But in fact, Steven D. Price points out in the introduction of Essential Riding, "the vast majority of us learn to ride on lesson horses at public stables or on privately owned "backyard" horses . . .. When the beginning rider does "this, this, and that," the horse is just as likely to respond with no more than a yawn . . .. The purpose of this book is to provide a 'real world' perspective for you as a beginning rider." Price introduces us to Fred, the kind of horse most beginners learn to ride on. Fred is a sweet fellow, but a bit bored and stubborn after years of being a lesson horse. You'll learn whether a problem is your fault or the horse's, knowledge that makes all the difference in your equestrian education. Essential Riding begins with a broad introduction to riding fundamentals that apply to all styles of English and Western horsemanship. There's vital information on: finding the right instructor; proper attire; equine behavior as it affects riding; basic rider position; the horse's gaits and how to ask for them; stable and trail safety and etiquette; jumping basics; preparing for horse shows; an overview of the different disciplines; a glossary of horse-related terms; and more. Never has a riding manual contained such commonsensical advice. Aspiring riders of every discipline and of all ages will find everything they need to understand their mounts and more fully enjoy the sport. (6 X 9, 208 pages, b&w photos, diagrams)

Correct Dress for Riders (Paperback): Correct Dress for Riders (Paperback)
R182 R163 Discovery Miles 1 630 Save R19 (10%) Out of stock

A basic guide to riding clothes both formal and informal, for men, women and children. It covers all the principle disciplines as well as leisure riding, Pony Club activities, handling and grooming. The chapter on safety includes a comprehensive section on hats, with clear illustrations and up-to-date details outlining statutory requirements, recommendations, and other essential information.

The Fearless Horse - Effective Training Strategies for Producing a Calm But Courageous Horse (Paperback, 2nd Revised edition):... The Fearless Horse - Effective Training Strategies for Producing a Calm But Courageous Horse (Paperback, 2nd Revised edition)
Roger Day, Joanna Day
R408 R380 Discovery Miles 3 800 Save R28 (7%) Out of stock

This title bridges the gap between natural horsemanship and competitive riding.It offers an effective training programme for all riders, especially those who want to compete and succeed, for creating a calm, gentle and happy horse whatever the situation.It shows how to use the horse's natural behavioural instincts to train with respect and kindness.It resolves stage-fright in an otherwise talented horse, and makes riding safer by 'spookbusting' your horse.

Dressage as Art in Competition - Blending Classical And Competitive Riding (Hardcover, 2nd Ed.): John Winnett Dressage as Art in Competition - Blending Classical And Competitive Riding (Hardcover, 2nd Ed.)
John Winnett
R387 R331 Discovery Miles 3 310 Save R56 (14%) Out of stock

Dressage as Art in Competition provides a detailed analysis of a training program designed-and proven-to take a horse to the highest level. Throughout, John Winnett stresses the need to treat each horse as an individual, and his valuable insights into the nuances of competition deal not only with the movements themselves but also with how to ride them to optimum effect on horses of differing conformation and temperament. A major theme of the book is the emphasis upon dressage as art, and Winnett stresses that this principle must be remembered amid the diverse pressures of producing horses for competition. Here is a book that translates the beauty of classical equitation for the riders of today. (6 1/4 x 9 1/4, 224 pages, b&w photos, illustrations)

Bhs Book of the Natural Horse (Hardcover): Sarah Widdicombe Bhs Book of the Natural Horse (Hardcover)
Sarah Widdicombe
R545 R496 Discovery Miles 4 960 Save R49 (9%) Out of stock

See the world from your horse's point of view and understand him better both from the ground and the saddle.Discovering how horses live in the wild and relating that to the way we keep them helps us to understand how much a horse has to adapt to live in our world.This title includes dozens of practical exercises and step-by-step sequences of photographs showing how to train your horse with sympathetic but effective methods.The physical and mental effects of everything we ask our horses to do are explained, giving tremendous insight and offering a range of logical and effective steps that riders and handlers can use to resolve problems or deal with new situations.It is a valuable guide to what makes horses tick and how to develop a winning partnership at a level suitable for all horse owners and riders.

Adult Longeing Guide - Exercises to Build an Independent Seat (Hardcover): Emily Esterson Adult Longeing Guide - Exercises to Build an Independent Seat (Hardcover)
Emily Esterson
R513 R439 Discovery Miles 4 390 Save R74 (14%) Out of stock

Over the past couple of decades, I've heard just about every myth, half-truth, and truth about longeing. I've read a lot of good books about longeing, but few talk at any length about longeing the rider. Overall, this subject, I believe, is a little misunderstood in the United States. We think of it as a way to habituate children to horseback. It's common in beginning lesson programs, both for the young and the not-so-young. But once riders can sit the trot and canter competently on the longe line, we set them free. Often adult riders plateau--they remain permanently at, say, first level in dressage, or in the same height class in the hunter ring. Some adults get stuck emotionally, battling back the same old fears every time they ride. Longeing the adult rider is the perfect way to work over and beyond those
inevitable places you can get stuck in with your riding. While you certainly can--and should--longe young riders, my focus here is on helping adults. We all develop habits, especially those of us who ride by ourselves. Building in longeing sessions breaks up the riding routine and helps us conquer those automatic physical responses we develop when we don't have an instructor yelling at us all the time. It's also an opportunity to invite a friend over for a low-key horse date.

Horse Behaviour Exposed (Paperback, UK ed.): Abigail Hogg Horse Behaviour Exposed (Paperback, UK ed.)
Abigail Hogg
R409 R344 Discovery Miles 3 440 Save R65 (16%) Out of stock

This is a practical, accessible guide to understanding horses, from the inside out, that bridges the gap between military style training and horse whispering techniques. Abigail Hogg shares her knowledge of working with horses and riders in a range of cultural settings. The author draws on her extensive studies of horse behaviour to give sympathetic, informed and intelligent advice on how to get the best out of both horse and rider. Case studies, colour diagrams, tables and checklists describe in graphic detail how and why horses behave as they do.

Ride the Right Horse (Hardcover): Yvonne Barteau Ride the Right Horse (Hardcover)
Yvonne Barteau
R585 R544 Discovery Miles 5 440 Save R41 (7%) Out of stock

A compatible personality is the most desirable quality in a horse, yet it is much harder to assess than gait or conformation. All horses have distinct personality traits that make them more or less suitable for various riding styles and disciplines. Riders and trainers who understand how to work with, not against, a horse's temperament will be rewarded with a happier, more successful human/equine relationship.
Dressage trainer Yvonne Barteau describes the four basic equine personality types -- social, fearful, aloof, and challenging -- and the different clues to identify a horse's primary personality. Often the dominant personality type is complemented by a secondary trait, creating, for example, the aloof-challenging or fearful-social horse. Using clear signals and readily identi-fied behavior patterns, riders can determine any horse's type and then use this book's tips and techniques to improve training sessions.
Fun and enlightening as it is to analyze equine characteristics, it's just as important to understand how the personalities of both the rider and the trainer affect each horse. Barteau includes a self-evaluation quiz to help the reader determine what her own riding and handling preferences are and how she can use that knowledge to work more effectively with her current horse or to shop smarter when selecting a new equine partner.
Fascinating case studies, stories, and profiles of famous horses and their riders offer readers real-life examples of how compatible personalities work together to achieve great things

101 Horsekeeping Tips - Simple Strategies for a Safer and More Efficient Stable (Paperback): Jessie Shiers 101 Horsekeeping Tips - Simple Strategies for a Safer and More Efficient Stable (Paperback)
Jessie Shiers
R261 R225 Discovery Miles 2 250 Save R36 (14%) Out of stock

Safety, efficiency, and cleanliness are the hallmarks of every well-run stable. In this book, learn the time-honored methods of the pros to improve the day-to-day functioning of your own barn. You'll learn tips for keeping your horses safer, healthier, and happier while making your own work easier and more enjoyable.
You'll learn how to reduce the risk of diseases and injuries, treat minor health problems, manage your pastures and property, stop behavior problems before they start, and much more.
Whether you run a large training facility or keep a couple of ponies in the backyard, this is a book that you and your horses can't afford to be without.

Riding - A Guide for New Riders (Hardcover): Kate Delano-Condax Riding - A Guide for New Riders (Hardcover)
Kate Delano-Condax
R496 R422 Discovery Miles 4 220 Save R74 (15%) Out of stock

This is the perfect book for new riders of all ages, providing comprehensive, illustrated coverage of all facets of the joys of riding. "An excellent book A necessity for every up-and-coming young rider". -- Bruce Davidson, Olympic Gold Medalist

Building Showjumping Courses - A Guide for Beginners (Paperback): Maureen Summers Building Showjumping Courses - A Guide for Beginners (Paperback)
Maureen Summers
R262 R225 Discovery Miles 2 250 Save R37 (14%) Out of stock

An up to date guide for anyone setting out to build a showjumping course. Future course builders and instructors alike will find clear basic guidelines to follow in planning, building and overseeing the competition through to the end. Though the book is aimed at beginners in all types of competition, there is a special section on building course under Pony Club rules. AUTHOR: Maureen Summers started show jumping in 1947 and rode everything from novices to Grade A - winning the Pro-Am with Nick Skelton at the Horse of the Year Show in 1983. She has built all types of courses, from very minor to FEI standard, at many different venues in the USA, Canada, East, Central and South Africa, the Middle East and Europe (including the Mediterranean Games in Athens). As well as working at Hickstead for twenty years she has designed courses for many other major British shows, including the Royal International and the Horse of the Year (the only woman to have done so). In recent years she has concentrated on designing for Horse Trails ( including Blenheim and the British Open at Gatcombe) and for Pony Club team competitions at these two events. ILLUSTRATIONS: colour photos

Anatomy of Dressage (Paperback, Illustrated Ed): Heinrich Schusdziarra, Volker Schusdziarra Anatomy of Dressage (Paperback, Illustrated Ed)
Heinrich Schusdziarra, Volker Schusdziarra
R386 R331 Discovery Miles 3 310 Save R55 (14%) Out of stock

This new translation provides riders with the anatomical basis for correct riding. Only with a working knowledge of human anatomy can a rider fully understand the instructions given for correct position in the saddle and explanations of movements.

Renegade Champion - The Unlikely Rise of Fitzrada (Hardcover): Richard R. Rust Renegade Champion - The Unlikely Rise of Fitzrada (Hardcover)
Richard R. Rust; Foreword by Rita Mae Brown
R510 R436 Discovery Miles 4 360 Save R74 (15%) Out of stock

"If you buy that horse, you're buying your daughter's death warrant," Jane Pohl's father was warned at the army barracks in the spring of 1941. But the potential that his teenage daughter Jane saw in the small, temperamental Thoroughbred was enough to convince him otherwise. Earlier that year, when Fitzrada arrived at the army base where Jane's family lived, the horse was stubborn, unpredictable, and dangerous. Any man who dared addle him up soon found himself face down in the dirt. Jane, excited to ride any horse and up for the challenge, had the most success with Fitz. She was patient and consistent, and the horse responded well at last, showing a great affinity for jumping. Then, inexplicably, a terrible riding accident resulted in serious injuries for both Jane and Fitz, and the army decide that it was time to destroy the horse. Heartbroken, Jane pleaded with her reluctant father: the only way to save Fitz was to buy him from the army. Jane Pohl's foresight proved to be correct. Jane and Fitz went on to take the Virginia show-jumping circuit by storm, winning 37 jumper and 6 hinter championships. At a time when women were rarely seen in jumping classes at horse shows and were not taken seriously by male competitors, Jane and Fitz helped to break down barriers against women riders competing in the Olympics. In 1946, Jane and Fitz found themselves at the Jumper Championship at the prestigious National Horse Show in Madison Square Garden-the highest jumping title in North America. The road there for horse and rider was a five-year test of faith, patience, and understanding friendship.

Endurance Riding - Tips For Beginners (Paperback): Cornelia Koller Endurance Riding - Tips For Beginners (Paperback)
Cornelia Koller
R211 R199 Discovery Miles 1 990 Save R12 (6%) Out of stock

"Going the distance" endurance riding is not just a sport. It is almost an addictive experience, where the fastest do not always come first. This Horse Guide contains a wealth of basic knowledge for all beginners wanting to know more about this fascinating discipline. - What is endurance riding? - Which riders does it suit? - - Which breeds of horse? - Basics - Maps & equipment - - Training - The endurance ride from A-Z - Tips - Checklists -

Showing for Beginners (Paperback): Hallie McEvoy Showing for Beginners (Paperback)
Hallie McEvoy
R340 R292 Discovery Miles 2 920 Save R48 (14%) Out of stock

Participating in a first horse show can be a daunting experience. From how to register to the mystery of what judges look for, there is so much to learn and - until now - no one book to go to for answers. With Showing for Beginners, judge Hallie McEvoy acts as a friendly and highly informed guide for the beginning hunter seat rider. She explains the requirements and customs for both horse and rider, show-ring etiquette, showing lingo - all the while debunking myths and offering sound advice on safety, finding the right trainer, and even buying a show horse. And, most important, she stresses the value of relaxing and having fun. (6 X 9, 176 pages, b&w photos, illustrations)

Foxhunting with Melvin Poe (Hardcover): Peter Winants Foxhunting with Melvin Poe (Hardcover)
Peter Winants
R978 R795 Discovery Miles 7 950 Save R183 (19%) Out of stock

Foxhunting is in Melvin Poe's blood. As a child, he hunted with hounds owned by his grandfather and father in Rappahannock County, Virginia, and he became the professional huntsman for the Old Dominion Hounds for 16 seasons and the Orange County Hunt for 27 years. He is now, at age 82, in his eleventh year as huntsman for the Bath County Hounds. In 1979, Melvin was featured in the film documentary "Thoughts on Hunting. "Author Peter Winants, a lifelong foxhunter, has been the field master at Bath County since the founding of the hunt in 1992. His book ably captures the essence of one of the most legendary and colorful characters in American foxhunting. In addition to Melvin's upbringing, chapters deal with breeding and training foxhounds, his techniques in finding and hunting foxes and the strategies that have led to immense success through the years at hound shows. The final chapter, "Thanks, Melvin," has testimonials from a number of prominent foxhunters who have enjoyed sport with Melvin, including Benjamin H. Hardaway III, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis and Senator John W. Warner. Foxhunting With Melvin Poe is must reading for foxhunters and anyone who enjoys the countryside and nature.

101 Dressage Tips - Essentials for Schooling and Training (Paperback): Barbara Burn Dolensek 101 Dressage Tips - Essentials for Schooling and Training (Paperback)
Barbara Burn Dolensek
R261 R225 Discovery Miles 2 250 Save R36 (14%) Out of stock

Balance, impulsion, responsiveness - these hallmarks of a well schooled horse are the goals of dressage, a French word for training. Although a dressage education is often done with an eye toward preparing horse and rider for competition, this systematic approach also serves to improve virtually every horse, regardless of discipline or potential. "101 Dressage Tips" offers suggestions for achieving this goal, together with ways to recognize and solve basic and advanced horse and rider problems encountered along the way. With advice on selecting a horse, stable, and trainer, buying tack and other equipment, taking lessons and clinics, and preparing for and taking part in dressage competitions, "101 Dressage Tips" provides practical and encouraging advice for riders at all levels.

Unlock Your Riding Talent (Hardcover): Tina Sederholm Unlock Your Riding Talent (Hardcover)
Tina Sederholm
R544 R495 Discovery Miles 4 950 Save R49 (9%) Out of stock

With a clear and down-to-earth approach from top trainer, Tina Sederholm, this book provides the building blocks that will enable you to reach your riding goals. Based on the systematic training approach used by her father Lars Sederholm uniting classical horsemanship with the demands of the competition world, Tina Sederholm introduces a series of exercises to help riders of all levels improve their skills. Set out in an easy to follow way, each exercise starts in its simplest form and progresses to more advanced versions making this book ideal for both novice and experienced riders alike. Packed full of stunning photographs, this book provides the theory and the practical exercises to achieve 'all-round horsemanship'.

Revolutionise Your Riding (Hardcover): Susan McBane Revolutionise Your Riding (Hardcover)
Susan McBane
R544 R495 Discovery Miles 4 950 Save R49 (9%) Out of stock

Learn how to ride with the ease and grace of a professional with this brilliant system of riding. This title includes a simple explanation of bio-mechanics will allow any rider to move as one with their horse. It gives the rider a gentle but powerful influence over their horse ensuring he co-operates rather than resists. This approach to riding requires less effort from the rider, is less stressful for the horse and reduces tension allowing easier training, increased trust and better performance. It presents the classical system in a clear and logical way ensuring beginners and the more experienced can pick up the techniques quickly and gain the benefits.

A Parent's Guide to Riding Lessons - Everything You Need to Know to Survive and Thrive with a Horse-Loving Kid... A Parent's Guide to Riding Lessons - Everything You Need to Know to Survive and Thrive with a Horse-Loving Kid (Paperback)
Elise Gaston Chand
R332 R315 Discovery Miles 3 150 Save R17 (5%) Out of stock

Every parent hopes to experience the thrill of seeing a child discover an activity she loves, and then watching as that interest unfolds into a lifelong passion. But when a child adores horses above all, these joys are often dampened by anxiety, especially when the parent knows little about riding. The questions can be overwhelming: How does one begin to find a qualified riding instructor? Just how expensive is this hobby? And most important will my child be safe?
Parents searching for answers will find relief in "A Parent s Guide to Riding Lessons," by Elise Gaston Chand. A former horse-crazy child born to horse-clueless parents, Chand is today both an accomplished horsewoman and the mother of a horse-crazy daughter. Her vantage point allows her to get to the heart of parents concerns, then offer the information, instruction, and peace of mind that they desperately need.
With its engaging "been there" voice, "A Parent s Guide to Riding Lessons" combines the instant appeal of an impulse purchase with the practicality and depth of content of a thorough guide. Parents will snap up the book for its clear, reassuring voice, then refer back to it often for its quality answers and information.
"A Parent s Guide to Riding Lessons" gives busy parents an overview of horseback riding and lesson progression. It translates the strange language of horse enthusiasts, explains horse show etiquette, and addresses specific ways that parents can help children stay safe in and out of the barn. Along the way it offers practical advice, tips, and step-by-step guidance through an array of challenges that parents can expect to face."

The Correct Seat - Tips for Riders on How to Achieve Better Balance (Paperback): Ina G. Sommermeier The Correct Seat - Tips for Riders on How to Achieve Better Balance (Paperback)
Ina G. Sommermeier
R211 R199 Discovery Miles 1 990 Save R12 (6%) Out of stock

On horseback, the positioning and balance of the rider is of paramount importance. But how do they learn the correct seat? Often riders are forced into a posture which they are unable to master due to physical problems alone. The consequence is tension in the rider and tension in the horse. This guide describes with the help of numerous exercises how the rider can find his or her own individual path to a balanced seat and to a better communication with the horse: - Thoughts before mounting - Exercises on the stationery horse - Anatomy - - Criteria for the correct seat - The feeling of balance: legs and buttocks - - The dynamic horse - The relaxed horse - Communicating with the horse's back - - The feeling for motion: the walk, the trot, the canter - Using the seat - - Light aids: weight aids, leg aids, mental aids, rein aids, full halt, half-halt - The author of this guide is a GP, a physiotherapist and an expert riding teacher; she also runs a surgery for hippogenic training * Essential reading for anyone, adult or youngster, who is learning to ride or who already rides and wishes to know more. * Beautifully illustrated, simple and easy-to-follow book.

Show Hunters Under Saddle - From Start to Finish (Hardcover, illustrated edition): Melissa Sexton, Lynda Bloom-Layne Show Hunters Under Saddle - From Start to Finish (Hardcover, illustrated edition)
Melissa Sexton, Lynda Bloom-Layne
R479 R411 Discovery Miles 4 110 Save R68 (14%) Out of stock

One of the fastest-growing divisions of the breed horse show world is the Hunter Under Saddle, in which horses exhibit the athletic and comfortable gaits that characterize the ideal foxhunting mount. This comprehensive guide to training and showing horses in this discipline takes the reader from assessing the potential of a young horse's conformation and movement, to training and exhibiting the animal in terms of what constitutes a ribbon-winning performance. The book also addresses the differences between these show hunters and those of the "English" hunter world, as well as such training considerations as re-schooling an older horse. Throughout the book, the author stresses the importance of giving horses a solid foundation that will benefit them not only in the Hunter Under Saddle division but elsewhere in the show arena. Whether you ride a horse that shows exclusively in the Hunter Under Saddle division or one that also takes part in Western classes, this book should teach you everything you need to know to get to the winner's circle.

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