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Top Trumps - Sharks: Top Trumps - Sharks
R125 R95 Discovery Miles 950 Save R30 (24%) In stock

So, you already knew that there are approximately 420 species of shark classified today and that new species are still being found...? And you already knew that the Great Hammerhead Shark grows up to 600 cm in length, can swim to a depth of 80 metres, has been known to give birth to up to 42 young and that its Latin name is Sphyrna mokarran? Oh, you really did? Well in that case, you've already got Sharks Top Trumps. Congratulations!

Spinmaster Games Perplexus Revolution Runner: Spinmaster Games Perplexus Revolution Runner
R699 R622 Discovery Miles 6 220 Save R77 (11%) In stock

A mind-bending revolution is in your hands! Put your skills to the test with Perplexus Revolution Runner! This motorized 3D maze takes Perplexus game play to the next level and tests your timing and skills as you navigate through the perpetually moving, motorized maze. Hold the Revolution Runner in your hands and twist, spin and turn to navigate the ball through the multi-path moving maze. Maneuver ever-changing obstacles and keep up with the game’s movement, without your ball falling off the track! Once you’ve successfully made it to the center of the maze, step up your difficulty level by switching modes to one of the three other speeds for even more thrilling, high-tension challenges! Take your Perplexus game play to the next level with Perplexus Revolution Runner!

Ucreate Doodletop Refill Kit (Supplied Colour May Vary): Ucreate Doodletop Refill Kit (Supplied Colour May Vary)
R75 R63 Discovery Miles 630 Save R12 (16%) In stock

Don't let the empty Doodletop doldrums bring you down! Doodletop refills in a rainbow of colors will make your Doodletop last 6 times longer! Just pop the pens into your Doodletop and you're ready to make more wild and wacky spiral designs. Comes with 6 refill pens. Non-Toxic ink.

Top Trumps Independent & Unofficial  Guide to Minecraft: Top Trumps Independent & Unofficial Guide to Minecraft
R125 R99 Discovery Miles 990 Save R26 (21%) In stock

If you're crazy for all things Minecraft, then you must pick up The Independent and Unofficial Top Trumps Guide to Minecraft. This pack contains all your favourite mobs, from the common Creeper and nether-dwelling Blaze, to the dancing Parrots and rare Killer Bunny. Challenge your friends and family to guess which mob is tallest, widest or the most likely to attack! But the ultimate question is which will have the highest Top Trumps Rating? Could it be Wither, Enderman or maybe even Polar Bears? There's only one way to find out, get your pack now!

Top Trumps - Finding Dory: Top Trumps - Finding Dory
R125 R105 Discovery Miles 1 050 Save R20 (16%) In stock

Calling all Nemo fans; Dory, everyones favourite wideeyed and very forgetful blue tang, has got her very own adventure. Play Finding Dory Top Trumps with your friends and you too can help find Dory Meet all the fish and crustaceans and turtles and corals and cephalopods in the sea to see who gets the Top Trumps rating.

Top Trumps - Spiders: Top Trumps - Spiders
R125 R99 Discovery Miles 990 Save R26 (21%) In stock

Even if you don’t suffer from arachnophobia, there is something about spiders that terrify most people; maybe it has to do with all those hairy legs? In this brand new Top Trumps pack, you can discover all about these creepy arachnids. Whether it’s the Giant Huntsman, the world’s largest spider, the Goliath Birdeater, which fires bristly hairs at its predators when threatened, or the Redback Spider, which favours hiding in dark places like underneath your toilet seat. You will find all these and more in Spiders Top Trumps! Caution: After looking throug this pack you may think that all spiders are scary, but remember they rarely bite and very few are dangerous…

Top Trumps - Emojis: Top Trumps - Emojis
R125 R98 Discovery Miles 980 Save R27 (22%) In stock

If you are emoti crazy, then you will love the Top 30 Emotis Top Trumps. This pack features all your favourite emotis, from Heart Eyes to Wink face. Packed full of stats, discover which emoti is the friendliest and which one has the highest twitter ranking!

Ucreate Doodletop Single (Supplied Colour May Vary): Ucreate Doodletop Single (Supplied Colour May Vary)
R75 R63 Discovery Miles 630 Save R12 (16%) In stock

Kids will love creating unique designs with this Doodletop Single Felt-tipped Pen. This Doodletop is well known for being the pen that draws. Simply remove the cap and take Doodletop for a spin on a sheet of paper to create all sorts of one-of-a-kind designs. The best part is, the ink from the pen is washable for easy cleanup.

Top Trumps - Disney Cars 3: Top Trumps - Disney Cars 3
R125 R99 Discovery Miles 990 Save R26 (21%) In stock

Cut to the chase and rev up this new Cars 3 Top Trumps edition; an exhaustive collection of your favourite fast and funny characters from the world of Cars. Find out which car knows the value of teamwork, who has the greatest sense of humour and who is the most determined to win. Ka-Ciao!

Top Trumps - Star Wars: Rogue One: Top Trumps - Star Wars: Rogue One
R125 R98 Discovery Miles 980 Save R27 (22%) In stock
Connect 4 Shots: Connect 4 Shots
R760 Discovery Miles 7 600 In stock

Bounce 'em in for the win! The Connect 4 Shots game is fast-paced, rapid-fire fun in a race to get 4 shots in a row! Count down to start: 1-2-3…bounce! Two players bounce the lightweight, colorful balls into the grid at the same time. Remember, the balls must hit the table before going in. Keep bouncing balls until a player gets 4 in a row of their color for the win. Then when the game is over, fold the grid into a handy storage case.

Top Trumps Junior - PJ Masks: Top Trumps Junior - PJ Masks
R125 R99 Discovery Miles 990 Save R26 (21%) In stock

The Top Trumps PJ Masks Junior Card Game features 5 ready-to-play activities that are designed to help bring a sense of super-hero style to any playtime. With a spot the difference, take 5, mini top trumps, pairs, and observation game included, this vibrant card game even showcases 12 characters and vehicle illustrations to help bring the battle for the highest skill to life. A must-have for any fan of the hit series, this engaging card game is sure to help liven up any playtime activity.

Let's Play Marbles (100 Piece): Let's Play Marbles (100 Piece)
R34 Discovery Miles 340 Ships in 8 - 9 working days

100x of the finest marbles sure to be a hit at any kids birthday party.
You could add these colorful marbles to easter baskets or christmas
stockings to surprise boys and girls of all ages.

Ginger Ray Novelty Turkey Tosser Game: Ginger Ray Novelty Turkey Tosser Game
R110 Discovery Miles 1 100 In stock

Our 'Turkey Tosser' game will be a party game to remember! This game will bring endless fun and will have everyone laughing. Hook the turkey or turkey glasses to your head as teams take it in turns to throw the sprout hoops and hook it around the turkey leg - Pair this with our winner winner turkey dinner for a fun games corner this festive season. Each pack contains 8 hoops and 2 turkeys. The sprout measures 14.5cm (W) and the turkeys measure 21cm (H).

Little Hands Card Holder: Little Hands Card Holder
R99 Discovery Miles 990 In stock

Hey boys and girls! Give a big hand for this amazing card holder that makes playing card games easier than ever. Put as many cards as you can between the plastic paddles and before you know it, you'll be playing like a pro!

Top Trumps - European Football Stars: Top Trumps - European Football Stars
R125 R99 Discovery Miles 990 Save R26 (21%) In stock

Attention all football fanatics! European Football Stars Top Trumps has arrived and comes full of amazing stats and interesting facts on all the best players in Europe. Find out who will be crowned the King of Football, will it be the goalscoring machine Cristiano Ronaldo or the super quick Arjen Robben!

Hungry Hungry Hippos: Hungry Hungry Hippos
R898 Discovery Miles 8 980 In stock

Answer The Call Of The Wild With Elefun & Friends Games That Are All About Surprises And Lol Fun! Meet These Zany Friends Who Are Ready To Spring Into Action For The Next Adventure. Start A Feeding Frenzy With The Elefun & Friends Hungry Hungry Hippos Game. Get Ready For A Chompin’ Good Time As You Race To Gobble Up The Most Marbles In The Pond.Fast-Action Game.Push Down On His Tail Lever And Make Your Hippo Chomp The Marbles.Comes With 20 Marbles.Launch Marbles Into The Center Pond. Two Ways To Win.Chomp The Most Marbles Or Gobble The Golden Marble To Win.Marble-Storage Area.Keep Marbles Together In One Convenient Place.Easy Storage.Hippos Come Apart And Fit Neatly Back In The Box For Easy Storage.Game Base With 4 Hippos And Launchers; 20 Plastic Marbles (19 Red; 1 Gold); And Instructions.

Top Trumps - Star Wars Prequel Trilogy (1-3): Top Trumps - Star Wars Prequel Trilogy (1-3)
R125 R99 Discovery Miles 990 Save R26 (21%) In stock

Join Luke Skywalker on his path to greatness in this brand new Top Trumps pack featuring all the great characters from Episodes IV-VI. From Jedi Masters to Bounty Hunters to gangsters and of course, the Emperor, you can also play it with the Episodes I-III pack!

Top Trumps Collectors Tin - Lord Of The Rings: Top Trumps Collectors Tin - Lord Of The Rings
R259 R222 Discovery Miles 2 220 Save R37 (14%) In stock

It's time to choose your side! Are you a hero of Middle-Earth, or do you fight for Sauron, lord of darkness? 60 fantastic characters from the Lord of the Rings saga, in one double-sided tin featuring the calm and peaceful Bag End on one side and the dangerous, imposing Barad-dûr, and Mount Doom on the other. Go There and Back Again, with Top Trumps Lord of the Rings Tin!

Grafix Games Hub You're Talking Mumbo Jumbo Game: Grafix Games Hub You're Talking Mumbo Jumbo Game
R191 Discovery Miles 1 910 Ships in 8 - 9 working days

A fun game for the whole family to enjoy; the aim is to guess what the
other player is trying to say while wearing a mouthguard.

Road Trip Connect 4: Road Trip Connect 4
R302 Discovery Miles 3 020 In stock

This Road Trip Edition of the Connect 4 game provides exciting Connect 4 gameplay in a convenient and sleek portable case. Players can open the case, begin gameplay, pause the game and close the case, then open it again later to pick up where they left off. With this edition of the Connect 4 game, players will want to keep an eye out for the colors of the cars they see because the exclusive Road Trip Rule gives players an additional turn if they see a car matching their disc color. So, line 'em up and go for the win in this game where strategy drives the competition!

Finger Spinner - Yellow: Finger Spinner - Yellow
R75 R70 Discovery Miles 700 Save R5 (7%) In stock

Fidgety? Get finger spinning!

Top Trumps - Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2: Top Trumps - Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2
R125 R98 Discovery Miles 980 Save R27 (22%) In stock

It all ends here. Join Harry, Hermione and Ron as they stand and fight for the last time. The epic Battle of Hogwarts is the ultimate setting for good vs evil but who really is the most courageous? Will Harry triumph over Voldemort after all? Play Harry Potter 7 Top Trumps to find out!

Snot It: Snot It
R150 Discovery Miles 1 500 Ships in 8 - 9 working days

Snot it game is the most gross, snotty and fun game to play. Comes with 4x glasses and matching snots, a spinning disc and a bowl with various
pieces, to collect with your snot. For 2-4 players.

Round Tin - Lift Off: Round Tin - Lift Off
R175 R80 Discovery Miles 800 Save R95 (54%) In stock

Are you ready for lift-off? In this starburst of a space race, players place sets of cards to form launch pads. Get the right combination and you can blast off leaving your opponents stranded! Buckle up and enjoy the ride!

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