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Celestron Powerseeker 50AZ Telescope: Celestron Powerseeker 50AZ Telescope
R1,199 R869 Discovery Miles 8 690 Save R330 (28%) In stock

PowerSeeker telescopes are a great way to open up the wonders of the Universe to the aspiring astronomer!

The Celestron PowerSeeker series of telescopes is designed to give the first-time buyer the perfect combination of quality, value, features and power. Offering exceptional value, these telescopes feature portable yet powerful designs with ample optical performance to excite any newcomer to the world of amateur astronomy.

National Geographic Compact Telescope (114x500): National Geographic Compact Telescope (114x500)
R2,485 Discovery Miles 24 850 Shipped within 3 - 6 working days

This compact NG Dobson telescope is developed by National Geographic, the famous American geographic society.
This telescope has a lens diameter of 114 millimeter and therefore captures a lot of light.
This enables you to also see the less bright objects.
The focal length of this telescope is 500 millimeter.
The National Geographic 114/500 is easy to setup, so you can quickly start observing the sky.
This Dobson telescope is provided with a LED red dot viewfinder.

Meade StarNavigator NG 90mm Refractor Telescope: Meade StarNavigator NG 90mm Refractor Telescope
R10,895 Discovery Miles 108 950 Shipped within 3 - 7 working days

The StarNavigator NG (Next Generation) Series provides space admirers and amateur astronomers computerized GoTo telescopes at a great price. All models feature an easy to operate, lightweight and portable robotic mount with Meade’s AudioStar computer controller. This incedible technology knows the night sky right out of the box. Let your telescope take you on a guided tour of the night skies best objects. With AudioStar's 30000 object database and over 4 hours of audio presentations built-in the electronics, learn about the objects you’re viewing. It’s like having a professional astronomer with you at the telescope.

StarNavigator NG includes a light-weight aluminium frame, advanced electronics, internal clock, external power connector, vixen dovetail receiver and full height adjustable aluminium tripod allowing comfortable viewing from either a seated or standing position. StarNavigator NG is the quintessential scope for making stargazing fun, effective and straightforward.

Celestron PowerSeeker 60AZ Telescope: Celestron PowerSeeker 60AZ Telescope
R1,799 R1,252 Discovery Miles 12 520 Save R547 (30%) In stock

Celestron PowerSeeker telescopes are a great way to open up the wonders of the Universe to the aspiring astronomer.
The PowerSeeker series is designed to give the first-time telescope user the perfect combination of quality, value, features and power.
Amateur astronomy is a great family hobby that can be enjoyed year round, and Celestron’s PowerSeekers are the ideal choice for an affordable and high quality telescope that will provide many hours of enjoyment for the entire family.

PowerSeekers are quick and easy to set up – even for the novice. No tools are required for assembly!
Their sturdy equatorial mounts are perfect for tracking objects in the night sky, and the collapsible alt-azimuth mounts are perfectly suited for terrestrial (land) viewing as well as astronomical use.
All of Celestron’s PowerSeekers include a full range of eyepieces plus a 3x Barlow lens that provides an increase in viewing power hundreds of times greater than that of the unaided eye!
PowerSeekers are designed and manufactured using all fully coated glass optical components with high transmission coatings for enhanced image brightness and clarity.
Erect Image Optics are ideal for terretrial (land) and astronomical (sky) use.
Locate and identify thousands of celestial objects on your laptop or PC with “The Sky ” Level 1 software included FREE with every PowerSeeker model.

Meade Lightbridge Mini Telescope (114mm): Meade Lightbridge Mini Telescope (114mm)
R4,033 Discovery Miles 40 330 Shipped within 3 - 7 working days

The LightBridge Mini Series allows you to set up and share a stargazing experience in seconds. Whether you are camping in the outdoors or relaxing in your backyard, the LightBridge Mini Dobsonian is the ideal 'grab-and-go' telescope, offering easy and portable observation with removable optical tube. And with its sleek and compact table-top design, it’s both functional and aesthetically pleasing. The perfect scope for everyone.

Astronomy for all with LightBridge Mini 114

  • Parabolic Newtonian Reflector with a large 114mm (4.5") aperture
  • Lightweight (4.9kg) with a removable 450mm (f/3.95) optical tube
  • 26mm (17x) and 9mm (50x) eyepieces
  • 360 swivel mount and simple point-and-look design

The LightBridge Mini 114 boasts a big 114mm (4.5") parabolic aperture with a compact 450mm (f/3.95) focal length. The 360 swivel mount and a simple point-and-look design make navigating the sky effortless. You’ll enjoy 114mm of light gathering ability for bright, crisp images of the moon, planets, nebulae and star clusters. Experience versatility with the vixen-style mount, and see sharp images thanks to the parabolic mirror. Other features include a one-arm Dobsonian-style mount with a removable OTA; two eyepieces for low (26mm) and high (9mm) magnification; a red dot viewfinder to help you aim; and the Autostar Suite Astronomy planetarium DVD.
Celestron AstroMaster 130EQ Reflector Telescope: Celestron AstroMaster 130EQ Reflector Telescope
R4,697 Discovery Miles 46 970 In stock

For those who are looking for large aperture and light gathering capability, the answer may lie with the choice of the Celestron AstroMaster 130 newtonian reflector telescope. Its 5.1" diameter is considered excellent for light collection. When you are looking for faint sky objects such as clusters and nebulae, large aperture becomes relevant. A 650mm f/5 aperture is considered really bright in optical terms, and offers a wide field of view. In order to take full advantage of the telescope's short focal length and wide field of view, the user may consider the purchase of a longer eyepiece than the standard 20mm for viewing galaxies. The AstroMaster 130 features coated glass optics, and is capable of producing clear and bright images of the moon and the planets. This unit comes with a German equatorial mount, a quick dovetail attachment, and a rugged, pre-assembled tripod for your convenience.

Meade Coronado Personal Solar Telescope and Case (Black): Meade Coronado Personal Solar Telescope and Case (Black)
R21,646 Discovery Miles 216 460 Shipped within 3 - 7 working days

The Personal Solar Telescope (PST) is a Coronado innovation. The world's most popular telescope to observe the sun. This 40mm diameter highly portable dedicated solar telescope features completely internal non-removable and student safe solar filtering optics with a 1.0 angstrom hydrogen-alpha (Ha) bandpass for great surface detail.
The PST will show you the dynamic, ever-changing prominences at the edge of the sun as well as filaments and other surface details in amazing detail, all in the brilliant and distinctive red colour of hydrogen-alpha light. Study of the solar disk is now within the reach of the amateur astronomer.

The PST features a 40mm diameter dedicated Ha optical system with 30mm internal etalon primary blocking filter and incorporated focuser and bandpass fine adjustment controls and built-in solar viewfinder. 400mm focal length, f/10 focal ratio, with Kellner 20mm eyepiece. Tripod not Included.

Meade Infinity Altazimuth Refractor Telescope (70mm): Meade Infinity Altazimuth Refractor Telescope (70mm)
R2,201 Discovery Miles 22 010 Shipped within 3 - 7 working days

Explore the universe with the Meade Infinity 70
 - Telescope comes complete with everything you need to view the wonders of the night sky the first time out.
 - 70mm (2.8”) Refracting Telescope delivers bright images that is ideal for viewing both land and celestial objects.
 - Features an altazimuth mount with slow motion control rod for tracking celestial objects as they move across the night sky.
 - Comes with 2 eyepieces for viewing a wide range of objects (Moon, planets, or land), and a 2X barlow that doubles the magnification of each eyepiece.
 - Includes a red dot viewfinder to help locate objects you want to observe.

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