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Epic Land - Namibia Exposed (Hardcover, 2nd Edition): Amy Schoeman Epic Land - Namibia Exposed (Hardcover, 2nd Edition)
Amy Schoeman
R495 R465 Discovery Miles 4 650 Save R30 (6%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Epic Land is a celebration in pictures and words of the arresting beauty of the landscapes of Namibia and of the centrality of land in the culture, history, politics and daily lives of its people. The book seeks to uncover the rare essence that marks the landscape of Namibia apart from all others.

Few countries in the world are richer than Namibia in its canvas of natural beauty. The landscape is one of rich and often harsh contrast with many changing moods. A journey through its landscape is infinitely rewarding. Within this book this progression is depicted. The dramatic scenery of remote deserts, mountains, mystical trees and stormy shores are the equal of any.

Through her captivating photographs and absorbing text, Amy Schoeman shares with the reader the strange beauties of her life’s passion. The superb photographs capture the life of the desert, its forms and colours, and the moods of its ever-changing landscapes.

The Historical Overberg - Traces Of The Past In South Africa's Southernmost Region (Hardcover): Chris Schoeman The Historical Overberg - Traces Of The Past In South Africa's Southernmost Region (Hardcover)
Chris Schoeman 1
R300 R240 Discovery Miles 2 400 Save R60 (20%) Ships in 5 - 10 working days

Situated between the Hottentots Holland Mountains and the Breede River, the Overberg is an important agricultural region and a popular holiday destination for tourists and nature lovers who delight in the beauty of its mountainous landscape, abundant plant species and long sandy beaches.

But this area also has a rich history going back thousands of years, when the indigenous Khoi people originally thrived there, before the first European settlers arrived to leave their own indelible imprint on the culture, architecture and character of the region. This book provides a detailed account of this past by pointing out the many places, buildings, events and personalities that have made the Overberg the diverse and unique place that it is today.

The Overberg has been a home or point of interest for explorers, innovators, artists and writers, for figures as varied as Bartholomew Diaz, Olof Bergh, Hendrik Verwoerd, Gregoire Boonzaier, Audrey Blignault and Breyten Breytenbach. Some of South Africa’s oldest towns, houses and missionary stations can be found here, and its treacherous coastline has been the cause of hundreds of shipwrecks for centuries.

Enlivened by historical and current photographs and informative side panels, this book is a collector’s item.

From Presidio to the Pecos River - Surveying the United States-Mexico Boundary along the Rio Grande, 1852 and 1853 (Hardcover):... From Presidio to the Pecos River - Surveying the United States-Mexico Boundary along the Rio Grande, 1852 and 1853 (Hardcover)
Orville B Shelburne; Foreword by David H. Miller
R959 Discovery Miles 9 590 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

The 1848 treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo that ended the Mexican-American War described a boundary between the two countries that was to be marked through a joint boundary commission effort. The section of the boundary along the Rio Grande from Presidio to the mouth of the Pecos River was arguably the most challenging, and it was surveyed by two American parties, one led by civilian surveyor M. T. W. Chandler in 1852, and the second led by Lieutenant Nathaniel Michler in 1853. Our understanding of these two surveys across the greater Big Bend has long been limited to the official reports and maps housed in the National Archives and never widely published. The discovery by Orville B. Shelburne of the journal kept by Dr. Charles C. Parry, surgeon-botanist-geologist for the 1852 party, has dramatically enriched the story by giving us a firsthand view of the Chandler boundary survey as it unfolded. Parry's journal forms the basis of From Presidio to the Pecos River, which documents the day-to-day working of the survey teams. The story Shelburne tells is one of scientific exploration under duress - surveyors stranded in towering canyons overnight without food or shelter; piloting inflatable rubber boats down wild rivers; rising to the challenges of a profoundly remote area, including the possibility of Indian attack. Shelburne's comparison of the original boundary maps with their modern counterparts reveals the limitations of terrain and equipment on the survey teams. Shelburne's book provides a window on the adventure, near disaster, and true accomplishment of the surveyors' work in documenting the course of the Rio Grande across the Big Bend region.

Sarapiqui Chronicle - A Naturalist in Costa Rica, Revised and Expanded Edition (Paperback, Revised and Expanded ed): Allen M.... Sarapiqui Chronicle - A Naturalist in Costa Rica, Revised and Expanded Edition (Paperback, Revised and Expanded ed)
Allen M. Young
R662 R537 Discovery Miles 5 370 Save R125 (19%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

The abundant insect life of the rainforests of northeastern Costa Rica is the subject of this engaging book, first published over twenty-five years ago and now including two new chapters on the rise of ecotourism in the region.

The Way Past Winter (Paperback, 2nd edition): Kiran Millwood Hargrave The Way Past Winter (Paperback, 2nd edition)
Kiran Millwood Hargrave 1
R235 R149 Discovery Miles 1 490 Save R86 (37%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

From the bestselling author of THE GIRL OF INK & STARS comes a paperback edition of this gorgeous wintry folk tale for young and old alike - an exciting adventure to the frozen north, perfect for fans of Philip Pullman. 'This gorgeous story of bravery, sisterhood, goodbyes and beginnings is a must for everyone.' JESSIE BURTON 'The Way Past Winter is a masterclass in exquisite storytelling.' CATHERINE DOYLE 'Gorgeous, heartfelt and incredibly exciting. Her best yet, and that's saying something.' ROBIN STEVENS Mila and her sisters live with their brother Oskar in a small forest cabin in the snow. One night, a fur-clad stranger arrives seeking shelter for himself and his men. But by the next morning, they've gone - taking Oskar with them. Fearful for his safety, Mila and her sisters set out to bring Oskar back - even it means going north, crossing frozen wild-lands to find a way past an eternal winter.

Into the Great White Sands (Hardcover): Craig Varjabedian Into the Great White Sands (Hardcover)
Craig Varjabedian; Contributions by Jeanetta Calhoun Mish, Dennis Ditmanson, Jim Eckles
R854 R677 Discovery Miles 6 770 Save R177 (21%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

Award-winning photographer Craig Varjabedian has spent decades photographing the many moods of the magnificent and ever-changing landscape of New Mexico's White Sands National Monument. His photographs reveal snow-white dunes of gypsum, striking landforms, storms and stillness, panoramic vistas and breathtaking sunsets, intricate wind-blown patterns in the sand, ancient animal tracks, exquisite desert plants, and also the people who come to experience this place that is at once spectacular yet subtle. Varjabedian's evocative color images provide the reader with an almost palpable sense of this extraordinary place. These photographs are enriched by several essays written by Jeanetta Calhoun Mish, noted poet and author; Dennis Ditmanson, retired White Sands National Monument superintendent; Jim Eckles, retired Missile Range public affairs officer; and Craig Varjabedian, the photographer who shares his insights and experiences of photographing this inspiring landscape and offers tips on making better pictures of White Sands.

A Louisiana Coastal Atlas - Resources, Economies, and Demographics (Hardcover): Scott A Hemmerling, Craig E. Colten A Louisiana Coastal Atlas - Resources, Economies, and Demographics (Hardcover)
Scott A Hemmerling, Craig E. Colten
R1,829 Discovery Miles 18 290 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

Through a wide range of demographic, economic, social, and environmental data, A Louisiana Coastal Atlas shows cartographically how the inherent resilience of coastal communities manifests itself over time. By illustrating the adaptability of residents to their environment and economy, this resource shows how historical processes can inform planners to more effectively respond to and recover form future ecological events.

Preserving the Desert - A History of Joshua Tree National Park (Paperback): Lary M. Dilsaver Preserving the Desert - A History of Joshua Tree National Park (Paperback)
Lary M. Dilsaver
R1,088 Discovery Miles 10 880 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

Beginning in 1872 with the establishment of Yellowstone, national parks were set aside to preserve for future generations the most spectacular and inspirational features of the country. The best representative examples were sought out of major ecosystems, such as Yosemite, geologic forms, such as the Grand Canyon, archaeological sites, such as Mesa Verde, and scenes of human events, such as Gettysburg. But one type of habitat-the desert-was overlooked until travel writers and the Automobile Age began to change Americans' perceptions about desert landscapes. As the National Park Service began to explore the better-known Mojave and Colorado Deserts of southern California during the 1920s for a possible desert park, many agency leaders still held the same negative image of arid lands shared by many Americans-that they are hostile environments and largely useless. But one wealthy woman-Minerva Hamilton Hoyt, from Pasadena-came forward, believing in the value of the desert, and convinced President Franklin D. Roosevelt to establish a national monument that would protect the unique and iconic Joshua trees and other desert flora and fauna. Thus was Joshua Tree National Monument officially established in 1936, and when the area later was expanded in 1994, it became Joshua Tree National Park. Since 1936 the National Park Service and a growing cadre of environmentalists and recreationalists have fought to block ongoing proposals from miners, ranchers, private landowners, and real estate developers who historically have refused to accept the idea that desert might be suitable for anything other than their consumptive activities. Joshua Tree National Park, even with its often-conflicting land uses, is more popular today than ever, serving more than one million visitors per year who find the desert to be a place worthy of respect and preservation.

The Durban forest (Hardcover): Mark Matts The Durban forest (Hardcover)
Mark Matts
R350 R289 Discovery Miles 2 890 Save R61 (17%) Ships in 5 - 10 working days

For a sustainable urban future to be possible, a new botanical discipline is needed to deepen our understanding of the relations between people and plants. This discipline will link environmental management concerns with those of human welfare and wellbeing in a specifically urban context to achieve both ecological restorations and social redress. The Durban Botanic Gardens Trust has published The Durban Forest as an early effort to establish a manifesto for this much-needed new discipline, and provides both historical and forward-looking perspectives on the changing relations between natural areas and urban dwellers. These relations urgently await our exploration if we are to face the challenges of the accelerating urbanism and environmental change that are now upon us. The Durban forest will appeal to all those interested in people and the environment, culture and community, our past and our future. Most of all, it will speak to the Durban of tomorrow and suggest a new kind of botany that will help to build a future for all Durbanís residents that is environmentally, socially and economically more just and more secure. The Durban forest is the first in a series of publications planned by the Durban Botanic Gardens Trust. The series is to be entitled umKhuhlu, the African name for Trichilia dregeana, the forest mahogany and an iconic Durban tree. The series will draw on the gardenís reputation as Durbanís oldest, and one of its most treasured public institutions in order to encourage a new model of plant use. This model aspires to a specific urban, humanitarian and restorative focus that will support a just and resilient urbanism.

How to Read a North Carolina Beach - Bubble Holes, Barking Sands, and Rippled Runnels (Paperback, New edition): William J. Neal How to Read a North Carolina Beach - Bubble Holes, Barking Sands, and Rippled Runnels (Paperback, New edition)
William J. Neal
R380 R313 Discovery Miles 3 130 Save R67 (18%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

Take a walk on the beach with three coastal experts who reveal the secrets and the science of the North Carolina shoreline. What makes sea foam? What are those tiny sand volcanoes along the waterline? You'll find the answers to these questions and dozens more in this comprehensive field guide to the state's beaches, which shows visitors how to decipher the mysteries of the beach and interpret clues to an ever-changing geological story.

Orrin Pilkey, Tracy Monegan Rice, and William Neal explore large-scale processes, such as the composition and interaction of wind, waves, and sand, as well as smaller features, such as bubble holes, drift lines, and black sands. In addition, coastal life forms large and small--from crabs and turtles to microscopic animals--are all discussed here. The concluding chapter contemplates the future of North Carolina beaches, considering the threats to their survival and assessing strategies for conservation. This indispensable beach book offers vacationers and naturalists a single source for learning to appreciate and preserve the natural features of a genuine state treasure.

Bitter Waters - The Struggles of the Pecos River (Hardcover): Patrick Dearen Bitter Waters - The Struggles of the Pecos River (Hardcover)
Patrick Dearen
R810 Discovery Miles 8 100 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

Rising at 11,750 feet in the Sangre de Cristo range and snaking 926 miles through New Mexico and Texas to the Rio Grande, the Pecos River is one of the most storied waterways in the American West. It is also one of the most troubled. In 1942, the National Resources Planning Board observed that the Pecos River basin ""probably presents a greater aggregation of problems associated with land and water use than any other irrigated basin in the Western U.S."" In the twenty-first century, the river's problems have only multiplied. Bitter Waters, the first book-length study of the entire Pecos, traces the river's environmental history from the arrival of the first Europeans in the sixteenth century to today. Running clear at its source and turning salty in its middle reach, the Pecos River has served as both a magnet of veneration and an object of scorn. Patrick Dearen, who has written about the Pecos since the 1980s, draws on more than 150 interviews and a wealth of primary sources to trace the river's natural evolution and man's interaction with it. Irrigation projects, dams, invasive saltcedar, forest proliferation, fires, floods, flow decline, usage conflicts, water quality deterioration - Dearen offers a thorough and clearly written account of what each factor has meant to the river and its prospects. As fine-grained in detail as it is sweeping in breadth, the picture Bitter Waters presents is sobering but not without hope, as it also extends to potential solutions to the Pecos River's problems and the current efforts to undo decades of damage. Combining the research skills of an accomplished historian, the investigative techniques of a veteran journalist, and the engaging style of an award-winning novelist, this powerful and accessible work of environmental history may well mark a turning point in the Pecos's fortunes.

The Politics of Urban Water - Changing Waterscapes in Amsterdam (Paperback): Kimberley Kinder The Politics of Urban Water - Changing Waterscapes in Amsterdam (Paperback)
Kimberley Kinder
R605 Discovery Miles 6 050 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

Fifty years ago, urban waterfronts were industrial, polluted, and diseased. Today, luxury homes and shops line riverbanks, harbours, and lakes across Europe and North America. The visual drama of physical reconstruction makes this transition look swift and decisive, but reimaging water is a slow process, punctuated by small cultural shifts and informal spatial seizures that change the meaning of wet urban spaces. In The Politics of Urban Water, Kimberley Kinder explores how active residents in Amsterdam deployed their cityscape when rallying around these concerns, turning space into a vehicle for social reform. While market dynamics certainly contributed to the transformation of Amsterdam's shorelines, squatters, partiers, artists, historians, environmentalists, tourists, reporters, and government officials also played crucial roles in bringing waterscapes to life. Their interventions pulled water in new directions, connecting it to political discussions about affordable housing, cultural tolerance, climate change, and national identity. Over time, these political valences have become embedded in laws, norms, symbols, markets, and landscapes, bringing rich undercurrents of friction to urban shores. Amsterdam's development serves as both an inspiration and a cautionary tale for cities across Europe and North America where rapid new growth creates similar pressures and anxieties.

An Introduction to Physical Geography and the Environment (Paperback, 4th edition): Joseph Holden An Introduction to Physical Geography and the Environment (Paperback, 4th edition)
Joseph Holden
R1,398 Discovery Miles 13 980 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

This highly respected and best-selling textbook provides an accessible, engaging and comprehensive introduction to the major topics within physical geography. It focuses on understanding the inter-linkages between processes, places and environments and is comprehensively illustrated to demonstrate how the physical environment works. Now in its fourth edition, the book has been thoroughly updated throughout to contain the latest research. Between them, the contributors have researched in detail every environment on the planet, providing an unrivalled source of rich information from around the world for both undergraduate and postgraduate study in the field of physical geography. An Introduction to Physical Geography and the Environment is accompanied by a rich and extensive range of electronic support resources including updated weblinks relevant for each chapter, an extended and annotated further reading list for each chapter, multiple choice questions, fieldwork exercises and interactive models.

Frostfire (Paperback): Jamie Smith Frostfire (Paperback)
Jamie Smith 1
R212 R150 Discovery Miles 1 500 Save R62 (29%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Chosen for the honour of bonding with a frostsliver - a fragment of the sentient glacier that crests her icy home - Sabira embarks on the dangerous pilgrimage to the top of the mountain. But when a huge avalanche traps her on the glacier and destroys the pass, Sabira is determined to find another way home. In order to survive, she must face up to the merciless mountain - but there are dark and fiery secrets hiding in its depths ...

Continental Divide - A History of American Mountaineering (Paperback): Maurice Isserman Continental Divide - A History of American Mountaineering (Paperback)
Maurice Isserman
R368 Discovery Miles 3 680 In stock

In Continental Divide, a Banff Prize-winner tells the history of American mountaineering through four centuries of landmark climbs and first ascents. Maurice Isserman traces the evolving social, cultural and political roles mountains played in shaping the country.

Naturalist's Guide to Seashore Plants - An Ecology for Eastern North America (Paperback, 1st ed): Donald Cox Naturalist's Guide to Seashore Plants - An Ecology for Eastern North America (Paperback, 1st ed)
Donald Cox
R422 R347 Discovery Miles 3 470 Save R75 (18%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

This invaluable book provides an illustrated ecology of eastern seashore habitats, including the ocean and continental shelf, the intertidal zone, sand dunes and beaches, and salt marshes. Donald D. Cox uses nontechnical terminology in order to provide clear references for the general public as well as professional and amateur naturalists and students. He explores the origins of the oceans, tides, wind belts, and land plants and includes useful illustrations for aid in identification. Most significantly, this guide brings together a wide range of information relative to ocean and seashore ecosystems. Cox includes the types of plants that grow near the seashore; adaptations that help plants survive in seashore habitats; poisonous, medicinal, and edible plants of the ocean and seashore; seasonal changes in the seashore habitat; and methods of naming plants and the folklore of common names. The author also provides complete and accurate details for those readers who are interested in collecting plants and preserving plant collections. The final chapter offers non-technical investigations, activities, and projects. Conservation and habitat preservation are emphasized throughout the book.

Wildlife of Nebraska - A Natural History (Paperback): Paul A. Johnsgard Wildlife of Nebraska - A Natural History (Paperback)
Paul A. Johnsgard
R778 R627 Discovery Miles 6 270 Save R151 (19%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

In Wildlife of Nebraska: A Natural History, Paul A. Johnsgard surveys the variety and biology of more than six hundred Nebraska species. Narrative accounts describe the ecology and biology of the state's birds, its mammals, and its reptiles and amphibians, summarizing the abundance, distributions, and habitats of this wildlife. To provide an introduction to the state's major ecosystems, climate, and topography, Johnsgard examines major public-access natural areas, including national monuments, wildlife refuges and grasslands, state parks and wildlife management areas, and nature preserves. Including more than thirty-five line drawings by the author along with physiographic, ecological, and historical maps, Wildlife of Nebraska is an essential guide to the wildlife of the Cornhusker State.

Britain's Habitats - A Field Guide to the Wildlife Habitats of Great Britain and Ireland - Fully Revised and Updated... Britain's Habitats - A Field Guide to the Wildlife Habitats of Great Britain and Ireland - Fully Revised and Updated Second Edition (Paperback)
Sophie Lake, Durwyn Liley, Robert Still, Andy Swash; Foreword by Alastair Driver
R654 R585 Discovery Miles 5 850 Save R69 (11%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

A comprehensive and lavishly illustrated photographic guide-now in a handy field-guide format This lavishly illustrated photographic guide provides a comprehensive overview of the natural history of wildlife habitats in Britain and Ireland. Now completely redesigned in a handy field-guide format, and featuring revised and updated text throughout, this new edition of Britain's Habitats guides readers through all the main habitat types, presenting information on their characteristics, extent, geographical variation, key species, cultural importance, origins and conservation. It aims to help visitors to the countryside recognize the habitats around them, understand how they have evolved and what makes them special, and imagine how they might change in the future. This new edition includes updated maps and additional photographs throughout, and covers a new habitat-gardens. The perfect companion for anyone travelling in Britain and Ireland, the book is essential reading for all wildlife enthusiasts, professional ecologists and landscape architects. Individual sections on all the main habitat types found in Britain and Ireland More than 680 evocative colour photographs, including images from around Britain and Ireland in all seasons Details and photographs of key species and features associated with the different habitats Up-to-date information-including maps-on the distribution, extent and importance of all habitat types Features new to this edition include a field-guide format, updated maps, more photographs throughout and coverage of an additional habitat-gardens

Encyclopedia of the World's Coastal Landforms (Hardcover, 2010 ed.): Eric Bird Encyclopedia of the World's Coastal Landforms (Hardcover, 2010 ed.)
Eric Bird
R17,062 Discovery Miles 170 620 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

This unique richly-illustrated account of the landforms and geology of the world 's coasts, presented in a country-by-country (state-by-state) sequence, assembles a vast amount of data and images of an endangered and increasingly populated and developed landform. An international panel of 138 coastal experts provides information on what is where on each sector of coast, together with explanations of the landforms, their evolution and the changes taking place on them. As well as providing details on the coastal features of each country (state or county) the compendium can be used to determine the extent of particular features along the world 's coasts and to investigate comparisons and contrasts between various world regions. With more than 1440 color illustrations and photos, it is particularly useful as a source of information prior to researching or just visiting a sector of coast. References are provided to the current literature on coastal evolution and coastline changes.

Gids tot Grasse van Suider-Afrika (Afrikaans, Paperback): Frits van Oudtshoorn, van Oudtshoorn, Fritz Gids tot Grasse van Suider-Afrika (Afrikaans, Paperback)
Frits van Oudtshoorn, van Oudtshoorn, Fritz
R380 R350 Discovery Miles 3 500 Save R30 (8%) Ships in 7 - 10 working days

Sagteband, 1 000 volkleurfoto's, verspreidingskaarte
Ook in Engels beskikbaar: Guide to the Grasses of southern Africa
Die grasfamilie, bekend as Poaceae, is waarskynlik die belangrikste plantfamilie op aarde. Grasse is die eerste voedselplante wat deur mense aangeplant is. Graangewasse soos mielies, koring, rys en suikerriet, almal grasse, is steeds ons belangrikste bron van energie. Gras, in die vorm van voer, is ook die belangrikste bron van kos vir vee en die groot kuddes grasvreters in die natuur.

Die akkurate identifikasie van grasse raak belangrik tydens veldbestuur aangesien grasse ten opsigte van hul weidingswaarde en ander ekologiese funksies verskil. Verder reageer verskillende onkruidgrasse anders op chemiese onkruiddoders en moet daarom akkuraat geidentifiseer word.

Hierdie boek, Gids tot Grasse van suider-Afrika, is die omvattendste volkleur identifikasiegids tot die algemene grasse in suider-Afrika en sluit onder meer die volgende kenmerke in:
Beskrywings en illustrasies van die 320 belangrikste grasse in suider-Afrika
'n Gebruikersvriendelike identifikasiesleutel
Meer as 1 000 uitstekende volkleurfoto's en illustrasies
Dertien kort en volledig geÔllustreerde inleidende hoofstukke oor grasse
'n Naamlys van alle grasse in suider-Afrika
Algemene grasname in verskeie inheemse tale
Simbole wat die leser in staat stel om inligting met 'n oogopslag te bekom
DIE OUTEUR: Frits van Oudtshoorn se belangstelling in grasse, en in die natuur as geheel, het op 'n vroeŽ ouderdom op die plaas waar hy grootgeword het begin. Tans bestuur hy 'n besigheid genaamd Africa Land-Use Training en is betrokke by die aanbieding van verskeie kort kursusse in landbou en omgewingsake. Hy het 'n ywerige belangstelling in die volhoubare bestuur van natuurlike hulpbronne en beskik oor 'n meestersgraad in natuurbewaring.

Mountains of New Mexico (Paperback): Robert Julyan Mountains of New Mexico (Paperback)
Robert Julyan; Photographs by Carl Smith
R573 R476 Discovery Miles 4 760 Save R97 (17%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

Many non-New Mexicans envision New Mexico as one large desert, yet New Mexico is very much a mountain state, with more than one hundred named mountain groups. New Mexico's highest point is 13,161-foot Wheeler Peak, and Sierra Blanca, 11,973 feet high, is snow capped for most of the year.

What's more, the mountains here display a diversity rarely seen elsewhere: glacier-carved alpine summits (Sangre de Cristos), shield volcanoes (Mount Taylor and Sierra Grande), cinder cones (Capulin Mountain), fossil limestone reefs (Guadalupes), laccolith intrusions (Capitan and Zuni Mountains), erosional formations (Tucumcari Mountain), and tilted fault-blocks (Sandias and Caballos.) New Mexico's mountain animals range from elk to desert bighorn sheep, from marmots to coatimundis. The arctic lynx and semitropical jaguars have also been spotted.

In this guide to New Mexico's mountains, Robert Julyan provides essential information such as location, physiographic province, elevation and relief, ecosystems, and ownership, as well as the historical and natural details that make each range unique: archaeology, Native American presence, mining history, ghost towns, recreation, and much more, as well as geology, ecology, and plants and animals.

Desert Wetlands (Paperback, New): Lucian Niemeyer Desert Wetlands (Paperback, New)
Lucian Niemeyer
R552 R481 Discovery Miles 4 810 Save R71 (13%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

Water plays different roles in the desert. It appears when we least expect it and hides when we want it most. Rain falls but never reaches the ground, and dry washes abruptly become rivers. One constant holds true: water enables life. In Desert Wetlands a distinguished photographer and a passionate naturalist document sites in the American Southwest and Mexico that are gauges to the environment. The wetlands included are Cuatro Cienegas Basin in Coahuila, Mexico, the San Pedro River in Arizona, the Escalante River in Utah, the Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge in New Mexico, the playas and wetlands in Arizona, the Mohave Desert in California, and the Big Bend National Park in Texas. "Exploration of desert wetlands--whether on foot, with photographs, or in words--involves vacillating between tremendous, uplifting beauty and great, heartbreaking degradation. We offer the images and words in your hands that you might grasp the beauty more readily, and join the chorus of voices calling for an end to despoiling of these treasurelands."--Thomas Lowe Fleischner in Desert Wetlands "Mr. Niemeyer's photography . . . is utterly superb."--Southern Living

Mountaineering in the Swiss Alps - High peaks and classic climbs in Switzerland (Paperback): Stephane Maire Mountaineering in the Swiss Alps - High peaks and classic climbs in Switzerland (Paperback)
Stephane Maire; Translated by Paul Henderson
R443 R346 Discovery Miles 3 460 Save R97 (22%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Mountaineering in the Swiss Alps presents a selection of classic routes in the main Swiss climbing areas that have forged Switzerland's reputation as a mountaineering paradise. Featured are over thirty climbs, ranging from relatively easy normal routes to more challenging itineraries. All are within the capabilities of most mountaineers and provide an excellent introduction to the wide variety of climbing that Switzerland has to offer. Every route, whether it is a pure rock climb, a mixed ridge, a big north face or a long traverse, was chosen for the beauty of the surroundings and the quality of the climbing. Some are on world famous peaks that every mountaineer aspires to climb, such as the Matterhorn (Mont Cervin), the Breithorn and the Monch; others are on lesser-known summits and will delight those who like getting away from the beaten track. Written by mountaineer and author Stephane Maire, each route features technical notes, a route description and topo, and photos illustrating the climb's unique character.

Diversity and Interaction in a Temperate Forest Community - Ogawa Forest Reserve of Japan (Hardcover, 2002 ed.): Tohru... Diversity and Interaction in a Temperate Forest Community - Ogawa Forest Reserve of Japan (Hardcover, 2002 ed.)
Tohru Nakashizuka, Yoosuke Matsumoto
R3,022 Discovery Miles 30 220 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

The Ogawa Forest Reserve (OFR) is a species-rich, temperate, deciduous, old-growth forest in central Japan in which the ecology of the tree community has been intensively investigated since 1987. Detailed demographic data on the main tree species, covering the entire tree life cycle, were collected to elucidate the mechanisms by which community structure, organization, and species diversity are maintained. Included here is the work of more than 40 scientists in such diverse fields as botany, ecology, pedology, silviculture, mammal ecology, entomology, and ornithology, who have studied the same forest at the same time. This volume introduces the main areas of research under the OFR project and discusses the implications of the results on environmental issues. Integrated studies of this type are essential to clarify how species diversity is maintained, currently a central focus in ecology.

Walking the Llano - A Texas Memoir of Place (Paperback): Shelley Armitage Walking the Llano - A Texas Memoir of Place (Paperback)
Shelley Armitage
R426 R351 Discovery Miles 3 510 Save R75 (18%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

When American explorers crossed the Texas Panhandle, they dubbed it part of the ""Great American Desert."" A ""sea of grass,"" the llano appeared empty, flat, and barely habitable. Contemporary developments - cell phone towers, oil rigs, and wind turbines - have only added to this stereotype. Yet in this lyrical ecomemoir, Shelley Armitage charts a unique rediscovery of the largely unknown land, a journey at once deeply personal and far-reaching in its exploration of the connections between memory, spirit, and place. Armitage begins her narrative with the intention to walk the llano from her family farm thirty meandering miles along the Middle Alamosa Creek to the Canadian River. Along the way, she seeks the connection between her father and one of the area's first settlers, Ysabel Gurule, who built his dugout on the banks of the Canadian. Armitage, who grew up nearby in the small town of Vega, finds this act of walking inseparable from the act of listening and writing. ""What does the land say to us?"" she asks as she witnesses human alterations to the landscape - perhaps most catastrophic the continued drainage of the land's most precious resource, the Ogallala Aquifer. Yet the llano's wonders persist: dynamic mesas and canyons, vast flora and fauna, diverse wildlife, rich histories. Armitage recovers the voices of ancient, Native, and Hispano peoples, their stories interwoven with her own: her father's legacy, her mother's decline, a brother's love. The llano holds not only the beauty of ecological surprises but a renewed realization of kinship in a world ever changing. Reminiscent of the work of Terry Tempest Williams and John McPhee, Walking the Llano is both a celebration of an oft-overlooked region and a soaring testimony to the power of the landscape to draw us into greater understanding of ourselves and others by experiencing a deeper connection with the places we inhabit.

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Selected Climbs: Mont Blanc & the…
Jean-Louis Laroche, Florence Lelong Paperback R391 R352 Discovery Miles 3 520
Seven Days on the Santee Delta - A…
John Lane, Philip Wilkinson Hardcover R1,379 R1,095 Discovery Miles 10 950
Rainforest: Light and Spirit
Harry Holcroft, Ghillean T. Prance Hardcover R819 R681 Discovery Miles 6 810
Wild Catalina Island - Natural Secrets…
Frank J. Hein, Carlos de La Rosa Paperback R472 R390 Discovery Miles 3 900
Rewilding - Real Life Stories of…
David Woodfall Paperback  (1)
R497 R382 Discovery Miles 3 820
Libby Purves Paperback R283 R224 Discovery Miles 2 240
One Day as a Tiger - Alex Macintyre and…
John Porter Paperback R405 R368 Discovery Miles 3 680
The Outer Beach - A Thousand-Mile Walk…
Robert Finch Paperback R369 R307 Discovery Miles 3 070