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Games > Playstation 3

Beyond: Two Souls (PlayStation 3): Beyond: Two Souls (PlayStation 3)
R172 Discovery Miles 1 720 Ships in 8 - 13 working days
Just Dance 2018 (PlayStation 3): Just Dance 2018 (PlayStation 3)
R509 Discovery Miles 5 090 Ships in 8 - 13 working days
Mugen Souls Z (German Box - English in game) (PlayStation 3): Mugen Souls Z (German Box - English in game) (PlayStation 3)
R351 Discovery Miles 3 510 Ships in 8 - 13 working days
Dead Space 3 (PlayStation 3, DVD-ROM): Dead Space 3 (PlayStation 3, DVD-ROM)
R233 Discovery Miles 2 330 Ships in 8 - 13 working days

Scavenge the violent wilderness, build devastating weapons, and take down the terror together. Dead Space 3 brings Isaac Clarke and merciless soldier John Carver on a journey across space to discover the source of the Necromorph outbreak. Crash-landed on the frozen planet of Tau Volantis, Isaac must comb the harsh environment for raw materials and scavenged parts. He will then put his engineering skills to the ultimate test to create and customise weapons and survival tools. The ice planet holds the key to ending the Necromorph plague forever, but first Isaac must overcome avalanches, treacherous ice-climbs, and the violent wilderness. Facing deadlier evolved enemies and the brutal elements, Isaac can choose to team up, not only for his own survival, but for that of mankind?s. Play together with a friend or go it alone as Isaac Clarke using the seamless new drop in, drop out co-op functionality. Each mode offers unique story elements and gameplay.

Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 - Full Burst Edition (PlayStation 3, Blu-ray disc): Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 - Full Burst Edition (PlayStation 3, Blu-ray disc)
R437 Discovery Miles 4 370 Ships in 8 - 13 working days
Mass Effect 2 (PlayStation 3, DVD-ROM): Playstation 3 Mass Effect 2 (PlayStation 3, DVD-ROM)
Playstation 3
R263 Discovery Miles 2 630 Ships in 8 - 13 working days

Two years after Commander Shepard repelled invading Reapers bent on the destruction of organic life, a mysterious new enemy has emerged. On the fringes of known space, something is silently abducting entire human colonies.

Now Shepard must work with Cerberus, a ruthless organisation devoted to human survival at any cost, to stop the most terrifying threat mankind has ever faced. To even attempt this perilous mission, Shepard must assemble the galaxy's most elite team and command the most powerful ship ever built. Even then, they say it would be suicide. Commander Shepard intends to prove them wrong.

Skate 3 (PlayStation 3, Blu-ray disc): Skate 3 (PlayStation 3, Blu-ray disc)
R541 Discovery Miles 5 410 Ships in 8 - 13 working days

Too much to detail here, that’s for sure. But there are new tricks to master – notably darkslides and underflips, both of which are very cool indeed. Underflips are when you catch a flip and flip it the other way, and in darkslides, you grind rails with the board upside-down – see you need to flip off the rail in order to land them. Also new is Skate.School, which lets you hone your skills before hitting the streets (under the tutelage of Coach Frank, who looks like a tennis coach but doesn’t sound like one). Skate 3 is massive, meaty and amazing to behold, and there’s no doubt that the immaculately conceived and constructed Port Carverton (if it really existed, nobody but skaters would want to live there) takes centre-stage. The two-stick control system is as smooth and intuitive as ever, as you would expect. But one aspect that really stands out is the game’s impeccable mixing of the realistic and the fantastic – its tricks are believable and flow naturally from your finger-movements, and thanks to the new online team elements, you really can lead a vicarious virtual skating life. But then there are the aspects which are simply better than real life, such as the hilariously masochistic Hall Of Meat or the huge ramps and vertical drops which let you take advantage of life-threatening amounts of air. Whether you spend half your life on a skateboard, or just dream of doing so, you will love it.

Skylanders Superchargers - Starter Pack (Nordic Box but All Lang in Game) (PlayStation 3): Skylanders Superchargers - Starter Pack (Nordic Box but All Lang in Game) (PlayStation 3)
R671 Discovery Miles 6 710 Ships in 8 - 13 working days
Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen (Essentials) (PlayStation 3, DVD-ROM): Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen (Essentials) (PlayStation 3, DVD-ROM)
R266 Discovery Miles 2 660 Ships in 8 - 13 working days

Just off the Gransys mainland is the cursed Bitterblack Isle
 - and it is here that gamers will discover an underground realm, complete with new terrifying foes to face and incredible treasure to find as they embark on an all new quest.

Owners of the original Dragon's Dogma will be able to export their existing characters and all other saved data, to continue their journey as the Arisen and face this new threat that has emerged from the cavernous depths. Players will be able to take their characters to new heights, with brand new high-level skills and augments as well as all new weapons and armour sets. For those that missed Dragon's Dogma the first time around, Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen provides the opportunity to start their journey from the very beginning before tackling the all new content.

Furthermore, owners of the original Dragon's Dogma will receive the following for free on purchasing Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen: 100,000 Rift Crystals, unlimited Ferrystones and the Gransys Armour Pack consisting of six brand new costumes.

Based on player feedback, Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen will make the Dragon's Dogma gameplay experience even more satisfying, with improvements such as easier travel and a more intuitive menu system. For those who already own Dragon's Dogma and then purchase Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen, these improvements will be automatically retrofitted to their original game.

Bulletstorm (PlayStation 3, DVD-ROM): Playstation 3 Bulletstorm (PlayStation 3, DVD-ROM)
Playstation 3 1
R230 Discovery Miles 2 300 Ships in 8 - 13 working days

Set in a futuristic utopia, an elite peacekeeping force thwarts the rumblings of civil war. But deception within the ranks has caused two members of the most feared unit, Dead Echo, to strike out on their own. Now washed-up mercenaries turned space pirates, Grayson Hunt and Ishi Sato's latest quest for a quick buck goes south.

Stumbling upon their ex-commander's warship, the Ulysses, Grayson engages this behemoth head-on. Outmanned and outgunned, his only option is to ram the Ulysses in a suicidal bid at redemption. Narrowly surviving a crash landing and now stranded on the abandoned paradise planet of Stygia, Grayson and Ishi find themselves surrounded by hordes of mutants and flesh-eating gangs.

They survive on two objectives: get off the planet alive and exact revenge on the man who sent them there.

  • Incredible New "Skillshot" System - Combine outrageous gunplay with Bulletstorm's unique kick, slide and leash mechanics as you kill with skill. Every enemy presents a new opportunity for stylish, over-the-top and ever increasingly bloody ways to take them down.

  • The Circle of Awesome - Kill with skill to rack up the points. Cash in these points for upgrades. Use these upgrades to pull off even bigger and better "skillshots" and earn even more points. Bulletstorm's upgrade system truly is a circle of awesome that rewards players who kill in the most creative ways.

  • Badass Weaponry - From your trusty Peace Maker Carbine to the explosive Flail Gun, Bulletstorm delivers an arsenal of the most inventive, death-dealing weapons ever seen that truly put the fun back into the First Person Shooter.

  • A Pulp Sci-fi Adventure - Featuring a script by the acclaimed Marvel Comics writer Rick Remender, Bulletstorm takes you on a journey filled with plot twists and turns from betrayal to revenge and ultimately redemption.

  • A Dangerous Planet of Forgotten Paradise - Travel from scorched desserts to tropical forests and an adult playground resort on a beautifully realized paradise defiled, delivered by the power of the Unreal Engine.
The Witch and the Hundred Knight (German Box - English in game) (PlayStation 3): The Witch and the Hundred Knight (German Box - English in game) (PlayStation 3)
R191 Discovery Miles 1 910 Ships in 8 - 13 working days
The Wolf Among Us (German Box - English in game) (PlayStation 3): The Wolf Among Us (German Box - English in game) (PlayStation 3)
R188 Discovery Miles 1 880 Ships in 8 - 13 working days
Alice - Madness Returns (PlayStation 3, DVD-ROM): Alice - Madness Returns (PlayStation 3, DVD-ROM)
R774 Discovery Miles 7 740 Ships in 8 - 13 working days

Alice: Madness Returns delves deep into the dark and violent side of the imagination, creating a nightmarish Wonderland where Alice must face the demons that haunt her visions. Visit the grim reality of Victorian London and then travel to the beautiful yet ghastly Wonderland to uncover the root of Alice?s madness and discover the truth behind a deadly secret, kept hidden for years. Eleven years ago a horrific fire took Alice?s family from her and left her mind horrifically scarred. Afterwards she was confined to Rutledge Asylum, where she struggled to confront her demons by slipping further into her fantasy world of Wonderland. Now, after ten years, she has finally secured her release?yet she still bears the heavy psychological burden of that tragic event. With her mind in tatters, she is unable to resolve the fear prompted by her strange memories, dreams, and visions. Perhaps she?ll do better in Wonderland. She always has. She travels there, seeking what the ?real? world can?t provide: security, knowledge, and the truth about the past. But in her absence, Wonderland too has suffered. Something has gone horribly wrong, and now a great evil is descending upon what once was her beautiful refuge. Can Alice save Wonderland?and herself?from the madness that consumes them both?

The Awakened Fate Ultimatum (German Box - English in game) (PlayStation 3): The Awakened Fate Ultimatum (German Box - English in game) (PlayStation 3)
R223 Discovery Miles 2 230 Ships in 8 - 13 working days
Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch (Essentials) (PlayStation 3, DVD-ROM): Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch (Essentials) (PlayStation 3, DVD-ROM)
R429 Discovery Miles 4 290 Ships in 8 - 13 working days

Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch
 - A heart-warming tale of a young boy called Oliver, who embarks on a journey into a parallel world to become a magician in an attempt to bring his mother back from the dead.

Along the way Oliver makes new friends and adopts many of the wonderful creatures that inhabit the world, raising them to battle other creatures on his behalf as he takes on formidable enemies.
The unique fantasy adventure is developed by LEVEL-5, the studio behind the smash hits Dragon Quest VIII and IX, and the Professor Layton series.  For the game’s characters and animations, LEVEL-5 collaborated with the legendary Studio Ghibli, the team responsible for countless anime masterpieces including My Neighbour Totoro, Castle in the Sky and Spirited Away.  The in-game music comes from the hand of Joe Hisaishi, the composer of the scores to over 100 films including many of Studio Ghibli’s greatest productions.

The epic title is being localised with English or the original Japanese voiceover, with English subtitles included as an option.

Arcana Heart 3: Love Max (German Box - English in game) (PlayStation 3): Arcana Heart 3: Love Max (German Box - English in game) (PlayStation 3)
R163 Discovery Miles 1 630 Ships in 8 - 13 working days
Mugen Souls Z (PlayStation 3, DVD-ROM): Mugen Souls Z (PlayStation 3, DVD-ROM)
R386 Discovery Miles 3 860 Ships in 8 - 13 working days

Mugen Souls Z
Lady Chou-Chou's back with a vengeance! Taking place right after the first game, the Undisputed God Chou-Chou meets Syrma, the Ultimate God of the Universe, and discovers that there are more worlds to conquer! Can Syrma and Chou-Chou do it and stop an ancient threat from destroying their worlds?

9999 levels of maniacal mishaps and adventure await!

Resistance 2 (PLATINUM) (PlayStation 3, Digital): Playstation 3 Resistance 2 (PLATINUM) (PlayStation 3, Digital)
Playstation 3
R177 Discovery Miles 1 770 Ships in 8 - 13 working days
LEGO Rock Band (PlayStation 3, DVD-ROM): LEGO Rock Band (PlayStation 3, DVD-ROM)
R238 Discovery Miles 2 380 Ships in 8 - 13 working days

LEGO Rock Band merges two of the most popular videogame franchises to deliver a unique family-friendly music experience that will take tweens, teens, families and gamers of all ages on a wild journey to rock stardom in order to ?Build a Band and Rock the Universe.? Combining the authentic multiplayer music experience of Rock Band with the accessibility, customization and humor of LEGO games, LEGO Rock Band allows players to create their own unique rock star style and customize their own avatars, band members, roadies, and managers. As players successfully complete songs and rock challenges, they can collect LEGO studs, unlock additional content and build amazing vehicles, which can take their band from local gigs at rock clubs to epic stadium shows and even fantasy settings on Earth and beyond.

Playstation 3 Replacement Case (Clear) (PlayStation 3, DVD-ROM): Playstation 3 Replacement Case (Clear) (PlayStation 3, DVD-ROM)
R43 Discovery Miles 430 Ships in 8 - 13 working days
Under Night In-Birth EXE: Late (German Box - English in game) (PlayStation 3): Under Night In-Birth EXE: Late (German Box - English in game) (PlayStation 3)
R232 Discovery Miles 2 320 Ships in 8 - 13 working days
Injustice: Gods Among Us (PlayStation 3, DVD-ROM): Injustice: Gods Among Us (PlayStation 3, DVD-ROM)
R290 Discovery Miles 2 900 Ships in 8 - 13 working days

Injustice: Gods Among Us introduces a bold new franchise to the fighting game genre from NetherRealm Studios, creators of the definitive fighting game; Mortal Kombat. Featuring DC Comics icons such Batman, Cyborg, The Flash, Harley Quinn, Nightwing, Solomon Grundy, Superman and Wonder Woman, the latest title from the award-winning studio presents a deep original story. Heroes and villains will engage in epic battles on a massive scale in a world where the line between good and evil has been blurred.

NAtURAL DOCtRINE (PlayStation 3, DVD-ROM): NAtURAL DOCtRINE (PlayStation 3, DVD-ROM)
R310 Discovery Miles 3 100 Ships in 8 - 13 working days

NAtURAL DOCtRINE is a challenging strategy RPG that features cross-play, cross-save, and stunning visuals. Strategy role-playing gamers be ready, as this title will truly test your ability to conquer the evils that lurk in the sprawling networks of mines and ruins in the areas surrounding the fortress city of Feste.

The Guided Fate Paradox (German Box - English in game) (PlayStation 3): The Guided Fate Paradox (German Box - English in game) (PlayStation 3)
R203 Discovery Miles 2 030 Ships in 8 - 13 working days
Army of Two: The Devil's Cartel (PlayStation 3, DVD-ROM): Army of Two: The Devil's Cartel (PlayStation 3, DVD-ROM)
R404 Discovery Miles 4 040 Ships in 8 - 13 working days

The originator of tactical co-op is back! Developed by Visceral Games, the award-winning creators of Dead Space, Army of TWO The Devil’s Cartel delivers an immersive and unique 3rd-person co-op action-shooter that’s built on the new Frostbite 2 engine for maximum destruction. You and your partner must shoot and destroy anything in your path to take down a violent drug cartel that’s taken over Mexico. In gripping partner-based missions, each player must tackle and overcome individual objectives to achieve a common goal. The more effective your teamwork, the greater the reward as the new Overkill mode gives you devastating power for truly epic mass destruction! Experience this explosive action-blockbuster campaign in two-player local split-screen or online co-op!

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