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Kandinsky Watercolours - Catalogue Raisonne, 1900-1921 (Hardcover, New): Vivian Endicott Barnett Kandinsky Watercolours - Catalogue Raisonne, 1900-1921 (Hardcover, New)
Vivian Endicott Barnett
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Volume One

Treasures from Korea - Arts and Culture of the Joseon Dynasty, 1392-1910 (Hardcover): Hyunsoo Woo Treasures from Korea - Arts and Culture of the Joseon Dynasty, 1392-1910 (Hardcover)
Hyunsoo Woo; Contributions by Insoo Cho, Hongkyung Kim, Woollim Kim, So-Hyun Kwon, …
R1,226 R1,121 Discovery Miles 11 210 Save R105 (9%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

A richly illustrated survey of the vast influence of Korea's longest-ruling Confucian dynasty, featuring some 200 masterworks from major collections Treasures from Korea is the first major publication outside of Korea to survey the artistic production of the world's longest-ruling Confucian dynasty, which reigned on the Korean peninsula from 1392 to 1910. The Joseon dynasty left a substantial legacy for modern Korea, influencing contemporary etiquette, cultural norms, and societal attitudes. Beautifully illustrated with color images of some 200 masterworks from major Korean public and private collections, this important volume offers readers a detailed look at the fascinating art of the Joseon, from the exquisitely crafted pieces used by the court to scholarly implements, ritual items, and Buddhist arts. A variety of mediums, including prints, paintings, calligraphy, books, ceramics, sculptures, metal works, and costumes and textiles, are organized around five key themes: the king and his court, Joseon society, ancestral rites, Buddhism in a Confucian society, and Joseon in modern times.

Ayurvedic Man - Encounters with Indian medicine (Hardcover): Wellcome Collection Ayurvedic Man - Encounters with Indian medicine (Hardcover)
Wellcome Collection
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Plains Indian Buffalo Cultures - Art from the Paul Dyck Collection (Hardcover): Emma I. Hansen Plains Indian Buffalo Cultures - Art from the Paul Dyck Collection (Hardcover)
Emma I. Hansen; Foreword by Arthur Amiotte
R1,201 Discovery Miles 12 010 Shipped within 7 - 11 working days
African Art as Philosophy - Senghor, Bergson and the Idea of Negritude (Hardcover): Souleymane Bachir Diagne African Art as Philosophy - Senghor, Bergson and the Idea of Negritude (Hardcover)
Souleymane Bachir Diagne; Translated by Chike Jeffers
R438 R414 Discovery Miles 4 140 Save R24 (5%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Leopold Sedar Senghor (1906-2001) was a Senegalese poet and philosopher who in 1960 also became the first president of the Republic of Senegal. "In African Art as Philosophy," Souleymane Bachir Diagne takes a unique approach to reading Senghor's influential works, taking as the starting point for his analysis Henri Bergson's idea that in order to understand philosophers one must find the initial intuition from which every aspect of their work develops. In the case of Senghor, Diagne argues that his primordial intuition is that African art is a philosophy.

To further this point, Diagne looks at what Senghor called the "1889 Revolution," and the influential writers and publications of that time--specifically, Nietzsche and Rimbaud, as well as Bergson's "Essay on the Immediate Data of Consciousness." The 1889 Revolution, Senghor claims, is what led him to the understanding of the "Vitalism" at the core of African religions and beliefs that found expression in the arts.

This book offers a distinct, incisive look at an important figure in African literature and politics that will be welcomed by scholars in African Studies and philosophy.

The Horse Rider in African Art (Hardcover): George Chemeche The Horse Rider in African Art (Hardcover)
George Chemeche
R1,334 R1,012 Discovery Miles 10 120 Save R322 (24%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Horses are very rare in Africa. The few to be found west of Sudan, from the lands of the Sahara and Sahel down to the fringes of the tropical forests, belong to the king, the chief warrior and to notable persons. Due to the dense humidity of the tropical rainforest and the deadly tsetse fly, only restricted numbers of horses survive. And yet rider and mount sculptures are common among the Dogon, Djenne, Bamana, Senufo and the Yoruba people. The Akan-Asante people of Ghana and the Kotoko of Chad produced a good deal of small casting brass and bronze sculptures. Some of the artists could barely even have caught a glimpse of a horse. This visually stunning book presents a wealth of African art depicting the horse and its rider in a variety of guises, from Epa masks and Yoruba divination cups to Dogon sculptures and Senufo carvings. In Mali, the Bamana, Boso and Somono ethnic groups still celebrate the festivals of the puppet masquerade. The final chapter of this book is dedicated to the art and cult of these festivals, which are still alive and well. It is not the habit of the African artist to provide intellectual statements for his work, yet his unique creative dynamic and far-searching vision does not conflict with that of his Western counterpart. It is fair to state that the African, who though not educated in Western art history, contributed his fair share to the shaping of modern art. Features works from museums in both Africa and Europe, including the Musee Royal de L'Afrique Central, Tervuren in Belgium; Afrika Museum, Berg en Dal, Netherlands; Musee du quai Branly, Paris; Museum Rietberg, Zurich; The British Museum, London; Museu National de Antologia, Lisbon and National Museum, Lagos, Nigeria.

Native North American Art (Paperback, New): Janet Catherine Berlo, Ruth B. Phillips Native North American Art (Paperback, New)
Janet Catherine Berlo, Ruth B. Phillips
R414 R319 Discovery Miles 3 190 Save R95 (23%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

This exciting new investigation explores the rich variety of indigenous arts in the US and Canada from the early pre-contact period to the present day. It shows the importance of the visual arts in maintaining the integrity of spiritual, social, political, and economic systems within Native North American societies and examines such issues as gender, representation, the colonial encounter, and contemporary arts. Basketry, wood and rock carvings, dance masks, and beadwork, are discussed alongside the paintings and installations of modern artists such as Robert Davidson, Emmi Whitehorse, and Alex Janvier.

Hiroshige: Plum Garden (Blank Sketch Book) (Notebook / blank book): Flame Tree Hiroshige: Plum Garden (Blank Sketch Book) (Notebook / blank book)
Flame Tree
R329 R207 Discovery Miles 2 070 Save R122 (37%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

A new series of blank sketch books, with luxurious bindings. Combining high-quality production with on the best and most popular art, the covers are printed on foil and embossed, foil stamped with gilded edges. Perfect for personal use, for anyone who sketches or makes notes, for students and artists, they also make a brilliant gift. This example is based on 'Plum Garden, Kamata', 1857 by Utagawa Hiroshige (1797-1858).

Hemba (Hardcover): Luigi Spina, Contantine Petridis Hemba (Hardcover)
Luigi Spina, Contantine Petridis
R1,287 R965 Discovery Miles 9 650 Save R322 (25%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Expressing one of many Luba sub-styles, the tall, standing male figures created by master carvers of the Hemba culture in southeastern Congo since at least the mid-1800s arguably rank among the noblest sculptural depictions of the human figure in sub-Saharan Africa. With their serene gaze and meditative expression, they exude a tranquility and dignity that befits these idealised likenesses memorialising esteemed leaders of the past. Infused with a life-force or vital energy, these spirit-invested objects were able to communicate between the living and the dead. Thanks to their inner power they had the capacity to impact the material sphere by allowing the ancestors to positively influence the well-being of their surviving relatives. In this publication, through the perceptive lens of art photographer Luigi Spina, we discover nine of the most accomplished Hemba creations whose classical style has triggered comparisons with some kouroi sculptures of ancient Greece. Spina's photographic interpretations help us understand why these proportionally balanced and symmetrically conceived ancestral figures have earned the admiration of African art lovers around the world. These personal readings of the beloved Hemba commemorative portraits also confirm why these sensitive renderings of the human anatomy deserve inclusion in the universal history of artistic creativity and a place in Andre Malraux's 'Museum Without Walls'. Text in English and French.

Sekien Toriyama's Japandemonium Illustrated (Paperback): Sekien Toriyama Sekien Toriyama's Japandemonium Illustrated (Paperback)
Sekien Toriyama
R640 R452 Discovery Miles 4 520 Save R188 (29%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days
Conservation And Management Of The WorldIs Petroglyph Sites (Hardcover): Hotae Jeon Conservation And Management Of The WorldIs Petroglyph Sites (Hardcover)
Hotae Jeon
R443 R335 Discovery Miles 3 350 Save R108 (24%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

The book includes useful case studies of the world s rock art management and preservation. Through practical comparisons among the world s petroglyph sites such as those in France, Portugal, Russia &c., readers are able to recognize the issues of preservation that they all share. Nine experts specializing in rock art conservation and the management of cultural heritage sites have contributed articles to this book.

Before Time Began (Hardcover): Jessica De Largy Healy, Georges Petitjean, Luke Scholes Before Time Began (Hardcover)
Jessica De Largy Healy, Georges Petitjean, Luke Scholes
R750 R573 Discovery Miles 5 730 Save R177 (24%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Overview of the Aboriginal Art, focusing on the first large-scale exhibition staged by the Fondation Opale (Switzerland). The common thread running right through this work is man's link with the land, the legacy of the ancestors that still echoes in the present. It is no accident that Before Time Began is one of the expressions used by Aboriginal artists in central Australia to refer to the creation of the world, in an oneiric sense. Understanding and following this underlying bond enables the reader to explore the art's narrative content in its association with dreams and the passage of time, elements that inevitably distinguish the temporal dimension in the different societies. But it is also a way of exploring the first stirrings of contemporary art in an Aboriginal context through works made at the beginning of the 1970s in Arnhem Land and in the territory of the Papunya, as well as more recent paintings by artists living in the APY (Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara). These last examples in particular highlight the fusion between contemporary art and traditional customs, in which ancestral knowledge is fused with elements drawn from the inevitable march of progress.

Isms: Understanding Art (Paperback): Stephen Little Isms: Understanding Art (Paperback)
Stephen Little 1
R243 R192 Discovery Miles 1 920 Save R51 (21%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Isms: Understanding Art is the perfect pocket-sized guide for gallery and museum lovers who have a general interest in the arts, but not necessarily any formal education in the visual arts. With this portable and indispensable tool in hand, anyone can guide themselves through the world's prestigious museums and major art collections and recognize and intelligently discuss the significant movements that have shaped the world of art.

Using an informative and engaging style with informal and direct tone, each of the numerous "isms" that are used to define-but often misleadingly cloud-art movements are explained in simple terms and made accessible to the casual art lover. Readers are encouraged to think of styles as useful tools for conversation and exploration rather than as hard and fast academic definitions, and to relate to the art itself rather than to a merely conceptual idea.

Each spread is devoted to a single art historical period and begins with an introduction that explains when the movement first emerged, the historical period to which it applies, and the principal disputes over its applicability, usefulness, or significance. The rest of the chapter is divided into several sections illustrating the most important artists and works within the period, related key words, and illustrations that best represent the distinctive features. This comprehensible structure makes it possible for any reader to gain a clear understanding of Classicism or Cubism while sitting in a cafe or visiting a gallery.

The Last Painting - Final Works of the Great Masters: from Giotto to Twombly (Hardcover): Bernard Chambaz The Last Painting - Final Works of the Great Masters: from Giotto to Twombly (Hardcover)
Bernard Chambaz 1
R870 R674 Discovery Miles 6 740 Save R196 (23%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

There are no rules, and even less justice. Death takes everyone without discrimination. Sometimes it is accidental - like Signorelli, who fell from scaffolding. Sometimes it is expected, as with the diabetic Cezanne, who wrote "I am old, sick, and I swore to die while painting". But often, researching a painter's death is an easier task than determining which of their works is truly their 'last'. Paintings tend to be dated by year and not month, inciting much debate among art historians. This book embraces this ambiguity, studying 100 examples of works that lay completed for several years, or were left unfinished on the easel, or were finished post-mortem by a friend's grieving hand. The Last Painting collects 100 terminal paintings from 100 artists, including Dali, Manet, Toulouse-Lautrec, Degas, Goya, Pollock, Rembrandt, Dix, Bonnard, Titien, and many more. Each picture gives us a glimpse into the painter's mind. Did they know death was coming? Did they paint with denial, or acceptance? Did they return to a favourite subject, or decide to embark on a new, original project while they still had time? A poetic and thought-provoking book, The Last Painting is a sensitive exploration of the relationship between art and death.

Transnational Frontiers - The American West in France (Hardcover): Emily C Burns Transnational Frontiers - The American West in France (Hardcover)
Emily C Burns
R1,108 Discovery Miles 11 080 Shipped within 7 - 11 working days
Plains Indian Buffalo Cultures - Art from the Paul Dyck Collection (Paperback): Emma I. Hansen Plains Indian Buffalo Cultures - Art from the Paul Dyck Collection (Paperback)
Emma I. Hansen; Foreword by Arthur Amiotte
R860 Discovery Miles 8 600 Shipped within 7 - 11 working days
Tibetan Buddhist Art (Hardcover): Alain Presencer Tibetan Buddhist Art (Hardcover)
Alain Presencer
R819 R618 Discovery Miles 6 180 Save R201 (25%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

This fascinating history by famed Tibetologist and adventurer Alain Presencer features beautiful reproductions of never-before-seen items from the author's private collection. Tibetan Buddhist Art draws on the author's decades' worth of experience at the forefront of his field and his manifold adventures to provide a comprehensive and entertaining overview of a hitherto underrepresented subject. Presencer complements his erudite yet accessible introduction to Tibet's fascinating history, and its astounding variety of artistic processes and objects, with stories from his intrepid travels, including a rare sighting of a `sky burial' and an even rarer venture down into a torture chamber deep in the bowels of the Potala Palace. The book contains 59 pages devoted to showcasing artefacts collected over the years during the author's many trips to the Tibetan plateau. The pieces in question were recently put on sale to private collectors at Bonhams but many are available here for the general public to view for the first time. The collection, comprising beautiful examples of statuary, religious and ritual implements and thangkas (a Tibetan form of textile painting), is reproduced with high-quality full-page spreads, allowing the objects to retain all their magic and mystery.

Asian Inspiration - Art, Graphics & Illustrations (Paperback): Asian Inspiration - Art, Graphics & Illustrations (Paperback)
R660 R516 Discovery Miles 5 160 Save R144 (22%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days
Three Thousand Years of Chinese Painting (Paperback, New Ed): Richard M. Barnhart, Xin Yang Three Thousand Years of Chinese Painting (Paperback, New Ed)
Richard M. Barnhart, Xin Yang
R988 R909 Discovery Miles 9 090 Save R79 (8%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

From Neolithic painted petroglyphs, early paintings on silk, and landscapes by twelfth-century literati to the traditional handscrolls being produced today, Chinese painting has always had the power to enthrall. This magnificent book, written by a team of eminent international scholars, is the first to recount the history of Chinese painting over a span of some three thousand years. Drawing on museum collections, archives, and archaeological sites in China-including many resources never before available to Western scholars-as well as on collections in other countries, the authors present and analyze the very best examples of Chinese painting: more than 300 of them are reproduced here in color. Both accessible to the general reader and revelatory for the scholar, the book provides the most up-to-date and detailed history of China's pictorial art available today. In this book the authors rewrite the history of Chinese art wherever it is found-in caves, temples, or museum collections. They begin by grounding the Western reader in Chinese traditions and practices, showing in essence how to look at a Chinese painting. They then shed light on such topics as the development of classical and narrative painting, the origins of the literati tradition, the flowering of landscape painting, and the ways the traditions of Chinese painting have been carried into the present day. The book, which concludes with a glossary of techniques and terms and a list of artists by dynasty, is an essential resource for all lovers of, or newcomers to, Chinese painting. Three Thousand Years of Chinese Painting is the inaugural volume in a new series, The Culture & Civilization of China, a joint publishing venture of Yale University Press and the American Council of Learned Societies with the China International Publishing Group in Beijing. The undertaking will ultimately result in the publication of more than seventy-five volumes on the visual arts, classical literature, language, and philosophy, as well as several comprehensive reference volumes.

Anime's Media Mix - Franchising Toys and Characters in Japan (Paperback, New): Marc Steinberg Anime's Media Mix - Franchising Toys and Characters in Japan (Paperback, New)
Marc Steinberg
R504 R436 Discovery Miles 4 360 Save R68 (13%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

In Anime's Media Mix, Marc Steinberg convincingly shows that anime is far more than a style of Japanese animation. Beyond its immediate form of cartooning, anime is also a unique mode of cultural production and consumption that led to the phenomenon that is today called "media mix"in Japan and "convergence"in the West. According to Steinberg, both anime and the media mix were ignited on January 1, 1963, when Astro Boy hit Japanese TV screens for the first time. Sponsored by a chocolate manufacturer with savvy marketing skills, Astro Boy quickly became a cultural icon in Japan. He was the poster boy (or, in his case, "sticker boy"d) both for Meiji Seika's chocolates and for what could happen when a goggle-eyed cartoon child fell into the eager clutches of creative marketers. It was only a short step, Steinberg makes clear, from Astro Boy to Pokemon and beyond.Steinberg traces the cultural genealogy that spawned Astro Boy to the transformations of Japanese media culture that followed-and forward to the even more profound developments in global capitalism supported by the circulation of characters like Doraemon, Hello Kitty, and Suzumiya Haruhi. He details how convergence was sparked by anime, with its astoundingly broad merchandising of images and its franchising across media and commodities. He also explains, for the first time, how the rise of anime cannot be understood properly-historically, economically, and culturally-without grasping the integral role that the media mix played from the start. Engaging with film, animation, and media studies, as well as analyses of consumer culture and theories of capitalism, Steinberg offers the first sustained study of the Japanese mode of convergence that informs global media practices to this day.

Dorothea Bleek - A life of scholarship (Paperback): Jill Weintroub Dorothea Bleek - A life of scholarship (Paperback)
Jill Weintroub
R352 R279 Discovery Miles 2 790 Save R73 (21%) Shipped within 4 - 10 working days

Dorothea Bleek (1873 to 1948) devoted her life to completing the `bushman researches' that her father and aunt had begun in the closing decades of the nineteenth century. This research was partly a labour of familial loyalty to Wilhelm, the acclaimed linguist and language scholar of nineteenth-century Germany and later of the Cape Colony, and to Lucy Lloyd, a self-taught linguist and scholar of bushman languages and folklore; but it was also an expression of Dorothea's commitment to a particular kind of scholarship and an intellectual milieu that saw her spending her entire adult life in the study of the people she called `bushmen'. How has history treated Dorothea Bleek? Has she been recognised as a scholar in her own right, or as someone who merely followed in the footsteps of her famous father and aunt? Was she an adventurer, a woman who travelled across southern Africa driven by intellectual curiosity to learn all she could about the bushmen? Or was she conservative, a researcher who belittled the people she studied and dismissed them as lazy and improvident? These are some of the questions with which Jill Weintroub starts her thoughtful biography of Dorothea Bleek. The book examines Dorothea Bleek's life story and family legacy, her rock art research and her fieldwork in southern Africa, and, in light of these, evaluates her scholarship and contribution to the history of ideas in South Africa. The compelling and surprising narrative reveals an intellectual inheritance intertwined with the story of a woman's life, and argues that Dorothea's life work - her study of the bushmen - was also a sometimes surprising emotional quest.

American Quilts in the Industrial Age, 1760-1870 - The International Quilt Study Center and Museum Collections (Hardcover):... American Quilts in the Industrial Age, 1760-1870 - The International Quilt Study Center and Museum Collections (Hardcover)
Patricia Cox Crews, Carolyn Ducey; International Quilt Study Center & Museum
R1,755 R1,443 Discovery Miles 14 430 Save R312 (18%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Part of a comprehensive catalog of the International Quilt Study Center and Museum collection, American Quilts in the Industrial Age, 1760-1870 highlights the dazzling designs and intricate needlework of America's treasured material culture. From whole cloth to pieced quilts to elaborate applique examples, all reflecting various design movements such as Neoclassicism and Eastern exoticism, the contributing authors address the development of quilt making in America from its inception in the 1700s to the period of the U.S. Civil War. Covering more than one hundred years of quilt making, this volume examines the period's quilts from both an artistic and a historical perspective. The contributors provide critical information regarding the founding of the republic and the influential republican values and ideals manifested in the quilts of this era. They also address the role that immigration and industrialization played in the evolution of materials and styles. With full-color photographs of nearly six hundred quilts, American Quilts in the Industrial Age, 1760-1870 offers new insights into American society.

The Image Debate - Figural representation in Islam and across the world (Hardcover): Christiane Gruber The Image Debate - Figural representation in Islam and across the world (Hardcover)
Christiane Gruber
R1,373 Discovery Miles 13 730 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

The images released by Islamic State of militants smashing statues at ancient sites were a horrifying aspect of their advance across Northern Iraq and Syria during 2015-16. Their leaders justified this iconoclasm (destruction of images) by arguing that such actions were divinely decreed in Islam, a notion that has remained fixed in the public consciousness. The Image Debate: Figural Representation in Islam and Across the World is a collection of thirteen essays which examine the controversy surrounding the use of images in Islamic and other religious cultures and seek to redress some of the misunderstandings that have arisen. Written by leading academics from the United States, Australia, Turkey, Israel and the United Kingdom, the book has a foreword by Stefano Carboni, Director of the Art Gallery of Western Australia, followed by an introduction by the editor Christiane Gruber, who sets the subject in context with a detailed examination of the debates over idols and the production of figural images in Islamic traditions. Twelve further articles are divided into three sections: the first deals with pre-modern Islam: Mika Natif looks at tensions between the Hadith prohibition on images and the praxis of image-making under the Umayyad dynasty and argues that the Umayyad rulers used imagery to establish their political and religious authority; Finbarr Barry Flood examines the practice of epigraphic erasure, i.e., the removal of names of rulers and patrons from historical inscriptions from the medieval Islamic world; and Oya Pancaroglu focuses on the figural conventions of an illustrated manuscript of Varqa and Gulshah, a medieval Persian romance composed in the masnavi (rhyming couplet) form by the 11th-century poet `Ayyuqi. The second section addresses the situation outside Islam: Alicia Walker surveys attitudes toward the production and veneration of religious images in Byzantium from the earliest years of the Christian Roman Empire (early 4th century) to the aftermath of the Iconoclast controversy (late 9th century); Steven Fine explores the history of Jewish engagement with `art' from Roman antiquity through the high middle ages through a detailed exploration of the 3rd-century Dura Europos synagogue and its wall paintings; Michael Shenkar examines evidence for the employment of figural images in the cultic practices of some of the major ancient Iranian cultural and political entities, offering a broad perspective on perceptions of images in ancient Iranian worship; and Robert DeCaroli delves into the question of why no image of the Buddha was made during the first five hundred years of Buddhism. The third section brings the reader back to Islamic lands with five articles examining aspects of the issue in the modern and contemporary periods: Yousuf Saaed investigates South Asian mass-produced images, especially posters that include illustrations of local Sufi shrines, portraits of saints and Shi`i iconography; James Bennett explores the visual depiction of Javanese shadow puppets (wayang kulit), including the sage Begawan Abiyasa, whose narratives convey key elements of Sufi mystical philosophy; Allen and Mary Roberts consider images of Cheikh Amadu Bamba, the founding Sufi saint of the Senegalese Mouride order; Rose Issa addresses how the term `Islamic' relates to contemporary art, how artists manage to create work in countries in constant turmoil and to what extent such works reflect their conceptual, aesthetic, and socio-political concerns; and finally Shiva Balaghi traces the use of the figure, along its symbolic shadows and silhouettes, in works by notable Iranian artists living in Iran and in diaspora.

John Lockwood Kipling - Arts and Crafts in the Punjab and London (Hardcover): Julius Bryant, Susan Weber John Lockwood Kipling - Arts and Crafts in the Punjab and London (Hardcover)
Julius Bryant, Susan Weber; Contributions by Deborah Swallow, Barbara Bryant, Julius Bryant, …
R1,254 R1,148 Discovery Miles 11 480 Save R106 (8%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

John Lockwood Kipling (1837-1911) started his career as an architectural sculptor at the South Kensington Museum (today the Victoria and Albert Museum). Much of his life, however, was spent in British India, where his son Rudyard was born. He taught at the Bombay School of Art and later was appointed principal of the new Mayo School of Art (today Pakistan's National College of Art and Design) as well as curator of its museum in Lahore. Over several years, Kipling toured the northern provinces of India, documenting the processes of local craftsmen, a cultural preservation project that provides a unique record of 19th-century Indian craft customs. This is the first book to explore the full spectrum of artistic, pedagogical, and archival achievements of this fascinating man of letters, demonstrating the sincerity of his work as an artist, teacher, administrator, and activist.

Netsuke - 100 miniature masterpieces from Japan (Paperback): Noriko Tsuchiya Netsuke - 100 miniature masterpieces from Japan (Paperback)
Noriko Tsuchiya
R367 R295 Discovery Miles 2 950 Save R72 (20%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Netsuke have once again come to the fore in the popular imagination of the public. In part this is due to the phenomenal success of Edmund De Waals 2010 book, Hare with the Amber Eyes, which highlights a treasured netsuke collection that was challenged by war and the vicissitudes of time. Intricately carved from various materials including ivory, wood and metal, these small toggles served a practical purpose in Japan: a netsuke was used to fasten a mans sash, an integral part of Japanese costume. Up until the seventeenth century netsuke were relatively insignificant objects that were rarely of artistic interest, but as time passed they evolved in terms of both materials and workmanship, and were then used by men to flaunt their wealth or as an expression of status. Today netsuke are considered an art form in their own right and are prized by collectors around the world. They are found in a variety of forms and depict a wide range of subjects including figures of human and legendary form, ghosts, animals, botanical subjects and masks. Skilfully worked, these miniature carvings are of great artistic value, but they also provide a window into Japanese culture and society. This book brings together one hundred of the most beautiful and interesting netsuke from the extensive collection of the British Museum, each of which has its own special charm and story to tell. Uncovering the stories behind these netsuke and coupling them with stunning new photography, this book reveals why these tiny objects have captivated so many, the meaning they have held for those who wore them, and what they can tell us about Japanese everyday life.

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