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Gutai - Decentering Modernism (Paperback): Ming Tiampo Gutai - Decentering Modernism (Paperback)
Ming Tiampo
R804 R740 Discovery Miles 7 400 Save R64 (8%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

This is the first book in English to examine Gutai, Japan's best-known modern art movement, a circle of postwar artists whose avant-garde paintings, performances, and installations foreshadowed many key developments in American and European experimental art. Working with previously unpublished photographs and archival resources, Ming Tiampo considers Gutai's pioneering transnational practice, spurred on by mid-century developments in mass media and travel that made the movement's field of reception and influence global in scope. Using these lines of transmission to claim a place for Gutai among modernist art practices while tracing the impact of Japan on art in Europe and America, Tiampo demonstrates the fundamental transnationality of modernism. Ultimately, Tiampo offers a new conceptual model for writing a global history of art, making Gutai an important and original contribution to modern art history.

Edgar Heap of Birds (Paperback): Bill Anthes Edgar Heap of Birds (Paperback)
Bill Anthes
R486 R421 Discovery Miles 4 210 Save R65 (13%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

For over three decades, contemporary Native American artist Hock E Aye Vi Edgar Heap of Birds has pursued a disciplined practice in multiple media, having shown his paintings, drawings, prints, and text-based conceptual art throughout numerous national and international galleries and public spaces. In the first book-length study of this important artist, Bill Anthes analyzes Heap of Birds's art and politics in relation to the international contemporary art scene, Native American history, and settler colonialism. Foregrounding how Heap of Birds roots his practice in Cheyenne spirituality and an indigenous way of seeing and being in the world, Anthes describes how Heap of Birds likens his art to "sharp rocks"-weapons delivering trenchant critiques of the loss of land, life, and autonomy endured by Native Americans. Whether appearing as interventions in public spaces or in a gallery, Heap of Birds's carefully honed artworks pose questions about time, modernity, identity, power, and the meaning and value of contemporary art in a global culture.

Visions from the Forest - The Art of Liberia and Sierra Leone (Paperback): Jan-Lodewijk Grootaers, Alexander Bortolot Visions from the Forest - The Art of Liberia and Sierra Leone (Paperback)
Jan-Lodewijk Grootaers, Alexander Bortolot
R791 R672 Discovery Miles 6 720 Save R119 (15%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Focusing on the collection of art from Liberia and Sierra Leone assembled by the late museum curator and scholar William Siegmann, this book beautifully documents works in stone, wood, metal, ivory, and cloth created between the 14th and 20th centuries by artists from more than a dozen West African ethnic groups.

Contributors include Mariane Ferme, Barbara C. Johnson, Christine Kreamer, Nanina Guyer, Daniel Reed, and Jan-Lodewijk Grootaers.

Art and Archaeology of the Erligang Civilization (Paperback): Kyle Steinke, Dora C. Y. Ching Art and Archaeology of the Erligang Civilization (Paperback)
Kyle Steinke, Dora C. Y. Ching
R1,079 R821 Discovery Miles 8 210 Save R258 (24%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Named after an archaeological site discovered in 1951 in Zhengzhou, China, the Erligang civilization arose in the Yellow River valley around the middle of the second millennium BCE. Shortly thereafter, its distinctive elite material culture spread to a large part of China's Central Plain, in the south reaching as far as the banks of the Yangzi River. The Erligang culture is best known for the remains of an immense walled city at Zhengzhou, a smaller site at Panlongcheng in Hubei, and a large-scale bronze industry of remarkable artistic and technological sophistication.

This richly illustrated book is the first in a western language devoted to the Erligang culture. It brings together scholars from a variety of disciplines, including art history and archaeology, to explore what is known about the culture and its spectacular bronze industry. The opening chapters introduce the history of the discovery of the culture and its most important archaeological sites. Subsequent essays address a variety of important methodological issues related to the study of Erligang, including how to define the culture, the usefulness of cross-cultural comparative study, and the difficulty of reconciling traditional Chinese historiography with archaeological discoveries. The book closes by examining the role the Erligang civilization played in the emergence of the first bronze-using societies in south China and the importance of bronze studies in the training of Chinese art historians.

The contributors are Robert Bagley, John Baines, Maggie Bickford, Rod Campbell, Li Yung-ti, Robin McNeal, Kyle Steinke, Wang Haicheng, and Zhang Changping.

The Other American Moderns - Matsura, Ishigaki, Noda, Hayakawa (Hardcover): ShiPu Wang The Other American Moderns - Matsura, Ishigaki, Noda, Hayakawa (Hardcover)
ShiPu Wang
R1,289 R1,085 Discovery Miles 10 850 Save R204 (16%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

In The Other American Moderns, ShiPu Wang analyzes the works of four early twentieth-century American artists who engaged with the concept of "Americanness" Frank Matsura, Eitaro Ishigaki, Hideo Noda, and Miki Hayakawa. In so doing, he recasts notions of minority artists' contributions to modernism and American culture. Wang presents comparative studies of these four artists' figurative works that feature Native Americans, African Americans, and other racial and ethnic minorities, including Matsura and Susan Timento Pose at Studio (ca. 1912), The Bonus March (1932), Scottsboro Boys (1933), and Portrait of a Negro (ca. 1926). Rather than creating art that reflected "Asian aesthetics," Matsura, Ishigaki, Noda, and Hayakawa deployed "imagery of the Other by the Other" as their means of exploring, understanding, and contesting conditions of diaspora and notions of what it meant to be American in an age of anti-immigrant sentiment and legislation. Based on a decade-long excavation of previously unexamined collections in the United States and Japan, The Other American Moderns is more than a rediscovery of "forgotten" minority artists: it reconceives American modernism by illuminating these artists' active role in the shaping of a multicultural and cosmopolitan culture. This nuanced analysis of their deliberate engagement with the ideological complexities of American identity contributes a new vision to our understanding of non-European identity in modernism and American art.

The Wonders of Creation and the Singularities of Painting - A Study of the Ilkhanid London Qazv?n? (Hardcover): Stefano Carboni The Wonders of Creation and the Singularities of Painting - A Study of the Ilkhanid London Qazv?n? (Hardcover)
Stefano Carboni
R2,150 R1,844 Discovery Miles 18 440 Save R306 (14%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

This is a beautifully illustrated study of Al Qazwini's 'Wonders of Creation' and the first ever translations of the text into English. 'Wonders of Creation' is one of a handful of extant illustrated codices produced under the Mongols of Persia. Al Qazwini collected, edited and assembled a large body of literary works into a single text that reflects the cultural world of a medieval Arab encyclopaedist. In this lavishly illustrated volume, Stefan Carboni analyses the manuscript's miniatures, discusses the 368 paintings that illustrate the codex, and includes a partial critical translation of the related Arabic text. The codex contains a copy of acosmographical text written in Arabic in Baghdad towards the end of the 13th century. The cosmography represents a physical description of the world arranged from the outer spheres of the universe, where the throne of God, the Angels and the Planets are located, down to Earth where the Peoples living in the Islands of the Oceans, the Mineral, the Vegetal and the Animal Kingdoms are described throughout the text. It offers a stylistic analysis and discussion of the manuscript's miniatures. It includes the first ever translations of sections of the 'Wonders of Creation' into English. It is beautifully illustrated with over 400 colour images.

Japanese Prints - Ukiyo-e in Edo, 1700-1900 (Paperback): Ellis Tinios Japanese Prints - Ukiyo-e in Edo, 1700-1900 (Paperback)
Ellis Tinios 1
R365 R293 Discovery Miles 2 930 Save R72 (20%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Japanese woodblock prints of the Edo period (1615-1868) were the products of a highly commercialised and competitive publishing industry. Their content was inspired by the vibrant popular culture that flourished in Edo (Tokyo). At any given time scores of publishers competed for the services of the leading artists of the day. Publishers and artists displayed tremendous ingenuity in finding ways to sustain demand for prints and to to circumvent the restrictions placed upon them by government censorship. Japanese woodblock prints have long been appreciated in the West for their graphic qualities but their content has not always been fully understood. In recent years, publications by scholars in Japan, Europe and the United States have made possible a more subtle appreciation of the imagery encountered in them. This book draws upon this recent scholarship to explain how those who first purchased these prints would have read them. Through stunning new photography of both well-known and rarely published works in the collection of the British Museum, including many recent acquisitions, the author explores how and why such prints were made, providing a fascinating introduction to a much-loved but little-understood art form.

The Inside World - Contemporary Memorial Poles from Aboriginal Australia (Hardcover): Henry F. Skerritt The Inside World - Contemporary Memorial Poles from Aboriginal Australia (Hardcover)
Henry F. Skerritt
R951 R695 Discovery Miles 6 950 Save R256 (27%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Traditionally used in Aboriginal funeral ceremonies, memorial poles have been transformed into compelling contemporary artworks. The memorial pole is made from the trunk of the Eucalyptus tetradonta, hollowed naturally by termites. When the bones of the deceased were placed inside, it signified the moment when the spirit had finally returned home-when they had left the "outside" world, and become one with the "inside" world of the ancestral realm. Today, these works of art have become a powerful symbol of Aboriginal culture's significance around the globe. The artists featured in the book-including John Mawurndjul, Djambawa Marawili, and Nyapanyapa Yunupingu-are some of Australia's most acclaimed contemporary artists. Taking their inspiration from ancient clan insignia, the designs on these poles are transformed in new and personal ways that offer a powerful reminder of the resilience and beauty of Aboriginal culture. This book features dazzling color images and impeccable scholarship and includes essays from some of the leading scholars in the field of Aboriginal art.

Kawaii Doodle Coloring Book for Adults - Monster Design Relaxing Coloring Pages for Grownups (Paperback): Unicorn Coloring,... Kawaii Doodle Coloring Book for Adults - Monster Design Relaxing Coloring Pages for Grownups (Paperback)
Unicorn Coloring, Adult Coloring Pages
R136 Discovery Miles 1 360 Shipped within 7 - 11 working days
Views of Difference - Different Views of Art (Paperback): Catherine E King Views of Difference - Different Views of Art (Paperback)
Catherine E King
R528 R496 Discovery Miles 4 960 Save R32 (6%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

In a fascinating series of case studies, this book looks at the ways in which European colonizers interpreted the arts of the people they colonized, as well the ways in which they have tended to view art produced by the colonized and their descendants in post-colonial times. In the European colonial past, the dominant view of "difference" represented the culture of the colonized as inferior and inalterable or slow to change. This book discusses perspectives on pre-colonial Indian art expressed in the mid-nineteenth century, the early twentieth century, and the present day. It also considers the effects of imperialist ways of looking even in places without direct European colonial control. European colonizers tended to see their own artistic traditions as continually progressing but the art of colonized or non-European peoples as traditional and incapable of generating its own modernity. And, the studies in the book show, colonizers and their heirs in the twentieth century have doubted that a colonial subject could appropriate European art forms or handle them independently-a view that continues to uphold the notion of modernity as a "Europeans only" enterprise. This is the fifth volume in the series Art and its Histories, created to accompany the Open University undergraduate course by the same title.

Classic Hopi & Zuni Kachina Figures (Paperback): Andrea Portago Classic Hopi & Zuni Kachina Figures (Paperback)
Andrea Portago; Text written by Barton Wright
R803 R629 Discovery Miles 6 290 Save R174 (22%) Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

Presented here are one hundred classic-era (1880s-1940s) Hopi and Zuni carved dolls from private and public collections that have rarely, if ever, been put on exhibition and that collectively form a profound and powerful assembly of the very finest examples from the classic period in Kachina carving. Andrea Portago has gracefully photographed these rare figures using available light so as not to distort their colours and to reveal their movement and drama, passion and personality.

Japanese Decorative Arts of the Meiji Period (Paperback): Oliver Impey, Joyce Seaman Japanese Decorative Arts of the Meiji Period (Paperback)
Oliver Impey, Joyce Seaman; Series edited by Christopher Brown
R211 R169 Discovery Miles 1 690 Save R42 (20%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

It is not easy to overstate the cataclysmic effects of the run-up to the implementation of the Meiji 'Restoration' in Japan in 1868. The changes affected every aspect of Japanese life; a new sense of a single nation, as opposed to a series of regional loyalties, was created. The word Meiji means 'enlightened government' and the new government had as a primary aim the bringing of Japan into the group of modern western industrial powers. One of the ways the government decided to do this was to demonstrate to the world the brilliance of Japanese craftsmanship. New techniques, such as cloisonne enamel began to be developed for the first time in Japan. Active purchasing has meant the Ashmolean now has a well- represented collection of the highest quality.

Illuminating the Life of the Buddha - An Illustrated Chanting Book from Eighteenth-Century Siam (Hardcover, New): Naomi... Illuminating the Life of the Buddha - An Illustrated Chanting Book from Eighteenth-Century Siam (Hardcover, New)
Naomi Appleton, Sarah Shaw, Toshiya Unebe
R854 Discovery Miles 8 540 Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

This lavishly illustrated book investigates an outstanding eighteenth-century example of a samut khoi, a type of beautiful folding book found in Southeast Asia, which became particularly popular as a repository for the Buddha's teachings. Written in Pali and produced in the Kingdom of Siam, its finely executed pictures, painted on khoi paper, show key incidents from stories of the past lives of the Buddha as he prepares for Buddhahood. These tales, historically one of the principal means whereby Buddhist teachings were communicated, known as Jatakas, are a favourite theme for manuscript art. Uniquely for such manuscripts, however, this samut khoi also offers an extensive series of scenes from the last life of the Buddha, including his final awakening and teaching, which is distinctive to the region. These related narratives all contribute to a superb example of eighteenth-century manuscript and calligraphic art. As well as affording great artistic opportunities for expressing the beauty of the Buddha's words and achievements, samut khois are repositories for popular chants and short distillations of doctrine. This book describes the context to this unusually rich expression of Thai Buddhist creativity and, in retelling the stories depicted, reveals the continued appeal of its closely related art and narrative traditions.

Photographic Subjects - Monarchy and Visual Culture in Colonial Indonesia (Hardcover): Susie Protschky Photographic Subjects - Monarchy and Visual Culture in Colonial Indonesia (Hardcover)
Susie Protschky
R1,943 Discovery Miles 19 430 Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

Photographic subjects examines photography at royal celebrations during the reign of Queens Wilhelmina (1898-1948) and Juliana (1948-80), a period spanning the zenith and fall of Dutch rule in Indonesia. It is the first monograph in English on the Dutch monarchy and the Netherlands' modern empire in the age of mass and amateur photography. Photographs forged imperial networks, negotiated relations of recognition and subjecthood between Indonesians and Dutch authorities, and informed cultural modes of citizenship at a time of accelerated colonial expansion and major social change in the East Indies/Indonesia. This book advances methods in the uses of photographs for social and cultural history, reveals the entanglement of Dutch and Indonesian histories in the twentieth century, and provides a new interpretation of Queens Wilhelmina and Juliana as imperial monarchs. -- .

Water and Shadow - Kawase Hasui and Japanese Landscape Prints (Paperback): Kendall H. Brown Water and Shadow - Kawase Hasui and Japanese Landscape Prints (Paperback)
Kendall H. Brown
R1,353 Discovery Miles 13 530 Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

Known as Japan's premier "poet of place," Kawase Hasui is one of the most popular landscape artists of the twentieth century. This richly illustrated catalogue spans Kawase Hasui's most imaginative period-the years from 1918 to the Great Earthquake of 1923. An important contributor to the early shin-hanga (new print) movement, Hasui crafted distinctive landscapes that also recall artistic traditions ranging from ukiyo-e and French Japonisme to Post-Impressionist painting.

World Rock Art (Paperback): Jean Clottes World Rock Art (Paperback)
Jean Clottes
R579 R518 Discovery Miles 5 180 Save R61 (11%) Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

Although cave paintings from the European Ice Age have has gained considerable renown, for many people the term "rock art" remains full of mystery. Yet it refers to perhaps the oldest form of artistic endeavor, splendid examples of which exist on all continents and from all eras. Rock art stretches in time from about forty thousand to less than forty years ago and can be found from the Arctic Circle to the tip of South America, from the caves of southern France to the American Southwest. It includes animal and human figures, complex geometrical forms, and myriad mysterious markings.
Illustrated in color throughout, this book provides an engaging overview of rock art worldwide. An introductory chapter discusses the discovery of rock art by the West and the importance of landscape and ritual. Subsequent chapters survey rock art sites throughout the world, explaining how the art can be dated and how it was made. The book then explores the meaning of these often enigmatic images, including the complex role they played in traditional societies. A final chapter looks at the threats posed to rock art today by development, tourism, pollution, and other dangers, and discusses current initiatives to preserve this remarkable heritage.

Conf rences Faites Au Mus e Guimet (French, Paperback): Sylvain Levi Conf rences Faites Au Mus e Guimet (French, Paperback)
Sylvain Levi
R448 Discovery Miles 4 480 Shipped within 7 - 11 working days
Islamic Chinoiserie - The Art of Mongol Iran (Paperback): Yuka Kadoi Islamic Chinoiserie - The Art of Mongol Iran (Paperback)
Yuka Kadoi
R811 R713 Discovery Miles 7 130 Save R98 (12%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

This beautifully illustrated history of Safavid Isfahan (1501 1722) explores the architectural and urban forms and networks of socio-cultural action that reflected a distinctly early-modern and Perso-Shi'i practice of kingship. An immense building campaign, initiated in 1590-91, transformed Isfahan from a provincial, medieval, and largely Sunni city into an urban-centered representation of the first Imami Shi'i empire in the history of Islam. The historical process of Shi'ification of Safavid Iran and the deployment of the arts in situating the shifts in the politico-religious agenda of the imperial household informs Sussan Babaie's study of palatial architecture and urban environments of Isfahan and the earlier capitals of Tabriz and Qazvin. Babaie argues that since the Safavid claim presumed the inheritance both of the charisma of the Shi'i Imams and of the aura of royal splendor integral to ancient Persian notions of kingship, a ceremonial regime was gradually devised in which access and proximity to the shah assumed the contours of an institutionalized form of feasting. Talar-palaces, a new typology in Islamic palatial designs, and the urban-spatial articulation of access and proximity are the architectural anchors of this argument. Cast in the comparative light of urban spaces and palace complexes elsewhere and earlier in the Timurid, Ottoman, and Mughal realms as well as in the early modern European capitals Safavid Isfahan emerges as the epitome of a new architectural-urban paradigm in the early modern age.

A Bag Worth a Pony - The Art of the Ojibwe Bandolier Bag (Paperback): Marcia G Anderson A Bag Worth a Pony - The Art of the Ojibwe Bandolier Bag (Paperback)
Marcia G Anderson
R695 R545 Discovery Miles 5 450 Save R150 (22%) Shipped within 7 - 11 working days
Non-Figural Designs in Zuni Jewelry (Hardcover): Toshio Sei Non-Figural Designs in Zuni Jewelry (Hardcover)
Toshio Sei
R563 R419 Discovery Miles 4 190 Save R144 (26%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Delve into the origins and contemporary interpretations of various styles of non-figural Zuni jewelry designs, including nugget work, cluster work, petit point, needle point, snake eye, and channel work. This groundbreaking study establishes the identities of many Zuni artists from the 1940s, '50s, and '60s, and showcases their turquoise and coral pins, bracelets, bolo ties, and other ornaments. Featured are more than fifteen pieces each by masters, past and present, such as Doris and Warren Ondelacy, Alice and Duane Quam, Fannie Weebothee Ondelacy, Julie Ondelacy Lahi, Lee and Mary Weebothee, Alice Leekya Homer, and Ellen Quandelacy. More than three hundred vibrant color photos reveal subtle variations that indicate each master s distinctive style. Published here, for the first time, are cluster work bracelets by Leekya Deyuse, the single most famous jeweler in the Southwest, and Dan Simplicio s nugget work, along with ways to distinguish his from other artists works."

Igbo (Hardcover): Herbert Cole Igbo (Hardcover)
Herbert Cole
R689 R525 Discovery Miles 5 250 Save R164 (24%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Aspects of these archaeological pieces are clearly reflected in artworks from ten centuries later. Emphasis is placed on the several regional styles of figural sculpture, some larger than life-size, and then even more numerous styles and types of masks from more than ten regions. These are not simply considered as forms, but also as intensely meaningful instruments in the religious, social and political lives of the people. The settings and performance contexts of the arts will be explored, along with their places in the aesthetic system and worldview. The roles of artists and patrons will also be looked at. The book will examine arts associated with individuals, families and entire communities: personal decoration, household objects, those associated with divination, architectural forms, title regalia, cult sculpture, personal and public shrines, and a generous sampling of the thousands of masks that are perhaps the quintessential forms of Igbo art. The book will close with analysis of change, competition and historical aggrandizement in the arts over the past one hundred years.

Kongo Graphic Writing and Other Narratives of the Sign (Hardcover): Barbaro Martinez-Ruiz Kongo Graphic Writing and Other Narratives of the Sign (Hardcover)
Barbaro Martinez-Ruiz
R1,443 R1,188 Discovery Miles 11 880 Save R255 (18%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

This comprehensive book traces the history and development of visual traditions in the Kongo religions of Africa and Cuba (where it is known as Palo Monte)

Rock Art Studies - News of the World IV (Hardcover, New): Paul Bahn, Natalie R. Franklin, Matthias Strecker Rock Art Studies - News of the World IV (Hardcover, New)
Paul Bahn, Natalie R. Franklin, Matthias Strecker
R1,959 R1,587 Discovery Miles 15 870 Save R372 (19%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

This is the fourth in the five-yearly series of surveys of what is happening in rock art studies around the world. The aims are to present a synthesis of the status of rock art research in different regions of the world, provide information about recent projects, publications, prevailing research objectives and methods, and enable rock art researchers to relate their findings in a specific region to mainstream research results. As always, the texts reflect something of the great differences in approach and emphasis that exist in different regions, presenting examples from Europe, Asia, Africa, and the New World. Not all rock art areas are covered but some of the gaps in previous volumes have been filled. Papers consider the distribution of sites, chronology, interpretation, new surveys and publications, management and site conservation. Rock art studies are going through a period of scientific and technological development which will have an enormous impact on the quality of recording and dissemination. At the same time, many authors are concerned by problems of preservation and vandalism, and underline the crucial importance of educating local people, and the young, about the importance of this fragile and finite heritage. This aspect too will be of increasing importance in years to come.

Jia Aili - Stardust Hermit (Hardcover): Nicola Foulkes Jia Aili - Stardust Hermit (Hardcover)
Nicola Foulkes
R1,365 R1,012 Discovery Miles 10 120 Save R353 (26%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days
Wonder, Image, and Cosmos in Medieval Islam (Hardcover): Persis Berlekamp Wonder, Image, and Cosmos in Medieval Islam (Hardcover)
Persis Berlekamp
R1,168 R1,063 Discovery Miles 10 630 Save R105 (9%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

This original book untangles fundamental confusions about historical relationships among Islam, representational images, and philosophy. Closely examining some of the most meaningful and best preserved premodern illustrated manuscripts of Islamic cosmographies, Persis Berlekamp refutes the assertion often made by other historians of medieval Islamic art that, while representational images did exist, they did not serve religious purposes.

The author focuses on widely disseminated Islamic images of the wonders of creation, ranging from angels to human-snatching birds, and argues that these illustrated manuscripts aimed to induce wonder at God's creation, as was their stated purpose. She tracks the various ways that images advanced that purpose in the genre's formative milieu--the century and a half following the Mongol conquest of the Islamic East in 1258. Delving into social history and into philosophical ideas relevant to manuscript and image production, Berlekamp shows that philosophy occupied an established, if controversial, position within Islam. She thereby radically reframes representational images within the history of Islam.

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