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Mr Barry's War - Rebuilding the Houses of Parliament after the Great Fire of 1834 (Hardcover): Caroline Shenton Mr Barry's War - Rebuilding the Houses of Parliament after the Great Fire of 1834 (Hardcover)
Caroline Shenton 1
R701 R531 Discovery Miles 5 310 Save R170 (24%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

When the brilliant classical architect Charles Barry won the competition to build a new, Gothic, Houses of Parliament in London he thought it was the chance of a lifetime. It swiftly turned into the most nightmarish building programme of the century. From the beginning, its design, construction and decoration were a battlefield. The practical and political forces ranged against him were immense. The new Palace of Westminster had to be built on acres of unstable quicksand, while the Lords and Commons carried on their work as usual. Its river frontage, a quarter of a mile long, needed to be constructed in the treacherous currents of the Thames. Its towers were so gigantic they required feats of civil engineering and building technology never used before. And the interior demanded spectacular new Gothic features not seen since the middle ages. Rallying the genius of his collaborator Pugin; flanking the mad schemes of a host of crackpot inventors, ignorant busybodies and hostile politicians; attacking strikes, sewage and cholera; charging forward three times over budget and massively behind schedule, it took twenty-five years for Barry to achieve victory with his 'Great Work' in the face of overwhelming odds, and at great personal cost. Mr Barry's War takes up where its prize-winning prequel The Day Parliament Burned Down left off, telling the story of how the greatest building programme in Britain for centuries produced the world's most famous secular cathedral to democracy.

Carnal Knowledge - Regulating Sex in England, 1470-1600 (Paperback): Martin Ingram Carnal Knowledge - Regulating Sex in England, 1470-1600 (Paperback)
Martin Ingram
R628 Discovery Miles 6 280 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

How was the law used to control sex in Tudor England? What were the differences between secular and religious practice? This major study reveals that - contrary to what historians have often supposed - in pre-Reformation England both ecclesiastical and secular (especially urban) courts were already highly active in regulating sex. They not only enforced clerical celibacy and sought to combat prostitution but also restrained the pre- and extramarital sexual activities of laypeople more generally. Initially destabilising, the religious and institutional changes of 1530-60 eventually led to important new developments that tightened the regime further. There were striking innovations in the use of shaming punishments in provincial towns and experiments in the practice of public penance in the church courts, while Bridewell transformed the situation in London. Allowing the clergy to marry was a milestone of a different sort. Together these changes contributed to a marked shift in the moral climate by 1600.

The Poor Had No Lawyers - Who Owns Scotland and How They Got it (Paperback): Andy Wightman The Poor Had No Lawyers - Who Owns Scotland and How They Got it (Paperback)
Andy Wightman
R427 R321 Discovery Miles 3 210 Save R106 (25%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Who owns Scotland? How did they get it? What happened to all the common land in Scotland? Has the Scottish Parliament made any difference? Can we get our common good land back? In this book, Andy Wightman updates the statistics of landownership in Scotland and explores how and why landowners got their hands on the millions of acres of land that were once held in common. He tells the untold story of how Scotland's legal establishment and politicians managed to appropriate land through legal fixes. Have attempts to redistribute this power more equitably made any difference, and what are the full implications of the recent debt-fuelled housing bubble, the Smith Commission and the new Scottish Government's proposals on land reform? For all those with an interest in urban and rural land in Scotland, this updated edition of The Poor Had No Lawyers provides a fascinating analysis of one the most important political questions in Scotland.

British Paddle Steamers - The Heyday of Excursions and Day Trips (Paperback): John Megoran British Paddle Steamers - The Heyday of Excursions and Day Trips (Paperback)
John Megoran
R371 R321 Discovery Miles 3 210 Save R50 (13%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

For a hundred years excursion paddle steamers gave all the social classes the opportunity to enjoy a cruise on the briny from ports, resorts and piers around the UK. For the most part, everything usually went well on these trips; however, sometimes it did not, and this book chronicles tales of the difficulties and pressures faced both behind the scenes and in plain view. What happened when a paddle steamer broke down or was caught out in a dense fog? Why did they need special riding posts in particular ports? Who were some of the captains, and how did they manage to keep their ships and their passengers safe in an age before radar and satellite navigation? What made people get angry and crews embark on fisticuffs? What were the problems posed by some routes? Why was a paddle steamer banned and how did someone end up in court? These selected tales from the heyday of the excursion paddle steamers in the UK give a little flavour of what it was like to be there at the time, while period images of the people and the ships provide fascinating illustrations to their individual stories.

On Courage - Stories of Victoria Cross and George Cross Holders (Hardcover): The Sebastopol Project On Courage - Stories of Victoria Cross and George Cross Holders (Hardcover)
The Sebastopol Project 1
R579 R466 Discovery Miles 4 660 Save R113 (20%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

On Courage is a collection of twenty-eight moving and inspirational stories of valour displayed by recipients of the Victoria Cross and George Cross. *GBP2.70 of the publisher's RRP of all copies of this book sold in the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland will be donated to Combat Stress.* WITH CONTRIBUTIONS FROM: Alexander Armstrong, Baroness Hale, Bear Grylls, Bill Beaumont, Bobby Charlton, Katherine Grainger, Kelly Holmes, Derek Jacobi, Eddie Redmayne, Frank Bruno, Geoffrey Palmer, Jeremy Irons, Joanna Kavenna, Joanna Lumley, John Simpson, Joseph Calleja, Julian Fellowes, Kate Adie, Ken Dodd, Margaret MacMillan, Mark Pougatch, Mary Berry, Michael Whitehall and Jack Whitehall, Miranda Hart, Richard Chartres, Tom Ward, Will Greenwood, and Willie Carson. From RAF flight engineer Norman Jackson, who climbed out onto the wing of a Lancaster bomber in flight to put out a fire, using a twisted parachute as a rope, on the night his first child was born; children's writer turned Assistant Section Officer Noor Inayat-Khan, who was the first female operator to infiltrate occupied France and refused to abandon what had become the most dangerous post in the country; to Irish seaman and Antarctic explorer Tom Crean, who struck out alone for a supply depot during Captain Scott's expedition to the South Pole to save the life of his ailing companion, these courageous men and women are an inspiration to us all. Written by leading historians and authors Tom Bromley, Saul David, Paul Garlington, James Holland and Dr Spencer Jones, these incredible accounts tell of the recipients' determination and selfless actions in times of war. Each story is introduced by a public figure, including Mary Berry, Bear Grylls, Sir Bobby Charlton, Joanna Lumley, Eddie Redmayne and the late Sir Ken Dodd.

Rookwood Family Papers, 1606-1761 (Hardcover): Francis Young Rookwood Family Papers, 1606-1761 (Hardcover)
Francis Young
R701 R620 Discovery Miles 6 200 Save R81 (12%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

The Rookwoods of Coldham Hall in the parish of Stanningfield, Suffolk, were Roman Catholic recusants whose notoriety rests on Ambrose Rookwood's involvement in the Gunpowder Plot. In 1606 the owner of Coldham was hanged, drawn and quartered for treason for supplying the plotters with horses. A century later another Ambrose Rookwood suffered the same fate for conspiring to assassinate William III. Tainted by treason, the Rookwood family nevertheless managed to hold on to their estates in Suffolk and Essex, in spite of their Royalist sympathies in the Civil War, the recklessness of individual family members, and later adherence to the Jacobite cause - and even to thrive. As a result, the family left behind a lasting legacy in the form of the Catholic mission founded by Elizabeth Rookwood and her son in Bury St Edmunds. The documents in this volume tell a remarkable story of resilience, survival and reinvention. They also testify to the Rookwoods' profound Catholic faith, their patronage of the Jesuits, and their cultural and literary interests. An extensive introduction sets the Rookwoods in their historical and local context. Francis Young is the author of, among other titles, The Gages of Hengrave and Suffolk Catholicism, 1640-1767 (2015). He is Head of Sixth Form at a public school in East Anglia.

Life on the Farm (Paperback, UK ed.): Anthony Burton Life on the Farm (Paperback, UK ed.)
Anthony Burton
R171 R129 Discovery Miles 1 290 Save R42 (25%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Somewhere around 4000 BC, people in Britain began to give up their old hunter-gatherer way of life, instead raising livestock and planting crops: they became farmers. This comprehensive and informative guide covers the history of farming in Britain since this time, when cattle were huge beasts and ploughs did little more than scratch the ground's surface. Tools and technologies may have changed since these primitive times, but the patterns of life on the farm have remained much the same. From the medieval farm to the Agricultural Revolution as enclosure transformed the landscape, here is the story of how farming has evolved into the tractors and mechanization we recognise today. With photographs and illustrations this book also illuminates the life of farmworkers and their families. What was it like being a cattle farmer or a shepherd? What did a farmer's wife spend her day making? An entertaining and detailed guide for anyone interested in the history and lives of the country's farmers. Includes a list of farms and museums to visit of historic and general interest.

Building Anglo-Saxon England (Hardcover): John Blair Building Anglo-Saxon England (Hardcover)
John Blair
R1,271 R1,000 Discovery Miles 10 000 Save R271 (21%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

A radical rethinking of the Anglo-Saxon world that draws on the latest archaeological discoveries This beautifully illustrated book draws on the latest archaeological discoveries to present a radical reappraisal of the Anglo-Saxon built environment and its inhabitants. John Blair, one of the world's leading experts on this transformative era in England's early history, explains the origins of towns, manor houses, and castles in a completely new way, and sheds new light on the important functions of buildings and settlements in shaping people's lives during the age of the Venerable Bede and King Alfred. Building Anglo-Saxon England demonstrates how hundreds of recent excavations enable us to grasp for the first time how regionally diverse the built environment of the Anglo-Saxons truly was. Blair identifies a zone of eastern England with access to the North Sea whose economy, prosperity, and timber buildings had more in common with the Low Countries and Scandinavia than the rest of England. The origins of villages and their field systems emerge with a new clarity, as does the royal administrative organization of the kingdom of Mercia, which dominated central England for two centuries. Featuring a wealth of color illustrations throughout, Building Anglo-Saxon England explores how the natural landscape was modified to accommodate human activity, and how many settlements--secular and religious-were laid out with geometrical precision by specialist surveyors. The book also shows how the Anglo-Saxon love of elegant and intricate decoration is reflected in the construction of the living environment, which in some ways was more sophisticated than it would become after the Norman Conquest.

The Last Highlander - Scotland'S Most Notorious Clan Chief, Rebel & Double Agent (Paperback): Sarah Fraser The Last Highlander - Scotland'S Most Notorious Clan Chief, Rebel & Double Agent (Paperback)
Sarah Fraser 1
R287 R230 Discovery Miles 2 300 Save R57 (20%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

THE NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER PERFECT FOR FANS OF OUTLANDER The true story of one of Scotland's most notorious and romantic heroes. He was a spy, a clan-chief, a traitor. A polyglot, a deserter and a man of philosophy. Simon Fraser, Lord Lovat, was the last of the great Scottish chiefs - and the last nobleman executed for treason. In life, his wit, ambition and dubious sense of morality kept him in the thick of political intrigue. With a taste for risk and determined to make his fortune, Lovat made pacts with Catholics and Protestants, Scots and Englishmen. Lovat found his famous end a turncoat and a martyr: he threw himself in with the '45 rebellion and fought for Prince Charles against the crown. His execution in Tower Hill, at the age of 80, was the last of its kind. Lovat was one of Scotland's most notorious and romantic figures: a man whose loyalty had no home, whose sword had a price. This is the swashbuckling account of his life, and a brilliant portrayal of nation in revolt.

British Women Surgeons and their Patients, 1860-1918 (Hardcover): Claire Brock British Women Surgeons and their Patients, 1860-1918 (Hardcover)
Claire Brock
R2,135 R1,982 Discovery Miles 19 820 Save R153 (7%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

When women agitated to join the medical profession in Britain during the 1860s, the practice of surgery proved both a help (women were neat, patient and used to needlework) and a hindrance (surgery was brutal, bloody and distinctly unfeminine). In this major new study, Claire Brock examines the cultural, social and self-representation of the woman surgeon from the second half of the nineteenth century until the end of the Great War. Drawing on a rich archive of British hospital records, she investigates precisely what surgery women performed and how these procedures affected their personal and professional reputation, as well as the reactions of their patients to these new phenomena. Essential reading for those interested in the history of medicine, British Women Surgeons and their Patients, 1860-1918 provides wide-ranging new perspectives on patient narratives and women's participation in surgery between 1860 and 1918. This title is also available as Open Access.

How to Behave Badly in Renaissance Britain (Hardcover): Ruth Goodman How to Behave Badly in Renaissance Britain (Hardcover)
Ruth Goodman 1
R571 R408 Discovery Miles 4 080 Save R163 (29%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Historian and popular BBC TV presenter Ruth Goodman, author of How to Be a Tudor, offers up a history of Renaissance Britain - the offensive language, insulting gestures, insolent behaviour, brawling and scandal of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries - with practical tips on just how to horrify the Tudor neighbours. From royalty to peasantry, every age has its bad eggs, those who break all the rules and rub everyone up the wrong way. But their niggling, anti-social and irritating ways not only tell us about what upset people, but also what mattered to them, how their society functioned and what kind of world they lived in. In this brilliantly nitty-gritty exploration of real life in the Tudor and Stuart age, you will discover: - how to choose the perfect insult, whether it be draggletail, varlet, flap, saucy fellow, strumpet, ninny-hammer or stinkard - why quoting Shakespeare was very poor form - the politics behind men kissing each other on the lips - why flashing the inside of your hat could repulse someone - the best way to mock accents, preachers, soldiers and pretty much everything else besides Ruth Goodman draws upon advice books and manuals, court cases and sermons, drama and imagery to outline bad behaviour from the gauche to the galling, the subtle to the outrageous. It is a celebration of drunkards, scolds, harridans and cross dressers in a time when calling a man a fool could get someone killed, and cursing wasn't just rude, it worked! 'Ruth is the queen of living history - long may she reign!' Lucy Worsley

Shakespeare's London on 5 Groats a Day (Paperback): Richard Tames Shakespeare's London on 5 Groats a Day (Paperback)
Richard Tames 1
R250 R201 Discovery Miles 2 010 Save R49 (20%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

This entertaining and fact-packed guide provides all the information you'll need to travel back in time to Elizabethan London - a booming city of courtiers, cutthroats, merchants, beggars, lawyers, dramatists, apprentices and adventurers. Find out the best way to the capital and where to stay. Saunter over London Bridge, with its hundreds of shops and houses. Glimpse Her Majesty at Whitehall, Europe's largest palace. Watch the finest plays and players at the Rose Theatre, and marvel at the bustle of business in the Royal Exchange. Go down to Greenwich to stand on the deck of the Golden Hind, the ship that Sir Francis Drake sailed around the world. This intriguingly addictive guide provides all you need to know to sightsee, shop and meet the famous in the capital of a nation stirring to greatness.

Treasures of British History - The Nation's Story Told Through Its 50 Most Important Documents (Hardcover): Peter Snow,... Treasures of British History - The Nation's Story Told Through Its 50 Most Important Documents (Hardcover)
Peter Snow, Dan Snow 1
R445 R356 Discovery Miles 3 560 Save R89 (20%) Ships in 5 - 10 working days

Told by two of our most celebrated historians, this is a spirited journey of discovery of our nation's history seen through the examination of 50 key documents. With a wealth of experience between them on politics, military history and today's current affairs, Peter and Dan Snow are the perfect guides to appreciating the significance of each document. The documents have been researched from the collections of The National Archives, The British Museum, The British Library and the National Records of Scotland and are set alonside a commentary from the authors explaining their criteria for selection and providing the pertinent details of each document. From the Magna Carta and Elizabeth's Tide Letter, in which she begs her sister for her life, to the official design for the FA Cup, Churchill's Finest Hour speech following the Fall of France, a ticket stub to the Beatles' first concert, and the signatories of the Good Friday Agreement, this beautifully designed book is a must-have for all history enthusiasts.

Access to History: The Later Stuarts and the Glorious Revolution 1660-1702 (Paperback): Oliver Bullock Access to History: The Later Stuarts and the Glorious Revolution 1660-1702 (Paperback)
Oliver Bullock
R637 Discovery Miles 6 370 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Exam board: AQA; Pearson Edexcel; OCR Level: AS/A-level Subject: History First teaching: September 2015 First exams: Summer 2016 (AS); Summer 2017 (A-level) Put your trust in the textbook series that has given thousands of A-level History students deeper knowledge and better grades for over 30 years. Updated to meet the demands of today's A-level specifications, this new generation of Access to History titles includes accurate exam guidance based on examiners' reports, free online activity worksheets and contextual information that underpins students' understanding of the period. - Develop strong historical knowledge: in-depth analysis of each topic is both authoritative and accessible - Build historical skills and understanding: downloadable activity worksheets can be used independently by students or edited by teachers for classwork and homework - Learn, remember and connect important events and people: an introduction to the period, summary diagrams, timelines and links to additional online resources support lessons, revision and coursework - Achieve exam success: practical advice matched to the requirements of your A-level specification incorporates the lessons learnt from previous exams - Engage with sources, interpretations and the latest historical research: students will evaluate a rich collection of visual and written materials, plus key debates that examine the views of different historians

Slate, Sail and Steam - A History of the Industries of Porthmadog (Paperback): John Idris Jones Slate, Sail and Steam - A History of the Industries of Porthmadog (Paperback)
John Idris Jones
R418 R358 Discovery Miles 3 580 Save R60 (14%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Porthmadog was once host to a wide variety of industries. Its slate went to Germany and exists there today on the roofs of thousands of dwellings, as well as to America, where the Boston Court House is roofed with Welsh slate. The slate often travelled in Porthmadog-built vessels - over 200 sailing ships were built in Porthmadog between 1830 and 1914. The Moelwyn mountains' mines, which held the world's largest deposit of slate, employed around 3,000 men in the nineteenth century. In the 1830s, the Festiniog Railway Company was formed, in order to carry slate between Blaenau and Porthmadog harbour, leading to the development of the famous 'Double Fairlie' locomotive there. Using a wonderful collection of images and drawing on his background in the area, John Idris Jones explores the fascinating history of these industries.

Henry V (Hardcover): John Matusiak Henry V (Hardcover)
John Matusiak
R2,581 Discovery Miles 25 810 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Henry V of England, the princely hero of Shakespeare s play, who successfully defeated the French at the Battle of Agincourt and came close to becoming crowned King of France, is one of the best known and most compelling monarchs in English history. This new biography takes a fresh look at his entire life and nine year reign, and gives a balanced view of Henry, who is traditionally seen as a great hero but has been more recently depicted as an obsessive egotist or, worse, a ruthless warlord. The book locates Henry s style of kingship in the context of the time, and looks at often neglected other figures who influenced and helped him, such as his father and his uncles, Henry and Thomas Beaufort. John Matusiak shows that the situation confronting Henry at the outset of his reign was far more favourable than is often supposed but that he was nonetheless a man of prodigious gifts whose extraordinary achievements in battle left the deepest possible impression upon his contemporaries.

Dominion - A History of England Volume V (Hardcover): Peter Ackroyd Dominion - A History of England Volume V (Hardcover)
Peter Ackroyd 1
R640 R515 Discovery Miles 5 150 Save R125 (20%) Ships in 5 - 10 working days

'Ackroyd makes history accessible to the layman' - Ian Thomson, Independent

The penultimate volume of Peter Ackroyd’s masterful History of England series, Dominion begins in 1815 as national glory following the Battle of Waterloo gives way to post-war depression, spanning the last years of the Regency to the death of Queen Victoria in January 1901.

In it, Ackroyd takes us from the accession of the profligate George IV whose government was steered by Lord Liverpool, who was firmly set against reform, to the reign of his brother, William IV, the 'Sailor King', whose reign saw the modernization of the political system and the abolition of slavery.

But it was the accession of Queen Victoria, aged only eighteen, that sparked an era of enormous innovation. Technological progress – from steam railways to the first telegram – swept the nation and the finest inventions were showcased at the first Great Exhibition in 1851. The emergence of the middle classes changed the shape of society and scientific advances changed the old pieties of the Church of England, and spread secular ideas across the nation. But though intense industrialization brought boom times for the factory owners, the working classes were still subjected to poor housing, long working hours and dire poverty.

It was a time that saw a flowering of great literature, too. As the Georgian era gave way to that of Victoria, readers could delight not only in the work of Byron, Shelley and Wordsworth but also the great nineteenth-century novelists: the Brontė sisters, George Eliot, Mrs Gaskell, Thackeray, and, of course, Dickens, whose work has become synonymous with Victorian England.

Nor was Victorian expansionism confined to Britain alone. By the end of Victoria’s reign, the Queen was also an Empress and the British Empire dominated much of the globe. And, as Ackroyd shows in this richly populated, vividly told account, Britannia really did seem to rule the waves.

The First World War Diaries of the Rt. Rev. Llewellyn Gwynne, July 1915-July 1916 (Hardcover): Peter Howson The First World War Diaries of the Rt. Rev. Llewellyn Gwynne, July 1915-July 1916 (Hardcover)
Peter Howson
R1,893 R1,712 Discovery Miles 17 120 Save R181 (10%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Few men spent the whole of World War One serving in the British Expeditionary Force, from its initial deployment in August 1914 to its demobilization in February 1919. One who did was the Right Reverend Llewellyn Gwynne, the bishop of Khartoum. On leave in London in the summer of 1914, he persuaded the archbishop of Canterbury that his experience with troops in the Sudan made him an ideal candidate for a temporary commission as a chaplain. Gwynne went to France with a Hospital and then, in December 1914, was transferred to a Field Ambulance in the front line. During July 1915, he was summoned back to London to be told that he was now the Deputy Chaplain General and thus responsible for the oversight of all Anglican chaplains. An inveterate diarist, Gwynne kept a detailed record of his life as a unit chaplain and how he managed the transition to high office in the Army Chaplains' Department. The diaries are preceded by an introduction that discusses the work and organisation of Anglican chaplains in the department and how Gwynne came to have the role in it that he did. Together, they offer a unique insight into a period of change for the army, chaplains and the Church of England during a critical period of the war. The Rev. Dr PETER HOWSON is a Methodist Minister who had a career as an army chaplain before turning to research. He is the author of Muddling Through: The organisation of British army chaplaincy in the First World War and is the Secretary of the Society for Army Historical Research.

1930s London - The Modern City (Paperback): Michael John Law 1930s London - The Modern City (Paperback)
Michael John Law
R559 R397 Discovery Miles 3 970 Save R162 (29%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days
Bombing the City - Civilian Accounts of the Air War in Britain and Japan, 1939-1945 (Paperback): Aaron William Moore Bombing the City - Civilian Accounts of the Air War in Britain and Japan, 1939-1945 (Paperback)
Aaron William Moore
R653 R517 Discovery Miles 5 170 Save R136 (21%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

World War II is enshrined in our collective memory as the good war - a victory of good over evil. However, the bombing war has always troubled this narrative as total war transformed civilians into legitimate targets and raised unsettling questions such as whether it was possible for Allies and Axis alike to be victims of aggression. In Bombing the City, an unprecedented comparative history of how ordinary Britons and Japanese experienced bombing, Aaron William Moore offers a major new contribution to these debates. Utilising hundreds of diaries, letters, and memoirs, he recovers the voices of ordinary people on both sides - from builders, doctors and factory-workers to housewives, students and policemen - and reveals the shared experiences shaped by gender, class, race, and age. He reveals how it was that the British and Japanese public continued to support bombing elsewhere even as they experienced firsthand its terrible impact at home.

Everything You Know About England is Wrong (Hardcover): Matt Brown Everything You Know About England is Wrong (Hardcover)
Matt Brown 1
R339 R221 Discovery Miles 2 210 Save R118 (35%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

A highly entertaining read for anyone interested in English history and culture, this great myth-busting book takes you on a great ride through history and the national character. Think we're the land of Punch and Judy and Morris Dancing? Think again as both traditions started in southern Europe. Love Winston Churchill's wartime speeches? Well, they were recorded by an actor. Packed with details on real English history, the book explodes a range of national myths from bluebirds in Dover (they are not indigenous European birds) to the origin of the Cornish pasty (they might have been invented in London), from our stiff upper lip (an Americanism) to where you can spend a Scottish bank note. English arts, entertainment, food, drink, kings and queens, traditions as well as politics are all covered to give you a fascinating insight into the true England. Includes an additional chapter on Scottish, Welsh and Irish myths that we've been peddling in England for decades and need to be laid to rest.

Jacobitism and Anti-Jacobitism in the British Atlantic World, 1688-1727 Volume 96 (Hardcover): David Parrish Jacobitism and Anti-Jacobitism in the British Atlantic World, 1688-1727 Volume 96 (Hardcover)
David Parrish
R1,472 Discovery Miles 14 720 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

The first half of Britain's long eighteenth century was a period fraught with conflicts ranging from civil wars (1688-1691) to a series of Jacobite plots, intrigues, and rebellions. It was also a formative period marked by substantial changes including the growth and centralisation of an empire and the maturation of party politics and the public sphere. Covering almost forty years of this colourful history over an expansive geographical range, the author investigates both the existence and meaning of Jacobitism and anti-Jacobitism throughout Britain's Atlantic empire, concluding that the experiences of colonists and British officials in the colonies echoed events and experiences in Britain. Using case studies in Carolina, the mid-Atlantic states and New England, and drawing on a diverse source base, the book integrates the colonies into the narratives and captures the essence of the transatlantic, tripartite relationship between politics, religion, and the public sphere, ultimately contributing to our understandings of the Anglicization of the British Atlantic world. DAVID PARRISH is Assistant Professor of Humanities at College of the Ozarks.

The Art of the Tea Towel - 100 of the Best Designs (Hardcover): Marnie Fogg The Art of the Tea Towel - 100 of the Best Designs (Hardcover)
Marnie Fogg 1
R555 R364 Discovery Miles 3 640 Save R191 (34%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

A visual history of tea towel design, from the 1950s to today. Both practical and beautiful, the tea towel has over the last century established itself firmly as an essential piece of domestic design. This lavishly illustrated book explores 100 of the best tea towel designs from the 1950s to today. Featured are tea towels from well-known textile designers such as Lucienne Day, Emma Bridgewater, Pat Albeck, Cath Kidston, Orla Kiely and Angela Harding, as well as collectable tea towels from key retail stores such as Heal's and Selfridges. Together they showcase a rich visual history of textiles and homeware design of the last century. With full-page images and close-up details, The Art of The Tea Towel will appeal to those interested in both textile design and homeware.

Duxford 1940 - A Battle of Britain Base at War (Paperback): Dilip Sarkar Duxford 1940 - A Battle of Britain Base at War (Paperback)
Dilip Sarkar
R419 R359 Discovery Miles 3 590 Save R60 (14%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

The Imperial War Museum site at Duxford is rightly recognised as the premier aviation museum in Europe, hosting exciting air shows and where the evocative sight and sound of an airborne Spitfire can be experienced most days. Back in the dark days of 1940, however, when Britain alone defied Nazi Germany, Duxford was a crucial Sector Station in Fighter Command's front line. Flying Hurricanes and Spitfires, Allied fighter pilots scrambled from Duxford's grass runway time and time again to engage the enemy. Indeed, from here that legendary airman Douglas Bader frequently sallied forth to drive back the Luftwaffe that fateful summer, alongside other 'aces' such as Brian Lane, George 'Grumpy' Unwin, and Alan 'Ace' Haines. Duxford's Station Commander was the flamboyant Group Captain 'Woody' Woodhall, who doubled as the fighter controller; the introduction to this book features his hitherto unpublished memoir on the Battle of Britain period, leading the reader perfectly into this unique collection of extremely rare photographs presented by well-known aviation historian Dilip Sarkar. Most photographs originate in the personal albums of Duxford survivors, and provide, therefore, an incredible window through which we are able to glimpse the life, and death, at Battle of Britain Duxford.

Medieval Britain, c.1000-1500 (Hardcover): David Crouch Medieval Britain, c.1000-1500 (Hardcover)
David Crouch
R2,009 Discovery Miles 20 090 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Though England was the emerging super-state in the medieval British Isles, its story is not the only one Britain can offer; there is a wider context of Britain in Europe, and the story of this period is one of how European Latin and French culture and ideals colonised the minds of all the British peoples. This engaging and accessible introduction offers a truly integrated perspective of medieval British history, emphasising elements of medieval life over political narrative, and offering an up-to-date presentation and summary of medieval historiography. Featuring figures, maps, a glossary of key terms, a chronology of rulers, timelines and annotated suggestions for further reading and key texts, this textbook is an essential resource for undergraduate courses on medieval Britain. Supplementary online resources include additional further reading suggestions, useful links and primary sources.

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