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Land Of My Ancestors - An Epic South African Story, Based On True Events (Paperback): Botlhale Tema Land Of My Ancestors - An Epic South African Story, Based On True Events (Paperback)
Botlhale Tema
R230 R184 Discovery Miles 1 840 Save R46 (20%) Ships in 5 - 10 working days

When working on the UNESCO Slave Route project in the early 2000s, Botlhale Tema discovered the extraordinary fact that her highly educated family from the farm Welgeval in the Pilanesberg had originated with two young men who had been child slaves in the midnineteenth century. She pieced together the fragments of information from relatives and members of the community, and scoured the archives to produce this book.

Land Of My Ancestors, previously published as The People Of Welgeval, tells the story of the two young men and their descendants, as they build a life for themselves on Welgeval. As they raise their families and take in people who have been dispossessed, we follow the births, deaths, adventures and joys of the farm’s inhabitants in their struggle to build a new community.

Set against the backdrop of slavery, colonialism, the Anglo-Boer War and the rise of apartheid, this is a fascinating and insightful retelling of history. It is an inspiring story about friendship and family, landownership and learning, and about how people transform themselves from victims to victors.

A new prologue and epilogue give more historical context to the narrative and tell the story of the land claim involving the farm, which happened after the book’s original publication.

The Eight Zulu Kings - From Shaka To Goodwill Zwelethini (Paperback): John Laband The Eight Zulu Kings - From Shaka To Goodwill Zwelethini (Paperback)
John Laband
R275 R220 Discovery Miles 2 200 Save R55 (20%) Ships in 5 - 10 working days

In The Eight Zulu Kings, well-respected and widely published historian John Laband examines the reigns of the eight Zulu kings from 1816 to the present.

Starting with King Shaka, the renowned founder of the Zulu kingdom, he charts the lives of the kings Dingane, Mpande, Cetshwayo, Dinuzulu, Solomon and Cyprian, to today’s King Goodwill Zwelithini whose role is little more than ceremonial.

In the course of this investigation Laband places the Zulu monarchy in the context of African kingship and tracks and analyses the trajectory of the Zulu kings from independent and powerful pre-colonial African rulers to largely powerless traditionalist figures in post-apartheid South Africa.

Koning Eenoog - 'n Migranteverhaal (Afrikaans, Paperback): Toef Jaeger Koning Eenoog - 'n Migranteverhaal (Afrikaans, Paperback)
Toef Jaeger; Translated by Zandra Bezuidenhout
R282 Discovery Miles 2 820 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

In 1957 emigreer die negejarige Henk van Woerden vanaf Nederland met sy gesin na Kaapstad – leertas in die hand, mussie oor die ore, serp om die nek, glasoog in die oogkas. Eers veertig jaar later ontdek hy wat die rede was vir hierdie vertrek na Suid-Afrika: Sy pa was ’n kollaborateur in die Tweede Wêreldoorlog. Die emigrasie is die begin van ’n lewe as buitestaander en vorm later die goue draad in sy skilderye en literêre werk.

Koning Eenoog is ’n boeiende biografie van die ewig soekende emigrant Henk van Woerden (1947–2005), ’n skrywer wat nie net ’n bekroonde oeuvre agtergelaat het nie (Een mond vol glas – Alan Paton Award en die Frans Kellendonk-prys, Ultramarijn – Gouden Uil en Inktaap) maar ook die Nederlandse literatuur oor Suid-Afrika verander het.

Best Baby Names For 2017 - Over 8,000 Names and 100 Inspiration Lists (Paperback): Siobhan Thomas Best Baby Names For 2017 - Over 8,000 Names and 100 Inspiration Lists (Paperback)
Siobhan Thomas 1
R213 R177 Discovery Miles 1 770 Save R36 (17%) In stock

Choosing a name for your baby has never been easier with this ultimate baby-naming guide.

With all the information on the latest naming trends, this comprehensive and easy-to-use guide is full of inspirational names.


  • A-Z directories of over 8,000 names and their meanings;
  • over 100 inspirational lists;
  • naming trends for 2017;
  • and tips for choosing the perfect name for your baby.

Including modern names and variants, plus classics that have stood the test of time, this naming guide has everything you need for finding the perfect name for your new arrival.

Letters Of Stone - Discovering A Family's History In Nazi Germany (Paperback): Steven Robins Letters Of Stone - Discovering A Family's History In Nazi Germany (Paperback)
Steven Robins 3
R260 R208 Discovery Miles 2 080 Save R52 (20%) Ships in 5 - 10 working days

As a young boy growing up in Port Elizabeth in the 1960s and 1970s, Steven Robins was haunted by an old postcard-size photograph of three unknown women on a table in the dining room. Only later did he learn that the women were his father’s mother and sisters, photographed in Berlin in 1937, before they were killed in the Holocaust. Steven’s father, who had fled Nazi Germany before it was too late, never spoke about the fate of his family who remained there. Steven became obsessed with finding out what happened to the women, but had little to go on. In time he stumbled on bare facts in museums in Washington DC and Berlin, and later he discovered over a hundred letters sent to his father and uncle from the family in Berlin between 1936 and 1943. The women who before had been unnamed faces in a photograph could now tell their story to future generations.

Letters of Stone tracks Steven’s journey of discovery about the lives and fates of the Robinski family. It is also a book about geographical journeys: to the Karoo town of Williston, where his father’s uncle settled in the late nineteenth century and became mayor; to Berlin, where Steven laid ‘stumbling stones’ (Stolpersteine) in commemoration of his family and other Jewish victims of the Holocaust; to Auschwitz, where his father’s siblings perished.

Most of all, this book is a poignant reconstruction of a family trapped in an increasingly terrifying and deadly Nazi state, and of the immense pressure on Steven’s father in faraway South Africa, which forced him to retreat into silence.

Afrikaner Odyssey - The Life And Times Of The Reitz Family (Paperback): Martin Meredith Afrikaner Odyssey - The Life And Times Of The Reitz Family (Paperback)
Martin Meredith 4
R250 R200 Discovery Miles 2 000 Save R50 (20%) Ships in 5 - 10 working days

In the first half of the nineteenth century, Southern Africa was a jumble of British colonies, Boer republics and African chiefdoms, a troublesome region of little interest to the outside world. Into this frontier world came the Reitz family, Afrikaner gentry from the Cape, who settled in Bloemfontein and played a key role in the building of the Orange Free State.

Frank Reitz, successively chief justice and modernising president of the young republic, went on to serve as State Secretary of the Transvaal Republic. In 1899, he stood shoulder to shoulder with President Paul Kruger to resist Britain’s war of conquest in Southern Africa. At the heart of this tale is the extraordinary life of Deneys Reitz, third son of Frank Reitz and Bianca Thesen. The young Reitz’s account of his adventures in the field during the Anglo-Boer War (1899–1902), published as Commando, became a classic of irregular warfare. After a period of exile in Madagascar, he went on become one of South Africa’s most distinguished lawyers, statesmen and soldiers. Martin Meredith interweaves Reitz’s experiences, taken from his unpublished notebooks, with the wider story of Britain’s brutal suppression of Boer resistance.

Concise and readable, Afrikaner Odyssey is a wide-ranging portrait of an aristocratic Afrikaner family whose achievements run like fine thread through these turbulent times, and whose presence is still marked on the South African landscape.

Slagtersnek En Sy Mense (Afrikaans, Paperback): J.A. Heese Slagtersnek En Sy Mense (Afrikaans, Paperback)
J.A. Heese
R248 Discovery Miles 2 480 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Slagtersnek is een van die bekendste name in ons geskiedenis. Met sy grusame assosiasie was dit ‘n magtige propagandamiddel in die politieke ontwikkeling van die Afrikaner. Juis hierdeur het dit egter al gou ‘n volksmite geword waarna herondersoek dringend noodsaaklik geword het. Dit is wat dr. Heese in hierdie boek doen.

Deur deeglike navorsing van die voor- en nageslag van almal wat daarby betrokke was, vorm hy ‘n helder beeld van wat werklik plaasgevind het. Hy toon oortuigend aan dat die Slagtersnek-opstand verkeerd vertolk is. Daar is helde gesien waar geen helde was nie, en dit was juis die bekampers van die opstandelinge, asook die neutrales, wat later die Afrikaner volksbewussyn tydens die Groot Trek bevorder het.

Heese skilder talle kleurryke figure: die bywoners, die ryk patriarge, die sukkelende swerwers, die dwarstrekkers, skoolmeesters en nie-blanke bediendes. Met hierdie boek word ‘n belangrike en oorspronklike bydrae tot ons geskiedenis gemaak.

Provenance Research in Book History - A Handbook (Hardcover, New edition): David Pearson Provenance Research in Book History - A Handbook (Hardcover, New edition)
David Pearson
R1,540 R1,407 Discovery Miles 14 070 Save R133 (9%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Since this handbook was first published in 1994, interest in the book as a material object, and in the ways in which books have been owned, read and used, has burgeoned. Now established as a standard reference work, this book has been revised and expanded with a new set of over 200 colour illustrations, updated bibliographies and extended international coverage of libraries and online resources. It covers the history and understanding of inscriptions, bookplates, ink and binding stamps, mottoes and heraldry, and describes how to identify owners and track down books from particular collections via library and sale catalogues. Each section features an evaluated bibliography listing further sources, both online and in print. Illustrated examples of the many kinds of ownership evidence which can be found in books are also shown throughout. Relevant to anyone seeking to identify previous owners of books, or trace private libraries, this title will also support the work of all book historians interested in the history of reading or the use of books and in the book as a material object. An essential handbook for anyone working in provenance research.

'n Skerfie Glas - Elke Familie het 'n Storie (Afrikaans, Paperback): Erika Murray-Theron 'n Skerfie Glas - Elke Familie het 'n Storie (Afrikaans, Paperback)
Erika Murray-Theron
R186 Discovery Miles 1 860 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Die skrywer Erika Murray-Theron wou weet waar die vroue in haar familie vandaan kom. Wat kry ’n mens van wie? Waar kom alles wat jý is vandaan? Hoe is die vroue in haar familie se lewe geraak deur trauma en groot wêreldgebeurtenisse waaroor hulle geen beheer gehad het nie? Theron se ouma Issie is op 3 Mei 1885 gebore; 133 jaar gelede. In hierdie verhaalbiografie gaan soek Theron in ou kookboeke, aantekeninge, foto’s, herinneringe, albums, briewe en geslagsregisters na haar ouma Issie se storie. ’n Lewe ontvou wat geraak is deur die verlies van ouers, die Anglo-Boereoorlog, die Rebellie van 1914 en daarna die energie wat dit verg om ’n groot huisgesin te behartig. ’n Skerfie glas wys hoe die verlede, selfs die verre verlede, spore op latere geslagte laat.

Die Groot Afrikaanse Heldeboek (Afrikaans, Hardcover, 2nd Hers Uitg ed.): Pieter W. Grobbelaar Die Groot Afrikaanse Heldeboek (Afrikaans, Hardcover, 2nd Hers Uitg ed.)
Pieter W. Grobbelaar
R239 Discovery Miles 2 390 In stock

Hierdie bekende kultuurhistorikus se heldeboek bevat gunstelingverhale oor onder andere bekende helde soos Racheltjie de Beer, Shaka, Dirkie Uys, Wolraad Woltemade en Klara Majola. Dit is ’n hele paar jaar dat Grobbelaar al skrywende met die mense van sy land die heldepad loop – al die mense van sy land, omdat hy met opset nie net die heldedade van sy volk beskryf nie. Hy het helde en heldedade op verskillende maniere benader: soms van buite, soms van binne, soms deur die oe van ’n buitestander.

Book of Branding - a guide to creating brand identity for start-ups and beyond (Paperback, Illustrated edition): Radim Malinic Book of Branding - a guide to creating brand identity for start-ups and beyond (Paperback, Illustrated edition)
Radim Malinic
R539 Discovery Miles 5 390 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Book of Branding is a creative guide for new businesses, start-ups and individuals, which puts visual identity at the heart of brand strategy. The conversational, jargon free, tone of the book helps the reader to understand essential elements of the brand identity process. Offering first hand experience, insights and tips throughout, the book uses real life case studies to show how great collaborative work can be achieved. Book of Branding is an essential addition to the start-up toolkit, designed for entrepreneurs, founders, graphic designers, brand creators and anyone seeking to decode the complicated world of brand identity.

Young Heroes of the Soviet Union - A Memoir and a Reckoning (Paperback): Alex Halberstadt Young Heroes of the Soviet Union - A Memoir and a Reckoning (Paperback)
Alex Halberstadt 1
R340 R272 Discovery Miles 2 720 Save R68 (20%) Ships in 5 - 10 working days

Can trauma be inherited? It is this question that sets Alex Halberstadt off on a quest to name and acknowledge a legacy of family trauma, and to end a cycle of estrangement that had endured for nearly a century. His search takes him across the troubled, enigmatic land of his birth. In Ukraine he tracks down his paternal grandfather - most likely the last living bodyguard of Joseph Stalin - to reckon with the ways in which decades of Soviet totalitarianism shaped and fractured three generations of his family. He returns to Lithuania, his Jewish mother's home, to revisit the legacy of the Holocaust and the pernicious anti-Semitism that remains largely unaccounted for, learning that the boundary between history and biography is often fragile and indistinct. And he visits his birthplace, Moscow, where his glamorous grandmother designed homespun couture for Soviet ministers' wives, his mother dosed dissidents at a psychiatric hospital, and his father made a living by selling black-market jazz and rock records. Finally, Halberstadt explores his own story: that of a fatherless immigrant who arrived in America, to a housing project in Queens, New York, as a ten-year-old boy struggling with identity, feelings of rootlessness and a yearning for home. He comes to learn that he was merely the latest in a lineage of sons who grew up alone, separated from their fathers by the tides of politics and history. As Halberstadt revisits the sites of his family's formative traumas, he uncovers a multigenerational transmission of fear, suspicion, melancholy, and rage. And he comes to realize something more: nations, like people, possess formative traumas that penetrate into the most private recesses of their citizens' lives.

Coats of Arms (Paperback, UK ed.): Andrew Stewart Jamieson Coats of Arms (Paperback, UK ed.)
Andrew Stewart Jamieson
R168 R127 Discovery Miles 1 270 Save R41 (24%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

What are the origins of heraldry? How do you 'read' coats of arms? And who can use them? From the dawn of civilization, people have used symbols to explain and identify themselves and their beliefs, a system called heraldry. This beautiful, colourful guide presents the essence of this vast, complicated and romantic subject. Andrew Jamieson's inspirational artwork brings the fascinating history of heraldry to life in this classic Pitkin guide. Written for the visitor to the UK and all those with a love of history and tradition. The guide covers the origins of heraldry, explains the language of coats of arms and focuses on famous examples such as the Royal Arms, the Lions of Scotland and the Church of England heraldry accompanied by charming illustrations and colour photographs of historical artefacts. Look out for more Pitkin Guides on the very best of British history, heritage and travel.

Best Baby Names 2021 (Paperback): Siobhan Thomas Best Baby Names 2021 (Paperback)
Siobhan Thomas 1
R185 R148 Discovery Miles 1 480 Save R37 (20%) Ships in 5 - 10 working days

Find the right name for your new arrival Choosing a name for your baby is one of the most exciting decisions you can make, but there's so much choice - where do you start? Best Baby Names 2021 has exactly what you need: thousands of names to browse and the latest trends to inspire you. Whether you want a classic or a modern name, or even if you don't know where to begin, this book will give you an A-Z of more than 9,000 options to explore. You'll find advice and tips on how to navigate your baby-naming journey, including reaching an agreement with your partner and coping with other people's opinions, so that you can find the ideal name and feel confident in your choice.

Poppy Field (Hardcover): Michael Morpurgo Poppy Field (Hardcover)
Michael Morpurgo; Illustrated by Michael Foreman 1
R386 R283 Discovery Miles 2 830 Save R103 (27%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

A new illustrated story celebrating the poppy's history. Michael Morpurgo and Michael Foreman have teamed up with the Royal British Legion to tell an original story that explains the meaning behind the poppy. In Flanders' fields, young Martens knows his family's story, for it is as precious as the faded poem hanging in their home. From a poor girl comforting a grieving soldier, to an unexpected meeting of strangers, to a father's tragic death many decades after treaties were signed, war has shaped Martens's family in profound ways - it is their history as much as any nation's. They remember. They grieve. They honour the past. This book also includes a full-colour, illustrated afterword that explains the history that inspired the story. 1 per hardback from the sale of POPPY FIELD in the UK will be paid to Royal British Legion Trading Limited which gives its taxable profits to The Royal British Legion (Charity no. 219279)

The South African Flag Book - The History of South African Flags from Dias to Mandela (Hardcover): A.P. Burgers The South African Flag Book - The History of South African Flags from Dias to Mandela (Hardcover)
A.P. Burgers
R465 R439 Discovery Miles 4 390 Save R26 (6%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days
Voortrekkerstamouers 1835?1845 (Afrikaans, Hardcover, 2nd edition): Jan C. Visagie Voortrekkerstamouers 1835–1845 (Afrikaans, Hardcover, 2nd edition)
Jan C. Visagie
R377 Discovery Miles 3 770 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Voortrekkerstamouers 1835–1845 is die eerste keer in 2000 gepubliseer. Dié tweede, hersiende uitgawe is aangevul met 214 nuwe stamouers. Dit bring die aantal mense wat die Groot Trek meegemaak het, op 23 000 te staan, in plaas van die oorspronklik geskatte 20 000.

Wat hierdie databasis van Voortrekkers nog meer besonders maak, is die versameling uiters skaars foto’s en portrette wat aangebied word.

In hierdie fotokabinet kan ongeveer 150 afbeeldings van Voortrekkers gesien word.

The Royal Line of Succession (Paperback): Dulcie Ashdown The Royal Line of Succession (Paperback)
Dulcie Ashdown
R168 R126 Discovery Miles 1 260 Save R42 (25%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

The best-selling illustrated guide to the British Monarchy and the succession process, updated and redesigned for 2018. Queen Elizabeth II is descended from King Egbert through 12 centuries of monarchs. Showcasing all the family trees, from the Anglo-Saxons to the Windsors, this useful guidebook explains the fascinating process on how power transferred from one monarch to the next. Look out for more Pitkin Guides on the very best of British history, heritage and travel.

How to Argue with a Racist - What Our Genes Do (and Don't) Say about Human Difference (Hardcover): Adam Rutherford How to Argue with a Racist - What Our Genes Do (and Don't) Say about Human Difference (Hardcover)
Adam Rutherford
R511 R412 Discovery Miles 4 120 Save R99 (19%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days
The Habsburgs - To Rule the World (Hardcover): Martyn Rady The Habsburgs - To Rule the World (Hardcover)
Martyn Rady; Read by Simon Bowie
R756 R595 Discovery Miles 5 950 Save R161 (21%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days
The Making and Unmaking of a Revolutionary Family - The Tuckers of Virginia, 1752-1830 (Paperback): Phillip Hamilton The Making and Unmaking of a Revolutionary Family - The Tuckers of Virginia, 1752-1830 (Paperback)
Phillip Hamilton
R636 Discovery Miles 6 360 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

"Phillip Hamilton has written a concise, gripping study that depicts how the American Revolution affected an elite southern family, largely for the worse." -- "Journal of Southern History "

"This excellent study is both eminently readable and educational, and it is an important contribution to understanding the dynamics of leadership and of family life in Virginia following the American Revolution." -- "Virginia Libraries "

"Much more than a family history, this volume adds to our knowledge of the social, economic, and political landscapes of the Old Dominion from the late colonial era through the antebellum period. This book is recommended for those interested in the history of Virginia, the early republic, the South, and family history." -- "North Carolina Historical Review "

In 1814, John Randolph of Roanoke brooded over his family's decline since the American Revolution. The once-sumptuous world of the Virginia gentry was vanishing, its kinship ties crumbling along with its mansions. Looking back in an effort to grasp the changes around him, Randolph fixated on his stepfather and one-time guardian, the jurist St. George Tucker. Although Tucker had fought during the Revolution, he grasped the significant changes the war had brought to the Old Dominion. Thus he sold his plantations and urged his children to pursue careers in learned professions. Tucker's stepson John Randolph bitterly disagreed, precipitating a painful break between the two men.

Drawing upon an extraordinary archive of manuscript materials, Phillip Hamilton illustrates how two generations of a colorful and influential family adapted to social upheaval. He finds that the Tuckers eventually rejected widerfamily connections and turned instead to nuclear kin. They also abandoned the liberal principles and enlightened rationalism of the Revolution for a romanticism girded by deep social conservatism. "The Making and Unmaking of a Revolutionary Family "reveals the complex process by which the world of Washington and Jefferson evolved into the antebellum society of Edmund Ruffin and Thomas Dew.

Phillip Hamilton is Associate Professor of History at Christopher Newport University.

Jeffersonian America

Finding Karen - An Ancestral Mystery (Hardcover): Dorothy Allred Solomon Finding Karen - An Ancestral Mystery (Hardcover)
Dorothy Allred Solomon
R648 R512 Discovery Miles 5 120 Save R136 (21%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

Since her groundbreaking memoir In My Father's House, which recounts an agonizing break from fundamentalist polygamy, Dorothy Allred Solomon has continued to publish on the lives of Mormon women and the dissonance many experience in connection to fundamentalist pasts. The more Solomon delved into issues of agency, the more she felt her own dissonance and began to look for answers in her ancestral past-those early women she knew only through family stories. Finding Karen: An Ancestral Mystery springs from a decade of research into Solomon's paternal great-great grandmother Karen Sorensen Rasmussen, who converted to Mormonism in Denmark and emigrated to the United States in 1859. Held up to Solomon throughout childhood as an icon of feminine heroism, a stoic handcart immigrant who helped establish Zion in Utah, Karen became equally emblematic of Solomon's own strong-willed determination and of everything Solomon found lacking in herself. Finding Karen is a revelatory journey, twinned with Solomon's own in surprising ways. As valuable a study in recovering history as it is in the need to re-examine family stories, Solomon's retelling takes readers through the twists and turns of discovery/recovery as she encounters them. In doing so, she illuminates not only the risk inherent in trusting even what persists as historic record but also the insights to be gained from assiduous persistence.

The Robert E. Lee Family Cooking and Housekeeping Book (Paperback, New edition): Anne Carter Zimmer The Robert E. Lee Family Cooking and Housekeeping Book (Paperback, New edition)
Anne Carter Zimmer
R492 R398 Discovery Miles 3 980 Save R94 (19%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

Part cookbook, part culinary history, part family history, this volume offers an intimate glimpse into life in the household of a mid-19th-century Virginia family, that of the author's great-grandparents, Robert E. Lee and his wife, Mary Anna Randolph Custis Lee. The collection of recipes, photographs, shopping lists and other domestic jottings act as a window on an earlier way of life. Filled with family stories and photographs, it features 70 recipes for breads, cakes, puddings, sweets, soups, main dishes, vegetables, drinks, and home remedies. Each historic recipes is accompanied by notes on ingredients and techinques and by tips for adapting the recipe in the modern kitchen.

Ten Doors Down: The story of an extraordinary adoption reunion (Paperback): Robert Tickner Ten Doors Down: The story of an extraordinary adoption reunion (Paperback)
Robert Tickner
R471 R383 Discovery Miles 3 830 Save R88 (19%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

The story of a federal minister's remarkable reunion with his birth parents. Robert Tickner had always known he was adopted, but had rarely felt much curiosity about his origins. Born in 1951, he had a happy childhood--raised by his loving adoptive parents, Bert and Gwen Tickner, in the small seaside town of Forster, New South Wales. He grew up to be a cheerful and confident young man with a fierce sense of social justice, and the desire and stamina to make political change. Serving in the Hawke and Keating governments, he held the portfolio of minister for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander affairs. Among other achievements while in government, he was responsible for initiating the reconciliation process with Indigenous Australians, and he was instrumental in instigating the national inquiry into the stolen generations. During his time on the front bench, Robert's son was born, and it was his deep sense of connection to this child that moved him at last to turn his attention to the question of his own birth. Although he had some sense of the potentially life-changing course that lay ahead of him, he could not have anticipated learning of the exceptional nature of the woman who had brought him into the world, the deep scars that his forced adoption had left on her, and the astonishing series of coincidences that had already linked their lives. And this was only the first half of a story that was to lead to a reunion with his birth father and siblings. This deeply moving memoir is a testament to the significance of all forms of family in shaping us--and to the potential for love to heal great harm.

Flags of the Night Sky - When Astronomy Meets National Pride (Paperback, 2014 ed.): Andre G. Bordeleau Flags of the Night Sky - When Astronomy Meets National Pride (Paperback, 2014 ed.)
Andre G. Bordeleau
R847 R687 Discovery Miles 6 870 Save R160 (19%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Many national flags display astronomical features - Sun, Moon, stars - but are they really based on existing astronomical objects? The United States flag sports 50 stars, one for each state, however none of them are linked to real stars. Further, the lunar crescent is often shaped like the Sun being eclipsed by the Moon. At times, stars are seen right next to the crescent, where the darkened disc of the moon should be! This book will present true astronomical objects and patterns highlighted on national flags and link informative capsules about these objects to the political reasons why they were chosen to adorn such an important symbol.

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