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Elephant Rescue (Paperback): Judy Morgan Elephant Rescue (Paperback)
Judy Morgan
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From the book: ""I just want to make sure there are elephants around for generations to enjoy, like I have.""

In 1979, the African elephant population was 1.3 million. By 1989 that total dropped dramatically to 609,000. During the 1980s, poachers killed some three hundred elephants a day. Although active measures were soon enforced to protect African and Asian elephant populations, the elephant's future is still uncertain.

Elephant Rescue traces the efforts of individuals and organizations that confront the international ivory trade and lobby indigenous governments to create protective environments. One innovative program described is green hunting. Sport hunters who once shot and killed elephants are now given the opportunity to use tranquilizers. The animal suffers no harm and accompanying researchers can fit these elephants with a radio collar for further studies.

The book also covers: How elephants live Ways elephants protect their families Elephants' astonishingly intricate behavior Physiology, life span, diet and more.

Elephant Rescue is a fascinating book about how people and elephants can thrive in a shared environment.

About the "Firefly Animal Rescue" series:

The "Firefly Animal Rescue" identifies endangered and threatened species and what is being done to protect them. Combining lively, accessible text and stunning color photographs, each book provides a detailed overview of the species, describing its characteristics, behavior, habits, physiology and more.

""These attractive books are a call to action... fascinating readable accounts."" - School Library Journal

""Succinct introductions to the science and practice of wildlife conservation... written in accessible, lively language."" - Booklist

The Life Cycle of the Tree (Paperback): Bobbie Kalman The Life Cycle of the Tree (Paperback)
Bobbie Kalman
R207 R194 Discovery Miles 1 940 Save R13 (6%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

Text and photographs describe basic facts about trees, their function in a forest, and how they benefit animals, people, and the environment.

Saving Wildlife (Hardcover): Rufus Bellamy Saving Wildlife (Hardcover)
Rufus Bellamy
R345 R297 Discovery Miles 2 970 Save R48 (14%) Out of stock

Looking at solutions to key world environmental problems this series encourages readers to contribute to a sustainable future. Links with science, geography and citizenship curricula. Ages 8-11 years.

Oil and Gas (Paperback): John Paul Zronik Oil and Gas (Paperback)
John Paul Zronik
R234 R219 Discovery Miles 2 190 Save R15 (6%) Out of stock

Ages 7 to 14 years. The Babylonians and Sumerians were using thick, gooey oil as early as 5000 BC as pitch to caulk their boats and hold their building bricks in place. Oil is actually a fuel, like coal, but its use today is more widespread through its products such as gasoline and kerosene. This book takes a fascinating look at this disappearing fossil fuel describing how it is made, where it is located in the world, and the environmental and economic problems its use has created. Topics include; What is oil?; millions of years in the making; oil throughout history including the oil boom of the late 1800s, its use as a means of light, and as fuel when wood supplies were used up; exploration and the geology of oil; the different methods for extracting oil; maps show where the world's oil deposits are located; how oil is refined into gasoline; the uses of oil for heating, electricity, powering automobiles; transporting oil by pipeline and tanker; the problem of air pollution, oil spills, and global warming; renewable energy alternatives to oil.

Sharks (Hardcover, Library binding): Casey Horton Sharks (Hardcover, Library binding)
Casey Horton
R754 Discovery Miles 7 540 Out of stock

Discusses the three biggest species of sharks, all of which may be in danger of disappearing because people hunt them for profit and fish them for sport.

Wolves (Hardcover, Library binding): Casey Horton Wolves (Hardcover, Library binding)
Casey Horton
R754 Discovery Miles 7 540 Out of stock

Discusses the habits and characteristics of wolves, once feared as vicious killers, but now understood to be gentle and peaceful wild animals, themselves in need of protection from hunters and encroaching civilization.

Metals (Paperback): John Paul Zronik Metals (Paperback)
John Paul Zronik
R233 R218 Discovery Miles 2 180 Save R15 (6%) Out of stock

This book is intended for ages 7-14. Metal ores are one of the Earth's most common minerals. Metals are useful in all types of industry because they last a long time, are conductors of electricity, and can be easily shaped. Since the first metal alloy was created more than 6,000 years ago during the Bronze Age, people have recognised the potential of extracting metallic elements from rock. This book traces the history, uses, methods of extraction, and future of one of our most versatile resources. The topics include: early use of metals during the Bronze Age, the Iron Age, and the Copper Age; which countries have the most deposits of metal ores, and how much metal different countries use; extracting metals from ores by use of smelting, flotation, and leaching; the equipment that geologists use to locate metal deposits in ore; the lives of miners, including their working conditions, the equipment they use, and the dangers that they encounter working in open-pit and underground mines; and, the role that recycling plays in saving our environment and how metals are recycled.

Save the Planet Protect Habitats (Hardcover): Claire Lewellyn Save the Planet Protect Habitats (Hardcover)
Claire Lewellyn
R305 R248 Discovery Miles 2 480 Save R57 (19%) Out of stock

This series introduces children to environmental issues in a simple and fun way. Each title looks at a particular issue with the aim of relating to a young child's world, starting in the home, progressing to school and working outward to the local community.

Whales (Hardcover, Library binding): Amanda Harman Whales (Hardcover, Library binding)
Amanda Harman
R754 Discovery Miles 7 540 Out of stock

Explores how whales live, why they are in danger, and what is being done to stop them from disappearing from our planet forever.

Bears (Hardcover, Library binding): Casey Horton Bears (Hardcover, Library binding)
Casey Horton
R757 Discovery Miles 7 570 Out of stock

Describes the physical characteristics and habits of various kinds of bears, as well as some of the dangers they face and efforts to protect them.

Dolphins (Hardcover, Library binding): Casey Horton Dolphins (Hardcover, Library binding)
Casey Horton
R620 Discovery Miles 6 200 Out of stock

Describes different kinds of dolphins, including the bottlenose dolphin, Commerson's dolphin, and Chinese river dolphin, and discusses how they live and what can be done to save them from extinction.

Eagles (Hardcover, Library binding): Casey Horton Eagles (Hardcover, Library binding)
Casey Horton
R754 Discovery Miles 7 540 Out of stock

This relevant series highlights the endangered animals of the world, making readers aware of just how many species are at risk of extinction. Each volume begins with a general introduction followed by up-to-date information about the type of animal, where it can be found, characteristics of breeding and family life as well as social interactions, how many are left and why they are endangered or threatened. The books then address what is being done to help the animal survive and what the future holds for it.

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