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Extreme Survival in Oceans (Paperback, New edition): Sally Morgan Extreme Survival in Oceans (Paperback, New edition)
Sally Morgan
R140 R98 Discovery Miles 980 Save R42 (30%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

The world is a dangerous place! Find out about the harrowing tales of bravery and daring in this series that takes the reader to the extreme limits of nature. Features colour photographs, maps, a table of contents and an index.

The Magic and Mystery of Trees (Hardcover): Jen Green The Magic and Mystery of Trees (Hardcover)
Jen Green; Illustrated by Claire McElfatrick
R339 R284 Discovery Miles 2 840 Save R55 (16%) Shipped within 7 - 11 working days
Life: The First Four Billion Years (Hardcover): Martin Jenkins Life: The First Four Billion Years (Hardcover)
Martin Jenkins; Illustrated by Grahame Baker-Smith 1
R437 R352 Discovery Miles 3 520 Save R85 (19%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Discover the greatest story ever told: the story of life on our planet, from the big bang to the dinosaurs and beyond.

Before humans took their first steps, there were billions of years of vibrant and varied life on earth. Discover the fascinating story of our planet, from the formation of the universe to the first mammals, and all the incredible life that flourished in-between. Covering ice ages and fossils, life in the teeming primeval seas and the first life on land, the time of the dinosaurs and the rise of the mammals, Martin Jenkins navigates through millions of years of prehistory in enthralling and accessible style. With gorgeous art from the Kate Greenaway Medal-winning illustrator Grahame Baker Smith, this is a captivating journey through the life of our planet before we called it ours.

General Knowledge Wordsearches (Paperback): Phillip Clarke General Knowledge Wordsearches (Paperback)
Phillip Clarke; Illustrated by Fitz Hammond 1
R130 R103 Discovery Miles 1 030 Save R27 (21%) Shipped within 4 - 8 working days

These wordsearches cover a wide range of topics, from pirates and paintings to volcanoes and vikings, with fun bonus features to test your knowledge.

Football Superstars (Hardcover): Emily Stead Football Superstars (Hardcover)
Emily Stead 1
R205 R151 Discovery Miles 1 510 Save R54 (26%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Calling all football fans! Get the lowdown on the hottest players in football today - from the major international heroes to up-and-coming stars. This fantastic football fact file will give you all the need-to-know info about the hottest players in the game. There are up-close profiles of 33 stars who will light up the 2018-19 season, from record-setting veterans to the brightest young talents. Check out their key stats, read about their awesome achievements in previous seasons, then put your knowledge to the test with the fiendish quiz.

Funny Poems (Paperback, 2nd edition): Jan Dean Funny Poems (Paperback, 2nd edition)
Jan Dean
R139 R97 Discovery Miles 970 Save R42 (30%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

This 'Funny' themed anthology of poems is written by various authors. The anthologies in this series are updated and revised versions of previously published titles, each with several brand new poems in them. There's an anthology for every place and topic. Make sure you've always got a verse rehearsed! Roaring dinosaur rhymes, silly school rhymes: even some revolting rhymes to get you groaning. You can rap or rhyme them, mime them out or tackle fiendish tongue-twisters. Heaps of rib-tickling rhymes to send you poetry potty, and it all supports the school curriculum. A matching Teacher Resource Book, written by Paul Cookson, features workshop-style lessons based on different poetry types/genres. Each lesson focuses on a specific poem from one of the anthologies.

The Little Book of Safari Animal Sounds (Board book): Caz Buckingham, Andrea Pinnington The Little Book of Safari Animal Sounds (Board book)
Caz Buckingham, Andrea Pinnington 1
R285 R233 Discovery Miles 2 330 Save R52 (18%) Shipped within 4 - 8 working days
Build Your Own Dinosaur Museum (Hardcover): Lonely Planet Kids Build Your Own Dinosaur Museum (Hardcover)
Lonely Planet Kids; Illustrated by Mike Love; Jenny Jacoby 1
R415 R295 Discovery Miles 2 950 Save R120 (29%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Calling all dinosaur experts! We need your help. We've just received a crate of dinosaur fossils - and they need assembling! Fast! Can you find the right room for each skeleton and build them in time for the museum's big opening? There are five pop-up dinosaurs to put back together, including a Triceratops, Stegosaurus and T-rex. It's going to be roarsome! Lonely Planet's Build Your Own Dinosaur Museum is an activity book with a difference, where you get to play chief palaeontologist. The museum rooms are ready, but there aren't any skeletons to display. It's up to you to figure out which one is which and where they need to go. Fun, interactive and with lots of facts to discover, this book is perfect for any dinosaur fan, budding biologist or model maker. About Lonely Planet Kids: Lonely Planet Kids - an imprint of the world's leading travel authority Lonely Planet - published its first book in 2011. Over the past 45 years, Lonely Planet has grown a dedicated global community of travellers, many of whom are now sharing a passion for exploration with their children. Lonely Planet Kids educates and encourages young readers at home and in school to learn about the world with engaging books on culture, sociology, geography, nature, history, space and more. We want to inspire the next generation of global citizens and help kids and their parents to approach life in a way that makes every day an adventure. Come explore!

We Eat Bananas (Paperback): Katie Abey We Eat Bananas (Paperback)
Katie Abey 1
R167 R131 Discovery Miles 1 310 Save R36 (22%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Is that a flamingo munching on a banana? What about that hippo flipping pancakes? And why is that llama dressed as a lemon? There's even a shark slurping a fruit smoothie. All the animals are eating their favourite foods in their own hilarious way. So whatever you're eating today ... tell us how it should be done?

We Eat Bananas invites children to choose their favourite foods and how they like to eat them across 12 spreads, packed with animals eating bananas, soup, sandwiches, sausages, ice cream, vegetables, spaghetti and more. With interactive speech bubbles and hilarious shout outs. Gobble up this book!

For any parent who has ever struggled to get their kids to eat up, this hilarious book is for YOU! No more fussy eating.

Ghosts (Paperback): Raina Telgemeier Ghosts (Paperback)
Raina Telgemeier
R225 R163 Discovery Miles 1 630 Save R62 (28%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

From award-winning graphic novelist Raina Telgemeier comes a new story about family, friendship and hope. Catrina and her family are moving to the coast of Northern California because her little sister, Maya, is sick. Cat isn't happy about leaving her friends for Bahia de la Luna, but Maya has cystic fibrosis and will benefit from the cool, salty air that blows in from the sea. As the girls explore their new home, a neighbor lets them in on a secret: There are ghosts in Bahia de la Luna. Maya is determined to meet one, but Cat wants nothing to do with them. As the time of year when ghosts reunite with their loved ones approaches, Cat must figure out how to put aside her fears for her sister's sake - and her own. . .

Bella Broomstick 4 (Paperback): Lou Kuenzler Bella Broomstick 4 (Paperback)
Lou Kuenzler 1
R143 R101 Discovery Miles 1 010 Save R42 (29%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

The fourth title in a delightful witchy series, full of doodle illustrations and themes of friendship and fitting in. Bella will have young readers bewitched from the very first page! Merrymeet town is abuzz with news of a fabulous new dancing competition. Even Bella is entering! But all is not as it seems and when wicked witch Aunt Hemlock interferes, Bella knows she's in for a bumpy ride. She'll need more than magic to win the day!

Scratch and Learn Animals (Novelty book): Natasha Durley Scratch and Learn Animals (Novelty book)
Natasha Durley; Lucy Brownridge
R274 R189 Discovery Miles 1 890 Save R85 (31%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

See the animal kingdom as never before, in this unique scratch and discover format. Every spread visits a different habitat to scratch and explore. From the rainforest to the ocean, all the world's best-loved animals and habitats are featured. An appealing, interactive first introduction to animals.

i-SPY At the seaside - What Can You Spot? (Paperback, Edition): I Spy i-SPY At the seaside - What Can You Spot? (Paperback, Edition)
I Spy 1
R69 R48 Discovery Miles 480 Save R21 (30%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Search for over 140 sights at the seaside with this i-SPY guide. This fun activity book encourages kids to explore outdoors, from ships and rescue vehicles to rock pools and seaweed, in search of i-SPY points. A fun, interactive way to encourage curious children to learn about the world around them. What can you spot? Get i-SPYing with these features: * Vibrant colour coded photographs * Learn facts about seaside sights and creatures along the way * Points to score from common spots like paddling dog (10 points) to top spots such as Squat Lobster (25 points). Children love these fun and fascinating i-SPY activity books - discover over 30 other i-SPY guides in the series!

Middle School Misadventures (Hardcover): Jason Platt Middle School Misadventures (Hardcover)
Jason Platt
R444 R351 Discovery Miles 3 510 Save R93 (21%) Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

In Jason Platt's debut graphic novel, Ferris Bueller meets Calvin and Hobbes in this hilarious and embarrassing middle school caper that asks the important questions--like how long can one kid vamp before he embarrasses himself in front of his whole school? Newell is always getting into trouble--whether it's showing up tardy for most of the year, or mocking his teachers while authoritarian Mr. Todd is standing right behind him. When disaster strikes and Newell finds himself on track to summer school, he's given one last minute option to get out of it--participating in the upcoming Talent Show. The only problem is that he doesn't technically have a talent to show. Yikes. In this fun and imaginative full-color graphic novel, Jason Platt sends a fast-talking, daydreaming, middle school kid on a desperate quest to pull off a great show and save his summer. This title will be simultaneously available in paperback.

National Geographic Kids Readers: Penguins (Paperback): Anne Schreiber National Geographic Kids Readers: Penguins (Paperback)
Anne Schreiber 1
R93 R65 Discovery Miles 650 Save R28 (30%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

They waddled into stardom in National Geographic's March of the Penguins film. These guys are now nature's ROCK STARS! If you're age 5, you're probably as tall as an Emperor. But why do they throw up so much? March this way, and find out all! This is a high-interest non-fiction book that combines the brilliance of National Geographic photographs of penguins with informative texts written to inspire, inform, and excite young readers.

Whale's Way (Hardcover): Johanna Johnston Whale's Way (Hardcover)
Johanna Johnston; Illustrated by Leonard Weisgard
R266 R213 Discovery Miles 2 130 Save R53 (20%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

'That is the way of the largest creature on earth. That is the whale's way.' The humpback whales journey through polar seas, diving, spouting and leaping. As winter comes they swim through treacherous waters towards the warmer climate of the equator. Will they escape the hunters and guide baby whale to safety? Telling the story of the life cycle of the whale in a simple narrative, this is a beautifully illustrated book with timeless appeal.

RHS How Does a Butterfly Grow? (Board book): Royal Horticultural Society RHS How Does a Butterfly Grow? (Board book)
Royal Horticultural Society 1
R297 R169 Discovery Miles 1 690 Save R128 (43%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

From egg to hungry caterpillar, to beautiful, fluttery butterfly, this picture book with exciting flaps tells the amazing story of a butterfly's life. With friendly, read-aloud text, sturdy board book pages, and surprise flaps to lift, it's the perfect life cycle book for young children, and follows on from the award-winning title, RHS I Can Grow a Sunflower.

Published in association with the RHS, this fun nature book will entertain and educate preschoolers. They'll love finding out about each life cycle stage, as they follow the pictures, lift the flaps, and listen to the friendly text.

Beautifully illustrated, the book starts by showing all sorts of colourful butterflies. Then through the story of a swallowtail, children learn how a butterfly grows. Close-up photos show the mummy swallowtail laying her eggs, the tiny caterpillar hatching and growing, and the pretty butterfly emerging from its chrysalis. The fully grown swallowtail's brightly patterned wings lift up from the page as fluttery flaps, and more flaps reveal four other incredible caterpillar transformations.

As well as the butterfly life cycle, the book includes interesting butterfly facts, such as how they spread pollen, how they are similar and different to moths, and how they need places where there are lots of flowers for them to feed on.

Perfect for reading aloud, and with stage-by-stage pictures that tell the story, every page is easy to follow, and the combination of exciting photos and charming artwork will hold the interest of the very young.

With a fun approach to life cycle science for young learners, RHS How Does a Butterfly Grow? is an informative picture book to share and enjoy. It makes a great educational gift.

Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald Movie Magic (Hardcover): Jody Revenson Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald Movie Magic (Hardcover)
Jody Revenson 1
R430 R332 Discovery Miles 3 320 Save R98 (23%) Shipped within 4 - 8 working days

Journey behind the scenes of the new Fantastic Beasts movie in this incredible new book!

Inside this official tie-in, you will find:

-Captivating facts

-Incredible images

-Behind the scenes character profiles

-Magical locations

-LOTS of beasts and artefacts

Plus, this interactive volume also comes filled with bonus inserts; from maps and posters, to lift-the-flaps and stickers!

This book is the ultimate guide for any fan of J.K. Rowling!

The eagerly awaited sequel to Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them once again opens the doors to the famous wizarding world. Written by J.K. Rowling and directed by David Yates, discover what adventures are next in store for Magizoologist Newt Scaramander.

What Are You Looking At? (Spiral bound): Sara Stanford What Are You Looking At? (Spiral bound)
Sara Stanford
R168 R119 Discovery Miles 1 190 Save R49 (29%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

From cute to creepy and daft to deadly, this book celebrates some of the weirdest and craziest animals on the planet! Open the pages and discover strange creatures you could only imagine in your dreams... Except these bizarre animals really do exist! Discover the world's animal oddballs with colourful photographs, stat boxes, and That's Wild! quirky facts which will engage and entertain young readers. In a time when animals are increasingly under threat from habitat destruction, hunting, and other environmental dangers, it's ever more important that children learn about the extraordinary creatures of the natural world.

The Funny Life of Teachers (Paperback): James Campbell The Funny Life of Teachers (Paperback)
James Campbell; Illustrated by Rob Jones 1
R167 R131 Discovery Miles 1 310 Save R36 (22%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Uncover the ridiculously funny life of teachers (and some things that have nothing to do with teachers but are still splendidly funny) according to James Campbell, comedian extraordinaire. Ever wondered what teachers do when they're not in the classroom? Are they undercover detectives, champion roller-blade dancers or do they spend their evenings playing with their 576 cats?

This face-achingly funny book will also teach you why you should carry an emergency banana with you at all times, how to fart in class silently without anyone knowing it was you and how to catapult yourself to school by building a medieval style catapult in your back garden!

Whether you love or loathe your teachers, want to become one when you grow up or don't give two figs about your teacher but simply love a HILARIOUS read, this book is for you. Prepare to roll around the floor laughing with the snot-inducingly brilliant The Funny Life of Teachers.

But be warned – this is NOT a normal book. You can read it forwards, backwards, sideways and in approximately 861,000 different ways in between. Whichever way you read it, look no further for fantastic real-life teacher facts, incredibly funny illustrations, imaginary stories and an impossibly silly read!

Hey Duggee: Super Yummy! Sticker Activity Book (Paperback): Hey Duggee Hey Duggee: Super Yummy! Sticker Activity Book (Paperback)
Hey Duggee 1
R85 R67 Discovery Miles 670 Save R18 (21%) Shipped within 4 - 8 working days

Yum yum! Duggee and the Squirrels are growing, making and eating their favourite food and drinks. Fruit, veg, pizzas, cakes, smoothies - they're all here! Includes over 60 stickers that you can use to complete the activities and send everyone home with full tummies.

The Little Book of What's the Difference (Paperback): Martin Ellis The Little Book of What's the Difference (Paperback)
Martin Ellis
R93 R74 Discovery Miles 740 Save R19 (20%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days
Terrible Tudors (Paperback, 2nd edition): Terry Deary, Neil Tonge Terrible Tudors (Paperback, 2nd edition)
Terry Deary, Neil Tonge; Illustrated by Martin Brown 1
R138 R95 Discovery Miles 950 Save R43 (31%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Readers can discover all the foul facts about the TERRIBLE TUDORS, including why Henry VIII thought he'd married a horse, all about terrible Tudor torture and which shocking swear words the Tudors used. With a bold, accessible new look and a heap of extra-horrible bits, these bestselling titles are sure to be a huge hit with yet another generation of Terry Deary fans.

Hummingbird (Hardcover): Nicola Davies Hummingbird (Hardcover)
Nicola Davies; Illustrated by Jane Ray 1
R286 R229 Discovery Miles 2 290 Save R57 (20%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

"One of the prettiest works of non-fiction you are likely to see… It is ravishing." The Sunday Times

From Nicola Davies, one of the UK’s finest non-fiction writers, and from Jane Ray, one of the UK’s finest illustrators, comes and exquisite Nature Storybook about … hummingbirds! A hummingbird is smaller than your thumb and weighs less than a 20 pence piece – however you measure it, it’s tiny. But every spring, hummingbirds that have spent the winter in Mexico fly north to make the most of the warmer weather. They nest as far north as Canada and Alaska; a 2,000 mile trip! This is the story of one spring migration: of a tiny bird, its amazing journey and the people it meets along the way.

"Jane Ray turns everything she touches to gold." Daily Telegraph

"Nicola Davies is one of the best children’s writers in the business." Huffington Post

Jungle (Board book): Tiago Americo Jungle (Board book)
Tiago Americo; Campbell Books 1
R95 R82 Discovery Miles 820 Save R13 (14%) Shipped within 4 - 8 working days

Take a trip to the Jungle! Lift the giant flaps to reveal the jungle animals and touch lots of exciting textures. Feel the toucan’s smooth bill, the crocodile’s bumpy skin and the tiger’s stripy fur.

Bright and friendly illustrations from Tiago Americo bring the jungle scenes to life and, with something to spot or count on every page too, each colourful book in the My First Touch and Find series provides lots of fun for older babies and toddlers.

Also available in this tactile series: Dinosaurs, Park, Farm, Zoo, Sea, London.

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