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War Artists in Afghanistan (Hardcover): Jules George, Douglas Farthing, Michael Fay War Artists in Afghanistan (Hardcover)
Jules George, Douglas Farthing, Michael Fay
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'I felt physically sick from the pit of my stomach and to be honest was now feeling vulnerable and completely outside my depth of knowledge. The world had seemingly gone mad and I was having visions of the base now being ransacked; I was confused and unsure what to do. My solution was to do the only thing that I could do. I climbed the nearest sangar and started to draw.' Jules George. Jules George, war artist, travelled to Helmand, Afghanistan, in 2010, in the wake of its bloodiest year for British troops. War Artists in Afghanistan: Beyond the Wire reproduces the remarkable sketches, watercolours and oil paintings born of his experiences with the 2nd Yorkshires (Green Howards). His work captures the vast scale and stunning, fertile beauty of the Afghan landscape, and in its midst, the British soldier, out on patrol, boarding a Chinook or caught in a firefight.The book also features the work of four other war artists in Afghanistan: Douglas Farthing, a former sergeant in the British paratroopers; and Michael Fay, soldier-turned-combat artist for the United States Marine Corps; Arabella Dorman, internationally recognised portrait painter and war artist; and Matthew Cook, trained illustrator, former Times war artist and Territorial Army solider. Each artist's work is accompanied by their own, first-hand account of war in Afghanistan.

Five Days in London, May 1940 (Paperback): John Lukacs Five Days in London, May 1940 (Paperback)
John Lukacs
R258 Discovery Miles 2 580 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Washington Post Book World Bestseller "Customers are raving about Five Days in London."-Amazon.com "Gripping. . . . Lucaks's story is not new . . . but [he] has transformed it into a memorable drama."-M.F. Perutz, New York Review of Books The days from May 24 to May 28, 1940 altered the course of the history of this century, as the members of the British War Cabinet debated whether to negotiate with Hitler or to continue what became known as the Second World War. The decisive importance of these five days is the focus of John Lukacs's magisterial new book. Lukacs takes us hour by hour into the critical unfolding of events at 10 Downing Street, where Churchill and the members of his cabinet were painfully considering their war responsibilities. We see how the military disasters taking place on the Continent-particularly the plight of the nearly 400,000 British soldiers bottled up in Dunkirk-affected Churchill's fragile political situation, for he had been prime minister only a fortnight and was regarded as impetuous and hotheaded even by many of his own party. Lukacs also investigates the mood of the British people, drawing on newspaper and Mass-Observation reports that show how the citizenry, though only partly informed about the dangers that faced them, nevertheless began to support Churchill's determination to stand fast. Other historians have dealt with Churchill's difficulties during this period, using the partial revelations of certain memoirs and private and public papers. But Lukacs is the first to convey the drama and importance of these days, and he does so in a compelling narrative that combines deep knowledge with high literary style.

Fighting for Spain - The International Brigades in the Civil War, 1936-1939 (Hardcover): Alexander Clifford Fighting for Spain - The International Brigades in the Civil War, 1936-1939 (Hardcover)
Alexander Clifford
R558 R447 Discovery Miles 4 470 Save R111 (20%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

In the English-speaking world, the Spanish Civil War is perhaps best remembered through the exploits of thousands of foreign volunteers from across the globe who joined the International Brigades - a force of communists, socialists and others who took their opposition to fascism to extraordinary lengths. Their passionate political commitment to Spain's cause and determination in battle placed them among the crack troops of the Republic's People's Army. Yet while much has been written about the political, social and cultural significance of the brigades and their experience in Spain, less has been said about their performance as front-line troops. It is this military history that Alexander Clifford focuses on in vivid detail in this highly illustrated new study which reassess their impact within the Republican People's Army. His account tells the story of the brigades as combat units, tracing the course of each major battle in which they fought and showing the drastic changes they underwent as the war progressed - from an untrained militia in 1936, to the tried and tested shock troops of 1937, to a shadow of their former selves by 1938 after repeated maulings and the introduction of Spanish conscripts to fill their ranks.

What is Military History? (Paperback, 3rd Edition): Stephen Morillo, Michael F Pavkovic What is Military History? (Paperback, 3rd Edition)
Stephen Morillo, Michael F Pavkovic
R418 Discovery Miles 4 180 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

The third edition of What is Military History? has been thoroughly updated, and includes a new bibliography and new case studies on naval warfare and the origins of war, as well as expanded sections on historiography, environmental history and world history. This popular textbook showcases a field that encompasses not only accounts of campaigns and battles, but includes a wide range of perspectives on all aspects of past military organization and activity. Its global and comparative analysis covers: the history of military history, showing how it has developed from ancient times to the present; the key ideas and concepts that shape analysis of military activity; the current controversies about which military historians argue, and why they are important; a survey of who does military history, where it is taught and published, and how it is practiced; and a look at where military history is headed in the future. Ideal for any interested reader and for classes in military history and in historiography generally, the third edition of this popular book thoroughly explains the dynamics of this rich and growing area of study.

North Carolina Troops, 1861-1865: A Roster, Volume 14 - Infantry (57th, 58th, 60th, and 61st Regiments) (Hardcover): Weymouth... North Carolina Troops, 1861-1865: A Roster, Volume 14 - Infantry (57th, 58th, 60th, and 61st Regiments) (Hardcover)
Weymouth T. Jordan Jr.
R1,404 Discovery Miles 14 040 Ships in 7 - 11 working days
The Emancipation Proclamation (Hardcover): Abraham Lincoln The Emancipation Proclamation (Hardcover)
Abraham Lincoln
R227 R183 Discovery Miles 1 830 Save R44 (19%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

A hardcover copy of the draft, preliminary, and final versions of Abraham Lincoln's January 1, 1863 Executive Order, the Emancipation Proclamation, which declared the freedom of 3.1 million of the nation's slaves.

The Day The War Ended - Untold true stories from the last days of the war (Paperback): Jacky Hyams The Day The War Ended - Untold true stories from the last days of the war (Paperback)
Jacky Hyams 1
R254 R208 Discovery Miles 2 080 Save R46 (18%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Tuesday, 8 May 1945: Victory in Europe Day. A day of joyous celebration, as the end of a conflict which had engulfed the world came within touching distance. Millions of people celebrated in the streets throughout Britain. Yet not all was right in the world. Struggles remained ahead - war still raged on between the Allies and Japan. Agreements and treaties were yet to be forged. Lives continued to be lost around the world. Meanwhile in Britain, although the pressure of supporting active military campaigns was reduced, lives were irrevocably changed in other ways. Bonds forged by the momentum of struggle, by hardship, unity and common purpose would begin to fade, and give way to the wounds of sorrow, upheaval and trauma that six years of conflict had riven. What was it really like to be living in Britain as the war drew to a close, giving way to a new era of hope, but also of deep uncertainty? In The Day the War Ended, bestselling author Jacky Hyams delivers a sweeping story, weaving together illuminating untold stories with contemporary records and photographs. The result is a moving, personal insight into hearts and minds across the home front right through the momentous year of 1945, as war ended and 'everything after' took root, shaping the world we know today.

War beyond Words - Languages of Remembrance from the Great War to the Present (Hardcover, New title): Jay Winter War beyond Words - Languages of Remembrance from the Great War to the Present (Hardcover, New title)
Jay Winter
R747 R593 Discovery Miles 5 930 Save R154 (21%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

What we know of war is always mediated knowledge and feeling. We need lenses to filter out some of its blinding, terrifying light. These lenses are not fixed; they change over time, and Jay Winter's panoramic history of war and memory offers an unprecedented study of transformations in our imaginings of war, from 1914 to the present. He reveals the ways in which different creative arts have framed our meditations on war, from painting and sculpture to photography, film and poetry, and ultimately to silence, as a language of memory in its own right. He shows how these highly mediated images of war, in turn, circulate through language to constitute our 'cultural memory' of war. This is a major contribution to our understanding of the diverse ways in which men and women have wrestled with the intractable task of conveying what twentieth-century wars meant to them and mean to us.

The Papers of Jefferson Davis - January-September 1863 (Hardcover, Rev ed.): Jefferson Davis The Papers of Jefferson Davis - January-September 1863 (Hardcover, Rev ed.)
Jefferson Davis
R2,463 Discovery Miles 24 630 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

The New Year . . . comes in auspiciously for us, Jefferson Davis proclaimed in January, 1863, and indeed there were grounds for optimism within the Confederacy. By September, however, various hopes for ending the confi'ict with the North had given way to the harsh realities of a prolonged war, increasingly confi ned to southern soil. Although Davis suffered poor health during much of the nine-month period, he remained an active and vital leader. Volume 9 of The Papers of Jefferson Davis gives a vivid picture of the tasks he faced. Military matters consumed most of Davis' time. Already strained relations with Joseph E. Johnston worsened in the spring, and he was eventually relieved of his overall command of the western armies. Surrenders at Vicksburg and Port Hudson ended Confederate access to the Mississippi River, and in the East, Robert E. Lee's stunning victory at Chancellorsville was blotted out by bloody repulse south of Gettysburg. Correspondence from Europe reveals what Davis knew of the Erlanger loan and the diminishing chances of French and British intervention. As problems for the Confederacy mounted, discontent grew. Davis received complaints from across the young country, the conscription system being of particular concern. In April he saw fi rsthand the unhappiness over limited resources as he took to the streets to help calm the Richmond bread riot. Over 2,000 documents, many never before published, are included in Volume 9. Eighty-one are printed with annotation, 242 more in full text, and about 1,750 others are calendared in summary form. They show Davis fi ghting to maintain morale and military cohesion during one of the Confederacy's most diffi cult periods.

Mr. Tubbs' Civil War (Hardcover, New): Nat Brandt Mr. Tubbs' Civil War (Hardcover, New)
Nat Brandt
R818 R639 Discovery Miles 6 390 Save R179 (22%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

Charles Tubbs never actually went to war. He never volunteered nor was he drafted in the Union army, but his friends - ordinary young men from rural New York and Pennsylvania - wore the Union blue. These seventeen individuals made the Civil War come alive for Charles Tubbs, for they sent him some of the most eloquent letters to have emerged from that momentous conflict. Popular historian Nat Brandt, who has written extensively on the War Between the States, has drawn his material from more than 175 letters that Tubbs received from the seventeen friends who fought for the Union. The young soldiers vividly communicate the camaraderie of camp life and the loneliness of the soldier far from home. Their simple - at times ungrammatical - missives transport the reader to most of the major battles: Shiloh, Antietam, Gettysburg. Through their experiences - and Nat Brandt's expertise - we are given a frontline account of this crucial time in American history, from the first stirrings of war to the final surrender at Appomattox, and to their eventual march home.

Wild Blue - 741 Squadron: On A Wing And A Prayer Over Occupied Europe (Paperback, Reissue): Stephen E. Ambrose Wild Blue - 741 Squadron: On A Wing And A Prayer Over Occupied Europe (Paperback, Reissue)
Stephen E. Ambrose 1
R255 R170 Discovery Miles 1 700 Save R85 (33%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

In the bestselling BAND OF BROTHERS, Stephen E. Ambrose portrayed in vivid detail the experiences of soldiers who fought on the bloody battlegrounds of World War II. THE WILD BLUE brings to life another extraordinary band of brothers - the men who volunteered to join the American Air Force and undertook some of the most demanding and dangerous jobs in the war. Focusing on the men of the 741st Bomb Squadron and, in particular, the crew of the DAKOTA QUEEN, these are the boys turned pilots, bombardiers, navigators and gunners of the B24s, who suffered 50 per cent casualties during conflict. With his extraordinary talent for bringing alive the action and tension of combat, Ambrose sweeps us along in the B24s as their crews fought to the death to reach their targets and destroy the German war machine.

Vietnam - An Epic Tragedy: 1945-1975 (Hardcover): Max Hastings Vietnam - An Epic Tragedy: 1945-1975 (Hardcover)
Max Hastings 1
R877 R610 Discovery Miles 6 100 Save R267 (30%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Vietnam became the Western world’s most divisive modern conflict, precipitating a battlefield humiliation for France in 1954, then a vastly greater one for the United States in 1975. Max Hastings has spent the past three years interviewing scores of participants on both sides, as well as researching a multitude of American and Vietnamese documents and memoirs, to create an epic narrative of an epic struggle. He portrays the set pieces of Dienbienphu, the Tet offensive, the air blitz of North Vietnam, and less familiar battles such as the bloodbath at Daido, where a US Marine battalion was almost wiped out, together with extraordinary recollections of Ho Chi Minh’s warriors. Here are the vivid realities of strife amid jungle and paddies that killed 2 million people.

Many writers treat the war as a US tragedy, yet Hastings sees it as overwhelmingly that of the Vietnamese people, of whom forty died for every American. US blunders and atrocities were matched by those committed by their enemies. While all the world has seen the image of a screaming, naked girl seared by napalm, it forgets countless eviscerations, beheadings and murders carried out by the communists. The people of both former Vietnams paid a bitter price for the Northerners’ victory in privation and oppression. Here is testimony from Vietcong guerrillas, Southern paratroopers, Saigon bargirls and Hanoi students alongside that of infantrymen from South Dakota, Marines from North Carolina, Huey pilots from Arkansas.

No past volume has blended a political and military narrative of the entire conflict with heart-stopping personal experiences, in the fashion that Max Hastings’ readers know so well. The author suggests that neither side deserved to win this struggle with so many lessons for the 21st century about the misuse of military might to confront intractable political and cultural challenges. He marshals testimony from warlords and peasants, statesmen and soldiers, to create an extraordinary record.

A Frontier Army Christmas (Paperback): Lori A Cox-Paul, James W Wengert A Frontier Army Christmas (Paperback)
Lori A Cox-Paul, James W Wengert
R305 R248 Discovery Miles 2 480 Save R57 (19%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days
Down Along with That Devil's Bones - A Reckoning with Monuments, Memory, and the Legacy of White Supremacy (Hardcover):... Down Along with That Devil's Bones - A Reckoning with Monuments, Memory, and the Legacy of White Supremacy (Hardcover)
Connor Towne O'Neill
R622 R492 Discovery Miles 4 920 Save R130 (21%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

"We can no longer see ourselves as minor spectators or weary watchers of history a fter finishing this astonishing work of nonfiction." --Kiese Laymon, author of Heavy In Down Along with That Devil's Bones, journalist Connor Towne O'Neill takes a deep dive into American history, exposing the still-raging battles over monuments dedicated to one of the most notorious Confederate generals, Nathan Bedford Forrest. Through the lens of these conflicts, O'Neill examines the legacy of white supremacy in America, in a sobering and fascinating work sure to resonate with readers of Tony Horwitz, Timothy B. Tyson, and Robin DiAngelo. When O'Neill first moved to Alabama, as a white Northerner, he felt somewhat removed from the racism Confederate monuments represented. Then one day in Selma, he stumbled across a group of citizens protecting a monument to Forrest, the officer who became the first Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan and whom William Tecumseh Sherman referred to as "that devil." O'Neill sets off to visit other disputed memorials to Forrest across the South, talking with men and women who believe they are protecting their heritage, and those who have a different view of the man's poisonous history. O'Neill's reporting and thoughtful, deeply personal analysis make it clear that white supremacy is not a regional affliction but is in fact coded into the DNA of the entire country. Down Along with That Devil's Bones presents an important and eye-opening account of how we got from Appomattox to Charlottesville, and where, if we can truly understand and transcend our past, we could be headed next.

Last Witnesses: Hurricane (Hardcover): Brian Milton Last Witnesses: Hurricane (Hardcover)
Brian Milton 1
R545 R356 Discovery Miles 3 560 Save R189 (35%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

The RAF's Battle of Britain Memorial Flight comprises three main aircraft - the Spitfire, the Lancaster and the Hurricane. The Lancaster played no part in the Battle of Britain and the Spitfire is the aeroplane many people most associate with the RAF during World War II, but the Hurricane is the hero that won the Battle of Britain. The RAF's first monoplane fighter aircraft, the Hurricane, entered service before the Spitfire and was responsible for destroying more enemy aircraft during the Battle of Britain than any other type. Around 60 per cent of claimed 'kills' fell to the guns of Hurricane pilots and the only Battle of Britain Victoria Cross. In a dogfight on 16th August 1940 Nicolson was badly wounded, his Hurricane damaged and engulfed in flames. While attempting to leave the cockpit, Nicolson spotted one of the enemy Messerschmitts ahead. He returned to the cockpit, which by now was a blazing inferno, and engaged the enemy. The stories of the Hurricane pilots form the basis of Brian Milton's riveting new book. Having tracked down the few surviving former Hurricane pilots who flew the aircraft during the Second World War, Brian has brought together a unique series of personal experiences from his 'Last Witnesses' to tell the story of what it was like to fly and fight in this iconic aircraft not only over the white cliffs of Dover during the Battle of Britain, but also during the Battle of France, the defence of Malta, in the intense heat of the North African desert, in the freezing temperatures of the Arctic wastes and in the suffocating humidity of the Far East. The Hurricane served in every theatre during the Second World War as a fighter, night fighter, ground attack aircraft and even on board ship guarding vital convoys. The fascinating first-hand accounts of these gallant pilots form not only a history of the aircraft, but also a tribute to the many friends they lost in combat.

Revolver - Sam Colt and the Six-Shooter That Changed America (Hardcover): Jim Rasenberger Revolver - Sam Colt and the Six-Shooter That Changed America (Hardcover)
Jim Rasenberger
R712 R564 Discovery Miles 5 640 Save R148 (21%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days
The S.S. Officer's Armchair - Uncovering the Hidden Life of a Nazi (Hardcover): Daniel Lee The S.S. Officer's Armchair - Uncovering the Hidden Life of a Nazi (Hardcover)
Daniel Lee; Read by Alex Wyndham
R660 R523 Discovery Miles 5 230 Save R137 (21%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days
Command - The Twenty-First-Century General (Paperback): Anthony King Command - The Twenty-First-Century General (Paperback)
Anthony King
R643 R519 Discovery Miles 5 190 Save R124 (19%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

In the wake of the troubled campaigns in Afghanistan and Iraq, military decision-making appears to be in crisis and generals have been subjected to intense and sustained public criticism. Taking these interventions as a starting point, Anthony King examines the transformation of military command in the twenty-first century. Focusing on the army division, King argues that a phenomenon of collective command is developing. In the twentieth century, generals typically directed and led operations personally, monopolising decision-making. They commanded individualistically, even heroically. As operations have expanded in range and scope, decision-making has multiplied and diversified. As a result command is becoming increasingly professionalised and collaborative. Through interviews with many leading generals and vivid ethnographic analysis of divisional headquarters, this book provides a unique insight into the transformation of command in western armies.

MI9 - A History of the Secret Service for Escape and Evasion in World War Two (Hardcover): Helen Fry MI9 - A History of the Secret Service for Escape and Evasion in World War Two (Hardcover)
Helen Fry
R585 R460 Discovery Miles 4 600 Save R125 (21%) Ships in 5 - 10 working days

A thrilling history of MI9-the WWII organization that engineered the escape of Allied forces from behind enemy lines When Allied fighters were trapped behind enemy lines, one branch of military intelligence helped them escape: MI9. The organization set up clandestine routes that zig-zagged across Nazi-occupied Europe, enabling soldiers and airmen to make their way home. Secret agents and resistance fighters risked their lives and those of their families to hide the men. Drawing on declassified files and eye-witness testimonies from across Europe and the United States, Helen Fry provides a significant reassessment of MI9's wartime role. Central to its success were figures such as Airey Neave, Jimmy Langley, Sam Derry, and Mary Lindell-one of only a few women parachuted into enemy territory for MI9. This astonishing account combines escape and evasion tales with the previously untold stories behind the establishment of MI9-and reveals how the organization saved thousands of lives.

The Battle of Waterloo (Hardcover): Peter Snow, National Army Museum, Dan Snow The Battle of Waterloo (Hardcover)
Peter Snow, National Army Museum, Dan Snow 1
R557 R369 Discovery Miles 3 690 Save R188 (34%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

The Battle of Waterloo marks an event that changed the fate of Europe irrevocably. Beautifully illustrated, it includes reproductions of contemporary letters and documents, printed on the page, and offers a beautifully written telling of the battle and compelling new treatment of the Hundred Days campaign that finally ended the career of Napoleon. Each stage of the build-up to this decisive battle is carefully described, from the escape to the preparations for war. A topography of the battlefield complements a description of the fighting, which culminated in the rout of Napoleon's Imperial Guard, an elite unit that had never experienced defeat. Concluding with an examination of the consequences for the politics of Europe, The Battle of Waterloo is a detailed and visually stunning companion to one of history's most decisive battles.

Searching for Black Confederates - The Civil War's Most Persistent Myth (Hardcover): Kevin M Levin Searching for Black Confederates - The Civil War's Most Persistent Myth (Hardcover)
Kevin M Levin
R701 R552 Discovery Miles 5 520 Save R149 (21%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

More than 150 years after the end of the Civil War, scores of websites, articles, and organizations repeat claims that anywhere between 500 and 100,000 free and enslaved African Americans fought willingly as soldiers in the Confederate army. But as Kevin M. Levin argues in this carefully researched book, such claims would have shocked anyone who served in the army during the war itself. Levin explains that imprecise contemporary accounts, poorly understood primary-source material, and other misrepresentations helped fuel the rise of the black Confederate myth. Moreover, Levin shows that belief in the existence of black Confederate soldiers largely originated in the 1970s, a period that witnessed both a significant shift in how Americans remembered the Civil War and a rising backlash against African Americans' gains in civil rights and other realms. Levin also investigates the roles that African Americans actually performed in the Confederate army, including personal body servants and forced laborers. He demonstrates that regardless of the dangers these men faced in camp, on the march, and on the battlefield, their legal status remained unchanged. Even long after the guns fell silent, Confederate veterans and other writers remembered these men as former slaves and not as soldiers, an important reminder that how the war is remembered often runs counter to history.

Double Crossed - A Code of Honour, A Complete Betrayal (Paperback): Brian Wood Double Crossed - A Code of Honour, A Complete Betrayal (Paperback)
Brian Wood 1
R185 R148 Discovery Miles 1 480 Save R37 (20%) Ships in 5 - 10 working days

The Sunday Times Bestseller At the age of 23, Brian Wood was thrust into the front line in Iraq, in the infamous Battle of Danny Boy. Ambushed, he led a charge across open ground with insurgents firing at just five soldiers. On his return, he was awarded the Military Cross. But Brian's story had only just begun. Struggling to re-integrate into family life, he suffered from PTSD. Then, five years later, a letter arrived: it summoned him to give evidence at the Al-Sweady Inquiry into allegations of war crimes by British soldiers during the Iraq invasion of 2003. After years of public shame, Brian took the stand and delivered a powerful testimony, and following the tense inquiry room scenes, justice was finally served. Phil Shiner, the lawyer who made the false accusations, was struck off and stripped of an honorary doctorate. In this compelling memoir, Brian speaks powerfully and movingly about the three battles in his life, from being ambushed with no cover, to the mental battle to adjust at home, to being falsely accused of hideous war crimes. It's a remarkable and dark curve which ends with his honour restored but, as he says, it was too little, too late.

Occupied Coast: Living in the Shadow of the Atlantic Wall (Hardcover): Aline Sax, Hannelore Vandebroek, Jonas Raats Occupied Coast: Living in the Shadow of the Atlantic Wall (Hardcover)
Aline Sax, Hannelore Vandebroek, Jonas Raats
R748 R600 Discovery Miles 6 000 Save R148 (20%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

During the Second World War, the German occupiers built a coastal defence line along the Dutch, Belgian and French seaboards. The Atlantic Wall was designed to protect the Reich against an Allied invasion. Yet the coastal population suddenly found itself living in a Sperrgebiet of immense strategic importance, as a result of which the dunes and the beaches became no-go zones. Despite the countless restrictions, the rationing and curfews, blackouts, air raids, conscriptions and evacuations, the residents of the coast tried to continue life as normal. The result of a prestigious two-year European research project, Occupied Coast chronicles life behind the Atlantic Wall, from the outbreak of war in 1940 until D-Day. Drawing on over one hundred Belgian, French, Dutch, British and German testimonies, four historians describe the wartime experiences of the coastal population and the impact of the Atlantic Wall upon daily life.

Abraham Lincoln - The Man behind the Myths (Paperback): Stephen B. Oates Abraham Lincoln - The Man behind the Myths (Paperback)
Stephen B. Oates
R324 R302 Discovery Miles 3 020 Save R22 (7%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

Stephen B. Oates discerns the historical truth from the mythical legend that surrounds Lincoln in this original and fascinating portrait of America's 16th president.

The Politics of the First World War - A Course in Game Theory and International Security (Paperback): Scott Wolford The Politics of the First World War - A Course in Game Theory and International Security (Paperback)
Scott Wolford
R978 Discovery Miles 9 780 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

The Great War is an immense, confusing and overwhelming historical conflict - the ideal case study for teaching game theory and international relations. Using thirteen historical puzzles, from the outbreak of the war and the stability of attrition, to unrestricted submarine warfare and American entry into the war, this book provides students with a rigorous yet accessible training in game theory. Each chapter shows, through guided exercises, how game theoretical models can explain otherwise challenging strategic puzzles, shedding light on the role of individual leaders in world politics, cooperation between coalitions partners, the effectiveness of international law, the termination of conflict, and the challenges of making peace. Its analytical history of World War I also surveys cutting edge political science research on international relations and the causes of war. Written by a leading game theorist known for his expertise of the war, this textbook includes useful student features such as chapter key terms, contemporary maps, a timeline of events, a list of key characters and additional end-of-chapter game-theoretic exercises.

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