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New and Old Wars - Organised Violence in a Global Era (Paperback, 3rd Edition): Mary Kaldor New and Old Wars - Organised Violence in a Global Era (Paperback, 3rd Edition)
Mary Kaldor
R493 Discovery Miles 4 930 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Mary Kaldor's New and Old Wars has fundamentally changed the way both scholars and policy-makers understand contemporary war and conflict. In the context of globalization, this path-breaking book has shown that what we think of as war - that is to say, war between states in which the aim is to inflict maximum violence - is becoming an anachronism. In its place is a new type of organized violence or 'new wars', which could be described as a mixture of war, organized crime and massive violations of human rights. The actors are both global and local, public and private. The wars are fought for particularistic political goals using tactics of terror and destabilization that are theoretically outlawed by the rules of modern warfare. Kaldor's analysis offers a basis for a cosmopolitan political response to these wars, in which the monopoly of legitimate organized violence is reconstructed on a transnational basis and international peacekeeping is reconceptualized as cosmopolitan law enforcement. This approach also has implications for the reconstruction of civil society, political institutions, and economic and social relations. This third edition has been fully revised and updated. Kaldor has added an afterword answering the critics of the New Wars argument and, in a new chapter, Kaldor shows how old war thinking in Afghanistan and Iraq greatly exacerbated what turned out to be, in many ways, archetypal new wars - characterised by identity politics, a criminalised war economy and civilians as the main victims. Like its predecessors, the third edition of New and Old Wars will be essential reading for students of international relations, politics and conflict studies as well as to all those interested in the changing nature and prospect of warfare.

Custer, the Seventh Cavalry, and the Little Big Horn - A Bibliography (Hardcover, New): Michael F. O'Keefe Custer, the Seventh Cavalry, and the Little Big Horn - A Bibliography (Hardcover, New)
Michael F. O'Keefe; Foreword by Robert M. Utley
R3,526 Discovery Miles 35 260 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

Since the shocking news first broke in 1876 of the Seventh Cavalry's disastrous defeat at the Little Big Horn, fascination with the battle--and with Lieutenant George Armstrong Custer--has never ceased. Widespread interest in the subject has spawned a vast outpouring of literature, which only increases with time. This two-volume bibliography of Custer literature is the first to be published in some twenty-five years and the most complete ever assembled.
Drawing on years of research, Michael O'Keefe has compiled entries for roughly 3,000 books and 7,000 articles and pamphlets. Covering both nonfiction and fiction (but not juvenile literature), the bibliography focuses on events beginning with Custer's tenure at West Point during the 1850s and ending with the massacre at Wounded Knee in 1890. Included within this span are Custer's experiences in the Civil War and in Texas, the 1873 Yellowstone and 1874 Black Hills expeditions, the Great Sioux War of 1876-77, and the Seventh Cavalry's pursuit of the Nez Perces in 1877.
The literature on Custer, the Battle of the Little Big Horn, and the Seventh Cavalry touches the entire American saga of exploration, conflict, and settlement in the West, including virtually all Plains Indian tribes, the frontier army, railroading, mining, and trading. Hence this bibliography will be a valuable resource for a broad audience of historians, librarians, collectors, and Custer enthusiasts.

Taken at the Flood - The Roman Conquest of Greece (Paperback): Robin Waterfield Taken at the Flood - The Roman Conquest of Greece (Paperback)
Robin Waterfield
R320 R258 Discovery Miles 2 580 Save R62 (19%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

The Romans first set military foot on Greek soil in 229 BCE; only sixty or so years later it was all over, and shortly thereafter Greece became one of the first provinces of the emerging Roman Empire. It was an incredible journey - a swift, brutal, and determined conquest of the land to whose art, philosophy, and culture the Romans owed so much. Rome found the eastern Mediterranean divided, in an unstable balance of power, between three great kingdoms - the three Hellenistic kingdoms that had survived and flourished after the wars of Alexander the Great's Successors: Macedon, Egypt, and Syria. Internal troubles took Egypt more or less out of the picture, but the other two were reduced by Rome. Having established itself, by its defeat of Carthage, as the sole superpower in the western Mediterranean, Rome then systematically went about doing the same in the east, until the entire Mediterranean was under her control. Apart from the thrilling military action, the story of the Roman conquest of Greece is central to the story of Rome itself and the empire it created. As Robin Waterfield shows, the Romans developed a highly sophisticated method of dominance by remote control over the Greeks of the eastern Mediterranean - the cheap option of using authority and diplomacy to keep order rather than standing armies. And it is a story that raises a number of fascinating questions about Rome, her empire, and her civilization. For instance, to what extent was the Roman conquest a planned and deliberate policy? What was it about Roman culture that gave it such a will for conquest? And what was the effect on Roman intellectual and artistic culture, on their very identity, of their entanglement with an older Greek civilization, which the Romans themselves recognized as supreme?

The Women's Fight - The Civil War's Battles for Home, Freedom, and Nation (Hardcover): Thavolia Glymph The Women's Fight - The Civil War's Battles for Home, Freedom, and Nation (Hardcover)
Thavolia Glymph
R923 Discovery Miles 9 230 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

Historians of the Civil War often speak of "wars within a war--the military fight, wartime struggles on the home front, and the political and moral battle to preserve the Union and end slavery. In this broadly conceived book, Thavolia Glymph provides a comprehensive new history of women's roles and lives in the Civil War--North and South, white and black, slave and free--showing how women were essentially and fully engaged in all three arenas. Glymph focuses on the ideas and ideologies that drove women's actions, allegiances, and politics. We encounter women as they stood their ground, moved into each other's territory, sought and found common ground, and fought for vastly different principles. Some women used all the tools and powers they could muster to prevent the radical transformations the war increasingly imposed, some fought with equal might for the same transformations, and other women fought simply to keep the war at bay as they waited for their husbands and sons to return home. Glymph shows how the Civil War exposed as never before the nation's fault lines, not just along race and class lines but also along the ragged boundaries of gender. However, Glymph makes clear that women's experiences were not new to the mid-nineteenth century; rather, many of them drew on memories of previous conflicts, like the American Revolution and the War of 1812, to make sense of the Civil War's disorder and death.

P51 Mustang, Vol.1: North American's Mk. I, A, B and C Models in World War II (Hardcover): David Doyle P51 Mustang, Vol.1: North American's Mk. I, A, B and C Models in World War II (Hardcover)
David Doyle
R585 R457 Discovery Miles 4 570 Save R128 (22%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

The North American P-51 Mustang remains one of the most famous and recognizable aircraft in the world to this day. Nimble and fast-qualities that led the Mustang to be used even today in air races-the aircraft was forged in battle. The early Mustangs, often referred to as "Razorback Mustangs," were the first of the type to be built and helped stem the tide of Axis aggression in WWII. This, the first of two volumes on this iconic aircraft, explores the early P-51s. The history of this iconic aircraft is presented through carefully researched archival photos, as well as photographs of preserved examples, thereby illustrating not only the combat use of the Mk. I, A, B, and C P-51 models, but also the details of its design and construction. Large, clear photos, coupled with descriptive and informative captions, put the reader on the airfield and in the sky with this historic aircraft. Part of the Legends of Warfare series.

World War I in Outline (Paperback): B.H. Liddell Hart World War I in Outline (Paperback)
B.H. Liddell Hart
R465 R376 Discovery Miles 3 760 Save R89 (19%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

A Concise Account of All the Major Battles, Innovations, and Political Events of the First World War by an Important Military Analyst
Praise for the Original Edition: "With the lucidity and literary skill we have come to expect in his work, the author has written not only a concise history of the fighting on land and sea but a frank criticism of the 1914-18 military mind."--"New York Times"
"The best brief history of the war in both its political and military aspects. Well proportioned and well knit."--"Foreign Affairs "
"Liddell Hart's style is brilliant, and the whole narrative is fascinating even to one familiar with the whole dreadful story. Indeed, the sweep of the presentation may well be the envy of novelists."--"Nation"
An abridgement of the author's "History of the World War, 1914-1918," and first published in 1936, "World War I in Outline" is a compact but comprehensive history of the "war to end all wars." Divided into five parts representing each year of the war, Liddell Hart discusses the war on land, at sea, and in the air while skillfully incorporating the political events occurring at the same time. From his own experiences in the war and through studying the conflict in detail, the author developed and expressed his most important observation about military principles: direct attacks against an enemy firmly in position should not be attempted. He also put forth the notion that battles are more often decided by the commander's actions and not the armies themselves. A lively and engrossing read, "World War I in Outline" is an ideal overview in time for the centennial of one of the major wars in history.

Unite, Proletarian Brothers! - Radicalism and Revolution in the Spanish Second Republic (Hardcover): Matthew Kerry Unite, Proletarian Brothers! - Radicalism and Revolution in the Spanish Second Republic (Hardcover)
Matthew Kerry
R1,390 Discovery Miles 13 900 Ships in 7 - 11 working days
The Genesis of Rebellion - Governance, Grievance, and Mutiny in the Age of Sail (Hardcover): Steven Pfaff, Michael Hechter The Genesis of Rebellion - Governance, Grievance, and Mutiny in the Age of Sail (Hardcover)
Steven Pfaff, Michael Hechter
R937 R727 Discovery Miles 7 270 Save R210 (22%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

The Age of Sail has long fascinated readers, writers, and the general public. Herman Melville, Joseph Conrad, Jack London et al. treated ships at sea as microcosms; Petri dishes in which larger themes of authority, conflict and order emerge. In this fascinating book, Pfaff and Hechter explore mutiny as a manifestation of collective action and contentious politics. The authors use narrative evidence and statistical analysis to trace the processes by which governance failed, social order decayed, and seamen mobilized. Their findings highlight the complexities of governance, showing that it was not mere deprivation, but how seamen interpreted that deprivation, which stoked the grievances that motivated rebellion. Using the Age of Sail as a lens to examine topics still relevant today - what motivates people to rebel against deprivation and poor governance - The Genesis of Rebellion: Governance, Grievance, and Mutiny in the Age of Sail helps us understand the emergence of populism and rejection of the establishment.

Shropshire's Military Heritage (Paperback): John Shipley Shropshire's Military Heritage (Paperback)
John Shipley
R417 R356 Discovery Miles 3 560 Save R61 (15%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

The picturesque county of Shropshire, one of the country's least populated areas, has a fascinating military history. It was here that the Battle of Shrewsbury took place in 1403, the first battle in which English archers were pitted against each other on English soil. The battle was celebrated by Shakespeare in Henry IV, Part I. The county was a central part of the Welsh Marches during the medieval period and was often embroiled in the power struggles between powerful Marcher Lords, the Earls of March and successive monarchs. Shropshire is home to many castles, built to defend against the Welsh and enable effective control of the region. From the mid-eighteenth century, Shropshire's military heritage has been linked to two regular regiments of the British Army: the 53rd and the 85th Regiments of Foot. They came together in the late 1880s to form the King's Shropshire Light Infantry (KSLI), the county's own regiment. Soldiers of the KSLI, together with the volunteer Shropshire Yeomanry, served with great distinction in the two world wars. In this book author John Shipley peels back the ravages of time as he explores the military heritage of this historic county.

The Hitchhike (Paperback): Mark Paul Smith The Hitchhike (Paperback)
Mark Paul Smith
R433 R349 Discovery Miles 3 490 Save R84 (19%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days
Women and Gender in Iraq - Between Nation-Building and Fragmentation (Paperback): Zahra Ali Women and Gender in Iraq - Between Nation-Building and Fragmentation (Paperback)
Zahra Ali
R619 Discovery Miles 6 190 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Since the US-led invasion and occupation of Iraq in 2003, the challenges of sectarianism and militarism have weighed heavily on the women of Iraq. In this book, Zahra Ali foregrounds a wide-range of interviews with a variety of women involved in women's rights activism, showing how everyday life and intellectual life has developed since the US-led invasion. In addition to this, Ali offers detailed historical research of social, economic and political contexts since the formation of the Iraqi state in the 1920s. Through a transnational and postcolonial feminist approach, this book also considers the ways in which gender norms and practices, Iraqi feminist discourses, and activisms are shaped and developed through state politics, competing nationalisms, religious, tribal and sectarian dynamics, wars, and economic sanctions. The result is a vivid account of the everyday life in today's Iraq and an exceptional analysis of the future of Iraqi feminisms.

I Will Run Wild - The Pacific War from Pearl Harbor to Midway (Hardcover): Thomas McKelvey Cleaver I Will Run Wild - The Pacific War from Pearl Harbor to Midway (Hardcover)
Thomas McKelvey Cleaver
R709 R562 Discovery Miles 5 620 Save R147 (21%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

In many popular histories of the Pacific War, the period from the Japanese attack at Pearl Harbor to the US victory at Midway is often passed over because it is seen as a period of darkness. Indeed, it is easy to see the period as one of unmitigated disaster for the Allies, with the fall of the Philippines, Malaya, Burma and the Dutch East Indies, and the wholesale retreat and humiliation at the hands of Japan throughout Southeast Asia. However, there are also stories of courage and determination in the face of overwhelming odds: the stand of the Marines at Wake Island; the fighting retreat in the Philippines that forced the Japanese to take 140 days to accomplish what they had expected would take 50; the fight against the odds at Singapore and over Java; the stirring tale of the American Volunteer Group in China; and the beginnings of resistance to further Japanese expansion. In these events, there are many individual stories that have either not been told or not been told widely which are every bit as gripping as the stories associated with the turning tide after Midway. I Will Run Wild draws on extensive first-hand accounts and fascinating new analysis to tell the story of Americans, British, Dutch, Australians and New Zealanders taken by surprise from Pearl Harbor to Singapore that first Sunday of December 1941, who went on to fight with what they had at hand against a stronger and better-prepared foe, and in so doing built the basis for a reversal of fortune and an eventual victory.

Contagion and War - Lessons from the First World War (Paperback): John A. Vasquez Contagion and War - Lessons from the First World War (Paperback)
John A. Vasquez
R750 Discovery Miles 7 500 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

John A. Vasquez explains the processes that cause the spread of interstate war by looking at how contagion worked to bring countries into the First World War. Analysing all the key states that declared war, the book is comprised of three parts. Part I lays out six models of contagion: alliances, contiguity, territorial rivalry, opportunity, 'brute force' and economic dependence. Part II then analyses in detail the decision making of every state that entered the war from Austria-Hungary in 1914 to the United States and Greece in 1917. Part III has two chapters - the first considers the neutral countries, and the second concludes the book with an overarching theoretical analysis, including major lessons of the war and new hypotheses about contagion. This book will be of great interest to students and scholars of international relations, conflict studies and international history, especially those interested in the spread of conflict, or the First World War.

Mainers in the Civil War (Paperback): Harry Gratwick Mainers in the Civil War (Paperback)
Harry Gratwick
R458 R369 Discovery Miles 3 690 Save R89 (19%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

Too far north, the great state of Maine did not witness any Civil War battles. However, Mainers contributed to the war in many important ways. From the mainland to the islands, soldiers bravely fought to preserve the United States in all major battles. Men like General Joshua Chamberlain, a hero of Little Round Top, proudly returned home to serve as governor. Maine native Hannibal Hamlin served as Abraham Lincoln's first vice president. And Maine's strong women sacrificed and struggled to maintain their communities and support the men who had left to fight. Author Harry Gratwick diligently documents the stories of these Mainers, who preserved "The Way Life Should Be" for Maine and the entire United States.

North Carolina Troops, 1861-1865: A Roster, Volume 18 - Senior Reserves and Detailed Men (Hardcover): Matthew Brown, Michael... North Carolina Troops, 1861-1865: A Roster, Volume 18 - Senior Reserves and Detailed Men (Hardcover)
Matthew Brown, Michael Coffey
R1,331 Discovery Miles 13 310 Ships in 7 - 11 working days
Hidden History of Kentucky Soldiers (Paperback): Berry Craig Hidden History of Kentucky Soldiers (Paperback)
Berry Craig
R465 R377 Discovery Miles 3 770 Save R88 (19%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

The Isle os are not nearly as well-known as the Cajuns or the Creoles or the French, but they have had an undeniable and lasting impact on this state and the south. Adaptable, resourceful, and undeniably proud, they have shaped their destinies against the odds. As their settlements failed, they rebuilt. As the governments changed from Spanish to French to American, they endured. Many campaigned in the American Revolution; they secured victory in the famous Battle of New Orleans in the War of 1812; and as they began to understand the surrounding marshes, they learned to make their livings from trapping and fishing and pass on their wisdom and culture through oral tradition. They shaped the development of the state but are too often ignored, even in local history.

Revolutionaries for the Right - Anticommunist Internationalism and Paramilitary Warfare in the Cold War (Hardcover): Kyle Burke Revolutionaries for the Right - Anticommunist Internationalism and Paramilitary Warfare in the Cold War (Hardcover)
Kyle Burke
R923 Discovery Miles 9 230 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

Freedom fighters. Guerilla warriors. Soldiers of fortune. The many civil wars and rebellions against communist governments drew heavily from this cast of characters. Yet from Nicaragua to Afghanistan, Vietnam to Angola, Cuba to the Congo, the connections between these anticommunist groups have remained hazy and their coordination obscure. Yet as Kyle Burke reveals, these conflicts were the product of a rising movement that sought paramilitary action against communism worldwide. Tacking between the United States and many other countries, Burke offers an international history not only of the paramilitaries who started and waged small wars in the second half of the twentieth century but of conservatism in the Cold War era. From the start of the Cold War, Burke shows, leading U.S. conservatives and their allies abroad dreamed of an international anticommunist revolution. They pinned their hopes to armed men, freedom fighters who could unravel communist states from within. And so they fashioned a global network of activists and state officials, guerrillas and mercenaries, ex-spies and ex-soldiers to sponsor paramilitary campaigns in Asia, Africa, and Latin America. Blurring the line between state-sanctioned and vigilante violence, this armed crusade helped radicalize right-wing groups in the United States while also generating new forms of privatized warfare abroad.

German Classics - Lessing, Goethe, Schiller; Volume V (Hardcover): C. A. Buchheim German Classics - Lessing, Goethe, Schiller; Volume V (Hardcover)
C. A. Buchheim
R732 Discovery Miles 7 320 Ships in 7 - 11 working days
The Trigger - Hunting the Assassin Who Brought the World to War (Paperback): Tim Butcher The Trigger - Hunting the Assassin Who Brought the World to War (Paperback)
Tim Butcher
R340 R272 Discovery Miles 2 720 Save R68 (20%) Ships in 5 - 10 working days

On a summer morning in Sarajevo a hundred years ago, a teenage assassin named Gavrilo Princip fired not just the opening shots of the First World War but the starting gun for modern history, when he killed Archduke Franz Ferdinand. Yet the events Princip triggered were so monumental that his own story has been largely overlooked, his role garbled and motivations misrepresented. The Trigger puts this right, filling out as never before a figure who changed our world and whose legacy still has an impact on all of us today. Born a penniless backwoodsman, Princip's life changed when he trekked through Bosnia and Serbia to attend school. As he ventured across fault lines of faith, nationalism and empire, so tightly clustered in the Balkans, radicalisation slowly transformed him from a frail farm boy into history's most influential assassin. By retracing Princip's journey from his highland birthplace, through the mythical valleys of Bosnia to the fortress city of Belgrade and ultimately Sarajevo, Tim Butcher illuminates our understanding both of Princip and the places that shaped him. Tim uncovers details about Princip that have eluded historians for a century and draws on his own experience, as a war reporter in the Balkans in the 1990s, to face down ghosts of conflicts past and present. The Trigger is a rich and timely work that brings to life both the moment the world first went to war and an extraordinary region with a potent hold over history.

Psychological Warfare (Paperback): Paul M.A. Linebarger Psychological Warfare (Paperback)
Paul M.A. Linebarger
R707 R559 Discovery Miles 5 590 Save R148 (21%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

This revision of a classic work first issued in 1948 carefully outlines the background of propaganda and details its role, organization, and effects during World War II. The many illustrations consist mainly of sample propaganda leaflets from both sides in Europe and the Far East.

The Long Gray Line - The American Journey of West Point's Class of 1966 (Paperback, 20th Anniversary ed.): Rick Atkinson The Long Gray Line - The American Journey of West Point's Class of 1966 (Paperback, 20th Anniversary ed.)
Rick Atkinson
R548 R442 Discovery Miles 4 420 Save R106 (19%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

"Enormously rich in detail and written with a novelist's brilliance . . . A very moving book." --James Salter, "The Washington Post Book World"

A classic of its kind, "The Long Gray Line" is the twenty-five-year saga of the West Point class of 1966. With a novelist's eye for detail, Rick Atkinson illuminates this powerful story through the lives of three classmates and the women they loved--from the boisterous cadet years, to the fires of Vietnam, to the hard peace and internal struggles that followed the war. The rich cast of characters also includes Douglas MacArthur, William C. Westmoreland, and a score of other memorable figures. The class of 1966 straddled a fault line in American history, and Atkinson's masterly book speaks for a generation of American men and women about innocence, patriotism, and the price we pay for our dreams.

An immediate "New York Times" bestseller upon its original publication, the twentieth anniversary edition includes a new foreword by the author.

Kill Bin Laden - A Delta Force Commander's Account of the Hunt for the World's Most Wanted Man (Paperback): Dalton... Kill Bin Laden - A Delta Force Commander's Account of the Hunt for the World's Most Wanted Man (Paperback)
Dalton Fury
R446 R363 Discovery Miles 3 630 Save R83 (19%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

The mission was to kill the most wanted man in the world--an operation of such magnitude that it couldn't be handled by just any military or intelligence force. The best America had to offer was needed. As such, the task was handed to roughly forty members of America's supersecret counterterrorist unit formally known as 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment-Delta; more popularly, the elite and mysterious unit Delta Force.

This is the real story of the operation, the first eyewitness account of the Battle of Tora Bora, and the first book to detail just how close Delta Force came to capturing bin Laden, how close U.S. bombers and fighter aircraft came to killing him, and exactly why he slipped through our fingers. Lastly, this is an extremely rare inside look at the shadowy world of Delta Force and a detailed account of these warriors in battle.

Napoleon - The End of Glory (Hardcover): Munro Price Napoleon - The End of Glory (Hardcover)
Munro Price 1
R578 R450 Discovery Miles 4 500 Save R128 (22%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Napoleon: The End of Glory tells the story of the dramatic two years that led to Napoleon's abdication in April 1814. Though crucial to European history, they remain strangely neglected, lying between the two much better-known landmarks of the retreat from Moscow and the battle of Waterloo. Yet this short period saw both Napoleon's loss of his European empire, and of his control over France itself. In 1813 the massive battle of Leipzig - the bloodiest in modern history before the first day of the Somme - forced his armies back to the Rhine. The next year, after a brilliant campaign against overwhelming odds, Napoleon was forced to abdicate and exiled to Elba. He regained his throne the following year, for just a hundred days, in a doomed adventure whose defeat at Waterloo was predictable. The most fascinating - and least-known - aspect of these years is that at several key points Napoleon's enemies offered him peace terms that would have allowed him to keep his throne, if not his empire, a policy inspired by the brilliant and devious Austrian foreign minister Metternich. Napoleon: The End of Glory sheds fascinating new light on Napoleon, Metternich, and many other key figures and events in this dramatic period of European history, drawing on previously unused archives in France, Austria, and the Czech Republic. Through these it seeks to answer the most important question of all - why, instead of accepting a compromise, Napoleon chose to gamble on total victory at the risk of utter defeat?

Return to the Reich: A Holocaust Refugee's Secret Mission to Defeat the Nazis (Paperback): Eric Lichtblau Return to the Reich: A Holocaust Refugee's Secret Mission to Defeat the Nazis (Paperback)
Eric Lichtblau
R413 R340 Discovery Miles 3 400 Save R73 (18%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

The remarkable story of Fred Mayer, a German-born Jew who escaped Nazi Germany only to return as an American commando on a secret mission behind enemy lines Growing up in Germany, Freddy Mayer witnessed the Nazis' rise to power. When he was sixteen, his family made the decision to flee to the United States--they were among the last German Jews to escape, in 1938. In America, Freddy tried enlisting the day after Pearl Harbor, only to be rejected as an "enemy alien" because he was German. He was soon recruited to the OSS, the country's first spy outfit before the CIA. Freddy, joined by Dutch Jewish refugee Hans Wynberg and Nazi defector Franz Weber, parachuted into Austria as the leader of Operation Greenup, meant to deter Hitler's last stand. He posed as a Nazi officer and a French POW for months, dispatching reports to the OSS via Hans, holed up with a radio in a nearby attic. The reports contained a gold mine of information, provided key intelligence about the Battle of the Bulge, and allowed the Allies to bomb twenty Nazi trains. On the verge of the Allied victory, Freddy was captured by the Gestapo and tortured and waterboarded for days. Remarkably, he persuaded the region's Nazi commander to surrender, completing one of the most successful OSS missions of the war. Based on years of research and interviews with Mayer himself, whom the author was able to meet only months before his death at the age of ninety-four, Return to the Reich is an eye-opening, unforgettable narrative of World War II heroism.

Love and War in the Apennines (Paperback): Eric Newby Love and War in the Apennines (Paperback)
Eric Newby
R281 R206 Discovery Miles 2 060 Save R75 (27%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Hailed as Newby's 'masterpiece', 'Love and War in the Apennines' is the gripping real-life story of Newby's imprisonment and escape from an Italian prison camp during World War II. After the Italian Armistice of 1943, Eric Newby escaped from the prison camp in which he'd been held for a year. He evaded the German army by hiding in the caves and forests of Fontanellato, in Italy's Po Valley. Against this picturesque backdrop, he was sheltered for three months by an informal network of Italian peasants, who fed, supported and nursed him, before his eventual recapture. 'Love and War in the Apennines' is Newby's tribute to the selfless and courageous people who were to be his saviours and companions during this troubled time and of their bleak and unchanging way of life. Of the cast of idiosyncratic characters, most notable was the beautiful local girl on a bike who would teach him the language, and eventually help him escape; two years later they were married and would spend the rest of their lives as co-adventurers. Part travelogue, part escape story and part romance, this is a mesmerising account of wisdom, courage, humour and adventure, and tells the story of the early life of a man who would become one of Britain's best-loved literary adventurers.

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