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51 Imperfect Solutions - States and the Making of American Constitutional Law (Hardcover): Jeffrey S Sutton 51 Imperfect Solutions - States and the Making of American Constitutional Law (Hardcover)
Jeffrey S Sutton
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When we think of constitutional law, we invariably think of the Supreme Court and the federal court system. Yet much of our constitutional law is not made at the federal level. In 51 Imperfect Solutions, U.S. Federal Appellate Judge Jeffrey S. Sutton argues that American Constitutional Law should account for the role of the state courts and state constitutions, together with the federal courts and the federal constitution, in protecting our individual liberties. The book tells four stories that arise in four different areas of constitutional law: equal protection; criminal procedure; privacy; and free speech and free exercise of religion. Traditional accounts of these bedrock debates about the relationship of the individual to the state focus on decisions of the United States Supreme Court. But these accounts tell just part of the story. The book corrects this omission by looking at each issue (and some others as well) through the lens of many constitutions, not one constitution, of many courts, not one court, of all American judges, not federal or state judges. Taken together, the stories reveal a remarkably complex, nuanced, ever-changing federalist system, one that ought to make lawyers and litigants pause before reflexively assuming that the United States Supreme Court alone has all of the answers to our vexing constitutional questions. If there is a central conviction of the book, it's that an underappreciation of state constitutional law has hurt state and federal law and has undermined the appropriate balance between state and federal courts in protecting individual liberty. In trying to correct this imbalance, the book also offers several ideas for reform.

Constitutional Cliffhangers - A Legal Guide for Presidents and Their Enemies (Paperback): Brian C. Kalt Constitutional Cliffhangers - A Legal Guide for Presidents and Their Enemies (Paperback)
Brian C. Kalt
R371 Discovery Miles 3 710 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

The United States Constitution's provisions for selecting, replacing, and punishing presidents contain serious weaknesses that could lead to constitutional controversies. In this compelling and fascinating book, Brian Kalt envisions six such controversies, such as the criminal prosecution of a sitting president, a two-term president's attempt to stay in power, the ousting of an allegedly disabled president, and more. None of these things has ever occurred, but in recent years many of them almost have. Besides being individually dramatic, these controversies provide an opportunity to think about how constitutional procedures can best be designed, interpreted, and repaired. Also, because the events Kalt describes would all carry enormous political consequences, they shed light on the delicate and complicated balance between law and politics in American government.

When Governments Break the Law - The Rule of Law and the Prosecution of the Bush Administration (Paperback, New): Austin Sarat,... When Governments Break the Law - The Rule of Law and the Prosecution of the Bush Administration (Paperback, New)
Austin Sarat, Nasser Hussain
R523 R450 Discovery Miles 4 500 Save R73 (14%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Recent controversies surrounding the war on terror and American intervention in Iraq and Afghanistan have brought rule of law rhetoric to a fevered pitch. While President Obama has repeatedly emphasized his Administration's commitment to transparency and the rule of law, nowhere has this resolve been so quickly and severely tested than with the issue of the possible prosecution of Bush Administration officials. While some worry that without legal consequences there will be no effective deterrence for the repetition of future transgressions of justice committed at the highest levels of government, others echo Obama's seemingly reluctant stance on launching an investigation into allegations of criminal wrongdoing by former President Bush, Vice President Cheney, Secretary Rumsfeld, and members of the Office of Legal Counsel. Indeed, even some of the Bush Administration's harshest critics suggest that we should avoid such confrontations, that the price of political division is too high. Measured or partisan, scholarly or journalistic, clearly the debate about accountability for the alleged crimes of the Bush Administration will continue for some time. Using this debate as its jumping off point, When Governments Break the Law takes an interdisciplinary approach to the legal challenges posed by the criminal wrongdoing of governments. But this book is not an indictment of the Bush Administration; rather, the contributors take distinct positions for and against the proposition, offering revealing reasons and illuminating alternatives. The contributors do not ask the substantive question of whether any Bush Administration officials, in fact, violated the law, but rather the procedural, legal, political, and cultural questions of what it would mean either to pursue criminal prosecutions or to refuse to do so. By presuming that officials could be prosecuted, these essays address whether they should. When Governments Break the Law provides a valuable and timely commentary on what is likely to be an ongoing process of understanding the relationship between politics and the rule of law in times of crisis. Contributors: Claire Finkelstein, Lisa Hajjar, Daniel Herwitz, Stephen Holmes, Paul Horwitz, Nasser Hussain, Austin Sarat, and Stephen I. Vladeck.

The Framers' Coup - The Making of the United States Constitution (Paperback): Michael J. Klarman The Framers' Coup - The Making of the United States Constitution (Paperback)
Michael J. Klarman
R530 R431 Discovery Miles 4 310 Save R99 (19%) Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

Americans revere their Constitution. However, most of us are unaware how tumultuous and improbable the drafting and ratification processes were. As Benjamin Franklin keenly observed, any assembly of men bring with them "all their prejudices, their passions, their errors of opinion, their local interests, and their selfish views." One need not deny that the Framers had good intentions in order to believe that they also had interests. Based on prodigious research and told largely through the voices of the participants, Michael Klarman's The Framers' Coup narrates how the Framers' clashing interests shaped the Constitution-and American history itself. The Philadelphia convention could easily have been a failure, and the risk of collapse was always present. Had the convention dissolved, any number of adverse outcomes could have resulted, including civil war or a reversion to monarchy. Not only does Klarman capture the knife's-edge atmosphere of the convention, he populates his narrative with riveting and colorful stories: the rebellion of debtor farmers in Massachusetts; George Washington's uncertainty about whether to attend; Gunning Bedford's threat to turn to a European prince if the small states were denied equal representation in the Senate; slave staters' threats to take their marbles and go home if denied representation for their slaves; Hamilton's quasi-monarchist speech to the convention; and Patrick Henry's herculean efforts to defeat the Constitution in Virginia through demagoguery and conspiracy theories. The Framers' Coup is more than a compendium of great stories, however, and the powerful arguments that feature throughout will reshape our understanding of the nation's founding. Simply put, the Constitutional Convention almost didn't happen, and once it happened, it almost failed. Even after the convention succeeded, the Constitution it produced almost failed to be ratified. Just as importantly, the Constitution was hardly the product of philosophical reflections by brilliant, disinterested statesmen, but rather ordinary interest group politics. Multiple conflicting interests had a say, from creditors and debtors to city dwellers and backwoodsmen. The upper class overwhelmingly supported the Constitution; many working class colonists were more dubious. Slave states and nonslave states had different perspectives on how well the Constitution served their interests. Ultimately, both the Constitution's content and its ratification process raise troubling questions about democratic legitimacy. The Federalists were eager to avoid full-fledged democratic deliberation over the Constitution, and the document that was ratified was stacked in favor of their preferences. In terms of substance, the Constitution was a significant departure from the more democratic state constitutions of the 1770s. Definitive and authoritative, The Framers' Coup explains why the Framers preferred such a constitution and how they managed to persuade the country to adopt it. We have lived with the consequences, both positive and negative, ever since.

Legal Limits of the Fight Against Tobacco Consumption in Multi-Level Governance (Paperback): Torsten Stein, Markus Rauber Legal Limits of the Fight Against Tobacco Consumption in Multi-Level Governance (Paperback)
Torsten Stein, Markus Rauber
R539 R484 Discovery Miles 4 840 Save R55 (10%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days
Eurafrican Migration - Legal, Economic and Social Responses to Irregular Migration (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2015): Rino Coluccello,... Eurafrican Migration - Legal, Economic and Social Responses to Irregular Migration (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2015)
Rino Coluccello, Simon Massey
R1,259 Discovery Miles 12 590 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Informed by witness testimonies, Eurafrican Migration details how the perilous journeys undertaken by irregular migrants are enabled by complex networks of guides during the Sahara phase, and explores the relationship between migrants and the criminal groups who arrange for them to be transported across the sea to southern Europe.

The Federal Judiciary - Strengths and Weaknesses (Hardcover): Richard A. Posner The Federal Judiciary - Strengths and Weaknesses (Hardcover)
Richard A. Posner
R615 R574 Discovery Miles 5 740 Save R41 (7%) Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

No sitting federal judge has ever written so trenchant a critique of the federal judiciary as Richard A. Posner does in this, his most confrontational book. Skewering the politicization of the Supreme Court, the mismanagement of judicial staff, the overly complex system of appeals, the threat of originalism, outdated procedures, and the backward-looking traditions of law schools and the American judicial system, Posner has written a cri de coeur and a battle cry. With the prospect that the Supreme Court will soon be remade in substantial, potentially revanchist, ways, The Federal Judiciary exposes the American legal system's most troubling failures in order to instigate much-needed reforms. Posner presents excerpts from legal texts and arguments to expose their flaws, incorporating his own explanation and judgment to educate readers in the mechanics of judicial thinking. This rigorous intellectual work separates sound logic from artful rhetoric designed to subvert precedent and open the door to oblique interpretations of American constitutional law. In a rebuke of Justice Antonin Scalia's legacy, Posner shows how originalists have used these rhetorical strategies to advance a self-serving political agenda. Judicial culture adheres to an antiquated traditionalism, Posner argues, that inhibits progressive responses to threats from new technologies and other unforeseen challenges to society. With practical prescriptions for overhauling judicial practices and precedents, The Federal Judiciary offers an unequaled resource for understanding the institution designed by the founders to check congressional and presidential power and resist its abuse.

Deported Americans - Life after Deportation to Mexico (Hardcover): Beth C Caldwell Deported Americans - Life after Deportation to Mexico (Hardcover)
Beth C Caldwell
R1,820 R1,489 Discovery Miles 14 890 Save R331 (18%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

When Gina was deported to Tijuana, Mexico, in 2011, she left behind her parents, siblings, and children, all of whom are U.S. citizens. Despite having once had a green card, Gina was removed from the only country she had ever known. In Deported Americans legal scholar and former public defender Beth C. Caldwell tells Gina's story alongside those of dozens of other Dreamers, who are among the hundreds of thousands who have been deported to Mexico in recent years. Many of them had lawful status, held green cards, or served in the U.S. military. Now, they have been banished, many with no hope of lawfully returning. Having interviewed over one hundred deportees and their families, Caldwell traces deportation's long-term consequences-such as depression, drug use, and homelessness-on both sides of the border. Showing how U.S. deportation law systematically fails to protect the rights of immigrants and their families, Caldwell challenges traditional notions of what it means to be an American and recommends legislative and judicial reforms to mitigate the injustices suffered by the millions of U.S. citizens affected by deportation.

Tobacco Products - FDA Regulation & Use of Fees (Paperback): Jared Hart Tobacco Products - FDA Regulation & Use of Fees (Paperback)
Jared Hart
R1,320 R1,012 Discovery Miles 10 120 Save R308 (23%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Tobacco use is the leading cause of preventable death and disease in the United States. In 2009, the Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act (Tobacco Control Act) granted FDA, an agency within the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), authority to regulate tobacco products, including marketing and distribution to youth. The act established CTP, which implements the act by educating the public on the dangers of tobacco use; developing the science needed for tobacco regulation; and developing and enforcing regulations on the manufacture, marketing, and distribution of tobacco products. The act authorized FDA to assess and collect user fees from tobacco manufacturers and importers. This book examines how FDA spent tobacco user fees for key activities using its authorities granted in the act, and any challenges FDA encountered in using its authorities.

Euroconstitutionalism and its Discontents (Hardcover): Oliver Gerstenberg Euroconstitutionalism and its Discontents (Hardcover)
Oliver Gerstenberg
R1,296 Discovery Miles 12 960 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

This book addresses the question of social constitutionalism, especially with regard to its role in the contemporary European project. For reasons of history and democracy, Europeans share a deep commitment to social constitutionalism. But in the contemporary European constitutional debate, constitutionalism and social democracy have become antagonists, with the survival of the one seeming to require sacrifice of the other. This book challenges the common view that constitutionalization means de-politicization. It argues that courts can exert a more indirect, creative, and agenda-setting role in the process of an ongoing clarification of the meaning of a right. The CJEU and the ECtHR - as courts beyond the nation state - are able to constructively re-open and re-politicize controversies that may appear settled at the national level in their constitutionalizing jurisprudence. And, crucially, our understanding of shared European constitutional principles is itself subject to revision and reconsideration as we accumulate experiences of dealing with diverse national contexts. By examining the jurisprudence of the CJEU and the ECtHR, the book demonstrates that in domain after domain, ranging from the protection of the vulnerable in the European social market to the guarantee of freedom of conscience, which in Europe emerged after many centuries of religious persecution, both courts can enhance and deepen democracy and thereby encourage the liberal project of constitutionalism beyond the state. Over time, once interpretive answers have become established in practice, courts can then move towards stronger forms of judicial intervention that consolidate best practice. It is this democratic and experimental process which lies at the heart of the distinctive model of contemporary Euroconstitutionalism.

Peacebuilding, Constitutionalism and the Global South - The Case for Cognitive Justice Plurinationalism (Hardcover): Kajit Bagu Peacebuilding, Constitutionalism and the Global South - The Case for Cognitive Justice Plurinationalism (Hardcover)
Kajit Bagu
R2,531 Discovery Miles 25 310 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

This book presents the case that liberal constitutionalism in the global South is a legacy of colonialism and is inappropriate as a means of securing effective peace in regions that have been subject to recurrent conflict. The work demonstrates the failure of liberal constitutionalism in guaranteeing peace in the postcolonial global South. It develops an alternative, more compelling constitutionalism for peacebuilding in conflicted regions. This is based on constitutionalism that recognises plurality as a major feature in the global South. Drawing on events in Nigeria, it develops a constitutional model, based on Cognitive Justice, which could deliver peace by addressing historic, conceptual, legal, institutional and structural issues that have created social inequality and injustice. The study also incorporates insights from the development of plurinational constitutions in South America. The book will be an invaluable resource for researchers, academics and policy-makers with an interest in constitutional legal theory, peacebuilding and postcolonial studies

The Constitution of Myanmar - A Contextual Analysis (Hardcover): Melissa Crouch The Constitution of Myanmar - A Contextual Analysis (Hardcover)
Melissa Crouch
R1,386 Discovery Miles 13 860 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

This timely and accessible book is the first to provide a thorough analysis of the 2008 Constitution of Myanmar (Burma) in its historical, political and social context. The book offers an in-depth exploration of the key elements of the 2008 Constitution in theory and practice. The book demonstrates how the history of constitution-making in Myanmar informs our understanding of the 2008 Constitution and indicates the credibility gap raised by the past process of constitution-making. The book identifies and articulates the principles of the Constitution through an analysis of legal and political processes since the 1990s. It highlights critical constitutional contestations that have taken place over fundamental ideas such as democracy, federalism, executive-legislative relations, judicial independence and the role of the Tatmadaw (armed forces). This book suggests that the 2008 Constitution is crucial to the establishment and maintenance of the military-state. The military-state promotes the leadership role of the military in governance, based on a set of ideological commitments and a centralised organisational basis of the Union. The constitutional vision offered by the 2008 Constitution and its associated institutions have been the subject of fierce contestation. Not least is debate over the militarisation of the state through direct and indirect means. Central to the future of the Constitution and the military-state in Myanmar is the role of the Tatmadaw, and the extent to which the country may shift from a highly centralised Union to a federal or decentralised system of governance.

FOIL - The Law and the Future of Public Information in New York (Paperback): Brett Orzechowski FOIL - The Law and the Future of Public Information in New York (Paperback)
Brett Orzechowski
R735 Discovery Miles 7 350 Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

The Freedom of Information Law allows any person to request and obtain, without explanation or justification, existing, identifiable, and unpublished governmental records, including documents, data, and video. Signed into law in New York in 1974, FOIL remains a powerful public panacea in unlocking information and maintaining vital transparency in our state government. Databases detailing public employee compensation, online viewing of highway department agreements and school district superintendents contracts, and text message exchanges all disclosed and made public through FOIL requests are now common, as the last decade has ushered in an increased demand for public information. Orzechowski guides readers through the creation of the law and the concept of open government in the twenty-first century, offering a foundational understanding of how the legislation works, who is exempt, and how the law was created for every citizen of New York State. Dozens of perspectives from state senators to a Pulitzer Prize winner to watchdog organizations outline the impact of New York State's law. Orzechowski examines the drafting of current legislation to strengthen the existing law and offers perspectives from those who are confronted with the real challenges of accessing public information every day: journalists, attorneys, and citizens. This exploration of FOIL, including narrative, scholarly examination, and how-to guides, serves as a tour of a law that continues to impact residents across the state.

The Constitution and the Future of Criminal Justice in America (Paperback, New): John T. Parry, L. Song Richardson The Constitution and the Future of Criminal Justice in America (Paperback, New)
John T. Parry, L. Song Richardson
R493 Discovery Miles 4 930 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

The Constitution and the Future of Criminal Justice in America brings together leading scholars from law, psychology and criminology to address timely and important topics in US criminal justice. The book tackles cutting-edge issues related to terrorism, immigration and transnational crime, and to the increasingly important connections between criminal law and the fields of social science and neuroscience. It also provides critical new perspectives on intractable problems such as the right to counsel, race and policing, and the proper balance between security and privacy. By putting legal theory and doctrine into a concrete and accessible context, the book will advance public policy and scholarly debates alike. This collection of essays is appropriate for anyone interested in understanding the current state of criminal justice and its future challenges.

Wissen Des Rechts (German, Paperback): Alexander Somek Wissen Des Rechts (German, Paperback)
Alexander Somek; Commentary by Andreas Funke, Thomas Vesting
R397 R360 Discovery Miles 3 600 Save R37 (9%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days
Impeachment - What Everyone Needs to Know (R) (Paperback): Michael J. Gerhardt Impeachment - What Everyone Needs to Know (R) (Paperback)
Michael J. Gerhardt 1
R324 R264 Discovery Miles 2 640 Save R60 (19%) Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

Impeachment: What Everyone Needs to Know (R) is the step back and deep reflection on the law of impeachment that everyone needs now. Written in an accessible and lively question-and-answer format, it offers a timely explanation of the impeachment process from its very meaning to its role in politics today. The book defines the scope of impeachable offenses, and how the Constitution provides alternative procedures and sanctions for addressing misconduct in office. It explains why the only two presidential impeachments, those of Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton, failed to lead to conviction, and how the impeachments of federal judges illuminate the law and politics of the process. As a legal expert and the only joint witness in the impeachment proceedings against President Clinton, author Michael J. Gerhardt also explores a question frequently asked-will Donald Trump be impeached? This book does not take a side in the debate over the possible impeachment of the president; instead, it is a primer for anyone eager to learn about impeachment's origins, practices, limitations, and alternatives.

Certification - Trust, Accountability, Liability (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2019): Peter Rott Certification - Trust, Accountability, Liability (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2019)
Peter Rott
R2,436 R1,926 Discovery Miles 19 260 Save R510 (21%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

This book offers an in-depth analysis of the function of certification in general and of certification systems in a range of different sectors. The authors examine certification from both a theoretical and a practical standpoint and from the perspectives of different disciplines, including law, economics, management, and the social sciences. They also discuss instruments that help ensure the quality of certification, which can range from public law measures such as accreditation, to private law incentives, to deterrents, such as liability towards victims. Further, they assess the role of competition between certification bodies. Readers will learn the commonalities as well as the necessary distinctions between certification bodies in various fields, which may stem from the different functions they serve. These similarities and differences may also be the result of different types of damage that the certified producer or service provider could potentially cause to individuals or to the public at large. Often, companies use certification bodies as an argument to assure the general public, e.g. regarding the safety of medical products. Closer inspection reveals, however, that sometimes certification bodies themselves lack credibility. The book offers essential information on the benefits and pitfalls associated with certification.

The Constitution of the United Kingdom - A Contextual Analysis (Paperback, 3rd Revised edition): Peter Leyland The Constitution of the United Kingdom - A Contextual Analysis (Paperback, 3rd Revised edition)
Peter Leyland
R445 Discovery Miles 4 450 Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

This acclaimed book provides a topical and contextual outline of the principles,doctrines and institutions that underpin the United Kingdom constitution. The third edition of The Constitution of the United Kingdom has been comprehensively revised and updated to take account of recent constitutional developments and debates. This includes: the revised framework for devolution following the 2014 referendum in Scotland, the constitutional ramifications of the realignment of UK politics reflected in the result of the 2015 general election and the debate over the possible replacement of the Human Rights Act 1998 with a British Bill of Rights. The chapters are written in sufficient detail for anyone coming to the subject for the first time to develop a clear and informed view of how the constitution is arranged and how it operates. The main themes include: discussion of the history, sources and conventions of the constitution; later chapters deal with: constitutional principles, the role of the Crown, Parliament and the electoral system, government and the executive, the constitutional role of courts including the protection of human rights, the territorial distribution of power between central, devolved and local government, and the European Union dimension. In addition, the book offers analysis of the evolution of the uncodified UK constitution, its strengths and perceived weaknesses, and of reforms aimed at its modernisation.

The Foundations of European Union Law (Paperback, 8th Revised edition): Trevor Hartley The Foundations of European Union Law (Paperback, 8th Revised edition)
Trevor Hartley
R848 Discovery Miles 8 480 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

The Foundations of European Union Law provides an impressively clear and easily understood account of the constitutional and administrative law of the EU. Hartley examines the institutions, of the EU (including the workings of the European Courts), the Union legal system and the major constitutional issues before moving on to the area of administrative law and remedies. This new edition contains full coverage of the European financial crisis and the accession of Croatia to the European Union. The Foundations of European Union Law is renowned as a highly reliable and authoritative text valued by students and practitioners alike.

Comparative Constitutional Law and Policy - The DNA of Constitutional Justice in Latin America  : Politics, Governance, and... Comparative Constitutional Law and Policy - The DNA of Constitutional Justice in Latin America : Politics, Governance, and Judicial Design (Hardcover)
Daniel M. Brinks, Abby Blass
R1,913 Discovery Miles 19 130 Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

In recent times there has been a dramatic change in the nature and scope of constitutional justice systems in the global south. New or reformed constitutions have proliferated, protecting social, economic, and political rights. While constitutional courts in Latin America have traditionally been used as ways to limit power and preserve the status quo, the evidence shows that they are evolving into a functioning part of contemporary politics and a central component of a system of constitutional justice. This book lays bare the political roots of this transformation, outlining a new way to understand judicial design and the very purpose of constitutional justice. Authors Daniel M. Brinks and Abby Blass use case studies drawn from nineteen Latin American countries over forty years to reveal the ideas behind the new systems of constitutional justice. They show how constitutional designers entrust their hopes and fears to dynamic governance systems, in hopes of directing the development of constitutional meaning over time.

Refugee Roulette - Disparities in Asylum Adjudication and Proposals for Reform (Hardcover, New): Jaya Ramji-Nogales, Andrew... Refugee Roulette - Disparities in Asylum Adjudication and Proposals for Reform (Hardcover, New)
Jaya Ramji-Nogales, Andrew Schoenholtz, Philip G. Schrag; Foreword by Edward Kennedy
R1,720 R1,407 Discovery Miles 14 070 Save R313 (18%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Through the Refugee Act of 1980, the United States offers the prospect of safety to people who flee to America to escape rape, torture, and even death in their native countries. In order to be granted asylum, however, an applicant must prove to an asylum officer or immigration judge that she has a well-founded fear of persecution in her homeland. The chance of winning asylum should have little if anything to do with the personality of the official to whom a case is randomly assigned, but in a ground-breaking and shocking study, Jaya Ramji-Nogales, Andrew I. Schoenholtz, and Philip G. Schrag learned that life-or-death asylum decisions are too frequently influenced by random factors relating to the decision makers. In many cases, the most important moment in an asylum case is the instant in which a clerk randomly assigns the application to an adjudicator. The system, in its current state, is like a game of chance.

Refugee Roulette is the first analysis of decisions at all four levels of the asylum adjudication process: the Department of Homeland Security, the immigration courts, the Board of Immigration Appeals, and the United States Courts of Appeals. The data reveal tremendous disparities in asylum approval rates, even when different adjudicators in the same office each considered large numbers of applications from nationals of the same country. After providing a thorough empirical analysis, the authors make recommendations for future reform. Original essays by eight scholars and policy makers then discuss the authors' research and recommendations

Contributors: Bruce Einhorn, Steven Legomsky, Audrey Macklin, M. Margaret McKeown, Allegra McLeod, Carrie Menkel-Meadow, Margaret Taylor, and Robert Thomas.

Contracting Human Rights - Crisis, Accountability, and Opportunity (Hardcover): Alison Brysk, Michael Stohl Contracting Human Rights - Crisis, Accountability, and Opportunity (Hardcover)
Alison Brysk, Michael Stohl
R2,188 Discovery Miles 21 880 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

The securitization that accompanied many national responses after 11 September 2001, along with the shortfalls of neo-liberalism, created waves of opposition to the growth of the human rights regime. By chronicling the continuing contest over the reach, range, and regime of rights, Contracting Human Rights analyses the way forward in an era of many challenges. Through an examination of both global and local challenges to human rights, including loopholes, backlash, accountability, and new opportunities to move forward, the expert contributors analyse trends across multiple-issue areas. These include; international institutions, humanitarian action, censorship and communications, discrimination, human trafficking, counter-terrorism, corporate social responsibility and civil society and social movements. The topical chapters also provide a comprehensive review of the widening citizenship gaps in human rights coverage for refugees, women's rights in patriarchal societies, and civil liberties in chronic conflict. This timely study will be invaluable reading for academics, upper-level undergraduates, and those studying graduate courses relating to international relations, human rights, and global governance.

Making Rights Real - Activists, Bureaucrats, and the Creation of the Legalistic State (Paperback): Charles R. Epp Making Rights Real - Activists, Bureaucrats, and the Creation of the Legalistic State (Paperback)
Charles R. Epp
R554 R517 Discovery Miles 5 170 Save R37 (7%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

It's a common complaint: the United States is overrun by rules and procedures that shackle professional judgment, have no valid purpose, and serve only to appease courts and lawyers. Charles R. Epp argues, however, that few Americans would want to return to an era without these legalistic policies, which in the 1970s helped bring recalcitrant bureaucracies into line with a growing national commitment to civil rights and individual dignity.

Focusing on three disparate policy areas--workplace sexual harassment, playground safety, and police brutality in both the United States and the United Kingdom--Epp explains how activists and professionals used legal liability, lawsuit-generated publicity, and innovative managerial ideas to pursue the implementation of new rights. Together, these strategies resulted in frameworks designed to make institutions accountable through intricate rules, employee training, and managerial oversight. Explaining how these practices became ubiquitous across bureaucratic organizations, Epp casts today's legalistic state in an entirely new light.

The Witness Experience - Testimony at the ICTY and Its Impact (Hardcover): Kimi Lynn King, James David Meernik The Witness Experience - Testimony at the ICTY and Its Impact (Hardcover)
Kimi Lynn King, James David Meernik
R1,997 R1,868 Discovery Miles 18 680 Save R129 (6%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

This book provides the most comprehensive and scientific assessment to date of what it means to appear before war crimes tribunals. This ground-breaking analysis, conducted with the cooperation of the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY) Victims and Witnesses Section, examines the positive and negative impact that testifying has on those who bear witness to the horrors of war by shedding new light on the process. While most witnesses have positive feelings and believe they contributed to international justice, there is a small but critical segment of witnesses whose security, health, and well-being are adversely affected after testifying. The witness experience is examined holistically, including witness' perceptions of their physical and psychological well-being. Because identity (gender and ethnicity) and war trauma were central to the ICTY's mandate and the conflicts in the former Yugoslavia, the research explores in-depth how they have impacted the most critical stakeholders of any transitional justice mechanism: the witnesses.

Unlawfully Present Aliens - Legal Issues in State-Issued IDs & Education (Paperback): Lucille P Hughes Unlawfully Present Aliens - Legal Issues in State-Issued IDs & Education (Paperback)
Lucille P Hughes
R1,322 R1,013 Discovery Miles 10 130 Save R309 (23%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

This book provides an overview of key legal issues raised by state laws regarding the denial or issuance of driver's licenses and other forms of ID to unlawfully present aliens. It addresses the legal issues raised by local governments issuing ID cards to unlawfully present aliens, as well as by state and local approaches to recognising foreign-issued ID documents. This book also discusses key legal issues pertaining to unlawfully present alien students' access to higher education, in-state tuition, and financial aid.

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