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Letters To Camondo (Hardcover): Edmund De Waal Letters To Camondo (Hardcover)
Edmund De Waal
R350 R280 Discovery Miles 2 800 Save R70 (20%) Ships in 5 - 10 working days

63 rue de Monceau, Paris

Dear friend,

As you may have guessed by now, I am not in your house by accident. I know your street rather well.

Count Moïse de Camondo lived a few doors away from Edmund de Waal's forebears, the Ephrussi, first encountered in his bestselling memoir The Hare with Amber Eyes. Like the Ephrussi, the Camondos were part of belle époque high society. They were also targets of anti-semitism.

Camondo created a spectacular house and filled it with the greatest private collection of French eighteenth-century art for his son to inherit. But when Nissim was killed in the First World War, it became a memorial and, on the Count's death, was bequeathed to France.

The Musée Nissim de Camondo has remained unchanged since 1936. Edmund de Waal explores the lavish rooms and detailed archives and uncovers new layers to the family story. In a haunting series of letters addressed to the Count, he tells us what happened next.

The Cleghorn Collection: South Indian Botanical Drawings 1845 to 1860 (Hardcover): Henry J. Noltie The Cleghorn Collection: South Indian Botanical Drawings 1845 to 1860 (Hardcover)
Henry J. Noltie
R461 Discovery Miles 4 610 Ships in 12 - 17 working days
Painting by Numbers - Data-Driven Histories of Nineteenth-Century Art (Hardcover): Diana Seave Greenwald Painting by Numbers - Data-Driven Histories of Nineteenth-Century Art (Hardcover)
Diana Seave Greenwald
R611 Discovery Miles 6 110 Ships in 12 - 17 working days

A pathbreaking history of art that uses digital research and economic tools to reveal enduring inequities in the formation of the art historical canon Painting by Numbers presents a groundbreaking blend of art historical and social scientific methods to chart, for the first time, the sheer scale of nineteenth-century artistic production. With new quantitative evidence for more than five hundred thousand works of art, Diana Seave Greenwald provides fresh insights into the nineteenth century, and the extent to which art historians have focused on a limited-and potentially biased-sample of artwork from that time. She addresses long-standing questions about the effects of industrialization, gender, and empire on the art world, and she models more expansive approaches for studying art history in the age of the digital humanities. Examining art in France, the United States, and the United Kingdom, Greenwald features datasets created from indices and exhibition catalogs that-to date-have been used primarily as finding aids. From this body of information, she reveals the importance of access to the countryside for painters showing images of nature at the Paris Salon, the ways in which time-consuming domestic responsibilities pushed women artists in the United States to work in lower-prestige genres, and how images of empire were largely absent from the walls of London's Royal Academy at the height of British imperial power. Ultimately, Greenwald considers how many works may have been excluded from art historical inquiry and shows how data can help reintegrate them into the history of art, even after such pieces have disappeared or faded into obscurity. Upending traditional perspectives on the art historical canon, Painting by Numbers offers an innovative look at the nineteenth-century art world and its legacy.

An Instinct to Draw - John Ruskin's Drawings in the Ashmolean Museum (Paperback): Stephen Wildman An Instinct to Draw - John Ruskin's Drawings in the Ashmolean Museum (Paperback)
Stephen Wildman
R551 R472 Discovery Miles 4 720 Save R79 (14%) Ships in 10 - 20 working days

John Ruskin assembled 1470 diverse works of art for use in the Drawing School he founded at Oxford in 1871. They included drawings by himself and other artists, prints and photographs. This book focuses on highlights of works produced by Ruskin himself. Drawings by John Ruskin are uniquely interesting. Unlike those of a professional artist they were not made in preparation for finished paintings or as works in their own right. Every one - and they number several thousand, depending on what can be considered a separate drawing - is a record of something seen, initially as a memorandum of that observation but with the potential to illustrate his writings or for educational purposes, notably to form part of the teaching collection of the Drawing School he established after election as Slade Professor of Fine Art at Oxford University. In addition, because of the range of interests of arguably the only true polymath of his time, every drawing touches on some interesting aspect of art and architecture, landscape and travel, botany and natural history, often connected with his writings and lectures. Ruskin's life is one of the best documented of any in the 19th century, through letters, diaries and the many autobiographical revelations in his published writings: this allows the opportunity to give almost any drawing a level of context impossible for any other artist. When there is so much background information, a single drawing reveals much about its creator, and becomes a window into the great sprawling edifice of his life and work.

Blake and Tradition (Hardcover): Kathleen Raine Blake and Tradition (Hardcover)
Kathleen Raine
R8,259 Discovery Miles 82 590 Ships in 12 - 17 working days

Blake and Tradition is an investigation of the sources of Blake's knowledge of the Neoplatonic and Hermetic tradition and allied currents of thought. The volumes contain what was then new information on Blake's vast fund of exact knowledge in these fields, and Kathleen Raine interprets his works in the light of the ideas that originally inspired and informed them. The core of this important work of scholarship formed the A. W. Mellon Lectures in the Fine Arts in 1962 at the National Gallery of Art in Washington. The expanded, two-volume work was originally published by Routledge & Kegan Paul in 1969.

Certain Artists (Paperback): Certain Artists (Paperback)
R248 Discovery Miles 2 480 Ships in 12 - 17 working days
Frans David Oerder: Anglo-Boereoorlogtekeninge & skilderye (Afrikaans, Hardcover): Alexander E. Duffey Frans David Oerder: Anglo-Boereoorlogtekeninge & skilderye (Afrikaans, Hardcover)
Alexander E. Duffey
R500 R469 Discovery Miles 4 690 Save R31 (6%) Ships in 4 - 8 working days

Hierdie publikasie gee ’n volledige beeld van die kunstenaar Frans David Oerder (1867–1944) se oeuvre – sy Anglo-Boereoorlogtekeninge, landskappe, genrestukke, portrette, blomstudies en stillewes, interieurs, dierestudies en grafiese werk. Geen moeite is ontsien om hierdie boek so volledig en betroubaar moontlik te maak nie. Argivale bronne in die Kunsargief van die Universiteit van Pretoria, die Argief van die Johannesburg Kunsmuseum en die Nasionale Argief van Suid-Afrika in Pretoria het grootliks bygedra tot die toevoeging van inligting oor hierdie kunstenaar wat nie voorheen bekend was nie. Dieplakboek van Gerda Oerder en ’n lang lesing met detailinligting oor Oerder se vroee lewe deur mev. Lorimer in die Kunsargief van die Universiteit van Pretoria het bygedra tot ’n nuwe vertolking van die lewe en werk van hierdie belangrike Suid-Afrikaanse kunstenaar. Tydens die Anglo-Boereoorlog was Oerder die enigste amptelike kunstenaar aan Boerekant, maar tot dusver is nog geen volledige geskiedenis van sy deelname aan die oorlog geskryf nie. In hierdie boek word Oerder se Anglo-Boereoorlogtekeninge nou vir die eerste keer so volledig moontlik afgedruk en beskryf.

The unconquerable spirit - George Stow's history painting of the San (Hardcover): Pippa Skotnes The unconquerable spirit - George Stow's history painting of the San (Hardcover)
Pippa Skotnes
R788 Discovery Miles 7 880 Ships in 12 - 17 working days

George Stow was a Victorian man of many parts--poet, historian, ethnographer, artist, cartographer, and prolific writer. A geologist by profession, he became acquainted, through his work in the field, with the extraordinary wealth of rock paintings in the caves and shelters of the South African interior. Enchanted and absorbed by them, Stow set out to create a record of this creative work of the people who had tracked and marked the South African landscape decades and centuries before him.
"Unconquerable Spirit "reveals the scope and the beauty of his labors. Stow's paintings are more than just copies of what he found on the rocks. They are interpretations of the art of the San, informed by his own understanding of a particularly turbulent time in South African history and his sense of the tragic demise of the San way of life. This book celebrates his pioneering achievement and reminds us, too, of the richness of the imaginative universe of the San.

Thomas Jefferson - Landscape Architect (Paperback): Frederick Doveton Nichols, Ralph E. Griswold Thomas Jefferson - Landscape Architect (Paperback)
Frederick Doveton Nichols, Ralph E. Griswold
R379 R328 Discovery Miles 3 280 Save R51 (13%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

The garden and landscape designs of America's founding architect. Collaboration with the greatest botanists of his time, an instinctive humanitarianism, and a natural ingenuity in landscape design combined to make Thomas Jefferson a pioneer in American landscape architecture. Frederick D. Nichols and Ralph E. Griswold, in this close study of Jefferson's many notes, letters, and sketches, present a clear and detailed interpretation of his extraordinary accomplishments in the field. Thomas Jefferson, Landscape Architect investigates the many influences on--and of--the Jeffersonian legacy in architecture. Jefferson's personality, friendships, and convictions, complemented by his extensive reading and travels, clearly influenced his architectural work. His fresh approach to incorporating foreign elements into domestic designs, his revolutionary approach to relating the house to the surrounding land, and his profound influences on the architectural character of the District of Columbia are just a few of Jefferson's contributions to the American landscape. Eighteenth-and nineteenth-century maps, plans, and drawings, as well as pictures of the species of trees that Jefferson used for his designs, generously illustrate the engaging narrative in Thomas Jefferson, Landscape Architect.

Kirkcudbright 100 Years of an Artists' Colony (Hardcover): Patrick Bourne Kirkcudbright 100 Years of an Artists' Colony (Hardcover)
Patrick Bourne
R531 Discovery Miles 5 310 Ships in 12 - 17 working days
Art, Science, and the Body in Early Romanticism (Hardcover): Stephanie O'Rourke Art, Science, and the Body in Early Romanticism (Hardcover)
Stephanie O'Rourke
R1,865 Discovery Miles 18 650 Ships in 12 - 17 working days

Can we really trust the things our bodies tell us about the world? This work reveals how deeply intertwined cultural practices of art and science questioned the authority of the human body in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries. Focusing on Henry Fuseli, Anne-Louis Girodet and Philippe de Loutherbourg, it argues that romantic artworks participated in a widespread crisis concerning the body as a source of reliable scientific knowledge. Rarely discussed sources and new archival material illuminate how artists drew upon contemporary sciences and inverted them, undermining their founding empiricist principles. The result is an alternative history of romantic visual culture that is deeply embroiled in controversies around electricity, mesmerism, physiognomy and other popular sciences. This volume reorients conventional accounts of romanticism and some of its most important artworks, while also putting forward a new model for the kinds of questions that we can ask about them.

Malton's Views of Dublin (Hardcover): Trevor White Malton's Views of Dublin (Hardcover)
Trevor White
R723 R580 Discovery Miles 5 800 Save R143 (20%) Ships in 10 - 20 working days
Historical Grammar of the Visual Arts (Paperback): Alois Riegl Historical Grammar of the Visual Arts (Paperback)
Alois Riegl; Translated by Jacqueline E. Jung; Foreword by Benjamin Binstock
R507 Discovery Miles 5 070 Ships in 12 - 17 working days

The first English translation of one of the earliest and most brilliant art-historical surveys, from one of the greatest modern art historians Alois Riegl (1858-1905) was one of the greatest modern art historians. The most important member of the so-called Vienna School, Riegl developed a highly refined technique of visual or formal analysis, as opposed to the iconological method championed by Erwin Panofsky with its emphasis on decoding motifs through recourse to texts. Riegl pioneered new understandings of the changing role of the viewer, the significance of non-high art objects such as ornament and textiles, and theories of art and art history, including his much-debated neologism Kunstwollen (the will of art). Finally, his Historical Grammar of the Visual Arts, which brings together many of the diverse threads of his thought, is available to an English-language audience in a superlative translation by Yale professor Jacqueline E. Jung. In one of the earliest and perhaps the most brilliant of all art historical "surveys," Riegl addresses the different visual arts within a sweeping conception of the history of culture. His account derives from Hegelian models but decisively opens onto alternative pathways that refuse attempts to reduce art merely to the artist's intentions or its social and historical functions.

Miniatures (Paperback): Richard Walker Miniatures (Paperback)
Richard Walker
R51 Discovery Miles 510 Ships in 12 - 17 working days

The Ashmolean collection of miniatures was begun in the 17th century by the Tradescants, father and son, gardeners to Charles I and Henrietta Maria. Among its most generous benefactors was the Reverend Bentinck Hawkins, chaplain to the Dukes of Cambridge and an insatiable 19th-century collector. The miniatures, mostly of very high quality, range from the Tudor and Stuart era to Victorian times, and include specially distinguished works by Isaac Oliver, Cooper, Zincke, Smart, Cosway and Engleheart.

Nebraska's Post Office Murals - Born of the Depression, Fostered by the New Deal (Hardcover): L. Robert Puschendorf Nebraska's Post Office Murals - Born of the Depression, Fostered by the New Deal (Hardcover)
L. Robert Puschendorf
R607 R500 Discovery Miles 5 000 Save R107 (18%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days
Goya - A Portrait of the Artist (Hardcover): Janis Tomlinson Goya - A Portrait of the Artist (Hardcover)
Janis Tomlinson
R631 Discovery Miles 6 310 Ships in 12 - 17 working days

The first major English-language biography of Francisco Goya y Lucientes, who ushered in the modern era The life of Francisco Goya (1746-1828) coincided with an age of transformation in Spanish history that brought upheavals in the country's politics and at the court which Goya served, changes in society, the devastation of the Iberian Peninsula in the war against Napoleon, and an ensuing period of political instability. In this revelatory biography, Janis Tomlinson draws on a wide range of documents-including letters, court papers, and a sketchbook used by Goya in the early years of his career-to provide a nuanced portrait of a complex and multifaceted painter and printmaker, whose art is synonymous with compelling images of the people, events, and social revolution that defined his life and era. Tomlinson challenges the popular image of the artist as an isolated figure obsessed with darkness and death, showing how Goya's likeability and ambition contributed to his success at court, and offering new perspectives on his youth, rich family life, extensive travels, and lifelong friendships. She explores the full breadth of his imagery-from scenes inspired by life in Madrid to visions of worlds without reason, from royal portraits to the atrocities of war. She sheds light on the artist's personal trials, including the deaths of six children and the onset of deafness in middle age, but also reconsiders the conventional interpretation of Goya's late years as a period of disillusion, viewing them instead as years of liberated artistic invention, most famously in the murals on the walls of his country house, popularly known as the "black" paintings. A monumental achievement, Goya: A Portrait of the Artist is the definitive biography of an artist whose faith in his art and his genius inspired paintings, drawings, prints, and frescoes that continue to captivate, challenge, and surprise us two centuries later.

Francisco de Goya (Hardcover): Martin Schwander fur die Fondation Beyeler Francisco de Goya (Hardcover)
Martin Schwander fur die Fondation Beyeler; Text written by Andreas Beyer; Ioana Jimborean, Jose Manuel Matilla, Gudrun Maurer, …
R1,319 Discovery Miles 13 190 Ships in 12 - 17 working days

He was one of the last great court artists and at the same time a significant trailblazer for modern art: Francisco de Goya. The Fondation Beyeler is preparing one of the most extensive exhibitions of his work outside of Spain. In his more than sixty-year-long career, Goya was an astute observer of the drama of reason and irrationality, of dreams and nightmares. His pictures show things that go beyond social conventions: he depicts saints and criminals, witches and demons, breaking open the gates to realms where the boundaries between reality and fantasy blur. The show gathers more than seventy paintings, around sixty masterful drawings, and a selection of prints that invite the viewer to an encounter with the beautiful, as well as the incomprehensible. The extensive catalogue examines Goya's unique artistic impact in texts by renowned interpreters, and splendid photo galleries.

Van Gogh in Bloom (Hardcover): Edward Leffingwell Van Gogh in Bloom (Hardcover)
Edward Leffingwell 2
R109 Discovery Miles 1 090 Ships in 12 - 17 working days

This work is an introduction to an ingeniously designed collection of accordion-style books, each focusing on a thematic series of paintings by one of the world's greatest masters - and illuminating the artist's true intentions when creating that special body of work. Each volume folds out: one side showcases eight panels of large colour reproductions, while the other features an essay by a noted art historian that provides expert background on the paintings, along with reproductions of additional works in the series. The Post-Impressionist artist Vincent van Gogh painted some of the most vibrant and beautifully textured flowers in art history. Van Gogh's genius is on gorgeous display in this fold-out collection of some of his finest floral paintings.

John Constable - The Leaping Horse (Paperback): Richard Humphreys John Constable - The Leaping Horse (Paperback)
Richard Humphreys
R262 R233 Discovery Miles 2 330 Save R29 (11%) Ships in 12 - 17 working days

Each year between 1819 and 1825, John Constable (1776-1837) submitted a monumental canvas to the Royal Academy of Arts in London for display in the annual Exhibition. These so-called six-footers vividly captured the life of the River Stour in Suffolk, where Constable grew up and where he returned to paint each year. The Leaping Horse, the last of these, now a major work in the Academy's collection, is the subject of this fascinating new book. Humphreys explores Constable's often avant-garde working methods, as well as his struggle to gain full acceptance within the art establishment of the early nineteenth century. With reproductions of his full-scale preliminary sketches as well as brand new photography of the painting itself, this book is the ideal companion for art lovers who seek a deeper appreciation of Constable's iconic depictions of the English countryside.

Victims of Fashion (Hardcover, New edition): Helen Louise Cowie Victims of Fashion (Hardcover, New edition)
Helen Louise Cowie
R805 Discovery Miles 8 050 Ships in 12 - 17 working days

Animal products were used extensively in nineteenth-century Britain. A middle-class Victorian woman might wear a dress made of alpaca wool, drape herself in a sealskin jacket, brush her hair with a tortoiseshell comb, and sport feathers in her hat. She might entertain her friends by playing a piano with ivory keys or own a parrot or monkey as a living fashion accessory. In this innovative study, Helen Cowie examines the role of these animal-based commodities in Britain in the long nineteenth century and traces their rise and fall in popularity in response to changing tastes, availability, and ethical concerns. Focusing on six popular animal products - feathers, sealskin, ivory, alpaca wool, perfumes, and exotic pets - she considers how animal commodities were sourced and processed, how they were marketed and how they were consumed. She also assesses the ecological impact of nineteenth-century fashion.

Fanny Palmer - The Life and Works of a Currier & Ives Artist (Hardcover): Charlotte Streifer Rubinstein Fanny Palmer - The Life and Works of a Currier & Ives Artist (Hardcover)
Charlotte Streifer Rubinstein; Edited by Diann Benti
R1,494 R1,244 Discovery Miles 12 440 Save R250 (17%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

As one of Currier & Ives's leading artists, Frances (""Fanny"") Bond Palmer (1812-1876) was a major lithographer whose prints found their way into homes, schools, barns, taverns, business offices, yacht clubs, and elsewhere, reaching a mass audience during her day. Her life was a true American fable-the story of an immigrant who came to the United States to start a new life for herself and her family and rose to the top of her profession. In Fanny Palmer: The Life and Works of a Currier & Ives Artist, Rubinstein chronicles the details of Palmer's life, situating her work as the product of her own merit rather than as an achievement of Currier & Ives, and portraying the artist as an enterprising professional and one of the most versatile and prolific lithographers of her day. Largely ignored by art historians because of her status as a graphic artist and as an employee of famous male publishers, Palmer's work was nonetheless a staple in nineteenth-century culture. Palmer was interested in recording all subjects that made up American life: her images of railroads, clipper ships, New York City, Civil War battle scenes, pictures of domestic bliss, and vistas of the newly opened West comprised at least two hundred of the company's signed prints. A long-time employee of Currier & Ives, she also collaborated anonymously with other staff artists, supplying landscape backgrounds and architectural elements to countless compositions. The first full-length biography of Palmer's life and work, as well as the first illustrated, annotated catalog of her drawings and prints, including a number of works that are new to the public and to scholars, Rubinstein's book shines a spotlight on this accomplished artist, arguing for her long overdue recognition as a pioneer in the history of women artists.

Construing Cultural Heritage: The Stagings of an Artist - The Case of Ivar Arosenius (Paperback): Mats Malm Construing Cultural Heritage: The Stagings of an Artist - The Case of Ivar Arosenius (Paperback)
Mats Malm
R419 Discovery Miles 4 190 Ships in 12 - 17 working days

This study examines how an artist construed himself as cultural heritage by the turn of the 19th century, how this heritage was further construed after his death, and how the artworks can be made to further new approaches and insights through a digital archive (aroseniusarchive.se). The study employs the concept of 'staging' to capture the means used by the artist, as well as by reception, in this construal. The question of 'staging' involves not only how the artist has been called forth from the archives, but also how the artist can be called forth in new ways today through digitization. The study first elaborates on the theoretical framework through the aspects of mediation and agency, then explores how the artist was staged after his death. Finally, the artist's own means of staging himself are explored. Swedish painter Ivar Arosenius (1878-1909) is the case studied.

John Gibson (Paperback): Anna Frasca-Rath, Annette Wickham John Gibson (Paperback)
Anna Frasca-Rath, Annette Wickham
R262 R226 Discovery Miles 2 260 Save R36 (14%) Ships in 10 - 20 working days

Born in Gyffin, near Conway, Wales, John Gibson (1790-1866) moved with his family to Liverpool, where he trained as a cabinet-maker and mason. The historian and banker William Roscoe whetted Gibson's appetite for classical statuary, and provided him with a scholarship and funds to visit Rome. Gibson arrived in the city in 1817 and entered the workshop of Europe's pre-eminent sculptor: Antonio Canova. Soon acclaimed in his own right, Gibson remained in the city until his death in 1866. Contact with artists and patrons on the Grand Tour ensured lasting links with Britain, and this publication highlights Gibson's sculptures in such collections as the National Portrait Gallery, the British Museum, Westminster Abbey, Parliament and the Royal Collection. Gibson bequeathed to the Royal Academy drawings, plasters and sculptures, as well as correspondences, accounts and notebooks; some reproduced here for the first time.

Life and Works - Charles Michell (Hardcover): G. Richings Life and Works - Charles Michell (Hardcover)
G. Richings
R822 Discovery Miles 8 220 Ships in 12 - 17 working days

In this detailed and meticulously researched account of the life and work of Charles Michell, the first surveyor-general and civil engineer of the South African Cape Colony, author Gordon Richings examines in depth, the many interests and achievements of the man, as well as the essence of the time in which he lived, by referring to unpublished personal diaries, sketchbooks and letters. Born in Exeter, Devon in 1793, Michell showed artistic talent at a young age, but due to family circumstances, joined the British Army and served with distinction in the Napoleonic Wars in Portugal. He came to the Cape in 1829 and for the next twenty years played a crucial role in opening up the Cape interior to economic development and expansion, by designing roads, bridges and mountain passes, including Sir Lowry's, the Houw Hoek, Montagu and Michell's Passes. He also suggested improvements to Table Bay Harbour and designed lighthouses at Mouille Point, Cape Agulhas and Cape Recife in an effort to protect shipping along the Cape's notorious coastline. This first biography of Charles Michell is lavishly illustrated with his sketches, watercolours and engravings of Cape scenery, plants, insects and rock paintings, as well as Cape personalities, maps of the colony and architectural plans - the majority of which are published for the first time. New light is shed on the socio-economic life at the Cape, particularly the Tsitsikamma region of the southern Cape, the Frontier War of 1834-35, as well as on the personalities of Michell's colleagues and contemporaries in England and at the Cape.

The Van Gogh Sisters (Hardcover): Willem-Jan Verlinden The Van Gogh Sisters (Hardcover)
Willem-Jan Verlinden
R511 Discovery Miles 5 110 Ships in 12 - 17 working days

The lively and revealing correspondence that Vincent van Gogh maintained with his art-dealer brother Theo is famous as a source of insight into the mind of one of the most celebrated artists of all time. But what of Anna, Lies and Willemien van Gogh, with whom Vincent had intimate and sometimes turbulent relationships? It was an argument with his oldest sister, Anna, in the aftermath of their father's death that provoked Vincent to leave the Netherlands and never return. The Van Gogh siblings grew up at a time when long-distance travel by train first became possible. As each went their own way, following work and study to London, Paris, Brussels and beyond, they maintained the close relationships forged in their youth in the Netherland's idyllic countryside by sending candid and personal letters. In this thoughtful and unprecedented biographical history, Willem-Jan Verlinden delves into previously unpublished correspondence in the Van Gogh family archives to bring Vincent's three sisters out from their brothers' shadow, poignantly portraying their dreams, disappointments and grief. The oldest sister, Anna, worked as a governess in England as a young woman before marrying a Dutch industrialist. The second sister, Lies, fell into poverty in spite of her literary aspirations and was forced to sell many of her brother's paintings. Willemien, the third sister, was an active participant in the first feminist wave. She visited the studio of Edgar Degas in Paris with Theo and discussed art enthusiastically with her painter brother. She and Vincent also shared their struggles with mental health, which for Willemien resulted in institutionalization for the second half of her life. With great clarity and empathy, The Van Gogh Sisters captures a moment of profound social, economic and artistic change. The sisters' intimate discussions of poetry and books, love, personal ambition and the opportunities afforded them broaden our understanding of this dramatic era in European history when the feminist movement was emergent and idealists of all stripes climbed the barricades in pursuit of revolution. With 132 illustrations, 21 in colour

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