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The Targeter - My Life in the CIA, Hunting Terrorists and Challenging the White House (Hardcover): Nada Bakos, David Coburn The Targeter - My Life in the CIA, Hunting Terrorists and Challenging the White House (Hardcover)
Nada Bakos, David Coburn
R531 R391 Discovery Miles 3 910 Save R140 (26%) Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

In 1999, 30-year-old Nada Bakos moved from her lifelong home in Montana to Washington, DC, to join the CIA. Quickly realizing her affinity for intelligence work, Nada was determined to rise through the ranks of the agency first as an analyst and then as a Targeting Officer, eventually finding herself on the frontline of America's War against Islamic extremists. In this role, Nada was charged with finding the godfather of ISIS and mastermind of Al Qaeda in Iraq: Abu Musab al-Zarqawi. In a tight, tension-packed narrative that takes the reader from Langley deep into Iraq, Bakos reveals the inner workings of the Agency and the largely hidden world of intelligence gathering post 9/11. Entrenched in the predominantly male world of the CIA, Bakos belonged to a small yet dedicated sisterhood leading U.S. Special Operations Forces to the doorstep of one of the world's most wanted terrorists. Filled with on-the-ground insights and poignant personal anecdotes, The Targeter shows us the great personal sacrifice that comes with intelligence work. This is Nada's story, but it is also an intimate chronicle of how a group of determined, ambitious men and women worked tirelessly in the heart of the CIA to ensure our nation's safety at home and abroad.

Nelson Mandela (Paperback): Colin Bundy Nelson Mandela (Paperback)
Colin Bundy
R165 R131 Discovery Miles 1 310 Save R34 (21%) Shipped within 4 - 10 working days

Jacana is delighted to announce the forthcoming publication of a new pocket biography of Nelson Mandela by the renowned South African historian, Colin Bundy. Writing with his characteristic elegance, insight and striking turn of phrase, Colin Bundy sets out to extricate the person of Mandela from a pervasive sense of Mandela; distinguishing between the actual, historical Mandela and a generalised and essentially mythical Mandela. There are two main elements in this task. The first involves locating Mandela’s life, his character and actions, in South African history, which Bundy does in five masterly chapters. The second element, the subject of the first and the final chapters, asks a different set of questions, about memory and remembering; about legacy in the long term. This book will undoubtedly establish itself as the finest introduction to Mandela’s life available. It is not only a skilful overview and summary of the 20th-century icon but a fresh and engaging look, each page revealing new insights and original observations expressed in felicitous prose.

The Messiah's Dream Machine (Paperback): Jennifer Friedman The Messiah's Dream Machine (Paperback)
Jennifer Friedman
R275 R219 Discovery Miles 2 190 Save R56 (20%) Shipped within 7 - 15 working days

This sequel to Jennifer Friedman’s enchanting first memoir picks up where Queen of the Free State leaves off: as the rebellious young Jennifer is packed off to boarding school in Cape Town.

Told with humour and pathos, the theme of displacement – of the outsider – is explored further as we follow Jennifer’s journey into adulthood, becoming a wife and mother, living in Johannesburg and Israel, emigration, and leave-takings in Australia. Once again a strong sense of love, loyalty and place prevails, especially on her trips home to her beloved Free State. Expect stories about train journeys, windmills and floods, dead bodies on deck chairs, certifiably crazy home-help, babies, secrets and redemption, a Jewish British Bulldog and the Messiah’s favourite place.

Africa's cause must triumph - The collected writings of A.P. Mda (Paperback): Robert Edgar, Luyanda K.A. Msumza Africa's cause must triumph - The collected writings of A.P. Mda (Paperback)
Robert Edgar, Luyanda K.A. Msumza
R270 R214 Discovery Miles 2 140 Save R56 (21%) Shipped within 4 - 10 working days

The Class of `44', the founders of the African National Congress Youth League (CYL) in 1944, includes a remarkable list of names: Nelson Mandela, Walter Sisulu, Oliver Tambo, Anton Lembede, and Ashby Peter (A.P.) Mda. While much has been written on the others, relatively little attention has been paid to Mda, the Youth League president from 1947 to 1947 whom his peers regarded as the foremost political intellectual and strategist of their generation. He was known for his passionate advocacy of African nationalism, guiding the ANC into militant forms of protest, and pressing activists to consider turning to armed struggle in the early 1950s. In his late teens Mda began leaving a rich written record-through letters and essays in newspapers, political tracts and speeches, and letters to colleagues-that allows us to chart the evolution of his views throughout his life not only on politics but also on culture, language, literature, music, religion, and education.

First Lady - The Life and Wars of Clementine Churchill (Paperback): Sonia Purnell First Lady - The Life and Wars of Clementine Churchill (Paperback)
Sonia Purnell 1
R281 R196 Discovery Miles 1 960 Save R85 (30%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Without Churchill's inspiring leadership Britain could not have survived its darkest hour and repelled the Nazi menace. Without his wife Clementine, however, he might never have become Prime Minister. By his own admission, the Second World War would have been 'impossible without her'. Clementine was Winston's emotional rock and his most trusted confidante; not only was she involved in some of the most crucial decisions of war, but she exerted an influence over her husband and the Government that would appear scandalous to modern eyes. Yet her ability to charm Britain's allies and her humanitarian efforts on the Home Front earned her deep respect, both behind closed doors in Whitehall and among the population at large. That Clementine should become Britain's 'First Lady' was by no means pre-ordained. Born into impecunious aristocracy, her childhood was far from gilded. Her mother was a serial adulteress and gambler, who spent many years uprooting her children to escape the clutches of their erstwhile father, and by the time Clementine entered polite society she had become the target of cruel snobbery and rumours about her parentage. In Winston, however, she discovered a partner as emotionally insecure as herself, and in his career she found her mission. Her dedication to his cause may have had tragic consequences for their children, but theirs was a marriage that changed the course of history. Now, acclaimed biographer Sonia Purnell explores the peculiar dynamics of this fascinating union. From the personal and political upheavals of the Great War, through the Churchills' 'wilderness years' in the 1930s, to Clementine's desperate efforts to preserve her husband's health during the struggle against Hitler, Sonia presents the inspiring but often ignored story of one of the most important women in modern history.

So Here's the Thing . . . - Notes on Growing Up, Getting Older, and Trusting Your Gut (Hardcover): Alyssa Mastromonaco So Here's the Thing . . . - Notes on Growing Up, Getting Older, and Trusting Your Gut (Hardcover)
Alyssa Mastromonaco; As told to Lauren Oyler
R481 R353 Discovery Miles 3 530 Save R128 (27%) Shipped within 7 - 11 working days
The True History of the Elephant Man (Paperback, New edition): Michael Howell, Peter Ford The True History of the Elephant Man (Paperback, New edition)
Michael Howell, Peter Ford 2
R212 R163 Discovery Miles 1 630 Save R49 (23%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Joseph Carey Merrick, born in England on August 5, 1952, is better known as The Elephant Man. Through horrible physical deformities which were almost impossible to describe, he spent much of his life exhibited as a fairground freak until even nineteenth-century sensibilities could take no more. Hounded, persecuted and starving, he ended up at London's Liverpool Street Station where he was rescued, housed and fed by the distinguished surgeon Frederick Treves. To Treves' surprise, he discovered during the course of their friendship that lurking beneath the mass of Merrick's corrupting flesh lived a spirit that was as courageous as it had been tortured, and a nature as gentle and dignified as it had been deprived and tormented. The subject of several books, a Broadway hit, and a film, Joseph Merrick has become part of popular mythology. Here, in this fully revised edition containing new details, are the true and unromantic facts of his life. This is an extraordinary and moving story, set among the brutal realities of the Victorian world, telling of a tragic individual and his survival against overwhelming odds.

Break Point - SAS: Who Dares Wins Host's Incredible True Story (Hardcover): Ollie Ollerton Break Point - SAS: Who Dares Wins Host's Incredible True Story (Hardcover)
Ollie Ollerton 1
R467 R363 Discovery Miles 3 630 Save R104 (22%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days
The Relatively Public Life Of Jules Browde (Paperback): Daniel Browde The Relatively Public Life Of Jules Browde (Paperback)
Daniel Browde
R240 R197 Discovery Miles 1 970 Save R43 (18%) In stock

When Daniel is tasked with writing the biography of his grandfather, Jules Browde - one of South Africa’s most celebrated advocates - he gets straight to work. But the task that at first seems so simple comes to overwhelm him.

The troubled progress of Daniel’s book stands in sharp contrast to the clear-edged tales his grandfather tells him. Spanning almost a century, these gripping stories compellingly conjure other worlds: the streets of 1920s Yeoville, the battlefields of the Second World War, the courtrooms of apartheid South Africa.

The Relatively Public Life Of Jules Browde is more than the portrait of an unusual South African life, it is the moving tale of a complex and tender relationship between grandfather and grandson, and an exploration of how we are made and unmade in the stories we tell about our lives.

The Threat - How the FBI Protects America in the Age of Terror and Trump (Hardcover): Andrew G McCabe The Threat - How the FBI Protects America in the Age of Terror and Trump (Hardcover)
Andrew G McCabe 1
R620 R382 Discovery Miles 3 820 Save R238 (38%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

#1 New York Times Bestseller #1 Washington Post Bestseller #1 Wall Street Journal Bestseller On March 16, 2018, just twenty-six hours before his scheduled retirement from the organization he had served with distinction for more than two decades, Andrew G. McCabe was fired from his position as deputy director of the FBI. President Donald Trump celebrated on Twitter: "Andrew McCabe FIRED, a great day for the hard working men and women of the FBI - A great day for Democracy." In The Threat: How the FBI Protects America in the Age of Terror and Trump, Andrew G. McCabe offers a dramatic and candid account of his career, and an impassioned defense of the FBI's agents, and of the institution's integrity and independence in protecting America and upholding our Constitution. McCabe started as a street agent in the FBI's New York field office, serving under director Louis Freeh. He became an expert in two kinds of investigations that are critical to American national security: Russian organized crime--which is inextricably linked to the Russian state--and terrorism. Under Director Robert Mueller, McCabe led the investigations of major attacks on American soil, including the Boston Marathon bombing, a plot to bomb the New York subways, and several narrowly averted bombings of aircraft. And under James Comey, McCabe was deeply involved in the controversial investigations of the Benghazi attack, the Clinton Foundation's activities, and Hillary Clinton's use of a private email server when she was secretary of state. The Threat recounts in compelling detail the time between Donald Trump's November 2016 election and McCabe's firing, set against a page-turning narrative spanning two decades when the FBI's mission shifted to a new goal: preventing terrorist attacks on Americans. But as McCabe shows, right now the greatest threat to the United States comes from within, as President Trump and his administration ignore the law, attack democratic institutions, degrade human rights, and undermine the U.S. Constitution that protects every citizen. Important, revealing, and powerfully argued, The Threat tells the true story of what the FBI is, how it works, and why it will endure as an institution of integrity that protects America.

Queen Elizabeth I (Paperback, 2nd Revised Edition): G.W.O. Woodward Queen Elizabeth I (Paperback, 2nd Revised Edition)
G.W.O. Woodward 1
R139 R97 Discovery Miles 970 Save R42 (30%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Queen Elizabeth I's reign is amongst the most exciting and fascinating of any period of English history. She was a glamourous queen who ruled a vibrant nation full of legendary figures: Robert Dudley, Francis Drake, Walter Raleigh, the Earl of Essex were all international celebrities of their day. Great events unfolded, with triumphs such as the defeat of the Spanish Armada, and tragedies, including the long-term imprisonment and execution of Mary Queen of Scots. With love affairs, wily politicians, sinister plots and intrigues at the royal court, Elizabeth's reign was a long-running drama; it is appropriate that William Shakespeare was writing at the time, and characters and events of his plays often mirrored Elizabethan life. But it was Queen Elizabeth who was the star of the story, holding centre stage over a glittering royal court. In this seminal Pitkin text by G.W.O. Woodward, revised and updated by Gill Knappett for 2019, read how Gloriana reigned in dazzling majesty over an exciting new age of exploration, discovery, artistic brilliance, architectural achievement, foreign conquest and prosperity.

Lincoln's Last Trial - The Murder Case That Propelled Him to the Presidency (Paperback, Original ed.): Dan Abrams, David... Lincoln's Last Trial - The Murder Case That Propelled Him to the Presidency (Paperback, Original ed.)
Dan Abrams, David Fisher
R290 R220 Discovery Miles 2 200 Save R70 (24%) Shipped within 7 - 11 working days
Frederick Douglass - Prophet of Freedom (Hardcover): David W Blight Frederick Douglass - Prophet of Freedom (Hardcover)
David W Blight
R732 R457 Discovery Miles 4 570 Save R275 (38%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

A NEW YORK TIMES, WALL STREET JOURNAL, and TIME TOP 10 BOOK OF THE YEAR The definitive, dramatic biography of the most important African American of the nineteenth century: Frederick Douglass, the escaped slave who became the greatest orator of his day and one of the leading abolitionists and writers of the era. As a young man Frederick Douglass (1818-1895) escaped from slavery in Baltimore, Maryland. He was fortunate to have been taught to read by his slave owner mistress, and he would go on to become one of the major literary figures of his time. He wrote three versions of his autobiography over the course of his lifetime and published his own newspaper. His very existence gave the lie to slave owners: with dignity and great intelligence he bore witness to the brutality of slavery. Initially mentored by William Lloyd Garrison, Douglass spoke widely, often to large crowds, using his own story to condemn slavery. He broke with Garrison to become a political abolitionist, a Republican, and eventually a Lincoln supporter. By the Civil War and during Reconstruction, Douglass became the most famed and widely travelled orator in the nation. He denounced the premature end of Reconstruction and the emerging Jim Crow era. In his unique and eloquent voice, written and spoken, Douglass was a fierce critic of the United States as well as a radical patriot. He sometimes argued politically with younger African Americans, but he never forsook either the Republican party or the cause of black civil and political rights. In this remarkable biography, David Blight has drawn on new information held in a private collection that few other historian have consulted, as well as recently discovered issues of Douglass's newspapers. Blight tells the fascinating story of Douglass's two marriages and his complex extended family. Douglass was not only an astonishing man of words, but a thinker steeped in Biblical story and theology. There has not been a major biography of Douglass in a quarter century. David Blight's Frederick Douglass affords this important American the distinguished biography he deserves.

Solitary (Hardcover): Albert Woodfox Solitary (Hardcover)
Albert Woodfox
R493 R371 Discovery Miles 3 710 Save R122 (25%) Shipped within 7 - 11 working days
The Cryotron Files - The Strange Death of a Pioneering Cold War Computer Scientist (Paperback): Douglas Buck, Iain Dey The Cryotron Files - The Strange Death of a Pioneering Cold War Computer Scientist (Paperback)
Douglas Buck, Iain Dey 1
R238 R196 Discovery Miles 1 960 Save R42 (18%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Dudley Buck was a brilliant scientist who developed or invented several early pieces of now-common technology (e.g. microchips, flash drives)in the 1950s. Like his Nobel-winning colleagues, he might have benefitted from them greatly, had he not died aged 32 of a mysterious heart attack, just after a high-profile group of Soviet scientists visited his lab on a cold war-era tour of the USA.

Buck was not the only scientist to expire that day – his colleague Dr Ridenour, chief scientist at Lockheed, also died of an unexplained heart attack. Both deaths are consistent with KGB contact-poison hits.

Recently discovered papers reveal Buck’s extensive career in clandestine government work, that had led to his contact with Russia’s top computer scientists. His work was filed away and rediscovered in the 1980s when it was used in research projects by NASA.

A fascinating narrative history of Cold War era computer and tech research, combining social historical elements to produce a brilliant portrait of America in the mid-20th century.

Magnus Malan - My Life with the SA Defence Force (Hardcover, illustrated edition): Magnus Malan Magnus Malan - My Life with the SA Defence Force (Hardcover, illustrated edition)
Magnus Malan
R263 Discovery Miles 2 630 Shipped within 10 - 15 working days

As a schoolboy at the age of thirteen, Magnus Malan had already run away to join what was then the Union Defence Force. This was to no avail, of course, but ever since he was permitted to join the Physical Training Battalion in 1946, for a period of some 45 years, his career and life has been closely entwined with the South African Defence Force. Malan's military career took him to many places in Southern Africa: Robben Island, the former South West Africa, where the Territorial Force was charged with protecting the South African Mandate territory, to the Military Academy in Saldanha and the Castle in Cape Town. As Chief of the Army and later Chief of the Defence Force he was closely involved in South Africa's incursion into Angola in 1975 and 1976, and also in many cross-border operations in the years thereafter. Malan then entered politics, and will be particularly remembered as Minister of Defence during the troubled 1980s. Malan offers a brief account of the influence that political developments in Southern Africa since 1960 had on the structures and functions of the South African Defence Force; on the successes of Armscor, and on South Africa's nuclear arms capability. He also provides valuable context for a period of many political and military events; a period of immense importance to the present generation and their descendants, but which has become almost forgotten. The title pays tribute to all those who contributed to the successes of the South African Defence Force and Armscor in a critical era of our history.

King Henry VIII (Paperback, New Edition): Angela Royston King Henry VIII (Paperback, New Edition)
Angela Royston
R139 R97 Discovery Miles 970 Save R42 (30%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Henry Tudor is probably the best known king in English history, most famous for having had six wives. Henry wanted immortality, not as a notorious husband, but as a king who made England strong and powerful. Essential to that, he believed, was the provision of a male heir, but Henry became so desperate to father a legitimate son that he divorced one wife, beheaded another, disposed of two chief ministers and declared himself head of the Church in England. His personality was overwhelming. He could be boisterously playful and passionately in love, but, as disappointments mounted, he became increasingly bitter and tyrannical. This seminal Pitkin guide to one of England's greatest monarchs has been revised and updated for 2019. Fully illustrated throughout in a fresh, contemporary style, and featuring all the lavish paintings of the time, it also includes all the latest representations of Henry VIII in the media, as well as a list of relevant locations to visit.

The Real Deal - My Decade Fighting Battles and Winning Wars with Trump (Hardcover): George A Sorial The Real Deal - My Decade Fighting Battles and Winning Wars with Trump (Hardcover)
George A Sorial; As told to Damian Bates
R521 R381 Discovery Miles 3 810 Save R140 (27%) Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

George Sorial, a top Trump Organization executive, shares behind-the-scenes stories of Trump's leadership, problem solving, and success.

My Heart is My Own - The Life of Mary Queen of Scots (Paperback, Film tie-in edition): John Guy My Heart is My Own - The Life of Mary Queen of Scots (Paperback, Film tie-in edition)
John Guy 2
R267 R190 Discovery Miles 1 900 Save R77 (29%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

A long-overdue and dramatic reinterpretation of the life of Mary, Queen of Scots by one of the leading historians at work today. She was crowned Queen of Scotland at nine months of age, and Queen of France at sixteen years; at eighteen she ascended the throne that was her birthright and began ruling one of the most fractious courts in Europe, riven by religious conflict and personal lust for power. She rode out at the head of an army in both victory and defeat; saw her second husband assassinated, and married his murderer. At twenty-five she entered captivity at the hands of her rival queen, from which only death would release her. The life of Mary Stuart is one of unparalleled drama and conflict. From the labyrinthine plots laid by the Scottish lords to wrest power for themselves, to the efforts made by Elizabeth's ministers to invalidate Mary's legitimate claim to the English throne, John Guy returns to the archives to explode the myths and correct the inaccuracies that surround this most fascinating monarch. He also explains a central mystery: why Mary would have consented to marry -- only three months after the death of her second husband, Lord Darnley -- the man who was said t

Soldier, Sailor, Frogman, Spy, Airman, Gangster, Kill or Die - How the Allies Won on D-Day (Hardcover): Giles Milton Soldier, Sailor, Frogman, Spy, Airman, Gangster, Kill or Die - How the Allies Won on D-Day (Hardcover)
Giles Milton
R557 R411 Discovery Miles 4 110 Save R146 (26%) Shipped within 7 - 11 working days
Max Beaverbrook - Not Quite A Gentleman (Hardcover): Charles Williams Max Beaverbrook - Not Quite A Gentleman (Hardcover)
Charles Williams 1
R599 R462 Discovery Miles 4 620 Save R137 (23%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Businessman, patriot, politician and archetypal media mogul, Max Aitken, the first Baron Beaverbrook, bestrode the first five decades of the twentieth century like a colossus. He was a force of nature who built a media empire around his newspaper the Daily Express and used its circulation - then the largest in the world - to spread his considerable influence through the largely conservative working classes. In the Second World War he played a vital part in the fight against the Nazis by martialling Britain's industrial resources as Churchill's minister of aircraft production. Lady Diana Cooper, the leading society lioness of her day, described Beaverbrook as `this strange attractive gnome with an odour of genius about him'. She was far from alone in her admiration. Many others were similarly captivated including more than a few journalists and historians, a scattering of politicians and, above all - but perhaps with a greater sense of realism - Winston Churchill himself. All succumbed to the charm, sense of mischief and sheer ebullience of the man. By contrast, there were also those who saw the darker side of his character and the list of those who openly disliked Beaverbrook is impressive: Kings George V and VI, Clement Attlee, Stanley Baldwin, Lords Alanbrooke and Curzon, Hugh Dalton, Ernest Bevin, as well as a large segment of the Canadian political and industrial establishments. Furthermore, Clementine Churchill's attitude towards him, unlike that of her husband, was one of `lifelong mistrust'. As this magisterial biography demonstrates, the Beaverbrook story is one of continuing fascination. Over eighty years of high and low finance, political dogfights, wars, conspiracy, media wrangles, sex and grand living, all of it threading through the dramatic years of the first half of the twentieth century.

The Catalogue of Shipwrecked Books - Young Columbus and the Quest for a Universal Library (Hardcover, Epub Edition): Edward... The Catalogue of Shipwrecked Books - Young Columbus and the Quest for a Universal Library (Hardcover, Epub Edition)
Edward Wilson-Lee 1
R581 R393 Discovery Miles 3 930 Save R188 (32%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

The fascinating history of Christopher Columbus's illegitimate son Hernando, guardian of his father's flame, courtier, bibliophile and catalogue supreme, whose travels took him to the heart of 16th-century Europe' Honor Clerk, Spectator, Books of the Year This is the scarcely believable - and wholly true - story of Christopher Columbus' bastard son Hernando, who sought to equal and surpass his father's achievements by creating a universal library. His father sailed across the ocean to explore the known boundaries of the world for the glory of God, Spain and himself. His son Hernando sought instead to harness the vast powers of the new printing presses to assemble the world's knowledge in one place, his library in Seville. Hernando was one of the first and greatest visionaries of the print age, someone who saw how the scale of available information would entirely change the landscape of thought and society. His was an immensely eventual life. As a youth, he spent years travelling in the New World, and spent one living with his father in a shipwreck off Jamaica. He created a dictionary and a geographical encyclopaedia of Spain, helped to create the first modern maps of the world, spent time in almost every major European capital, and associated with many of the great people of his day, from Ferdinand and Isabel to Erasmus, Thomas More, and Durer. He wrote the first biography of his father, almost single-handedly creating the legend of Columbus that held sway for many hundreds of years, and was highly influential in crafting how Europe saw the world his father reached in 1492. He also amassed the largest collection of printed images and of printed music of the age, started what was perhaps Europe's first botanical garden, and created by far the greatest private library Europe had ever seen, dwarfing with its 15,000 books every other library of the day. Edward Wilson-Lee has written the first major modern biography of Hernando - and the first of any kind available in English. In a work of dazzling scholarship, The Catalogue of Shipwrecked Books tells an enthralling tale of the age of print and exploration, a story with striking lessons for our own modern experiences of information revolution and Globalisation.

Mary Queen of Scots - Film Tie-in (Paperback, Film tie-in edition): John Guy Mary Queen of Scots - Film Tie-in (Paperback, Film tie-in edition)
John Guy 1
R272 R184 Discovery Miles 1 840 Save R88 (32%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Now a major film, this is a dramatic reinterpretation of the life of Mary Queen of Scots by one of the leading historians of this period. Who was the real Mary Queen of Scots? The most enigmatic ruler of England lived a life of incredible drama and turmoil: crowned Queen of Scotland at nine months old, and Queen of France at sixteen years, she grew up in the crosshairs of Europe's political battles to become Queen Elizabeth's arch rival. This book tells the story of the fraught and dangerous relationship between these two women of incredible charisma and power - a relationship that began with both seeking a political settlement, but which led them down a path of danger, from which only one could emerge victorious. Previously published as `My Heart is My Own'.

Churchill & Smuts - From Enemies to Lifelong Friends (Paperback): Richard Steyn Churchill & Smuts - From Enemies to Lifelong Friends (Paperback)
Richard Steyn 1
R257 R205 Discovery Miles 2 050 Save R52 (20%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Brought together first as enemies in the Anglo-Boer War, and later as allies in the First World War, the remarkable, and often touching, friendship between Winston Churchill and Jan Smuts is a rich study in contrasts. In youth they occupied very different worlds: Churchill, the rambunctious and thrusting young aristocrat; Smuts, the aesthetic, philosophical Cape farm boy who would go on to Cambridge. Both were men of exceptional talents and achievements and, between them, the pair had to grapple with some of the twentieth century's most intractable issues, not least of which the task of restoring peace and prosperity to Europe after two of mankind's bloodiest wars. Drawing on a maze of archival and secondary sources including letters, telegrams and the voluminous books written about both men, Richard Steyn presents a fascinating account of two remarkable men in war and peace: one the leader of the Empire, the other the leader of a small fractious member of that Empire who nevertheless rose to global prominence.

I'll Take That One (Paperback): William B. Green I'll Take That One (Paperback)
William B. Green
R317 R248 Discovery Miles 2 480 Save R69 (22%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

An autobiography that takes an in depth look at how evacuees were treated in WW2. Shows the chaos of the evacuee system at the start of the war. A story which vividly explores the loneliness and fear of being an evacuee. The Second World War was a global cataclysm that resulted in the death of more than 60 million people. In 1940 at the onset of this grim period in history, a young boy begins his own journey; one that irrevocably changes the course of his life. In this poignant memoir, the author shares a rare glimpse into what it was like growing up and living during this era. The memoir begins, at the outbreak of the Second World War, with the Author and his brother, along with hundreds of other children, being evacuated to the coast. His story progresses through a series of events that change his life dramatically as a young boy. This is a real life account of fates that become inextricably entwined amidst the clamour of wartime and the transformational odyssey of a young boy growing up during a volatile period. Harrowing and inspirational, I'll Take That One is a profound read that seamlessly merges history with personal experience and brings down the phenomenon of war into a real and humanized level. The story potently captures the Second World War zeitgeist while actively demonstrating the unwavering essence of the human spirit.

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