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My Journey To The Top Of The World - And The Life Lessons I Learnt Along The Way (Paperback): Saray Khumalo My Journey To The Top Of The World - And The Life Lessons I Learnt Along The Way (Paperback)
Saray Khumalo
R290 R189 Discovery Miles 1 890 Save R101 (35%) In Stock

In this truly remarkable life story, Saray Khumalo shares her epic journey to the top of the world: Mount Everest.

From her childhood in Zambia and Zaire, to a corporate career in South Africa, through marriage and motherhood, Saray harboured one overriding ambition: to reach the summits of the world’s highest mountains. She first summited Mount Kilimanjaro, and then others, but her ultimate goal was to summit Everest. After three unsuccessful attempts, Saray became the first black African woman to summit the world’s highest peak. Her success was hard won, though – along the way, she suffered severe personal setbacks, serious health issues and life-threatening injuries.

But her perseverance finally paid off, and Saray’s success at high altitude has helped change the narrative about who belongs on the mountains and whose stories are told. Saray’s story, which redefines common perceptions about what women are capable of doing and achieving, will inspire girls and women from all walks of life. In this fascinating memoir, she shares not only her incredible mountaineering feats, but also the lessons she learnt about life, perseverance and failing forward.

Pots, Pans & Potjies (Paperback): Karl Tessendorf, Greg Gilowey Pots, Pans & Potjies (Paperback)
Karl Tessendorf, Greg Gilowey
R360 R240 Discovery Miles 2 400 Save R120 (33%) In Stock

In today’s insta-everything world, cast iron reminds us of a simpler time. A time when things were built to last, not break within a year.

A well-seasoned pan is a cooking Swiss Army knife. A solid flat pot is the ultimate campfire jack-of-all-trades, and the humble potjie pot is more than just a pot. It’s our version of low and slow and it has some important lessons to teach. It forces you to relax and enjoy the ride, and to realise that the best things really are worth waiting for. It’s a delicious goal for friends and family to come together and work towards over the course of the day – the ingredients prep, the fire prep, the building of flavour layers and watching the potjie’s bulging belly whisper away.

These are steps required for a great potjie day, and the best part is that you get to do it while chatting and laughing with a beer in hand.

A Man, A Fire, A Corpse (Paperback): Rofhiwa Maneta A Man, A Fire, A Corpse (Paperback)
Rofhiwa Maneta
R280 R189 Discovery Miles 1 890 Save R91 (32%) In Stock

A Man, A Fire, A Corpse tells the story of Captain Amos Maneta: a man who was most often referred to as ‘The Top Cop of Soweto’; as written by his son Rofhiwa Maneta.

The book is a collection of the physical and metaphysical bruises collected by the author’s father in his 30-plus years of working in the police service.

Through his father’s story, Rofhiwa Maneta examines the relationship between police and the public. Maneta’s mix of journalism, remembered history, anecdote and autobiography further discusses the relationship between South Africa and violence; while taking a look at what it takes to be an honest policeman in a department whose groundwater is corruption and maladministration.

Cooking With Love - Treasured Recipes From Family And Friends (Paperback): Trish van der Nest Cooking With Love - Treasured Recipes From Family And Friends (Paperback)
Trish van der Nest
R320 R229 Discovery Miles 2 290 Save R91 (28%) In Stock

Cooking with Love aptly describes Trish van der Nest's approach to food. This passionate foodie loves nothing more than to see her family and friends gathered around her table, eating a meal she has prepared.

She grew up in a family of cooks and from an early age, she and her brothers were encouraged to explore foods and flavours from around the world. Later on, her travels to Greece awakened a love of Mediterranean food in general and Greek food in particular. Trish has always been an avid collector of recipes, seeking out those that not only appeal to her tastebuds but also tell a story, capture a memory, or recount the origin of how she came by the recipe.

Cooking With Love pays tribute to some of the friends, family, chefs and cookbook authors whose recipes have become part of her own culinary journey. Many recipes are introduced by a note explaining the story behind the dish, allowing the reader a glimpse into how this very personal collection of recipes came into being.

As a homeopath, Trish understands the role that good nutrition plays in supporting and maintaining wellbeing, and her healthy, carb-conscious recipes show that it is possible to prepare delicious, family friendly meals without sacrificing any flavour, texture or taste.

Hold The Line - One Woman's Observations Of Lockdown, Love, Letting Go And Going Viral (Paperback): Kim Stephens Hold The Line - One Woman's Observations Of Lockdown, Love, Letting Go And Going Viral (Paperback)
Kim Stephens
R270 R185 Discovery Miles 1 850 Save R85 (31%) In Stock

Navigating motherhood from the age of 18, Kim Stephens shelved her inner journo and embraced a life of media sales and sports marketing, working with some of the biggest sports brands globally, and locally, whilst pursuing her own ultra-running ambitions.

Arguing vehemently against the possibility that she was running from her own truth, Covid-19 wiped out Kim’s possibilities for continued escape. After three children, two divorces and a gradual sexual awakening, Kim found herself at 40-something virtually unemployed, with all the time in the world to write, sip gin and study a general response to one of the world’s most draconian lockdowns. Her humorous observations of middle-class South African behaviour through the various levels of lockdown earned her a certain notoriety and a degree of viral success, and with that the courage to put it all into a book.

Hold the Line tells the story of teenage pregnancy, the situational blindness of white South Africa, the disappointment of divorce and the deep joy found through true awakening. Stitched together with the lockdown writing that Kim penned for a growing base of followers, she shares a more in-depth life story with her usual candid self-deprecation.

Written to rattle a few truths from within its readers, Hold the Line ends ironically as the world begins to follow a potential third World War via TikTok.

The Blinded City - Ten Years In Inner-City Johannesburg (Paperback): Matthew Wilhelm-Solomon The Blinded City - Ten Years In Inner-City Johannesburg (Paperback)
Matthew Wilhelm-Solomon
R330 R229 Discovery Miles 2 290 Save R101 (31%) In Stock

Amid evictions, raids, killings, the drug trade, and fire, inner-city Johannesburg residents seek safety and a home. A grandmother struggles to keep her granddaughter as she is torn away from her. A mother seeks healing in the wake of her son’s murder. And displaced by a city’s drive for urban regeneration, a group of blind migrants try to carve out an existence.

The Blinded City recounts the history of inner-city Johannesburg from 2010 to 2019, primarily from the perspectives of the unlawful occupiers of spaces known as hijacked buildings, bad buildings or dark buildings. Tens of thousands of residents, both South African and foreign national, live in these buildings in dire conditions. This book tells the story of these sites, and the court cases around them, ones that strike at the centre of who has the right to occupy the city.

In February 2010, while Johannesburg prepared for the FIFA World Cup, the South Gauteng High Court ordered the eviction of the unlawful occupiers of an abandoned carpet factory on Saratoga Avenue and that the city’s Metropolitan Municipality provide temporary emergency accommodation for the evicted. The case, which became known as Blue Moonlight and went to the Constitutional Court, catalysed a decade of struggles over housing and eviction in Johannesburg.

The Blinded City chronicles this case, among others, and the aftermath – a tumultuous period in the city characterised by recurrent dispossessions, police and immigration operations, outbursts of xenophobic violence, and political and legal change. All through the decade, there is the backdrop of successive mayors and their attempts to ‘clean up’ the city, and the struggles of residents and urban housing activists for homes and a better life.

The interwoven narratives present a compelling mosaic of life in post-apartheid Johannesburg, one of the globe’s most infamous and vital cities.

External Mission - The ANC In Exile (Paperback, New Edition): Stephen Ellis External Mission - The ANC In Exile (Paperback, New Edition)
Stephen Ellis; Foreword by Max du Preez
R300 R189 Discovery Miles 1 890 Save R111 (37%) In Stock

New edition of the late Stephen Ellis' meticulously researched book that penetrates the secrecy of the ANC in exile for the first time.

After the ANC was banned by the apartheid government in 1960, many of its leaders and members were forced to leave the country. During the next three decades, it had to operate in exile and underground. Yet the real history of this period remains shrouded in mystery.

Some events, such as the Rhodesian campaign of 1967–1968 and the Kabwe conference of 1985, are well known, but lesser known are the intense factional struggles within the organisation, recurring pro-democracy protests and the creation of a security apparatus that inspired widespread fear. Some networks within the exiled ANC became heavily involved in corruption, even colluding with elements of the apartheid security police and secret services.

External Mission aims to provide a full account of the ANC’s years in exile, penetrating the secrecy the organisation erected around itself and testing the myths that emerged from that period. It is based on an exceptionally wide range of sources, including the ANC’s own archives and foreign archives such as those in East Germany, where the movement’s security personnel were trained.

Incisive and revealing, External Mission is key to understanding South Africa today.

Mad Bad Love - And How The Things We Love Can Nearly Kill Us (Paperback): Sara-Jayne Makwala King Mad Bad Love - And How The Things We Love Can Nearly Kill Us (Paperback)
Sara-Jayne Makwala King
R320 R229 Discovery Miles 2 290 Save R91 (28%) In Stock

On the face of it, life looks good for Sara-Jayne. She’s a popular radio personality, a bestselling author and she’s recently been reunited with her long-lost father, nearly 40 years after she was given up for adoption as a baby. Best of all, she’s just found out she’s about to become a mother, with Enver, the ‘love of her life’.

She's convinced that she’s finally heading towards her "happily ever after". But six weeks after discovering she’s pregnant, Enver relapses on heroin and disappears, leaving Sara-Jayne devastated. She checks into The Clinic, where despite the little life growing inside her, she’s realises she’s never felt more alone.

In her much-anticipated follow up to the bestseller Killing Karoline, Sara-Jayne is now forced, for the sake of her unborn child, to find a way to save herself. But first she has to unravel why everyone always leaves her. Why like that song she's always looking for love in all the wrong places? And why she is so obsessed with mad, bad love?

The Last Feather - The Selene Trilogy: Book 1 (Paperback): Shameez Patel Papathanasiou The Last Feather - The Selene Trilogy: Book 1 (Paperback)
Shameez Patel Papathanasiou 3
R350 R229 Discovery Miles 2 290 Save R121 (35%) In Stock

South African born debut author brings a threat-and-danger, hidden-world fantasy with touches of Suzanne Collins which fans of VE Schwab or Sarah J Maas will love.

Twenty-two-year-old Cassia's sister is dying, and she doesn't know why. Cassia wakes up in another realm to find her missing best friend, Lucas, who knows how to save her sister.

Lucas is part of a community of Reborns, people who were born on earth and after death, were reborn in this realm with magical abilities. The original beings of the realm, the Firsts, rule over them.

To keep the Reborn numbers manageable, the king of the Firsts releases a curse to cull them. Cassia needs to break the curse before her time runs out and she is trapped there forever.

Sabotage - Eskom Under Siege (Paperback): Kyle Cowan Sabotage - Eskom Under Siege (Paperback)
Kyle Cowan 1
R280 R199 Discovery Miles 1 990 Save R81 (29%) In Stock

After unknown saboteurs toppled a strategic pylon near Lethabo Power Station in the Free State in November 2021, almost causing the country to plunge into stage 6 load shedding, Eskom’s chief executive officer André de Ruyter declared: ‘This was clearly now an act of sabotage and I think we can call it as such.’ Who was behind this, and what is their ultimate goal?

Since his appointment in January 2020, De Ruyter has faced intense opposition from within the power utility as he attempts to clean up corruption and return the electricity company to a semblance of its former glory. He is not alone. Chief operating officer Jan Oberholzer and other trusted allies in Eskom have also come under intense fire. From forensic investigations and botched probes to accusations of racism, De Ruyter and Oberholzer have spent significant amounts of time fending off allegation after allegation. Amid this onslaught, it has become clear that their enemies will take any measures necessary to have them removed from office.

Based on exclusive interviews with De Ruyter, Oberholzer and other key figures, Sabotage is a story of conspiracy and subterfuge at South Africa’s ailing power utility, uncovering the power struggles that threaten the country’s very survival.

The Price Of Mercy - A Fight For The Right To Die With Dignity (Paperback): Sean Davison The Price Of Mercy - A Fight For The Right To Die With Dignity (Paperback)
Sean Davison 1
R320 R229 Discovery Miles 2 290 Save R91 (28%) In Stock

In September 2018, Professor Sean Davison's peaceful life in the leafy suburbs of Pinelands, Cape Town is shattered. Arrested for the murder of Dr Anrich Burger, a once-fit athlete turned quadriplegic who begged Davison to assist him in ending his life in 2015, the unassuming academic and father of three now finds himself locked up in a prison cell.

Under investigation led by the Hawks, an additional two murders are added to the case for which he now faces a mandatory life prison sentence. Written in compelling detail, The Price of Mercy tracks the extraordinary journey that Davison embarks on to prepare for the gruelling legal challenge that lies ahead.

The desperate cries of many, begging for his assistance to help end their lives of suffering haunt him. Unwavering in his belief that we all have the right to die with dignity, Davison's selfless battle is made more bearable by his friendship with the late and great Archbishop Desmond Tutu.

A book that will change the way you see death.

On The Rocks - Memoir Of A High-Functioning Alcoholic (Paperback): Thando Pato On The Rocks - Memoir Of A High-Functioning Alcoholic (Paperback)
Thando Pato 1
R280 R205 Discovery Miles 2 050 Save R75 (27%) In Stock

Thirty-nine-year-old Thando is living in total denial about her drinking. On the surface her life looks aspirational – great job, apartment, snazzy car. But behind the façade she harbours a shameful secret – she can’t control her drinking.

To the outside world she's just having fun, but alone at home, she’s knocking back a bottle or two a night to ‘unwind’. It’s not until she takes a sabbatical from booze, that she's forced to confront her crippling anxiety.

Intimate, brave and inspiring.

Who Do We Become? - Step Boldly Into Our Strange New World (Paperback): John Sanei Who Do We Become? - Step Boldly Into Our Strange New World (Paperback)
John Sanei
R250 R170 Discovery Miles 1 700 Save R80 (32%) In Stock

"John, I’m exhausted. I barely have energy to change my socks, never mind reimagine a new life for me or my family. I’ve been working around the clock – for less money – to keep my job . . . Everyone wants something from me, and you know what, pal, I’m depleted. I have nothing left to give."

This is what John Sanei has been hearing over the past year as we come to terms with our bewildering, ever-shifting post-Covid world. In Who Do We Become?, John maps out our strange, new world and lays down a path to reframe our thinking, to recognise our discomfort, to survive and thrive.

Infused with empathy and personal anecdote, the book is divided into three sections. In Part 1: ANGUISH, John explores how to courageously mourn the loss of our ‘normal’ preCovid world. Part 2: ABNORMAL, shows us how to understand this new environment and recognise that uncertainty is the new normal. And in Part 3: ADVENTURE, John provides a toolkit for us to forge out into the new world, to succeed and recognise the signs of rebirth and renewal.

Broken Porcelain - A Mental Illness Journey (Paperback): Relebone Rirhandzu eAfrika Broken Porcelain - A Mental Illness Journey (Paperback)
Relebone Rirhandzu eAfrika
R300 R220 Discovery Miles 2 200 Save R80 (27%) In Stock

Broken Porcelain is not just a book of essays describing one Black woman’s experience of mental illness, but rather a memoir-in-essays that shatters the walls of our hearts and guides us towards empathy – all while providing social commentary that demystifies stigmas of mental illness.

In her singular lyrical prose, Relebone Rirhandzu eAfrika covers topics such as social media’s role in how we view depression, generational trauma, what self-care really is, taking anti-depressant medication, and finding love when you are mentally ill.

The author writes with poignant honesty about the darkness of her mental illness and breaks down what mental illness is (and is not).

Nuwe Geskiedenis Van Suid-Afrika (Afrikaans, Hardcover): Hermann Giliomee, Bernard Mbenga, Bill Nasson Nuwe Geskiedenis Van Suid-Afrika (Afrikaans, Hardcover)
Hermann Giliomee, Bernard Mbenga, Bill Nasson 2
R420 R299 Discovery Miles 2 990 Save R121 (29%) In Stock

Dié nuwe, opgedateerde uitgawe van die topverkoper Nuwe geskiedenis van Suid-Afrika sluit bydraes in deur gerekende nuwe skrywers, wat die storie van ons land en mense reg tot op datum bring.

Onder redaksie van Bill Nasson word nuwe insigte uit die geskiedskrywing en die argeologie ingeweef. Die boek begin by die onstaan van die mensdom, vertel dan die storie van die Khoikhoi, slawe en burgers, die groot migrasies van die pre-koloniale tyd en later trekboere en Voortrekkers. Dan kom die ontdekking van diamante en goud wat die gang van die politiek radikaal verander. Oorlog breek uit in 1899; ook oorloë in 1914 en in 1939 in Europa laat plaaslik nuwe kragte vry. Die boek vertel van segregasie, politieke organisasie en verset, en uiteindelik die oorgang. Hierná val die soeklig op die demokratiese presidentskappe en die onverwagte en onvoorspelbare onlangse geskiedenis, wat staatskaping -- en beurtkrag -- insluit.

Met die nuutste inligting en invalshoeke word die volledige storie van Suid-Afrika en sy mense gesaghebbend dog leesbaar vertel.

Hiking Cape Town - 35 Spectacular Hikes In And Around Cape Town (Paperback): Evelyn John Holtzhausen Hiking Cape Town - 35 Spectacular Hikes In And Around Cape Town (Paperback)
Evelyn John Holtzhausen
R260 R185 Discovery Miles 1 850 Save R75 (29%) Ships in 5 - 10 working days

The mountains and forests in and around Cape Town are a hiker’s paradise, offering an array of excursions to suit both new converts and seasoned ramblers. Hiking CapeTown covers 35 exciting hikes on the Cape Peninsula and further afield, ranging from easy to moderate, with a number of more demanding trails for those who want to up their game.

From classic hikes up the front face of Table Mountain and half-day hikes in the remote Cape Point, to gentle rambles along the coast and walks in mountains and nature reserves a short drive from the city, this book encompasses the area’s must-do routes.

Each description provides easy-to-follow directions and specifies the approximate walking time (between 3 and 7 hours), distance, difficulty rating and terrain. Morevchallenging extensions to some of the routes are provided for hikers who want a more strenuous workout. Full-colour maps and photographs illustrate the routes, and information boxes offer insights into interesting aspects of the specific trails.

Here's The Thing (Paperback): Haji Mohamed Dawjee Here's The Thing (Paperback)
Haji Mohamed Dawjee
R320 R229 Discovery Miles 2 290 Save R91 (28%) In Stock

Here’s the Thing is a new collection of thought-provoking essays from Haji Mohamed Dawjee.

Filled with stories and insights that are contemplative, comedic and controversial, you will find a touching letter to her father, the honest truth about the pain in the arse that is parenting and ponderings about struggling with the vicissitudes of the modern world filled with cancel culture and the controversies of appreciating the wrong artists. There is also a serving of the many wise lessons the game of tennis has to offer as well as hilarious insights and observations on dustbins, yes dustbins, and ageing, that ring true.

Here’s the Thing is relatable, relevant, entertaining, soothingly self-deprecating and, at times, morally challenging.

No Retreat, No Surrender - The Inspiring Story Of A World-Champion Sportsman And Cancer Warrior (Paperback): Oscar Chalupsky,... No Retreat, No Surrender - The Inspiring Story Of A World-Champion Sportsman And Cancer Warrior (Paperback)
Oscar Chalupsky, Graham Spence
R300 R215 Discovery Miles 2 150 Save R85 (28%) Ships in 5 - 10 working days

Few athletes hold a record comparable to that of Oscar Chalupsky. He made history at the age of fifteen as the first person to win both the Junior and Senior Ironman titles on the same day at the South African National Lifesaving Championships, he was the country’s spokesman at the 1992 Barcelona Olympics, and he is a multiple-times global surfski champion, having won the internationally famous Molokai to Oahu World Surfski Marathon championships in Hawaii a record twelve times – his most recent victory being at the age of forty-nine.

Then, in 2019, he was diagnosed with multiple myeloma, an incurable bone marrow cancer and told he had six months to live. But as with everything else Oscar does, he is determined to emerge victorious. He continues to paddle kayaks, play golf, and with a combination of medical treatment, exercise, iron determination and unconquerable optimism, he has defied every doctor’s prediction to date. How does he do it?

In this book, Oscar relives some of his most exhilarating and nail-biting races, and shares the lessons he has learnt from winning on the international surf lifesaving, kayak and surfski circuits as well as running several successful businesses. The final chapters recount his courageous battle against cancer, the vital support of his family and friends, and his refusal to let the deadly disease dictate his life.

No Retreat, No Surrender is an uplifting account of grit, perseverance, talent and attitude, vividly capturing the determined mindset of an inspirational sporting legend.

The Profiler Diaries 2 - From Crime Scene To Courtroom (Paperback): Gerard Labuschagne The Profiler Diaries 2 - From Crime Scene To Courtroom (Paperback)
Gerard Labuschagne 1
R300 R210 Discovery Miles 2 100 Save R90 (30%) Ships in 5 - 10 working days

More riveting cases from the files of former police psychologist and bestselling author Gérard Labuschagne.

In this second instalment of The Profiler Diaries, former South African Police Service (SAPS) head profiler Dr Gérard Labuschagne, successor to the legendary Micki Pistorius, recalls more of the 110 murder series and countless other bizarre crimes he analysed during his career. An expert on serial murder and rape cases, Labuschagne saw it all in his fourteen and a half years in the SAPS. Often stymied by a lack of resources, office politics and legal incompetence, Labuschagne and his team were nevertheless determined to obtain justice for the victims whose cases they were tasked with investigating.

Tracking down a prolific serial stalker, linking the murders of two young women in Knysna, assessing a suspect threatening to assassinate Barack Obama and apprehending a serial murderer of sex workers are just a few of the intriguing – and often terrifying – cases he covers in his second book, The Profiler Diaries 2: From Crime Scene to Courtroom.

As Labuschagne says, catching a killer is one thing; getting them convicted in a court of law is an entirely different ball game. This book shows how it is done in fascinating detail.

New History Of South Africa (Hardcover): Hermann Giliomee, Bernard Mbenga, Bill Nasson New History Of South Africa (Hardcover)
Hermann Giliomee, Bernard Mbenga, Bill Nasson
R420 R299 Discovery Miles 2 990 Save R121 (29%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

This newly updated, comprehensive history of South Africa presents the story of our turbulent country in a fresh, readable narrative.

Grippingly retold by leading historians and other scholars under the editorship of Hermann Giliomee, Bernard Mbenga and Bill Nasson, New History of South Africa starts with recent discoveries about the origin of humanity in Africa.

A beautifully illustrated volume that makes the complex South African story, from earliest times right up to present, come alive.

Plan B - How South Africans Can Invest In UK Property Remotely (Paperback): Sean Thomson Plan B - How South Africans Can Invest In UK Property Remotely (Paperback)
Sean Thomson
R200 R149 Discovery Miles 1 490 Save R51 (26%) In Stock

A practical, step-by-step guide full of useful advice on how to get started on investing in the UK property market, from leveraging bank finance to finding investment grade properties from distance.

It gives practical advice on working with and finding contractors and project managers, as well as case studies of people that have invested with the guidance of WealthTrek. Plan B also offers insight into how the UK property market works - specifically on how to grow your investment portfolio through refinancing, and building your cashflow from day one through interest-only funding.

Before you take the leap into UK property investing, find out more from a team with years of experience.

Birds Of Southern Africa - The Complete Photographic Guide (Paperback): Burger Cillie, Niel Cillie, Phil Penlington, Trevor... Birds Of Southern Africa - The Complete Photographic Guide (Paperback)
Burger Cillie, Niel Cillie, Phil Penlington, Trevor Hardaker, Karen Wiesler 1
R695 R460 Discovery Miles 4 600 Save R235 (34%) Ships in 5 - 10 working days

VELD Birds of Southern Africa: The complete photographic guide incorporates the latest photographs of, and research and atlas information on, all species of birds recorded in southern Africa to date.

This comprehensive field guide contains almost 2 000 beautiful colour photographs, as well as:

  • the latest information on all 991 bird species in southern Africa
  • concise entries focusing on identification, behaviour, possible confusion and habitat, along with differences in sex, age, colour morphs and subspecies
  • at-a-glance information on each species’ size, food, status and sociality
  • brand-new, colour-coded distribution maps reflecting each bird’s status and abundance
  • full-length and quick indexes
  • an app providing bird calls and additional photographs of plumage variations.

An essential companion, whether you’re out in the field or on the couch at home.

Genius - How To Take Smart Ideas Global (Paperback): Bruce Whitfield Genius - How To Take Smart Ideas Global (Paperback)
Bruce Whitfield 1
R350 R250 Discovery Miles 2 500 Save R100 (29%) In Stock

South Africa and its fraught political economy provide a fascinating case study into how it takes a particular brand of genius to thrive in a difficult domestic environment and to take the ideas and the businesses that deliver them from local to global. Genius tells the stories of some of the extraordinary individuals, companies and industries whose ideas, products and raw materials solve problems and add value across the globe.

Greatness comes from acting on purpose, and there is a generation of South Africans solving problems for the future. Learn how Pratley beat Armstrong to the moon, how a former Eskom quantity surveyor capitalised on Britain’s obsession with meerkats to create the UK’s most visible price comparison website, how to take a Mediterranean-style food concept to the Mediterranean, and how a device designed to beat diamond smuggling made it from the set of a popular US hospital drama into emergency rooms and pathology labs across the US.

Genius examines what it takes to thrive in an increasingly complex, fast-paced and divisive global environment. These are lessons for anyone looking to succeed anywhere against the odds.

In The Balance - The Case For A Universal Basic Income In South Africa And Beyond (Paperback): Hein Marais In The Balance - The Case For A Universal Basic Income In South Africa And Beyond (Paperback)
Hein Marais
R350 R249 Discovery Miles 2 490 Save R101 (29%) In Stock

As jobs disappear and wages flat-line, paid work is an increasingly fragile and unattainable basis for dignified life. This predicament, deepened by the COVID-19 pandemic, is sparking urgent debates about alternatives such as a Universal Basic Income (UBI). Highly topical and distinctive in its approach, In the Balance: The Case for a Universal Basic Income in South Africa and Beyond is the most grounded and up-to-date examination yet of the need and prospects for a UBI in a global South setting such as South Africa.

Hein Marais casts the debate about a UBI in the wider context of the dispossessing pressures of capitalism and the onrushing turmoil of global warming, pandemics and social upheaval. Marais surveys the meaning, history and appeal of a UBI before even-handedly weighing the case for and against such an intervention.

The book explores the vexing questions a UBI raises about the relationship of paid work to social rights, about prevailing notions of citizens’ entitlement and dependency, and the role of the state in contemporary capitalism. Along with cost estimates for different versions of a basic income in South Africa, it discusses financing options and lays out the social, economic and political implications. This incisive new book advances both our theoretical and practical understanding of the prospects for a UBI.

The Island (Paperback): Adrian McKinty The Island (Paperback)
Adrian McKinty
R310 R210 Discovery Miles 2 100 Save R100 (32%) In Stock

It was just supposed to be a family vacation. A terrible accident changed everything. You don't know what you're capable of until they come for your family.

After moving from a small country town to Seattle, Heather Baxter marries Tom, a widowed doctor with a young son and teenage daughter. A working vacation overseas seems like the perfect way to bring the new family together, but once they're deep in the Australian outback, the jet-lagged and exhausted kids are so over their new mom.

When they discover a remote Dutch Island, off-limits to outside visitors, the family talks their way onto the ferry, taking a chance on an adventure far from the reach of iPhones and Instagram. But as soon as they set foot on the island, which is run by a tightly knit clan of locals, everything feels wrong. Then a shocking accident propels the Baxters from an unsettling situation into an absolute nightmare.

When Heather and the kids are separated from Tom, they are forced to escape alone, seconds ahead of their pursuers. Now it's up to Heather to save herself and the kids, even though they don't trust her, the harsh bushland is filled with danger, and the locals want her dead. Heather has been underestimated her entire life, but she knows that only she can bring her family home again and become the mother the children desperately need, even if it means doing the unthinkable to keep them all alive.


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