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Milex Hurricane Air Fryer (11 Litres): Milex Hurricane Air Fryer (11 Litres)
R2,299 R1,899 Discovery Miles 18 990 Save R400 (17%) Shipped within 2 - 9 working days

The Hurricane air fryer cooks quicker than conventional ovens, cookers or deep fryers while saving up to 70 percent of electricity. Through minimal oil usage, it allows you to have tasty meals that are healthier than conventionally deep fried meals. The heat emitted from the lamp is powerfully driven around the bowl by the fan, enduring an even distribution of heat throughout for best results.

Mellerware Modena 3-in-1 Coffee Maker: Mellerware Modena 3-in-1 Coffee Maker
R1,164 Discovery Miles 11 640 In stock

With the multifunctional trendy 3-in-1 Modena Coffee Maker from Mellerware, Monday mornings won't be a problem for you anymore. Cappuccino, espresso or filter coffee?

Mellerware Vision Glass Kettle (Red): Mellerware Vision Glass Kettle (Red)
R400 R365 Discovery Miles 3 650 Save R35 (9%) Shipped within 3 - 5 working days
Mellerware Biltong King Food Dehydrator: Mellerware Biltong King Food Dehydrator
R499 R449 Discovery Miles 4 490 Save R50 (10%) Shipped within 3 - 5 working days

The Biltong King Biltong Maker from Mellerware allows you to enjoy great-tasting, home-made Biltong and Droëwors. Now you can simply prepare and enjoy your Biltong according to your taste and preference, using your favorite recipes and choice cuts.

Mellerware Crema Deluxe Ice Cream Maker: Mellerware Crema Deluxe Ice Cream Maker
R699 R656 Discovery Miles 6 560 Save R43 (6%) Shipped within 3 - 5 working days

Imagine making your very own mouth-watering ice cream from home. Mellerware presents the Crema Deluxe ice cream maker. With 1.5L capacity you can spoil your entire family every day with a new flavour. The Crema Deluxe has a high quality plastic outer case and a detachable aluminium isolated cooling bowl. It has non slip rubber feet and a reversible thermostat built into the machine. It also has a transparent lid for adding ingredients.

Nescafé Dolce Gusto Caffe Americano Coffee Pods (Pack of 16): Nescafé Dolce Gusto Caffe Americano Coffee Pods (Pack of 16)
R89 Discovery Miles 890 In stock

A morning cup of coffee with a smooth and deep flavor. This medium roast blend is sure to satisfy at any time. Looking for a perfectly relaxing cup of coffee to start your day? Well, you've come to the right flavor.

Philips Powergo Vacuum Cleaner with Bag (1800W | Red): Philips Powergo Vacuum Cleaner with Bag (1800W | Red)
R1,499 R699 Discovery Miles 6 990 Save R800 (53%) In stock

The Philips PowerGo vacuum cleaner delivers 1800W of cleaning performance with a multipurpose nozzle for any type of floor. Keep the air in your home clean and healthy, too, thanks to our Super Clean Air filter.

Companion 2kg Twin Tub Washing Machine: Companion 2kg Twin Tub Washing Machine
R2,999 R1,799 Discovery Miles 17 990 Save R1,200 (40%) In stock

Twin Tub washing machine |240V AC operation or can be used with a DC to AC power inverter

UltraTec 100 Lumen USB Rechargeable Flashlight with 70 Lumen Lantern: UltraTec 100 Lumen USB Rechargeable Flashlight with 70 Lumen Lantern
R199 R115 Discovery Miles 1 150 Save R84 (42%) In stock

UltraTec 100 lumen Usb Rechargeable Flashlight With 70 lumen Lantern

AlvaAir Black Plastic Pedestal Fan (40cm): AlvaAir Black Plastic Pedestal Fan (40cm)
R399 R319 Discovery Miles 3 190 Save R80 (20%) In stock
AlvaAir Plastic Table Fan (30cm): AlvaAir Plastic Table Fan (30cm)
R299 R279 Discovery Miles 2 790 Save R20 (7%) In stock
Snomaster Ice Maker (15kg): Snomaster Ice Maker (15kg)
R3,199 R2,799 Discovery Miles 27 990 Save R400 (13%) In stock

Snomaster is a leading manufacturer and supplier of quality and reliable beverage coolers, wine fridges, fridges, freezers and portable fridge/freezers at affordable prices to suits the South African market.

  • Compressor is a Snomaster High back pressure compressor which is more robust and works efficiently in higher ambient conditions
  • Sealed PC Board which reduces moisture content and corrosion
  • Copper/aluminum evaporator which is less corrosive that standard steel evaporators
  • Stainless steel pins makes moving parts more durable
Philips Milk Circuit Cleaner: Philips Milk Circuit Cleaner
R139 Discovery Miles 1 390 In stock

With the Phlips milk circui6t cleaner you can sanitize the milk circuits of your espresso machine or milk frother. It ensures effective removal of milk residue from all components. We recommend to carry out this cycle once a month.

Philips Iron Soleplate Cleaning Stick: Philips Iron Soleplate Cleaning Stick
R81 Discovery Miles 810 In stock

The Philips soleplate cleaning stick easily removes stains from the soleplate of your iron, making it spotless for optimum gliding quality. Simply apply it over the hot soleplate and clean it off with a piece of cloth.

Nescafé Dolce Gusto Vanilla Latte Macchiato Pods (Pack of 8): Nescafé Dolce Gusto Vanilla Latte Macchiato Pods (Pack of 8)
R89 Discovery Miles 890 In stock

When should you savour steamed frothy milk, aromatic hints of vanilla and full-bodied espresso? What time is it now? Treat yourself to an extra special Latte Macchiato--frothy milk, a shot of espresso with a delicious dash of vanilla.

Hoover Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner (28L | 1800W): Hoover Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner (28L | 1800W)
R1,099 R929 Discovery Miles 9 290 Save R170 (15%) In stock

The Hoover vacuum cleaner has a blower function that blasts out dust from hard to reach places. There is a built-in handle underneath the drum for easy gripping when you are cleaning your home.

Milex Nanotec Wall Plug Heater (Black): Milex Nanotec Wall Plug Heater (Black)
R599 R349 Discovery Miles 3 490 Save R250 (42%) In stock

Introducing the Nanotec Heater wall-outlet heater. Unlike other heaters, that are big, bulky and raise your electricity bill, the Nanotec heater plugs right into the wall taking up almost no room at all. Additionally, it has little effect on your electricity bill. The heater’s thermostatic design makes it a small but powerful unit that automatically turns off should it overheat. The heater's powerful 500 watts easily heats a 22 sq. metre room with warm comforting heat. Transform any cold and chilly place into a warm and cosy haven. Perfect for any room in your home.

Elektra Anti-Mozzi Lamp: Elektra Anti-Mozzi Lamp
R317 Discovery Miles 3 170 In stock
AlvaAir Cool Cube - Evaporative Air Cooler: AlvaAir Cool Cube - Evaporative Air Cooler
R549 R399 Discovery Miles 3 990 Save R150 (27%) In stock
Defy Pressure Cooker (1000W): Defy Pressure Cooker (1000W)
R1,299 R1,171 Discovery Miles 11 710 Save R128 (10%) In stock

Enjoy world-class technologies with Defy. Rated as one of the most energy efficient and susatinable domestic applicance brands in South Africa.

Simplifying things in the kitchen is what you want out of your small appliances. This electric pressure cooker has eight preset cooking options, automatic pressure control and a variety of safety settings.

HomeFx Premium Rotating 360 Spin Mop and Bucket: HomeFx Premium Rotating 360 Spin Mop and Bucket
R800 R595 Discovery Miles 5 950 Save R205 (26%) In stock

Mopping with a traditional mop is tiring enough, especially when you need to manually ring out the mop head with your hands. With the HomeFX Ultimate Clean 360° Microfiber Spin Mop you can finally ditch the old mop and the hassle it demands!

Dries Quickly and Effortlessly:
The HomeFX Ultimate Clean 360° Microfiber Spin Mop features a 360° rotatable swivel to easily manoeuvre around furniture and other household objects so that you can get into those hard to reach corners and crevices without straining your back.

Microfiber Technology:
The mop head is made of microfiber that absorbs quickly and thoroughly cleaning dirt or spills. From marble and tiles to laminates and wooden floors, the spin mop wipes them clean.

With the HomeFX Ultimate Clean 360° Microfiber Spin Mop, you don’t have to go through the trouble of ringing the mop head with your bare hands.
Thanks to the rotatable spin, all you need to do is simply place the rotating mop head into the unique spinning bucket and push down to spin and dry the mop.

No Hassle:
This HomeFX Ultimate Clean 360° Microfiber Spin Mop and Bucket makes your life even easier with the attached soap dispenser so that you can easily control the amount of soap you need to use.
What’s more, the handle of this durable mop is ergonomically-designed and lightweight to make your mopping experience less tiring.

Machine Washable:
The HomeFX Ultimate Clean 360° Microfiber Spin Mop comes with a mop head that is removable, reusable, and washable. Simply detach the mop head and throw it in the washing machine.

Product Features:
- Hands-free mop ringing technology
- Keeps your hands away from the water
- Reduces cleaning time
- Re-useable machine
- Washable mop head
- Dual washing & drying system
- Stainless steel mop handle and metal basket
- Easy to carry handle
- Non-slip rubber pad at the bottom of the bucket
- High capacity bucket

What's in the box
1x Bucket with Wheels & Handle
1x Mop Handle
1x Mop Head Disk
2x Microfiber Mop Heads
1x Stainless Steel Wringer Basket

Morphy Richards Spiralizer Express Food Processor (Black): Morphy Richards Spiralizer Express Food Processor (Black)
R1,499 R1,334 Discovery Miles 13 340 Save R165 (11%) In stock

Spiralize your way to five a day. Prepare fresh, healthy meals with a fun and easy twist. The Spiralizer Express is the fun and easy way to create nutritious meals for all the family.

Milex CopperFusion Glass Lid Grill: Milex CopperFusion Glass Lid Grill
R1,499 R1,098 Discovery Miles 10 980 Save R401 (27%) In stock

The Milex Copperfusion Glass Lid Grill is versatile, efficient and super easy to clean, with its versatility going above and beyond the typical grill. With the Copperfusion Grill you can do skillet and griddle style cooking too!

Cooks anything from blueberry pancakes to juicy, grilled steaks! This grill really does it all! Equipped with 1650 Watts of power, you can expect instant heat, allowing you to cook food faster than conventional grills or griddles.

What's more, is that clean up is easy with all removable parts (aside from the temperature controller) being dishwasher safe. The drip tray and base are cleaned easily by hand washing in warm, soapy water.

Thanks to the heavy-duty and portable abilities of the grill, it makes it perfect for family vacations and picnics, it is fit for any occasion. It was designed for easy storage, making it great for both indoor & outdoor use. It can even be stored upright, eliminated wasted space in the cupboard or on your kitchen counter!

You can expect healthy grilling and cooking at the right temperature as this grill comes with a temperature controller, as well as a grilling surface with slots that drain excess fats and a drip tray to catch it all. This ensures you get healthier, more delicious meals, every time! The adjustable and removable temperature controller is very user-friendly and once attached, it heats up the grill instantly!

The Copperfusion Grill also spoils you with a heat-tempered glass lid, which keeps your food hot, moist, & crispy while preventing any messes.

Milex Nutri1200 8-in-1 Nutritional Blender (Red): Milex Nutri1200 8-in-1 Nutritional Blender (Red)
R1,999 R1,024 Discovery Miles 10 240 Save R975 (49%) In stock

The Nutri1200 8-in-1 Nutrition Blender helps you to make prioritise the health and well-being of both you and your family.

Convert fresh ingredients into healthy smoothies, juices, soups, purees, dips and pâtés in seconds. The state of the art Super Vortex design guarantees optimal extraction of nutrients from fruits and vegetables – producing drinks and dishes that promises nothing less than pure goodness. The Nutri1200 Blender from Milex has multiple mixing and blending functions that make it a completely versatile food preparation machine. The Nutri1200 is best for making smoothies and frozen drinks as it is specifically designed to crush ice, fruit and seeds.

Kärcher WD3 Multi-Purpose Vacuum Cleaner: Kärcher WD3 Multi-Purpose Vacuum Cleaner
R1,499 R1,295 Discovery Miles 12 950 Save R204 (14%) In stock

Whether you need to pick up dry debris, dust, glass or even liquids, the WD3 P vacuum has a specially designed cartridge filter that enables you to tackle it all without the inconvenience of changing the filter. The liquid pickup feature of the WD3 P is not only beneficial for cleaning up spills, but also has the capability to unblock sinks. You can even clean up whilst you work – the power-tool triggered auto-start synchronises powertools with the WD3 P, allowing you to limit mess whilst sanding and sawing. It's compact and easily transportable, with an ergonomic handle designed with convenience in mind; clearing all manner of dirt and grime, and its innovative design features don’t end with its powerful suction. The WD3 P also has a blower function, allowing you to dislodge dust from corners and harder to reach crevices, like your radiators or behind fridges and freezers. The WD 3 P multi-purpose vacuum cleaner has a 17-litre container and with the WD3 P’s high suction force and energy efficiency, you’ll be wondering how you managed without it.

  • Actual suction power*: 200
  • Container capacity: 17L
  • Power cable (m): 4 meters
  • Standard Accessory ID (mm): 35
  • Weight without accessories: 5.8kg
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