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Creative's Let's Measure: Creative's Let's Measure
R115 R84 Discovery Miles 840 Save R31 (27%) Shipped within 6 - 8 working days

Let's Measure Another innovative game from Creative's will help find out all about measurement like ; How much does this cat weight? What is length of the caterpillar? How many litters of oil in the can? etc. It includes a variety of examples requiring children to observe and read the reading /measurement on the object cards and match them with their corresponding Readings on the measurement cards. The game covers grams, kilograms, millimetres, centimetres, meters, litters, millilitres, litres, centigrade, minutes and hours. It also contains 24 two piece self- correcting match-ups and an Activity Guide.

LeapFrog Step & Sing Scout: LeapFrog Step & Sing Scout
R799 R683 Discovery Miles 6 830 Save R116 (15%) Shipped within 5 - 8 working days

Take a walk with Step and Learn Scout™ while learning about letters and counting. Watch as Scout energetically moves his head, legs and tail while he happily sings educational songs. Play in three different modes that include letters and numbers or choose fun with Scout mode to see animations on Scout's backpack. Play the game What's in My Backpack and you'll explore letters and numbers as Scout tells you about everything in his Backpack. Take good care of Scout and this cute Interactive Puppy will ask for kisses!

Toby Tower Little Scientist - Make Your Own (Crystal Tree): Toby Tower Little Scientist - Make Your Own (Crystal Tree)
R86 R65 Discovery Miles 650 Save R21 (24%) Shipped within 5 - 10 working days

Test your patience and perseverance by growing your own crystal trees!

Creative's Puzzlesum: Creative's Puzzlesum
R276 R201 Discovery Miles 2 010 Save R75 (27%) Shipped within 6 - 8 working days

Puzzlesum is a Maths crossword game where children take Number tiles and Equaliser tiles and builds mathematical equations on the colourful Play Board. With every equation created, children practice and reinforce the mathematical facts and operations to score points. For each correct equation players are given the score and once the game is over, points are added. The player with maximum points wins the game.

Navir Super Bug Viewer (Supplied Colour May Vary): Navir Super Bug Viewer (Supplied Colour May Vary)
R231 R190 Discovery Miles 1 900 Save R41 (18%) Shipped within 6 - 8 working days

Optical instrument composed of a container with the application of a microscope inserted in a ball joint which permits 360░ observation. Supplied with tweezers. In pastel colour

4M Green Science - Tin Can Robot: 4M Green Science - Tin Can Robot
R199 R180 Discovery Miles 1 800 Save R19 (10%) Shipped within 4 - 7 working days

Turn a metal can into this walking, wobbling, bog-eyed robot. It could be transformed to become a robotic monster too. Cans can be cool!

Creative's Flitskaarte - Getalle: Creative's Flitskaarte - Getalle
R125 R91 Discovery Miles 910 Save R34 (27%) Shipped within 6 - 8 working days
Creative's Pret Met Syfers: Creative's Pret Met Syfers
R104 R76 Discovery Miles 760 Save R28 (27%) Shipped within 6 - 8 working days

Die oulike pret pakket leer kinders speel-speel syfervaardighede. Syferwerksvelle vir syfers 1 – 9.

Galt Chalk Book 123: Galt Chalk Book 123
R251 R207 Discovery Miles 2 070 Save R44 (18%) Shipped within 6 - 8 working days

A fun way to learnáthe numbers 1 to 20 and develop writing skills. Trace the numbers with the chalk on these 7 reusable blackboard pages, then simply wipe the pages clean and practise writing over and over again. Includes 3 chalks.

Gigo Math Balance: Gigo Math Balance
R519 R456 Discovery Miles 4 560 Save R63 (12%) Shipped within 5 - 13 working days

Animals attract kid’s attention. Complete with work cards, level stickers, question sheets and user’s guide. Features Easy storage of beam

Learning Resources Cross Section Ear Model: Learning Resources Cross Section Ear Model
R499 R406 Discovery Miles 4 060 Save R93 (19%) Shipped within 5 - 13 working days

A helpful, hands-on tool for human body lessons. Realistically detailed soft foam ear model features 2 different labeled pieces. Activity Guide features ear anatomy facts and a reproducible diagram to use as a worksheet or quiz.

SES Chalk - 12 Colours: SES Chalk - 12 Colours
R28 Discovery Miles 280 Shipped within 5 - 9 working days

A set of twelve high-quality, coloured chalks for children. The chalks are brightly-coloured and create beautiful designs on boards. Mess-free, these chalks are not only fully washable from fabrics and hands but are anti-dust so will not leave a mess after children have played with them. Long-lasting, use these chalks to write messages or draw pictures. Designed to be used by children, these chalks are very strong and so will not break easily even with regular use. SES has been the specialist in creative toys for more than 40 years. We develop and produce a complete range of creative toys. Child development is the central concept in the development of our products.

As development is important during the early years, it is important that a child has the opportunity to develop his or her talents and to use their creativity. Besides developing creativity, safety and quality are the most important aspects of all our products! Each year, this expertise is enjoyed by more than 14 million satisfied consumers in 70 countries. The products we develop are essential to the different developmental stages of any child.

Gigo Crossbows and Catapults: Gigo Crossbows and Catapults
R399 R361 Discovery Miles 3 610 Save R38 (10%) Shipped within 5 - 13 working days

In this kit you can build both crossbows and catapults. A crossbow is a medieval type of “gun” like bow. With this kit you can build up to 5 different types of crossbows with different designs and technical constructions. The safety projectile is called a bolt. With an elastic rubber band you can pull back and get a power that can be released by pulling a tricker device that releases the bolt and it flies towards its target. A catapult is a type of medieval trebuchet weapon that can shoot heavy objects and knock down Castles. With this kit you can build up to 5 different types and learn how they work and how advance the technic was to make it work. From a traction trebuchet to a counterweight trebuchet and to the most advanced trebuchet with a floating arm that provides max power to the object that you shoot. The learnings of how technical advanced the Romans and other ancient societies where is ever interesting for most kids.

Gigo Solar Master: Gigo Solar Master
R1,294 Discovery Miles 12 940 Shipped within 5 - 13 working days

This is the ultimate technology set! Children will certainly have fun assembling 22 different models with this 271 piece set. Complete with a solar panel capable of generating 4.5V solar energy, windmill blades to generate electricity and buoyancy bottles for water transport, your child will spend hours building!

Includes a 60 page manual. Requires 2 x AAA rechargeable batteries, not Included.

Edu Toys Wrist Compass (Supplied Colour May Vary): Edu Toys Wrist Compass (Supplied Colour May Vary)
R89 R74 Discovery Miles 740 Save R15 (17%) Shipped within 5 - 13 working days

This wrist compass by EDU Science encourages inquisitive children to find their bearings in the world of science! With its liquid filled display, it offers precise bearing readings. The wrist strap is colourful and transparent. This is part of the Discovery Zone which includes other tools to collect: ruler compass, gyroscope, pocket torch, survival kit, sports timer and mini sound detector. EDU-SCIENCE is one of the leading companies in educational toys with over 15 years of experience. Our toy ranges include Optical Science, Aviation Science, Science Kits, Education and Electronic. EDU-SCIENCE is committed to pursuing knowledge for children and adults - adding value to a healthy lifestyle. We are accredited with ISO 9001:2000 World Quality Standards and are truly ethically, socially and environmentally accountable.

BrainBox Sort It: BrainBox Sort It
R191 Discovery Miles 1 910 Shipped within 5 - 13 working days

This new resource will help to teach children about the shape, colour and size of 2-dimensional shapes. Featuring a variety of different games that support children with their learning of matching attributes including colour, size or shape these cards will also be really useful as flash cards for general maths lessons. The cards showing the large shapes also include information about the number of sides, vertices, angles and lines of symmetry for each of the different shapes. The shapes covered are three different types of triangle, circle, square, rectangle, pentagon, hexagon and octagon and each is shown in four colours and three sizes.

BrainBox Body Snap: BrainBox Body Snap
R99 R87 Discovery Miles 870 Save R12 (12%) Shipped within 5 - 13 working days

This unique deck of cards lets you play two family favourites, Snap and Pairs, using fun words and pictures about body parts. For example, when playing Snap with this fantastic deck of cards, you would be trying to snap cards that describe or show the same body part. An example would be a picture of a heart, which would snap with its name, the position it is in the body and an everyday item that works on the same principle as the body part (e.g. pump).

Melissa & Doug Alphabet Activity Pad: Melissa & Doug Alphabet Activity Pad
R115 Discovery Miles 1 150 Shipped within 4 - 9 working days

More than just a sticker pad, this activity book features 20 pages of alphabet activities for kids four and older. Kids can colour in letter-themed pictures, Match stickers to letters and pictures, and learn the alphabet by tracing and writing both uppercase and lowercase letters! There are more than 250 stickers to fill the pages, with extra letter stickers included for creative projects.

BrainBox First Numbers: BrainBox First Numbers
R165 R147 Discovery Miles 1 470 Save R18 (11%) Shipped within 5 - 13 working days

This preschool games helps develop number recognition and reinforces the skill of counting to 1 - 10. As they play, children will become more confident with numbers and will reach new levels of mathematics as they grow in age and develop more knowledge.

BrainBox Fraction Action Snap: BrainBox Fraction Action Snap
R97 Discovery Miles 970 Shipped within 5 - 13 working days

Time to get into Fraction Action! Play two fab family favourites, Snap and Pairs, using fraction concepts. For example, in order to play Snap with this fantastic deck of cards, you would be trying to snap cards that equal the same value. For example, 50 percentage and 0.50 or 1/4 and 25 percentage would snap with each other.

Gigo Deluxe Electricity Kit: Gigo Deluxe Electricity Kit
R1,099 R920 Discovery Miles 9 200 Save R179 (16%) Shipped within 5 - 13 working days

Fun, hands-on building experiences inspire kids learning from the basic concepts to various mechanical devices.

The Learning Journey Match It! Picture Word Bingo: The Learning Journey Match It! Picture Word Bingo
R201 Discovery Miles 2 010 In stock

Picture word bingo is designed to assist young children with object and word recognition and is perfect for beginning readers. by matching the picture word cards on the playing boards, children will enjoy valuable learning experiences in a fun and easy way. picture word bingo includes four double sided game boards, 36 picture word cards and suggestions for different ways to play the game. for two to four players.

BrainBox My First Colour and Shape Snap: BrainBox My First Colour and Shape Snap
R97 Discovery Miles 970 Shipped within 5 - 13 working days

Enhance memory and observational skills through this delightful deck of cards. Play two family favourites, Snap and Pairs using early years recognition concepts. When playing Snap with this fantastic deck of cards you are trying to snap cards with either the same colour or shape on them. For example, a pink and orange circle would snap with each other, or a red square and a red triangle.

Melissa & Doug Classic Toys - Bead Sequencing Set: Melissa & Doug Classic Toys - Bead Sequencing Set
R365 Discovery Miles 3 650 Shipped within 4 - 9 working days

Stack the brightly coloured beads on five hardwood dowels to match the pattern cards!

Gigo Measuring Balance: Gigo Measuring Balance
R769 R650 Discovery Miles 6 500 Save R119 (15%) Shipped within 5 - 13 working days

This durable plastic balance is designed for learning mass and hands-on measurement.

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