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A Random Walk Down Wall Street - The Time-Tested Strategy for Successful Investing (Paperback, Eleventh Edition): Burton G.... A Random Walk Down Wall Street - The Time-Tested Strategy for Successful Investing (Paperback, Eleventh Edition)
Burton G. Malkiel
R365 R277 Discovery Miles 2 770 Save R88 (24%) Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

Today's stock market is not for the faint-hearted. At a time when high-frequency traders and hedge funds seem to have the upper hand, one might ask what the average investor is to do. Turn to the rock-solid advice in Burton G. Malkiel's best-selling guide to investing. A Random Walk Down Wall Street now features new material on exchange traded funds and investment opportunities in emerging markets as well as a brand-new chapter on "smart beta" funds. And as always, Malkiel's core insights-on stocks, bonds and money markets as well as property investment trusts and tangible assets-along with the book's life-cycle guide to investing, will restore confidence and composure to anyone seeking a calm route through today's financial markets.

Broke Millennial Takes On Investing - A Beginner's Guide to Leveling-Up Your Money (Paperback): Erin Lowry Broke Millennial Takes On Investing - A Beginner's Guide to Leveling-Up Your Money (Paperback)
Erin Lowry
R230 R181 Discovery Miles 1 810 Save R49 (21%) Shipped within 4 - 8 working days
Conflict on the Rio Grande - Water and the Law, 1879-1939 (Hardcover): Douglas R Littlefield Conflict on the Rio Grande - Water and the Law, 1879-1939 (Hardcover)
Douglas R Littlefield
R672 Discovery Miles 6 720 Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

The history of the Rio Grande since the late nineteenth century reflects the evolution of water-resource management in the West. It was here that the earliest interstate and international water-allocation problems pitted irrigators in southern New Mexico against farmers downstream in El Paso and Juarez, with the voluntary resolution of that conflict setting important precedents for national and international water law.

In this first scholarly treatment of the politics of water law along the Rio Grande, Douglas R. Littlefield describes those early interstate and international water- apportionment conflicts and explains how they relate to the development of western water law and policy and to international relations with Mexico. Littlefield embraces environmental, legal, and social history to offer clear analyses of appropriation and riparian water rights doctrines, along with lucid accounts of court cases and laws. Examining events that led up to the 1904 settlement among U.S. and Mexican communities and the formation of the Rio Grande Compact in 1938, Littlefield describes how communities grappled over water issues as much with one another as with governmental authorities.

"Conflict on the Rio Grande" reveals the transformation of nineteenth- and early twentieth-century law, traces changing attitudes about the role of government, and examines the ways these changes affected the use and eventual protection of natural resources. Rio Grande water policy, Littlefield shows, represents federalism at work--and shows the West, in one locale at least, coming to grips with its unique problems through negotiation and compromise.

International Private Equity (Hardcover): Eli Talmor, Florin Vasvari International Private Equity (Hardcover)
Eli Talmor, Florin Vasvari
R1,182 R866 Discovery Miles 8 660 Save R316 (27%) Shipped within 7 - 13 working days

Bringing a unique joint practitioner and academic perspective to the topic, this is the only available text on private equity truly international in focus. Examples are drawn from Europe the Middle East, Africa and America with major case studies from a wide range of business sectors, from the prestigious collection of the London Business School's Coller Institute of Private Equity. Much more than a simple case book, however, "International Private Equity" provides a valuable overview of the private equity industry and uses the studies to exemplify all stages of the deal process, and to illustrate such key topics as investing in emerging markets; each chapter guides the reader with an authoritative narrative on the topic treated. Covering all the main aspects of the private equity model, the book includes treatment of fund raising, fund structuring, fund performance measurement, private equity valuation, due diligence, modeling of leveraged buyout transactions, and harvesting of private equity investments.

Equity Asset Valuation Workbook (Paperback, 3rd Edition): Jerald E. Pinto, Elaine Henry, Thomas R. Robinson, John D. Stowe Equity Asset Valuation Workbook (Paperback, 3rd Edition)
Jerald E. Pinto, Elaine Henry, Thomas R. Robinson, John D. Stowe
R784 R553 Discovery Miles 5 530 Save R231 (29%) Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

Your complete guide to equity assets valuation Equity Asset Valuation Workbook, Third Edition was designed as a companion to Equity Asset Valuation, Third Edition, the most comprehensive text on this subject available on the market. This workbook provides key study tools, such as learning outcomes, chapter summaries, practice problems, and detailed solutions, that guide you in your preparation for the third step in the CFA certification program. These features reinforce essential theories and their practical application, and assist you in understanding the core concepts behind these theories, as well as when and how to implement them. Integrating both accounting and finance concepts, the workbook and its companion text offer a collection of valuation models and challenge you to determine which models are most appropriate for given companies and circumstances. When you make an equity investment, you purchase and hold a share of stock. Through the payment of dividends and capital gains, this investment can result in income that can boost the performance of your portfolio but determining which investments are going to be profitable and which are best passed over is key to building a successful equity investment strategy. * Access targeted features, such as practice problems, chapter summaries, and learning outcomes, that reiterate your newfound knowledge * Prepare for the third step in your CFA certification program with confidence * Reinforce the ideas presented by the workbook's companion text, sold separately * Expand your understanding of equity assets through versatile material that blends theory and practice to provide you with a realistic understanding of the field Equity Asset Valuation Workbook, Third Edition complements the revised Equity Asset Valuation, Third Edition, and guides your study efforts for the third step in the CFA certification program.

Between Debt and the Devil - Money, Credit, and Fixing Global Finance (Paperback, Revised edition): Adair Turner Between Debt and the Devil - Money, Credit, and Fixing Global Finance (Paperback, Revised edition)
Adair Turner; Afterword by Adair Turner
R324 R245 Discovery Miles 2 450 Save R79 (24%) Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

Adair Turner became chairman of Britain's Financial Services Authority just as the global financial crisis struck in 2008, and he played a leading role in redesigning global financial regulation. In this eye-opening book, he sets the record straight about what really caused the crisis. It didn't happen because banks are too big to fail--our addiction to private debt is to blame. Between Debt and the Devil challenges the belief that we need credit growth to fuel economic growth, and that rising debt is okay as long as inflation remains low. In fact, most credit is not needed for economic growth--but it drives real estate booms and busts and leads to financial crisis and depression. Turner explains why public policy needs to manage the growth and allocation of credit creation, and why debt needs to be taxed as a form of economic pollution. Banks need far more capital, real estate lending must be restricted, and we need to tackle inequality and mitigate the relentless rise of real estate prices. Turner also debunks the big myth about fiat money--the erroneous notion that printing money will lead to harmful inflation. To escape the mess created by past policy errors, we sometimes need to monetize government debt and finance fiscal deficits with central-bank money. Between Debt and the Devil shows why we need to reject the assumptions that private credit is essential to growth and fiat money is inevitably dangerous. Each has its advantages, and each creates risks that public policy must consciously balance.

Retire Early with Real Estate - How Smart Investing Can Help You Escape the 9-5 Grind and Do More of What Matters (Paperback):... Retire Early with Real Estate - How Smart Investing Can Help You Escape the 9-5 Grind and Do More of What Matters (Paperback)
Chad Carson
R452 R335 Discovery Miles 3 350 Save R117 (26%) Shipped within 7 - 11 working days
Medicare For Dummies (Paperback, 3rd Edition): Patricia Barry Medicare For Dummies (Paperback, 3rd Edition)
Patricia Barry
R416 R298 Discovery Miles 2 980 Save R118 (28%) Shipped within 7 - 13 working days

Weave your way through the tangled web of Medicare Medicare for Dummies, 3rd Edition will help you navigate the complicated, often confusing maze of the Medicare system. In simple language, with clear step-by-step instructions, the book helps you determine how and when to enroll, avoid costly mistakes, and find a plan that is right for you and your family. Written byPatricia Barry, a nationally recognized authority on Medicare and Medicare Part D prescription drug coverage, this invaluable resource offers: - Tips on reducing out-of-pocket expenses - Guidance for knowing your rights and protections - Ways to choose the best policy for you With this definitive guide, you'll get answers to the most common and not so common questions about Medicare, to get the most out of your coverage.

Investments (Paperback, 11th edition): Bodie Investments (Paperback, 11th edition)
R1,708 R1,455 Discovery Miles 14 550 Save R253 (15%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

The integrated solutions for Bodie, Kane, and Marcus' Investments set the standard for graduate/MBA investments textbooks. The unifying theme is that security markets are nearly efficient, meaning that most securities are priced appropriately given their risk and return attributes. The content places greater emphasis on asset allocation and offers a much broader and deeper treatment of futures, options, and other derivative security markets than most investment texts. Connect is the only integrated learning system that empowers students by continuously adapting to deliver precisely what they need, when they need it, and how they need it, so that your class time is more engaging and effective.

Global Property Investment - Strategies, Structures, Decisions (Paperback, New): Andrew E. Baum, David Hartzell Global Property Investment - Strategies, Structures, Decisions (Paperback, New)
Andrew E. Baum, David Hartzell
R1,314 R946 Discovery Miles 9 460 Save R368 (28%) Shipped within 7 - 13 working days

Developments in the sophistication of global real estate markets mean that global real estate investment is now being executed professionally. Thanks to academic enquiry, professional analysis and entrepreneurial activity, backed by the globalisation of all investment activity, there is now an available body of material which forms the basis of this scholarly but practical summary of the new state of this art.

The measurement, benchmarking, forecasting and quantitative management techniques applied to property investments are now compatible with those used in other asset classes, and advances in property research have at last put the ongoing debate about the role of real estate onto a footing of solid evidence.

The truly global scope and authorship of this book is unique, and both authors here are singularly well qualified to summarise the impact and likely future of global innovations in property research and fund management. Between them, they have experienced three real estate crashes, and have observed at first hand the creation of the real estate debt and equity instruments that led to the global crisis of 2008-9.

"Global Property Investment: strategies, structure, decisions" offers a unique perspective of the international real estate investment industry with: a close focus on solutions to real life investment problemsno excessive theoretical paddinga target of both students and professionalshighly qualified dual-nationality authorship

With many cases, problems and solutions presented throughout the book, and a companion website used for deeper analysis and slides presentations (see below), this is a key text for higher-level real estate students on BSc, MSc, MPhil and MBA courses worldwide as well as for practising property professionals worldwide in fund management, investment and asset management, banking and real estate advisory firms.

Building Wealth Buying Foreclosures (Paperback): John W. Schaub Building Wealth Buying Foreclosures (Paperback)
John W. Schaub
R482 R379 Discovery Miles 3 790 Save R103 (21%) Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

"Beginning investors have long assumed that there were a bunch of good books about foreclosure. In fact, there were none. Now, fi nally, there is one good one: John Schaub's "Building Wealth Buying Foreclosures.""
--John T. Reed, author of "How to Buy Real Estate for at Least 20% Below Market Value"

Foreclosures are one of the biggest real estate investment opportunities available in today's market. They also have a compelling benefit--when you buy a property on the brink of foreclosure, you're solving that problem for the previous owner, and getting a great deal in the process. "Building Wealth Buying Foreclosures" helps you target top properties and get the best deal, with tips on how to avoid scams, insight into the lender's perspective, and a checklist that helps you keep track of every step of the way.

Inside information on how to Target only the right properties to buy Negotiate the best price Get a good deal on a mortgage Make the right offer at the right time Understand the lender's perspective Make sense of title insurance Decide to rent or sell the property

"This is the most practical book on 'doing well by doing good' that I have ever read. My only hesitation in recommending it is that I may find myself competing against another investor who has read it because of my recommendation."
b>--Dr. Gary North, "Remnant Review "

"With foreclosures at an all time high, there's never been a better opportunity to buy good real estate at a bargain price. John Schaub, my favorite real estate guru for 30 years, shows you how to do it without getting into trouble. This book is a gold mine of how to buy real estate cheaply and profitably. Most other real estate gurus do one or the other, but not both ]"
--Mark Skousen, Editor, "Forecasts & Strategies"

"John is the master of Real Estate Investing. His books show the reader how to build a successful investment business. "Building Wealth Buying Foreclosures" could not be more timely. This easy to understand and friendly book is a must for anyone desiring to achieve wealth through Real Estate."
--Lisa Moren-Bromma, author of "Wise Women in Real Estate" and "Real Estate Investing for The Utterly Confused"

Lessons in Corporate Finance - A Case Studies Approach to Financial Tools, Financial Policies, and Valuation (Hardcover, 2nd... Lessons in Corporate Finance - A Case Studies Approach to Financial Tools, Financial Policies, and Valuation (Hardcover, 2nd Edition)
Paul Asquith, Lawrence A. Weiss
R1,478 R987 Discovery Miles 9 870 Save R491 (33%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

An intuitive introduction to fundamental corporate finance concepts and methods Lessons in Corporate Finance, Second Edition offers a comprehensive introduction to the subject, using a unique interactive question and answer-based approach. Asking a series of increasingly difficult questions, this text provides both conceptual insight and specific numerical examples. Detailed case studies encourage class discussion and provide real-world context for financial concepts. The book provides a thorough coverage of corporate finance including ratio and pro forma analysis, capital structure theory, investment and financial policy decisions, and valuation and cash flows provides a solid foundational knowledge of essential topics. This revised and updated second edition includes new coverage of the U.S. Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 and its implications for corporate finance valuation. Written by acclaimed professors from MIT and Tufts University, this innovative text integrates academic research with practical application to provide an in-depth learning experience. Chapter summaries and appendices increase student comprehension. Material is presented from the perspective of real-world chief financial officers making decisions about how firms obtain and allocate capital, including how to: Manage cash flow and make good investment and financing decisions Understand the five essential valuation methods and their sub-families Execute leveraged buyouts, private equity financing, and mergers and acquisitions Apply basic corporate finance tools, techniques, and policies Lessons in Corporate Finance, Second Edition provides an accessible and engaging introduction to the basic methods and principles of corporate finance. From determining a firm's financial health to valuation nuances, this text provides the essential groundwork for independent investigation and advanced study.

Study Guide for The New Trading for a Living (Paperback, 2 Rev Ed): Alexander Elder Study Guide for The New Trading for a Living (Paperback, 2 Rev Ed)
Alexander Elder
R789 R559 Discovery Miles 5 590 Save R230 (29%) Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

Test your trading knowledge and skills without risking any money You may read the best trading book, but how much of that knowledge will you retain a week later? This is why you need this Study Guide for The New Trading for a Living. It'll give you a firmer grasp of the essential trading rules and skills. This Study Guide, based on the bestselling trading book of all time, was created by its author to help you master the key points of his classic book. The Study Guide's 170 multiple-choice questions are divided into 11 chapters, each with its own rating scale. They cover the entire range of trading topics, from psychology to system design, from risk management to becoming an organized trader. Each question is linked to a specific chapter in the main book, while the Answers section functions like a mini-textbook. It doesn't just tell you that A is right or B is wrong it provides extensive comments on both the correct and incorrect answers. This Study Guide also contains 17 charts that challenge you to recognize various trading signals and patterns. Everything is designed to help you become a better trader. Consider getting two books as a package the Study Guide and The New Trading for a Living. They're designed to work together as a unique educational tool. The Study Guide for The New Trading for a Living is a valuable resource for any trader who wants to achieve sustainable market success.

Great Investment Ideas (Hardcover): William T. Ziemba Great Investment Ideas (Hardcover)
William T. Ziemba
R1,294 R1,211 Discovery Miles 12 110 Save R83 (6%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Great Investment Ideas is a collection of articles published in the Journal of Portfolio Management from 1993 to 2015. The book contains useful ideas for investment management and trading and discusses the methods, results and evaluation of great investors. It also covers important topics such as the effect of errors in means, variances and co-variances in portfolio selection problems, stock market crashes and stock market anomalies, portfolio theory and practice, evaluation theory, etc. This book is a must-have publication for investors and financial experts, researchers and graduate students in finance.

Optimal Mean Reversion Trading: Mathematical Analysis And Practical Applications (Hardcover): Tim Siu-tang Leung, Xin Li Optimal Mean Reversion Trading: Mathematical Analysis And Practical Applications (Hardcover)
Tim Siu-tang Leung, Xin Li
R1,953 R1,814 Discovery Miles 18 140 Save R139 (7%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Optimal Mean Reversion Trading: Mathematical Analysis and Practical Applications provides a systematic study to the practical problem of optimal trading in the presence of mean-reverting price dynamics. It is self-contained and organized in its presentation, and provides rigorous mathematical analysis as well as computational methods for trading ETFs, options, futures on commodities or volatility indices, and credit risk derivatives.This book offers a unique financial engineering approach that combines novel analytical methodologies and applications to a wide array of real-world examples. It extracts the mathematical problems from various trading approaches and scenarios, but also addresses the practical aspects of trading problems, such as model estimation, risk premium, risk constraints, and transaction costs. The explanations in the book are detailed enough to capture the interest of the curious student or researcher, and complete enough to give the necessary background material for further exploration into the subject and related literature.This book will be a useful tool for anyone interested in financial engineering, particularly algorithmic trading and commodity trading, and would like to understand the mathematically optimal strategies in different market environments.

Taxation of Bilateral Investments - Tax Treaties After Beps (Hardcover): Carlo Garbarino Taxation of Bilateral Investments - Tax Treaties After Beps (Hardcover)
Carlo Garbarino
R2,302 Discovery Miles 23 020 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

The OECD's guidance on combatting tax avoidance strategies associated with Base Erosion and Profit Sharing (BEPS) methods is complex and accompanied by a wealth of literature. This book is the first to provide a concise and accessible overview of counter BEPS measures in the OECD Model and Commentary, allowing readers to gain a practical understanding of how the measures can impact the taxation of bilateral investments protected by tax treaties. Key features include: * Practical analysis of tax treaties from the perspective of the country which is the destination of foreign investment * Chapters that explore specific aspects of doing business in a destination country which employs the measures set out in the OECD Model and Commentary * Explanation of how BEPS treaty rules affect a range of corporate tax strategies including: permanent establishment, use of corporate vehicles and intra-group transactions * Information on administrative matters associated with BEPS, focusing on dispute settlement and cooperation in enforcement. Providing a succinct and practical approach to the topic, this book will be an insightful resource for those practising in the field of international taxation as well as corporate in-house counsel. Researchers and students seeking clear information on BEPS and its real world application affecting tax treaties will also benefit from this concise guide.

Entrepreneurial Finance - The Art and Science of Growing Ventures (Paperback): Luisa Alemany, Job J. Andreoli Entrepreneurial Finance - The Art and Science of Growing Ventures (Paperback)
Luisa Alemany, Job J. Andreoli
R1,194 R1,025 Discovery Miles 10 250 Save R169 (14%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Academics and practitioners from a range of institutions across Europe provide a cutting-edge, practical, and comprehensive review on the financing of entrepreneurial ventures. From sourcing and obtaining funds, to financial tools for growing and managing the financial challenges and opportunities of the startup, Entrepreneurial Finance: The Art and Science of Growing Ventures is an engaging text that will equip entrepreneurs, students and early-stage investors to make sound financial decisions at every stage of a business' life. Largely reflecting European businesses and with a European perspective, the text is grounded in sound theoretical foundations. Case studies and success stories as well as perspectives from the media and from experts provide real-world applications, while a wealth of activities give students abundant opportunities to apply what they have learned. A must-have text for both graduate and undergraduate students in entrepreneurship, finance and management programs, as well as aspiring entrepreneurs in any field.

The Supernova Multiplier - 7 Strategies for Financial Advisors to Grow Their Practices (Hardcover): Robert D. Knapp The Supernova Multiplier - 7 Strategies for Financial Advisors to Grow Their Practices (Hardcover)
Robert D. Knapp
R614 R425 Discovery Miles 4 250 Save R189 (31%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Take your Supernova practice to even greater heights of performance and profitability The Supernova Multiplier provides expert guidance to the revolutionary wealth management model that has transformed the lives and businesses of financial professionals worldwide. The innovative Supernova method enables financial advisors to rapidly grow their business, efficiently manage time, and maximize client satisfaction. The Five Stars of the Supernova model--Segmentation, Organization, Planning, Acquisition, and Leadership--provide financial advisors with the tools and knowledge to propel their practices to new heights of performance. The acknowledged pioneer of the Supernova model, author Rob Knapp offers in-depth examination of every aspect of the Supernova model, from client experience to leadership development. This invaluable resource addresses significant issues facing disciples of the model, including areas of chronic underperformance, and delivers proven solutions that financial advisors can integrate into their practices. Detailed coverage of core elements, such as the Rule of Reciprocity, Gap Analysis and the Five Star Model, promotes critical analysis of advisor performance and builds the foundation for precise alignment to the essential Supernova principles. This indispensable book empowers current and prospective Supernova practitioners to: Build and optimize an efficient and profitable Supernova advisory practice Structure your practice around high-value activities that increase revenue and grow your business Maintain a predictable schedule of meaningful client contact Develop and implement proactive planning strategies with your team and client base. The Supernova model is not complex, but requires sustained and disciplined effort to achieve best results. The Supernova Multiplier: 7 Strategies for Financial Advisors to Grow Their Practices is the key to unlocking remarkable results and sustained achievement in advisory practices across the financial management industry that will differentiate you and your practice from the ordinary into the extraordinary.

A Bull in China - Investing Profitably in the World's Greatest Market (Hardcover): Jim Rogers A Bull in China - Investing Profitably in the World's Greatest Market (Hardcover)
Jim Rogers 2
R444 R290 Discovery Miles 2 900 Save R154 (35%) Shipped within 7 - 13 working days

If the twentieth century was the American century, then the twenty-first century belongs to China. Now the one and only Jim Rogers shows how any investor can get in on the ground floor of "the greatest economic boom since England's Industrial Revolution." In this indispensable new book, one of the world's most successful investors, Jim Rogers, brings his unerring investment acumen to bear on this huge and unruly land now being opened to the world and exploding in potential. Rogers didn't just wake up a Sinophile yesterday. He's been tracking the Chinese economy since he first went to China in 1984 in preparation for his round-the-world motorcycle trip and then again, later, when he saw Shanghai's newly reopened stock exchange (which looked like an OTB office). In the decades that followed--especially in recent years, with the easing of Communist party financial dictates--the facts speak for themselves: The Chinese economy's growth rate has averaged 9 percent since the start of the 1980s. China's savings rate is over 35 percent (in America, it's 2 percent). 40 percent of China's output goes to exports (so there's no crippling foreign debt). $60 billion a year in direct foreign investment, combined with a trade surplus, has brought Beijing's foreign currency reserves to over $1 trillion. China's fixed assets--ports, bridges, and roads--double every two and a half years. In short, if projections hold, China will surpass the United States as the world's largest economy in as little as twenty years. But the time to act is now. In A Bull in China, you'll learn which industries offer the newest and best opportunities, from power, energy, and agriculture to tourism, water, and infrastructure. In his trademark down-to-earth style, Rogers demystifies the state policies that are driving earnings and innovation, takes the intimidation factor out of the A-shares, B-shares, and ADRs of Chinese offerings, and encourages any reader to utilize his or her own expertise (for example, if you're a car mechanic, check out China's auto industry). A Bull in China also features fascinating profiles of "Red Chip" companies, such as Yantu Changyu, China's largest winemaker, which sells a "Healthy Liquor" line mixed with herbal medicines. Plus, if you want to export something to China yourself--or even buy land there--Rogers tells you the steps you need to take. No other book--and no other author--can better help you benefit from the new Chinese revolution. Jim Rogers shows you how to make the "amazing energy, potential, and entrepreneurial spirit of a billion people" work for you.

Managing Operational Risk - Practical Strategies to Identify and Mitigate Operational Risk within Financial Institutions... Managing Operational Risk - Practical Strategies to Identify and Mitigate Operational Risk within Financial Institutions (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2014)
Douglas Robertson
R1,230 R949 Discovery Miles 9 490 Save R281 (23%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Operational risk is the risk of loss from inadequate or failed internal processes, people, and systems or from external events. This book explores the different types of operational risk that threaten financial institutions, and focuses on practical due-diligence methodologies that can be used to identify these risks before it is too late.

Trading Options For Dummies (Paperback, 3rd Edition): Joe Duarte Trading Options For Dummies (Paperback, 3rd Edition)
Joe Duarte
R510 R364 Discovery Miles 3 640 Save R146 (29%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

A new edition of the trusted trading resource Updated with new facts, charts, and strategies to help investors beat today's tough markets, Trading Options For Dummies helps you choose the right options based on your investing needs. It will show you how to weigh the costs and benefits, build a strategy to gain no matter the market conditions, and broaden your retirement portfolio with index, equity, and ETF options. Because options cost less than stocks, they're a versatile trading instrument. If you're an investor with some general knowledge of trading but want a better understanding of risk factors, new techniques, and an overall improved profit outcome, Trading Options For Dummies is the book for you. Protect your investments against a decline in market prices Increase your income on current or new investments Buy an equity at a lower price Benefit from an equity price's rise or fall without owning it or selling it outright Trading options can be a great way to manage your risk, and this detailed reference gives you the expert help you need to succeed.

Building Real Estate Wealth in a Changing Market - Reap Large Profits from Bargain Purchases in Any Economy (Paperback): John... Building Real Estate Wealth in a Changing Market - Reap Large Profits from Bargain Purchases in Any Economy (Paperback)
John W. Schaub
R446 R353 Discovery Miles 3 530 Save R93 (21%) Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

Markets change-smart investors adapt. No matter what the state of the real estate market, there is wealth to be made, and the basics of smart investing still apply. In Building Real Estate Wealth in a Changing Market, John Schaub shows you how you can invest and thrive in any market. Change creates chaos, but it also creates opportunity for those who can recognize it and react. Schaub helps you find hidden deals and shows you how to cash-in on the great bargains available in a slowing market. If you want to invest safely and profitably, you'll find a wealth of expert guidance on: Predicting change in your local market Profiting from change in individual neighborhoods Protecting your investments from market fluctuation Selling profitably in a buyer's market Finding foreclosures, pre-foreclosures and other distressed properties Buying from banks and other lenders Buying properties from other investors Plus, you'll discover Schaub's step-by-step, ten-year plan for creating wealth. When you combine these wise investing tips and tactics with a proven long-term plan, you'll build wealth to last a lifetime. "Gurus I respect...are people who have been in the business and love it and want to help people be successful investors. ..like John Schaub."-John T. Reed, Money Magazine "On my scale of one to 10, this outstanding book rates an off-the-chart 12."- Bob Bruss

Why Aren't They Shouting? - A Banker's Tale of Change, Computers and Perpetual Crisis (Paperback): Kevin Rodgers Why Aren't They Shouting? - A Banker's Tale of Change, Computers and Perpetual Crisis (Paperback)
Kevin Rodgers 1
R215 R169 Discovery Miles 1 690 Save R46 (21%) Shipped within 4 - 8 working days

`Eloquent, entertaining and accessible.' FT Adviser When Kevin Rodgers embarked on his career in finance, dealing rooms were filled with clamouring traders and gesticulating salesmen. Nearly three decades later, the bustle has gone and the loudest noise you're likely to hear is the gentle tapping of keyboards. Why Aren't They Shouting? is one banker's chronicle of this silent revolution, taking us from an age of shouted phone calls and alpha males right up to today's world of computer geeks and complex derivatives. Along the way, Rodgers offers a masterclass in how modern banking actually works, exploring the seismic changes to the global financial industry over the last thirty years. Above all, his story raises a deeply troubling question: could it be that the technology that has transformed banking - and that continues to do so - is actually making it ever more unstable? `A welcome addition to the panoply of must-read titles about banking before, during and after the crisis ... by someone who was actually at the centre of the industry at the time.' Euromoney `An animated first-person narrative about the reality of banking ... lively and engaging.' LSE Review of Books

The Economist Guide To Investment Strategy - How to understand markets, risk, rewards and behaviour (Paperback, 4th Edition):... The Economist Guide To Investment Strategy - How to understand markets, risk, rewards and behaviour (Paperback, 4th Edition)
Peter Stanyer 1
R353 R267 Discovery Miles 2 670 Save R86 (24%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

The classic guide for the individual investor, The Economist Guide to Investment Strategy sets out the basic - and the not-so-basic - principles for putting your wealth to work. It looks at risk, pointing out the hazards for those who wish to explore a variety of investment approaches. It also teaches the importance of sophisticated self-knowledge in finance, distilling insights from behavioural analysis as well as the principles of traditional finance. It highlights how habitual patterns of decision-making can lead any of us into costly mistakes, and it stresses how markets are most dangerous when they appear to be most rewarding.

This fourth edition includes new material on private investment and non-standard asset classes - art, wine, collectibles and the like - helping readers to navigate those areas in which prudence meets passion.

Stock Charts For Dummies (Paperback): Greg Schnell, Lita Epstein Stock Charts For Dummies (Paperback)
Greg Schnell, Lita Epstein
R502 R357 Discovery Miles 3 570 Save R145 (29%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

The easy way to get started in stock charts Many trading and technical analysis books focus on how to use charts to make stock trading decisions, but what about how to actually build a chart? Stock Charts For Dummies reveals the important stories charts tell, and how different parameters can impact what you see on the screen. This book will explain some of the most powerful display settings that help traders understand the information in a chart to find outperformance as its beginning. Stock Charts for Dummies will teach you how to build a visually appealing chart and add tools based on the type of trading or investing decision you're trying to make. It will also introduce you to the pros, cons, and best practices of using three key types of charts: Candlesticks, Bar Charts, and Line Charts. Build and use technical chart patterns Increase profits and minimize risk Track and identify specific trends within charts A unique guide for beginning traders and investors, Stock Charts for Dummies will help you make sense of stock charts.

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Saica Paperback  (2)
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Practical Financial Management
William R Lasher Hardcover  (1)
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Manage Your Money Like A F*cking Grownup…
Sam Beckbessinger Paperback  (3)
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Tax Workbook 2019
Lindsay D. Mitchell, M. Nieuwoudt, … Paperback R405 R315 Discovery Miles 3 150