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Spiritual Care in Practice - Case Studies in Healthcare Chaplaincy (Paperback): George Fitchett, Steve Nolan Spiritual Care in Practice - Case Studies in Healthcare Chaplaincy (Paperback)
George Fitchett, Steve Nolan; Foreword by Christina M Puchalski; Contributions by Alister W Bull, Daniel H Grossoehme, …
R423 Discovery Miles 4 230 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

These diverse case studies make a compelling case for the importance of effective spiritual care in healthcare and provide unprecedented insight into the essential role of the chaplain within the healthcare team. Presented alongside critical reflections and responses from professionals within chaplaincy, psychology, psychiatry and nursing, they provide an honest and detailed look into how healthcare chaplains actually work with the people in their care and reveal the vital role of narrative and imagination in effective transformative practice. From a 16-year-old with a belief that God would enable a miraculous recovery from paralysis, to an African man with a history of psychosis and depression whose cultural belief in witches complicated his treatment, to a dying Jewish man, aggressive and isolated due to his traumatic life experiences, each case includes insight into the patient's needs and chaplain's perspectives, discussion of spiritual assessments and spiritual care interventions, and accounts of significant encounters and dialogues. The nine paediatric, psychiatric and palliative case studies and reflections in this ground-breaking book will enable chaplains to critically reflect on the spiritual care they provide and communicate their work more effectively, help healthcare professionals develop a clearer understanding of the care chaplains deliver, and provide an informed perspective for those who develop policy around spiritual care and need to make the case for chaplaincy services.

The Giddy Career of Mr Gadd (deceased) (Paperback): Marie Gameson The Giddy Career of Mr Gadd (deceased) (Paperback)
Marie Gameson 1
R222 R183 Discovery Miles 1 830 Save R39 (18%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

The Giddy Career of Mr Gadd (deceased) explores the painful themes of having to grieve for someone who is not yet dead, and trying to find one's identity through an absent father. Winifred Rigby follows a Zen-like path of serenity and detachment, whilst leaving havoc in her wake. When Fred, a stranger haunted by poltergeist activity, contacts Winnie, he insists that stories she wrote as a teenager hold the key to his supernatural problems, and she is forced to renew acquaintance with her younger self. Where will it all lead?

Word and Worship Desk Calendar 2020 (Spiral bound): Roberta Lavorne Word and Worship Desk Calendar 2020 (Spiral bound)
Roberta Lavorne
R307 R250 Discovery Miles 2 500 Save R57 (19%) Shipped within 7 - 11 working days
The Lost Art of Scripture - Rescuing the Sacred Texts (Hardcover): Karen Armstrong The Lost Art of Scripture - Rescuing the Sacred Texts (Hardcover)
Karen Armstrong 1
R684 R534 Discovery Miles 5 340 Save R150 (22%) Shipped within 7 - 11 working days
Prana and Pranayama (Paperback): Swami S. Nirajanananda Prana and Pranayama (Paperback)
Swami S. Nirajanananda
R423 R374 Discovery Miles 3 740 Save R49 (12%) Shipped within 7 - 11 working days
YHWH and Israel in the Book of Judges - An Object - Relations Analysis (Hardcover): Deryn Guest YHWH and Israel in the Book of Judges - An Object - Relations Analysis (Hardcover)
Deryn Guest
R1,662 R1,539 Discovery Miles 15 390 Save R123 (7%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

In the Book of Judges the narrator presents an image of the good parent YHWH whose enduring love and loyalty is offset by his wayward child Israel who defaults on the relationship repeatedly. Biblical scholars have largely concurred, demonstrating the many faults of Israel while siding with YHWH's privileged viewpoint. When object-relations theory (which examines how human beings relate to each other) is applied to Judges, a different story emerges. In its capacity to illuminate why and how relationships can be intense, problematic, rewarding, and enduring, object-relations theory reveals how both YHWH and Israel have attachment needs that are played out vividly in the story world. Deryn Guest reveals how its narrator engages in a variety of psychological strategies to mask suppressed rage as he engages in an intriguing but rather dysfunctional masochistic dance with a dominant deity who has reputation needs.

A Forgotten Truth - A Spiritual Vision for Modern Man (Hardcover): D.M.A. Leggett, M.G. Payne A Forgotten Truth - A Spiritual Vision for Modern Man (Hardcover)
D.M.A. Leggett, M.G. Payne
R266 R198 Discovery Miles 1 980 Save R68 (26%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

With calm appraisal the authors - two eminent academics - consider the fact of man's material existence being subordinate to his spiritual, that man is primarily a spiritual being, and the far reaching implications of this difficult but important concept.

Open Your Heart (Paperback): Francis Open Your Heart (Paperback)
R152 R124 Discovery Miles 1 240 Save R28 (18%) Shipped within 7 - 11 working days
Sleeping Letters (Hardcover): Marie-Elsa R. Bragg Sleeping Letters (Hardcover)
Marie-Elsa R. Bragg 1
R297 R246 Discovery Miles 2 460 Save R51 (17%) Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

'This is a beautiful book, a remarkable, cadenced recollection of how grief lives in the body. It is poetry as a kind of dance. You have to read it' EDMUND DE WAAL

A unique, intimate and beautiful exploration of grief, loss, healing and faith, that looks back to the childhood moment when Marie-Elsa R. Bragg's mother committed suicide

We sat in the kitchen across the small wooden table from each other. She cried like banks bursting, then silence; like winds blowing through her shoulders, chest bouncing, then long shallow breaths. She ruptured and I watched, still, emotionless. ‘You must stop crying.’

When Marie-Elsa R. Bragg was just 6 years old, her mother committed suicide. Now, many years later, Marie-Elsa returns to that night. Going back to that moment, inhabiting this defining tragedy, allows for an exploration of the grief but also brings healing – as well as the affirmation that it is her experiences as a priest that have carried her.

In a unique and remarkable mix of prose and poetry, and written partly as a series of unsent letters to both her mother and father, Sleeping Letters is a way of connecting to past family, an attempt to reconcile with loss, as well as a radical exploration of Marie-Elsa’s own faith. While harrowing and unforgettable, it is also an immensely beautiful book, with a luminous sense of a daughter’s love.

The Unknown Pursuit - Three Grandmothers in Search of the Grail - A True Story (Paperback): Patrice Chaplin The Unknown Pursuit - Three Grandmothers in Search of the Grail - A True Story (Paperback)
Patrice Chaplin
R303 R247 Discovery Miles 2 470 Save R56 (18%) Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

Three women arrive in Girona, North East Spain, to attend a New Age workshop based on the mysteries of that ancient city. They have never met before. What do they have in common? They discover that they are all grandmothers who know little about psychic or spiritual worlds. What do they want? To keep a good face on things; `things' being quite a lot of difficult issues... What do they really want? Life change? Reclaiming their dreams? What do they get? The Holy Grail. And all they were looking for was a way out of sudden old age... Following her classic Girona trilogy - The City of Secrets, The Portal and The Stone Cradle - Patrice Chaplin returns to the enchanted city for a new adventure. Many decades have passed since, as a teenage traveller seeking a Bohemian lifestyle, she stepped across the threshold of the iron bridge and into the hallowed old city. Now in her later years, she finds herself unexpectedly with two other women of a certain age. In the midst of changing lives, they are each seeking freedom, meaning and truth. What they encounter initially is confusion, chaos and misunderstanding. But will they discover the thing that can reconcile themselves to each other, to their lives and to themselves? 'So fresh, sharp and full of terrific lines - I loved it... Patrice has put the Grail, Girona and her own wonderful gift for characterisation to such perfect use.' - Miranda Seymour, author (In Byron's Wake, Mary Shelley, etc.); 'It's just a the most wonderful piece of work. Congratulations Patrice. Highly recommended Get a copy!' - Malcolm Bruce, musician (son of Cream legend Jack Bruce)

Choose to Win - Transform Your Life One Simple Choice at a Time (Paperback): Tom Ziglar Choose to Win - Transform Your Life One Simple Choice at a Time (Paperback)
Tom Ziglar
R323 R202 Discovery Miles 2 020 Save R121 (37%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Ziglar Inc. CEO Tom Ziglar shows readers how the choices they can make--beginning today--will help them achieve balanced success, true significance, and an everlasting legacy. Most people don't get intentional about their lives until they face a crisis and are forced to make changes. In Choose to Win, Tom Ziglar reveals a plan for taking action now, for beating the status quo and building the life readers have dreamed about and deserve. Ziglar believes anyone can achieve massive change without massive upset. It all starts with focusing on building good habits in seven key areas: mental, spiritual, physical, family, finance, personal, and career. He shows readers how to identify the life-killing bad habits that cause misery, dissatisfaction, and lack of success--and how to implement positive habits through the trinity of transformation: desire, hope, and grit. Making one small choice at a time through a sequence of easy-to-follow steps helps build lives that are more productive, more fulfilling, and more meaningful. Readers will more fully understand how their positive choices and decisions of today impact future generations.

Almost Everything - Notes on Hope (Paperback, Main): Anne Lamott Almost Everything - Notes on Hope (Paperback, Main)
Anne Lamott 1
R228 R177 Discovery Miles 1 770 Save R51 (22%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Despair and uncertainty surround us: in the news, in our families, and in ourselves. But even when life is at its bleakest, Anne Lamott shows how we can rediscover the hope and wisdom that are buried within us and that can make life sweeter than we ever imagined. Divided into short chapters that explore life's essential truths, Almost Everything pinpoints these moments of insight and, with warmth and humour, offers a path forward.

Made for Goodness - And Why This Makes All the Difference (Paperback): Desmond Tutu, Mpho Tutu Made for Goodness - And Why This Makes All the Difference (Paperback)
Desmond Tutu, Mpho Tutu
R299 R278 Discovery Miles 2 780 Save R21 (7%) Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

Over the years the same questions get asked of Desmond Tutu, the archbishop, Nobel Peace Prize winner, and veteran of the moral movement that ended apartheid in South Africa: "How can you be so hopeful after witnessing so much evil?" "Why are you so sure goodness will triumph in the end?" This book is his answer.

Now, more than any other time in history, our world needs this message: that we are made for goodness and it is up to us to live up to our destiny.

We recognize Archbishop Tutu from the headlines as an inspirational figure who has witnessed some of the world's most sinister moments and chosen to be an ambassador of reconciliation amid political, diplomatic, and natural disasters. Now, we get a glimpse into his personal spirituality--and a better understanding of the man behind a lifetime of good works. In this intimate and personal sharing of his heart, written with his daughter, Episcopal priest Mpho Tutu, Tutu engages his reader with touching stories from his own life, as well as grisly memories from his work in the darkest corners of the world. There, amid the darkness, he calls us to hope, to joy, and to claim the goodness that we were made for. Tutu invites us to take on the disciplines of goodness, the practices that are key to finding fulfillment, meaning, and happiness for our lives.

Year-At-A-Glance Record Book (Paperback): Warner Press Year-At-A-Glance Record Book (Paperback)
Warner Press
R70 R58 Discovery Miles 580 Save R12 (17%) Shipped within 7 - 11 working days
God Is Not A Christian (Hardcover): Desmond Tutu, John Allen God Is Not A Christian (Hardcover)
Desmond Tutu, John Allen
R320 R252 Discovery Miles 2 520 Save R68 (21%) Shipped within 4 - 8 working days

In this essential collection of Desmond Tutu's most historic and controversial speeches and writings, we witness his unique career of provoking the powerful and confronting the world in order to protect the oppressed, the poor, and other victims of injustice.

Renowned first for his courageous opposition to apartheid in South Africa, he and his ministry soon took on international dimensions. Rooted in his faith and in the values embodied in the African spirit of "ubuntu," Tutu's uncompromising vision of a shared humanity has compelled him to speak out, even in the face of violent opposition and virulent criticism, against political injustice and oppression, religious fundamentalism, and the persecution of minorities.

Arranged by theme and introduced with insight and historical context by Tutu's biographer, John Allen, this collection takes readers from the violent apartheid clashes in South Africa to the healing work of the Truth and Reconciliation Committee; from Trafalgar Square after the fall of the Berlin Wall to a national broadcast commemorating the legacy of Nelson Mandela; from Ireland's Christ Church Cathedral in Dublin to a basketball stadium in Luanda, Angola. Whether exploring democracy in Africa, the genocide in Rwanda, black theology, the inclusion of gays and lesbians in the church, or the plight of Palestinians, Tutu's message of truth is clear and his voice unflinching.

In a world of suffering and conflict, where human laws all too often clash with God's law, Tutu's hopeful, timeless messages become increasingly necessary and powerful with each passing year--and are needed now more than ever.

Morality - Why we need it and how to find it (Paperback): Jonathan Sacks Morality - Why we need it and how to find it (Paperback)
Jonathan Sacks 1
R340 R268 Discovery Miles 2 680 Save R72 (21%) Pre-order

In today's world of cultural climate change, argues Jonathan Sacks, we have outsourced morality to the markets on the one hand, and to government on the other. If the market rewards it, it must be OK - unless the law says not to. Yet while the markets have brought wealth to many and the state has done much to contain the worst excesses of inequality, neither is capable of bearing the moral weight of showing us how to live. On the one hand, traditional values no longer hold, yet recent political swings show that modern ideals of tolerance have left many feeling rudderless and adrift. In this environment we see things fall apart in unexpected ways - toxic public discourse that makes true societal progress almost unattainable; the rise of religious extremism on the one hand and of aggressive atheism on the other; a drive for respect of all that establishes 'safe space' only where true debate is off limits. How can we build - or rebuild - a collective culture that is able to both respect difference and draw us together to work for the common good? Talking to key modern influences and thinkers - including Jordan Peterson, Melinda Gates and David Brooks - and drawing inspiration from the Bible and the historical experience of the Jewish people, Sacks argues that there are eight key factors in establishing, maintaining and passing on resilient moral values within a broad group, among them attitudes of lifelong learning and of thanksgiving, the importance of family life and community, and a culture of positive argument in place of destructive conflict. Combining his passionate belief in a positive way forward with a careful weighing of the realities and challenges of the position in which we find ourselves, Jonathan Sacks sets out a clear picture of a world in which we can all find our place and build a future worth working for.

Generating Generosity in Catholicism and Islam - Beliefs, Institutions, and Public Goods Provision (Paperback): Carolyn M.... Generating Generosity in Catholicism and Islam - Beliefs, Institutions, and Public Goods Provision (Paperback)
Carolyn M. Warner, Ramazan Kilinc, Christopher W. Hale, Adam B Cohen
R642 Discovery Miles 6 420 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Using an innovative methodological approach combining field experiments, case studies, and statistical analyzes, this book explores how the religious beliefs and institutions of Catholics and Muslims prompt them to be generous with their time and resources. Drawing upon research involving more than 1,000 Catholics and Muslims in France, Ireland, Italy, and Turkey, the authors examine Catholicism and Islam in majority and minority contexts, discerning the specific factors that lead adherents to help others and contribute to social welfare projects. Based on theories from political science, economics, religious studies and social psychology, this approach uncovers the causal connections between religious community dynamics, religious beliefs and institutions, and socio-political contexts in promoting or hindering the generosity of Muslims and Catholics. The study also provides insight into what different religious beliefs mean to Muslims and Catholics, and how they understand those concepts.

I Give Up - The Secret Joy of a Surrendered Life (Paperback): Laura Story I Give Up - The Secret Joy of a Surrendered Life (Paperback)
Laura Story; As told to Leigh McLeroy
R296 R211 Discovery Miles 2 110 Save R85 (29%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Walk alongside Grammy Award-winning artist, worship leader, and Bible study
teacher Laura Story in her continuing journey of accepting God's plan for her
life and living it out in total surrender.

Laura Story's husband, Martin, was diagnosed with a brain tumor early in their
marriage. In a moment their life plans changed drastically. After wondering about
their ability to be parents and a struggle with infertility, Laura gave birth to three
children, including twin boys, in three years' time. Then a sonogram at thirty-seven
weeks revealed an unexpected issue with their fourth child. No life is without trouble,
but when you face one challenging situation after another, your days can begin to feel
desperately hopeless. Yet God truly uses all things for our good. When offered up to
him, every circumstance can become a perfect opportunity to completely surrender
your will to his.

In I Give Up, Laura uses her story to show why surrender to God is important and
how we can go about doing it. She shares how surrendering expectations is not a
step-by-step process but a willful decision to wait on God, trusting that he and his
word are true. In this four-part study she explains

  • why surrender is a good thing
  • whom we surrender to
  • how we surrender
  • how our surrender affects the lives of others

Though surrender sometimes flies in the face of our instincts, hopes, and dreams, it's
never without benefit. A surrendered life includes the surprise of a true joy-filled
existence in which trust is reasonable, reconciliation is possible, and relationships can
The Art of Meditation (Paperback, Main): Matthieu Ricard The Art of Meditation (Paperback, Main)
Matthieu Ricard; Translated by Sherab Chodzin Kohn 1
R186 R155 Discovery Miles 1 550 Save R31 (17%) Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

A Sunday Times bestseller, this paperback is an elegant and inspiring short guide to the art of meditation: another instant classic from the bestselling author of The Art of Happiness. Wherever he goes, Buddhist monk Matthieu Ricard is asked to explain what meditation is, how it is done and what it can achieve. In this authoritative and inspiring book, he sets out to answer these questions. Matthieu Ricard shows that practising meditation can change our understanding of ourselves and the world around us. He talks us through its theory, spirituality and practical aspects of deep contemplation and illustrates each stage of his teaching with examples. Through his experience as a monk, his close reading of sacred texts and his deep knowledge of the Buddhist masters, Matthieu Ricard reveals the significant benefits that meditation - based on selfless love and compassion - can bring to each of us.

Gershom Scholem - An Intellectual Biography (Paperback): Amir Engel Gershom Scholem - An Intellectual Biography (Paperback)
Amir Engel
R540 Discovery Miles 5 400 Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

Gershom Scholem (1897-1982) was ostensibly a scholar of Jewish mysticism, yet he occupies a powerful role in today's intellectual imagination, having an influential contact with an extraordinary cast of thinkers, including Hans Jonas, Martin Buber, Walter Benjamin, Hannah Arendt, and Theodor Adorno. In this first biography of Scholem, Amir Engel shows how Scholem grew from a scholar of an esoteric discipline to a thinker wrestling with problems that reach to the very foundations of the modern human experience. As Engel shows, in his search for the truth of Jewish mysticism Scholem molded the vast literature of Jewish mystical lore into a rich assortment of stories that unveiled new truths about the modern condition. Positioning Scholem's work and life within early twentieth-century Germany, Palestine, and later the state of Israel, Engel intertwines Scholem's biography with his historiographical work, which stretches back to the Spanish expulsion of Jews in 1492, through the lives of Rabbi Isaac Luria and Sabbatai Zevi, and up to Hasidism and the dawn of the Zionist movement. Through parallel narratives, Engel touches on a wide array of important topics including immigration, exile, Zionism, World War One, and the creation of the state of Israel, ultimately telling the story of the realizations--and failures--of a dream for a modern Jewish existence.

Theology and Religion - Why It Matters (Paperback): Graham Ward Theology and Religion - Why It Matters (Paperback)
Graham Ward
R229 Discovery Miles 2 290 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Graham Ward argues that the study of theology and religion, as a single academic discipline, plays a vital role in helping us to understand politics, world affairs, and the nature of humanity itself. Religion can be used to justify inhumane actions, but it also feeds dreams, inspires hopes, and shapes aspirations. By invoking a sense of wonder about the natural world, religion can promote scientific discoveries, and by focusing on shared experiences, religion helps to bind societies together. Some scientists now believe that religious feeling might be hard-wired into our DNA, a fundamental aspect of what makes us human. Because religion is rooted in the imagination itself, its study involves staring into the profundities of who we are. Religion will not go away, so it needs to be understood.

Around the World in One Shabbat - Jewish People Celebrate the Sabbath Together (Hardcover): Durga Yael Bernhard Around the World in One Shabbat - Jewish People Celebrate the Sabbath Together (Hardcover)
Durga Yael Bernhard
R369 R300 Discovery Miles 3 000 Save R69 (19%) Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

Take your child on a colorful adventure to share the many ways Jewish people celebrate Shabbat around the world. Shabbat Shalom Beginning in an old Jerusalem market Friday morning, shopping for foods to make Shabbat meals specialSetting a beautiful Sabbath table in Australia Friday afternoonLighting Shabbat candles with a family in TurkeySinging zemirot with relatives in RussiaMaking hamotzi as a congregation in the United StatesParading the Torah scrolls at Shabbat morning services in a synagogue in GermanyRelaxing in the peace of Shabbat day in CanadaEnjoying a special Sabbath afternoon meal in Morocco

From Israel to Thailand, from Ethiopia to Argentina, you and your children are invited to share the diverse Sabbath traditions that come alive in Jewish homes and synagogues around the world each week and to celebrate life with Jewish people everywhere."

Footsteps into the Light - A Comprehensive Handbook and Practical Guide into the Spiritual Life for the Enquiring Mind:... Footsteps into the Light - A Comprehensive Handbook and Practical Guide into the Spiritual Life for the Enquiring Mind: Spirituality and Reality (Paperback)
Geoff Thomas
R304 R245 Discovery Miles 2 450 Save R59 (19%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Footsteps into the Light introduces the reader to the idea of spirituality and religion in a wide range of topics, from the incredible wonders of the everyday going into the spiritual journey in the hands of the pragmatic God of science and all creation. Ultimately we are brought face to face with the reality of our everlasting journey. With a background of engineering science and its practical application, the author is able to take us on a voyage of spiritual discovery in the knowledge that what is so readily taken to be the paranormal and beyond understanding is really quite normal on the higher planes of realisation. It is written in a chatty style as though the author, a former teacher of the subject matter, is talking to us in a friendly manner in which we can be equally at ease while listening. Presented from a Christian standpoint, it welcomes all faiths as well as any without faith or belief. There are passages of an interesting and complementary nature seemingly unaligned at first, but most useful in a wider appreciation of the main theme; all contained in thirty succinct chapters. It is an excellent handbook for general reading and reference, as well as for anyone seeking, or already upon, the pathway of discovery.

Pope Benedict XVI and the Sexual Abuse Crisis - Working for Reform and Renewal (Paperback): Gregory Erlandson, Matthew Bunsen Pope Benedict XVI and the Sexual Abuse Crisis - Working for Reform and Renewal (Paperback)
Gregory Erlandson, Matthew Bunsen
R249 R233 Discovery Miles 2 330 Save R16 (6%) Shipped within 7 - 11 working days
Prayer That's Caught and Taught - Mentoring the Next Generation (Paperback): Carol Madison Prayer That's Caught and Taught - Mentoring the Next Generation (Paperback)
Carol Madison
R282 R264 Discovery Miles 2 640 Save R18 (6%) Shipped within 7 - 11 working days
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