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A Distant Mirror - The Calamitous 14th Century (Paperback): Barbara W. Tuchman A Distant Mirror - The Calamitous 14th Century (Paperback)
Barbara W. Tuchman 1
R321 R227 Discovery Miles 2 270 Save R94 (29%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

The fourteenth century was a time of fabled crusades and chivalry, glittering cathedrals and grand castles. It was also a time of ferocity and spiritual agony, a world of chaos and the plague. Here, Barbara Tuchman masterfully reveals the two contradictory images of the age, examining the great rhythms of history and the grain and texture of domestic life as it was lived: what childhood was like; what marriage meant; how money, taxes and war dominated the lives of serf, noble and clergy alike. Granting her subjects their loyalties, treacheries and guilty passions, Tuchman recreates the lives of proud cardinals, university scholars, grocers and clerks, saints and mystics, lawyers and mercenaries, and, above all, knights. The result is an astonishing reflection of medieval Europe, a historical tour de force.

The Agincourt Companion (Hardcover): Thom Richardson, Anne Curry, Peter Hoskins, Dan Spencer The Agincourt Companion (Hardcover)
Thom Richardson, Anne Curry, Peter Hoskins, Dan Spencer
R238 R169 Discovery Miles 1 690 Save R69 (29%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

The Battle of Agincourt on 25 October, 1415, remains one of the most glorious victories in British history, with a legacy that endures today. A pivotal moment in the Hundred Years War between France and England, it reinvigorated the English campaign in France and bolstered the English crown's hereditary claims to French land. Published to mark the 600th anniversary of this famous victory, The Agincourt Companion presents the captivating story of the battle; how Henry V led an outnumbered army to glory, the skill of the archers, and the core military tactics that proved so successful for the English army. Moreover it tells a wider story about warfare in the middle ages. Delving into the development and advances in weaponry, armour and tactics during this period and the impact this had on the battlefield, this is a richly detailed look at the world of medieval warfare.

The Utopia of Terror - Life and Death in Wartime Croatia (Hardcover): Rory Yeomans The Utopia of Terror - Life and Death in Wartime Croatia (Hardcover)
Rory Yeomans
R2,116 R1,894 Discovery Miles 18 940 Save R222 (10%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

The essays in The Utopia of Terror provide new perspectives on the relationship between the politics of construction and destruction in the wartime Independent State of Croatia (1941-1945) ruled by the fascist Ustasha movement. Bringing together established historians of the Ustasha regime and an emerging generation of younger historians, The Utopia of Terror explores various aspects of everyday life and death in the Ustasha state that until now have received peripheral attention from historians. The contributors argue for a more complex consideration of the relationship of mass terror and utopianism in which the two are seen as part of the same process rather than as discrete phenomena. They aim to bring new perspectives, generate original thinking, and provide enhanced understanding of both the Ustasha regime's attempts to remake Croatian society and its campaign to destroy unwanted populations. Rory Yeomans is a fellow in history at the Wiener Wiesenthal Institute for Holocaust Studies, Vienna, Austria. A fellowship from the Cantemir Institute at the University of Oxford in 2013 supported the research for and the writing and editing of this book.

Ypres In War and Peace - English (Paperback, UK ed.): Martin Marix Evans Ypres In War and Peace - English (Paperback, UK ed.)
Martin Marix Evans
R137 R95 Discovery Miles 950 Save R42 (31%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

There are more languages available for this title French - Click Here Flemish - Click Here For many, the name of Ypres invokes some of our most poignant poetry, written by soldiers at the front line. Reminders of the horrors and heroism of a terrible war await the visitor, but also the pleasures of discovering the richness of a heritage that stretches back over 800 years. Ypres in War and Peace provides not only a guide to events and memorials of the First World War, but also a revealing introduction to the fascination of an ancient and modern city - an ideal souvenir to take home. Look out for more Pitkin Guides on the very best of British and European history, heritage and travel.

The Real Traviata - The Song of Marie Duplessis (Hardcover): Rene Weis The Real Traviata - The Song of Marie Duplessis (Hardcover)
Rene Weis
R591 R440 Discovery Miles 4 400 Save R151 (26%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

The Real Traviata is the rags-to-riches story of a tragic young woman whose life inspired one of the most famous operas of all time, Verdi's masterpiece La traviata, as well as one of the most scandalous and successful French novels of the nineteenth century, La Dame aux Camelias, by Alexandre Dumas fils. The woman at the centre of the story, Marie Duplessis, escaped from her life as an abused teenage girl in provincial Normandy, rising in an amazingly short space of time to the apex of fashionable life in nineteenth century Paris, where she was considered the queen of the Parisian courtesans. Her life was painfully short, but by sheer willpower, intelligence, talent, and stunning looks she attained such prominence in the French capital that ministers of the government and even members of the French royal family fell under her spell. In the 1840s she commanded the kind of 'paparazzi' attention that today we associate only with major royalty or the biggest Hollywood stars. Aside from the younger Dumas, her conquests included a host of writers and artists, including the greatest pianist of the century, Franz Liszt, with whom she once hoped to elope. When she died Theophile Gautier, one of the most important Parisian writers of the day, penned an obituary fit for a princess. Indeed, he boldly claimed that she had been a princess, notwithstanding her peasant origin and her distinctly demi-monde existence. And although now largely forgotten, in the years immediately after her death, Marie's legend if anything grew in stature, with her immortalization in Verdi's La traviata, an opera in which the great Romantic composer tried to capture her essence in some of the most heart-wrenching and lyrical music ever composed.

Revolution Francaise - Emmanuel Macron and the Quest to Reinvent a Nation (Paperback): Sophie Pedder Revolution Francaise - Emmanuel Macron and the Quest to Reinvent a Nation (Paperback)
Sophie Pedder 1
R307 R241 Discovery Miles 2 410 Save R66 (21%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Two years after Emmanuel Macron came from nowhere to seize the French presidency, Sophie Pedder, The Economist's Paris bureau chief, tells the story of his remarkable rise and time in office so far. In this updated edition, published with a new foreword, Pedder revisits her analysis of Macron's troubles and triumphs in the light of the gilets jaunes protests.

Eighteen months after he led his own audacious insurgency against France's established parties Macron would face another popular insurrection. This time, he was the target. In her vivid account, Pedder analyses the first real political crisis of Macron's tenure, how the movement emerged on roundabouts and in cyberspace, its impact on his plans to transform France, and the repercussions for representative democracy. On the eve of important European elections, and with nationalist and populist forces rising across the continent, she considers whether Macron can still hope to hold the centre ground, work with Germany to rebuild post-Brexit Europe, and defend the multilateral liberal order.

Meticulously researched, enriched by interviews with the French president, and written in Pedder's gripping and immensely readable style, this is the essential, authoritative account for anyone wishing to understand Macron and the future of France in the world.

Rites of Peace - The Fall of Napoleon and the Congress of Vienna (Paperback): Adam Zamoyski Rites of Peace - The Fall of Napoleon and the Congress of Vienna (Paperback)
Adam Zamoyski 2
R311 R221 Discovery Miles 2 210 Save R90 (29%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Following on from his epic `1812: Napoleon's Fatal March on Moscow', bestselling author Adam Zamoyski has written the dramatic story of the Congress of Vienna. In the wake of his disastrous Russian campaign of 1812, Napoleon's imperious grip on Europe began to weaken, raising the question of how the Continent was to be reconstructed after his defeat. There were many who dreamed of a peace to end all wars, in which the interests of peoples as well as those of rulers would be taken into account. But what followed was an unseemly and at times brutal scramble for territory by the most powerful states, in which countries were traded as if they had been private and their inhabitants counted like cattle. The results, fixed at the Congress of Vienna in 1815, not only laid the foundations of the European world we know; it put in place a social order and a security system that lie at the root of many of the problems which dog the world today. Although the defining moments took place in Vienna, and the principle players included Tsar Alexander I of Russia, the Austrian Chancellor Metternich, the Duke of Wellington and the French master of diplomacy Talleyrand, as well as Napoleon himself, the accepted view of the gathering of statesmen reordering the Continent in elegant salons is a false one. Many of the crucial questions were decided on the battlefield or in squalid roadside cottages amid the vagaries of war. And the proceedings in Vienna itself were not as decorous as is usually represented. Drawing on a wide range of first-hand sources in six languages, which include not only official documents, private letters, diaries and first-hand accounts, but also the reports of police spies and informers, Adam Zamoyski gets below the thin veneer of courtliness and reveals that the new Europe was forged by men in thrall to fear, greed and lust, in an atmosphere of moral depravity in which sexual favours were traded as readily as provinces and the 'souls' who inhabited them. He has created a chilling account, full of menace as well as frivolity.

The Last Palace - Europe's Extraordinary Century Through Five Lives and One House in Prague (Paperback): Norman Eisen The Last Palace - Europe's Extraordinary Century Through Five Lives and One House in Prague (Paperback)
Norman Eisen 1
R410 R262 Discovery Miles 2 620 Save R148 (36%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

For any reader of Edmund de Waal's THE HARE WITH THE AMBER EYES or Erik Larson's IN THE GARDENS OF BEASTS, Norman L Eisen's THE LAST PALACE tells the story of the tumultuous past 100 years in Europe as seen from the most beautiful house in Prague, the Petschek Villa. The Petschek Villa was Norman L Eisen's home during his tenure as US ambassador. In his remarkable book, he details the colourful lives of five of the palace's residents: - the optimistic Jewish financial baron who built the Petschek Villa after World War I as a statement of his faith in Europe, and who died of a broken heart after Europe brutally rejected him, his house, and his hopes - the cultured, complex German general who occupied the palace during World War II, ultimately saving the house and Prague itself from destruction - the American ambassador and Holocaust hero who became obsessed with the property after the war, acquiring it for the US, though neglecting to fight the Communist takeover of Czechoslovakia in the process - his successor 40 years later, an iconic former child star who used her showbiz wiles, with the house as her stage, to help the Velvet Revolution succeed in restoring Czechoslovak democracy - and the author, Norman L Eisen, the son of a Czech Auschwitz survivor, who moved into the palace once seized by the Nazis and found himself battling the lingering ghosts of European intolerance The Last Palace weaves a tapestry that is as vast and as intricate as any that hang in the palace itself. It is also an exploration of the wider themes in international history that have triggered three global wars (two hot and one cold), and threatens the peace of our world today.

The D-Day Atlas - Anatomy of the Normandy Campaign (Paperback): Charles Messenger The D-Day Atlas - Anatomy of the Normandy Campaign (Paperback)
Charles Messenger 1
R377 R305 Discovery Miles 3 050 Save R72 (19%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

This powerful study chronicles the evolution of the invasion plan and culminates in a day-by-day account of the landings by sea and by air on the Normandy beaches, followed by the grim six-week struggle to break through the German defences. An important feature is the space devoted to the German point of view, based on the latest archival research, and the organization of the French Resistance in northern and western France. At the heart of the book are 71 maps in full colour, many drawing in detail on those used by the Allies in 1944. Specially commissioned reconstruction drawings and contemporary photographs help bring the beaches and bocage of Normandy to life.

Sleepwalking into a New World - The Emergence of Italian City Communes in the Twelfth Century (Paperback): Chris Wickham Sleepwalking into a New World - The Emergence of Italian City Communes in the Twelfth Century (Paperback)
Chris Wickham
R504 R393 Discovery Miles 3 930 Save R111 (22%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Amid the disintegration of the Kingdom of Italy in the eleventh and twelfth centuries, a new form of collective government--the commune--arose in the cities of northern and central Italy. Sleepwalking into a New World takes a bold new look at how these autonomous city-states came about, and fundamentally alters our understanding of one of the most important political and cultural innovations of the medieval world. Chris Wickham provides richly textured portraits of three cities--Milan, Pisa, and Rome--and sets them against a vibrant backcloth of other towns. He argues that, in all but a few cases, the elites of these cities and towns developed one of the first nonmonarchical forms of government in medieval Europe, unaware that they were creating something altogether new. Wickham makes clear that the Italian city commune was by no means a democracy in the modern sense, but that it was so novel that outsiders did not know what to make of it. He describes how, as the old order unraveled, the communes emerged, governed by consular elites "chosen by the people," and subject to neither emperor nor king. They regularly fought each other, yet they grew organized and confident enough to ally together to defeat Frederick Barbarossa, the German emperor, at the Battle of Legnano in 1176. Sleepwalking into a New World reveals how the development of the autonomous city-state took place, which would in the end make possible the robust civic culture of the Renaissance.

Pogrom - Kishinev and the Tilt of History (Paperback): Steven J. Zipperstein Pogrom - Kishinev and the Tilt of History (Paperback)
Steven J. Zipperstein
R303 R284 Discovery Miles 2 840 Save R19 (6%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

So shattering were the aftereffects of Kishinev, the rampage that broke out in late-Tsarist Russia in April 1903, that one historian remarked that it was "nothing less than a prototype for the Holocaust itself." In three days of violence, 49 Jews were killed and 600 raped or wounded, while more than 1,000 Jewish-owned houses and stores were ransacked and destroyed. Recounted in lurid detail by newspapers throughout the Western world, and covered sensationally by America's Hearst press, the pre-Easter attacks seized the imagination of an international public, quickly becoming the prototype for what would become known as a "pogrom," and providing the impetus for efforts as varied as The Protocols of the Elders of Zion and the NAACP. Using new evidence culled from Russia, Israel, and Europe, distinguished historian Steven J. Zipperstein's wide-ranging book brings historical insight and clarity to a much-misunderstood event that would do so much to transform twentieth-century Jewish life and beyond.

SPQR - A History of Ancient Rome (Paperback, Main): Mary Beard SPQR - A History of Ancient Rome (Paperback, Main)
Mary Beard 1
R270 R213 Discovery Miles 2 130 Save R57 (21%) Shipped within 4 - 8 working days

Sunday Times Top 10 Bestseller Shortlisted for a British Book Industry Book of the Year Award 2016 The new series Ultimate Rome: Empire Without Limit is on BBC2 now Ancient Rome matters. Its history of empire, conquest, cruelty and excess is something against which we still judge ourselves. Its myths and stories - from Romulus and Remus to the Rape of Lucretia - still strike a chord with us. And its debates about citizenship, security and the rights of the individual still influence our own debates on civil liberty today. SPQR is a new look at Roman history from one of the world's foremost classicists. It explores not only how Rome grew from an insignificant village in central Italy to a power that controlled territory from Spain to Syria, but also how the Romans thought about themselves and their achievements, and why they are still important to us. Covering 1,000 years of history, and casting fresh light on the basics of Roman culture from slavery to running water, as well as exploring democracy, migration, religious controversy, social mobility and exploitation in the larger context of the empire, this is a definitive history of ancient Rome. SPQR is the Romans' own abbreviation for their state: Senatus Populusque Romanus, 'the Senate and People of Rome'.

New Approaches to European History, Series Number 41 - Women and Gender in Early Modern Europe (Paperback, 4th Revised... New Approaches to European History, Series Number 41 - Women and Gender in Early Modern Europe (Paperback, 4th Revised edition)
Merry E. Wiesner-Hanks
R533 Discovery Miles 5 330 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

This fourth edition of Merry E. Wiesner-Hanks's prize-winning survey features significant changes to every chapter, designed to reflect the newest scholarship. Global issues have been threaded throughout the book, while still preserving the clear thematic structure of previous editions. Thus readers will find expanded discussions of gendered racial hierarchies, migration, missionaries, and consumer goods. In addition, there is enhanced coverage of recent theoretical directions; the ideas, beliefs, and practices of ordinary people; early industrialization; women's learning, letter writing, and artistic activities; emotions and sentiments; single women and same-sex relations; masculinities; mixed-race and enslaved women; and the life course from birth to death. With geographically broad coverage, including Russia, Scandinavia, the Ottoman Empire, and the Iberian Peninsula, this remains the leading text on women and gender in Europe in this period. Accompanying this essential reading is a completely revised website featuring extensive updated bibliographies, web links, and primary source material.

Cambridge Military Histories - Morale and the Italian Army during the First World War (Hardcover): Vanda Wilcox Cambridge Military Histories - Morale and the Italian Army during the First World War (Hardcover)
Vanda Wilcox
R1,582 R1,465 Discovery Miles 14 650 Save R117 (7%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Italian performance in the First World War has been generally disparaged or ignored compared to that of the armies on the Western Front, and troop morale in particular has been seen as a major weakness of the Italian army. In this first book-length study of Italian morale in any language, Vanda Wilcox reassesses Italian policy and performance from the perspective both of the army as an institution and of the ordinary soldiers who found themselves fighting a brutally hard war. Wilcox analyses and contextualises Italy's notoriously hard military discipline along with leadership, training methods and logistics before considering the reactions of the troops and tracing the interactions between institutions and individuals. Restoring historical agency to soldiers often considered passive and indifferent, Wilcox illustrates how and why Italians complied, endured or resisted the army's demands through balancing their civilian and military identities.

The Three Emperors - Three Cousins, Three Empires and the Road to World War One (Paperback): Miranda Carter The Three Emperors - Three Cousins, Three Empires and the Road to World War One (Paperback)
Miranda Carter 1
R264 R184 Discovery Miles 1 840 Save R80 (30%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

The Three Emperors by Miranda Carter is the juicy, funny story of the three dysfunctional rulers of Germany, Russia and Great Britain at the turn of the last century, combined with a study of the larger forces around them. Three cousins. Three Emperors. And the road to ruin. As cousins, George V, Kaiser Wilhelm II and the last Tsar Nicholas II should have been friends - but they happened also to rule Europe's three most powerful states. This potent combination together with their own destructive personalities - petty, insecure, bullying, absurdly obsessive (stamp collecting, uniforms) - led not only to their own dramatic fallouts and falls from grace, but also to the outbreak of the First World War. Miranda Carter's riveting account of how three men who should have known better helped bring down an entire world is a gripping story of abdication, betrayal and murder. 'Fascinating. A wonderfully fresh and beautifully choreographed work of history' Mail on Sunday 'Miranda Carter's story is full of vivid quotations...a romp though the palaces of Europe in their last decades before Armageddon' Sunday Times 'Fascinating. Carter is a gifted storyteller and has written a very readable account' Independent 'That these three absurd men could ever have held the fate of Europe in their hands is a fact as hilarious as it is terrifying. I haven't enjoyed a historical biography this much since Lytton Strachey's Victoria' Zadie Smith Miranda Carter's first book, Anthony Blunt: His Lives, won the Royal Society of Literature Award and the Orwell Prize and was shortlisted for the Whitbread Biography Prize, the Guardian First Book Award, the Duff Cooper Prize and the James Tait Black Memorial Prize. The book was named as one of the New York Times Book Review's seven best books of 2002. Miranda lives in London with her husband and two sons.

Rocking Toward a Free World - When the Stratocaster Beat the Kalashnikov (Hardcover): Andras Simonyi Rocking Toward a Free World - When the Stratocaster Beat the Kalashnikov (Hardcover)
Andras Simonyi
R540 R425 Discovery Miles 4 250 Save R115 (21%) Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

Stephen Colbert calls Andras Simonyi "the only ambassador I know who can shred a mean guitar!" In fact, Simonyi, the former Hungarian ambassador to the U.S., may be the only diplomat to also front a rock band. And as both, he has witnessed two of the most powerful forces in modern life: democracy and rock and roll. In ROCKING TOWARD A FREE WORLD, Simonyi reflects on the profound effect of those two forces in his life. He details the struggle of growing up behind the Iron Curtain in 1960s Hungary, and how under a communist regime music was powerful but furtive: records were black-market bootlegs; concerts were held in secret; protests were hidden in lyrics. To get caught meant punishment, even prison. But Simonyi was determined and knew how music could feed the culturally impoverished. Inspired by the protest music coming out of the US and the UK, he formed a band, befriended musicians, and became part of the burgeoning rock scene. There were setbacks, the oppression of the regime, and the collapse of his own dreams of stardom. But Simonyi came of age in step with his struggling homeland. By 1989, when a watershed Amnesty International concert in Budapest helped signal lasting change in Hungary, it was Simonyi, now a bureaucrat, who helped make the concert a reality. That same year, the Berlin Wall fell, and communism began its collapse. Inspiring and moving, ROCKING TOWARD A FREE WORLD shows the soft power of rock and roll as a driver of change, and how it inspired one boy to make a difference in his country and the world.

To Hell and Back - Europe, 1914-1949 (Paperback): Ian Kershaw To Hell and Back - Europe, 1914-1949 (Paperback)
Ian Kershaw 1
R364 R216 Discovery Miles 2 160 Save R148 (41%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

'Superb ... likely to become a classic' Observer In the summer of 1914 most of Europe plunged into a war so catastrophic that it unhinged the continent's politics and beliefs in a way that took generations to recover from. The disaster terrified its survivors, shocked that a civilization that had blandly assumed itself to be a model for the rest of the world had collapsed into a chaotic savagery beyond any comparison. In 1939 Europeans would initiate a second conflict that managed to be even worse - a war in which the killing of civilians was central and which culminated in the Holocaust. To Hell and Back tells this story with humanity, flair and originality. Kershaw gives a compelling narrative of events, but he also wrestles with the most difficult issues that the events raise - with what it meant for the Europeans who initiated and lived through such fearful times - and what this means for us.

New Studies in European History - European Elites and Ideas of Empire, 1917-1957 (Hardcover): Dina Gusejnova New Studies in European History - European Elites and Ideas of Empire, 1917-1957 (Hardcover)
Dina Gusejnova
R1,596 R1,478 Discovery Miles 14 780 Save R118 (7%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Who thought of Europe as a community before its economic integration in 1957? Dina Gusejnova illustrates how a supranational European mentality was forged from depleted imperial identities. In the revolutions of 1917 to 1920, the power of the Hohenzollern, Habsburg and Romanoff dynasties over their subjects expired. Even though Germany lost its credit as a world power twice in that century, in the global cultural memory, the old Germanic families remained associated with the idea of Europe in areas reaching from Mexico to the Baltic region and India. Gusejnova's book sheds light on a group of German-speaking intellectuals of aristocratic origin who became pioneers of Europe's future regeneration. In the minds of transnational elites, the continent's future horizons retained the contours of phantom empires. This title is available as Open Access.

The Force of Beauty - Transforming French Ideas of Femininity in the Third Republic (Hardcover): Holly Grout The Force of Beauty - Transforming French Ideas of Femininity in the Third Republic (Hardcover)
Holly Grout
R932 Discovery Miles 9 320 Shipped within 7 - 11 working days
The Invention of the Modern Dog - Breed and Blood in Victorian Britain (Hardcover): Michael Worboys, Julie-Marie Strange, Neil... The Invention of the Modern Dog - Breed and Blood in Victorian Britain (Hardcover)
Michael Worboys, Julie-Marie Strange, Neil Pemberton
R679 R583 Discovery Miles 5 830 Save R96 (14%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

For centuries, different types of dogs were bred around the world for work, sport, or companionship. But it was not until Victorian times that breeders started to produce discrete, differentiated, standardized breeds. In The Invention of the Modern Dog, Michael Worboys, Julie-Marie Strange, and Neil Pemberton explore when, where, why, and how Victorians invented the modern way of ordering and breeding dogs. Though talk of "breed" was common before this period in the context of livestock, the modern idea of a dog breed defined in terms of shape, size, coat, and color arose during the Victorian period in response to a burgeoning competitive dog show culture. The authors explain how breeders, exhibitors, and showmen borrowed ideas of inheritance and pure blood, as well as breeding practices of livestock, horse, poultry and other fancy breeders, and applied them to a species that was long thought about solely in terms of work and companionship. The new dog breeds embodied and reflected key aspects of Victorian culture, and they quickly spread across the world, as some of Britain's top dogs were taken on stud tours or exported in a growing international trade. Connecting the emergence and development of certain dog breeds to both scientific understandings of race and blood as well as Britain's posture in a global empire, The Invention of the Modern Dog demonstrates that studying dog breeding cultures allows historians to better understand the complex social relationships of late-nineteenth-century Britain.

Counter-Diaspora - The Greek Second Generation Returns Home (Hardcover): Anastasia Christou Counter-Diaspora - The Greek Second Generation Returns Home (Hardcover)
Anastasia Christou
R1,366 R1,233 Discovery Miles 12 330 Save R133 (10%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

This book focuses on the return of the diasporic Greek second generation to Greece, primarily in the first decade of the twenty-first century, and their evolving, often ambivalent, senses of belonging and conceptualizations of "home." Drawing from a large-scale research project employing a multi-sited and multi-method comparative approach, Counter-Diaspora is a narrative ethnographic account of the lives and identities of second-generation Greek-Americans and Greek-Germans. Through an interdisciplinary gender and generational lens, the study examines lived migration experiences at three diasporic moments: growing up within the Greek diasporic setting in the United States and Germany; motivations for the counter-diasporic return; and experiences in the "homeland" of Greece. Research documents and analyzes a range of feelings and experiences associated with this "counter-diasporic" return to the ancestral homeland. Images and imaginations of the "homeland" are discussed and deconstructed, along with notions of "Greekness" mediated through diasporic encounters. Using extensive extracts from interviews, the authors explore the roles of, among other things, family solidarity, kinship, food, language, and religion, as well as the impact of "home-coming" visits on the decision to return to the ancestral "homeland." The book also contributes to a reconceptualization of diaspora and a problematization of the notion of "second generation."

Bankers and Bolsheviks - International Finance and the Russian Revolution (Hardcover): Hassan Malik Bankers and Bolsheviks - International Finance and the Russian Revolution (Hardcover)
Hassan Malik
R692 R533 Discovery Miles 5 330 Save R159 (23%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Following an unprecedented economic boom fed by foreign investment, the Russian Revolution triggered the worst sovereign default in history. Bankers and Bolsheviks tells the dramatic story of this boom and bust, chronicling the forgotten experiences of leading financiers of the age. Shedding critical new light on the decision making of the powerful personalities who acted as the gatekeepers of international finance, Hassan Malik narrates how they channeled foreign capital into Russia in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. While economists have long relied on quantitative analysis to grapple with questions relating to the drivers of cross-border capital flows, Malik adopts a historical approach, drawing on banking and government archives in four countries. The book provides rare insights into the thinking of influential figures in world finance as they sought to navigate one of the most challenging and lucrative markets of the first modern age of globalization. Bankers and Bolsheviks reveals how a complex web of factors--from government interventions to competitive dynamics and cultural influences--drove a large inflow of capital during this tumultuous period in world history. This gripping book demonstrates how the realms of finance and politics--of bankers and Bolsheviks--grew increasingly intertwined, and how investing in Russia became a political act with unforeseen repercussions.

Stalin's Music Prize - Soviet Culture and Politics (Hardcover): Marina Frolova-Walker Stalin's Music Prize - Soviet Culture and Politics (Hardcover)
Marina Frolova-Walker
R699 R646 Discovery Miles 6 460 Save R53 (8%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Marina Frolova-Walker's fascinating history takes a new look at musical life in Stalin's Soviet Union. The author focuses on the musicians and composers who received Stalin Prizes, awarded annually to artists whose work was thought to represent the best in Soviet culture. This revealing study sheds new light on the Communist leader's personal tastes, the lives and careers of those honored, including multiple-recipients Prokofiev and Shostakovich, and the elusive artistic concept of "Socialist Realism," offering the most comprehensive examination to date of the relationship between music and the Soviet state from 1940 through 1954.

A New Introduction to Islam (Paperback, Third Edition): Daniel W. Brown A New Introduction to Islam (Paperback, Third Edition)
Daniel W. Brown
R607 R486 Discovery Miles 4 860 Save R121 (20%) Shipped within 7 - 13 working days

Covering the origins, key features, and legacy of the Islamic tradition, the third edition of A New Introduction to Islam includes new material on Islam in the 21st century and discussions of the impact of historical ideas, literature, and movements on contemporary trends. * Includes updated and rewritten chapters on the Qur an and hadith literature that covers important new academic research * Compares the practice of Islam in different Islamic countries, as well as acknowledging the differences within Islam as practiced in Europe * Features study questions for each chapter and more illustrative material, charts, and excerpts from primary sources

The Classical World - An Epic History of Greece and Rome (Paperback): Robin Lane Fox The Classical World - An Epic History of Greece and Rome (Paperback)
Robin Lane Fox 3
R360 R250 Discovery Miles 2 500 Save R110 (31%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Robin Lane Fox's The Classical World: An Epic History of Greece and Rome is a comprehensive and enthralling introduction to Ancient civilization. The classical civilizations of Greece and Rome dominated the world for centuries and continue to intrigue and enlighten us with their inventions, whether philosophy, politics, theatre, athletics, celebrity, science or the pleasures of horse racing. Robin Lane Fox's spellbinding history, spans almost a thousand years of change from the foundation of the world's first democracy in Athens to the Roman Republic and the Empire under Hadrian. Bringing great figures such as Homer, Socrates, Cicero, Alexander, Antony and Cleopatra, Julius Caesar, Augustus and the first Christian martyrs to life, exploring freedom, justice and luxury, this wonderfully exciting tour brings the turbulent histories of Greece and Rome together in a masterly study. 'Epic in the true sense' The Times Books of the Year 'He writes supremely well ... a keen eye for the telling detail and powerful example ... the humanity of the exercise shines through ... compulsory, and compulsive, reading' Peter Jones, Sunday Telegraph Robin Lane Fox is a Fellow of New College, Oxford, and a University Reader in Ancient History. His other books include Alexander the Great, Pagans and Christians and The Unauthorized Version. He was historical advisor to Oliver Stone on the making of Stone's film Alexander, for which he waived all his fees on condition that he could take part in the cavalry charge against elephants which Stone staged in the Moroccan desert.

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Elizabeth Buchan Hardcover  (1)
R366 R281 Discovery Miles 2 810
Last Witnesses - Unchildlike Stories
Svetlana Alexievich Paperback  (1)
R346 R207 Discovery Miles 2 070
First to Fight - The Polish War 1939
Roger Moorhouse Hardcover  (1)
R593 R468 Discovery Miles 4 680
Einstein's War - How Relativity…
Matthew Stanley Hardcover  (1)
R402 R277 Discovery Miles 2 770
Creators, Conquerors, and Citizens - A…
Robin Waterfield Hardcover  (1)
R596 R445 Discovery Miles 4 450
Hitler - Only the World Was Enough
Brendan Simms Hardcover  (1)
R570 R432 Discovery Miles 4 320