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Ravensburger Basta: Ravensburger Basta
R172 Discovery Miles 1 720 Shipped within 5 - 7 working days
Playing Cards - Star Wars Darth Vader & Storm Trooper Duo Helmet Set: Playing Cards - Star Wars Darth Vader & Storm Trooper Duo Helmet Set
R636 Discovery Miles 6 360 Shipped within 6 - 7 working days

This gift set contains both the Darth Vader helmet container with the "story of Darth Vader" playing cards as well as the storm trooper container with "the villains playing cards" from episode 7, the Force Awakens.

Playing Cards - Star Wars Death Star Attack Card Game: Playing Cards - Star Wars Death Star Attack Card Game
R71 Discovery Miles 710 Shipped within 6 - 7 working days

Be the first player to move the ship card off the row, will the Death Star get in firing range or will the Rebels defeat Vader and send him fleeing... for a longer battle, lay Seven cards face down between the players

Rory's Story Cubes - Original: Rory's Story Cubes - Original
R217 R164 Discovery Miles 1 640 Save R53 (24%) Shipped within 6 - 7 working days

Here's a game that's enormous fun and will sharpen your wits and hone your imagination. The 54 images were designed by Rory O'Connor of Ireland, a trainer in creativity and creative problem-solving. They can be used to arrive at answers or decisions in an indirect and ingenious way.

Originally Rory had put the images on the faces of a Rubik's Cube, and players would turn the Cube to scramble the images, then choose one side to play with. Kate Jones of Kadon Enterprises suggested putting the 54 images on 9 separate cubes, to allow for quicker ways to generate more varied combinations, including conceptual puzzles. Rory readily agreed, having considered the 9-cubes idea himself earlier. At a creativity conference held at Kadon headquarters in May 2004, a prototype was whipped up, and in 2005 Kadon launched the cubes version of Rory's Story Cubes.

Each jumbo 1" cube has 6 images or icons, with a total of 54 all-different hand-inlaid images that can be mixed in over 10 million ways. You roll all 9 cubes to generate 9 random images and then use these to invent a story that starts with "Once upon a time..." and uses all 9 elements as part of your narrative.

Play it as a game for one or more players, or as a party game for three or more. Or play it as an improv game where each player contributes part of the story, picking up where the last one left off. Win award points for speedy delivery, inventiveness, imagination, drama and humor.

Full instructions include several other ways to use the cubes to solve problems, break up writer's block, enhance your imagination and heighten your ability to find unifying themes among the diverse images. Interpret or get at the meanings of your answers more quickly. It's fun, easy, and mind-stretching.

As a puzzle the cubes will really give your imagination a work-out. You'll practically feel both sides of your brain dancing. The challenge: Fit the 9 cubes into a 3x3 square. Now examine the cubes in any one row and turn them so their tops have something in common. Do this for all 3 rows. Explain your choices, or challenge another player to identify the element they share. More than one answer may be right, and there are thousands of possible combinations.

Rory's Story Cubes are recommended for all ages over 8, though it's fun to watch a younger child create combinations with the cubes and make up stories.

Creative's Everyday Games - Roll and Build: Creative's Everyday Games - Roll and Build
R138 R101 Discovery Miles 1 010 Save R37 (27%) Shipped within 6 - 8 working days

Improve your vocabulary and spelling skills with this unique set of word making games from creatives that are as educative as they are fun to play with!

Tales & Games: The Grasshopper & the Ant: Tales & Games: The Grasshopper & the Ant
R429 Discovery Miles 4 290 Shipped within 6 - 7 working days

The Grasshopper & the Ant is the fourth title in Purple Brain Games' "Tales & Games" series, each of which comes packaged in a book-shaped box. In this game, players take turns playing the part of the industrious ants and the grasshopper content to sponge off the labor of the ants.

The Grasshopper & the Ant includes two ways to play, but the heart of both is the same. At the start of the game, lay out 16 (of the 48) path cards in a 4x4 grid; each path card shows one of four types of landscapes. The ant player places six ants on these cards, one ant per card, with the ants forming a chain (as in real life), then secretly chooses one type of terrain on which at least one ant stands. The grasshopper player then stands with one of the ants, and if the grasshopper chose the same landscape as the ant player, the grasshopper takes all the path cards of this type on which an ant stands; if the grasshopper chose incorrectly, then the ant player takes these path cards. Either way, you then refill the 4x4 grid. The ant player keeps playing until she finally wins path cards, then the next player in clockwise order controls the ants. (In winter mode, the third and fourth players control red ants and receive a random path card if they match the choice of the ant player.)

In autumn mode, players score path cards immediately, with each type being tracked independently; path cards that feature insects are saved for a endgame bonus. As soon as a player maxes out two scoring tracks, the game ends and whoever has the most points wins.

In winter mode, players keep the path cards they collect in order to buy provision cards (worth one victory point), which cost particular combinations of path types. In this mode, when you win a path card that features an insect, you can claim another card in the grid that features the same insect. Collect both provision cards of the same type, and you score a bonus VP. The first player to collect 4 VPs wins.

Koontz - The Sundial: Koontz - The Sundial
R99 Discovery Miles 990 Shipped within 6 - 7 working days

Can you tell what time it is without a watch or a cell phone? Sure you can! Sundials have been telling time for thousands of years. Now you can build a watch-style sundial with this kit from Koontz. Using the same principles as obelisks and shadow clocks, sundials can be aligned to be parallel to the Earth's axis of rotation and use your own geographical latitude and the sun's position to tell time. A gnomon in the center of the sundial creates a shadow that lines up with the current time. So shadows are good for something besides spooking you in the middle of the night and shading you during hide and seek! These shadows actually show you what the solar time is! The sundial watch is assembled from 23 cardboard pieces with a working compass on the watch face. Use the compass and follow the instructions to orient yourself so you always know what time it is. No batteries necessary!

Shuffle Twist Game Box - Despicable Me 3 Minions: Shuffle Twist Game Box - Despicable Me 3 Minions
R187 Discovery Miles 1 870 Shipped within 6 - 7 working days

Aim of the Game - Guess Who is on the other players mystery card before they guess who is on your's. How to Play - Take turns to ask questions (the youngest player goes first). On your turn ask a question that can be answered with yes or no (for example does your mystery person have a hat?) if the answer is yes then you know to get rid of all the people without a hat. Keep taking turns until someone thinks they can guess who is on the mystery card. To win the game you must guess who is on your opponents mystery card before they guess who is on yours! Gameplay lasts approx 15 minutes. Suitable for ages 5+ and 2 players. Game guide included. Download the free Shuffle App to change the gameplay from a traditional card game.

Ravensburger Level 8 Card Game: Ravensburger Level 8 Card Game
R139 Discovery Miles 1 390 Shipped within 5 - 7 working days
Dr Eureka: Dr Eureka
R351 Discovery Miles 3 510 Shipped within 6 - 7 working days

The brilliant Dr. Eureka has important experiments for you to complete! Pick a challenge card, 3 test tubes and 6 colorful balls to solve his scientific formula. Carefully move your materials from tube to tube without dropping them, and position them as illustrated on the challenge card. This brainteasing party game can be played solitary or competitively. The high quality components and the creative concept make it a challenging game for the whole family.

Top Trumps Collectors Tin -Slytherin: Top Trumps Collectors Tin -Slytherin
R220 R158 Discovery Miles 1 580 Save R62 (28%) Shipped within 4 - 8 working days

Get on board the Hogwarts Express with this Top Trumps Slytherin Suitcase Tin! Containing two packs of Harry Potter Top Trumps based around Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Parts 1 and 2, this is a great addition to any Potter fan's wizarding world.

Creative's Match & Learn: Creative's Match & Learn
R97 R71 Discovery Miles 710 Save R26 (27%) Shipped within 6 - 8 working days

First memory game for eager learners. Sort and match 31 pairs of beautifully illustrated pictures of objects relating to the child’s environment. Great for the kids as they develop Pre- Reading skills and Visual Recall.

Shuffle Fun Game Box - Cars  Happy Families Game: Shuffle Fun Game Box - Cars Happy Families Game
R76 Discovery Miles 760 In stock

Disney Cars Happy Families is a really fun family game. The object of the game is to collect as many families (groups of 4 that belong together) as possible. It is a game for 2 or more players. Suitable for ages from 4+

Creative's Means of Transport: Creative's Means of Transport
R117 R86 Discovery Miles 860 Save R31 (26%) Shipped within 6 - 8 working days

Young learners will be fascinated by the different means of transport and their use. The 25 large picture cards can be classified in different ways such as land, sea, fast, slow, small etc.

OutSet - Mosquito Madness - The Bug Slapping Game: OutSet - Mosquito Madness - The Bug Slapping Game
R269 Discovery Miles 2 690 Shipped within 3 - 5 working days

Mosquito Madness is a bug-slapping matching game. Players frantically race to find the nine mosquitoes pictured on their card. But watch out - these absolutely adorable mosquitoes will mess with your mind as you search for matching pairs!

Noggin Playground - Bzzz Oink Bingo: Noggin Playground - Bzzz Oink Bingo
R299 Discovery Miles 2 990 Shipped within 3 - 5 working days

Bzzz Oink Bingo is a Noggin Playground sight and sound matching game for preschool kids. Bzzz, bzzz, bzzz… is that a bee I hear? Moooooooo… now I hear a cow. Tick-tock… that must be a clock. It’s time to make noise and have some fun, all while developing listening skills!

In this bingo game, kids have to focus as they listen for sounds that match the pictures on their bingo boards. With some pictures appearing more than once, kids need to use their critical thinking skills to determine the best spot on the board to place their chips in order to win! The combination of listening and looking is a great way to help children focus on a task and they have fun hearing silly sounds! Includes eight two-sided bingo boards for beginner and advanced play!

OutSet - See-It? Slam-It!: OutSet - See-It? Slam-It!
R399 Discovery Miles 3 990 Shipped within 3 - 5 working days

See-It? Slam-It! is a fast-paced family card game where players must shout out a word associated with a picture. There are three picture cards showing at all times. A letter card is flipped over and players race to spot something on any one of the cards beginning with that letter. See something!?! Then slam your hand down fast on the card before someone else spots a match.

For example, the three picture cards shown are of pears, a cactus, and a shark jumping out of a pail. You flip over the letter card and it's a "P". Now slam your hand quick on one of the picture cards and make a connection to the letter, "P". You could slam the cactus and say, "prickly"! BAM! There you go! You saw it, you slammed it. Now you know how to play See-It? Slam It! Get ready for a fun game of speed and observation.

OutSet - Kids Scavenger Hunt in a Box: OutSet - Kids Scavenger Hunt in a Box
R299 Discovery Miles 2 990 Shipped within 3 - 5 working days

Kids Scavenger Hunt is an active play game for indoors or outdoors. This means that children can play rain or shine! Kids actively seek objects based on the cards in their hand. The first team to collect all the clues is crowned the winner.

OutSet - Guacamole (tin): OutSet - Guacamole (tin)
R199 Discovery Miles 1 990 Shipped within 3 - 5 working days

Guacamole! is an ingredient grabbing matching game. This lively card game is perfect for kids to spice up their day or for contemplative adults. Players must use critical thinking to collect the ingredients for their guacamole recipes. The goal of the game is to win one Recipe Disc from each spice level of mild, medium, and spicy. With new possibilities and foiled plans, playing Guacamole! can be as challenging as picking a ripe avocado!

OutSet Farm Animal Dominoes: OutSet Farm Animal Dominoes
R149 Discovery Miles 1 490 Shipped within 3 - 5 working days

The classic matching game for the young ones. Each game contains 36 illustrated dominoes of farm animals.

OutSet Farming Dice: OutSet Farming Dice
R139 Discovery Miles 1 390 Shipped within 3 - 5 working days

Roll the dice. Send some carrots to the LEFT. Send some apples to the RIGHT. Send some wheat to the BANK. And take back your broccoli. Just don't let anyone control your entire crop or you're out of the game! Farming has never been so dicey!

Object of Farming Dice is to be the last farmer with tokens. Farming Dice requires some strategy and a little luck of the dice. The roll of the dice determines which crops to move, but the player decides where the crop goes - and if you play it strategically, you can eliminate a farmer from the game. Take a look at the instructions for more details.

Noggin Playground - Adventures in Storyland: Noggin Playground - Adventures in Storyland
R449 Discovery Miles 4 490 Shipped within 3 - 5 working days

Adventures in Storyland™ is a Noggin Playground early learning story-telling game where kids use their imagination to create fantastic adventures. With 12 scenes and over 200 cards, there are endless combinations and millions of possibilities.

Alex was happy. Mom said he could ride his pet hippopotamus to school today. But something was wrong. The crossing guard was missing. Instead there was an astronaut directing traffic. How strange! Then all of a sudden…

OutSet - Ant Colony: OutSet - Ant Colony
R319 Discovery Miles 3 190 Shipped within 3 - 5 working days

Ant Colony is loads of cooperative fun. Players must overcome obstacles as they work together to build an ant colony. Just watch out for hidden rocks, angry beetles, and pesky anteaters!

Noggin Playground - Dragon Dash: Noggin Playground - Dragon Dash
R319 Discovery Miles 3 190 Shipped within 3 - 5 working days

Dragon Dash™ is a Noggin Playground cooperative early learning game for kids. This means that all players are teammates and have the same goal. Either everyone wins, or everyone is defeated!

The Queen has called on her fearless knights to help unite the kingdom. In this cooperative game, players must build a safe path across the green fields of Dragonwood while dashing past diving dragons! Will you make it before you run out of resources? Or will the dragons be victorious?

Kids will enjoy rolling the jumbo dice, which is used to set the coordinates for where the dragon should land. If the dragon lands on one of the three Knight's Gear, then the team has defeated the dragon and can continue on their path. But, if the dragon lands on one of the path tiles, the team is blocked and better hope that they have another path exit to continue on their way!

Noggin Playground - Princess Snakes and Ladders: Noggin Playground - Princess Snakes and Ladders
R269 Discovery Miles 2 690 Shipped within 3 - 5 working days

Princess Snakes and Ladders is a Noggin Playground basic counting game for preschool kids.

The king of Neverland has been captured and locked in a tower. Now it’s up to the PRINCESSES of his realm to rescue him. You will need to use your counting skills as you climb ladders and slide down banners in a frantic race to the top of the tower. Who will be the first to rescue the king and become a hero?

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