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American Awakening - Eight Principles to Restore the Soul of America (Hardcover): John Kingston American Awakening - Eight Principles to Restore the Soul of America (Hardcover)
John Kingston; Foreword by David Brooks and Anne Snyder
R625 R495 Discovery Miles 4 950 Save R130 (21%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days
Michael Walzer (Paperback): J Toby Reiner Michael Walzer (Paperback)
J Toby Reiner
R624 Discovery Miles 6 240 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

Michael Walzer is one of the world's most important political thinkers, whose major works, such as Spheres of Justice and Just and Unjust Wars, have transformed many central debates in contemporary political philosophy. In this book, Toby J. Reiner provides the most wide-ranging and up-to-date introduction to his work available. Reiner examines his writings on topics ranging from justice in war, humanitarian intervention and migration ethics to distributive justice, multiculturalism, and the political role of religion. Situating Walzer's thought in the intellectual environment of post-war American leftist politics, Reiner demonstrates the importance of his attempt to provide a social-democratic alternative to liberalism, Marxism, and post-modernism. He shows that Walzer has developed a novel approach to political theory based on the thesis that human communities construct the values that give meaning to their lives, giving his work a significance that goes well beyond political theory, into political and social science more broadly. Reiner not only gives a crystal clear guide to Walzer's ideas for students of political philosophy and general readers, but also develops an original and illuminating new interpretation of his thought that no political theorist can afford to miss.

Social Science Concepts and Measurement - New and Completely Revised Edition (Paperback): Gary Goertz Social Science Concepts and Measurement - New and Completely Revised Edition (Paperback)
Gary Goertz
R827 R743 Discovery Miles 7 430 Save R84 (10%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

A fully revised edition of the classic reference on concepts and their role in social science research Social Science Concepts and Measurement offers an updated look at the theory and methodology of concepts for the social sciences. Emphasizing that most concepts are multilevel and multidimensional, this revised edition continues to bring the qualitative and quantitative closer together, with new chapters devoted to scaling, aggregation, and the methodological links between the semantics of concepts and numeric measures. In addition, it stresses that concepts are used for description and causal inference, and contain normative judgments. Initial chapters focus on conceptualization, followed by chapters on issues of measurement. The textbook examines concepts in the international arena (such as the global performance indicators used by international organizations like the UN and the World Bank), as well as classic paired concepts such as poverty and wealth, democracy and authoritarianism, and war and peace. Additionally, it explores such topics as typologies, hybrid concepts, and how complex concepts constitute complex theories. The volume serves as a guide to the methodology of concepts in the classroom and is accompanied by more than two hundred exercises. Social Science Concepts and Measurement is an indispensable resource for graduate students and scholars.

Promoting the War Effort - Robert Horton and Federal Propaganda, 1938-1946 (Hardcover): Mordecai Lee Promoting the War Effort - Robert Horton and Federal Propaganda, 1938-1946 (Hardcover)
Mordecai Lee
R1,032 Discovery Miles 10 320 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

Though historians have largely overlooked Robert Horton, his public relations campaigns remain fixed in popular memory of the home front during World War II. Utilizing all media -- including the nascent technology of television -- to rally civilian support, Horton's work ranged from educational documentary shorts like Pots to Planes, which depicted the transformation of aluminum household items into aircraft, to posters employing scare tactics, such as a German soldier with large eyes staring forward with the tagline "He's Watching You." Iconic and calculated, Horton's campaigns raise important questions about the role of public relations in government agencies. When are promotional campaigns acceptable? Does war necessitate persuasive communication? What separates information from propaganda? Promoting the War Effort traces the career of Horton -- the first book-length study to do so -- and delves into the controversies surrounding federal public relations.

A former reporter, Horton headed the public relations department for the U.S. Maritime Commission from 1938 to 1940. Then -- until Pearl Harbor in December 1941 -- he directed the Division of Information (DOI) in the Executive Office of the President, where he played key roles in promoting the New Deal, President Franklin D. Roosevelt's unprecedented third-term reelection campaign, and the prewar arms-production effort. After Pearl Harbor, Horton's DOI encouraged support for the war, primarily focusing on raising civilian and workforce morale. But the DOI under Horton assumed a different wartime tone than its World War I predecessor, the Committee on Public Information. Rather than whipping up prowar hysteria, Horton focused on developing campaigns for more practical purposes, such as conservation and production. In mid-1942, Roosevelt merged the Division and several other agencies into the Office of War Information. Horton stayed in government, working as the PR director for several agencies. He retired in mid-1946, during the postwar demobilization.

Promoting the War Effort recovers this influential figure in American politics and contributes to the ongoing public debate about government public relations during a time when questions about how facts are disseminated -- and spun -- are of greater relevance than ever before.

The Statesman's Yearbook 2019 - The Politics, Cultures and Economies of the World (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2019): Palgrave... The Statesman's Yearbook 2019 - The Politics, Cultures and Economies of the World (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2019)
Palgrave Macmillan
R9,247 Discovery Miles 92 470 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Now in its 155th edition, The Statesman's Yearbook continues to be the reference work of choice for accurate and reliable information on every country in the world. Covering political, economic, social and cultural aspects, the Yearbook is also available online for subscribing institutions.

Social Movements - An Introduction (Paperback, 3rd Edition): Donatella della Porta, Mario Diani Social Movements - An Introduction (Paperback, 3rd Edition)
Donatella della Porta, Mario Diani
R1,049 Discovery Miles 10 490 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

A new, fully-revised and updated edition of the leading introduction to social movements and collective action - covers a broad range of approaches in the social sciences. Now in its third edition, Social Movements is the market-leading introductory text on collective action in contemporary society. The text draws from theory-driven, systematic empirical research from across the social sciences to address central questions and concepts in the field. Sophisticated yet reader-friendly chapters offer critical analyses of relevant literature whilst exploring important issues and debates. The global political landscape has undergone significant changes in the years since this book's initial publication, such as the spread of online protests, the resurgence of nationalist and right-wing activity, global revolts, and increased social and economic polarization. This thoroughly updated edition offers fresh discussions of recent social movements against austerity from around the world, new empirical examples, references to recent episodes of contention, an expanded comparative approach to social movement theory in the scientific literature, and more. Positioned at the intersection of sociology and political science, this book: Presents an empirical and engaging exploration of contemporary social movements Discusses topics such as organizing within social movements, eventful protests, political opportunities, symbolism and identity in collective action, and social change Highlights how core mechanisms of collective action operate in different movements, past and present Provides a conceptual methodology useful for social science students and researchers alike Highlights how core mechanisms of collective action operate in different movements in the past and present Written by two internationally recognized experts in sociology and political science, the third edition of Social Movements: An Introduction is an essential course text and a must-read for students and scholars of sociology, political sociology, political science, and social movement studies.

Telecommunications Politics - Ownership and Control of the information Highway in Developing Countries (Hardcover): Bella Mody,... Telecommunications Politics - Ownership and Control of the information Highway in Developing Countries (Hardcover)
Bella Mody, Johannes M. Bauer, Joe Straubhaar
R3,108 Discovery Miles 31 080 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

This volume brings together scholars and policymakers to address the issue of telecommunications policy in developing countries. It elaborates on the position that economics and technology determine the framework for discussion, but politics makes the decision. Politics, in this case, refers to the dynamics of the power structure generated by the historical and contemporary context of state, social, economic, and cultural forces. The chapter authors address the system of information transportation -- the telecommunications sector in developing countries ranging from low-income countries with overburdened, rural roads in south Asia and Africa trying to catch up to digitalized fibre-optic superhighways in middle income countries such as Singapore.
The organization of the book reflects a contextually situated intellectual viewpoint. The first part presents a historical and conceptual introduction to changes in the organization of telecommunications. The second part analyzes the major external and internal forces that have influenced the process of private sector participation in telecommunications. The third part offers ten comparative country case studies that provide evidence of the diverse conditions, goals, and processes of the realignment of public and private tasks in the telecommunications industry. Finally, contributors address the issue of regulation from differing positions -- a pragmatic, "how-to-cope" discussion for developing country decision makers.
The diverse perspectives in this volume should provide help to developing countries in their struggle with proposals received from international banks, private investors, interested "big powers," and their consulting firms.

The New Despotism (Hardcover): John Keane The New Despotism (Hardcover)
John Keane
R655 R519 Discovery Miles 5 190 Save R136 (21%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

A disturbing in-depth expose of the antidemocratic practices of despotic governments now sweeping the world. One day they'll be like us. That was once the West's complacent and self-regarding assumption about countries emerging from poverty, imperial rule, or communism. But many have hardened into something very different from liberal democracy: what the eminent political thinker John Keane describes as a new form of despotism. And one day, he warns, we may be more like them. Drawing on extensive travels, interviews, and a lifetime of thinking about democracy and its enemies, Keane shows how governments from Russia and China through Central Asia to the Middle East and Europe have mastered a formidable combination of political tools that threaten the established ideals and practices of power-sharing democracy. They mobilize the rhetoric of democracy and win public support for workable forms of government based on patronage, dark money, steady economic growth, sophisticated media controls, strangled judiciaries, dragnet surveillance, and selective violence against their opponents. Casting doubt on such fashionable terms as dictatorship, autocracy, fascism, and authoritarianism, Keane makes a case for retrieving and refurbishing the old term "despotism" to make sense of how these regimes function and endure. He shows how they cooperate regionally and globally and draw strength from each other's resources while breeding global anxieties and threatening the values and institutions of democracy. Like Montesquieu in the eighteenth century, Keane stresses the willing complicity of comfortable citizens in all these trends. And, like Montesquieu, he worries that the practices of despotism are closer to home than we care to admit.

Social Capital (Paperback): Joonmo Son Social Capital (Paperback)
Joonmo Son
R573 Discovery Miles 5 730 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

Social capital is a principal concept across the social sciences and has readily entered into mainstream discourse. In short, it is popular. However, this popularity has taken its toll. Social capital suffers from a lack of consensus because of the varied ways it is measured, defined, and deployed by different researchers. It has been put to work in ways that stretch and confuse its conceptual value, blurring the lines between networks, trust, civic engagement, and any type of collaborative action. This clear and concise volume presents the diverse theoretical approaches of scholars from Marx, Coleman, and Bourdieu to Putnam, Fukuyama, and Lin, carefully analyzing their commonalities and differences. Joonmo Son categorizes this wealth of work according to whether its focus is on the necessary preconditions for social capital, its structural basis, or its production. He distinguishes between individual and collective social capital (from shared resources of a personal network to pooled assets of a whole society), and interrogates the practical impact social capital has had in various policy areas (from health to economic development). Social Capital will be of immense value to readers across the social sciences and practitioners in relevant fields seeking to understand this mercurial concept.

The Southern Political Tradition (Paperback): Michael Perman The Southern Political Tradition (Paperback)
Michael Perman
R583 Discovery Miles 5 830 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

In The Southern Political Tradition, the distinguished southern historian Michael Perman explores the region's distinctive political practices and behaviors, primarily resulting from the South's perception of itself as a minority under attack from the 1820s to the 1960s. Drawing on his extensive research and understanding of southern politics, Perman singles out three features of the area's political history. He calls the first element "The One-Party Paradigm," a political system characterized by one-party dominance rather than competition between two or more. The second feature, "The Frontier and Filibuster Defense," illustrates a dramatic, preemptive response within Congress to any threat to the region's racial order. And in the third, "The Over-Representation Mechanism," Perman describes the skillful manipulation of institutional mechanisms in Congress that resulted in greater influence than the region's relatively small population warranted.

This anomalous tradition has all but disappeared since the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Voting Rights Act of 1965. The Southern Political Tradition offers an insightful and provocative perspective on the South's political history.

In Defense of Universal Human Rights (Paperback): Rhoda E. Howard-Hassmann In Defense of Universal Human Rights (Paperback)
Rhoda E. Howard-Hassmann
R436 Discovery Miles 4 360 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Should African and Muslim-majority countries be obliged to protect LGBT rights, or do such rights violate their cultures? Should Western-based corporations be held liable if their security guards injure union activists in another part of the world, or should such decisions be settled under local or domestic law? In this book, renowned human rights scholar Rhoda E. Howard-Hassmann vigorously defends the universality of human rights, arguing that the entire range of rights is necessary for all individuals everywhere, regardless of sex, color, ethnicity, sexuality, religion or social class. Howard-Hassmann grounds her defense of universality in her conception of human dignity, which she maintains must include personal autonomy, equality, respect, recognition, and material security. Only social democracies, she contends, can be considered fully rights-protective states. Taking issue with scholars who argue that human rights are "Western" quasi-imperialist impositions on states in the global South, and risk undermining community and social obligation, Howard-Hassmann explains how human rights support communities and can only be preserved if states and individuals observe their duties to protect them.

Theories of International Politics and Zombies - Revived Edition (Paperback, Rev Ed): Daniel W. Drezner Theories of International Politics and Zombies - Revived Edition (Paperback, Rev Ed)
Daniel W. Drezner
R447 R317 Discovery Miles 3 170 Save R130 (29%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

What would happen to international politics if the dead rose from the grave and started to eat the living? Daniel Drezner's groundbreaking book answers the question that other international relations scholars have been too scared to ask. Addressing timely issues with analytical bite, Drezner looks at how well-known theories from international relations might be applied to a war with zombies. Exploring the plots of popular zombie films, songs, and books, "Theories of International Politics and Zombies" predicts realistic scenarios for the political stage in the face of a zombie threat and considers how valid--or how rotten--such scenarios might be.

This newly revived edition includes substantial updates throughout as well as a new epilogue assessing the role of the zombie analogy in the public sphere.

Power & Choice: An Introduction to Political Science (Int'l Ed) (Paperback, 14th edition): W. Phillips Shively Power & Choice: An Introduction to Political Science (Int'l Ed) (Paperback, 14th edition)
W. Phillips Shively
R1,315 R1,229 Discovery Miles 12 290 Save R86 (7%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

This program provides a general, comparative introduction to the major concepts and themes of political science. The title of the book, Power & Choice, indicates a subsidiary theme that recurs at intervals. We may view politics as (1) the use of power or (2) the production of a public choice. Often one or the other is heavily emphasized in approaching the subject. Marxism emphasizes politics as the use of power, while pluralism and much formal modeling work emphasize the emergence of public choices.

Containment in the Middle East (Hardcover): Ehud Eilam Containment in the Middle East (Hardcover)
Ehud Eilam
R670 R530 Discovery Miles 5 300 Save R140 (21%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Containment in the Middle East is expressed in many ways. The United States and Israel strive to contain Iran, including its nuclear project. However there were disputes between the United States and Israel about how to do that, particularly in regard to the military option. It seems that the United States managed both to contain Israel so the latter will not bomb Iran and to contain Iran's nuclear project, to a certain degree. This book discuss containment in the Middle East using recent examples, including the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Journalist and Middle-East scholar Ehud Eilam provides an overarching look at containment, providing important and timely insight on the extremely fluid political situation in the Middle East. Containment serves several purposes. For both Israel and the Palestinian Authority it has been an alternative to negotiations, until the two sides can agree / force the other to restart the talks. For the United States it was a way to avoid a war, in dealing with Iran's nuclear program. Israel also has been trying to prevent a confrontation in the Gaza Strip by relying on containment, which often worked. This approach, a result of the policy of both sides, has caused suffering to the people living in the Gaza Strip. In other cases containment was meant to weaken the foe without starting a war, as Israel did by bombing shipments of weapons to Hezbollah. Containment was also part of a war, like in suppressing insurgents in Egypt and Syria, which cost the population there dearly, in particular in Syria. This approach was a compromise due to lack of ability to defeat the enemy yet in Syria eventually Assad managed to basically win. Middle East containment served Israel, the United States, and others, but was often also used against those states.

The Oxford Handbook of Climate Change and Society (Paperback): John S. Dryzek, Richard B. Norgaard, David Schlosberg The Oxford Handbook of Climate Change and Society (Paperback)
John S. Dryzek, Richard B. Norgaard, David Schlosberg
R993 Discovery Miles 9 930 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Climate change presents perhaps the most profound challenge ever confronted by human society. This volume is a definitive analysis drawing on the best thinking on questions of how climate change affects human systems, and how societies can, do, and should respond. Key topics covered include the history of the issues, social and political reception of climate science, the denial of that science by individuals and organized interests, the nature of the social disruptions caused by climate change, the economics of those disruptions and possible responses to them, questions of human security and social justice, obligations to future generations, policy instruments for reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and governance at local, regional, national, international, and global levels.

The Art of War - A New Translation by Michael Nylan (Hardcover): Sun Tzu The Art of War - A New Translation by Michael Nylan (Hardcover)
Sun Tzu; Translated by Michael Nylan
R349 Discovery Miles 3 490 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Sun Tzu's book of strategy and psychology has as much to tell us today as when it was written 2,500 years ago. Michael Nylan, in her provocative introduction, sees new and unexpected lessons to be learned from The Art of War-in business, relationships, games of skill, academic careers and medical practices. Strategy, like conflict, is woven into society's very roots. Nylan's crisp translation "offers a masterly new evaluation of this classic work, which balances the overtly military content with a profound and thought-provoking analysis" (Olivia Milburn). It proves that Sun Tzu is more relevant than ever, helping us navigate the conflicts we know and those we have yet to endure.

Anarchy, State, and Utopia - An Advanced Guide (Paperback): Lester H. Hunt Anarchy, State, and Utopia - An Advanced Guide (Paperback)
Lester H. Hunt
R640 Discovery Miles 6 400 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Anarchy, State, and Utopia: An Advanced Guide presents a comprehensive and accessible introduction to the ideas expressed in Robert Nozick s highly influential 1974 work on free-market libertarianism considered one of the most important and influential works of political philosophy published in the latter half of the 20th-century. * Makes accessible all the major ideas and arguments presented in Nozick s complex masterpiece * Explains, as well as critiques, Robert Nozick s theory of free market libertarianism * Enables a new generation of readers to draw their own conclusions about the wealth of timely ideas on individualism and libertarian philosophy * Indicates where Nozick s theory has explanatory power, where it is implausible, and where there are loose ends with further work to be done

The Art of Rhetoric (Paperback): Aristotle The Art of Rhetoric (Paperback)
Aristotle; Translated by Robin Waterfield; Edited by Harvey Yunis
R279 R223 Discovery Miles 2 230 Save R56 (20%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

For all men are persuaded by considerations of where their interest lies... Aristotle's Art of Rhetoric is the earliest systematic treatment of the subject, and it remains among the most incisive works on rhetoric that we possess. In it, we are asked: What is a good speech? What do popular audiences find persuasive? How does one compose a persuasive speech? Aristotle considers these questions in the context of the ancient Greek democratic city-state, in which large audiences of ordinary citizens listened to speeches pro and con before casting the votes that made the laws, decided the policies, and settled the cases in court. Persuasion by means of the spoken word was the vehicle for conducting politics and administering the law. After stating the basic principles of persuasive speech, Aristotle places rhetoric in relation to allied fields such as politics, ethics, psychology, and logic, and he demonstrates how to construct a persuasive case for any kind of plea on any subject of communal concern. Aristotle views persuasion flexibly, examining how speakers should devise arguments, evoke emotions, and demonstrate their own credibility. The treatise provides ample evidence of Aristotle's unique and brilliant manner of thinking, and has had a profound influence on later attempts to understand what makes speech persuasive. The new translation of the text is accompanied by an introduction discussing the political, philosophical, and rhetorical background to Aristotle's treatise, as well as the composition and transmission of the original text and an account of Aristotle's life.

The Republic of Plato (Paperback, 3rd edition): Adam Kirsch, Allan Bloom The Republic of Plato (Paperback, 3rd edition)
Adam Kirsch, Allan Bloom; Edited by Adam Kirsch, Allan Bloom; Translated by Adam Kirsch, …
R492 R421 Discovery Miles 4 210 Save R71 (14%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Long regarded as the most accurate rendering of Plato's Republic that has yet been published, this widely acclaimed work is the first strictly literal translation of a timeless classic. In addition to the annotated text, there is also a rich and valuable essay,as well as indices,which will better enable the reader to approach the heart of Plato's intention. This new edition includes a new introduction by acclaimed critic Adam Kirsch, setting the work in its intellectual context for a new generation of readers.

Issues in Political Theory (Paperback, 4th Revised edition): Catriona McKinnon, Robert Jubb, Patrick Tomlin Issues in Political Theory (Paperback, 4th Revised edition)
Catriona McKinnon, Robert Jubb, Patrick Tomlin
R995 Discovery Miles 9 950 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

With a focus on real-world problems and debates, Issues in Political Theory is the clearest and most engaging introduction to political theory and how it is applied to address a range of global challenges. Its team of expert contributors introduce students to important concepts, key thinkers, and major texts in political theory, while extended case studies at the end of each chapter show students how to apply theoretical ideas to real contemporary issues and debates. The text is supported by online resources, which include additional case studies intended to give students confidence in using theory to shed light on key issues, and a range of additional teaching and learning resources.

The Common Law Inside the Female Body (Paperback): Anita Bernstein The Common Law Inside the Female Body (Paperback)
Anita Bernstein
R728 Discovery Miles 7 280 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

In The Common Law Inside the Female Body, Anita Bernstein explains why lawyers seeking gender progress from primary legal materials should start with the common law. Despite its reputation for supporting conservatism and inequality, today's common law shares important commitments with feminism, namely in precepts and doctrines that strengthen the freedom of individuals and from there the struggle against the subjugation of women. By re-invigorating both the common law - with a focus on crimes, contracts, torts, and property - and feminist jurisprudence, this highly original work anticipates a vital future for a pair of venerable jurisprudential traditions. It should be read by anyone interested in understanding how the common law delivers an extraordinary degree of liberty and security to all persons - women included.

How the Other Half Banks - Exclusion, Exploitation, and the Threat to Democracy (Paperback): Mehrsa Baradaran How the Other Half Banks - Exclusion, Exploitation, and the Threat to Democracy (Paperback)
Mehrsa Baradaran
R466 Discovery Miles 4 660 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

The United States has two separate banking systems today-one serving the well-to-do and another exploiting everyone else. How the Other Half Banks contributes to the growing conversation on American inequality by highlighting one of its prime causes: unequal credit. Mehrsa Baradaran examines how a significant portion of the population, deserted by banks, is forced to wander through a Wild West of payday lenders and check-cashing services to cover emergency expenses and pay for necessities-all thanks to deregulation that began in the 1970s and continues decades later. "Baradaran argues persuasively that the banking industry, fattened on public subsidies (including too-big-to-fail bailouts), owes low-income families a better deal...How the Other Half Banks is well researched and clearly written...The bankers who fully understand the system are heavily invested in it. Books like this are written for the rest of us." -Nancy Folbre, New York Times Book Review "How the Other Half Banks tells an important story, one in which we have allowed the profit motives of banks to trump the public interest." -Lisa J. Servon, American Prospect

A Short History of Western Political Thought (Paperback): W.M. Spellman A Short History of Western Political Thought (Paperback)
W.M. Spellman
R984 Discovery Miles 9 840 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

This brief narrative survey of political thought over the past two millennia explores key ideas that have shaped Western political traditions. Beginning with the Ancient Greeks' classical emphasis on politics as an independent sphere of activity, the book goes on to consider the medieval and early modern Christian views of politics and its central role in providing spiritual leadership. Concluding with a discussion of present-day political thought, W. M. Spellman explores the return to the ancient understanding of political life as a more autonomous sphere, and one that doesn't relate to anything beyond the physical world. Setting the work of major and lesser-known political philosophers within its historical context, the book offers a balanced and considered overview of the topic, taking into account the religious values, inherited ideas and social settings of the writers. Assuming no prior knowledge and written in a highly accessible style, "A Short History of Western Political Thought" is ideal for those seeking to develop an understanding of this fascinating and important subject.

Migration in Political Theory - The Ethics of Movement and Membership (Paperback): Sarah Fine, Lea Ypi Migration in Political Theory - The Ethics of Movement and Membership (Paperback)
Sarah Fine, Lea Ypi
R741 Discovery Miles 7 410 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Written by an international team of leading political and legal theory scholars whose writings have contributed to shaping the field, Migration in Political Theory presents seminal new work on the ethics of movement and membership. The volume addresses challenging and under-researched themes on the subject of migration. It debates the question of whether we ought to recognize a human right to immigrate, and whether it might be legitimate to restrict emigration. The authors critically examine criteria for selecting would-be migrants, and for acquiring citizenship, as well as the tensions between the claims of immigrants and existing residents, and tackle questions of migrant worker exploitation and responsibility for refugees. All of the chapters illustrate the importance of drawing on the tools of political theory to clarifying, criticize and challenge the current terms of the migration debate.

Prefigurative Politics - Building Tomorrow Today (Paperback): Paul Raekstad, Sofa Saio Gradin Prefigurative Politics - Building Tomorrow Today (Paperback)
Paul Raekstad, Sofa Saio Gradin
R571 Discovery Miles 5 710 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

Many of us wonder what we could possibly do to end oppression, exploitation, and injustice. People have studied revolutions and protest movements for centuries, but few have focused on prefigurative politics, the idea of 'building the new society within the shell of the old'. Fed up with capitalism? Get organised and build the institutions of the future in radical unions and local communities. Tired of politicians stalling on climate change? Set up an alternative energy collective. Ready to smash racism and the patriarchy? Root them out in all areas of our lives, not just in 'high politics'. This is the first book dedicated to prefigurative politics, explaining its history and examining the various debates surrounding it. How can collective decision-making be inclusive? In what ways are movements intersectional? Can prefigurative organisations scale up? It is a must-read for students of radical politics, anarchism, and social movements, as well as activists and concerned citizens everywhere.

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