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Biological Extinction - New Perspectives (Paperback): Partha Dasgupta, Peter Raven, Anna McIvor Biological Extinction - New Perspectives (Paperback)
Partha Dasgupta, Peter Raven, Anna McIvor
R755 Discovery Miles 7 550 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

The rapidly increasing human pressure on the biosphere is pushing biodiversity into the sixth mass extinction event in the history of life on Earth. The organisms being exterminated are integral working parts of our planet's life support system, and their loss is permanent. Like climate change, this irreversible loss has potentially devastating consequences for humanity. As we come to recognise the many ways in which we depend on nature, this can pave the way for a new ethic that acknowledges the importance of co-existence between humans and other species. Biological Extinction features chapters contributed by leading thinkers in diverse fields of knowledge and practice, including biology, economics, geology, archaeology, demography, architecture and intermediate technology. Drawing on examples from various socio-ecological systems, the book offers new perspectives on the urgent issue of biological extinction, proposing novel solutions to the problems that we face.

Epitaph for the Ash - In Search of Recovery and Renewal (Paperback, Edition): Lisa Samson Epitaph for the Ash - In Search of Recovery and Renewal (Paperback, Edition)
Lisa Samson 1
R279 R203 Discovery Miles 2 030 Save R76 (27%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

The ash tree has long been an integral part of the British landscape, its familiar branches protruding from limestone scars and chalky cliff faces. But tragically ash dieback, a disease from mainland Europe, now poses a serious threat to the trees' survival. And their grave prognosis took on a personal resonance when, while writing this book, Lisa Samson was diagnosed with a brain tumour, forcing her to contemplate her own mortality while the trees' likely fate emerged. Taking us from the lowlands of Norfolk to the northernmost reaches of the British Isles, Epitaph for the Ash offers up a rallying cry to treasure these remarkable woodlands while we can, before it is too late.

The Forgotten Skills of Self-Sufficiency Used by the Mormon Pioneers (Paperback): Caleb Warnock The Forgotten Skills of Self-Sufficiency Used by the Mormon Pioneers (Paperback)
Caleb Warnock
R406 R333 Discovery Miles 3 330 Save R73 (18%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

Many people dream of becoming self-reliant during these times of fluctuating prices and uncertain job security. Using truly simple techniques, you can cultivate the pioneer's independence to provide safety against lost wages, harsh weather, economic recession, and commercial contamination and shortages. Strengthen your family's self-reliance as you discover anew the joy of homegrown food, thrift, and self-sufficient living.

Adaptive Food Webs - Stability and Transitions of Real and Model Ecosystems (Hardcover): John C. Moore, Peter C. de Ruiter,... Adaptive Food Webs - Stability and Transitions of Real and Model Ecosystems (Hardcover)
John C. Moore, Peter C. de Ruiter, Kevin S. Mccann, Volkmar Wolters
R1,924 R1,818 Discovery Miles 18 180 Save R106 (6%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Presenting new approaches to studying food webs, this book uses practical management and policy examples to demonstrate the theory behind ecosystem management decisions and the broader issue of sustainability. All the information that readers need to use food web analyses as a tool for understanding and quantifying transition processes is provided. Advancing the idea of food webs as complex adaptive systems, readers are challenged to rethink how changes in environmental conditions affect these systems. Beginning with the current state of thinking about community organisation, complexity and stability, the book moves on to focus on the traits of organisms, the adaptive nature of communities and their impacts on ecosystem function. The final section of the book addresses the applications to management and sustainability. By helping to understand the complexities of multispecies networks, this book provides insights into the evolution of organisms and the fate of ecosystems in a changing world.

Too Hot to Touch - The Problem of High-Level Nuclear Waste (Hardcover, New): William M. Alley, Rosemarie Alley Too Hot to Touch - The Problem of High-Level Nuclear Waste (Hardcover, New)
William M. Alley, Rosemarie Alley
R692 Discovery Miles 6 920 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Today, the issue of waste management is as prominent as reactor safety in the controversies surrounding nuclear power and is particularly topical in the US since the 2010 closure of the Yucca Mountain repository project. William and Rosemarie Alley provide an engaging and authoritative account of the controversies and possibilities surrounding disposal of nuclear waste in the US, with reference also to other countries around the world. The book tells the full history from the beginnings after World War II up to today, bringing to life the pioneering science, the political wrangling and media drama, and the not-in-my-backyard communities fighting to put waste elsewhere. Written in down-to-earth language, by an expert with key involvement in the Yucca Mountain project, this is a timely book for public interest groups, affected communities, policymakers, environmentalists and research scientists working in related fields and anyone interested in finding out more about this important issue. Provides an enjoyable synthesis of the scientific, political and social elements of the problem of high-level nuclear waste Presents an in-depth, accessible explanation of the Yucca Mountain project, enabling readers to understand its strengths and weaknesses, and providing a substantive discussion for future proposed geologic repositories Includes an international perspective on the difficulties and progress other countries are experiencing compared to the US with regard to high-level waste management

The Science and Politics of Global Climate Change - A Guide to the Debate (Paperback, 3rd Revised edition): Andrew E. Dessler,... The Science and Politics of Global Climate Change - A Guide to the Debate (Paperback, 3rd Revised edition)
Andrew E. Dessler, Edward A. Parson
R948 Discovery Miles 9 480 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

This third edition has been comprehensively updated to reflect the large changes in scientific knowledge and policy debates on climate change since the previous edition in 2009. It provides a concise but thorough overview of the science, technology, economics, policy, and politics of climate change in a single volume. It explains how scientific and policy debates work, outlines the scientific evidence for the reality and seriousness of climate change and the basic atmospheric science that supports it, and discusses policy options and the current state of the policy debate. By pulling these elements together, the book explains why the issue can be so confusing and provides guidance on practical routes forward. Anyone interested in climate change, the global environment, or how science is used in policy debates should read this book. It is the ideal textbook for undergraduate or graduate courses in environmental policy and climate change.

Haiti Rising - Haitian History, Culture and the Earthquake of 2010 (Paperback): Martin Munro Haiti Rising - Haitian History, Culture and the Earthquake of 2010 (Paperback)
Martin Munro
R686 R537 Discovery Miles 5 370 Save R149 (22%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

The earthquake that struck Haiti on 12 January 2010 thrust the nation into the public consciousness as never before. There is now an unprecedented empathy for and interest in Haiti, and a related need for information on Haitian reality, beyond the cliches often associated with the nation. In particular, there is a special interest in the earthquake and the questions of Haiti's future development. Haiti Rising responds to this public interest and has three fundamental aims: to raise awareness of Haiti, its people, culture and history; to allow some who were in Haiti during the earthquake a chance to testify. The book brings together more than twenty essays written by some of the most prominent authorities on Haiti, and offers insights on the political, social and historical contexts, as well as the uniquely rich culture of the nation. The first part features survivor testimonies - moving accounts of the earthquake and its aftermath written by authors and academics, Haitian nationals and foreign visitors. The second part presents essays on economics, politics, society and culture (music, religion, visual art), and the ways in which they are interrelated in history and in contemporary life. The third section focuses on the history of Haiti from colonial times to the present and shows the ways in which history has shaped Haitian society. It shows how colonial class and colour structures have persisted, how the revolution has shaped subsequent political, cultural and social structures, and how the legacy of the Duvalier dictatorship has lingered. The final section features contributors who were not in Haiti at the time of the earthquake, but who have strong ties to Haiti. These authors write about their personal connections to Haiti, their reactions to the earthquake, and their hopes and recommendations for reconstruction.

Game Warden - On Patrol in Louisiana (Hardcover): Jerald Horst Game Warden - On Patrol in Louisiana (Hardcover)
Jerald Horst
R820 R642 Discovery Miles 6 420 Save R178 (22%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

Of all law enforcement officers, game wardens inspire the most awe in the mind of the public. Working day and night, often in challenging terrain and bad weather, game wardens typically operate alone in remote areas and must understand the natural rhythms and cycles of the creatures and ecosystems they protect, all while encountering and sometimes interacting with people who are usually armed. Outdoors writer Jerald Horst spent one year riding on patrol with game wardens in the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries. In riveting episodes, he chronicles their adventures, providing an up-close view of this demanding job and the band of men who take it on.

From the piney woods of the northwestern part of the state to the soggy Mississippi River delta and beyond to the deep waters of the Gulf of Mexico, Horst accompanied dozens of wildlife agents, observing them, asking questions, sometimes sitting for hours with no action, and occasionally fearing for his life, as in the case of one speedboat chase. His candid observations show that the work of agents is often mentally and physically challenging, sometimes tedious, and -- more often than would be expected -- humorous, but never dull.

Whether wardens are conducting routine checks of law-abiding sportsmen or in pursuit of suspected poachers, the unanticipated is the norm. A seemingly ordinary stop can turn deadly in an instant. As one officer told Horst "complacency can get you killed." More than a job, serving as a game warden is a way of life, and Horst relates how the agents he met came to their calling.

An objective look at a heroic career, Game Warden offers an enthralling portrait of both the profession and the men behind the badge.

Living Downstream (Paperback, 2 Rev Ed): Sandra Steingraber Living Downstream (Paperback, 2 Rev Ed)
Sandra Steingraber
R441 R364 Discovery Miles 3 640 Save R77 (17%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

The first edition of "Living Downstream"--an exquisite blend of precise science and engaging narrative--set a new standard for scientific writing. Poet, biologist, and cancer survivor, Steingraber uses all three kinds of experience to investigate the links between cancer and environmental toxins.

The updated science in this exciting new edition strengthens the case for banning poisons now pervasive in our air, our food, and our bodies. Because synthetic chemicals linked to cancer come mostly from petroleum and coal, Steingraber shows that investing in green energy also helps prevent cancer. Saving the planet becomes a matter of saving ourselves and an issue of human rights. A documentary film based on the book will coincide with publication.

Impending World Energy Mess - What It Is & What It Means to YOU! (Paperback): Robert L. Hirsch, Roger H. Bezdek, Robert M.... Impending World Energy Mess - What It Is & What It Means to YOU! (Paperback)
Robert L. Hirsch, Roger H. Bezdek, Robert M. Wendling
R291 R197 Discovery Miles 1 970 Save R94 (32%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

"The Impending World Energy Mess" will help educate readers

about the realities of energy in general and oil in particular.

The reader will be able to cut through the smokescreens that various self interests

have, and are promulgating and understand that there are a number of credible

studies that clearly demonstrate that world oil production is close to going into

decline, which will create long-term world oil shortages.

The huge economic impacts associated with impending oil shortages are brought

into sober, balanced perspective and readers are given tools to minimize the

impending negative impacts on their personal lives.

Finally, "The Impending World Energy Mess" provides a balanced discussion of the

strengths and weaknesses of a number of electric power production technologies,

and in particular, the inherent weaknesses in solar and renewable technologies.

How the West Was Warmed - Responding to Climate Change in the Rockies (Paperback): Beth Conover How the West Was Warmed - Responding to Climate Change in the Rockies (Paperback)
Beth Conover; Foreword by John Hickenlooper; Afterword by Bill Ritter
R437 R360 Discovery Miles 3 600 Save R77 (18%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

"There is no single menu theme here, but plenty of food for thought. Sample it. Chew on it. Share it with friends. Enjoy."--From the foreword by Denver Mayor John HickenlooperMelting glaciers. Pine beetle infestation. Drought. Carbon footprints. Green jobs and promises of a new energy economy. . . . When the venerable Aspen Skiing Company starts talking about the "death of snow," even the most determined deniers start to wonder, what is going on? This enlightening collection of essays develops a portrait of the wide range of responses to climate change in the Rocky Mountain West. For more than two decades, this region has been a leader in addressing climate change, and today it is a hub of solutions to this pressing global issue.Written by more than forty veteran journalists, scientists, businesspersons, and policy makers, these essays show us how climate change has and continues to affect the ways in which we live, work, and play. An alternative to the many dry scientific books and how-to greening manuals about global warming, "How The West Was Warmed" provides insight, hope, and a little dose of humor to inspire all Americans as we face the future.

A portion of the sales of this book will be donated to Western Resource Advocates
and to High Country News Research Fund.Editor Beth Conover has worked for twenty-five years at the intersection of environmental protection and economic development. As policy advisor to Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper, she was the architect of Greenprint Denver, one of the nation's earliest and largest urban sustainability programs, and helped lay the groundwork for the greening of the 2008 Democratic National Convention.Contributors to "How the West Was Warmed" include: Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper, Beth Conover, Auden Schendler, Stephen Trimble, Todd Hartman, Laura Pritchett, David Akerson, Mark Eddy, Lisa Jones, Sean Kelly, Jackson Perrin and Dev Carey, Diane Carman, Michael Jamison, Kirk Johnson, Peter Heller, Marc Waage, Eric Kuhn, Brad Udall, John Daley, Susan Moran, Jim Robbins, Hillary Rosner, Michelle Nijhuis, Tim Sullivan, Jocelyn Hittle, Ken Snyder, The Staff of Holy Cross Energy, James R. Udall, Todd Neff, Catherine Greener, Martha Records, Josh Radoff, Matthew H. Brown, Susan Innis, Michael L. Beatty, Steve Andrews, Jill Hanauer, David Winkler, Lisa Grove, Melissa Chernaik, Andrew Myers, Chip Ward, Florence Williams, Heidi VanGenderen, Jason Salzman, Colorado Governor Bill Ritter Jr.

Power Politics - Environmental Activism in South Los Angeles (Paperback): Power Politics - Environmental Activism in South Los Angeles (Paperback)
R803 Discovery Miles 8 030 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

In the late 1990s, when California's deregulation of the production and sale of electric power created massive energy shortages, a group of environmental justice activists blocked construction of a power plant in their working-class Mexican and Central American neighborhoods. Why did they choose this battle? And how did the largely high school student activists come to prevail in the face of statewide political opinion?

"Power Politics" is a rich and readable study of a grassroots campaign where longtime labor and environmental allies found themselves on opposite sides of a conflict that pitted good jobs against good air. Karen Brodkin analyzes how those issues came to be opposed and in doing so unpacks the racial and class dynamics that shape Americans' grasp of labor and environmental issues. "Power Politics'" activists stood at the forefront of a movement that is building broad-based environmental coalitions and placing social justice at the heart of a new and robust vision.

Energy Security (Paperback): Roland Dannreuther Energy Security (Paperback)
Roland Dannreuther
R439 Discovery Miles 4 390 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Many of the richest energy-producing regions of the world are wrought with conflict and billions of the world's poorest suffer the daily insecurity of energy poverty. All the while our planet is increasingly under pressure because of our continued dependence on fossil fuels. It is easy to see why energy security has become one of the major global challenges of the twenty-first century. In this book, Roland Dannreuther offers a new and comprehensive approach to understanding energy security. Drawing on the latest research, he treats energy security as a value that is continually in dynamic conflict with other core values, such as economic prosperity and sustainability. The different physical properties of the key energy resources coal, oil, gas, nuclear and renewables are of course critical for the differing manifestations of energy insecurity. But it is the social, economic and political contexts, developed over time and place, which are essential for a fuller appreciation of contemporary energy challenges. In highlighting the history and politics of energy security and the critical role played by power and justice in framing these debates, this incisive and cutting-edge analysis is a go-to introduction for students grappling with the complexities of energy security today.

Great Experiment in Conservation - Voices from the Adirondack Park (Hardcover): William Porter Great Experiment in Conservation - Voices from the Adirondack Park (Hardcover)
William Porter
R1,187 Discovery Miles 11 870 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

The Adirondack region of New York State is, in many respects, America's cauldron of conservation. It was there, more than a century ago, that wanton exploitation of forests first aroused concern about human impact on the environment. It was there that Americans first began to set aside lands proclaimed as 'forever wild'. The establishment of the Adirondack Park created an immense landscape of 6 million acres composed of a mixture of public and private lands in nearly equal proportion. This unprecedented blend of human communities within wild lands makes the Adirondack Park perhaps one of the greatest case studies in conservation and development in U.S. history. Representing a remarkable achievement in environmental scholarship and drawn from decades of research, ""The Great Experiment in Conservation"" captures the wisdom born of the last thirty years of the park's evolution. The editors bring together leading scholars, activists, and practitioners - those who know the Park's origin and the realities of living in a protected area - to narrate this history. Organized into three sections, contributors explore the ecological, cultural, and economic aspects of the region, drawing lessons from successes and failures as they struggle to find the right balance of private interests and public controls. With keen insight and deep passion, the authors reveal the Adirondack Park's rich natural and cultural history in shaping conservation policy, providing vital contributions to the future study of land preservation.

Our Better Nature - Environment and the Making of San Francisco (Hardcover): Philip J Dreyfus Our Better Nature - Environment and the Making of San Francisco (Hardcover)
Philip J Dreyfus
R670 Discovery Miles 6 700 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

Few cities are so dramatically identified with their environment as San Francisco--the landscape of hills, the expansive bay, the engulfing fog, and even the deadly fault line shifting below. Yet most residents think of the city itself as separate from the natural environment on which it depends. In "Our Better Nature," Philip J. Dreyfus recounts the history of San Francisco from Indian village to world-class metropolis, focusing on the interactions between the city and the land and on the generations of people who have transformed them both. Dreyfus examines the ways that San Franciscans remade the landscape to fit their needs, and how their actions reflected and affected their ideas about nature, from the destruction of wetlands and forests to the creation of Golden Gate and Yosemite parks, the Sierra Club, and later, the birth of the modern environmental movement.

Today, many San Franciscans seek to strengthen the ties between cities and nature by pursuing more sustainable and ecologically responsible ways of life. Consistent with that urge, "Our Better Nature" not only explores San Francisco's past but also poses critical questions about its future. Dreyfus asks us to reassess our connection to the environment and to find ways to redefine ourselves and our cities within nature. Only with such an attitude will San Francisco retain the magic that has always charmed residents and visitors alike.

Cape Cod Bay - A History of Salt & Sea (Paperback): Theresa Mitchell Barbo Cape Cod Bay - A History of Salt & Sea (Paperback)
Theresa Mitchell Barbo; Foreword by Richard G Gurnon
R506 R406 Discovery Miles 4 060 Save R100 (20%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

European explorers were captivated by the seemingly endless bounty of natural resources on Cape Cod Bay. One Englishman declared that the codfish were so thick one "could" walk on their backs. Early settlers quickly learned how to harness the bay's resources and excelled at shore whaling, shipping and salt making. But as these new industries flourished, the native Wampanoag, who helped the fledgling colony to take root, nearly vanished. Author Theresa Mitchell Barbo's skillful narrative weaves together the natural and cultural histories of the bay, highlighting some of the region's diverse milestones- from the drafting of the Mayflower Compact in 1620 to the establishment of the Pilgrim Nuclear Power Plant 350 years later. "Cape Cod Bay: A History of Salt & Sea" inspires new appreciation for this storied and stunning seascape, and underscores the importance of new efforts to preserve the bay's unique ecosystem.

Circular Health - Empowering the One Health Revolution (Paperback): Ilaria Capua Circular Health - Empowering the One Health Revolution (Paperback)
Ilaria Capua; Foreword by Louise O Fresco
R498 Discovery Miles 4 980 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

The COVID-19 pandemic has demonstrated our fragility as a species. Humanity was attacked by a previously unknown virus that spread very rapidly, thanks to a speed of population mobility never before seen in human history. It succeeded in creating the complete upset of the global socio-economic system. Such an event gives us an important stimulus to re-evaluate health in the context of a circular system that encompasses humans and the environment in which we live. The key challenge we face is the discovery of novel paths to crisis resolution. Can we abandon the often cherished, but now rather obsolete, tendency to specialize in a restricted subject area? Can we re-discover the ability to become permeable to ideas that reach us from other disciplines and embrace a thinking-out-of-the-box approach? This book encourages the reader to consider this challenge via the telling of stories, both great and small. Stories that, although sometimes overlooked, have defi ned the course of our history and thus open the door to a new pathway of progress. In some ways, COVID-19 may have shown the direction nature expects us to take. Ilaria Capua suggests to us that, today more than ever, we are the responsible actors in the circle of life, guardians of our planet and defenders of its health. As one entity of circular nature.

Biorefinery of Inorganics - Recovering Mineral Nutrients from Biomass and Organic Waste (Hardcover): Erik Meers, Gerard... Biorefinery of Inorganics - Recovering Mineral Nutrients from Biomass and Organic Waste (Hardcover)
Erik Meers, Gerard Velthof, Evi Michels, Rene Rietra; Series edited by Christian V Stevens
R4,247 Discovery Miles 42 470 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

Provides complete coverage of the recovery of mineral nutrients from biomass and organic waste This book presents a comprehensive overview of the potential for mineral recovery from wastes, addressing technological issues as well as economic, ecological, and agronomic full-scale field assessments. It serves as a complete reference work for experts in the field and provides teaching material for future experts specializing in environmental technology sectors. Biorefinery of Inorganics: Recovering Mineral Nutrients from Biomass and Organic Waste starts by explaining the concept of using anaerobic digestion as a biorefinery for production of an energy carrier in addition to mineral secondary resources. It then discusses the current state of mineral fertilizer use throughout the world, offering readers a complete look at the resource availability and energy intensity. Technical aspects of mineral recovery organic (waste-)streams is discussed next, followed by an examination of the economics of biobased products and their mineral counterparts. The book also covers the environmental impact assessment of the production and use of bio-based fertilizers; modelling and optimization of nutrient recovery from wastes; and more. Discusses global production and consumption of mineral fertilizers Introduces technologies for the recovery of mineral NPK from organic wastes and residues Covers chemical characterization and speciation of refined secondary resources, and shows readers how to assess biobased mineral resources Discusses applications of recovered minerals in the inorganic chemistry sector Compares the economics of biobased products with current fossil-based counterparts Offers an ecological assessment of introducing biobased products in the current fertilizer industry Edited by leading experts in the field Biorefinery of Inorganics: Recovering Mineral Nutrients from Biomass and Organic Waste is an ideal book for scientists, environmental engineers, and end-users in the agro-industry, the waste industry, water and wastewater treatment, and agriculture. It will also be of great benefit to policy makers and regulators working in these fields.

Green Utopias - Environmental Hope Before and After Nature (Paperback): Lisa Garforth Green Utopias - Environmental Hope Before and After Nature (Paperback)
Lisa Garforth
R435 Discovery Miles 4 350 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Environmentalism has relentlessly warned about the dire consequences of abusing and exploiting the planet's natural resources, imagining future wastelands of ecological depletion and social chaos. But it has also generated rich new ideas about how humans might live better with nature. Green Utopias explores these ideas of environmental hope in the post-war period, from the environmental crisis to the end of nature. Using a broad definition of Utopia as it exists in Western policy, theory and literature, Lisa Garforth explains how its developing entanglement with popular culture and mainstream politics has shaped successive green future visions and initiatives. In the face of apocalyptic, despairing or indifferent responses to contemporary ecological dilemmas, utopias and the utopian method seem more necessary than ever. This distinctive reading of green political thought and culture will appeal across the social sciences and humanities to all interested in why green utopias continue to matter in the cultivation of ecological values and the emergence of new forms of human and nonhuman well-being.

At Risk - Natural Hazards, People's Vulnerability And Disasters (Paperback, 2nd New edition): Piers Blaikie, Terry Cannon,... At Risk - Natural Hazards, People's Vulnerability And Disasters (Paperback, 2nd New edition)
Piers Blaikie, Terry Cannon, Ian Davis, Ben Wisner
R450 R422 Discovery Miles 4 220 Save R28 (6%) In stock

The term 'natural disaster' is often used to refer to natural events such as earthquakes, hurricanes or floods. However, the phrase 'natural disaster' suggests an uncritical acceptance of a deeply engrained ideological and cultural myth.

At Risk questions this myth and argues that extreme natural events are not disasters until a vulnerable group of people is exposed. It also focuses on what makes people vulnerable. Often this means analyzing the links between poverty and vulnerability. But it is also important to take account of different social groups that suffer more in extreme events, including women, children, the frail and elderly, ethnic minorities, illegal immigrants, refugees and people with disabilities.

Vulnerability has also been increased by global environmental change and economic globalization - it is an irony of the 'risk society' that efforts to provide 'security' often create new risks. Fifty years of deforestation in Honduras and Nicaragua opened up the land for the export of beef, coffee, bananas, and cotton. It enriched the few, but endangered the many when hurricane Mitch struck these areas in 1998. Rainfall sent denuded hillsides sliding down on villages and towns.

This new edition of At Risk confronts a further ten years of ever more expensive and deadly disasters since it was first published and discusses disaster not as an aberration, but as a signal failure of mainstream 'development'. Two analytical models are provided as tools for understanding vulnerability. One links remote and distant 'root causes' to 'unsafe conditions' in a 'progression of vulnerability'. The other uses the concepts of 'access' and 'livelihood' to understand why some households are more vulnerable than others.

The book then concludes with strategies to create a safer world..

Martyr of the Amazon - The Life of Sister Dorothy Stang (Paperback): Roseanne Murphy Martyr of the Amazon - The Life of Sister Dorothy Stang (Paperback)
Roseanne Murphy
R417 R389 Discovery Miles 3 890 Save R28 (7%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

The murder in 2005 of an American nun, Sister Dorothy Stang, focused the world's attention on the plight of poor farmers in the Brazilian Amazon and their struggles against rapacious developers. Sister Dorothy had worked in Brazil for forty years. From a conventional nun in the pre-Vatican II era, she had developed a keen social conscience and, increasingly, a deep, mystical commitment to the integrity of Creation. These ideals combined in her advocacy for the rights of the poor and her defense of the imperiled rain forest. They also earned her the enmity of land-grabbing ranchers who repeatedly threatened her. "All I ask," she wrote, "is God's grace to help me keep on this journey, fighting for the people to have a more egalitarian life and that we learn to respect God's creation."

Species Conservation - Lessons from Islands (Paperback): Jamieson A. Copsey, Simon A. Black, Jim J. Groombridge, Carl G. Jones Species Conservation - Lessons from Islands (Paperback)
Jamieson A. Copsey, Simon A. Black, Jim J. Groombridge, Carl G. Jones
R894 Discovery Miles 8 940 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

This book brings together leading conservation practitioners to reflect on their response to the current global biodiversity crisis, through the lens of island species recovery and management. Initial chapters cover the biological understanding of small population biology and the growing threat of invasive species, while subsequent chapters discuss the management of these threats and the complexity of leading projects within a dynamic and still relatively unknown system. Multiple case studies from islands worldwide illustrate key points, allowing readers to draw on the first-hand practical experience of experienced professionals. This resource will be invaluable to both current and future conservation professionals, helping them to go beyond disciplinary 'comfort zones' and develop, manage and lead projects over extensive timeframes in a way that brings others with them on the journey.

Wrenched from the Land - Activists Inspired by Edward Abbey (Paperback): Ml Lincoln Wrenched from the Land - Activists Inspired by Edward Abbey (Paperback)
Ml Lincoln; Edited by Diane Sward Rapaport; Foreword by Bill McKibben
R588 R471 Discovery Miles 4 710 Save R117 (20%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

Wrenched from the Land features sixteen interviews with some of the most iconic eco-warriors to put themselves on the line for their beliefs. The activists featured in this book are inspired by the late Edward Abbey, one of America's uncompromising and irascible defenders of wilderness. The book includes interviews with Terry Tempest Williams, the late Charles Bowden, Sea Shepherd Society founder Paul Watson, Jack Loeffler, Doug Peacock, Ingrid Eisenstadter, John De Puy, Bob Lippman, Derrick Jensen, Shonto Begay, Ken Sanders, Ken Sleight, the late Katie Lee, Executive Director of the Center for Biological Diversity Kieran Suckling, Earth First! cofounder Dave Foreman, and climate activist Tim DeChristopher. Some were among Abbey's closest friends and were the inspiration for his irreverent comedic masterpiece, The Monkey Wrench Gang. Here are mesmerizing stories about how they adapted Abbey's monkeywrenching ideas into a radical blueprint for direct action. Their achievements--as ingenious and fierce as the individuals in this book--will encourage readers to discover their own pathways toward positive change.

City Adrift - New Orleans Before and After Katrina (Hardcover): Center for Public Integrity, Dan Rather, Jenni Bergal, Sara... City Adrift - New Orleans Before and After Katrina (Hardcover)
Center for Public Integrity, Dan Rather, Jenni Bergal, Sara Shipley Hiles, Frank Koughan, …
R540 R434 Discovery Miles 4 340 Save R106 (20%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

Hurricane Katrina was a stunning example of complete civic breakdown. Beginning on August 29, 2005, the world watched in horror as -- despite all the warnings and studies -- every system that might have protected New Orleans failed. Levees and canals buckled, pouring more than 100 billion gallons of floodwater into the city. Botched communications crippled rescue operations. Buses that might have evacuated thousands never came. Hospitals lost power, and patients lay suffering in darkness and stifling heat. At least 1,400 Louisianans died in Hurricane Katrina, more than half of them from New Orleans, and hundreds of thousands more were displaced, many still wondering if they will ever be able to return. How could all of this have happened in twenty-first-century America? And could it all happen again?

To answer these questions, the Center for Public Integrity commissioned seven seasoned journalists to travel to New Orleans and investigate the storm's aftermath. In City Adrift: New Orleans Before and After Katrina, they present their findings. The stellar roster of contributors includes Pulitzer Prize-winner John McQuaid, whose earlier work predicted the failure of the levees and the impending disaster; longtime Boston Globe newsman Curtis Wilkie, a French Quarter resident for nearly fifteen years; and Katy Reckdahl, an award-winning freelance journalist who gave birth to her son in a New Orleans hospital the day before Katrina hit.

They and the rest of the investigative team interviewed homeowners and health officials, first responders and politicians, and evacuees and other ordinary citizens to explore the storm from numerous angles, including health care, social services, housing and insurance, and emergency preparedness. They also identify the political, social, geographical, and technological factors that compounded the tragedy.

Comprehensive and balanced, City Adrift provides not only an assessment of what went wrong in the Big Easy during and following Hurricane Katrina, but also, more importantly, a road map of what must be done to ensure that such a devastating tragedy is never repeated.

Green Christmas - Little changes that bring joy and help the planet (Hardcover): Eilidh Gallagher Green Christmas - Little changes that bring joy and help the planet (Hardcover)
Eilidh Gallagher
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Clever, easy-to-follow tips for a fun and sustainable Christmas In the run-up to Christmas, it is all too easy to get overwhelmed by the rush to buy last-minute presents or feel pressurised into buying far more food than you can ever eat. At the same time, you know that tonnes of plastic will be making their way into landfill as a result of unwanted gifts or broken baubles. Not to mention the miles and miles of wrapping paper. If you're ready for a change this December, then Green Christmas is here to help you bring the focus back to happiness and togetherness. So, slow down, take a breath and approach the season as you should: merrily. Every chapter in this book is brimming with tips to help you seek out sustainable but beautiful alternatives for the things you no longer feel you need, and come up with fun things to do with the people you care about. Once you start the journey of creating your own advent calendar, upcycling a novelty jumper or learning the art of furoshiki gift-wrapping, you'll be beaming like a child at, well ... Christmas. It's all about little changes that will bring you joy, year after year. The planet will thank you too!

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