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Blackwell's Five-Minute Veterinary Consult Clinical Companion - Small Animal Gastrointestinal Diseases (Paperback):... Blackwell's Five-Minute Veterinary Consult Clinical Companion - Small Animal Gastrointestinal Diseases (Paperback)
Jocelyn Mott, Jo Ann Morrison
R2,968 R2,743 Discovery Miles 27 430 Save R225 (8%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Blackwell's Five-Minute Veterinary Consult Clinical Companion: Small Animal Gastrointestinal Diseases offers a highly accessible resource for the most common and not-so common diseases of the gastrointestinal system, pancreas, liver, and gallbladder in small animals. Covers diseases and disorders of the oral cavity and salivary glands, esophagus, stomach, small intestine, colon, anus and perianal region, pancreas, liver, and gall bladder Provides a comprehensive yet concise reference to gastrointestinal and hepatologic diseases encountered in daily veterinary practice Presents the most important information for each disease in a highly accessible format Depicts the clinical conditions discussed with helpful color photographs

Aspinall's Complete Textbook of Veterinary Nursing (Paperback, 3rd Revised edition): Nicola Ackerman, Victoria Aspinall Aspinall's Complete Textbook of Veterinary Nursing (Paperback, 3rd Revised edition)
Nicola Ackerman, Victoria Aspinall
R1,752 R1,522 Discovery Miles 15 220 Save R230 (13%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

The third edition of Aspinall's Complete Textbook of Veterinary Nursing is the ideal text for both student and qualified veterinary nurses as it covers the entire veterinary nursing syllabus. Now written in the main by veterinary nurses this book comprehensively covers all aspects of the veterinary nursing role from client communication to nutritional support. All chapters have been revised in line with changes in legislation and regulation, but also theoretical and practical aspects. Greater emphasis on the veterinary practice structure including the role of corporate businesses and use of social media bring this edition fully up to date. The new edition welcomes Nicola Ackerman as principal editor. Nicola is past officer of the BVNA and editor of the Veterinary Nursing Journal, and is currently the chair of The Pet Obesity Taskforce. Nicola is a winner of several awards including the Blue Cross/BVNA Veterinary Nurse of the Year 2010. Nicola was the first Veterinary Nurse in the UK to become a veterinary nurse specialist in nutrition. Comprehensive content ideal for both student and qualified veterinary nurses Over 700 full colour illustrations for enhanced understanding Written by veterinary nurses for veterinary nurses Recommended reading given for each chapter to aid further research Evolve Resources containing Self-assessment questions for every chapter to test learning Image Bank of over 700 figures Additional chapters New chapters on Emergency Critical care, Fluid therapy, Practice and Staff management and Consulting skills. Anaesthesia and Analgesia chapter fully revised and updated. New chapter on Equine Behaviour and Handling, including recognition of pain in equines.

Essentials of Disease in Wild Animals (Hardcover): Gary A. Wobeser Essentials of Disease in Wild Animals (Hardcover)
Gary A. Wobeser
R1,991 R1,851 Discovery Miles 18 510 Save R140 (7%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

The interrelationship between wild animal, domestic animals and human health is appreciated now more than ever before. This is because of the recognition of the involvement of wild animals in diseases of humans and domestic animals, the impact of disease on wildlife management and conservation biology, recognition of new forms of environmental contamination, and academic interest in disease as an ecological factor.

This is the first introductory level book about disease in wild animals that deals with basic subjects such as the nature of disease, what causes disease, how disease is described and measured, how diseases spread and persist and the effects of disease on individual animals and populations. In contrast to authors of many other veterinary books, Gary A. Wobeser takes a more general approach to health in wild animals, recognizing that disease is one ecological factor among many and that disease can never be considered satisfactorily in isolation. Rather than focus on individual causative agents and their effect on the individual animal, the emphasis is on why disease occurred, and on the complex interactions that occur among disease agents, the environment and host populations.

Written by a leading researcher in wildlife diseases, this book will fill a knowledge gap for those called to work with disease in wild animals who lack experience or training in the general features of disease as they relate to wild animals. Veterinarians, ecologists, wildlife biologists, population biologists and public health workers will find this book invaluable.

Canine Kitchen Capers - A Humorous Look at Preparing Food for Dogs (& Spouses) (Paperback): Judy Morgan D.V.M., Hue Grant Canine Kitchen Capers - A Humorous Look at Preparing Food for Dogs (& Spouses) (Paperback)
Judy Morgan D.V.M., Hue Grant
R398 Discovery Miles 3 980 Ships in 7 - 11 working days
Blackwell's Five-Minute Veterinary Consult - Small Mammal (Hardcover, 2nd Edition): Barbara L. Oglesbee Blackwell's Five-Minute Veterinary Consult - Small Mammal (Hardcover, 2nd Edition)
Barbara L. Oglesbee
R2,218 R2,064 Discovery Miles 20 640 Save R154 (7%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

"Blackwell's Five-Minute Veterinary Consult: Small Mammal" brings together a wide range of information on diseases commonly seen in small exotic mammals into a single, accessible resource. With consistency and broad coverage unparalleled by other texts, this new edition adds sections on chinchillas, guinea pigs, and rodents to the existing rabbit and ferret topics to offer complete coverage of these popular, yet less commonly treated, species. Detailed, up-to-date information on the diagnosis and treatment options for all disorders commonly encountered in exotic companion animals is readily accessible, making this a go-to reference for any veterinarian seeing small exotic mammals, regardless of their experience level with these species.

Divided into sections by species, topics are organized alphabetically, with a standardized layout that makes it easy to find information. The Second Edition includes access to customizable Client Education Handouts, which can be downloaded and used in the veterinary clinic, on a companion website at www.wiley.com/go/oglesbee. This book is an essential purchase for general practitioners treating exotic companion animals, exotic animal veterinarians, and veterinary students.

Osteopathy and the Treatment of Horses (Paperback): Anthony Pusey, Julia Brooks, Annabel Jenks Osteopathy and the Treatment of Horses (Paperback)
Anthony Pusey, Julia Brooks, Annabel Jenks
R1,641 R1,533 Discovery Miles 15 330 Save R108 (7%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Written by pioneering and internationally-renowned specialists in the field, this text provides clinically-orientated information on osteopathy as a treatment for horses. It explains the scientific rationale of how osteopathy works in animals, as well as providing a detailed working guide to the technical skills and procedures you need to know to perform safe and effective osteopathic procedures. * Drawing on well established practices for humans this book provides details on the full variety of diagnostic and therapeutic osteopathic procedures that can be used on horses. * Full of practical information, it demonstrates how professionals treating equine locomotor problems can adapt different procedures in different clinical settings. * Over 350 colour images and detailed step-by-step instructions demonstrate the procedures and practice of osteopathy. * Covers treatment both with and without sedation and general anaesthetic. This comprehensive text is written for students and practitioners of osteopathy with an interest in treating horses. It will also be useful to other allied therapists, and to veterinary practitioners who want to know more about the treatment of musculoskeletal problems.

Clinical Equine Oncology (Hardcover): Derek C. Knottenbelt, Katie Snalune, Janet Patterson Kane Clinical Equine Oncology (Hardcover)
Derek C. Knottenbelt, Katie Snalune, Janet Patterson Kane
R2,846 R2,598 Discovery Miles 25 980 Save R248 (9%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

In Clinical Equine Oncology, Derek Knottenbelt will add to his very well-regarded range of equine titles for Elsevier by producing an oncology book that, like his recently published Pascoe's Principles & Practice of Equine Dermatology 2e, will have several distinguishing features that will make it of the widest possible appeal. The design and practical features of the dermatology book can and should be applied to the present proposal; together they can be viewed as companion texts. More than 50 different types of tumor are covered, including tumors that occur in each of the 10 body systems. Over 800 excellent-quality photographs show the appearance of pathologies and cancerous conditions both before and after treatment. More than 80 full-color diagrams summarize key information. Detailed Pathology section describes common neoplasms in horses, cites research literature, and describes what is generally known about each condition. Authoritative, inclusive, and unique coverage is likely to remain the standard reference for years to come. Expert authors are recognized as the top experts in the field of equine oncology. Practical, colorful design includes icon-based references for quick appraisal of prevalence and prognosis.

Spurgeon's Color Atlas of Large Animal Anatomy - The Essentials (Paperback): Thomas O. McCracken, Robert A. Kainer, Thomas... Spurgeon's Color Atlas of Large Animal Anatomy - The Essentials (Paperback)
Thomas O. McCracken, Robert A. Kainer, Thomas L. Spurgeon
R1,614 R1,510 Discovery Miles 15 100 Save R104 (6%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Extraordinary accuracy and beautiful original artwork are just two features readers will find in this new resource, providing a basic foundation in domestic large animal anatomy. Its unique organization includes the anatomy of all organ systems in the various species, described in a consistent manner.
The book presents relevant anatomy of the following species:
* Horse (with contributors by Dr. Gayle Trotter)
* Ox (with contributions by Dr. Fran Garry)
* Sheep and goat (with contributions by Dr. Joan Bowen)
* Llama and alpaca (with contributions by Dr. LaRue Johnson)
* Swine (with contributions by Dr. LaRue Johnson)
* and chicken (with contributions by Dr. John Avens).
Features that enhance understanding:
* Carefully selected labeling helps students learn and remember structures and relationships.
* Male and female of a given species are depicted on facing pages so that topographic anatomy is easy to compare.
* Structures common to various animals are labeled several times, whereas unique structrur5es are labeled only on one or two species so students can make rapid distinctions of the structures peculiar to certain animals.
* An introduction provides readers with a background in nomenclature and anatomic orientation so they can benefit from the atlas even if they lack training in anatomy.
The Atlas depicts topographic relationships of major organs in a simple, yet technically accurate presentation that's free of extraneous detail so that those using the atlas can concentrate on the essential aspects of anatomy.

Manual of Equine Dermatology (Hardcover): Rosanna Marsella Manual of Equine Dermatology (Hardcover)
Rosanna Marsella
R1,523 R1,390 Discovery Miles 13 900 Save R133 (9%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

This book deals exclusively with the equine dermatological problems that the clinician would see in practice. It is the perfect reference for the practitioner who must quickly diagnose and treat the problems. Illustrated in color throughout, coverage progresses from the approach to a case which covers history, signalment, identification of primary vs secondary lesions, distribution of lesions, with examples of differential diagnoses based on the detection of specific lesions to therapy and to chapters of diseases organized by presenting problems and signs - pruritus, allergy, parasitic, crusting, nodules, ulcerative and regional. Over 90 color images together with tables and flow charts provide quick access to important diagnostic and treatment information.

Are We Pushing Animals to Their Biological Limits? - Welfare and Ethical Implications (Paperback): Temple Grandin, Martin... Are We Pushing Animals to Their Biological Limits? - Welfare and Ethical Implications (Paperback)
Temple Grandin, Martin Whiting
R1,155 R1,066 Discovery Miles 10 660 Save R89 (8%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Stimulating and thought-provoking, this important new text looks at the welfare problems and philosophical and ethical issues that are caused by changes made to an animal's telos, behaviour and physiology, both positive and negative, to make them more productive or adapted for human uses. These changes may involve selective breeding for production, appearance traits, or competitive advantage in sport, transgenic animals or the use of pharmaceuticals or hormones to enhance production or performance. Changes may impose duties to care for these animals further and more intensely, or they may make the animal more robust. The book considers a wide range of animals, including farm animals, companion animals and laboratory animals. It reviews the ethics and welfare issues of animals that have been adapted for sport, as companions, in work, as ornaments, food sources, guarding and a whole host of other human functions. This important new book sparks debate and is essential reading for all those involved in animal welfare and ethics, including veterinarians, animal scientists, animal welfare scientists and ethologists.

Kirk's Current Veterinary Therapy XV (Hardcover): John D. Bonagura, David C. Twedt Kirk's Current Veterinary Therapy XV (Hardcover)
John D. Bonagura, David C. Twedt
R2,688 R2,364 Discovery Miles 23 640 Save R324 (12%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Written by today's leading experts, Kirk's Current Veterinary Therapy, Volume XV keeps you completely current with the latest in disease management for dogs and cats. It uses a clear and practical approach to medical disorders; the typical chapter includes both a brief guide to diagnosis and a detailed discussion of therapy. You'll gain quick access to information such as critical care; infectious, toxicologic, and dermatologic disorders; and diseases of the gastrointestinal, cardiovascular, respiratory, urinary, reproductive, neurologic,and ophthalmologic systems. From editors John Bonagura and David Twedt plus hundreds of expert contributors, Kirk's Current Veterinary Therapy enhances your skills in evidence-based treatment planning. "For the practitioner who wants to keep abreast of current therapies for a wide range of topics, . CVT is the perfect reference ." Reviewed by: Ryan Ong, WAVES Veterinary Hospital on behalf of Australian Veterinary Hospital, March 2015 Authoritative, easy-to-read coverage includes a brief approach to diagnosis with detailed discussions of the latest therapies. An organ-system organization and a convenient index make it easy to find solutions for specific disorders. Treatment algorithms help you manage patients with difficult medical problems. A handy Table of Common Drugs, updated by Dr. Mark Papich, offers a quick reference to dosage information. 365 illustrations depict the pathophysiologic basis for therapy or show the management of a defined condition. A companion website includes valuable information still relevant from CVT XIV, an index, and drug formulary, all fully searchable; a collection of 300 images; references that link to PubMed; and clinical references on laboratory test procedures and interpretation, normal reference ranges, conversion tables, and more. Concise chapters are only 2-5 pages in length, saving you time in finding essential information. Expert contributors and editors provide scientific, up-to-date coverage of clinically useful topics, including broad, traditional, and controversial subjects. References indicate related material from earlier volumes of Kirk's Current Veterinary Therapy. NEW chapters cover the most important, emerging information on current diagnostic, treatment, and preventive challenges in today's veterinary practice. A new section on feline and canine nutrition covers important issues in nutritional health. 50 new chapter authors join hundreds of expert international contributors, all of whom are leading authorities in their fields. NEW! Availability as Pageburst ebook allows you digital access to this volume along with your library of other Elsevier references.

Introduction to Veterinary Genetics (Paperback, 3rd Edition): Frank W. Nicholas Introduction to Veterinary Genetics (Paperback, 3rd Edition)
Frank W. Nicholas
R1,331 R1,253 Discovery Miles 12 530 Save R78 (6%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

The concepts of veterinary genetics are crucial to understanding and controlling many diseases and disorders in animals. They are also crucial to enhancing animal production. Accessible and clearly presented, Introduction to Veterinary Genetics provides a succinct introduction to the aspects of genetics relevant to animal diseases and production. Now in its third edition, this is the only introductory level textbook on genetics that has been written specifically for veterinary and animal science students. Coverage includes: basic genetics, molecular biology, genomics, cytogenetics, immunogenetics, population genetics, quantitative genetics, biotechnology, and the use of molecular tools in the control of inherited disorders. This book describes in detail how genetics is being applied to artificial selection in animal production. It also covers the conservation of genetic diversity in both domesticated and wild animals. New for the Third Edition: End-of-chapter summaries provide quick recaps. Covers new topics: epigenetics, genomics and bioinformatics. Thoroughly revised according to recent advances in genetics. Introduction to Veterinary Genetics is still the only introductory genetics textbook for students of veterinary and animal science and will continue to be an indispensable reference tool for veterinary students and practitioners alike.

Lumpy Skin Disease (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2018): Eeva S. M. Tuppurainen, Shawn Babiuk, Eyal Klement Lumpy Skin Disease (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2018)
Eeva S. M. Tuppurainen, Shawn Babiuk, Eyal Klement
R2,498 R1,948 Discovery Miles 19 480 Save R550 (22%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

This book provides a comprehensive but concise overview on the economically important emerging cattle pox virus derived Lumpy Skin Disease, including the characteristics of causative agent, description of clinical signs in cattle, pathology and histopathology, immunity, geographical distribution, epidemiology and transmission pathways, control and eradication of the disease. In addition the recent developments in vaccination, mathematical modeling and risk assessment are discussed. Lumpy Skin Disease currently spreads aggressively across the Middle and Near East. The first incursion to the European Union territory occurred in Greece in autumn 2015. The book targets clinicians and field veterinarians in Lumpy Skin Disease affected regions, veterinary authorities as well as advanced students in veterinary medicine and virology.

Obesity in the Dog and Cat (Paperback): Martha G. Cline, Maryanne Murphy Obesity in the Dog and Cat (Paperback)
Martha G. Cline, Maryanne Murphy
R1,135 R985 Discovery Miles 9 850 Save R150 (13%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

3* Doody's Star Rating (R) CHOICE Magazine 'Recommended' (May 2020) As of 2018, pet obesity in the US affects an estimated 55.8 percent of dogs and 59.5 percent of cats, resulting in secondary conditions such as arthritis, diabetes mellitus, kidney disease, and certain forms of cancer. A complete and balanced diet accompanied by regular exercise is fundamental to optimize health and longevity in companion animals, meaning overweight pets have reduced quality of life and shorter life expectancy. Seeking to address this major modern-day problem, this book provides a comprehensive review of obesity in small animal medicine. Reviews epidemiology and how animal- and human-specific factors contribute to excess weight gain. Discusses the metabolic effects and inflammatory mediators associated with adiposity. Looks at various disease states and how they relate or develop as a result of obesity. Reviews different modalities to determine body composition to diagnose obesity. Offers a clinical approach to managing obesity with diet including discussion on the nutrients of concern for therapeutic weight loss diets. Veterinarians seeking to provide weight management services in practice will find clinically-applicable information from expert authors from both academic and practice backgrounds. Chapters cover topics ranging from epidemiology and pathophysiology of obesity to evaluation of body composition, and nutritional and behavioral management. The book also explores the role of exercise in managing obesity and looks at the management of co-morbidities. Finally, the authors present a range of case studies to demonstrate these topics in real-life practice.

Manual of Small Animal Soft Tissue Surgery (Hardcover, 2nd Edition): Karen Tobias Manual of Small Animal Soft Tissue Surgery (Hardcover, 2nd Edition)
Karen Tobias
R2,347 R1,928 Discovery Miles 19 280 Save R419 (18%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

A practical manual for veterinarians at all stages of their training and career, Manual of Small Animal Soft Tissue Surgery, Second Edition: * Offers expanded coverage of additional procedures and updates reflecting the latest thinking on surgical techniques * Provides clear, concise instructions on how to complete common soft tissue surgical procedures * Pairs step-by step instructions with hundreds of high-quality color photographs and drawings * Aids small animal veterinary practitioners and students in learning and applying the tips and tricks that experienced surgeons use to make each procedure easier and faster

The Horse Doctor is in (Paperback): Brent Kelley The Horse Doctor is in (Paperback)
Brent Kelley
R433 R407 Discovery Miles 4 070 Save R26 (6%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

In warm, conversational anecdotes taken from his own practice, Kelley - an award-winning columnist for The Thoroughbred Times as well as a practicing vet - writes about horse health care, from fertility to fractures to foot care. Appealing to the ongoing reader fascination with vets' lives and experiences, as well as to horse owners' needs for sound veterinary advice, THE HORSE DOCTOR IS IN is a medical reference without the endless pages of unreadable medical-speak. Sound, browsable, practical, and usable, this book will both be read in armchairs and used in 3 a.m. barn emergencies.

A broad range of equine health issues is covered in four major sections: Disease; Lameness; Breeding and Foaling; and Care and Management (which covers barn safety, stable vices, goats as companion animals, and more). Each chapter uses a true story to set up a health scenario, then flows into a practical discussion of problems, conditions, or diseases. There are chapters on everything from foaling through equine old age, allowing readers to enjoy the pleasure of fine narrative storytelling while learning how to better handle and understand horses. A particularly satisfying benefit of the book is becoming acquainted with a variety of interesting horses and their owners.

Small Animal Anesthesia Techniques (Paperback): Amanda M. Shelby, Carolyn M. McKune Small Animal Anesthesia Techniques (Paperback)
Amanda M. Shelby, Carolyn M. McKune
R1,106 R1,049 Discovery Miles 10 490 Save R57 (5%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Small Animal Anesthesia Techniques provides a quick reference to protocols for anesthetizing canine, feline, and exotic animal patients in veterinary practice. This portable companion provides complete information on anesthetic procedures, from the basics of pharmacology, physiology, and equipment to handling challenging procedures and the compromised patient. A companion website features videos, images, and worksheets for calculations. The book offers an overview of the anesthetic process, with tips on how to anticipate and avoid complications, with example protocols for specific patients. Veterinarians and veterinary technicians will find this how-to guide to providing anesthesia to be an ideal resource for fast access to drug dosages, anesthesia protocols, and special considerations for specific procedures.

Parasites and Pets - A Veterinary Nursing Guide (Paperback): Hany Elsheikha, Ian Wright, John McGarry Parasites and Pets - A Veterinary Nursing Guide (Paperback)
Hany Elsheikha, Ian Wright, John McGarry
R764 R720 Discovery Miles 7 200 Save R44 (6%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

This book, primarily focussing on parasitic diseases of cats and dogs, is designed specifically for veterinary nurses and students and adopts an enquiry based approach essential for consolidating knowledge and a deep practical understanding of this important subject. The book goes beyond the conventional discourse of parasitology books, with each chapter addressing questions commonly posed by clients. It is illustrated throughout with colour figures and readers can assess their knowledge and areas for development by completing the end of chapter self-assessment questions. In this way, the veterinary nurse will be fully equipped to professionally support veterinary surgeons in achieving optimal strategies for management of parasitic diseases of companion animals. Provides a unique enquiry-based approach to assist veterinary nurses and technicians in gaining essential knowledge and practical understanding of parasites Contains self-assessment MCQ sections designed to encourage the reader to question their practice, rationales, and the evidence base of parasitology care delivery they provide to patients Focuses on the dog and cat, the most commonly seen pets

Equine Reproduction (Hardcover, 2nd Edition): Angus O. McKinnon, Edward L. Squires, Wendy E. Vaala, Dickson D. Varner Equine Reproduction (Hardcover, 2nd Edition)
Angus O. McKinnon, Edward L. Squires, Wendy E. Vaala, Dickson D. Varner
R9,992 R9,144 Discovery Miles 91 440 Save R848 (8%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Now in a much-anticipated two-volume new edition, this gold-standard reference stands as the most comprehensive and authoritative text on equine reproduction. Serving theriogenologists, practitioners and breeders worldwide as a one-stop resource for the reproductive assessment and management of equine patients, "Equine Reproduction, Second Edition" provides detailed information on examination techniques, breeding procedures, pregnancy diagnosis and management, reproductive tract diseases and surgery, and foaling. A companion CD offers hundreds of images from the book in color.

For the Second Edition, the stallion, mare and foal sections have been thoroughly updated and revised to include the latest information on every subject. New topics include discussion of nutritional and behavioral factors in the broodmare and stallion, parentage testing, fetal sexing and the health and management of older foals, weanlings and yearlings. Additionally, this outstanding Second Edition features a new section on assisted reproductive techniques, including detailed information on artificial insemination, in-vitro fertilization, embryo transfer and technology.

Practical Clinical Epidemiology for the Veterinarian (Paperback): Aurora Villarroel Practical Clinical Epidemiology for the Veterinarian (Paperback)
Aurora Villarroel
R1,192 R1,125 Discovery Miles 11 250 Save R67 (6%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Practical Clinical Epidemiology for the Veterinarian provides thorough coverage of the fundamentals of epidemiological concepts, situated within the context of daily clinical practice. Examines epidemiology from the lens of daily clinical practice to offer a truly practical approach Demonstrates the relevance of epidemiology to clinical problems faced in the field using practical examples to clarify the concepts Includes clinical cases from all species, with an emphasis on small animal and equine medicine, to demonstrate the concepts Uses an easy-to-read approach, with graphs, flowcharts, and tables to promote understanding Includes access to a companion website with exercises for study and review

Life-Threatening Cardiac Emergencies for the Small Animal Practitioner (Paperback): Maureen McMichael, Ryan Fries Life-Threatening Cardiac Emergencies for the Small Animal Practitioner (Paperback)
Maureen McMichael, Ryan Fries
R943 Discovery Miles 9 430 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Life-Threatening Cardiac Emergencies for the Small Animal Practitioner offers a quick reference to recognizing and treating common cardiac arrhythmias and emergent cardiac conditions in canine and feline patients, designed for fast access during an emergency. * Offers quick and easy access to key information for diagnosing and managing arrhythmias and cardiac conditions in dogs and cats * Designed for ease of use in the fast-paced emergency setting * Presents clear, reproducible ECGs, radiographs, and echocardiograms for reference and comparison * Part of the Rapid Reference series providing small animal practitioners with ideal quick references for patient-side guidance

An Illustrated Guide to Veterinary Medical Terminology (Paperback, International Edition): Janet Romich An Illustrated Guide to Veterinary Medical Terminology (Paperback, International Edition)
Janet Romich
R904 R780 Discovery Miles 7 800 Save R124 (14%) Ships in 15 - 25 working days

Providing the ultimate terminology reference for veterinary assistants and technicians, AN ILLUSTRATED GUIDE TO VETERINARY MEDICAL TERMINOLOGY, 4e provides an engaging, systematic approach to learning medical terms and understanding basic principles of veterinary medicine. This user-friendly textbook delivers a unique pedagogical presentation that makes it a comprehensive learning resource. Focusing on how medical terms are formed, analyzed, and defined, the text discusses anatomical landmarks, the positioning of animals, and the relationships between body parts. It also introduces terms used in the animal industry. Case studies illustrate how medical terminology is experienced in real-world practice, and an audio wordlist enables readers to hear the terms they are learning.

Large Animal Clinical Procedures for Veterinary Technicians (Paperback, 4th Revised edition): Kristin J. Holtgrew-Bohling Large Animal Clinical Procedures for Veterinary Technicians (Paperback, 4th Revised edition)
Kristin J. Holtgrew-Bohling
R1,664 R1,542 Discovery Miles 15 420 Save R122 (7%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Gain the skills you need to master the role of the veterinary technician in large animal care! Large Animal Clinical Procedures for Veterinary Technicians, 4th Edition teaches you how to set up, assist, and follow through on medical procedures and treatment regimens for large domestic animals. A comprehensive guide, this text not only defines the veterinary technician's responsibilities in daily livestock care and hospital management, but includes separate sections on horses, cattle, sheep and goats, pigs, and llamas and alpacas - covering husbandry, clinical procedures, surgical procedures, and common diseases for each. This new edition includes information on safety and handling, livestock nutrition, vaccine scheduling, and diagnostic imaging, plus four new chapters with detailed care of poultry. Written by noted veterinary technician educator Kristin Holtgrew-Bohling, it is the ideal text for preparing for certification exams and everyday practice! The most comprehensive large animal book specifically written for veterinary technician students. A practical approach makes this text useful in classes and in clinical situations, so veterinary technicians, acting under instructions of veterinarians, can plan and follow through on procedures and treatment regimens for large animals. A focus on the veterinary technician's responsibilities explains why and how a procedure is performed, and the roles that vet techs fill in preparing for, assisting in, and following up the procedure. Coverage of the essential large animal-related tasks in the CVTEA Manual of Accreditation for Veterinary Technology Programs addresses AVMA accreditation and prepares you to pass the Veterinary Technology National Exam. Full-color photographs and line drawings show step-by-step procedures in areas such as restraint, bandaging, physical examination techniques, and diagnostic procedures. Coverage of husbandry and breeds demonstrates how day-to-day housing and feeding affect the care of many large animal diseases, and helps you learn to provide quality client education. A section on the livestock industry provides comprehensive coverage of safety and handling, reproduction, and nutrition, so you can better understand the practices, procedures, and decisions in large animal veterinary medicine. A section on llamas and alpacas helps you to understand the health and maintenance of these increasingly popular domestic animals - in the U.S., there are more than 12,000 alpaca herds and 25,000 llama owners. Proper medical terminology is included in a comprehensive glossary, facilitating effective communication with clients and with other professionals. Learning features enhance your critical thinking and decision making with case studies, clinical applications, key terms, chapter outlines, learning objectives, and Technician Notes. NEW! Tables on Temperature, Pulse, Respiration (TPR) data and vaccine schedules provide a quick, at-a-glance reference for important information. NEW! Expanded regulatory information for livestock provides details on OCV vaccination, Health Certificate forms, Brucellosis and Tuberculosis testing, and Scrapies tags. NEW! Four new chapters on Poultry provide detailed coverage of the breed.

The Cat - Clinical Medicine and Management (Hardcover): Susan Little The Cat - Clinical Medicine and Management (Hardcover)
Susan Little
R3,381 R2,955 Discovery Miles 29 550 Save R426 (13%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Comprehensive in scope and exclusively devoted to feline medical care, Dr. Susan Little's The Cat: Clinical Medicine and Management is an essential resource for anyone who provides complete, state-of-the-art care to cats. In one convenient volume, you'll find authoritative, clinically-focused information enhanced by full-color illustrations, tables, boxes, algorithms, key points, and much more - all in a format designed for quick access. Dr. Little and her expert contributors address the unique concerns and challenges facing the feline practitioner, including the latest advances in feline medical diagnosis and management and their clinical applications to everyday practice. User-friendly and complete, The Cat is also available as an e-book, giving you easy access to the complete, fully-searchable contents online. Covers the latest advances in feline medicine from a systemic and adjunctive care perspective. It's the most comprehensive feline medical reference available with a strong clinical focus. Helps you meet the increasing demand for state-of-the-art medical care by cat owners - including advanced diagnostic services and treatments designed to extend and improve quality of life for feline companions. Features a full-color design with hundreds of schematic drawings, tables, boxes, key points, algorithms, and photographs for quick and easy access to information. Addresses key topics unique to feline medicine and not currently covered in other books, including: insights and clinical advances attributable to the mapping of the feline genome; medical conditions associated with behavioral problems; managing the feline patient with co-existing and chronic disease; special medical problems and care considerations for the geriatric cat; environmental enrichment for the indoor cat; feline zoonotic agents and implications for human health; and shelter medicine and overpopulation solutions. Provides in-depth information on indoor cats and senior cats, including timely guidance on meeting owners' expectations for longer, healthier lives for their cats. Addresses the challenges of pet overpopulation, particularly the impact of millions of feral cats on public health and the environment. Presents information written in the manner of expanded conference proceedings, delivering the latest insights and most current approaches to management of feline medical disorders. Includes contributions from approximately 60 contributors, drawing on the valuable expertise of those most knowledgeable in the field of feline medical care. Bears the full endorsement of the Winn Feline Foundation, a non-profit organization that supports studies about cat health and funds feline research projects worldwide, and is internationally regarded as a major contributor to the health and wellbeing of all cats. The complete contents also are available online through Veterinary Consult.

The Art of Animal Anatomy - All Life is Here, Dissected and Depicted (Paperback): David Bainbridge The Art of Animal Anatomy - All Life is Here, Dissected and Depicted (Paperback)
David Bainbridge 1
R670 R521 Discovery Miles 5 210 Save R149 (22%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Have you ever wondered what beats beneath an animal's skin? Well, you wouldn't be the first one. The study of comparative anatomy has led to some of the most striking images ever created. For two and a half thousand years, the animal body has been picked apart to drive arguments in natural philosophy, to reinforce dogma, to remind us of death, to horrify, educate, and enthral. This book recounts the intertwined intellectual and artistic journeys of comparative anatomy from antiquity to the present day. Rather than offering an exhaustive listing, it focuses on the distinctive artistic flavors of five great phases of anatomical endeavour. Horses opened like books, the leer of a shark's eye, the humming loom of the brain-all life is here, dissected, and depicted. Lyrically written and accompanied by captivating illustrations from history's animal anatomists, this is the ideal read for designers, art lovers and scientists alike.

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Kara Burns, Lori Renda-Francis Paperback R1,013 R938 Discovery Miles 9 380
Practical Lambing and Lamb Care - A…
Neil Sargison, James Patrick Crilly, … Paperback R1,162 R991 Discovery Miles 9 910
Tuberculosis in Animals: An African…
Asseged B. Dibaba, Nicolaas P. J. Kriek, … Hardcover R5,243 Discovery Miles 52 430
The Clinical Companion of Donkey…
The Donkey Sanctuary Paperback R648 R513 Discovery Miles 5 130
Energy Medicine for Animals - The…
Diane Budd Paperback  (2)
R343 R225 Discovery Miles 2 250
Handbook of Exotic Pet Medicine
Marie Kubiak Paperback R1,971 Discovery Miles 19 710
Yin & Yang Nutrition for Dogs…
Judy Morgan D.V.M., Hue Grant Paperback R634 Discovery Miles 6 340