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Klopp - My Liverpool Romance (Hardcover): Anthony Quinn Klopp - My Liverpool Romance (Hardcover)
Anthony Quinn
R341 R277 Discovery Miles 2 770 Save R64 (19%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

In the first book by a British writer about this extraordinary football manager, lifelong Liverpool fan Anthony Quinn has crafted a uniquely revealing love-letter to Jürgen Klopp.

In early March 2020 Liverpool were two wins away from an extraordinary achievement, on course for their first league title win in 30 years - since the heads days of Kenny Dalglish - and likely to seal it in the Merseyside derby against their great rivals Everton. And all this an incredible two months before the season was due to end. Then, as we all know, the season was postponed.

The architect of the club's great resurgence - including their 2019 UEFA Champions League win - has been Jürgen Klopp. In his personal love-letter to the man, Anthony Quinn, journalist, novelist and life-long Liverpool fan, has written an inspiring and affectionate portrait of the incredible German manager, who came to Liverpool in late 2015, with a growing reputation from his successes at Borussia Dortmund.

Closely following the three month break, as well as the club's title-clinching return, Quinn offers a uniquely revealing and personal take on this long-awaited triumph.

Gandhi's Search for the Perfect Diet - Eating with the World in Mind (Paperback): Nico Slate Gandhi's Search for the Perfect Diet - Eating with the World in Mind (Paperback)
Nico Slate
R350 R289 Discovery Miles 2 890 Save R61 (17%) Ships in 5 - 10 working days

Mahatma Gandhi redefined nutrition as a holistic approach to building a more just world. What he chose to eat was intimately tied to his beliefs. His key values of nonviolence, religious tolerance, and rural sustainability developed in coordination with his dietary experiments. His repudiation of sugar, chocolate, and salt expressed his opposition to economies based on slavery, indentured labor, and imperialism. Gandhi's Search for the Perfect Diet sheds new light on important periods in Gandhi's life as they relate to his developing food ethic: his student years in London, his politicization as a young lawyer in South Africa, the 1930 Salt March challenging British colonialism, and his fasting as a means of self-purifi cation and social protest during India's struggle for independence. What became the pillars of Gandhi's diet - vegetarianism, limiting salt and sweets, avoiding processed food, and fasting - anticipated many of the debates in twenty-fi rst-century food studies, and presaged the necessity of building healthier and more equitable food systems.

Janesville - An American Story (Paperback, Export): Amy Goldstein Janesville - An American Story (Paperback, Export)
Amy Goldstein 1
R307 R176 Discovery Miles 1 760 Save R131 (43%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

* Financial Times and McKinsey Business Book of the Year * 800-CEO-READ Business Book of the Year * A New York Times Notable Book * A Washington Post Notable Book * An NPR Best Book of 2017 * A Wall Street Journal Best Book of 2017 * An Economist Best Book of 2017 * A Business Insider Best Book of 2017 * "A gripping story of psychological defeat and resilience" (Bob Woodward, The Washington Post)-an intimate account of the fallout from the closing of a General Motors assembly plant in Janesville, Wisconsin, and a larger story of the hollowing of the American middle class. This is the story of what happens to an industrial town in the American heartland when its main factory shuts down-but it's not the familiar tale. Most observers record the immediate shock of vanished jobs, but few stay around long enough to notice what happens next when a community with a can-do spirit tries to pick itself up. Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter Amy Goldstein spent years immersed in Janesville, Wisconsin, where the nation's oldest operating General Motors assembly plant shut down in the midst of the Great Recession. Now, with intelligence, sympathy, and insight into what connects and divides people in an era of economic upheaval, Goldstein shows the consequences of one of America's biggest political issues. Her reporting takes the reader deep into the lives of autoworkers, educators, bankers, politicians, and job re-trainers to show why it's so hard in the twenty-first century to recreate a healthy, prosperous working class. "Moving and magnificently well-researched...Janesville joins a growing family of books about the evisceration of the working class in the United States. What sets it apart is the sophistication of its storytelling and analysis" (Jennifer Senior, The New York Times). "Anyone tempted to generalize about the American working class ought to meet the people in Janesville. The reporting behind this book is extraordinary and the story-a stark, heartbreaking reminder that political ideologies have real consequences-is told with rare sympathy and insight" (Tracy Kidder, Pulitzer Prize-winning author of The Soul of a New Machine).

Celeste Parrish and Educational Reform in the Progressive-Era South (Hardcover): Rebecca S Montgomery Celeste Parrish and Educational Reform in the Progressive-Era South (Hardcover)
Rebecca S Montgomery
R1,051 Discovery Miles 10 510 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

Celeste Parrish and Educational Reform in the Progressive-Era South follows a Civil War orphan's transformation from a Southside Virginia public school teacher to a nationally known progressive educator and feminist. In this vital intellectual biography, Rebecca S. Montgomery places feminism and gender at the center of her analysis and offers a new look at the postbellum movement for southern educational reform through the life of Celeste Parrish. Because Parrish's life coincided with critical years in the destruction and reconstruction of the southern social order, her biography provides unique opportunities to explore the rise of reactionary racism and sexism in the workplace and educational system. As with many women of the last Civil War generation, Parrish's drive to acquire a college education and professional career pitted her against male opponents of coeducation and female intellectual opportunities. When coupled with women's lack of formal political power, this resistance to gender equality discouraged progress and lowered the quality of public education throughout the South. The marginalization of women within the reform movement, headed by the Conference for Education in the South, further limited female contributions to regional change. Yet, because men allowed female participation in grassroots organization, the southern movement provided an alternate source of influence and power for women. It also restricted the impact of their social activism to mainly female networks, however, which received less public acknowledgement than the reform work conducted by men. By exploring the consequences of gender discrimination for both educational reform and the influence of southern progressivism, Rebecca S. Montgomery contributes a nuanced understanding of how interlocking hierarchies of power structured opportunity and influenced the shape of reform in the U.S. South.

Ek Is Maar Ene (Afrikaans, Paperback, Revised edition): Dot Serfontein Ek Is Maar Ene (Afrikaans, Paperback, Revised edition)
Dot Serfontein
R177 Discovery Miles 1 770 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Met bewondering, deernis en ’n skerp sin vir humor skets Dot Serfontein die geskiedenis van kontreie wat nie aan interessante mense ontbreek nie.

In Ek Is Maar Ene kring vertellinge van haar kinderjare en familie in die Vrystaat uit na kleurvolle karakters van die Kalahari en na (dikwels senutergende) reise met haar gesin na ander dele van Suid-Afrika.

Sy vertel van die swerwende tant Beatrice wat geglo het sy word deur die geheime polisie agtervolg; van die kreatiewe wyse waarop geharde Kalaharimense hul wêreld herbergsaam gemaak het, hoe Askham sy naam gekry het en hoe ’n Chev-bakkie kan boomklim.

Hierdie bundel boeiende sketse is by tye skreeusnaaks, maar nooit gaan die waardering vir die mense agter die stories verlore nie.

Adventures in Opting Out - A Field Guide to Leading an Intentional Life (Hardcover): Cait Flanders Adventures in Opting Out - A Field Guide to Leading an Intentional Life (Hardcover)
Cait Flanders
R541 R433 Discovery Miles 4 330 Save R108 (20%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

Here are some of the things Cait Flanders has opted out of in the past 10 years: * Drinking, when she decided to get completely sober, at the age of 27. * Living with debt, when she finished paying off $30,000 of it and vowed: never again. * Working in an office, when she quit to work for herself. * Having a lot of stuff, when she decluttered and got rid of 80-85% of it. * Having a home, when she decided to fully embrace her nomadic lifestyle. In ADVENTURES IN OPTING OUT, Flanders offers a trail map to following her example and building a slow, mindful, minimalist life that emphasizes the beauty of the natural world, the importance of real human connection, the joys of travel, and the happiness that comes from living an intentional life in harmony with your own values. Choosing to opt out is a brave decision, and ultimately an infinitely rewarding one. But that doesn't mean it's easy. There will be hardships along the way -- relationships questioned, demons faced, addictions confronted -- but with Flanders's guidance and advice, drawn from her own journey and examples of others who have picked the road less traveled, you'll have all the encouragement and insight you'll need to build a life of purpose, fulfillment, and adventure.

The Gift - 12 Lessons to Save Your Life (Standard format, CD): Tovah Feldshuh The Gift - 12 Lessons to Save Your Life (Standard format, CD)
Tovah Feldshuh; Edith Eva Eger
R608 R449 Discovery Miles 4 490 Save R159 (26%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days
Hunger for Hope - Prophetic Communities, Contemplation, and the Common Good (Paperback): Simone Campbell Hunger for Hope - Prophetic Communities, Contemplation, and the Common Good (Paperback)
Simone Campbell; Foreword by Helen Prejean
R317 R255 Discovery Miles 2 550 Save R62 (20%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days
The Diesel Brothers - A Truckin' Awesome Guide to Trucks and Life (Paperback): Heavy D, Diesel Dave The Diesel Brothers - A Truckin' Awesome Guide to Trucks and Life (Paperback)
Heavy D, Diesel Dave
R345 R280 Discovery Miles 2 800 Save R65 (19%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days
The Big Hustle - A Boston Street Kid's Story of Addiction and Redemption (Hardcover): Jim Wahlberg The Big Hustle - A Boston Street Kid's Story of Addiction and Redemption (Hardcover)
Jim Wahlberg
R564 R450 Discovery Miles 4 500 Save R114 (20%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days
Meghan - Royal Duchess And Mother (Hardcover): Halima Sadat Meghan - Royal Duchess And Mother (Hardcover)
Halima Sadat 1
R284 R216 Discovery Miles 2 160 Save R68 (24%) In stock

This beautifully illustrated biography of Meghan covers her early years, Hollywood career, fairytale wedding to Prince Harry, and new role as duchess and mother. This book features images of the couple’s newborn son, Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor.

In 2018 a new kind of royal joined the House of Windsor. Her name was Meghan Markle and the country fell in love with her.

Following her marriage to Prince Harry, bi-racial American Meghan Markle has come to represent the changing face of the modern Royal Family. Like her husband, she communicates on issues of importance to her with passion and sincerity.

This book charts Meghan’s extraordinary life so far, following her journey from the suburbs of Los Angeles where she grew up in a single-parent household to her life as a modern-day princess within one of the world’s most important royal families. It describes her days as a successful film and television actress in the US, looks at her humanitarian work and discusses the ‘Meghan effect’, a direct result of her enormous popularity on both sides of the Atlantic. It also records, with stunning photos, her beautiful wedding to Prince Harry, a truly global celebration that attracted around 2 billion television viewers worldwide.

Post-wedding, we bring this royal love story up to date, defining Meghan’s role as an ambassador for the Royal Family, looking in detail at her first year as Duchess of Sussex – and celebrating her new role as a mother.

Samsung Rising (Paperback): Geoffrey Cain Samsung Rising (Paperback)
Geoffrey Cain 1
R340 R272 Discovery Miles 2 720 Save R68 (20%) Ships in 5 - 10 working days

'Shines an incisive and entertaining light into the secretive world of the South Korean technology giant shaping our digital lives in ways we probably can't imagine' -- Brad Stone

Can the Asian giant beat Apple?

Based on years of reporting on Samsung for the Economist, the Wall Street Journal, and Time from his base in South Korea, and his countless sources inside and outside the company, Geoffrey Cain offers the first deep look behind the curtains of the biggest company nobody knows.

How has this happened? Forty years ago, Samsung was a rickety Korean agricultural conglomerate that produced sugar, paper, and fertilizer. But with the rise of the PC revolution, Chairman Lee Byung-chul came up with an incredibly risky multimillion dollar plan to make Samsung a major supplier of computer chips. Lee had been wowed by a young Steve Jobs who sat down with the chairman to offer his advice, and Lee quickly became obsessed with creating a tech empire.

Today, Samsung employs over 350,000 people – over four times as many as Apple – and their revenues have grown 40 times their 1987 level. Samsung alone now make up more than 20% of South Korea’s exports and sells more smartphones than any other company in the world. And furthermore, they don’t just make their own phones, but are one of Apple’s chief supplier on technology critical to the iPhone. Yet their disastrous recall of the Galaxy Note 7, with numerous reports of phones spontaneously bursting into flames, reveals the dangers of the company's headlong attempt to overtake Apple at any cost.

A sweeping, insider account of the Korean's company's ongoing war against the likes of Google and Apple, Samsung Rising shows how a determined and fearless Asian competitor is poised to take on the giants of the tech world.

The Coyaba Chronicles - Reflections on the Black Experience in the 20th Century (Paperback): Peter Abrahams The Coyaba Chronicles - Reflections on the Black Experience in the 20th Century (Paperback)
Peter Abrahams 1
R210 R181 Discovery Miles 1 810 Save R29 (14%) In stock

"The Coyaba Chronicles: Reflections on the Black Experience in the Twentieth Century" is both personal memoir and a powerful meditation on what W.E.B. Dubois defined at the beginning of the century as "the problem of the colour line; of the relations between the lighter and darker races of man". Using Dubois as a point of departure, Abrahams writes passionately, about the inherent "wrongness" of racial hatred and contemplates such timeless questions as: "Why was colour the most crucial issue of our century?" and "When will we get over the deep psychic and emotional damage done by the racial experience?" This is one of the major themes of the memoir - the quest for an intellectual identity - a challenge that faces people of colour in first and third-world countries.;"The Coyaba Chronicles" is also the personal journey of Peter Abrahams. It is the odyssey of a young South African who works for a time as a seaman, leaving his homeland for wartime Britain and post-war France to become a writer; it is the story of his personal relationships with the Black literati of the day and his involvement in the pan-Africanist movement of the 1950's - allowing for his fascinating personal pen-portraits of George Padmore, W.E.B. Dubois, Julius Nyerere, Kwame Nkrumah, Richard Wright and Langston Hughes. It is how the journey takes him to the Caribbean island of Jamaica, where he and his wife Daphne and their three children find sanctuary from racial divisiveness at "Coyaba" in the hills of St Andrew.

A Day Like Today - Memoirs (Hardcover): John Humphrys A Day Like Today - Memoirs (Hardcover)
John Humphrys 1
R540 R390 Discovery Miles 3 900 Save R150 (28%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

'The bombshell book everyone is talking about' DAILY MAIL 'A radio genius ... the maestro of the show' EVENING STANDARD As presenter of Radio 4's Today, the nation's most popular news programme, John Humphrys was famed for his tough interviewing. He has been at the heart of journalism for decades. Now, he offers his life story from the poverty of his post-war childhood in Cardiff, leaving school at fifteen, to the summits of broadcasting. Along the way, he recalls the experiences that have marked him most: being the first reporter at the terrible disaster in Aberfan, reporting from South Africa in the dying days of apartheid, from Ireland during the Troubles, and from the White House on Richard Nixon's historic resignation. With his trademark tenacity and no punches pulled, John also weighs in on the controversies of his career, the role and limitations of the BBC, and the broader health of political debate today. He hopes you'll tune in.

Letters of Note: Cats (Paperback, Main): Shaun Usher Letters of Note: Cats (Paperback, Main)
Shaun Usher 1
R175 R140 Discovery Miles 1 400 Save R35 (20%) Ships in 5 - 10 working days

In Letters of Note: Cats, Shaun Usher collects together the most engaging missives that celebrate, eulogise, rail against and analyse the idiosyncratic ways of our feline companions. Nikola Tesla, Elizabeth Taylor, Charles Dickens, Anne Frank, T.S. Eliot, Raymond Chandler, John Cheever, Florence Nightingale, Rachel Carson, Jack Lemmon & many more

Alfalfa Bill - A Life in Politics (Hardcover): Robert L. Dorman Alfalfa Bill - A Life in Politics (Hardcover)
Robert L. Dorman
R893 Discovery Miles 8 930 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

In this masterful biography, Robert L. Dorman traces the career of William H. ""Alfalfa Bill"" Murray from his hardscrabble childhood in post-Civil War Texas to his remarkable ascendancy as a nationally known political figure in the mid-twentieth century. The first comprehensive portrait of Murray to be published in fifty years, Alfalfa Bill is both the exploration of a larger-than-life personality and an illuminating account of the birth of political conservatism in Oklahoma. As Dorman reveals, no political label readily fit Murray. The core conservatism of his Texas years was caught up in the ferment of three major periods of American reform - the Populist uprising, the Progressive Era, and the New Deal. Over his long career, Murray strongly advocated for states' rights, limited government, and strict constitutionalism, yet he was also a consistent foe of corporations and concentrated wealth. The society he sought was small-scale, decentralized, agrarian - and racially segregated. Although he claimed to represent high principles, Murray as a politician was an opportunist, loved a good fight, had a flair for the theatrical, and hungered for power. Dorman depicts Murray from his days as a political operative in the Chickasaw Nation to his leadership of the Oklahoma Constitutional Convention, and from the Speaker's chair of the Oklahoma legislature to the halls of Congress. The book follows Murray's quixotic attempt to found an agricultural colony in Bolivia, and chronicles his amazing Oklahoma comeback in the 1930 gubernatorial election. The final chapters detail Murray's legendary term as state governor, his failed candidacy for president, and his emergence as a fierce critic of New Deal liberalism and racial desegregation. Unlike earlier biographies of Murray, Alfalfa Bill brings issues of race, class, and gender to the forefront, often in surprising ways. On the surface, the Murray saga was an American success story, yet his rise came at a price for Murray himself, his family, and the people of the state he helped to create. An indelible portrait emerges of an ambitious, domineering, relentless, and unapologetically racist figure whose tarnished legacy seems painfully relevant in America's current political climate.

Audubon on Louisiana - Selected Writings of John James Audubon (Hardcover): Ben Forkner Audubon on Louisiana - Selected Writings of John James Audubon (Hardcover)
Ben Forkner
R1,422 Discovery Miles 14 220 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

Although we remember John James Audubon's years in Louisiana primarily for the art he produced there, his writings reflect the profound impact the region made on him and his artistic vision, especially in his magnificent collection of paintings published as The Birds of America. In Audubon on Louisiana Ben Forkner compiles and explains in depth Audubon's essential writings on the region. Beginning in 1810 as Audubon arrives in the upper Louisiana Territory, and continuing as he moves into southern Louisiana ten years later (and eventually brings his wife, Lucy, to join him), Audubon's journals, essays, and letters reveal his struggles to fill his portfolio with new watercolors, his discoveries throughout the region, and the transformative effect the area had on both his art and his life. Forkner provides a detailed introduction to Audubon's private journal of 1820- 21, the Louisiana Journal, to guide readers through this compelling document. Until now, the difficulty of comprehending Audubon's rough English has often kept readers from fully appreciating the Journal's significance. The volume also contains a dozen essays that Audubon penned about his experiences in Louisiana; most of these ""episodes"" he published in his Ornithological Biography, a massive five-volume written work that complements the visual art of Birds of America. Letters describing Audubon's last voyage to Louisiana in 1837 followed by nine of his Louisiana bird biographies round out the collection. These original texts, augmented with Forkner's commentary, form a magisterial work that illuminates the importance of Louisiana to Audubon's life and art. Audubon on Louisiana deepens appreciation of one of the most significant artists- and nature writers- of the nineteenth century.

Maggie: My Lewe In Die Kamp - Die Aangraypende Verhaal Van 'n Jong Meisie In Die Anglo-Boereoorlog (Afrikaans, Paperback):... Maggie: My Lewe In Die Kamp - Die Aangraypende Verhaal Van 'n Jong Meisie In Die Anglo-Boereoorlog (Afrikaans, Paperback)
Maggie Jooste
R290 R249 Discovery Miles 2 490 Save R41 (14%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

Maggie is die merkwaardige verhaal van 'n Afrikaanse tienermeisie en haar belewenis van die Anglo­Boereoorlog.

Margaretha (Maggie) Jooste was net 13 jaar oud toe oorlog uitbreek, en haar lewe onherroeplik verander. Ná maande se huisarres in Heidelberg, Transvaal, is sy, haar ma en jonger broers en susters na 'n konsentrasiekamp in Natal. Daar het hulle honger, onsekerheid en verlies ervaar, maar ook verrassende goedhartigheid van Britse soldate.

Hierdie baie persoonlike vertelling, in haar eie woorde, is 'n verhaal van swaarkry, maar ook van medemenslikheid en vriendskappe oor vyandsgrense. 'n Goue draad is die band tussen die Joostes en die Engelssprekende Russell­familie wat lank voor die oorlog bure en vriende was. Terwyl die Britse soldate en Boerekommando's oorlog voer, het die Russells in die geheim aan die Joostes kos voorsien om hulle te help oorleef, en hulle ook ná die oorlog ondersteun.

'n Aangrypende en diep ontroerende, maar ook hartverskeurende, ware verhaal.

Letters of Note: Music (Paperback, Main): Shaun Usher Letters of Note: Music (Paperback, Main)
Shaun Usher 1
R175 R140 Discovery Miles 1 400 Save R35 (20%) Ships in 5 - 10 working days

In Letters of Note: Music, Shaun Usher brings together a riveting collection of letters by and about some of the musicians and music that enrich our lives. It is a wonderfully wide-ranging and illuminating book that will delight music lovers of all stripes. Includes letters by: Ludgwig van Beethoven, Nick Cave, Helen Keller, Keith Richards, Yo-Yo Ma, Tom Waits, Erik Satie, Angelique Kidjo, Leonard Cohen John Coltrane, Kim Gordon & many more

Open Side: The Official Autobiography (Hardcover): Sam Warburton Open Side: The Official Autobiography (Hardcover)
Sam Warburton 1
R536 R386 Discovery Miles 3 860 Save R150 (28%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

'A terrific book. No one put their body on the line quite like Sam Warburton.' Brian O'Driscoll 'It was an absolute privilege to play against Sam. An inspiring leader with an equally inspiring story to tell.' Jonny Wilkinson Sam Warburton OBE was not only a titan of Welsh rugby, but an icon of the game. Having represented his country as a player and team captain at all junior levels, he propelled himself to international attention in 2011 when named as the youngest ever captain of Wales for the Rugby World Cup. Despite his tender age, Sam's immense displays for club and country were recognised still further in April 2013, when, at just 24, he was named the Lions' captain for the extraordinary 2013 tour to Australia. Four years later, after a year 'in the wilderness', Sam was named Lions' captain yet again for the historic tour to New Zealand, thereby becoming the first ever Lions Captain never to lose a series in the professional era. Intelligent, calm, thoughtful - in many ways seemingly the exact opposite of the smash and crash of modern rugby - Warburton's edge never came with his size, but with his depth of thought, his reading of movement, and his understanding that, to be a uniquely successful leader, one needs to set goals that far exceed the ambitions of even the most ferocious of opponents. In leading other men, and in pitting himself against the world's best, Warburton was forced repeatedly to push himself to the very edge of his physiological and mental limits, the 21 significant injuries over that period a painful testament to his sacrifice. Open Side is therefore not simply a chronology of events or a celebration of statistics. Written in a compelling but soul searching style, this is an astoundingly personal book exploring the nature of leadership, the value of self-control, the precision of mindset and of course the future of the game. It is also a deeply personal meditation on the sacrifice of body, the torment of injury and the pain of retirement, a decision Sam was forced to make in July 2018, at just 29 years old. Never before has a rugby autobiography given such intimate access not only to the realities of the dressing room and the heroes and villains of the modern game, but to the unique mindset required to make someone a genuinely great leader of men.

Lady Trader - A Biography Of Mrs Sarah Heckford (Paperback): Vivien Allen Lady Trader - A Biography Of Mrs Sarah Heckford (Paperback)
Vivien Allen
R234 Discovery Miles 2 340 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Sarah Heckford, born a Victorian lady in 1839, defied convention. Despite disability and the confines of upper-class expectations, she broke all boundaries; first to volunteer at a cholera hospital; then to start a children’s hospital in London’s East End with her husband. Newly widowed, she left first for Italy and India, and then for South Africa.

Arriving at Durban in 1878, Sarah set out for the Transvaal. Here she became a governess and then a farmer; later she became a transport-rider, trading goods with hunters and miners in the Lowveld. She made a life for herself in Africa despite considerable drawbacks, all the while trying to find ways of bettering the lives of those around her.

Author Vivien Allen has brought this remarkable woman to life in a riveting biography.

Kalahari-Kind (Afrikaans, Paperback): Willem D. Kotze Kalahari-Kind (Afrikaans, Paperback)
Willem D. Kotze
R153 Discovery Miles 1 530 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

In hierdie bundel loop die skrywer op sy kinderspore terug na die dorre Kalahari soos dit in die 1930's daaruit gesien het en word verskeie gebeure en emosies weer opgeroep: 'n lieflinghond wat in die duinestrate agterbly, 'n verharde pa, ontbering en uiteindelik: liefde. Onder verskeie prikkelende opskrifte – "Die Krismishoenders", "Agarob", "Weggooikinders", "Bruilof vir oom Wessel", "Oubaas Vogelbruck se stompore" – gee die 27 vertellings 'n helder beeld van 'n kind se grootword in die Kalahari. Dr. Willem D. Kotze is in 1931 op die plaas Texas langs die Nossobrivier in Namibie gebore. As kind het hy, agter die karakoeltrop en beeste, sy vader se Kalahariplaas Wilheben deurkruis.

Dolly Parton, Songteller: My Life in Lyrics (Hardcover): Chronicle Books Dolly Parton, Songteller: My Life in Lyrics (Hardcover)
Chronicle Books
R1,035 R805 Discovery Miles 8 050 Save R230 (22%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

Dolly Parton, Songteller: My Life in Lyrics is a landmark celebration of the remarkable life and career of a country music and pop culture legend. As told by Dolly Parton in her own inimitable words, explore the songs that have defined her journey. Illustrated throughout with previously unpublished images from Dolly Parton's personal and business archives. Mining over 60 years of songwriting, Dolly Parton highlights 175 of her songs and brings readers behind the lyrics. Packed with never-before-seen photographs and classic memorabilia Explores personal stories, candid insights, and myriad memories behind the songs Dolly Parton, Songteller: My Life in Lyrics reveals the stories and memories that have made Dolly a beloved icon across generations, genders, and social and international boundaries. Containing rare photos and memorabilia from Parton's archives, this book is a show- stopping must-have for every Dolly Parton fan. Learn the history behind classic Parton songs like "Jolene," "9 to 5," "I Will Always Love You," and more. The perfect gift for Dolly Parton fans (everyone loves Dolly!) as well as lovers of music history and country Add it to the shelf with books like Coat of Many Colors by Dolly Parton, The Beatles Anthology by The Beatles, and Born to Run by Bruce Springsteen.

A Political Biography of Selby Msimang - Principle and Pragmatism in the Liberation Struggle (Paperback): Sibongiseni M. Mkhize A Political Biography of Selby Msimang - Principle and Pragmatism in the Liberation Struggle (Paperback)
Sibongiseni M. Mkhize
R250 R207 Discovery Miles 2 070 Save R43 (17%) Ships in 5 - 10 working days

Henry Selby Msimang (1886-1982), one of the great South Africans of the twentieth century, was a founding member of the African National Congress in 1912, president of the pioneering Industrial and Commercial Workers Union in the 1920s-1930s, general secretary of the All African Convention in the 1930s, a member of the Natives Representative Council and provincial secretary of the Natal ANC in the 1940s and early 1950s, a prominent member of the Liberal Party in the 1950s and 1960s, a founder and executive member of the Inkatha Yenkululeko Yesizwe in the 1970s-and more. He was also a prolific author, journalist, and public debater, and not least, a man who was steady in his commitment to the struggle for freedom, justice, and human rights. In this first comprehensive political biography of Msimang, Sibongiseni Mkhize draws on a rich array of unpublished sources to tell a multilayered story of pragmatism, contradictions, and ideals. His book not only shines new light on Msimang and his milieu, but also shows us the diversity among the spectrum of political activists who were engaged in liberation struggles.

Platinum, Gold And Diamonds - The Adventure Of Hans Merensky's Discoveries (Paperback): Eberhard W. Machens Platinum, Gold And Diamonds - The Adventure Of Hans Merensky's Discoveries (Paperback)
Eberhard W. Machens
R282 Discovery Miles 2 820 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Both in South Africa and in Namibia, the name Hans Merensky summons a multitude of well-known public places and instututions: There is the famous Merensky Reef in the Bushveld Complex, the Merensky Dam and Hans Merensky Nature Reserve near Tzaneen, the Hans Merensky Hotel and Golf Estate in Phalaborwa, the Hans Merensky Library at the University of Pretoria, a Hans Merensky Foundation and a Hans Merensky High School, to name but a few. These names, however, leave untold a biography that resembles an adventure novel: The story of Hans Merensky’s extraordinary discoveries.

Born the son of the well-know missionary Alexander Merensky at Botshabelo in the eastern Transvaal, trained as a geologist in Germany and drawn back to South Africa by his creative ambition to explore the potential of the country of his birth, Hans Merensky (16 March 1871 – 21 October 1952) proved to be far more than the “wizard geologist” the press dubbed him during his heyday. Today it is obvious that Merensky was not only a scientist of note, but also an extremely far-sighted economic strategist, agricultural trendsetter, humanitarian and philanthropist. Nothing could extinguish his enthusiasm for his adopted homeland’s undiscovered treasures and despite bankruptcy, internment, illness, political obstacles and later, old age, Hans Merensky saw only opportunity wherever he went.

From the discovery of the richest deposit of alluvial gem diamonds ever found at Alexander Bay to the initial attempt at the commercial cultivation of avocados and pecan nuts – almost everything Hans Merensky touched turned to gold.

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