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Diagnosis and Management of Lameness in the Horse (Hardcover, 2nd Revised edition): Michael W. Ross, Sue J. Dyson Diagnosis and Management of Lameness in the Horse (Hardcover, 2nd Revised edition)
Michael W. Ross, Sue J. Dyson
R3,693 R3,391 Discovery Miles 33 910 Save R302 (8%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Helping you to apply many different diagnostic tools, Diagnosis and Management of Lameness in the Horse, 2nd Edition explores both traditional treatments and alternative therapies for conditions that can cause gait abnormalities in horses. Written by an international team of authors led by Mike Ross and Sue Dyson, this resource describes equine sporting activities and specific lameness conditions in major sport horse types. It emphasizes accurate and systematic observation and clinical examination, with in-depth descriptions of diagnostic analgesia, radiography, ultrasonography, nuclear scintigraphy, magnetic resonance imaging, computed tomography, thermography, and surgical endoscopy. Broader in scope than any other book of its kind, this edition includes a companion website with 47 narrated video clips demonstrating common forelimb and hindlimb lameness as well as gait abnormalities. Cutting-edge information on diagnostic application for computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging includes the most comprehensive section available on MRI in the live horse. Coverage of traditional treatment modalities also includes many aspects of alternative therapy, with a practical and realistic perspective on prognosis. An examination of the various types of horses used in sports describes the lameness conditions to which each horse type is particularly prone, as well as differences in prognosis. Guidelines on how to proceed when a diagnosis cannot easily be reached help you manage conditions when faced with the limitations of current diagnostic capabilities. Clinical examination and diagnostic analgesia are given a special emphasis. Practical, hands-on information covers a wide range of horse types from around the world. A global perspective is provided by a team of international authors, editors, and contributors. A full-color insert shows thermography images. Updated chapters include the most current information on topics such as MRI, foot pain, stem cell therapy, and shock wave treatment. Two new chapters include The Biomechanics of the Equine Limb and its Effect on Lameness and Clinical Use of Stem Cells, Marrow Components, and Other Growth Factors. The chapter on the hock has been expanded substantially, and the section on lameness associated with the foot has been completely rewritten to include state-of-the-art information based on what has been learned from MRI. Many new figures appear throughout the book. A companion website includes 47 narrated video clips of gait abnormalities, including typical common syndromes as well as rarer and atypical manifestations of lameness and neurological dysfunction, with commentary by author/editors Mike Ross and Sue Dyson. References on the companion website are linked to the original abstracts on PubMed.

The Welfare of Horses (Hardcover, 2002 ed.): N. Waran The Welfare of Horses (Hardcover, 2002 ed.)
N. Waran
R3,786 R3,266 Discovery Miles 32 660 Save R520 (14%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

This book describes the development of horse behaviour, and the way in which the management of horses today affects their welfare. Horses for sport, companionship and work are considered and ways of improving their welfare by better training and management is described. The book assesses welfare, nutrition, and behaviour problems with horses. The authors include internationally-recognised scientists from Britain, Ireland, USA and Australia.

Ultimate Guide to Horse Health & Care - The Novice Owner's Guide to Horsekeeping (Paperback): Lainey Cullen-McConkey Ultimate Guide to Horse Health & Care - The Novice Owner's Guide to Horsekeeping (Paperback)
Lainey Cullen-McConkey
R359 R295 Discovery Miles 2 950 Save R64 (18%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

Find solutions to the most common problems faced by novice horse owners. Keeping your horse at home can be as wonderful and idyllic as it sounds, but there are also a lot of things which need to be taken into consideration to make sure you and your horse's new home are ready. This book will guide you through some of the potential pitfalls, providing a simple and easily digestible overview of basic at-home horse health and care. With more than thirty years of experience, horse owner, trainer, and caretaker Lainey Cullen-McConkey offers expert insight on topics such as creating and maintaining a safe living environment for your horse, the basic rules of feeding and care, and invaluable advice on what to do if something goes wrong. Other helpful topics include: What to know before you bring home your horse Basic anatomy and systems of the horse Healthcare and monitoring Maintenance of property and pastures Suggestions on what to do if your horse is injured or ill And so much more! The Ultimate Guide to Horse Health & Care covers everything you need to know and do both before and after bringing your horse home.

The Illustrated Horse's Foot - A comprehensive guide (Hardcover): Christopher C Pollitt The Illustrated Horse's Foot - A comprehensive guide (Hardcover)
Christopher C Pollitt
R3,552 R2,536 Discovery Miles 25 360 Save R1,016 (29%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Internationally renowned expert Professor Chris Pollitt shares his knowledge to aid accurate diagnosis and effective treatment of equine foot problems. The Illustrated Horse's Foot presents 1,000 of the highest quality images from the author's collection, including many 2D reconstructions of MRI and CT data. Building on the success of Professor Pollitt's Color Atlas of the Horse's Foot, this illustrated text augments a unique photographic collection with accompanying text offering information on clinical signs, diagnosis, treatment and prognosis in a templated format for quick and clear access. The Illustrated Horse's Foot comprehensively covers a wide range of equine foot conditions and includes access to an ancillary website presenting not only a generous image bank but video clips and 3D images of MRI and CT data. It is an essential guide for all equine veterinarians and farriers.. Comprehensive coverage addresses a wide range of equine foot conditions. A unique collection of MIMICs provides beautifully detailed anatomical hoof images. 284 high-quality images show conditions of the equine foot, including many 2-D reconstructions of MRI and CT data. Step-by-step case histories follow equine patients from initial presentation through diagnosis to treatment and outcome. A convenient, templated format provides quick access to clinical signs, diagnosis, treatment, and prognosis. Expert author Chris Pollitt is a pioneer in the use of advanced radiographic, CT, and MRI technology for imaging equine foot and laminitis problems to facilitate accurate diagnosis and effective treatment. A companion website located at pollitthorsesfoot.com located at pollitthorsesfoot.com includes video clips of equine foot cases.

Robinson's Current Therapy in Equine Medicine (Hardcover, 7th edition): Kim A. Sprayberry, N.Edward Robinson Robinson's Current Therapy in Equine Medicine (Hardcover, 7th edition)
Kim A. Sprayberry, N.Edward Robinson
R2,975 R2,737 Discovery Miles 27 370 Save R238 (8%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Stay up-to-date on the latest advances and current issues in equine medicine with this handy reference for the busy equine practitioner, large animal veterinarian, or student. This edition of Current Therapy in Equine Medicine brings you thorough coverage and expert advice on selected topics in areas that have seen significant advances in the last 5 years. Content emphasizes the practical aspects of diagnosis and treatment and provides details for therapeutic regimens. Arranged primarily by body system, the text also features sections on infectious diseases, foal diseases, nutrition, and toxicology. With this cutting-edge information all in one reliable source, you'll increase your awareness of key therapies in less time. Key topics include all-new coverage of the latest developments in imaging, biosecurity strategies for individual horse owners and owners of commercial farms and stables, diseases affecting horses at various ages, and a review of colic and other GI tract conditions. A recognized panel of nearly 200 expert contributors represents thriving private equine practices, referral hospitals, and academia, and provides insight on challenges, developments, and differing perspectives from around the world. A succinct approach is used to discuss pathophysiology and diagnosis, but therapeutics are covered in detail. The Current Therapy format focuses on emerging trends, treatment protocols, and diagnostic updates new to the field, providing timely information on the latest advances in equine medicine. A body systems organization makes it easy to find solutions for specific disorders. Suggested readings at the end of each chapter cite peer-reviewed articles and other sources for further research and study. ALL-NEW topics provide updates on infectious diseases, including herpesvirus, equine granulocytic anaplasmosis, and lawsonia infection and proliferative enteropathy; pain diagnosis and multimodal management; management of thoracic and airway trauma, imaging, endoscopy, and other diagnostic procedures for the acute abdomen; and neurologic injury. 212 concise, NEW chapters include both a succinct guide to diagnosis of disorders and a detailed discussion of therapy. NEW images demonstrate advances in various imaging techniques. Thoroughly updated drug appendices, including all-new coverage of drug dosages for donkeys and mules, provide a handy, quick reference for the clinical setting.

Schussler Tissue Salts for Horses (Paperback): Hans-Heinrich Jorgensen Schussler Tissue Salts for Horses (Paperback)
Hans-Heinrich Jorgensen 1
R266 R222 Discovery Miles 2 220 Save R44 (17%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

The correct balance of minerals and salts is vital for a healthy constitution. Schussler tissue salts have been used successfully in people for a long time and they are now available for horses too. This accessible book provides the necessary knowledge for using these popular minerals for horses, both as a treatment and prophylaxis. Named after German homeopathic practitioner Dr Heinrich Schussler, who pioneered their use in humans, these salts can help correct mineral imbalances to keep your horse healthy, or support it during recovery. It explains the history of the twelve Schussler tissue salts and their biochemistry. It includes advice on dosage and application. Provides reference to the treatment of common problems with Schussler tissue salts.

Equine Massage - A Practical Guide (Paperback, 2nd Revised edition): Jean Pierre Hourdebaigt Equine Massage - A Practical Guide (Paperback, 2nd Revised edition)
Jean Pierre Hourdebaigt
R646 R522 Discovery Miles 5 220 Save R124 (19%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

A long-awaited update of the classic equine massage reference

Fully revised and updated, this new edition provides step-by-step instructions and more than 180 photographs and diagrams to help riders and professionals alike master equine massage techniques. This authoritative guide provides detailed information about massage movements, pressures, rhythms, and sequences. It includes: An introduction to equine anatomy, physiology, and kinesiology Practical information on stretching and hydrotherapy Four new chapters covering equine myofascial massage, Equine TMJ (temporomandibular joint) Dysfunction Syndrome, Equine Muscular Compensation Phenomenon, and saddle fitting A conformation check-up routine Information about areas of stress specific to each discipline and different massage techniques and routines for different situations A handy comb-bound format that lays flat for convenient use in the stable

Equine massage enhances the performance and quality of life of horses by increasing flexibility, reducing stiffness, improving attitude, and shortening recovery time from injury. In addition to its many health benefits, equine massage strengthens the bond between the horse and his owner, trainer, or groom. Using these techniques, you'll learn to "see" with your hands and sense areas that need special attention. "Equine Massage, Second Edition" is truly a hands-on guide to proven massage techniques that improve a horse's well-being.

The Equine Acute Abdomen (Hardcover, 3rd Edition): Anthony T. Blikslager, Nathaniel A. White, James Moore, Tim S. Mair The Equine Acute Abdomen (Hardcover, 3rd Edition)
Anthony T. Blikslager, Nathaniel A. White, James Moore, Tim S. Mair
R5,373 R4,418 Discovery Miles 44 180 Save R955 (18%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Written and edited by leading experts on equine digestive diseases, The Equine Acute Abdomen, Third Editionis the preeminent text on diagnosing and treating acute abdominal diseases in horses, donkeys, and mules. * The definitive guide to acute abdominal disorders in equine patients, fully updated and revised to reflect the latest developments in the field * Lavishly illustrated with more than 450 color illustrations, photographs, line drawings, and figures * A companion website features video clips and images from the book available for download * Provides an invaluable resource to equine surgery and internal medicine specialists, researchers, practitioners, and students who deal with colic

Veterinary Guide to Horse Breeding (Paperback): James M. Giffin, Kjersten Darling Veterinary Guide to Horse Breeding (Paperback)
James M. Giffin, Kjersten Darling
R557 R460 Discovery Miles 4 600 Save R97 (17%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

A landmark breeding resource for new and seasoned horse owners alike

With millions of recreational riders on the bridle paths today, breeding is becoming increasingly popular among horse owners at all experience levels. Whether you are already enjoying the rich rewards of equine breeding or need down-to-earth advice on whether breeding is right for you and your animal, the Veterinary Guide to Horse Breeding offers a thorough, up-to-date overview of the process.

From selecting the best horses to mating, pregnancy, birthing, and caring for a newborn foal, this is the authoritative resource you'll want by your side at all stages of the breeding process to bring healthy, beautiful foals into your life. Features include:

  • Guidance on evaluating mares and stallions from bloodline and performance record to overall health and appearance
  • Key breeding techniques such as artificial insemination, pasture breeding, and hand breeding
  • Pregnancy essentials including testing, gestation, care of pregnant mares, and dealing with complications
  • Foaling fundamentals: signs of approaching labor, labor and delivery, care of the postpartum mare, and more
  • A complete immunization schedule, physiological evaluation tables and procedures, and a thorough glossary of terms
  • More than 100 photos and drawings illustrating anatomy, techniques, and procedures
Equine Laminitis (Hardcover): James K. Belknap Equine Laminitis (Hardcover)
James K. Belknap; Edited by (board members) Raymond J. Geor
R3,671 R3,151 Discovery Miles 31 510 Save R520 (14%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

The first book dedicated to this common, serious, and complex equine disease, Equine Laminitis is the gold-standard reference to the latest information on every aspect of the disease and its treatment. * Provides the first book devoted specifically to equine laminitis * Discusses the current state of knowledge on all aspects of the disease, including its history, relevant anatomical considerations, pathophysiology, the diagnostic workup, and clinical treatment * Presents 50 chapters written by leading international experts, under the editorship of the foremost authority on equine laminitis * Offers a thorough understanding of this common affliction, grounded in the scientific literature * Describes effective prevention and treatment plans

Equine Genetic Diseases, An Issue of Veterinary Clinics of North America: Equine Practice, Volume 36-2 (Hardcover): Carrie Finno Equine Genetic Diseases, An Issue of Veterinary Clinics of North America: Equine Practice, Volume 36-2 (Hardcover)
Carrie Finno
R1,852 Discovery Miles 18 520 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

This issue of Veterinary Clinics: Equine Practice, guest edited by Dr. Carrie Finno, focuses on Equine Genetic Diseases. Topics include: Genetics, Genomics, and Emergent Precision Medicine 12 years post Equine Reference Genome; Equine SNP Genotyping Arrays; Next-generation Sequencing; Genetic Testing in the Horse; Genetics of Cardiovascular Disease; Genetics of Respiratory Disease; Genetics of Neurological Disease; Genetics of Immune Disease; Genetics of Orthopedic Disease; Genetics of Ocular Disease; Genetics of Skin Disease; Genetics of Endocrine and Metabolic Disease; Genetics of Muscle Disease; Genetics of Laminitis; Genetics of Reproductive Diseases; and Genetics of Behavioral Traits.

Fascial Anatomy of the Equine Forelimb (Paperback): Carla M. Lusi, Helen M.S. Davies Fascial Anatomy of the Equine Forelimb (Paperback)
Carla M. Lusi, Helen M.S. Davies
R2,835 R1,625 Discovery Miles 16 250 Save R1,210 (43%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Lusi and Davies have provided an excellent reference resource for students and graduates alike. The number of well-defined, relevant and clear images allow quick understanding for anyone interested in the fascial anatomy of the horse. This small book is perfect to have in your bag, allowing the student or clinician to find all the information they need on-site. - Sophie Neasham, final year veterinary student, University of Veterinary Medicine in Kosice, Slovakia Key features: The first book in equine anatomy to illustrate the fascial (soft connective tissue) connections of the equine forelimb. Clear, high-quality images (with reference images included on each page) help readers identify aspects of the limb photographed. A brief introduction to the forelimb musculoskeletal anatomy (with images) helps readers familiarize themselves with muscles and bones portrayed in photographs. Focused discussions highlight the practical applicability of the fascial connections illustrated. Accompanying video clips demonstrate connectivity of the fascial system particular lines of tension. The first of its kind in equine anatomy, this clear, concise anatomical guide illustrates the fascial (soft connective tissue) connections of the equine forelimb. Based on dissections of fresh equine cadaver limbs, it provides a visual map for equine physical therapists, veterinarians and horse riders, helping them to understand how pathologies, injuries, or movement abnormalities of the equine forelimb arise and/or progress from one area of the limb to another. The fascial system is one of the primary systems acted upon by equine physiotherapists and is of increasing interest to horse riders looking to achieve structural integration and balanced movement in their horse. With this in mind, key points in each chapter highlight everyday situations in which knowledge of the fascial system may assist in understanding horse movement and injury. This practically applicable anatomical atlas is the ideal reference for horse owners, body workers and veterinarians alike.

Manual of Equine Lameness (Paperback, New): Gary M Baxter Manual of Equine Lameness (Paperback, New)
Gary M Baxter
R1,831 Discovery Miles 18 310 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

"Manual of Equine Lameness" provides essential information on equine lameness diagnostics and treatment in an easy-to-use format ideal for the clinical setting. A clinically relevant distillation of topics from "Adams and Stashak's Lameness in Horses," this text offers a quick introduction and fast access to key information. An accompanying DVD includes practical supplements, including additional anatomical images, video clips demonstrating key procedures such as perineural and intrasynovial injections, and examples of lameness conditions in motion.

Designed for use in daily practice, the book is presented in brief chapters carefully formatted to maximize the usefulness for practicing veterinarians. "Manual of Equine Lameness" is an invaluable resource to any veterinarian treating lameness in horses and an ideal reference for veterinary students wanting to learn the fundamentals of lameness.

Blackwell's Five-Minute Veterinary Consult Clinical Companion - Equine Theriogenology (Paperback): Carla L. Carleton Blackwell's Five-Minute Veterinary Consult Clinical Companion - Equine Theriogenology (Paperback)
Carla L. Carleton
R3,060 Discovery Miles 30 600 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

"Blackwell's Five-Minute Veterinary Consult Clinical Companion: Equine Theriogenology" provides quick access to essential information on common techniques and conditions in equine reproductive practice. Part of the popular Blackwell's Five-Minute Veterinary Consult series, this resource builds on the reproduction section of "Blackwell's Five-Minute Veterinary Consult: Equine" to present expanded theriogenology coverage with clinical photographs. With information ranging from artificial insemination and fetal sexing to parentage testing and vaccination programs, the book offers 158 similarly formatted chapters to help practitioners efficiently manage reproductive health in the mare and stallion and confidently treat fetal and neonatal patients.

Experimental Studies in Equine Infectious Anemia (Hardcover): Experimental Studies in Equine Infectious Anemia (Hardcover)
R1,743 R1,550 Discovery Miles 15 500 Save R193 (11%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days
Horse Movement - Structure, Function and Rehabilitation (Hardcover): Gail Williams Horse Movement - Structure, Function and Rehabilitation (Hardcover)
Gail Williams; Illustrated by Alexa McKenna
R803 R688 Discovery Miles 6 880 Save R115 (14%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Anatomy, particularly functional anatomy, is a vital and dynamic subject, an appreciation of which leads not only to superior husbandry and welfare, but also to a better understanding of the anatomical challenges associated with riding, training, overtraining, injury and rehabilitation. Using Alexa McKenna's fabulous illustrations, this book shows the correlation of the skeleton, muscular system and locomotion, providing a clear insight into the functional and dysfunctional horse. It also addresses the largely misunderstood concept of 'perfect conformation' and looks at the effect on function of the rider and tack, using cutting-edge diagnostic techniques such as thermal imaging and gait analysis. Again with the emphasis on the visual, readers will be able to appreciate how muscles function in differing athletic disciplines by analysing the heat generated in musculoskeletal structures after exercise. This will also highlight the importance of post-competition recovery. The book concludes with a range of useful techniques to improve the function of any horse, including stretches, taping, wrapping and other proprioceptive techniques to increase balance, flexibility, awareness and posture.

Equine Dermatology (Hardcover, 2nd Revised edition): Danny W. Scott, William H. Miller Equine Dermatology (Hardcover, 2nd Revised edition)
Danny W. Scott, William H. Miller
R3,093 R2,841 Discovery Miles 28 410 Save R252 (8%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Diagnose, treat, and manage equine skin disorders with the most comprehensive reference available! With 900 full-color photos, Equine Dermatology covers skin diseases ranging from those that merely annoy the horse to others that interfere with the horse's ability to function in riding, working, or show. Thorough coverage includes essential basics and practical diagnostic methods, therapies, and specific abnormalities and defects. The book describes the structure and function of the skin, and discusses disorders including bacterial, fungal, parasitic, viral, protozoal, allergic, immune-mediated, endocrine, metabolic, and nutritional diseases. It also covers congenital and hereditary defects, pigmentation abnormalities, keratinization defects, environmental skin diseases, and skin tumors. Written by renowned equine dermatologists Danny Scott and Bill Miller, this all-inclusive resource covers the latest dermatologic topics and the newest therapies. Current, comprehensive coverage includes every known equine dermatosis. An emphasis on differential diagnosis includes key differentials and breed predilections for each disease, especially helpful when you have only a specimen and an incomplete history to work with. A consistent format makes it easy to locate information on each skin disorder, including a clinical description, its cause and pathogenesis, clinical features, clinical management, diagnosis, treatment, and any zoonotic aspects. Expert authors Danny W. Scott, DVM, and William H. Miller, Jr., VMD, offer years of knowledge, experience, and their vast image collections. Diagnostic tables in each chapter provide a quick reference for identifying lesions and disorders. An extensive list of references at the end of each chapter includes recommendations for further reading. New coverage of dermatologic conditions includes the latest topics and emerging disorders such as chronic progressive lymphedema, herpesvirus-2-associated dermatitis, salmonella-associated dermatoses, and nodular auricular chondropathy. Updated Diagnostic Methods chapter covers multiple methods of developing a differential diagnosis list based on breed, lesion type, patterns, and location. A focus on common clinical problems highlights the conditions most likely to be seen in practice. Almost 1,000 full-color photos of skin disorders make it easy to distinguish clinical characteristics and variations of normal and abnormal for accurate diagnosis and therapy.

Performance Hoof, Performance Horse (Paperback): Nic Barker Performance Hoof, Performance Horse (Paperback)
Nic Barker
R417 R375 Discovery Miles 3 750 Save R42 (10%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Many horses will, at some point during their lives, suffer hoof problems which, in extreme cases, can cause permanent lameness. So why should outstandingly healthy, hardworking feet be a relative rarity? Performance Hoof, Performance Horse explores the idea that, given the right conditions, healthy hooves are not difficult to maintain and neither do they need much in the way of human intervention, and that the unshod or 'barefoot' horse can be tough, strong and sure-footed. The book offers practical advice on how best to work with a horse with compromised feet in terms of nutrition, surfaces and exercise in order to restore its hooves to optimum condition.

Practical Guide to Equine Colic (Hardcover): Louise L. Southwood Practical Guide to Equine Colic (Hardcover)
Louise L. Southwood; Illustrated by Joanne Fehr
R2,107 Discovery Miles 21 070 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

"Practical Guide to Equine Colic" takes a step-by-step clinical approach to the medical management of this common condition. Covering colic management and treatment from the veterinarian's first involvement through referral, surgical intervention, and long-term recovery, the book offers practical advice on managing a colic case. Designed for easy navigation, chapters are brief and fully cross-referenced, allowing the reader to quickly find and apply information in the practice setting.

The book incorporates key points, checklists, clinical tips, step-by-step illustrations, and case examples, emphasizing clinically relevant information throughout and referencing the most applicable and up-to-date literature. A companion website offers clinical cases, quizzes, and videos at www.wiley.com/go/southwood. "Practical Guide to Equine Colic" is an ideal resource for daily use in treating horses with colic, appealing to students, equine practitioners, and specialists alike.

Hoof Prints on the Journey - Every Horse Owner's Simple Guide to the Hoof (Paperback): Carole Herder Hoof Prints on the Journey - Every Horse Owner's Simple Guide to the Hoof (Paperback)
Carole Herder
R321 R266 Discovery Miles 2 660 Save R55 (17%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days
O'Brien's Radiology for the Ambulatory Equine Practitioner (Paperback): Timothy O'Brien O'Brien's Radiology for the Ambulatory Equine Practitioner (Paperback)
Timothy O'Brien
R2,196 Discovery Miles 21 960 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

This concise yet thorough guide to diagnostic radiology for the equine practitioner reflects over 35 years of clinical experience by the author. The book focuses on the production of high quality diagnostic radiographs in the field: from the carpus to the foot. This practical presentation provides detailed techniques for optimal production of images and accurate interpretation of the films. It includes a detailed discussion of the imaging of the distal limbs for assessment of lameness, infectious and traumatic conditions as a component of the Purchase examination. A practical assessment of the economic benefits of diagnostic radiology in the practice and methods for determining the cost and profitably is also included. This highly visual title contains over 400 high quality diagnostic images to aid the clinical in correctly diagnosing patents. This book is an exceptional guide to producing excellent quality radiographs in the field and belongs in glove box of every equine practitioner's truck. Published by Teton New Media USA and distributed by CRC Press outside of North America.

Believe In Magic - Kid's Christmas Drawing Book (Paperback): J a Jasmine Believe In Magic - Kid's Christmas Drawing Book (Paperback)
J a Jasmine
R180 Discovery Miles 1 800 Ships in 7 - 11 working days
Future Vet Tech - notebook will make a great gag gift for Veterinary Technician (Paperback): Jj Pop Future Vet Tech - notebook will make a great gag gift for Veterinary Technician (Paperback)
Jj Pop
R169 Discovery Miles 1 690 Ships in 7 - 11 working days
Language Signs and Calming Signals of Horses - Recognition and Application (Hardcover): Rachael Draaisma Language Signs and Calming Signals of Horses - Recognition and Application (Hardcover)
Rachael Draaisma
R917 Discovery Miles 9 170 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

This practical book helps you interpret and connect the physical signals that horses display in response to their environment. These signals are evident in the everyday actions, gestures and attitudes that horses communicate to each other, but are often so subtle that they can go unnoticed by humans. This book aims to rectify that, offering horse lovers and equine professionals an opportunity to gain a unique insight into their 'horse's world'. Key features: includes detailed description of language signs of domestic horses, with a special emphasis on calming signals includes 275 pictures to visualize various language signs, calming signals, behaviour sequences and facial features presents communication ladders to show how a horse responds to incentives in his environment, and what signals he uses at certain moments contains tips on the use of the communication ladders and calming signals to improve the socialisation, training and wellbeing of your horse considers equine psychological stress from an environmental perspective, providing a valuable alternative to the current common clinical perspective. After reading this book you will be more astute in spotting calming signals, displacement activities, stress signals and distance-increasing signals, and better able to see which stimuli your horse can handle and which he cannot. This means you will know what to do to calm your horse before his stress rises to an unmanageable level. Language Signs and Calming Signals of Horses is both fascinating and important reading for any equine veterinary practitioner, student or nurse, as well as horse owners and trainers.

Said No Vet Tech Ever - This notebook will make a great gag gift for Veterinary Technician (Paperback): Jj Pop Said No Vet Tech Ever - This notebook will make a great gag gift for Veterinary Technician (Paperback)
Jj Pop
R169 Discovery Miles 1 690 Ships in 7 - 11 working days
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