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Antiquity Unleashed - Aby Warburg, Durer and Mantegna (Paperback, New): Marcus Andrew Hurttig Antiquity Unleashed - Aby Warburg, Durer and Mantegna (Paperback, New)
Marcus Andrew Hurttig
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The Hamburg banker's son Aby Warburg (1866-1929) was one of the most influential art historians and cultural theorists of the 20th century. His life's work was devoted to tracing antique formulas of representation in the depiction of human passions in Renaissance art. For this epoch-spanning relationship, he developed the term `pathos formula' (Pathosformel). In a lecture given in 1905 in the Konzerthaus in Hamburg, focusing on the young Albrecht Durer's Death of Orpheus, Warburg outlined his thoughts in front of the original drawing, which he had borrowed from the rich holdings of the Kunsthalle in order to better illustrate his idea. This drawing, pivotal in the young artist's development as an ambitious response to classical antiquity, was displayed during the lecture alongside a group of engravings and woodcuts which included not only some of Durer's own seminal later prints, such as Melencolia I, but also engravings by Andrea Mantegna which Durer copied in 1494, the same year he drew the Death of Orpheus. Warburg's `pop-up exhibition' of eleven works has here been reconstructed and analyzed, using his fascinating lecture notes, sketches and slide lists. First developed by the Hamburger Kunsthalle in 2011, subsequently on view in Cologne in the Wallraf-Richartz Museum and now at The Courtauld Gallery, each institution has interpreted the material slightly differently, while retaining the core Warburg group. Aby Warburg aimed at unlocking the meaning of an art work by excavating its roots in its cultural context. By restaging his legendary display of 1905 with Durer's Death of Orpheus at its heart, the exhibition and accompanying book present some of the most skillful and ambitious works on paper ever produced and also seek to introduce into Warburg's rich intellectual universe to a broader public, hoping thereby to offer both sheer enjoyment and food for thought.

The Hours of Marie de' Medici - A Facsimile (Latin, Hardcover, Facsimile edition): Eberhard Konig The Hours of Marie de' Medici - A Facsimile (Latin, Hardcover, Facsimile edition)
Eberhard Konig
R3,636 Discovery Miles 36 360 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

At the turn of the fifteenth century, private devotionals became a speciality of the renowned Ghent-Bruges illuminators. Wealthy patrons who commissioned work from these artists often spared no expense in the presentation of their personal prayer books, or `books of hours', from detailed decoration to luxurious bindings and embroidery. This enchanting illuminated manuscript was painted by the Master of the David Scenes in the Grimani Breviary (known as the David Master), one of the renowned Flemish illuminators in the sixteenth century. Every page of the manuscript is exquisitely decorated. Fine architectural interiors, gorgeous landscapes and detailed city scenes, each one depicting a narrative, form the subjects of three full-size illuminations and forty-two full-page miniatures. There are floral borders on a gold ground or historiated borders in the Flemish and Italian style on every page. It is one of the finest examples of medieval illumination in a personal prayer book and the most copiously illustrated work of the David Master to survive. The manuscript owes its name to the French Queen, Marie de Medici, widow of King Henri IV. For a time she went into exile in Brussels, where she is thought to have acquired the manuscript before moving again to Cologne. An inscription in English states that she left the book of hours in this city, and it is here that an English manuscript collector, Francis Douce, may have acquired the book and eventually donated it to the Bodleian Library. Together with a scholarly introduction that gives an overview of Flemish illumination and examines each of the illustrations in detail, this full-colour facsimile limited edition, bound in linen with a leather quarter binding and beautifully presented in a slipcase, faithfully reproduces all 176 leaves of the original manuscript.

The Aztec Pantheon and the Art of Empire (Hardcover): John Pohl, Claire Lyons The Aztec Pantheon and the Art of Empire (Hardcover)
John Pohl, Claire Lyons
R458 R434 Discovery Miles 4 340 Save R24 (5%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

When the Aztec Empire emerged to dominate central Mexico from 1460 to 1519, vast amounts of tribute wealth flowed into the capital city of Tenochtitlan, enabling artists and architects to create sophisticated works on a monumental scale. Confronting a civilization without precedent, some Spanish conquistadors and missionaries looked to the classical past for explanations and parallels were drawn between two great empires--the Aztec and the Roman.
While many studies dwell on the Aztec gods and the bloody rituals performed in their honor, this groundbreaking book examines little-known episodes in which classicism mediated a dialogue both within and between Mesoamerica and Spain. The authors engage contemporary approaches to cross-cultural analogy, shedding light on the function of monumental arts and religious spectacles and consciously classicizing traditions within empires. A foreword by Leonardo Lopez Lujan, director of the Proyecto Templo Mayor, places the comparison of Aztec and Roman empires in historical context. The publication accompanies an exhibition celebrating the bicentennial of Mexican Independence on view from March 25 to July 5, 2010, at the J. Paul Getty Museum at the Getty Villa.

Lives of Titian (Paperback): Giorgio Vasari Lives of Titian (Paperback)
Giorgio Vasari; Introduction by Carlo Corsato; Sperone Speroni, Pietro Aretino, Ludovico Dolce, …
R230 R182 Discovery Miles 1 820 Save R48 (21%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Titian (c. 1488-1576) was recognized very early on as the leading painter of his generation in Venice. Starting in the studio of the aged Giovanni Bellini, Titian, with his contemporary Giorgione, almost immediately started to expand the range of what was possible in painting, converting Bellini's statuesque style into something far more impressionistic and romantic. This restless spirit of innovation and improvisation never left him, and during his long life he experimented with a number of different styles, the brushwork of his last great paintings showing a mysterious poetry that has never been equaled. This volume in the series Lives of the Artists collects the major writings about Titian by his contemporaries and nearcontemporaries. The centerpiece is the biography by Vasari, who as a Florentine found Titian's very Venetian sense of colour and transient forms a challenge to his concept of art as design. The poet Ariosto and sparkling letter writer Aretino had a more nuanced view of their friend's work, and Priscianese's account of a dinner party with Titian, and the contributions by Speroni and Dolce, and the slightly later Tuscan critic Borghini, round out the picture of this hugely thoughtful, intellectual artist, whose paintings remain some of the most sensual and affecting in all of Western art. Mostly unavailable in any form for many years, these writings have been newly edited for this edition. They are introduced by the scholar Carlo Corsato, who places each in its artistic and literary context. Approximately 50 pages of colour illustrations cover the full range of Titian's great oeuvre.

Bosch and Bruegel - From Enemy Painting to Everyday Life - Bollingen Series XXXV: 57 (Hardcover, Bollingen Series XXXV: 57):... Bosch and Bruegel - From Enemy Painting to Everyday Life - Bollingen Series XXXV: 57 (Hardcover, Bollingen Series XXXV: 57)
Joseph Leo Koerner
R1,348 R922 Discovery Miles 9 220 Save R426 (32%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

In this visually stunning and much anticipated book, acclaimed art historian Joseph Koerner casts the paintings of Hieronymus Bosch and Pieter Bruegel in a completely new light, revealing how the painting of everyday life was born from what seems its polar opposite: the depiction of an enemy hell-bent on destroying us. Supreme virtuoso of the bizarre, diabolic, and outlandish, Bosch embodies the phantasmagorical force of painting, while Bruegel, through his true-to-life landscapes and frank depictions of peasants, is the artistic avatar of the familiar and ordinary. But despite their differences, the works of these two artists are closely intertwined. Bruegel began his career imitating Bosch's fantasies, and it was Bosch who launched almost the whole repertoire of later genre painting. But Bosch depicts everyday life in order to reveal it as an alluring trap set by a metaphysical enemy at war with God, whereas Bruegel shows this enemy to be nothing but a humanly fabricated mask. Attending closely to the visual cunning of these two towering masters, Koerner uncovers art history's unexplored underside: the image itself as an enemy. An absorbing study of the dark paradoxes of human creativity, Bosch and Bruegel is also a timely account of how hatred can be converted into tolerance through the agency of art. It takes readers through all the major paintings, drawings, and prints of these two unforgettable artists--including Bosch's notoriously elusive Garden of Earthly Delights, which forms the core of this historical tour de force. Elegantly written and abundantly illustrated, the book is based on Koerner's A. W. Mellon Lectures in the Fine Arts, a series given annually at the National Gallery of Art, Washington.

Sebastien Mamerot. A Chronicle of the Crusades (Hardcover): Thierry Delcourt, Fabrice Masanes, Danielle Queruel Sebastien Mamerot. A Chronicle of the Crusades (Hardcover)
Thierry Delcourt, Fabrice Masanes, Danielle Queruel 1
R405 R334 Discovery Miles 3 340 Save R71 (18%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Capturing several centuries of French crusades: Battles, burials and coronations coming to life before your eyes Completed circa 1474, Sebastien Mamerot s lavishly illustrated manuscript is the only contemporary document to describe several centuries of French crusades, when successive kings tried to seize the Holy Land. Jean Colombe, the medieval illuminator best known for his work on the Tres Riches Heures du Duc de Berry, is the principal artist of its 66 exquisite miniatures. Les Passages d Outremer (The Expeditions to Outremer) comprises 277 parchment folios, illustrated by Colombe and the finest caligraphers of the medieval era, and now resides in the French national library. This new hardcover edition in our popular Klotz format comprises a complete translation of the manuscript text, illustrated with 66 colourful miniatures by Jean Colombe, accurate down to the color of the medieval gold heightening, and their explanations. The battles, burials, coronations and processions depicted in the illustrations come to life before our eyes and create a forceful image, as well as a compelling read, of this centuries-long campaign of religious fervour and epic journey."

Three Studies - Masolino and Masaccio, Caravaggio and His Forerunners, Carlo Braccesco (Hardcover, Trans. from the Italian... Three Studies - Masolino and Masaccio, Caravaggio and His Forerunners, Carlo Braccesco (Hardcover, Trans. from the Italian ed.)
Roberto Longhi
R370 R289 Discovery Miles 2 890 Save R81 (22%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Roberto Longhi (1890 - 1970) is regarded by Italians as their most important art critic, art historian, and prose stylist of this century, with unsurpassed powers of observation and description. This book is a new English version of the third edition (1963) of Longhi's seminal work on the Renaissance painter Piero della Francesca, with an introduction by Metropolitan Museum of Art curator Keith Christiansen. In the New York Review of Books, Francis Haskell wrote, Roberto Longhi is "the most brilliant Italian art historian of our century and a stylist of intoxicating powers . . . few of his very idiosyncratic works have been translated into English; but thanks to the enterprise of the Sheep Meadow Press, this situation is at last being remedied."

Hieronymus Bosch Masterpieces of Art (Hardcover, New edition): Rosalind Ormiston Hieronymus Bosch Masterpieces of Art (Hardcover, New edition)
Rosalind Ormiston
R329 R264 Discovery Miles 2 640 Save R65 (20%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Bosch lived and worked over 500 hundred years ago in the Netherlands' town of 's Hertogenbosch, from which he takes his name. He is best known for his fantastical, wondrous art full of strange creatures both grotesque and heavenly. The work he has left behind still defies the imagination. Taking account of the latest research, Hieronymus Bosch: Masterpieces of Art gives an overview of what is known of this elusive painter and draughtsman, and reproduces his (and some of his followers') impressive work, from traditional Biblical stories with a Boschian twist, such as the Adoration of the Magi, to his apocalyptic Four Visions of the Hereafter. His diptychs and triptychs, such as the famously complex Garden of Earthly Delights are covered as well as his stunning line drawings, such as The Wood Has Ears, The Field Has Eyes.

Jan Steen - The Drawing Lesson (Paperback): John Walsh Jan Steen - The Drawing Lesson (Paperback)
John Walsh
R331 Discovery Miles 3 310 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

In this fascinating exploration of Jan Steen's The Drawing Lesson, John Walsh offers an explanation of the individual parts and larger patterns of the work, allowing us to see how each prop and pose contributes to the larger theme--the art of painting and the education of the artist. He also recounts Steen's career and the history of the picture itself, presenting, in sum, not only an examination of a fine painting but also a lesson in how to look at and "read" a complex work of art.

Van Dyck (Hardcover): Natalia Gritsai Van Dyck (Hardcover)
Natalia Gritsai
R275 R231 Discovery Miles 2 310 Save R44 (16%) Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

From the time he set up his first studio at the tender age of sixteen, Sir Anthony Van Dyck (1599-1641) was a legend in the art world. Rubens, whom he studied with as a child, said that he was his most talented pupil, and he went on to spectacularly fulfill this promise with a career as a celebrated court painter in England and Spain. Historians, scholars, and art lovers alike continue to recognize the sophistication and timeless beauty of his works. In this fascinating compendium of Van Dyck's decades-long career, Natalia Gritsai highlights the best of the artist's many masterpieces.

The Chepman and Myllar Prints - Digitised Facsimiles with introduction, headnote and transcription (CD-ROM): Sally Mapstone The Chepman and Myllar Prints - Digitised Facsimiles with introduction, headnote and transcription (CD-ROM)
Sally Mapstone
R620 Discovery Miles 6 200 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

In 1508 the partnership of Andrew Myllar and Walter Chepman brought printing to Scotland. Their early publications brought into print works by two of medieval Scotland's most celebrated poets, Robert Henryson and William Dunbar, Walter Kennedy and Robert Henryson; they also contain less well-known but important poems and prose in Scots and in English by other writers. The prints feature a wide variety of genres: romance; fable; advice to princes; chivalric treatise; lyric; dream vision; along with a classic example (by Dunbar and Walter Kennedy) of the Scots genre of `flyting', a stylised but scurrilous exchange of poetic insults. In celebration of the anniversary, the Scottish Text Society, in association with the National Library for Scotland, has published a DVD of prints produced by Chepman and Myllar in or close to 1508, containing digitised facsimiles of each of the twenty printed items. Each facsimile is accompanied by a headnote, explaining the print's literary significance and technical features, and a transcription. There is also an introduction by the general editor, SALLY MAPSTONE, which sets the Chepman and Myllar press within the context of early sixteenth-century Scotland and Scottish book history. The edition thus gives readers informative access to Scotland's earliest texts; easily navigable, it will become a vital teaching and research tool. CONTRIBUTORS: PRISCILLA BAWCUTT, A.S.G. EDWARDS, JANET HADLEY WILLIAMS, RALPH HANNA, BRIAN HILLYARD, LUUK HOUWEN, EMILY LYLE, SALLY MAPSTONE, JOANNA MARTIN, NICOLE MEIER, RHIANNON PURDIE

Sienese Painting after the Black Death - Artistic Pluralism, Politics, and the New Art Market (Paperback): Judith Steinhoff Sienese Painting after the Black Death - Artistic Pluralism, Politics, and the New Art Market (Paperback)
Judith Steinhoff
R741 R702 Discovery Miles 7 020 Save R39 (5%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

This book provides a new perspective on Sienese painting after the Black Death, asking how social, religious, and cultural change affect visual imagery and style. Judith Steinhoff demonstrates that Siena's artistic culture of the mid and late fourteenth century was intentionally pluralistic, and not conservative as is often claimed. She shows that Sienese art both before and after the Black Death was the material expression of an artistically sophisticated population that consciously and carefully integrated tradition and change. Promoting both iconographic and stylistic pluralism, Sienese patrons furthered their own goals as well as addressed the culture's changing needs. Steinhoff presents both detailed case studies as well as a broader view of trends in artistic practice and patronage. She offers a new approach to interpreting artistic style in the Trecento, arguing that artists and patrons alike understood the potential of style as a vehicle that conveys specific meanings.

Scale and the Incas (Hardcover): Andrew James Hamilton Scale and the Incas (Hardcover)
Andrew James Hamilton
R1,184 R901 Discovery Miles 9 010 Save R283 (24%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

A groundbreaking work on how the topic of scale provides an entirely new understanding of Inca material culture Although questions of form and style are fundamental to art history, the issue of scale has been surprisingly neglected. Yet, scale and scaled relationships are essential to the visual cultures of many societies from around the world, especially in the Andes. In Scale and the Incas, Andrew Hamilton presents a groundbreaking theoretical framework for analyzing scale, and then applies this approach to Inca art, architecture, and belief systems. The Incas were one of humanity's great civilizations, but their lack of a written language has prevented widespread appreciation of their sophisticated intellectual tradition. Expansive in scope, this book examines many famous works of Inca art including Machu Picchu and the Dumbarton Oaks tunic, more enigmatic artifacts like the Sayhuite Stone and Capacocha offerings, and a range of relatively unknown objects in diverse media including fiber, wood, feathers, stone, and metalwork. Ultimately, Hamilton demonstrates how the Incas used scale as an effective mode of expression in their vast multilingual and multiethnic empire. Lavishly illustrated with stunning color plates created by the author, the book's pages depict artifacts alongside scale markers and silhouettes of hands and bodies, allowing readers to gauge scale in multiple ways. The pioneering visual and theoretical arguments of Scale andthe Incas not only rewrite understandings of Inca art, but also provide a benchmark for future studies of scale in art from other cultures.

Art and Religious Reform in Early Modern Europe (Paperback): Bridget Heal, Joseph Leo Koerner Art and Religious Reform in Early Modern Europe (Paperback)
Bridget Heal, Joseph Leo Koerner
R618 R497 Discovery Miles 4 970 Save R121 (20%) Shipped within 7 - 13 working days

The religious turmoil of the sixteenth century constituted a turning point in the history of Western Christian art. The essays presented in this volume investigate the ways in which both Protestant and Catholic reform stimulated the production of religious images, drawing on examples from across Europe and beyond. * Eight essays by leading scholars in the field * Brings art historians and historians into productive dialogue * Broad chronology, from the sixteenth to the eighteenth century * Broad geographical coverage * Richly illustrated

West Country to World's End (Paperback): Sam Smiles, Susan Flavin, Karen Heard, Stephanie Pratt West Country to World's End (Paperback)
Sam Smiles, Susan Flavin, Karen Heard, Stephanie Pratt
R465 R340 Discovery Miles 3 400 Save R125 (27%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

During the Tudor Age the South West was famed for the innovation and endeavor of its people. Devon sea dogs Drake, Raleigh and Hawkins sailed to `World's End' in their pursuit of treasure and glory, Exeter's Nicholas Hilliard produced exquisite miniature portraits of courtiers while fellow Exonian Thomas Bodley re-founded Oxford University's library, later named the Bodleian in his honor. These men lived during the religious turmoil and political intrigue of Elizabeth I's reign- a time of opportunity for the merchants and traders of Devon. Many grew rich on the fruits of overseas trade and expressed their new status through fashionable houses, fine furnishings, decoration and valuable personal possessions. The demand for goods was met by a network of local craft workers: plasterers, masons, carpenters, lace-makers and goldsmiths. Aspects of their lives are revealed in this book, published to accompany the fascinating exhibition at the Royal Albert Memorial Museum, Exeter, which will draw together paintings, artifacts and documents from galleries, museums and record offices to tell the story of the South West and its people set against the backdrop of one of the most,evocative periods in British history.

Art and Technology in Early Modern Europe (Paperback): Richard Taws, Genevieve Warwick Art and Technology in Early Modern Europe (Paperback)
Richard Taws, Genevieve Warwick
R621 R500 Discovery Miles 5 000 Save R121 (19%) Shipped within 7 - 13 working days

In 12 essays by a distinguished group of art historians, Art and Technology in Early Modern Europe explores the relationship between artistic and technological advances from the Renaissance to the Industrial Revolution. * Provides a broad definition of technology for this period and addresses the influence of technological shifts on the history of early modern art * Covers c.1420-1820, the time period between the advent of the printed image and that of the photographically produced image * Discusses a wide range of early modern artists tools, instruments, skills, and techniques and their historical applications * Highlights a frequently overlooked aspect of research within art history that yields substantial insights into the analysis of the making and viewing of art

Hieronymus Bosch. The Complete Works (Hardcover): Stefan Fischer Hieronymus Bosch. The Complete Works (Hardcover)
Stefan Fischer
R804 R635 Discovery Miles 6 350 Save R169 (21%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

A bird-monster devouring sinners, naked bodies in tantric contortions, a pair of ears brandishing a sharpened blade: with nightmarish details and fantastical painterly schemes, Netherlandish visionary Hieronymus Bosch (c. 1450-1516) secured his place as an art historical magnet. Five hundred years on from his death, his extraordinary works continue to enthrall scholars, artists, designers, and musicians. This large-scale TASCHEN monograph presents the complete Bosch oeuvre, celebrating the artist's staggering compositional scope and most bizarre and intricate details through full-page reproductions, abundant details, and a fold-out spread drawn from The Last Judgement. With guidance from art historian and Bosch expert Stefan Fischer, we explore the many compelling elements that populate each scene, from hybrid creatures of man and beast, to painterly assaults on the body, and a pictorial use of proverbs and idioms. Particular attention is given to Bosch's most famous work, the mesmerizing, terrifying triptych The Garden of Earthly Delights.

The Appearance of Witchcraft (Hardcover): Charles Zika The Appearance of Witchcraft (Hardcover)
Charles Zika
R2,554 Discovery Miles 25 540 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Fascinating and highly informative, The Appearance of Witchcraft explores how visual representations of witchcraft contributed to the widespread acceptance of witch beliefs in sixteenth-century Europe and helped establish the preconditions for the widespread persecution of witches.

Focusing on the visual contraction, or figure of the witch, and the activity of witchcraft, Zika places the study in the context of sixteenth-century withcraft and demonological theory, and in the turbulent social and religious changes of the period.

Zika argues that artists and printers used images to relate witchcraft theories, developed by theologians and legitimated by secular authorities, to a whole range of contemporary discourses on women and gender roles, sexuality, peasant beliefs and medical theories of the body. He also examines the role of artist as mediators between the ideas of the elite and the ordinary people.

For students of medieval history or anyone interested in the appearance of witchcraft, this will be an enthralling and invaluable read.

Theuerdank. The Epic of the Last Knight (Hardcover): Stephan Fussel Theuerdank. The Epic of the Last Knight (Hardcover)
Stephan Fussel
R739 R570 Discovery Miles 5 700 Save R169 (23%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

The amazing tales of the knight Theuerdank and his companion Ehrenhold constitute the last great epic verse of the late Middle Ages. The courageous knight's journey to woo his future wife, Mary of Burgundy, and his triumph in battles and other perilous acts of bravery are the focus of this highly embellished "real-life" story of Emperor Maximilian I (1459-1519). A king of Germany before becoming Holy Roman Emperor in 1508, Maximilian was a great patron of the arts, but also the first modern-age ruler to recognize its potential for propaganda. He commissioned a trilogy of luxurious illustrated books to immortalize his existence, among them Theuerdank-the only volume to be published during his lifetime, composed by Melchior Pfinzing, based on Maximilian's rather fanciful draft. The 118 ornate, gold-adorned woodcuts-one for each chapter-were made by Hans Burgkmair the Elder, Hans Schaufelein, and Leonhard Beck, while the typeface (known as the Theuerdank typeface and marked by striking "elephant trunks") was especially designed for the book by the printing workshop of Hans Schoensperger the Elder. This edition, inspired by an extremely rare hand-colored original from the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek, Munich, comes with an essay by Stephan Fussel (covering Maximilian's life and work, as well as his role in the art of printing and use of printed materials) and selections from Melchior Pfinzing's clavis, or "key," which was included in the original to kindly point out to Maximilian's contemporaries exactly what part of the tales were more fiction than fact. The collection also showcases the famed "elephant trunks" typeface in double-spread fascimiles-true to the original down to every stain and smudge. A chapter-by-chapter retelling of the tales in modern vernacular sheds light on the narrative strategy and real events behind the allegories.

Fossil Woods and Other Geological Specimens (Hardcover): Andrew C. Scott, David Freedberg Fossil Woods and Other Geological Specimens (Hardcover)
Andrew C. Scott, David Freedberg
R4,543 Discovery Miles 45 430 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

This new Catalogue Raisonne, Part III in the series on Natural History, is based on the collection originally formed by Prince Federico Cesi in the early 17th century and later acquired by Cassiano. These drawings constitute the first truly scientific study of fossilized woods and are executed with such finesse, skill and detail that they will be of immense interest both to art-historians and to historians of science. The drawings, the majority of which have remained unstudied and unpublished until now, include specimens of wood and animal fossils, ammonites and concretions, pyrits and baked clays, as well as a series of field drawings giving the sites where these specimens were found. The introductory essays discuss the background to Cesi's project as well as the importance of the drawings to the history of seventeenth- century culture and science.'Scott & Freedberg's book will prove to be an important resource for all those interested in the history of geology, and it is a must for all university libraries.' (Howard J. Falcon-Lang in Geological Magazine, Volume 138/4 - 2001)

The Inventory of King Henry VIII - The Transcript (Hardcover): David Starkey The Inventory of King Henry VIII - The Transcript (Hardcover)
David Starkey; Philip Ward, Alasdair Hawkyard
R2,362 Discovery Miles 23 620 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Henry VIII had extravagant ideas of image and authority and loved his possessions. He owned over 2000 pieces of tapestry and 2028 items of gold and silver plate. This work is not only a catalogue, but also a source of information for the study of Tudor society. In its listings the inventory provides information about Henry's personal and declining health problems, for example his bandages for ulcers are listed.;The original inventory is in two parts: one in the possession of the Society of Antiquaries and the other in the Harley Collection of the British Library. Volume one is a transcription of the inventory itself. The second and third volumes include explanatory essays by experts together with illustrations. In addition, the authors provide evaluations of the objects in monetary and social terms.

Graven Images - The Art of the Woodcut (Hardcover): Jon Crabb Graven Images - The Art of the Woodcut (Hardcover)
Jon Crabb 1
R310 R243 Discovery Miles 2 430 Save R67 (22%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

The invention of the printing press led to an explosion of cheap printed materials in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. Ballads were no longer confined to the soapbox. Mass communication was now possible. The broadsides pasted on walls and disseminated among the masses, together with the written ballads hawked at street corners, represented the zeitgeist of popular culture in early modern Europe. Frequently designed in 'blackletter' gothic type and accompanied with distinctive woodcut illustrations, this dynamic, lively form encompassed the obsessions and characteristic humour of the times. This beautifully designed book with a foreword by Reece Shearsmith highlights some of the most striking and amusing examples from the British Library's collections and provides brief commentary on the political and social background of the times. Frequent topics of illustration include monsters, witches, criminals, drinking, war and politics.

Theodore de Bry. America (Hardcover): Michiel Van Groesen, Larry Tise Theodore de Bry. America (Hardcover)
Michiel Van Groesen, Larry Tise
R2,367 R1,747 Discovery Miles 17 470 Save R620 (26%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

When Flemish engraver and publisher Theodore de Bry issued the first volume of his America series in 1590, the New World was, for most Europeans, truly novel. Gleaned from the travel accounts of adventurers like Thomas Harriot and Sir Walter Raleigh, De Bry's magnificent engravings brought the new continent and its inhabitants to an enraptured audience across the Atlantic. From "Virginia" (today's North Carolina) and Florida through Central America and down into Patagonia, the first nine volumes of America depict scenery and encounters between native Americans and Europeans, revealing the latter's perceptions of the former. Portrayals of European discovery and native American customs were based on the explorers' reports as well as De Bry's own imagination, he himself never having traveled to the New World. Although based in Frankfurt, De Bry laid the foundations of the series while in London, collaborating with artists John White and Jacques Le Moyne, whose original watercolors he adapted for the opening two volumes. With his sons, De Bry formed a family enterprise known for exquisite copper engravings and high-quality illustrations unrivaled in their mastery. The legacy of America is profound, coloring Europe's earliest visions of the Atlantic world. Countless European illustrations would, throughout the following centuries, draw inspiration from the spectacular collection. TASCHEN's edition pays homage to De Bry's finesse, reprinting all 218 plates from the first nine volumes alongside their respective frontispieces and continental maps. Volumes I to VI are based on the original hand-colored editions held at the John Hay and John Carter Brown Libraries at Brown University in Providence; volumes VII to IX are from the Staats- und Stadtbibliothek in Augsburg, Germany.Exceptionally rare even at the time of their completion, De Bry's hand-colored America can finally be admired by all, in XXL resolution.

Gardens for Gloriana - Wealth, Splendour and Design in Elizabethan Gardens (Hardcover): Jane Whitaker Gardens for Gloriana - Wealth, Splendour and Design in Elizabethan Gardens (Hardcover)
Jane Whitaker
R475 R365 Discovery Miles 3 650 Save R110 (23%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

The formal gardens of Elizabethan England were among the glories of their age. Complementing the great houses of the day, they reflected the aspirations of their owners, whose greatest desire was to achieve success at Court and to delight the Queen. No leading courtier would be without his great house, no great house was complete without its garden. In this richly illustrated work, Jane Whittaker explores these gems of Elizabethan England, focussing on the gardens of the Queen and her leading courtiers. Drawing on the cultural and horticultural sources of the day, as well as evidence surviving on the ground, she recreates these lost gardens, revealing both the rich Renaissance culture that underlay them and the sumptuous world of the Elizabethan aristocracy. The result is an evocation of one of the most opulent reigns in English history and an entertaining and informative study of one of the most interesting periods of garden history.

Hieronymous Bosch - Triptychs (Hardcover): Guillaume Cassegrain Hieronymous Bosch - Triptychs (Hardcover)
Guillaume Cassegrain
R881 R685 Discovery Miles 6 850 Save R196 (22%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Discover the limitless imagination of the famous 15th century Dutch painter Hieronymus Bosch, who remains to this day one of the most mysterious figures in all of Art History. The book itself is uniquely bound; it opens like a triptych, its five panels revealing the most bewitching examples of Bosch's work, allowing the reader to be captivated by the uncanny and powerful dimensions of his art. The story of each triptych is told through in-depth descriptions of each panel. The reader is invited to discover the details and symbols that enrich every painting, exploring the odd figures and scenes that have perplexed and amused Bosch's audience since their entry into western canon.

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Decorating the 'Godly' Household…
Tara Hamling Hardcover R1,067 R975 Discovery Miles 9 750
Architectural Invention in Renaissance…
Yvonne Elet Hardcover R2,044 R1,888 Discovery Miles 18 880
British Paintings in The Metropolitan…
Katharine Baetjer Hardcover R1,650 R1,493 Discovery Miles 14 930
Wabi-Sabi for Artists, Designers, Poets…
Leonard Koren Paperback R300 R242 Discovery Miles 2 420
Still-Life as Portrait in Early Modern…
Ornat Lev-Er Hardcover R2,195 Discovery Miles 21 950
The Mapmakers' World - A Cultural…
Juha Nurminen Hardcover  (1)
R1,248 R891 Discovery Miles 8 910
Green Worlds in Early Modern Italy - Art…
Leopoldine Prosperetti, April Oettinger, … Hardcover R2,113 Discovery Miles 21 130