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High Drama - The Rise, Fall, and Rebirth of American Competition Climbing (Paperback): John Burgman High Drama - The Rise, Fall, and Rebirth of American Competition Climbing (Paperback)
John Burgman; Foreword by Kynan Waggoner
R488 R401 Discovery Miles 4 010 Save R87 (18%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days
PUSH - Breaking through the Barriers (Hardcover): Johnny Quinn PUSH - Breaking through the Barriers (Hardcover)
Johnny Quinn
R628 R498 Discovery Miles 4 980 Save R130 (21%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

JOHNNY QUINN shares his "wild dream" of playing in the NFL, being crushed after getting cut three times, losing 2.6 million dollars in contracts and blowing out his knee. At age 30, when most professional athletes are considered "over the hill," Johnny was competing for Team USA in the sport of bobsled at the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia. This book ushers readers through the valleys of life to the thrills of rocketing down icy mountains at 80+ mph with no seat belt. Discover how the author overcame failure on the road to achieving greatness. From an NFL failure to a U.S. Olympian, Johnny's "what's next" attitude led him to success he never imagined. In PUSH, Johnny looks at failure as a season of life rather than a death sentence. He provides incredible insight into the "what's next" instead of "what could've been." We all experience failure at some level; Johnny equips us to embrace change, accept risks and learn to PUSH Through the Barriers, to live life on purpose.

Activism and the Olympics - Dissent at the Games in Vancouver and London (Hardcover): Jules Boykoff Activism and the Olympics - Dissent at the Games in Vancouver and London (Hardcover)
Jules Boykoff
R2,707 R2,404 Discovery Miles 24 040 Save R303 (11%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

The Olympics have developed into the world's premier sporting event. They are simultaneously a competitive exhibition and a grand display of cooperation that bring together global cultures on ski slopes, shooting ranges, swimming pools, and track ovals. Given their scale in the modern era, the Games are a useful window for better comprehending larger cultural, social, and historical processes, argues Jules Boykoff, an academic social scientist and a former Olympic athlete.
In Activism and the Olympics, Boykoff provides a critical overview of the Olympic industry and its political opponents in the modern era. After presenting a brief history of Olympic activism, he turns his attention to on-the-ground activism through the lens of the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics and the 2012 Summer Olympics in London. Here we see how anti-Olympic activists deploy a range of approaches to challenge the Olympic machine, from direct action and the seizure of public space to humor-based and online tactics. Drawing on primary evidence from myriad personal interviews with activists, journalists, civil libertarians, and Olympics organizers, Boykoff angles in on the Games from numerous vantages and viewpoints.Although modern Olympic authorities have strived--even through the Cold War era--to appear apolitical, Boykoff notes, the Games have always been the site of hotly contested political actions and competing interests. During the last thirty years, as the Olympics became an economic juggernaut, they also generated numerous reactions from groups that have sought to challenge the event's triumphalism and pageantry. The 21st century has seen an increased level of activism across the world, from the Occupy Movement in the United States to the Arab Spring in the Middle East. What does this spike in dissent mean for Olympic activists as they prepare for Sochi, which will host the 2014 Winter Games, and Rio de Janeiro, where the 2016 Summer Olympics will take place?

Hotel Mexico - Dwelling on the '68 Movement (Paperback): George F. Flaherty Hotel Mexico - Dwelling on the '68 Movement (Paperback)
George F. Flaherty
R803 R630 Discovery Miles 6 300 Save R173 (22%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

In 1968, Mexico prepared to host the Olympic games amid growing civil unrest. The spectacular sports facilities and urban redevelopment projects built by the government in Mexico City mirrored the country's rapid but uneven modernization. In the same year, a street-savvy democratization movement led by students emerged in the city. Throughout the summer, the '68 Movement staged protests underscoring a widespread sense of political disenfranchisement. Just ten days before the Olympics began, nearly three hundred student protestors were massacred by the military in a plaza at the core of a new public housing complex. In spite of institutional denial and censorship, the 1968 massacre remains a touchstone in contemporary Mexican culture thanks to the public memory work of survivors and Mexico's leftist intelligentsia. In this highly original study of the afterlives of the '68 Movement, George F. Flaherty explores how urban spaces-material but also literary, photographic, and cinematic-became an archive of 1968, providing a framework for de facto modes of justice for years to come.

Rio 2016: The Olympic Games through the Photographer's Lens (Paperback): The International Olympic Committee Rio 2016: The Olympic Games through the Photographer's Lens (Paperback)
The International Olympic Committee
R309 R246 Discovery Miles 2 460 Save R63 (20%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

This, the third volume in a new series celebrating the Olympic Games, offers up a selection of photographs from the Games in Rio in 2016. Photographers John Huet, David Burnett, Jason Evans and Mine Kasapoglu were granted access to the training zones and accompanied the athletes as they prepared for their events before the arrival of the crowds. Bilingual edition (English and French).

Today We Die a Little - Emil Zatopek, Olympic Legend to Cold War Hero (Paperback): Richard Askwith Today We Die a Little - Emil Zatopek, Olympic Legend to Cold War Hero (Paperback)
Richard Askwith 1
R316 R262 Discovery Miles 2 620 Save R54 (17%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

LONGLISTED FOR THE WILLIAM HILL SPORTS BOOK OF THE YEAR AWARD SHORTLISTED FOR THE CROSS SPORTS BOOK AWARDS BIOGRAPHY OF THE YEAR The definitive biography of one of the greatest, most extraordinary runners and Olympic heroes of all time, from the author of running classic Feet in the Clouds. Emil Zatopek won five Olympic medals, set 18 world records, and went undefeated over 10,000 metres for six years. He redefined the boundaries of endurance, training in Army boots, in snow, in sand, in darkness. But his toughness was matched by a spirit of friendship and a joie de vivre that transcended the darkest days of the Cold War. His triumphs put his country on the map, yet when Soviet tanks moved in to crush Czechoslovakia's new freedoms in 1968, Zatopek paid a heavy personal price for his brave defence of 'socialism with a human face'. Rehabilitated two decades later, he was a shadow of the man he had been - and the world had all but forgotten him. Today We Die A Little strips away the myths to tell the complex and deeply moving story of the most inspiring Olympic hero of them all.

Olympia - The Story of the Ancient Olympic Games (Hardcover): Robin Waterfield Olympia - The Story of the Ancient Olympic Games (Hardcover)
Robin Waterfield 1
R536 R417 Discovery Miles 4 170 Save R119 (22%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

In the northwestern corner of the great peninsula of the Peloponnese, close to the meeting point of the Cladeus and Alpheus rivers, lies a peaceful river valley overlooked by the steep-sided Hill of Cronus. Here, between the eighth century BCE and the fourth century CE, rival athletes competed for glory in the ancient Olympic Games. Every four years, and from every corner of the Mediterranean world – from Samos to Syracuse and from Sparta to Smyrna – they descended on this quiet corner of southern Greece sacred to Zeus, seeking to excel in disciplines as diverse as sprinting, boxing, wrestling, trumpet blowing and chariot and mulecart racing.

The victors of these ancient games may have been awarded crowns of olive leaves in recognition of their achievements, but these original Olympics were no idealistic celebration of the classical aesthetic of grace and beauty shared by all of the participating Greek city-states, but often a bitterly contested struggle between political rivals. Robin Waterfield paints a vivid picture of the reality of the ancient Olympic Games; describes the events in which competitors took part; explores their purpose, rituals and politics; and charts the vicissitudes of their remarkable thousand-year history.

GoldRush - Photographs of Olympic Athletes (Hardcover): Jason Bell GoldRush - Photographs of Olympic Athletes (Hardcover)
Jason Bell; Photographs by Jason Bell
R927 R768 Discovery Miles 7 680 Save R159 (17%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Celebrating the Sydney Olympic Games, this book is a tribute to the great Olympic athletes past and present. Jason Bell has spent the last three years travelling to meet and photograph the leading sportsmen and women. This has given him unique access to their private worlds enabling him to present a side of them rarely seen by their audience. The photographs from the book will be exhibited at the Olympic Village during the games and at the Commonwealth Institute from September - December 2000. A magnificent work illustrated with 90 full-colour plates.

Sochi 2014 (Paperback): John Huet, David Burnett Sochi 2014 (Paperback)
John Huet, David Burnett
R309 R246 Discovery Miles 2 460 Save R63 (20%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

American photographers John Huet and David Burnett were commissioned by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) to create a personal record ofthe Olympic Games in their own way; these new books are the result of that freedom and artistry. They capture the essence and adventure of the Olympic Games through stunning and unconventional photographs.David Burnett is the co-founder of Contact Press Images in New York. He covered the Vietnam War as a staff photographer for "Life "magazine.John Huet is a sports photographer and a director of commercials. His book "Soul of the Game: Images and Voices of Street Basketball "was published to critical acclaim in 1997."

London 2012 (Paperback): John Huet, David Burnett London 2012 (Paperback)
John Huet, David Burnett
R308 R245 Discovery Miles 2 450 Save R63 (20%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

American photographers John Huet and David Burnett were commissioned by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) to cover the London Games of 2012 in their own way, with considerable artistic and technical freedom. The result is a series of great photos that capture moments in time: images with a story behind them, and pictures that contribute to our Olympic heritage.

Something In The Water - How Skibbereen Rowing Club Conquered the World (Paperback): Kieran McCarthy Something In The Water - How Skibbereen Rowing Club Conquered the World (Paperback)
Kieran McCarthy
R506 R410 Discovery Miles 4 100 Save R96 (19%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Olympic rowers Gary and Paul O'Donovan may be the face of Irish rowing and Skibbereen Rowing Club, and have enormously increased the popularity of rowing in Ireland, but they're just one piece of a much larger jigsaw. Without their club and the people behind the scenes, they wouldn't be Olympic silver medalists, 2018 world champions, former European champions and, in Paul's case, a three-time world champion. Almost one hundred Skibbereen Rowing Club athletes have represented Ireland at various regattas over the years; a staggering figure when viewed in light of the size of the club. Founded in 1970, it is now the undisputed most successful rowing club in the country, producing five Olympic rowers since 2000 and four world champions between 2016 and 2018. It is the characters involved in the club, the coaches, members and the athletes themselves, who come together to make Skibbereen Rowing Club what it is. Something in the Water reveals what goes on behind the scenes to create an environment that allows locals to excel on the national and international stages. The story is told through the people and families involved, showing how relatable they are to people around the country.

The Boys in the Boat: Nine Americans and Their Epic Quest for Gold at the 1936 Berlin Olympics - Nine Americans and Their Epic... The Boys in the Boat: Nine Americans and Their Epic Quest for Gold at the 1936 Berlin Olympics - Nine Americans and Their Epic Quest for Gold at the 1936 Berlin Olympics (Hardcover, Bound for Schools & Libraries ed.)
Daniel Brown; Contributions by Gregory Mone
R707 R635 Discovery Miles 6 350 Save R72 (10%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

The "New York Times"-bestselling story about American Olympic triumph in Nazi Germany
Out of the depths of the Depression comes an irresistible story about beating the odds and finding hope in the most desperate of times--the improbable, intimate account of how nine working-class boys from the American West showed the world at the 1936 Olympics in Berlin what true grit really meant.
It was an unlikely quest from the start. With a team composed of the sons of loggers, shipyard workers, and farmers, the University of Washington's eight-oar crew team was never expected to defeat the elite teams of the East Coast and Great Britain, yet they did, going on to shock the world by defeating the German team rowing for Adolf Hitler. The emotional heart of the tale lies with Joe Rantz, a teenager without family or prospects, who rows not only to regain his shattered self-regard but also to find a real place for himself in the world. Drawing on the boys' own journals and vivid memories of a once-in-a-lifetime shared dream, Brown has created an unforgettable portrait of an era, a celebration of a remarkable achievement, and a chronicle of one extraordinary young man's personal quest.

The Making of a Miracle - The Never Before Told Story of the Captain of the Underdog 1980 Gold Medal Winning U.S. Olympic... The Making of a Miracle - The Never Before Told Story of the Captain of the Underdog 1980 Gold Medal Winning U.S. Olympic Hockey Team (Hardcover)
Mike Eruzione; As told to Neal Boudette
R654 R517 Discovery Miles 5 170 Save R137 (21%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

On the fortieth anniversary of the historic Miracle on Ice, Mike Eruzione--the captain of the 1980 U.S Men's Olympic Hockey Team, who scored the winning goal--recounts his amazing career on ice, the legendary upset against the Soviets, and winning the gold medal. It is the greatest American underdog sports story ever told: how a team of college kids and unsigned amateurs, under the tutelage of legendary coach--and legendary taskmaster--Herb Brooks, beat the elite Soviet hockey team on their way to winning the gold medal at the 1980 Lake Placid Olympics. No one believed the scrappy Americans had a real shot at winning. Despite being undefeated, the U.S.--the youngest team in the competition--were facing off against the four-time defending gold medalist Russians. But the Americans' irrepressible optimism, skill, and fearless attitude helped them outplay the seasoned Soviet team and deliver their iconic win. As captain, Mike Eruzione led his team on the ice on that Friday, February 22, 1980. But beating the U.S.S.R was only one of the numerous challenges Mike has faced in his life. In this inspiring memoir, he recounts the obstacles he has overcome, from his blue-collar upbringing in Winthrop, Massachusetts, to his battle to make the Boston University squad; his challenges in the minor leagues and international tournaments to his selection to the U.S. team and their run for gold. He also talks about the aftermath of that stupendous win that inspired and united the nation at a time of crisis in its history. Eruzione has lived a hockey life full of unexpected twists and surprising turns. Al Michaels' famous call in 1980--do you believe in miracles? YES!--could have been about Mike himself. Filled with vivid portraits--from his hard-working, irrepressible father to the irascible Herb Brooks to the Russian hall of famers Tretiak, Kharlamov, Makarov, and Fetisov--this lively, fascinating look back is destined to become a sports classic and is a must for hockey fans, especially those who witnessed that miraculous day. --The New York Times Book Review

Three Seconds in Munich - The Controversial 1972 Olympic Basketball Final (Hardcover): David A. F. Sweet Three Seconds in Munich - The Controversial 1972 Olympic Basketball Final (Hardcover)
David A. F. Sweet
R693 R545 Discovery Miles 5 450 Save R148 (21%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

One. Two. Three. That's as long as it took to sear the souls of a dozen young American men, thanks to the craziest, most controversial finish in the history of the Olympics-the 1972 gold-medal basketball contest between the United States of America and the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, the world's two superpowers at the time. The U.S. team, whose unbeaten Olympic streak dated back to when Adolf Hitler reigned over the Berlin Games, believed it had won the gold medal that September in Munich-not once, but twice. But it was the third time the final seconds were played that counted. What happened? The head of international basketball-flouting rules he himself had created-trotted onto the court and demanded twice that time be put back on the clock. A referee allowed an illegal substitution and an illegal free-throw shooter for the Soviets while calling a slew of late fouls on the U.S. players. The American players became the only Olympic athletes in the history of the games to refuse their medals. Of course, the 1972 Olympics are remembered primarily for a far graver matter, when eleven Israeli team members were killed by Palestinian terrorists, stunning the world and temporarily stopping the games. One American player, Tommy Burleson, had a gun to his head as the hostages were marched past him before their deaths. Through interviews with many of the American players and others, the author relates the horror of terrorism, the pain of losing the most controversial championship game in sports history to a hated rival, and the consequences of the players' decision to shun their Olympic medals to this day.

The Invincible Mogul Skier - A Highly-Detailed Technical Manual for the Advancement of Competitive Mogul Skiers (Hardcover,... The Invincible Mogul Skier - A Highly-Detailed Technical Manual for the Advancement of Competitive Mogul Skiers (Hardcover, Complete Full ed.)
Michael L Mead
R1,166 R895 Discovery Miles 8 950 Save R271 (23%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days
The Athlete in the Ancient Greek World (Paperback): Reyes Bertol in Cebri an The Athlete in the Ancient Greek World (Paperback)
Reyes Bertol in Cebri an
R850 Discovery Miles 8 500 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

In the world of sports, the most important component is the athlete. After all, without athletes there would be no sports. In ancient Greece, athletes were public figures, idolized and envied. This fascinating book draws on a broad range of ancient sources to explore the development of athletes in Greece from the archaic period to the Roman Empire. Whereas many previous books have focused on the origins of the Greek games themselves, or the events or locations where the games took place, this volume places a unique emphasis on the athletes themselves - and the fostering of their athleticism. Moving beyond stereotypes of larger-than-life heroes, Reyes BertolIn CebriAn examines the experiences of ordinary athletes, who practiced sports for educational, recreational, or professional purposes. According to BertolIn CebriAn, the majority of athletes in ancient times were young men and mostly single. Similar to today, most athletes practiced sport as part of their schooling. Yet during the fifth century B.C., a major shift in ancient Greek education took place, when the curriculum for training future leaders became more academic in orientation. As a result, argues BertolIn CebriAn, the practice of sport in the Hellenistic period lost its appeal to the intellectual elite, even as it remained popular with large sectors of the population. Thus, a gap emerged between the 'higher' and 'lower' cultures of sport. In looking at the implications of this development for athletes, whether high-performing or recreational, this erudite volume traverses such wide-ranging fields as history, literature, medicine, and sports psychology to recreate - in compelling detail - the life and lifestyle of the ancient Greek athlete.

No Limits - The Will to Succeed (Paperback): Michael Phelps, Alan Abrahamson No Limits - The Will to Succeed (Paperback)
Michael Phelps, Alan Abrahamson
R443 R315 Discovery Miles 3 150 Save R128 (29%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

""When I'm focused, there is not one single thing, person, anything that can stand in the way of my doing something. There is not. If I want something bad enough, I feel I'm gonna get there.""

Michael Phelps is one of the greatest competitors the world has ever seen. From teen sensation in Sydney to bona fide phenom in Athens, he is now -- after the Beijing Games -- a living Olympic legend. With an unprecedented eight gold medals and world-record times in seven events, his performance at the 2008 Games set a new standard for success. He ranks among the most elite athletes in the world, and is both an inspiration and a role model to millions. The incredible focus he exhibits in practice and during competition propels him forward to his unrivaled excellence. In "No Limits," Michael Phelps reveals the secrets to his remarkable success, from his training regimen to his mental preparation and, finally, to his performance in the pool.

Behind Phelps's tally of Olympic gold medals lies a consistent approach to competition, a determination to win, and a straightforward passion for his sport. Like Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods, he has learned to filter out distractions and deliver stellar performance under pressure. The road has not always been easy; from the very beginning, Phelps had to overcome physical setbacks and emotional trials. When he was younger, he was diagnosed with attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder; other kids bullied him; even a teacher said he would never be successful. Later, he had to work through injuries that jeopardized his career. In this book, Phelps talks for the first time about how he has overcome these and other challenges - about how to develop the mental attitude needed to persevere, not just in athletic competition but in life.

His success is imbued with the perspective of overcoming the obstacles that come your way and believing in yourself no matter the odds.

"No Limits" explores the hard work, commitment, and sacrifice that go into reaching any goal. Whether it is on the starting block during an Olympic swim meet or in the weight room on a typical day, Phelps's dedication has led him to unparalleled excellence. Filled with anecdotes from family members, friends, teammates, and his coach, "No Limits" gives a behind-the-scenes look at the makings of a real champion. One of Phelps's mottos is "Performance Is Reality," and it typifies his attitude toward achieving his goals. It's easy to get bogged down by doubt or to lose focus when a challenge seems out of reach, but Phelps believes that you can accomplish anything if you fully commit yourself to it. Using the eight final swims of the Beijing Olympics as a model, "No Limits" is a step-by-step guide to realizing one's dream.

Power Games - Ritual and Rivalry at the Ancient Greek Olympics (Paperback): David Stuttard Power Games - Ritual and Rivalry at the Ancient Greek Olympics (Paperback)
David Stuttard 1
R293 R238 Discovery Miles 2 380 Save R55 (19%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Power; the power of the gods; the power of Greek cities; the power of the human body: all these were celebrated at the ancient Olympic Games. Ancient Olympia symbolized excellence and supremacy in every sense of the word, not only athletic, but also political. Every four years, this international festival carefully timed to coincide with the August full moon drew the strongest and fastest athletic champions, hoping to win glory for their city-state. With them came the ruling elite, equally intent on displaying their city's power and prestige by excelling at the Games. After the athletic contests, Olympia also served as the ideal forum for political parleys and alliances. This absorbing narrative, told from a spectators viewpoint, revolves around the Games of 416 BC a turning point in Greek politics when a cold war between Athens and other major cities was about to erupt into bloody fighting. The reader vividly experiences what it was like to be there, to witness the rituals, official banquets, bloody contests, victory celebrations and subsequent political parleys.

The Ancient Olympic Games (Paperback, New Edition): Judith Swaddling The Ancient Olympic Games (Paperback, New Edition)
Judith Swaddling
R294 R239 Discovery Miles 2 390 Save R55 (19%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

In this revised and all-colour edition of her indispensable guide to the ancient Games, Judith Swaddling traces their mythological and religious origins, and describes the events, the sacred ceremony and the celebrations that were an essential part of the Olympic festival. A large, detailed model based on modern research and excavation reconstructs the site of ancient Olympia, where alongside religious and civic buildings there grew an elaborate sports complex with a stadium for 40,000 spectators, indoor and outdoor training facilities, hot and cold baths, a swimming pool and a race-course. Later chapters cover the diet and medical treatment of athletes, sponsorship, patronage, propaganda and revivals of the Games and a brand new chapter, based on the lateste research discusses the literary sources for the Olympic Games. The expanded final chapter on the modern Games is written in collaboration with Stewart Binns, an expert in this field who has worked closely with the International Olympic Committee over many years, and has been revised to bring the story up to the preparations for the London 2012 Games. Illustrated with gorgeous, full-colour photography and covering thousands of years of Olympic history, this fascinating book is essential reading for anyone interested in the Olympic Games.

Beyond the Final Score - The Politics of Sport in Asia (Hardcover, New): Victor D. Cha Beyond the Final Score - The Politics of Sport in Asia (Hardcover, New)
Victor D. Cha
R2,094 R1,818 Discovery Miles 18 180 Save R276 (13%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

The Beijing Olympics will be remembered as the largest, most expensive, and most widely watched event of the modern Olympic era. But did China present itself as a responsible host and an emergent international power, much like Japan during the 1964 Tokyo Games and Korea during the 1988 Seoul Games? Or was Beijing in 2008 more like Berlin in 1936, when Germany took advantage of the global spotlight to promote its political ideology at home and abroad?

"Beyond the Final Score" is one of the first books to look at the 2008 Beijing games within the context of the politics of sport in Asia. Asian athletics are bound up with notions of national identity and nationalism, refracting political intent and the process of globalization. Sporting events can generate diplomatic breakthroughs (as with the results of Nixon and Mao's "ping-pong diplomacy") or breakdowns (as when an athlete defects to another country). For China, the Beijing Games introduced a liberalizing ethos that its authoritative regime could ignore only at its peril. Victor D. Cha& mdash;former director of Asian affairs for the White House& mdash;evaluates Beijing's contention with this pressure considering the intense scrutiny China already faced on issues of counterproliferation, global warming, and free trade. He begins with the theoretical arguments tying Asian sport to international affairs and follows with an explanation of athletics as they relate to identity, diplomacy, and transformation. Enhanced by Cha's remarkable facility with the history and politics of sport, "Beyond the Final Score" is the definitive examination of the significance of events& mdash;both good and bad& mdash;that took place during the BeijingOlympics.

Olympic Stadia - Theatres of Dreams (Hardcover): Geraint John, Dave Parker Olympic Stadia - Theatres of Dreams (Hardcover)
Geraint John, Dave Parker
R1,431 Discovery Miles 14 310 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Olympic Stadia provides a comprehensive account of the development of stadia including but not limited to: developments in running tracks, the introduction of lighting, improvements in spectator viewing standards and the introduction of roofs. Written by a world-renowned expert on sports architecture, the book: Systematically analyses every stadium from Athens 1896 to Tokyo 2020 Provides drawings, plans, elevations, photographs and illustrations in full colour Considers the fundamental changes wrought by the incorporation of the Paralympic Games Looks at the impact on host cities and their urban infrastructure, and considers the long-term legacies and massive investments that Olympic stadia require Explores the effects of the demands of the world's TV broadcasters. An invaluable and beautiful resource for practical insight and inspiration, this book makes essential reading for anyone interested in Olympic stadia.

Olympia - Cult, Sport and Ancient Festival (Hardcover, American ed.): Ulrich Sinn Olympia - Cult, Sport and Ancient Festival (Hardcover, American ed.)
Ulrich Sinn; Translated by Thomas Thornton
R1,180 R1,072 Discovery Miles 10 720 Save R108 (9%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

In antiquity Olympia stood for sports. A victory at the Olympic games led to lifelong honours and often to a political career and wealth. Alcibiades, a multifaceted politician from Athens, sponsored all seven chariots in a race to guarantee that one of his horses would definitely win and he would get the honour. Alexander the Great and other kings and emperors, as well as wealthy and powerful men and women, financed the games by erecting religious and civic monuments. Olympia's monuments are associated with the best-known artists of its time. The Zeus temple became one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Olympia also had an oracle, which was another major tourist attraction. Numerous ancient sources provide lively reports about Olympia: activities in the sports arenas, the rites of the games, the reactions of the visitors. They also detail sometimes unpleasant daily realities: the crowds, the dust, the heat and the thirst. Still, many mysteries remain: When and why was the Olympian fire extinguished? Why are there so many arms found in a place that is famous for its Olympian peace? Olympia is situated in the western corner of Greece; why is it filled with oriental art? Some answers can be found in archaeological excavations. The author, Ulrich Sinn, has been responsible for major archaeological work; some of the latest is described in this book for the first time.

Olympic Architecture - Building Sydney 2000 (Hardcover, 2000 Ed.): Patrick Bingham-Hall Olympic Architecture - Building Sydney 2000 (Hardcover, 2000 Ed.)
Patrick Bingham-Hall
R651 Discovery Miles 6 510 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

The 2000 Olympics in Sydney features the largest number of purpose-built stadia ever produced for an Olympic games, and is centred within the Sydney metropolis. This text records every step of the construction of these buildings, from the original briefing of the architects through all phases of design and construction up to the final hand-over. Separate essays by architectural commentators discuss the major stadia and the book also includes plans, cross-sections and details of the architects and construction companies involved.

Legacy - Gangsters, Corruption and the London Olympics (Hardcover): Michael Gillard Legacy - Gangsters, Corruption and the London Olympics (Hardcover)
Michael Gillard 1
R540 R428 Discovery Miles 4 280 Save R112 (21%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

ONE OF THE DAILY MAIL'S BOOKS OF THE YEAR 2019 'Reveals criminal corruption on a scale that the Kray twins would never have dreamt of' John Pearson, Profession of Violence, The Rise and Fall of the Kray Twins 'Gillard's detailed investigation makes for a stunning and shocking read' Barry Keeffe, The Long Good Friday 'Legacy illustrates the sordid links between business, politics and organised crime' Ioan Grillo, El Narco and Gangster Warlords When billions poured into the neglected east London borough hosting the 2012 Olympics, a turf war broke out between crime families for control of a now valuable strip of land. Using violence, guile and corruption, one gangster, the Long Fella, emerged as a true untouchable. A team of local detectives made it their business to take him on until Scotland Yard threw them under the bus and the business of putting on 'the greatest show on earth' won the day. Award-winning journalist Michael Gillard took up where they left off to expose the tangled web of chief executives, big banks, politicians and dirty money where innocent lives are destroyed and the guilty flourish. Gillard's efforts culminated in a landmark court case, which finally put a spotlight on the Long Fella and his friends and exposed London's real Olympic legacy.

Hopi Runners - Crossing the Terrain between Indian and American (Hardcover): Matthew Sakiestewa Gilbert Hopi Runners - Crossing the Terrain between Indian and American (Hardcover)
Matthew Sakiestewa Gilbert
R838 R717 Discovery Miles 7 170 Save R121 (14%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

In the summer of 1912 Hopi runner Louis Tewanima won silver in the 10,000-meter race at the Stockholm Olympics. In that same year Tewanima and another champion Hopi runner, Philip Zeyouma, were soundly defeated by two Hopi elders in a race hosted by members of the tribe. Long before Hopis won trophy cups or received acclaim in American newspapers, Hopi clan runners competed against each other on and below their mesas-and when they won footraces, they received rain. Hopi Runners provides a window into this venerable tradition at a time of great consequence for Hopi culture. The book places Hopi long-distance runners within the larger context of American sport and identity from the early 1880s to the 1930s, a time when Hopis competed simultaneously for their tribal communities, Indian schools, city athletic clubs, the nation, and themselves. Author Matthew Sakiestewa Gilbert brings a Hopi perspective to this history. His book calls attention to Hopi philosophies of running that connected the runners to their villages; at the same time it explores the internal and external forces that strengthened and strained these cultural ties when Hopis competed in US marathons. Between 1908 and 1936 Hopi marathon runners such as Tewanima, Zeyouma, Franklin Suhu, and Harry Chaca navigated among tribal dynamics, school loyalties, and a country that closely associated sport with US nationalism. The cultural identity of these runners, Sakiestewa Gilbert contends, challenged white American perceptions of modernity, and did so in a way that had national and international dimensions. This broad perspective linked Hopi runners to athletes from around the world-including runners from Japan, Ireland, and Mexico-and thus, Hopi Runners suggests, caused non-Natives to reevaluate their understandings of sport, nationhood, and the cultures of American Indian people.

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The Wizard of Foz - Dick Fosbury's…
Bob Welch Hardcover R590 R537 Discovery Miles 5 370
Norwich - One Tiny Vermont Town's Secret…
Karen Crouse Hardcover R596 R540 Discovery Miles 5 400
Running the Race - Eric Liddell…
John W. Keddie Paperback R367 R300 Discovery Miles 3 000
Crafting Patriotism for Global Dominance…
Mark Dyreson Hardcover R3,086 Discovery Miles 30 860