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Pitch Battles - Sport, Racism And Resistance (Paperback): Peter Hain, Andre Odendaal Pitch Battles - Sport, Racism And Resistance (Paperback)
Peter Hain, Andre Odendaal
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“There will be a black Springbok over my dead body.” — Dr Danie Craven, President of the South African Rugby Board, 1969

Just a year after the controversial D’Oliveira affair, the organised disruption of the all-white 1969/70 South African rugby and cricket tours to Britain represented a significant challenge to apartheid politics. Led by future cabinet minister Peter Hain, the ‘Stop the Seventy Tour’ campaign brought about the cancellation of both tours, presaging white South Africa’s expulsion from the Olympics and the end of apartheid sport altogether.

With his brand of attention-grabbing, direct action sports protest, the 19-year-old Hain emerged as a hero to some and enemy to others. Now, reflecting on these experiences with fifty years of hindsight, Lord Hain, together with South Africa’s foremost sports historian and fellow anti-apartheid activist André Odendaal, shows how decades of relentless international and domestic campaigning for equality led to a Springbok team captained by black athlete Siya Kolisi winning the 2019 Rugby World Cup.

Interspersing a wide range of examples with personal testimony, Pitch Battles explores the themes of sport, globalisation and resistance from the deep past to the present day. Published in the same year as the Stop The Tour documentary from acclaimed director Louis Myles, this compelling story of sacrifice, struggle and triumph reveals how sport should never be divorced from politics or society’s values.

Manifest Destinies - The Making of the Mexican American Race (Paperback, 2nd edition): Laura E. Gomez Manifest Destinies - The Making of the Mexican American Race (Paperback, 2nd edition)
Laura E. Gomez
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We Know We're Not White: Author Interview on San Diego Weekly Reader

aGomez sets out to write aan antidote to historical amnesia about the key nineteenth-century events that produced the first Mexican Americans.a A law professor at the University of New Mexico, Gomez takes a three-pronged approach: she looks at Chicano history via sociology, history, and law, using New Mexico as a case study. At the heart of the book is the idea that Manifest Destiny was not, according to Gomez, a neutral political theory. Rather, it was a potent ideology that endowed white Americans with a sense of entitlement to the land and racial superiority over its inhabitants.a
--"La Bloga"

aShows the impacts (then, as now) of the dominant white racist frame coming in from outside what was once northern Mexico.a--"Racism Review"

"[A]n interesting and comprehensive look at what New Mexicans really lost after being conquered by the United States."
--"The Albuquerque Journal"

aGomezas insights into the struggles at play in the nineteenth-century Southwest are extremely relevant for today--a time in which identity politics are still predominant in discussions about culture. . . . With Chicanos making up the youngest racial group in America (34 percent are under the age of 18), the complicated relationship between the U.S. and its Mexican citizens is clearly something that is going to be on the table for a long time to come. Manifest Destinies presents a portrait of the forces that were present when this group was still in its infancy.a
--"Pop Matters"

aAre Mexican Americans a racial or ethnic group? This is the important question ManifestDestinies asks and answers. . . . Marvelous, dense, and richly researched.a
--Ramon A. Gutierrez, University of Chicago

aHighlights the largely neglected history of multiracial populations that, throughout our nationas history, have come together along the frontier. With her analysis of racial ideologies . . . Gomez promises to make a valuable contribution to this literature.a
--Rachel Moran, author of "Interracial Intimacy: The Regulation of Race and Romance"

aAnyone interested in understanding the historical experience of the largest ethnic group in the country will find Manifest Destinies both timely and of great interest. . . . Simply put, her work is first rate in every way.a
--Tomas Almaguer, author of "Racial Fault Lines: The Historical Origins of White Supremacy in California"

In both the historic record and the popular imagination, the story of nineteenth-century westward expansion in America has been characterized by notions of annexation rather than colonialism, of opening rather than conquering, and of settling unpopulated lands rather than displacing existing populations.

Using the territory that is now New Mexico as a case study, Manifest Destinies traces the origins of Mexican Americans as a racial group in the United States, paying particular attention to shifting meanings of race and law in the nineteenth century.

Laura E. Gomez explores the central paradox of Mexican American racial status as entailing the law's designation of Mexican Americans as "white" and their simultaneous social position as non-white in American society. She tells a neglected story of conflict, conquest, cooperation, and competition among Mexicans, Indians, andEuro-Americans, the regionas three main populations who were the key architects and victims of the laws that dictated what oneas race was and how people would be treated by the law according to oneas race.

Gomezas pathbreaking work--spanning the disciplines of law, history, and sociology--reveals how the construction of Mexicans as an American racial group proved central to the larger process of restructuring the American racial order from the Mexican War (1846-48) to the early twentieth century. The emphasis on white-over-black relations during this period has obscured the significant role played by the doctrine of Manifest Destiny and the colonization of northern Mexico in the racial subordination of black Americans.

Africa And The World - Navigating Shifting Geopolitics (Paperback): Mistra Africa And The World - Navigating Shifting Geopolitics (Paperback)
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Africa and the World: Navigating Shifting Geopolitics is one of the first books to analyse the global geopolitical landscape from an African perspective, with a view to the opportunities and challenges facing the African continent. Authors in this edited volume argue for the need to re-imagine Africa's role in the world.

As a cradle of humanity, a historical fountain of profound scientific knowledge, an object of colonial conquest and, today, a collective of countries seeking to pool their sovereignties in order to improve the human condition, Africa has a unique opportunity to advance its own interests. Authors reflect on all these issues; they outline how developments in the global political economy impact on the continent and, inversely, how Africa can develop a strategic perspective that takes into account the dynamics playing out in a fraught global terrain.

Central to this evaluation is the notion of 'island Africa' a vast island - with resources that extend into the oceans around it - that is a strategic centre by virtue of its geographic location, its endowments and its long-term potential. Authors assert that the positioning of 'island Africa' presents unique political, security and geo-economic benefi ts. Yet they also acknowledge that, as has happened historically, these very advantages can serve as a basis for new forms of domination and exploitation. In addition, this volume takes into account the socio-psychological factors that influence how nations of the world receive and interpret the present, and assess prospects for the future.

The authors go beyond analysis of what is, to venture concrete proposals on what can be, with Africa exercising its agency. This requires the strengthening of continental integration and cohesion in pursuit of ideals that the African Union has enshrined in Agenda 2063. In this way, Africa would be able to engage - in a systemic and disciplined manner - with external powers to assert the continent's own interests which, in their framing, are also the interests of humanity. A continent united in both purpose and action can be an active agent in shaping the evolving global order. This volume makes a strong case for precisely such a perspective and contributes to what should be an ongoing effort to analyse geopolitics with Africa as a critical frame of reference.

New Orleans - The Underground Guide, 4th Edition (Paperback, 3rd ed.): Michael Patrick Welch, Brian Boyles, Zack Smith,... New Orleans - The Underground Guide, 4th Edition (Paperback, 3rd ed.)
Michael Patrick Welch, Brian Boyles, Zack Smith, Jonathan Traviesa
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New Orleans: The Underground Guide shows visitors how to experience the Big Easy like a local, looking past staples like beignets and Bourbon Street to reveal a city bursting with contemporary and experimental art, genre-busting DJs, international cuisines, and even kid-friendly activities. This fully updated edition offers an expansive collection of alternative recommendations for exploring the city of Mardi Gras, brass bands, and weekly festivals. Featuring over two hundred new entries on local bands, rappers, restaurants with live music, galleries, and more, this guidebook takes readers on a one-of-a-kind journey through New Orleans, giving advice on everything from what thrift stores and bookshops to visit to what bands to catch in concert and what parades to attend. Lead author Michael Patrick Welch provides a detailed guide of the less traditional, more adventurous side of New Orleans, from bars that hold readings of poetry and erotic literature to costume shops that sell handmade masks, party supplies, and all the parade throws you can carry. Drawing on the wisdom of New Orleans celebrities, journalists, artists, and musicians from throughout the Crescent City, the fourth edition of New Orleans: The Underground Guide is an authentic and reliable resource for where locals listen to music, art hop, shop, eat, drink, and let loose.

Contemporary Japan (Paperback, 3rd ed. 2012): Duncan McCargo Contemporary Japan (Paperback, 3rd ed. 2012)
Duncan McCargo
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Japan is one of the world's most important societies, yet remains one of the least understood. This book is designed to fill the gap for a concise but thought-provoking introduction to all aspects of the country's political, economic and social life set in a clear historical context. The author's starting-point is that the study of Japan is 'contested territory' where even such apparently simple questions such as 'Who is in charge?' spark considerable disagreement and controversy among experts. To understand contemporary Japan, Duncan McCargo argues, it is necessary to get to grips with a range of different perspectives on Japanese political and social structures. Integrating contrasting perspectives throughout, the core chapters of the book focus on the changing economy, government and politics, society and culture, and Japan's place in the wider world. The new third edition of this popular text has been fully revised and updated throughout to cover key developments such as the historic end of LDP rule in 2009. This accessible and lively book will be essential reading both for students and general readers who want to know more about this important country.

Breaking Barriers in United States-Russia Relations - The Power and Promise of Citizen Diplomacy (Paperback): Irina Zvyagelskaya Breaking Barriers in United States-Russia Relations - The Power and Promise of Citizen Diplomacy (Paperback)
Irina Zvyagelskaya; Afterword by Elie Peltz; Contributions by Vitaly Naumkin; Foreword by Yuri Shafranik; Preface by David Mathews; …
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The Fonville Winans Cookbook - Recipes and Photographs from a Louisiana Artist (Hardcover, Annotated edition): Melinda Risch... The Fonville Winans Cookbook - Recipes and Photographs from a Louisiana Artist (Hardcover, Annotated edition)
Melinda Risch Winans, Cynthia Lejeune Nobles, John Folse
R914 R737 Discovery Miles 7 370 Save R177 (19%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

Fonville Winans achieved fame with his crisp black-and- white photographs of midcentury Louisiana life, capturing indelible images of Depression-era Cajuns on Grand Isle, brides and socialites around Baton Rouge, and an array of (sometimes notorious) politicians and public figures. But many locals also knew the renowned photographer as a passionate cook who spent decades experimenting in the kitchen and perfecting dishes that ranged from Louisiana creole classics to popular foods and international cuisines, along with a healthy dose of cocktails for entertaining. The Fonville Winans Cookbook features over 100 recipes created by the world-famous photographer, often accompanied by his notes on his cooking trials as well as his comments on successful dishes. After Fonville's death in 1992, his daughter-in-law Melinda discovered journals full of original recipes, many extensively annotated over the years with his remarks on how to prepare dishes that would live up to his demanding standards. This bon vivant's love of spicy, roux-based dishes is evident in a dizzying array of recipes for Cajun gumbos, bisques, rice dishes, and other Louisiana staples. The state's celebrated seafood features in the recipes as well, with crabs and crawfish as central ingredients of many dishes, including his iconic Pintail Crab Stew, named for the boat in which he explored the coasts of Grand Isle in the 1930s. Fonville also investigated food trends popular in the 1950s and 1960s, developing his own recipes for unusual dishes such as Jook, AzafrA!n Rice, and Coquina Stew. His appreciation for Mexican food resulted in recipes for margaritas, mole, and, of course, hot tamales, which he made by hand. Along with a biography of Fonville culled from the memories of family members and friends, The Fonville Winans Cookbook presents dozens of his photographs, including many images never before published. It offers a new perspective on a man celebrated for capturing the spirit of Louisiana, pairing beautiful photography with easy-to-prepare, satisfying recipes steeped in the state's culture and cuisine.

Amphibians and Reptiles of Louisiana - An Identification and Reference Guide (Paperback): Jeff Boundy, John L. Carr Amphibians and Reptiles of Louisiana - An Identification and Reference Guide (Paperback)
Jeff Boundy, John L. Carr
R1,084 Discovery Miles 10 840 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

This guide provides a means of identifying the 147 amphibian and reptile species currently known in Louisiana, as well as information on their natural histories (behavior, geographic range, populations, food and feeding habits, reproduction, and habitat). Written in a style that will be useful for both laypersons and experts, it will help those interested in the amphibians and reptiles of Louisiana appreciate our biodiversity heritage.

From Russia with Blood - The Kremlin's Ruthless Assassination Program and Vladimir Putin's Secret War on the West... From Russia with Blood - The Kremlin's Ruthless Assassination Program and Vladimir Putin's Secret War on the West (Paperback)
Heidi Blake
R446 R380 Discovery Miles 3 800 Save R66 (15%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days
A Louisiana Coastal Atlas - Resources, Economies, and Demographics (Hardcover): Scott A Hemmerling, Craig E. Colten A Louisiana Coastal Atlas - Resources, Economies, and Demographics (Hardcover)
Scott A Hemmerling, Craig E. Colten
R1,829 Discovery Miles 18 290 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

Through a wide range of demographic, economic, social, and environmental data, A Louisiana Coastal Atlas shows cartographically how the inherent resilience of coastal communities manifests itself over time. By illustrating the adaptability of residents to their environment and economy, this resource shows how historical processes can inform planners to more effectively respond to and recover form future ecological events.

Carnival in Louisiana - Celebrating Mardi Gras from the French Quarter to the Red River (Hardcover): Brian J Costello Carnival in Louisiana - Celebrating Mardi Gras from the French Quarter to the Red River (Hardcover)
Brian J Costello
R635 R511 Discovery Miles 5 110 Save R124 (20%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

From the revelers on horseback in Eunice and Mamou to the miles-long New Orleans parade routes lined with eager spectators shouting ""Throw me something, mister!,"" no other Louisiana tradition celebrates the Pelican State's cultural heritage quite like Mardi Gras. In Carnival in Louisiana, Brian J. Costello offers Mardi Gras fans an insider's look at the customs associated with this popular holiday and travels across the state to explore each area's festivities. Costello brings together the stories behind the tradition, gleaned from his research and personal involvement in Carnival. His fascinating tour of the season's parades, balls, courirs, and other events held throughout Louisiana go beyond the well-known locales for Mardi Gras. Exploring the diverse cultural roots of state-wide celebrations, Costello includes festivities in Lafayette, Baton Rouge, New Roads, and Shreveport. From venerable floats to satirical parades, exclusive events to spontaneous street parties, Carnival in Louisiana is an indispensable guide for Mardi Gras attendees, both veteran Krewe members seeking to expand their horizons and first-time tourists hoping to experience of all sides of Louisiana's favorite season.

Radio Soundings - South Africa And The Black Modern (Paperback): Liz Gunner Radio Soundings - South Africa And The Black Modern (Paperback)
Liz Gunner
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The radio in Africa has shaped culture by allowing listeners to negotiate modern identities and sometimes fast-changing lifestyles. Through the medium of voice and mediated sound, listeners on the station – known as Radio Bantu, then Radio Zulu, and finally Ukhozi FM – shaped new understandings of the self, family and social roles.

Through particular genres such as radio drama, fuelled by the skills of radio actors and listeners, an array of debates, choices and mistakes were unpacked daily for decades. This was the unseen literature of the auditory, the drama of the airwaves, which at its height shaped the lives of millions of listeners in urban and rural places in South Africa. Radio became a conduit for many talents squeezed aside by apartheid repression. Besides Winnie Mahlangu and K.E. Masinga and a host of other talents opened by radio, the exiles Lewis Nkosi and Bloke Modisane made a niche and a network of identities and conversations which stretched from the heart of Harlem to the American South. Nkosi and Modisane were working respectively in BBC Radio drama and a short-lived radio transcription centre based in London which drew together the threads of activism and creativity from both Black America and the African continent at a critical moment of the late empire.

Radio Soundings is a fascinating study that shows how, throughout its history, Zulu radio has made a major impact on community, everyday life and South African popular culture, voicing a range of subjectivities which gave its listeners a place in the modern world.

The Modernist Architecture of Samuel G. and William B. Wiener - Shreveport, Louisiana, 1920-1960 (Hardcover): Karen Kingsley,... The Modernist Architecture of Samuel G. and William B. Wiener - Shreveport, Louisiana, 1920-1960 (Hardcover)
Karen Kingsley, Guy W Carwile
R1,025 R821 Discovery Miles 8 210 Save R204 (20%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

In 1933, architect William B. Wiener collaborated with his half-brother Samuel G. Wiener to design a weekend home for his family on the shore of Cross Lake, just outside Shreveport, Louisiana. A year later the house appeared in the pages of Architectural Forum, the leading architectural journal of its day, as a foremost example of the new modernist style yet to take hold in the United States. The featured home would mark the first in a series of buildings -- residential, commercial, and institutional -- designed by Samuel (1896--1977) and William (1907--1981) that incorporated the forms and materials found in the new architecture of Europe, later known as the International Style. These buildings, located in Shreveport and its vicinity, composed one of the largest and earliest clusters of modernist buildings by American-born architects and placed the unexpected area of northern Louisiana in the forefront of architectural innovation in the mid-twentieth century. Authors Karen Kingsley and Guy W. Carwile examine the work of the Wiener brothers from the 1920s through the 1960s, detailing the evolutionary process of their designs and exploring why modern architecture appeared so early in this southern city. Throughout, architectural descriptions of the buildings, archival images, recent photographs and discussion of the surrounding social and economic culture of northern Louisiana inform a deeper appreciation for the Wieners' role in establishing modernism in the United States. Drawing on extensive research, Kingsley and Carwile assess the influence of the Wieners' travel in Europe, particularly their visit to the Bauhaus, and the ways in which the brothers adapted European modernism to fit the cultural and physical demands of construction in Louisiana. Their personal involvement in the local Jewish community, the authors show, also proved to be a critical factor in their success. Kingsley and Carwile braid a broader history of modern architecture together with details about the Wieners' commissions and cultural milieu, allowing readers to consider the brothers' remarkable careers in the context of their contemporaries and modernist architectural trends in the nation as a whole. As a result, The Modernist Architecture of Samuel G. and William B. Wiener illuminates this internationally significant yet little-known legacy of Louisiana.

The Nine Lives of Pakistan - Dispatches from a Precarious State (Hardcover): Declan Walsh The Nine Lives of Pakistan - Dispatches from a Precarious State (Hardcover)
Declan Walsh
R683 R559 Discovery Miles 5 590 Save R124 (18%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

Declan Walsh is one of the New York Times's most distinguished international correspondents. His electrifying portrait of Pakistan over a tumultuous decade captures the sweep of this strange, wondrous, and benighted country through the dramatic lives of nine fascinating individuals. On assignment as the country careened between crises, Walsh traveled from the raucous port of Karachi to the salons of Lahore, and from Baluchistan to the mountains of Waziristan. He met a diverse cast of extraordinary Pakistanis-a chieftain readying for war at his desert fort, a retired spy skulking through the borderlands, and a crusading lawyer risking death for her beliefs, among others. Through these "nine lives" he describes a country on the brink-a place of creeping extremism and political chaos, but also personal bravery and dogged idealism that defy easy stereotypes. Unbeknownst to Walsh, however, an intelligence agent was tracking him. Written in the aftermath of Walsh's abrupt deportation, The Nine Lives of Pakistan concludes with an astonishing encounter with that agent, and his revelations about Pakistan's powerful security state. Intimate and complex, attuned to the centrifugal forces of history, identity, and faith, The Nine Lives of Pakistan offers an unflinching account of life in a precarious, vital country.

Caribbean Studies for CAPE - A CXC Study Guide (Mixed media product, New edition): Jason Sammy, Nardia Johnson, Recardo... Caribbean Studies for CAPE - A CXC Study Guide (Mixed media product, New edition)
Jason Sammy, Nardia Johnson, Recardo Valentine
R684 Discovery Miles 6 840 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Written by an experienced team comprising of experts in the CAPE Caribbean Studies syllabus and examination, and teachers, this Study Guide covers elements of the syllabus you must know in an easy-to-use double-page format. Each topic begins with the key learning outcomes from the syllabus and contains a range of features designed to enhance your study of the subject.

Environmental Disaster in the Gulf South - Two Centuries of Catastrophe, Risk, and Resilience (Hardcover): Cindy Ermus, Ted... Environmental Disaster in the Gulf South - Two Centuries of Catastrophe, Risk, and Resilience (Hardcover)
Cindy Ermus, Ted Steinberg
R1,027 Discovery Miles 10 270 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

Hurricanes, floods, oil spills, disease, and disappearing wetlands are some of the many environmental disasters that impact the Gulf South. The contributors to Environmental Disaster in the Gulf South explore the threat, frequency, and management of this region's disasters from the mid-nineteenth century to the present. Scholars from the fields of history, sociology, and anthropology examine the underlying causes of vulnerability to natural hazards in the coastal states while also suggesting ways to increase resilience. Greg O'Brien considers the New Orleans flood of 1849; Andy Horowitz, the Galveston storm of 1900; and Christopher M. Church, the 1928 hurricane in Florida and the Caribbean. Urmi Engineer Willoughby delves into the turn-of-the-century yellow fever outbreaks in New Orleans and local attempts to eradicate them, while Abraham H. Gibson and Cindy Ermus discuss the human introduction of invasive species and their long-term impact on the region's ecosystem. Roberto E. Barrios looks at political-ecological susceptibility in New Orleans's Lower Ninth Ward, and Kevin Fox Gotham treats storm- and flood-defense infrastructures. In his afterword, Ted Steinberg ponders what the future holds when the capitalist state supports an unwinnable battle between land developers and nature. These case studies offer new ways of understanding humans' interactions with the unique, and at times unforgiving, environment of the Gulf South. These lessons are particularly important as we cope with the effects of climate change and seek to build resilience and reduce vulnerability through enhanced awareness, adequate preparation, and efficient planning.

Speaking French in Louisiana, 1720-1955 - Linguistic Practices of the Catholic Church (Hardcover): Sylvie DuBois, Emilie Gagnet... Speaking French in Louisiana, 1720-1955 - Linguistic Practices of the Catholic Church (Hardcover)
Sylvie DuBois, Emilie Gagnet Leumas, Malcolm Richardson
R884 Discovery Miles 8 840 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

Over the course of its three-hundred-year history, the Catholic Church in Louisiana witnessed a prolonged shift from French to English, with some south Louisiana churches continuing to prepare marriage, baptism, and burial records in French as late as the mid-twentieth century. Speaking French in Louisiana, 1720- 1955 navigates a complex and lengthy process, presenting a nuanced picture of language change within the Church and situating its practices within the state's sociolinguistic evolution. Mining three centuries of evidence from the Archdiocese of New Orleans archives, the authors discover proof of an extraordinary one-hundred-year rise and fall of bilingualism in Louisiana. The multiethnic laity, clergy, and religious in the nineteenth century necessitated the use of multiple languages in church functions, and bilingualism remained an ordinary aspect of church life through the antebellum period. After the Civil War, however, the authors show a steady crossover from French to English in the Church, influenced in large part by an active Irish population. It wasn't until decades later, around 1910, that the Church began to embrace English monolingualism and French faded from use. The authors' extensive research and analysis draws on quantitative and qualitative data, geographical models, methods of ethnography, and cultural studies. They evaluated 4,000 letters, written mostly in French, from 1720 to 1859; sacramental registers from more than 250 churches; parish reports; diocesan council minutes; and unpublished material from French archives. Their findings illuminate how the Church's hierarchical structure of authority, its social constraints, and the attitudes of its local priests and laity affected language maintenance and change, particularly during the major political and social developments of the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Speaking French in Louisiana, 1720- 1955 goes beyond the ""triumph of English"" or ""tragedy of Cajun French"" stereotypes to show how south Louisiana negotiated language use and how Christianization was a powerful linguistic and cultural assimilator.

Smart, Sustainable and Inclusive Growth - Political Entrepreneurship for a Prosperous Europe (Hardcover): Charlie Karlsson,... Smart, Sustainable and Inclusive Growth - Political Entrepreneurship for a Prosperous Europe (Hardcover)
Charlie Karlsson, Daniel Silander, Brigitte Pircher
R2,760 Discovery Miles 27 600 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

This timely and engaging book explores the role of European political entrepreneurship in debating, shaping and implementing the Europe 2020 strategy. Insightful chapters analyse the content, conditions and consequences of Europe 2020, investigating the plan for a future prosperous EU economy. Focussing on how European political entrepreneurship functions in times of crisis, Smart, Sustainable and Inclusive Growth considers these crises as potential windows of opportunity. The expert contributors highlight how the 2020 strategy has been debated, decided on, and then implemented from a governance perspective with multiple actors, and look ahead to necessary future developments. Further to this, multi-level governance is discussed as a way to address the demanded socio-economic goals across the EU in order to effect smart, sustainable and inclusive growth. Entrepreneurship and public policy scholars, particularly those with an interest in European affairs, will find this book to be an interesting read. It will also prove to be a powerful resource for politicians and public servants working within the Europe 2020 strategy.

Beauty in the City - The Ashcan School (Hardcover): Robert A. Slayton Beauty in the City - The Ashcan School (Hardcover)
Robert A. Slayton
R740 R589 Discovery Miles 5 890 Save R151 (20%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days
Oranje Boven - Nederlands Voor Zuid-Afrika (Afrikaans, Dutch, English, Paperback): Oranje Boven - Nederlands Voor Zuid-Afrika (Afrikaans, Dutch, English, Paperback)
R234 Discovery Miles 2 340 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Afrikaanssprekendes het ’n voorsprong met die aanleer van Nederlands as vreemde taal, maar daar is min Afrikaanssprekendes wat Nederlands werklik vlot kan praat. Hierdie is 'n handboek wat spesifiek geskryf is met die voordeel – en nadeel! – van Afrikaans as intreepunt tot Nederlands. Ehlers en Van Beek fokus op wat vir ’n Afrikaanssprekende vreemd sal wees in die Nederlands. Heelwat aandag word ook bestee aan die kultuurverskille tussen die Afrikaanse en Nederlandse samelewings wat die aanleer van die taal in konteks plaas – en menige faux pas kan verhoed! Die outeurs is gebore en getoe Nederlanders wat reeds meer as tien jaar in Suid-Afrika woon. Hulle ken die Nederlandse taal en kultuur soos net ’n moedertaalspreker dit ken.

Handbook of Emerging 21st-Century Cities (Hardcover): Kris Bezdecny, Kevin Archer Handbook of Emerging 21st-Century Cities (Hardcover)
Kris Bezdecny, Kevin Archer
R4,328 Discovery Miles 43 280 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

The majority of the world's population now live in cities, nearly a quarter of which boast populations of one million or more. The rise of globalisation has granted cities unprecedented significance, both politically and economically, leading to benefits and problems at national and international levels. The Handbook of Emerging 21st-Century Cities explores the changes that are occurring in cities, and the impacts that they are having, at the local, national and global scale. Bringing together voices from around the world, this Handbook provides an interdisciplinary view of the changes that are happening in emerging cities, examining a range of topics from both theoretical and empirical perspectives. With chapters covering changes in urban economies, social dynamics, and emerging technology this Handbook radically rethinks the dynamics of cities in the 21st century, including those in the global south. The Handbook of Emerging 21st-Century Cities is an important addition to the literature, and is a useful resource for students of geography, economics, sociology, anthropology and urban planning. Its insights will also be of value for public administrators and urban planners, and anyone else whose work impacts on, or is impacted by, cities.

Resilience and Urban Disasters - Surviving Cities (Hardcover): Kamila Borsekova, Peter Nijkamp Resilience and Urban Disasters - Surviving Cities (Hardcover)
Kamila Borsekova, Peter Nijkamp
R2,760 Discovery Miles 27 600 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

This book addresses unexpected disasters and shocks in cities and urban systems by providing quantitative and qualitative tools for impact analysis and disaster management. Including environmental catastrophes, political turbulence and economic shocks, Resilience and Urban Disasters explores a large range of tumultuous events and key case studies to thoroughly cover these core areas. Chapters explore novel contributions on urban evolution and adjustment patterns based on studies from across the globe. Both causal mechanisms and policy responses to the high social costs of urban disasters are addressed. In particular, the book explores the socio-economic impacts on urban systems that are subject to disasters, including migration due to large earthquakes in Japan, the economic impact of terrorist attacks in Istanbul and labour market changes as a result of natural disasters in Italy. Urban planning and urban economics scholars will greatly benefit from the multidisciplinary analyses of a variety of case studies in the book. City planners and urban administrators will also find the exploration of potential paths of resilience for cities to be an invaluable tool for future planning.

Louisiana Saturday Night - Looking for a Good Time in South Louisiana's Juke Joints, Honky-Tonks, and Dance Halls... Louisiana Saturday Night - Looking for a Good Time in South Louisiana's Juke Joints, Honky-Tonks, and Dance Halls (Paperback)
Alex V Cook
R521 R424 Discovery Miles 4 240 Save R97 (19%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

From backwoods bars and small-town dives to swampside dance halls and converted clapboard barns, Louisiana Saturday Night offers an anecdotal history and experiential guidebook to some of the Gumbo State's most unique blues, Cajun, and zydeco clubs.

Music critic Alex V. Cook uncovers south Louisiana's wellspring of musical tradition, showing us that indigenous music exists not as an artifact to be salvaged by preservationists, but serves as a living, breathing, singing, laughing, and crying part of Louisiana culture. Louisiana Saturday Night takes the reader to both offbeat and traditional venues in and around Baton Rouge, Cajun country, and New Orleans, where we hear the distinctive voices of musicians, patrons, and owners -- like Teddy Johnson, born in the house that now serves as Teddy's Juke Joint. Along the way, Cook ruminates on the cultural importance of the people and places he encounters, and shows their critical role in keeping Louisiana's unique music alive. A map, a journal, a snapshot of what goes on in the little shacks off main roads, Louisiana Saturday Night provides an indispensable and entertaining companion for those in pursuit of Louisiana's quirky and varied nightlife.

War and Conflict in the Middle East and North Africa (Paperback): Ariel I. Ahram War and Conflict in the Middle East and North Africa (Paperback)
Ariel I. Ahram
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For much of the last half century, the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) has seemed the outlier in global peace. Today Iraq, Libya, Israel/Palestine, Yemen, and Syria are not just countries, but synonyms for prolonged and brutal wars. But why is MENA so exceptionally violent? More importantly, can it change? Exploring the causes and consequences of wars and conflicts in this troubled region, Ariel Ahram helps readers answer these questions. In Part I, Ahram shows how MENA's conflicts evolved with the formation of its states. Violence varied from civil wars and insurgencies to traditional interstate conflicts and affected some countries more frequently than others. The strategies rulers employed to stay in power constrained how they recruited, trained, and equipped their armies. Part II explores dynamics that trap the region in conflict--oil dependence, geopolitical interference, and embedded identity cleavages. The catastrophic wars of the 2010s reflect the confounding effects of these traps, culminating in state collapse and intervention from the US and Russia, as well as regional powers like Iran, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE. Finally, Ahram considers the possibilities of peace, highlighting the disjuncture between local peacebuilding and national and internationally-backed mediation. War and Conflict in the Middle East and North Africa will be an essential resource for students of peace and security studies and MENA politics, and anyone wanting to move beyond headlines and soundbites to understand the historical and social roots of MENA's conflicts.

CAPE Caribbean Studies Revision Guide (Paperback): Kevin Thompson, Marjorie Downer, Andrea St John, Eartha Thomas-Hunte CAPE Caribbean Studies Revision Guide (Paperback)
Kevin Thompson, Marjorie Downer, Andrea St John, Eartha Thomas-Hunte
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Collins CAPE Revision Guides focus on the content and skills students need to master for success in CAPE examinations. They cover all aspects of the syllabus and provide excellent help with exam preparation. Collins CAPE Revision Guide - CARIBBEAN STUDIES is an essential title for all students sitting the CAPE CARIBBEAN STUDIES exam. With clear and accessible information, practice questions, and exam tips, it is a key resource to help students prepare for the exam. The revision guide includes a comprehensive section on Research Principles and Research Practice to support students with their school-based assessment. It also includes chapters on every section of the syllabus, both Module 1 and Module 2, cross-referencing topics that students may need to relate and refer to in essay questions. Advice is given on how to approach exam questions and construct well-structured essays, and multiple choice questions are included at the end of every section for practice purposes.

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