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Plausible Crime Stories - The Legal History of Sexual Offences in Mandate Palestine (Hardcover): Orna Alyagon Darr Plausible Crime Stories - The Legal History of Sexual Offences in Mandate Palestine (Hardcover)
Orna Alyagon Darr
R1,974 Discovery Miles 19 740 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Plausible Crime Stories is not only the first in-depth study of the history of sex offences in Mandate Palestine but it also pioneers an approach to the historical study of criminal law and proof that focuses on plausibility. Doctrinal rules of evidence only partially explain which crime stories make sense while others fail to convince. Since plausibility is predicated on commonly held systems of belief, it not only provides a key to the meanings individual social players ascribe to the law but also yields insight into communal perceptions of the legal system, self-identity, the essence of normality and deviance and notions of gender, morality, nationality, ethnicity, age, religion and other cultural institutions. Using archival materials, including documents relating to 147 criminal court cases, this socio-legal study of plausibility opens a window onto a broad societal view of past beliefs, dispositions, mentalities, tensions, emotions, boundaries and hierarchies.

Comparative Studies In Administration (Paperback, Prologue ed.): Thompson, Hammond, Hawkes, Junk Comparative Studies In Administration (Paperback, Prologue ed.)
Thompson, Hammond, Hawkes, Junk
R775 Discovery Miles 7 750 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

This volume is intended as a contribution to the study of administration. The contributors represent several branches of social and behavioral sciences, including anthropology, economics, industrial management, sociology, and social psychology. The data for the empirical studies were gathered in the United States, Germany, Great Britain, Norway, West Africa, and the Fox Indian society, and from different types of organizations, including manufacturing, mining, shipping, higher education, hospitals, the military, and social welfare agencies. Contributors: Frederick L. Bates; Warren G. Bennis; Frank A. Cassell; Rose Laub Coser; William R. Dill; Frederick H. Harbison; Ernst Koechling; Walter B. Miller; Stephen A. Richardson; Heinrich C. Ruebmann; Edward J. Thomas; and the editors.

Governing Islam - Law, Empire, and Secularism in Modern South Asia (Paperback): Julia Stephens Governing Islam - Law, Empire, and Secularism in Modern South Asia (Paperback)
Julia Stephens
R575 Discovery Miles 5 750 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Governing Islam traces the colonial roots of contemporary struggles between Islam and secularism in India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. The book uncovers the paradoxical workings of colonial laws that promised to separate secular and religious spheres, but instead fostered their vexed entanglement. It shows how religious laws governing families became embroiled with secular laws governing markets, and how calls to protect religious liberties clashed with freedom of the press. By following these interactions, Stephens asks us to reconsider where law is and what it is. Her narrative weaves between state courts, Islamic fatwas on ritual performance, and intimate marital disputes to reveal how deeply law penetrates everyday life. In her hands, law also serves many masters - from British officials to Islamic jurists to aggrieved Muslim wives. The resulting study shows how the neglected field of Muslim law in South Asia is essential to understanding current crises in global secularism.

Comparative Government (Hardcover): Dragoljub Popovic Comparative Government (Hardcover)
Dragoljub Popovic
R2,621 Discovery Miles 26 210 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Concise and clear in expression, Comparative Government covers contemporary systems of government, as well as relics of the past, in an excellent introduction to the profound study of comparative constitutional law. Dragoljub Popovic has undertaken this task to display the subject in its current stage of development, concentrating on several focal points. Based on research of their characteristic features, decision-making mechanisms and lines of evolution, the author explores parliamentary, presidential, semi-presidential, power sharing and the supra-national level forms of government in an entertaining narrative and provides tools for the reader to classify and understand governments worldwide. Comparative Government will prove essential, for its comprehensive yet concise scope, to students of law, political sciences and international relations, as well as academics in the same areas, civil servants, diplomats, legislation drafters, policy makers and practicing lawyers.

Comparative Competition Law and Economics (Paperback): Roger J. Van den Bergh Comparative Competition Law and Economics (Paperback)
Roger J. Van den Bergh
R1,246 Discovery Miles 12 460 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Offering a concise and critical comparison of EU competition law and US antitrust law from an economic perspective, this is the ideal textbook for international and interdisciplinary courses combining law and economic approaches. The book provides thorough coverage including the definition of market power, the use of horizontal and vertical restrictions, mergers and the unilateral conduct of dominant firms. It also includes discussion of problems relating to the enforcement of legal prohibitions, which will be of particular interest to practitioners and regulators. With analysis of leading cases of EU competition law, US antitrust law and insightful case studies of competition laws in BRIC countries, this book succinctly highlights the key information and goes further to discuss the many issues relating to the use of economic analysis. Key Features: * uses economic insights to help students understand the context in which the rules of competition law are applied * systematically compares EU competition law and US antitrust law, with discussion of leading cases, in order to understand how the underlying principles work in practice * clear presentation, including boxes highlighting key case studies, ensures information on the competition laws of various BRIC countries is easily accessible * the comparative approach and use of international case studies make this an ideal textbook for students in any jurisdiction.

Law's Trials - The Performance of Legal Institutions in the US 'War on Terror' (Hardcover): Richard L. Abel Law's Trials - The Performance of Legal Institutions in the US 'War on Terror' (Hardcover)
Richard L. Abel
R1,178 Discovery Miles 11 780 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

The US 'war on terror' has repeatedly violated fundamental rule of law values. When executive and legislature commit such egregious wrongs, courts represent the ultimate defense. Law's Trials: The Performance of Legal Institutions in the US 'War on Terror' offers the first comprehensive account of judicial performance during the sixteen years of the Bush and Obama administrations. Abel examines criminal prosecutions of alleged terrorists, courts martial of military personnel accused of law of war violations, military commission trials of 'high value detainees', habeas corpus petitions by Guantanamo detainees, civil damage actions by victims of both the 'war on terror' and terrorism, and civil liberties violations by government officials and Islamophobic campaigners. Law's Trials identifies successful defenses of the rule of law through qualitative and quantitative analyses, comparing the behavior of judges within and between each category of cases and locating those actions in a comparative history of efforts to redress fundamental injustices.

Research Handbook on Patent Law and Theory - Second Edition (Hardcover, 2nd edition): Toshiko Takenaka Research Handbook on Patent Law and Theory - Second Edition (Hardcover, 2nd edition)
Toshiko Takenaka
R5,467 Discovery Miles 54 670 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

This significantly updated second edition of the Research Handbook on Patent Law and Theory provides comprehensive coverage of new research for patent protection in three major jurisdictions: the United States, Europe and Japan. Leading patent scholars and practitioners provide an innovative comparative analysis of fundamental issues such as patentability, examination procedure and the scope of patent protection, with current issues such as patent protection for industry standards, computer software and business methods. Updates to this second edition reflect on the dramatic changes that have taken place in the US Patent System since the first edition, including the American Invents Act that has introduced the first-inventor-to-file policy and post-issuance proceedings to challenge validity. Current topics such as the Unified Patent Court, patent litigation updates reform in the US, design patents and patent inventions in medical science are also addressed. Providing a strong scholarly foundation, as well as useful tips for practitioners to protect their intellectual assets in technologies effectively in the global market, this Research Handbook will be of great interest to legal scholars and students, as well as lawyers and patent attorneys.

Bedouin Bisha'h Justice - Ordeal by Fire (Paperback): Joseph Ginat Bedouin Bisha'h Justice - Ordeal by Fire (Paperback)
Joseph Ginat
R643 R555 Discovery Miles 5 550 Save R88 (14%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Trials by ordeal, a judicial practice in which the guilt or innocence of the accused is determined by subjecting them to a painful task, have taken place from ancient Mesopotamia until the present day. This volume focuses on a special type of ordeal by fire called the bishah ceremony, which originated in Bedouin societies and continues to be practiced in Egypt today. In Bedouin and Arab rural societies, when somebody suspects another person of theft, property damage, murder, manslaughter, illicit sexual relations, rape, or witchcraft, and there are no witness to the crime, this individual can request the suspect or suspects to accompany him to the mubasha', a Bedouin notable who conducts the ordeal by fire. The bisha'h ceremony was previously performed in Jordan and in Saudi Arabia as well as in Egypt. In Jordan, the late King Hussein banned the ordeal by fire in 1976. In Saudi Arabia, the mubasha' died in the late 1980s, without leaving a successor. Today, in Egypt, near Ismaliyya, a mubasha' continues to practice the ceremonial ordeal in which the suspect licks a ladle that is heated to between 600-900 degrees Celsius. If the suspects tongue blisters, they are deemed guilty. If the tongue is clear, they are declared innocent. The author observed 169 of such ordeals, many of which are documented and illustrated in this volume. People who take part in the bisha'h ceremony not only come from various regions in Egypt, but also from other North African countries, and from several Middle Eastern countries, including the Gulf States. Most of the cases involve rural peasants rather than Bedouin, but there are also instances where city dwellers take part in the ordeal.

The Captive's Quest for Freedom - Fugitive Slaves, the 1850 Fugitive Slave Law, and the Politics of Slavery (Paperback):... The Captive's Quest for Freedom - Fugitive Slaves, the 1850 Fugitive Slave Law, and the Politics of Slavery (Paperback)
R.J.M. Blackett
R682 R542 Discovery Miles 5 420 Save R140 (21%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

This magisterial study, ten years in the making by one of the field's most distinguished historians, will be the first to explore the impact fugitive slaves had on the politics of the critical decade leading up to the Civil War. Through the close reading of diverse sources ranging from government documents to personal accounts, Richard J. M. Blackett traces the decisions of slaves to escape, the actions of those who assisted them, the many ways black communities responded to the capture of fugitive slaves, and how local laws either buttressed or undermined enforcement of the federal law. Every effort to enforce the law in northern communities produced levels of subversion that generated national debate so much so that, on the eve of secession, many in the South, looking back on the decade, could argue that the law had been effectively subverted by those individuals and states who assisted fleeing slaves.

Corporate Governance in Asia - A Comparative Approach (Paperback): Bruce Aronson, Joongi Kim Corporate Governance in Asia - A Comparative Approach (Paperback)
Bruce Aronson, Joongi Kim
R935 Discovery Miles 9 350 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Corporate governance in Asia continues to attract global interest due to its critical importance to the world's fastest-growing region. The study of governance systems remains complicated by Asia's mix of legal traditions, market systems and social history. This comprehensive textbook provides a comparative overview of the corporate governance framework, theory and practice in major Asian countries. Students at all levels will gain an understanding of corporate governance systems in Asia and how they compare with models attributed to the US, the UK and Europe. Featuring six foundational chapters focusing on general theory and corporate governance systems and eight country-specific chapters, this book can be used as the basic textbook for a general course on comparative corporate governance or as an essential reference about corporate governance in Asia for a wide variety of professionals including academics, jurists, students, practitioners, investors, creditors, policymakers and analysts.

A Short Introduction to Judging and to Legal Reasoning (Hardcover): Geoffrey Samuel A Short Introduction to Judging and to Legal Reasoning (Hardcover)
Geoffrey Samuel
R2,334 Discovery Miles 23 340 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

This Short Introduction looks at judging and reasoning from three perspectives: what legal reasoning has been; what legal reasoning is from the view of judges and jurists; and what legal reasoning is from the view of a social science epistemologist or humanities specialist. Geoffrey Samuel begins by identifying the main institutional focal points of legal reasoning (ius, regula iuris, Interpretatio, utilitas and actiones). While examining legal reasoning from both an internal and external viewpoint, the book simultaneously incorporates theory and scholarship from a range of other disciplines including social science and film studies. The author also includes a discussion of fiction theory, schemes of intelligibility, and other epistemological issues as well as standard reasoning devices such as induction, deduction and analogy. Combining cases and materials with original text, this unique, concise format is designed to be accessible for students who are starting out on their law programmes, as well as providing insights for students and researchers who would like to examine judging and legal reasoning in more depth.

Research Handbook on the Sociology of International Law (Hardcover): Moshe Hirsch, Andrew Lang Research Handbook on the Sociology of International Law (Hardcover)
Moshe Hirsch, Andrew Lang
R5,181 Discovery Miles 51 810 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

This innovative Research Handbook explores recent developments at the intersection of international law, sociology and social theory. In doing so, it highlights anew the potential contribution of sociological methods and theories to the study of international law, and illustrates their use in the examination of contemporary problems of practical interest to international lawyers. The diverse body of expert contributors discuss a wide range of methodologies and approaches - including those inspired by the giants of twentieth century social thought, as well as emergent strands such as computational linguistics, performance theory and economic sociology. With chapters exploring topical areas including the globalization of law, economic globalization, property rights, global governance, international legal counsel, social networks, and anthropology, the Research Handbook presents a number of paths for future research in international legal scholarship. Full of original insight, this interdisciplinary Research Handbook will be essential reading for academics and scholars in international law and sociology, as well as postgraduate students. Lawyers practicing in international law will also find this a stimulating read.

You Don't Own Me - The Court Battles That Exposed Barbie's Dark Side (Paperback): Orly Lobel You Don't Own Me - The Court Battles That Exposed Barbie's Dark Side (Paperback)
Orly Lobel
R361 Discovery Miles 3 610 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

When Carter Bryant began work on what would become the billion-dollar line of Bratz dolls, he was taking time off from his job at Mattel where he designed outfits for Barbie. Later, back at Mattel, he sold his concept for Bratz to rival company MGA. Orly Lobel reveals the colourful story behind the ensuing decade-long court battle. This entertaining and provocative work pits MGA against Mattel, shows how an idea turns into a product and explores the two different versions of womanhood represented by Barbie and her rival. Lobel's story is a thought-provoking contribution to the debate over creativity and intellectual property as American workers may now be asked to sign contracts granting their employers the rights to and income from their ideas.

Legal Conversation as Signifier (Hardcover): Jan M. Broekman, Frank Fleerackers Legal Conversation as Signifier (Hardcover)
Jan M. Broekman, Frank Fleerackers
R2,475 Discovery Miles 24 750 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Conversation and argument concerning laws and legal situations take place throughout society and at all levels, yet the language of these conversations differs greatly from that of the courtroom. This insightful book considers the gap between everyday discussion about law and the artificial, technical language developed by lawyers, judges and other legal specialists. In doing so, it explores the intriguing possibilities for future synthesis, a problem often neglected by legal theory. Analyzing the major components of law and legal procedure across both common and civil law, this book reveals how legal conversation on the 'street' contributes to our understanding of law as well as our democratic citizenship. Jan M. Broekman and Frank Fleerackers consider the impact of multiculturalism and the threat of terror on our impressions of legal conversation and the importance we place upon it, arguing that anarchism and legalism are hostile neighbors sharing many themes and motives. Exploring the meaning and sense of the concept of 'street' in ancient and modern times, the authors pose the question: is law just a discourse or should it be classified as one of the major narratives in human life? Unique and discerning, this book will appeal to anyone interested in the language of law. Legal educators will find their scope broadened whilst researchers, activists and politicians will find themselves captivated by the focus on social activism and citizen motivation.

Legal Writing in Plain English, Second Edition - A Text with Exercises (Paperback, 2nd Revised edition): Bryan A. Garner Legal Writing in Plain English, Second Edition - A Text with Exercises (Paperback, 2nd Revised edition)
Bryan A. Garner
R415 R340 Discovery Miles 3 400 Save R75 (18%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

Admirably clear, concise, down-to-earth, and powerful - all too often, legal writing embodies none of these qualities. Its reputation for obscurity and needless legalese is widespread. Since 2001 Bryan A. Garner's "Legal Writing in Plain English" has helped address this problem by providing lawyers, judges, paralegals, law students, and legal scholars with sound advice and practical tools for improving their written work. Now the leading guide to clear writing in the field, this indispensable volume encourages legal writers to challenge conventions and offers valuable insights into the writing process that will appeal to other professionals: how to organize ideas, create and refine prose, and improve editing skills. Accessible and witty, "Legal Writing in Plain English" draws on real-life writing samples that Garner has gathered through decades of teaching experience. Trenchant advice covers all types of legal materials, from analytical and persuasive writing to legal drafting, and the book's principles are reinforced by sets of basic, intermediate, and advanced exercises in each section. In this new edition, Garner preserves the successful structure of the original while adjusting the content to make it even more class-room-friendly. He includes case examples from the past decade and addresses the widespread use of legal documents in electronic formats. His book remains the standard guide for producing the jargon-free language that clients demand and courts reward.

Property Theory - Legal and Political Perspectives (Paperback): James Penner, Michael Otsuka Property Theory - Legal and Political Perspectives (Paperback)
James Penner, Michael Otsuka
R755 Discovery Miles 7 550 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Property, or property rights, remains one of the most central elements in moral, legal, and political thought. It figures centrally in the work of figures as various as Grotius, Locke, Hume, Smith, Hegel and Kant. This collection of essays brings fresh perspective on property theory, from both legal and political theoretical perspectives, and is essential reading for anyone interested in the nature of property. Edited by two of the world's leading theorists of property, James Penner and Michael Otsuka, this volume brings together essays which consider, amongst other topics, property and public law, the importance of legal forms in property theory, whether use or exclusion are most essential to our understanding of property, distributive justice, Lockean and Grotian theories, the common ownership of the Earth, and Confucian ideas of property.

Rethinking Law and Language - The Flagship 'Speech' (Hardcover): Jan M. Broekman Rethinking Law and Language - The Flagship 'Speech' (Hardcover)
Jan M. Broekman
R2,765 Discovery Miles 27 650 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

The 'law-language-law' theme is deeply engraved in Occidental culture, more so than contemporary studies on the subject currently illustrate. This insightful book creates awareness of these cultural roots and shows how language and themes in law can be richer than studying a simple mutuality of motives. Focusing on the multilevel phenomenon of 'speech', Jan M. Broekman explores the history of this theme, from the West-European Middle Ages, through to today's globalization. Existing philosophical concepts are studied for their views on 'alter', other and otherness in speech, alongside scientific approaches including 'semiotics', 'structuralism' and, in particular, 'legal consciousness'. This state-of-the-art book unveils today's problems with the two faces of language: the analog and the digital, on the basis of which our smart phones and Artificial Intelligence create modern life. Innovative and explorative, Rethinking Law and Language will be of value to law scholars, social scientists and psychologists alike. The investigation of professional language and the impact of digital communication on social relations will also appeal to judges and other officials as well as politicians.

Comparative Constitutional Studies - Between Magic and Deceit (Paperback): Gunter Frankenberg Comparative Constitutional Studies - Between Magic and Deceit (Paperback)
Gunter Frankenberg
R822 Discovery Miles 8 220 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Comparative Constitutional Studies takes a rich area of research and teaching and makes it attractive for the classroom setting and beyond. Every constitution has an interesting story to tell, and for this book Gunter Frankenberg has selected vibrant examples that encourage readers to practise realism, demonstrate critical spirit and examine the dark side of framers' reports and normative theories. This book deals with textbook hegemons, made in Philadelphia, Tokyo, Paris and, more importantly, with other constitutions from the global south, often classified as also-ran. Constitutions reflect conflicts and experiences, political visions and anxieties, ideals and ideologies, and Frankenberg's interdisciplinary approach serves as an excellent introduction to a new transnational conversation in comparative constitutional law. Its fresh perspective will make this book as an excellent resource for scholars and students of comparative constitutional law, political science, sociology, and anthropology.

Jurisprudence (Paperback): Christopher Roederer, Darrel Moellendorf Jurisprudence (Paperback)
Christopher Roederer, Darrel Moellendorf
R949 R795 Discovery Miles 7 950 Save R154 (16%) Ships in 4 - 8 working days
Court Mediation Reform - Efficiency, Confidence and Perceptions of Justice (Hardcover): Shahla F. Ali Court Mediation Reform - Efficiency, Confidence and Perceptions of Justice (Hardcover)
Shahla F. Ali
R2,761 Discovery Miles 27 610 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

As judiciaries advance, exploring how court mediation programs can provide opportunities for party-directed reconciliation whilst ensuring access to formal legal channels requires careful investigation. Court Mediation Reform explores comparative empirical findings in order to examine the association between court mediation structure and perceptions of justice, efficiency and confidence in courts. This unique study draws on an eighty-three person survey as well as case studies from ten global mediation jurisdictions including Australia, France, Hong Kong, India, and the United States. Given the highly contextual nature of court mediation programs, the book highlights the achievements, challenges and lessons learned in the implementation of mediation programs for general civil claims. In so doing, the study identifies that positive achievements are largely dependent on multiple factors including the functioning of the civil litigation system, the capacities of the mediators, safeguards against bias, participant education, and cultural and institutional support. This book will be of interest to both scholars and practitioners of law, civil justice, mediation, comparative law and dispute resolution. It will also be of use to judiciaries and policy makers looking to advance court mediation programs.

Reflexive Labour Law in the World Society (Paperback): Ralf Rogowski Reflexive Labour Law in the World Society (Paperback)
Ralf Rogowski
R872 Discovery Miles 8 720 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Reflexive Labour Law in the World Society investigates trends in labour and employment law from the perspective of modern social systems theory. It uses Niklas Luhmann's theory of the world society and Gunther Teubner's reflexive law concept for an analysis of modern employment law and industrial relations. Areas investigated include: reflexive employment protection; the reflexive regulation and deregulation of labour market policies and labour law; reflexivity in labour and employment conflict resolution; reflexive coordination and implementation of EU social and employment law; and reflexive global labour law.

Islamic Law of the Sea - Freedom of Navigation and Passage Rights in Islamic Thought (Paperback): Hassan S. Khalilieh Islamic Law of the Sea - Freedom of Navigation and Passage Rights in Islamic Thought (Paperback)
Hassan S. Khalilieh
R699 Discovery Miles 6 990 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

The doctrine of modern law of the sea is commonly believed to have developed from Renaissance Europe. Often ignored though is the role of Islamic law of the sea and customary practices at that time. In this book, Hassan S. Khalilieh highlights Islamic legal doctrine regarding freedom of the seas and its implementation in practice. He proves that many of the fundamental principles of the pre-modern international law governing the legal status of the high seas and the territorial sea, though originating in the Mediterranean world, are not a necessarily European creation. Beginning with the commonality of the sea in the Qur'an and legal methods employed to insure the safety, security, and freedom of movement of Muslim and aliens by land and sea, Khalilieh then goes on to examine the concepts of the territorial sea and its security premises, as well as issues surrounding piracy and its legal implications as delineated in Islamic law.

Jurisprudence (Paperback, 3rd Revised edition): Suri Ratnapala Jurisprudence (Paperback, 3rd Revised edition)
Suri Ratnapala
R1,064 Discovery Miles 10 640 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

The third edition of Jurisprudence offers a logically structured, comprehensive, well-researched and accessible overview of legal theory and philosophy. Written primarily for undergraduate students, it examines and demystifies the discipline's major ideas, and promotes a richer understanding of the social, moral and economic dimensions of the law. By locating the major traditions of jurisprudence within the history of ideas, the author deepens students' understanding of the perennial debates about the nature and function of law and its relation to justice. Fully revised and updated, with new materials on all topics, Suri Ratnapala's Jurisprudence remains an essential text for students and researchers of jurisprudence and legal theory.

American Criminal Justice - An Introduction (Paperback): Frederick T. Davis American Criminal Justice - An Introduction (Paperback)
Frederick T. Davis
R423 Discovery Miles 4 230 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

American criminal justice may be one of the best known - and most influential - systems of criminal justice in the world, but also the least understood: countless films and television series portray American police officers, prosecutors and lawyers, but over 95 percent of criminal matters result in guilty pleas, and trials are becoming vanishingly scarce as people accused of crime choose to strike a deal with increasingly powerful prosecutors. Sentencing 'reform' has led to a burgeoning prison population that is by far the highest among economically advanced countries. Meanwhile, American prosecutors have gained increasing (and largely unchecked) power to apply US criminal laws to worldwide corporations and individuals with little or no connection with the country. American Criminal Justice: An Introduction provides a readable, comprehensive review of the American criminal process behind these and other problems.

Moving Diversity Forward - How to Go from Well-Meaning to Well-Doing (Paperback, New): Verna A Myers Moving Diversity Forward - How to Go from Well-Meaning to Well-Doing (Paperback, New)
Verna A Myers
R978 R861 Discovery Miles 8 610 Save R117 (12%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

"If you believe that your organization has done everything it can to enhance its diversity, and if you are still frustrated at how little progress you have made, Moving Diversity Forward is for you. It is an instructive read for all of those who wish to live and work in a multi-cultural world where everyone has a fair chance to succeed and contribute." -- Frank P. Barron, Chief Legal Officer, Morgan Stanley

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