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Into the Bear Pit - The Explosive Autobiography (Paperback): Craig Whyte Into the Bear Pit - The Explosive Autobiography (Paperback)
Craig Whyte
R285 R240 Discovery Miles 2 400 Save R45 (16%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

From being the most dominant club in Scottish football history, Rangers F.C., one of the most famous and powerful names in British sport, was sold to venture capitalist Craig Whyte in 2011 . . . for GBP1. When Whyte walked through the gates at Ibrox, the club was mired in debt and plagued with a toxic culture which seeped everywhere - from the corridors of power to a sectarian hard core in the stands. The 'great Whyte hope' was touted for a time as Rangers' saviour but he was soon hung out to dry as the fall guy for Rangers' misery as the unthinkable happened. The club was plunged into liquidation and the reformed club suffered the indignity of demotion to the third division, the lowest echelon of Scottish professional football. The demise of Rangers saw Whyte's reputation eviscerated on the pages of every newspaper in the country, his name vilified on radio shows, TV programmes and blogs as every aspect of his professional and personal life was picked over. In 2012 he was arrested and accused of fraud. He was put on trial where he faced the full might and resources of the government for his role in the downfall of the club. Although he was ultimately acquitted of all charges, he had to endure years of false accusations from some media outlets and multiple death threats from obsessed fans. Full of startling revelations, this is the previously untold story of greed, corruption and scandal at the heart of Rangers F.C., told, definitively, by the man who was at the very centre of the storm.

Amazing Tales from the Boston Red Sox Dugout - A Collection of the Greatest Red Sox Stories Ever Told (Hardcover): Jim Prime,... Amazing Tales from the Boston Red Sox Dugout - A Collection of the Greatest Red Sox Stories Ever Told (Hardcover)
Jim Prime, Bill Nowlin
R584 R466 Discovery Miles 4 660 Save R118 (20%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

Recapture all the thrills of Red Sox baseball! Calling all BoSox fans! In this one-of-a-kind compendium of anecdotes from players, managers, and beat writers, Jim Prime and Bill Nowlin capture all the magic and passion of Boston Red Sox baseball. Amazing Tales from the Boston Red Sox Dugout is a colorful journey through the history of the franchise. Included are the best memories and stories in the players' and managers' own words, as found in Prime and Nowlin's Tales from the Boston Red Sox Dugout and More Tales from the Boston Red Sox Dugout. Within these pages, fans will chafe at the rivalries, cheer the wins, and challenge the losses both on the road and at home. From the earliest days of a promising young pitcher named Babe Ruth, through the glory years of Jimmie Foxx, Ted Williams, and Carl Yastrzemski, to the championship era of superstars such as Pedro Martinez and David Ortiz, the Red Sox epitomize all that is grand about the grand old game. Featured players and managers include Wade Boggs, Joe Cronin, Bobby Doerr, Carlton Fisk, Dustin Pedrioa, Jim Rice, Jason Varitek, and many other Red Sox legends. Plus, with their 2018 World Series victory, enjoy reading about the thrills from those who made it happen, from manager Alex Cora to the Killer B's: Andrew Benintendi, Jackie Bradley Jr., and Mookie Betts. This massive collection captures the story and glory of Red Sox baseball both on the field and off. Without a doubt, this tantalizing offering from Prime and Nowlin will provide hours of entertainment for Red Sox and baseball fans alike. Newly updated to include the 2018 and 2019 seasons, this book is a must-have for any Red Sox fan.

Winning With Data - CRM and Analytics for the Business of Sports (Hardcover): Fiona Green Winning With Data - CRM and Analytics for the Business of Sports (Hardcover)
Fiona Green
R899 Discovery Miles 8 990 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

For many years, sports rights owners have had an 'if you build it, they will come' attitude, suggesting they take their fans for granted. Combined with advances in broadcasting quality, digital marketing, and social media, this has resulted in diminishing attendances and participation levels. The use of CRM (Customer Relationship Management), BI (Business Intelligence) and Data Analytics has therefore become integral to doing business in sports, emulating the approach used by brands such as Amazon, Netflix, and Spotify. Technology has made the world a smaller place; clubs and teams can now connect with their fans anywhere in the world, allowing them to grow their marketplace, but they operate in an 'attention economy' where there's too much choice and engagement is key. This book sets out to share the processes and principles the sports industry uses to capitalise on the natural loyalty it creates. Case studies and commentary from around the world are used to demonstrate some of the practices implemented by the world's leading sports brands including clubs Arsenal and the San Antonio Spurs. the governing bodies of UEFA and Special Olympics International, and the MLS and NHL. With a focus on our unique challenges coupled with the opportunities the use of data creates, this book is essential reading for professionals within the sports industry.

New Cathedrals - Politics and Media in the History of Stadium Construction (Hardcover): Robert Trumpbour New Cathedrals - Politics and Media in the History of Stadium Construction (Hardcover)
Robert Trumpbour
R841 R789 Discovery Miles 7 890 Save R52 (6%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Stadium construction has altered the physical landscape of many major metropolitan areas throughout North America and has had a profound psychological and economic impact on these urban centers. How athletic facilities have been constructed, from the ritual-centered beginning of stadium construction in ancient Greece to largescale construction of professional sports facilities in present day global centers, reveals a culture's values and priorities and how it defines its recreational needs. With in-depth analysis and research, Robert C. Trumpbour examines the political institutions, commercial entities, civic leadership, and media organizations that influenced new stadium construction. The author analyzes three significant recent historical periods: the Progressive Era when modern fireproof stadiums were first built; the late 1960s and early 1970s when multipurpose football stadiums were built in downtown areas to promote urban redevelopment; and the late 1990s when retro ballparks were built to employ novel measures for profiteering. Charting this evolution, Trumpbour convincingly argues that there has been a dramatic shift in the role of the media, one in which media access has emerged as a vital element in setting the ground rules for the stadium construction debate. Written in lucid, jargon-free prose, this book combines a detailed history of stadium construction with an analysis of current stadium issues that provides a rich, portrait of our cultural landscape.

Introduction to Intercollegiate Athletics (Paperback): Eddie Comeaux Introduction to Intercollegiate Athletics (Paperback)
Eddie Comeaux
R1,050 R909 Discovery Miles 9 090 Save R141 (13%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Intercollegiate athletics continue to bedevil American higher education. At once tied closely with their institutions, athletic programs often operate outside the traditional university governance structure while contributing significantly to a school's culture, identity, and financial outlook. Introduction to Intercollegiate Athletics, edited by Eddie Comeaux, explores the complexities of intercollegiate athletics while explaining the organizational structures, key players, terms, and important issues most relevant to the growing but often misunderstood fields of recreational studies, sports management, and athletic administration. The book is divided into eight sections, the first three of which describe the foundations, overarching structures, and conditions that shape athletics and higher education. Three others explore the ways college athletes experience life on campus, and the final two delve into the current and future policy contexts of intercollegiate athletics. Written by a diverse group of expert scholars, the book's twenty-eight chapters are enhanced with useful glossaries, reflections from athletics stakeholders, relevant case studies, and conversation-provoking discussion questions. Aimed at upper-level undergraduate and graduate students, scholars, teachers, practitioners, athletic administrators, and advocates of intercollegiate athletics, Introduction to Intercollegiate Athletics provides readers with up-to-date and comprehensive knowledge about the changes to-and challenges faced by-university athletics programs.

100 Great GAA Moments (Paperback): John Scally 100 Great GAA Moments (Paperback)
John Scally
R264 R216 Discovery Miles 2 160 Save R48 (18%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

In its long and rich history the GAA has provided many great moments. This book is a celebration of one hundred of the best of them: the Thunder and Lightning Final; the Polo Grounds Final; Seamus Darby's goal in 1982; the epic clashes between Dublin and Meath in 1991; Leitrim's Connacht title in 1994; Clare ending 81 years in the wilderness; Wexford becoming home to `the Riverdance of Sport' and the GAA opening up Croke Park to other sports. These moments and many more are featured in these pages. Every county is included. Based on exclusive interviews as seen through the eyes of the key personalities who shaped them, it goes behind the scenes and offers unique eyewitness accounts of the dramas on and off the pitch that captivated, enthralled and occasionally infuriated the nation. New light is shed on old controversies, fresh insights into the players and personalities that linger long in the memory are provided, and the epic contests that turned the national games into the national soap opera are recounted by the men and women who were there in the heat of the battles.

The History of Motor Sport - A Case Study Analysis (Paperback): David Hassan The History of Motor Sport - A Case Study Analysis (Paperback)
David Hassan
R1,019 Discovery Miles 10 190 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

'The History of Motor Sport' examines the evolution of motor sport from its creation in central Europe, throughout the rest of the continent and elsewhere, including in both North and South America.

Routledge Handbook of Sport and the Environment (Paperback): Brian P. McCullough, Timothy B. Kellison Routledge Handbook of Sport and the Environment (Paperback)
Brian P. McCullough, Timothy B. Kellison
R1,159 Discovery Miles 11 590 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

The natural environment is a central issue in both academic and wider societal discourse. The global sport industry is not immune from this discussion and has to confront its responsibility to reduce its impact on the natural environment. This book goes further than any other in surveying both the challenges and the opportunities presented to the sports industry as it engages with the sustainability agenda, exploring the various ways in which sport scholars can integrate sustainability into their research. With a multidisciplinary sweep, including management, sociology, law, events, and ethics, this is a ground-breaking book in the study of sport. Drawing on cutting-edge research, it includes over thirty chapters covering all the most important themes in contemporary sport studies such as: climate change, sustainability, and corporate social responsibility ethics, governance, and the law event management, tourism, and pollution marketing, branding, and consumer behavior the Olympics, urban development, and mega-event legacies. With contributions from world-leading researchers and practitioners from around the globe, this is the most comprehensive book ever published on sport and the environment.

The Greatest Ballpark Ever - Ebbets Field and the Story of the Brooklyn Dodgers (Paperback, New edition): Bob McGee The Greatest Ballpark Ever - Ebbets Field and the Story of the Brooklyn Dodgers (Paperback, New edition)
Bob McGee
R706 R557 Discovery Miles 5 570 Save R149 (21%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

Generations after its demise, Ebbets Field remains the single most colorful and enduring image of a baseball park, with a treasured niche in the game's legacy and the American imagination. In this lively story of sports, politics, and the talented, hilarious, and charming characters associated with the Brooklyn Dodgers, Bob McGee chronicles the ballpark's vibrant history from the drawing board to the wrecking ball, beginning with Charley Ebbets and the heralded opening in 1913, on through the eras that followed. McGee weaves a story about how Ebbets Field's architectural details, notable flaws, and striking facade brought Brooklyn and its team together in ways that allowed each to define the other. Drawing on original interviews and letters, as well as published and archival sources, ""The Greatest Ballpark Ever"" explores the struggle of Charley Ebbets to build Ebbets Field, the days of Wilbert Robinson's early pennant winners, the ears of the Daffiness Boys, Larry MacPhail, and Branch Rickey, the tumultuous field leadership of Leo the Lip, the fiery triumph of Jackie Robinson, the golden days of the Boys of Summer, and Walter O'Malley's ignominious departure. With humor and passion, ""The Greatest Ballpark Ever"" lets readers relive a day in the raucous ballpark with its quirky angles and its bent right-field wall, with the characters and events that have become part of the nation's folklore.

Barca - The Making of the Greatest Team in the World (Paperback, 2 Revised Edition): Graham Hunter Barca - The Making of the Greatest Team in the World (Paperback, 2 Revised Edition)
Graham Hunter
R303 Discovery Miles 3 030 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

FC Barcelona are the greatest football team in the world, the greatest for a generation and possibly the greatest of all time. This is the inside story of how the team came to redefine how the game is played, told by the journalist closer to it than any other. This edition contains a new epilogue reflecting on the departure of Pep Guardiola and Spain's victory at Euro 2012.

Tales from the Dodgers Dugout - A Collection of the Greatest Dodgers Stories Ever Told (Hardcover): Carl Erskine Tales from the Dodgers Dugout - A Collection of the Greatest Dodgers Stories Ever Told (Hardcover)
Carl Erskine; Foreword by Vin Scully
R475 R440 Discovery Miles 4 400 Save R35 (7%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

To baseball fans of today, the name "Dodgers" is synonymous with Hollywood, the warm California sun, and names like Tommy Lasorda, Kirk Gibson, Steve Garvey, and Orel Hershiser. The Dodgers mean much more than that to fans of baseball history, however. Namely, these fans remember the famed "Boys of Summer," otherwise known as the Brooklyn Dodgers, a team that included some of the most storied players in baseball history, such as Hall of Famers Duke Snider, Roy Campanella, Gil Hodges, Pee Wee Reese, and Jackie Robinson. Although they eventually moved out west, the Brooklyn Dodgers provided some of the greatest moments the game has ever seen and some of the greatest personalities to ever take the field. Carl Erskine, another member of that legendary team, relates memories about his days with the Dodgers in a book full of true stories and revealing anecdotes. The result is Tales from the Dodgers Dugout, first published in 2004 and newly updated to provide a delightfully interesting trip through the world of baseball in the 1950s. Among Erskine's many tales are his dealings with immortal team official Branch Rickey, his view from the Dodgers bench during Don Larsen's perfect game in the 1956 World Series, and his firsthand experiences when Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier and became the first black player in Major League Baseball history. During his frequent speaking engagements, people often ask Erskine if all of his stories are true. His standard response has been, "Yes, I couldn't possibly make them up the way they actually happened." Now fans can read all of those great stories in Tales from the Dodgers Dugout.

Ride a Stage of the Tour de France - The legendary climbs and how to ride them (Paperback): Kristian Bauer Ride a Stage of the Tour de France - The legendary climbs and how to ride them (Paperback)
Kristian Bauer
R489 R393 Discovery Miles 3 930 Save R96 (20%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

The Tour de France is one of the best-known and most challenging athletic events in the world. In the first three weeks of July every year, the pros pit their strength, wit and skill against each other over the gruelling 3,500km route. And every year, amateur riders the world over dream of tackling one of the Tour's legendary stages themselves. Ride a Stage of the Tour de France is the first book that allows non-professional cyclists to do just that. A thorough 'how to' guide, it covers forty of the Tour's classic ascents, including Mount Ventoux, Galibier and Tourmalet. Each route is described in detail by an author who has ridden them all. There's information to help you prepare, train and choose the right stage, and each route comes with a map and vital statistics like altitude, length and difficulty. From where to park to when to go, from what to wear to the characteristics of the road, Riding a Stage of the Tour de France has all you need to complete the challenge safely and successfully.

The Fall of the House of Fifa (Paperback): David Conn The Fall of the House of Fifa (Paperback)
David Conn 1
R230 R181 Discovery Miles 1 810 Save R49 (21%) Ships in 5 - 10 working days

The Fall of the House of Fifa is the definitive story of Fifa's rise - and the most spectacular fall sport has ever seen. 1904: 'No person should be allowed to arrange matches for personal profit' - Fifa congress A century later: 'Fifa is a Racketeering Influenced Corrupt Organisation (RICO) enterprise' - A judge in Brooklyn, using a term originally coined for the mafia For forty years Joao Havelange and then Sepp Blatter presided over a Fifa now plagued with scandal - dawn raids, FBI investigations, allegations of money laundering, industrial-scale bribery, racketeering, tax evasion, vote-buying and theft. Now David Conn, football's most respected investigative journalist, chronicles the extraordinary history and staggering scale of corruption. He paints revealing portraits of the men at the centre of Fifa - the power brokers, the indicted, the legends like Franz Beckenbauer and Michel Platini - and puts the allegations to Blatter himself in an extended interview.

The Official Sunderland AFC Annual 2020 (Hardcover): Grange Communications Ltd The Official Sunderland AFC Annual 2020 (Hardcover)
Grange Communications Ltd
R253 R189 Discovery Miles 1 890 Save R64 (25%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

THE OFFICIAL SUNDERLAND AFC ANNUAL 2020 The Official Sunderland AFC Annual 2020 is purr-fect for all Black Cats. Check out all of the club's first team players, try the promotion race board game, bake the Sunderland scarf cake with Samson and discover when Sunderland became the first-ever world football champions! Brush up on your knowledge on the Stadium of Light, The Academy of Light and the brand new Beacon of Light and see where in the world Sunderland's players have hailed from. Plus, with plenty of puzzles and games to test even the most devoted Black Cat, The Official Sunderland AFC Annual 2020 is essential reading for all fans! IMAGE OF 2019 ANNUAL FOR ILLUSTRATIVE PURPOSES

Hibernian - From Joe Baker to Turnbull's Tornadoes (Hardcover): Tom Wright Hibernian - From Joe Baker to Turnbull's Tornadoes (Hardcover)
Tom Wright
R585 R458 Discovery Miles 4 580 Save R127 (22%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Hibernian: From Joe Baker to Turnbull's Tornadoes begins in the turbulent 1960s with the club in serious decline, culminating in relegation only being avoided at Easter Road on the final day of the 1963-64 season. The appointment of legendary manager Jock Stein in 1964 saw an immediate improvement in the relegation-haunted side. The Hibs team of the mid '60s featured an all-Scottish international forward line, and the return of player Eddie Turnbull as manager in 1971 saw the emergence of possibly Hibs' greatest-ever side - the magical Turnbull's Tornadoes. Packed full of detail this book is a must not only for Hibs supporters, but also for any football fan who is interested in this defining period in the history of the game.

WG's Birthday Party (Paperback): David Kynaston WG's Birthday Party (Paperback)
David Kynaston 1
R221 R179 Discovery Miles 1 790 Save R42 (19%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

On a hot morning in July 1898, the sporting world gathered at Lord's to celebrate the fiftieth birthday of WG Grace, the greatest cricketer the game has ever seen. Grace was cheered onto the field by a packed crowd as he captained the Gentlemen, the privileged old guard of the Establishment. Their opponents in this annual match were the Players, cricketers for whom the sport was a precarious livelihood rather than a summer pastime. This three-day encounter represented the climax of cricket's Golden Age, and the unstoppable arrival of the professional game that would dominate the twentieth century.

In "WG's Birthday Party," David Kynaston tells the story of one of the most thrilling matches in cricketing history, as well as the colourful and sometimes tragically moving lives of the members of both teams. Using the Gentlemen vs Players contest as a lens through which to examine the hierarchy and tensions endemic in cricket at the beginning of the modern era, he presents a lively, moving, richly detailed and massively entertaining portrait of late-Victorian society. It is social history at its most compelling, from 'the most entertaining historian alive' ("Spectator").

Jail Blazers - How the Portland Trail Blazers Became the Bad Boys of Basketball (Hardcover): Kerry Eggers Jail Blazers - How the Portland Trail Blazers Became the Bad Boys of Basketball (Hardcover)
Kerry Eggers
R627 R497 Discovery Miles 4 970 Save R130 (21%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

The Blazers were in the top ten for attendance in the 2016-17 NBA season. Includes interviews with former players, coaches, and management. Author is working on getting a foreword from a former player or coach from these teams. While this book covers a specific period in the team's history, the stories were in headlines across the country, and will appeal to all fans of basketball and the NBA.

Managing and Developing Community Sport (Paperback): Rob Wilson, Chris Platts Managing and Developing Community Sport (Paperback)
Rob Wilson, Chris Platts
R904 Discovery Miles 9 040 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Can sport and physical activity (PA) be used to improve the communities we live in? How do community groups manage facilities that provide sport and PA? How can managers ensure the services they deliver meet the needs of their community? What role should community sport schemes play in society? Answer these questions and more in this, the first textbook to focus on the theory and practice of community-level sport management and development. Bringing together academics and practitioners with expertise in sport management, sport development, the sociology of sport, PA programming and community coaching, this book outlines best practice and explores contemporary issues relating to: Community enhancement through sport and PA Leadership, enterprise and innovation Budgeting and decision making Event and facility management Corporate social responsibility (CSR) Monitoring and evaluation. The book is divided into three sections: Part I provides an introduction to developing and managing community sport; Part II outlines the key issues and challenges that face those working in the sector; and Part III examines the leadership and management qualities needed to effectively manage and develop community sport. Insightful and user-friendly, Managing and Developing Community Sport is written in an easy to read style and is a vital resource for sport management practitioners or students hoping to work in community-level sport.

Routledge Handbook of International Sport Business (Paperback): Mark Dodds, Kevin Heisey, Aila Ahonen Routledge Handbook of International Sport Business (Paperback)
Mark Dodds, Kevin Heisey, Aila Ahonen
R1,148 Discovery Miles 11 480 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Contemporary sport business is international. From global sport competitions and events, sponsorship deals and broadcasting rights to labour markets and lucrative flows of tourists, anybody working in sport business today has to have an international perspective. This book offers the broadest and most in-depth guide to the key themes in international sport business today, covering every core area from strategy and marketing to finance, media and the law. Including authors from more than twenty countries spanning the Americas, Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia, this handbook addresses the most important issues in the world of sport business from a uniquely global perspective. Each chapter examines a particular cross-section of business and sport, encompassing all levels from grassroots to professional and elite. Divided into seven major subject areas, it offers insights from experts on: International Sport Business Strategy Sport Marketing Sport Economics and Finance International Sport Law Sport Media and Communication Sport Tourism Sport Development. The Routledge Handbook of International Sport Business is an essential resource for any course on sport business, sport management or international business.

The Boys in the Boat - Nine Americans and Their Epic Quest for Gold at the 1936 Berlin Olympics (Paperback): Daniel James Brown The Boys in the Boat - Nine Americans and Their Epic Quest for Gold at the 1936 Berlin Olympics (Paperback)
Daniel James Brown 2
R446 R319 Discovery Miles 3 190 Save R127 (28%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

The "New York Times"-bestselling story about American Olympic triumph in Nazi Germany
Out of the depths of the Depression comes an irresistible story about beating the odds and finding hope in the most desperate of times--the improbable, intimate account of how nine working-class boys from the American West showed the world at the 1936 Olympics in Berlin what true grit really meant.
It was an unlikely quest from the start. With a team composed of the sons of loggers, shipyard workers, and farmers, the University of Washington's eight-oar crew team was never expected to defeat the elite teams of the East Coast and Great Britain, yet they did, going on to shock the world by defeating the German team rowing for Adolf Hitler. The emotional heart of the tale lies with Joe Rantz, a teenager without family or prospects, who rows not only to regain his shattered self-regard but also to find a real place for himself in the world. Drawing on the boys' own journals and vivid memories of a once-in-a-lifetime shared dream, Brown has created an unforgettable portrait of an era, a celebration of a remarkable achievement, and a chronicle of one extraordinary young man's personal quest.

The Origins of Sheffield Wednesday (Paperback): Jason Dickinson The Origins of Sheffield Wednesday (Paperback)
Jason Dickinson
R469 R397 Discovery Miles 3 970 Save R72 (15%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

The City of Sheffield is rightly lauded as being the birthplace of association football, but in the early nineteenth century it was also the centre of cricket activities in the North of England, arguably contributing more to the advance of game, other than the Marylebone Cricket Club, than any other area. In 1820, six local Sheffield businessmen formed Wednesday Cricket Club and within a few years they rose to become the prominent team in the town. Their influence on the game of cricket was immeasurable and over the years they would boast many notable players, including Sheffield legend Tom Marsden. For the first time, those early deeds of the cricket club are covered in depth - including a look at the founding fathers - while the emergence of a football section, in 1867, opened a new chapter in the history of Wednesday, one which continues to be written today as Sheffield Wednesday FC approach their 150th birthday with the club's bicentenary just five years away. The football side has without doubt taken the club's unique name all over the world and The Origins of Sheffield Wednesday focuses, in great detail, on the players and officials plus the on and off the field events that helped to shape the modern-day multi-million pound football club.

Sport Facility Operations Management - A Global Perspective (Paperback, 3rd New edition): Eric C. Schwarz, Stacey A. Hall,... Sport Facility Operations Management - A Global Perspective (Paperback, 3rd New edition)
Eric C. Schwarz, Stacey A. Hall, Simon Shibli
R1,285 Discovery Miles 12 850 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Now in a fully revised and updated third edition, Sport Facility Operations Management goes beyond the basic theories of sport facility management to include relevant practical professional experiences connecting facilities, people, and technology. This is a comprehensive and engaging textbook introducing cutting-edge concepts and best practice in sport facility operations management. Each chapter contains real-world case studies and discussion questions, innovative 'Technology Now' and new 'Facility Focus' features, and 'In the Field' segments about what is going on in the industry. This new edition also provides new content in the areas of project management, social and digital media, revenue generation and diversification, performance analytics, and impacts and legacies. This is a vital resource for sport management educators and students, especially those studying facility management. It is also an interesting read for industry professionals working in sport facility management, from grassroots and community complexes to global mega stadiums and arenas. Dedicated online materials include PowerPoint presentations for each chapter; multiple-choice and essay questions; online appendices with diagrams, schematics, manuals, and forms; a glossary; and a sample master syllabus.

Hillsborough - The Truth (Paperback): Phil Scraton Hillsborough - The Truth (Paperback)
Phil Scraton 1
R289 R238 Discovery Miles 2 380 Save R51 (18%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

This is the definitive, unique account of the disaster in which 96 men, women and children were killed, hundreds injured and thousands traumatised. It details the appalling treatment endured by the bereaved and survivors in the immediate aftermath, the inhumanity of the identification process and the vilification of fans in the national and international media. In 2012, Phil Scraton was primary author of the ground-breaking report published by the Hillsborough Independent Panel following its new research into thousands of documents disclosed by all agencies involved. Against a backdrop of almost three decades of persistent struggle by bereaved families and survivors, in this new edition he reflects on the Panel's in-depth work, its revelatory findings and their unprecedented impact - an unreserved apology from the Prime Minister; new criminal investigations; the Independent Police Complaints Commission's largest-ever inquiry; the quashing of 96 inquest verdicts; a review of all health and pathology policies. Paving the way for truth recovery and institutional accountability in other controversial cases, he details the process and considers the impact of the longest ever inquests, from the preliminary hearings to their comprehensive, devastating verdicts. Powerful, disturbing and harrowing, Hillsborough: The Truth exposes the institutional complacency that led to the unlawful killing of the 96, revealing how the interests of ordinary people are marginalised when those in authority sacrifice truth and accountability to protect their reputations.

The Shinboners - The Complete History of the North Melbourne Football Club (Hardcover): Glenn Archer The Shinboners - The Complete History of the North Melbourne Football Club (Hardcover)
Glenn Archer
R1,067 R707 Discovery Miles 7 070 Save R360 (34%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days
International Sport Management (Hardcover, 2nd edition): Eric Macintosh, Gonzalo Bravo, Ming Li International Sport Management (Hardcover, 2nd edition)
Eric Macintosh, Gonzalo Bravo, Ming Li
R2,313 R2,183 Discovery Miles 21 830 Save R130 (6%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

International Sport Management is the first comprehensive textbook devoted to the organization, governance, business activities, and cross-cultural context of modern sport on an international level. As the sport industry continues its global expansion, this textbook serves as an invaluable guide for readers as they build careers that require an international understanding of the relationships, influences, and responsibilities in sport management. Through a systematic presentation of topics and issues in international sport, this textbook offers a long-overdue guide for students in this burgeoning subfield in sport management. Editors Li, MacIntosh, and Bravo have assembled contributors from all corners of the globe to present a truly international perspective on the topic. With attention to diversity and multiple viewpoints, each chapter is authored by distinguished academics and practitioners in the field. A foreword by esteemed sport management scholar Dr. Earle Zeigler emphasizes the importance of a dedicated study of the issues in international sport management. All chapters in the text use a global perspective to better showcase how international sport operates in various geopolitical environments and cultures. The text is arranged in five parts, each serving a unique purpose: *To outline the issues associated with international sport management *To examine sport using a unique perspective that emphasizes its status as a global industry *To introduce the structure of governance in international sport *To examine the management essentials in international sport *To apply these strategies in the business segments of sport marketing, sport media and information technology, sport facilities and design, sport event management, and sport tourism Written to engage students, International Sport Management contains an array of learning aids to assist with comprehension of the material. It includes case studies and sidebars that apply the concepts to real-world situations and demonstrate the varied issues, challenges, and opportunities affecting sport management worldwide. Chapter objectives, key terms, learning activities, summaries, and discussion questions guide learning in this wide-ranging subject area. In addition, extensive reference sections support the work of practitioners in the field. With International Sport Management, both practicing and future sport managers can develop an increased understanding of the range of intercultural competencies necessary for success in the field. Using a framework of strategic and total-quality management, the text allows readers to examine global issues from an ethical perspective and uncover solutions to complex challenges that sport managers face. With this approach, readers will learn how to combine business practices with knowledge in international sport to lead their current and future careers. International Sport Management offers readers a multifaceted view of the issues, challenges, and opportunities in international sport management as well as the major functional areas that govern international sport. The text provides students, academics, and practitioners with critical insights into the practice of business as it applies to international sport.

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