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Turning Down the Pain - Skills for Post-Surgical Pain Management (Paperback): George H. Glade, M.C., M.N., Arnp Turning Down the Pain - Skills for Post-Surgical Pain Management (Paperback)
George H. Glade, M.C., M.N., Arnp
R368 R297 Discovery Miles 2 970 Save R71 (19%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

here are many reasons to limit or in some cases avoid the use of narcotics post-surgically. A history of addiction, allergies to narcotics or difficulty tolerating the many potential side effects are some of the major barriers to the use of narcotics. We need to create a change in culture where the medical profession doesn't over prescribe narcotic pain medication. Pain after surgery is real even if you have a history of addiction and must be treated. Turning Down the Pain provides the reader with a repertoire of tools that effectively combat pain following surgery.

Phytochemistry of Piper betle Landraces (Hardcover): Vikas Bajpai, Nikhil Kumar, Brijesh, Kumar Phytochemistry of Piper betle Landraces (Hardcover)
Vikas Bajpai, Nikhil Kumar, Brijesh, Kumar
R1,461 Discovery Miles 14 610 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Piper betle (betel vine) a pan-Asiatic, tropical plant, which can also grow under mild subtropical areas, is essentially grown for leaves which are chewed with array of additives besides slaked lime. The plant is cultivated widely in India and its surrounding areas. Phytochemistry of Piper betel landraces presents a brief on the distribution, historical and cultural aspects, and properties ascribed to this plant in the ancient texts. Phytochemical and pharmacological information has also been included to underscore the importance of this plant in the present time. A detailed account on metabolic profiling employing modern methods is included, such as real-time, direct analysis of the flight mass spectrometric method and chemometric analysis for characterization of the available biodiversity and signatures specific to gender and geographical location. It was also possible to identify the gender of unknown landraces, with the help of principal component analysis. Features: Elaborates on the chemical diversity within Piper betle. Piper betle leaves have mouth freshening antimicrobial compounds. Use of chemical signatures for the identification of different Piper betle landraces, their gender and geographical locations.

Radical Medicine - Cutting-Edge Natural Therapies That Treat the Root Causes of Disease (Hardcover): Louisa L. Williams Radical Medicine - Cutting-Edge Natural Therapies That Treat the Root Causes of Disease (Hardcover)
Louisa L. Williams
R1,798 R1,374 Discovery Miles 13 740 Save R424 (24%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

Radical Medicine
radical: 'ra-di-k l (Latin: radix), going to the root or origin; pertaining to what is fundamental, far-reaching, and thorough
With the historic use of toxic mercury amalgam fillings, excessive courses of antibiotics, damaging childhood vaccines, and the many industrial pollutants and chemicals that have been spread into our air, water, and food over the past century, general holistic health guidelines are simply no longer adequate for most people. Only through radical measures--that is, getting to the true root or underlying cause of disease--can effective healing occur. In "Radical Medicine," naturopathic physician Louisa Williams describes how to treat these and other modern-day "obstacles to cure" in order to ensure against future degenerative disease and achieve the optimal health that is our birthright.
Examining the many health problems triggered by dental amalgams and poor dentistry, Dr. Williams explains that our teeth are focal points for health issues that arise elsewhere in the body. She explores the impact of vaccinations, the excessive use of antibiotics, and the chemical-laden products used as health and beauty aids--which are linked to Alzheimer's disease, heart attacks, and breast and other cancers. She then provides information on cuttingedge treatments as well as drainage and nutritional therapies. "Radical Medicine" is a practical guide for practitioners as well as those who have suffered with chronic illnesses that allopathic medicine has been unable to identify or help treat. It is also extremely valuable for those who must make responsible and informed decisions about health options for their children and other family members. "Radical Medicine "offers a wealth of holistic, natural therapies for treating what is poisoning us as well as our world.
LOUISA L WILLIAMS, M.S., D.C., N.D., received her doctoral training in naturopathic medicine from Bastyr University. She also holds a master's degree in psychology and a doctorate degree in chiropractic. In 1984 she founded the Seattle Health Clinic, which specializes in environmental medicine and detoxification. Dr. Williams currently practices at the Marin Naturopathic Medicine clinic in San Rafael, California, and teaches the principles of radical medicine as well as her energetic testing method (MRT) in the United States and abroad.

Anatomical Illustration of Acupuncture Points (Hardcover, 2nd Revised edition): Guo Chang-Qing Anatomical Illustration of Acupuncture Points (Hardcover, 2nd Revised edition)
Guo Chang-Qing
R2,912 R2,051 Discovery Miles 20 510 Save R861 (30%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Describes the full pathway of the main channel and secondary branches.Describes the meaning of the Chinese names of the points. Provides a clear location of every acupuncture point along the channelsand vessels as welt as 65 clinically valuable extra points.Exhibits over 1,315 vivid anatomical cross-section illustrations to demon-strate the correct depth and direction of needle insertion. Provides a detailed explanation of the points' actions, special features andclinical indications.

Walking with Trees (Paperback): Glennie Kindred Walking with Trees (Paperback)
Glennie Kindred
R425 R348 Discovery Miles 3 480 Save R77 (18%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

In Walking with Trees, Glennie Kindred takes us on an intimate and profoundly connecting walk with thirteen of our native trees. She leads us into their worlds and opens our hearts to their wonders, their qualities and their potential to heal. This is a book about relationships and inter-relationships: Our relationship with the trees, their relationships with each other and with the natural world around them, and the flow of our communal relationship, past and present, which affects us all as the web of life on Earth. Illustrated with the authors exquisite pencil drawings, Glennie's passion for trees is infectious, and inspires us to look more closely, listen more intently and walk with trees more often. She shares her stories and encounters with trees and weaves together many ways to deepen our engagement with them, from growing them, harvesting and using them for medicine, food, and craftwork. She also encourages us to find our way into a more subtle and intuitive relationship with the trees, as part of our journey to heal our fractured relationship with the Earth. As with all of Glennie's books, the seasonal cycles and the Earth festivals are interwoven and provide further ways to deepen our journey with trees. This is a book about possibilities, for those who care for our environment. This is a book that reminds you of what you might have missed or forgotten, and reminds you of your power. This is a book of our time, where we recognise our deep interconnectivity with the trees, with all of life and with the Earth herself. It inspires us to open our arms and hearts wide, and joyfully embrace the changes.

Herbal Therapy for Women (Paperback): Elisabeth Brooke Herbal Therapy for Women (Paperback)
Elisabeth Brooke
R284 Discovery Miles 2 840 Ships in 10 - 15 working days
Ammoniums - The Sour Prunes (Staple bound): Farokh J. Master Ammoniums - The Sour Prunes (Staple bound)
Farokh J. Master
R40 Discovery Miles 400 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

This book explains how Ammonium salts are represented in the repertory yet are not frequently prescribed. It is a useful treatise exploring the therapeutic properties of the ammonium salts in a diverse range of diseases. It is a must read for every student and ardent practitioner of the healing art.

Holistic Treatment in Mental Health - A Handbook of Practitioner's Perspectives (Paperback): Cheryl L Fracasso, Stanley... Holistic Treatment in Mental Health - A Handbook of Practitioner's Perspectives (Paperback)
Cheryl L Fracasso, Stanley Krippner, Harris L Friedman
R1,516 Discovery Miles 15 160 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

The first of its kind, this guidebook provides an overview of clinical holistic interventions for mental-health practitioners. Submissions from 21 contributors examine the validity of different methods and provide information on credentialed training and licensure requirements necessary for legal and ethical practice. Chapters covering a range of healing modalities describe the populations and disorders for which the intervention is most effective, as well as the risks involved, and present research on the effectiveness of treatment, with step-by-step sample clinical sessions.

Homeopathy (Paperback): Robin Hayfield Homeopathy (Paperback)
Robin Hayfield
R214 R169 Discovery Miles 1 690 Save R45 (21%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

* A clear and practical guide to homeopathy, its history, uses and benefits * Learn how to use homeopathic medicine as a safe and effective treatment for minor ailments such as colds, fevers, eye infections, indigestion and hay fever This title also gives treatment advice for injuries such as sprains, strains, bruising, minor cuts and grazes and burns. It includes homeopathic remedies for emotional issues are also discussed, for example using ignatia for grief, pulsatilla for comfort, aconite for fright and valerian for insomnia. It offers guidelines for creating your own homeopathic first-aid kit. It comes with easy-to-follow instructions and helpful hints and tips, the book is illustrated with 100 photographs. Many people who want to have greater control over their own health turn to natural therapies to treat themselves for minor ailments. Homeopathy, regarded as one of the safest, most effective ways of restoring the body's own natural defences and creating harmony from within, is concisely explained in this authoritative but accessible book. Homeopathy works on the body to relieve illness by treating the patient holistically and advice is given on diagnosing and treating everyday ailments at home - including infections, aches and pains and anxieties - for the whole family. There is also a clearly illustrated guide to 42 of the most commonly used remedies and their sources, from Allium cepa, used for hay fever and irritated nose and eyes, to Viburnum opulus, which alleviates severe cramping and muscle spasms. With its easy-to-follow format and essential information, this handbook is an invaluable source of self-help and reassurance for anyone wishing to explore this non-invasive form of medicine.

In Focus Reiki - Your Personal Guide (Hardcover): Des Hynes In Focus Reiki - Your Personal Guide (Hardcover)
Des Hynes
R383 R283 Discovery Miles 2 830 Save R100 (26%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

With In Focus Reiki, join Reiki Master Des Hynes as he teaches the basics of this popular healing system and taps into your inner healer to understand how Reiki can be used to reduce stress, depression, anxiety, and physical pain in yourself and others. Included inside the back cover are seven beautifully illustrated guided meditation cards based on the five Reiki principles. Combined from the Japanese words Rei, meaning "God's wisdom, universal life, or higher power" and Ki, meaning "life force or energy," Reiki is the healing practice of balancing our "universal life energy" around our bodies. Founded in the early twentieth century by Japanese Buddhist monk Mikao Usui with the underlying belief that our bodies have the natural ability to heal, reiki transfers healing energy by using the placement of hands to blocked areas. This artfully designed guide covers the full breadth of Reiki topics, including: Shoden: The first degree of Reiki study Okuden: The second degree of Reiki study Self-healing and the 21-day cleanse How to conduct a healing session on others The five Reiki principles and further degrees Chakras and channels Angels and spirit guides in Reiki The In Focus series applies a modern approach to teaching the classic body, mind, and spirit subjects. Authored by experts in their respective fields, these beginner's guides feature smartly designed visual material that clearly illustrates key topics within each subject. As a bonus, each book includes reference cards or a poster, held in an envelope inside the back cover, that give you a quick, go-to guide containing the most important information on the subject.

Pineal Gland Activation - How to Use Your Third Eye to Achieve Higher Consciousness (Paperback): Alex Mckenna Pineal Gland Activation - How to Use Your Third Eye to Achieve Higher Consciousness (Paperback)
Alex Mckenna
R356 Discovery Miles 3 560 Ships in 7 - 11 working days
Hands On - Basic Clinical Skills for Complementary Therapists (Paperback, New edition): Nic Rowley Hands On - Basic Clinical Skills for Complementary Therapists (Paperback, New edition)
Nic Rowley
R345 Discovery Miles 3 450 Ships in 10 - 15 working days
Systema Lymphatica (French, German, Poster): Jan Baarle Systema Lymphatica (French, German, Poster)
Jan Baarle
R348 R220 Discovery Miles 2 200 Save R128 (37%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Text in English, French and German . Full-colour laminated poster.

Aromatherapy for the Soul - Healing the Spirit with Fragrance and Essential Oils (Paperback, 2nd ed.): Valerie Ann Worwood Aromatherapy for the Soul - Healing the Spirit with Fragrance and Essential Oils (Paperback, 2nd ed.)
Valerie Ann Worwood
R483 R396 Discovery Miles 3 960 Save R87 (18%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

Fragrances, with their intriguing ability to evoke emotions, memories, and visions, have played an important role in the world's spiritual traditions since the dawn of time. Drawn from the essential oils of plants, they serve as an earthly connection with the Divine. In her fascinating book, renowned aromatherapist Valerie Ann Worwood breaks new ground with an in-depth study of the use of fragrance in spirituality. Drawing on the pioneering research of eminent scientists and the insights of leading spiritual teachers, she provides exhaustive guidelines detailing how fragrance can be used in many spiritual practices, from Shinto and Buddhism to Native American rites. Extensive charts, exercises, and formulas demonstrate the use of aroma in healing, prayer, and meditation and in conjunction with vibrational and energetic healing. Covering more than 70 essential oils, this extraordinary guide helps readers call upon the divine power of fragrance to enrich their own spiritual journeys.

Acupuncture for Babies, Children and Teenagers - Treating Both the Illness and the Child (Hardcover): Rebecca Avern Acupuncture for Babies, Children and Teenagers - Treating Both the Illness and the Child (Hardcover)
Rebecca Avern; Illustrated by Sarah Hoyle
R2,010 R1,829 Discovery Miles 18 290 Save R181 (9%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

This colour textbook is a comprehensive guide to diagnosis and treatment in paediatric acupuncture. Ill health related to modern lifestyles is discussed, as is the role of family dynamics in childhood disease. Rebecca Avern examines treatment of children from both a TCM and a Five Element perspective. Throughout, she highlights how diagnosis and treatment should be tailored depending on the age of the child. The book includes information on a wide variety of treatment methods, including needling and pediatric tui na. The book covers all the conditions that children commonly present with in modern practice, including food allergies, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, issues relating to Autism Spectrum Disorder, and teenage depression, anxiety and eating disorders.

Infectious Connections - How Short-Term Foodborne Infections Can Lead to Long-Term Health Problems (Paperback): Beatrice Trum... Infectious Connections - How Short-Term Foodborne Infections Can Lead to Long-Term Health Problems (Paperback)
Beatrice Trum Hunter
R470 R389 Discovery Miles 3 890 Save R81 (17%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

Explains how short-term infections from foodborne diseases can lead to long-term health issues. Details food-processing to agricultural practices, global warming and imported foods. This book is an eye-opener for anyone concerned with the safety of our food sources.

Traditional Chinese Medicine - Scientific Basis for Its Use (Hardcover): Eri Oshima, Jeff Wang, Bangyan Stiles, Constance Lay... Traditional Chinese Medicine - Scientific Basis for Its Use (Hardcover)
Eri Oshima, Jeff Wang, Bangyan Stiles, Constance Lay Lay Saw, Tong Yao, …
R4,390 Discovery Miles 43 900 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Traditional Chinese medicine has a strong scientific basis, but the science of these important preparations is often rarely discussed. Western approaches often simplify traditional Chinese medicine to drug discovery in Chinese plants, however, the majority of traditional Chinese medications use complex mixtures of plant extracts, rather than single purified drugs. The combination of different extracts is based on yin, yang and chi theories, which are often poorly understood in the West. Yin and yang are known to be the balance of agonists and antagonists, whereas chi derives from signalling processes in the body and regulates bodily functions. Traditional Chinese medical practitioners understand that yin, yang and chi constantly interact in the body to maintain health. Western medical practitioners understand how to use agonists and antagonists and how to modify signalling processes, but generally do not accept the use of complex plant extracts to perform these functions. Aimed at medical scientists, and including detailed explanations of the theories behind the science, this text may help researchers to understand Chinese medical practitioners and to communicate more effectively with them. It will also lead to greater acceptance of traditional medications in the West. Presenting a clear rationale for the use of traditional Chinese medications in Western medical facilities, it enables scientists to find new directions in experimental design and encourage examination of these useful, but often poorly understood, preparations in clinical trials.

Huang Neijing - A Synopsis with Commentaries (Hardcover): Y.C. Kong Huang Neijing - A Synopsis with Commentaries (Hardcover)
Y.C. Kong
R1,917 R1,749 Discovery Miles 17 490 Save R168 (9%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

"Huangdi Neijing" is a classic medical text of ancient China. Composed of two sections, "Suwen" and "Lingshu," the book is filled with enduring wisdom and insight and is still consulted by doctors today. This translation is based largely on Li Zhongzi's concise 1642 edition, titled "Neijing Zhiyao," and continues the centuries-long effort to annotate the text, especially in light of modern developments in medicine. Instead of "explaining a classic with a classic," this edition adds commentaries and emendations that enhance the theoretical core of "Huangdi Neijing," illuminating a seminal work of Chinese medicine that covers much more than the basic principles of yin-yang and the five elements.

Essence Of Traditional Chinese Medicine (Hardcover): Wenjun Zhu, Yuan Lin, Sim Kim Cheng Essence Of Traditional Chinese Medicine (Hardcover)
Wenjun Zhu, Yuan Lin, Sim Kim Cheng; Artworks by Chunjiang Fu; Translated by Y. N. Han
R2,007 R1,880 Discovery Miles 18 800 Save R127 (6%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

The ancient art of Chinese medicine is known throughout the world for its unique methods of diagnosis and treatment. To many, its image is that of an esoteric art.Essence of Traditional Chinese Medicine provides a comprehensive and in-depth coverage of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). Topics ranging from theories, practical experience and traditional material to modern technology offer a good foundation for understanding TCM. Diagrams and illustrations enhancing understanding of the text. The practical aspect is made relevant and applicable; stories of famous physicians are put across in a lively manner. All these make this book an easy and informative read.This book illustrates, in an easy-to-understand format, its fundamental concepts and history:

Healing Herbs Handbook (Paperback): Grogan Healing Herbs Handbook (Paperback)
Grogan; Foreword by Smith
R379 R257 Discovery Miles 2 570 Save R122 (32%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Authoritative and easy to use, Healing Herbs Handbook is your one-stop guide to herbal health. This approachable handbook, with photographs for easy identification, helps readers understand and use herbal medicine to best advantage. It offers a brief introduction to the basics-such as choosing, growing, and preparing herbs-and then features an A-Z compendium of common health issues and how to treat them.

Women's Health Aromatherapy - A Clinically Evidence-Based Guide for Nurses, Midwives, Doulas and Therapists (Paperback):... Women's Health Aromatherapy - A Clinically Evidence-Based Guide for Nurses, Midwives, Doulas and Therapists (Paperback)
Pam Conrad
R407 Discovery Miles 4 070 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Aromatherapy has seen a huge surge in popularity in the past decade, and has proven effective for a wide array of women's health problems. However, the number of women interested in introducing aromatherapy to their personal health care dwarfs the number of clinicians formally trained in it. As a result, large numbers of women self-treat with aromatherapy, which can increase risk factors particularly during pregnancy and lactation. Condensing thorough research into concise, easy-to-digest language, this scientific evidence-based guide enables women's healthcare professionals and aromatherapists to quickly determine the safest and most effective way to apply aromatherapy in any given situation. The perfect bedside clinical guide for busy professionals, it covers 20 essential oils and their uses in women's health, from pregnancy to menopause. Readers will come away equipped with new tools to improve their patients' comfort and wellbeing, with the confidence of drawing from a reliable base of clinical evidence.

Pharmako/Poeia (Paperback): Dale Pendell Pharmako/Poeia (Paperback)
Dale Pendell
R467 R341 Discovery Miles 3 410 Save R126 (27%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

***This paperback edition has a new introduction by the author and updated content.
This is the first volume of North Atlantic Books' updated paperback edition of Dale Pendell's "Pharmako" trilogy, an encyclopedic study of the history and uses of psychoactive plants and related synthetics first published between 1995 and 2005. The books form an interrelated suite of works that provide the reader with a unique, reliable, and often personal immersion in this medically, culturally, and spiritually fascinating subject. All three books are beautifully designed and illustrated, and are written with unparalleled authority, erudition, playfulness, and range.
"Pharmako/Poeia: Plant Powers, Poisons, and Herbcraft "includes a new introduction by the author and as in previous editions focuses on familiar psychoactive plant-derived substances and related synthetics, ranging from the licit (tobacco, alcohol) to the illicit (cannabis, opium) and the exotic (absinthe, salvia divinorum, nitrous oxide). Each substance is explored in detail, not only with information on its history, pharmacology, preparation, and cultural and esoteric correspondences, but also the subtleties of each plant's effect on consciousness in a way that only poets can do. The whole concoction is sprinkled with abundant quotations from famous writers, creating a literary brew as intoxicating as its subject.
The "Pharmako" series is continued in "Pharmako/Dynamis" (focusing on stimulants and empathogens) and "Pharmako/Gnosis "(which addresses psychedelics and shamanic plants).

Plant and Human Health, Volume 1 - Ethnobotany and Physiology (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2018): Munir Ozturk, Khalid Rehman Hakeem Plant and Human Health, Volume 1 - Ethnobotany and Physiology (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2018)
Munir Ozturk, Khalid Rehman Hakeem
R6,184 R5,257 Discovery Miles 52 570 Save R927 (15%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Early anthropological evidence for plant use as medicine is 60,000 years old as reported from the Neanderthal grave in Iraq. The importance of plants as medicine is further supported by archeological evidence from Asia and the Middle East. Today, around 1.4 billion people in South Asia alone have no access to modern health care, and rely instead on traditional medicine to alleviate various symptoms. On a global basis, approximately 50 to 80 thousand plant species are used either natively or as pharmaceutical derivatives for life-threatening conditions that include diabetes, hypertension and cancers. As the demand for plant-based medicine rises, there is an unmet need to investigate the quality, safety and efficacy of these herbals by the "scientific methods". Current research on drug discovery from medicinal plants involves a multifaceted approach combining botanical, phytochemical, analytical, and molecular techniques. For instance, high throughput robotic screens have been developed by industry; it is now possible to carry out 50,000 tests per day in the search for compounds, which act on a key enzyme or a subset of receptors. This and other bioassays thus offer hope that one may eventually identify compounds for treating a variety of diseases or conditions. However, drug development from natural products is not without its problems. Frequent challenges encountered include the procurement of raw materials, the selection and implementation of appropriate high-throughput bioassays, and the scaling-up of preparative procedures. Research scientists should therefore arm themselves with the right tools and knowledge in order to harness the vast potentials of plant-based therapeutics. The main objective of Plant and Human Health is to serve as a comprehensive guide for this endeavor. Volume 1 highlights how humans from specific areas or cultures use indigenous plants. Despite technological developments, herbal drugs still occupy a preferential place in a majority of the population in the third world and have slowly taken roots as alternative medicine in the West. The integration of modern science with traditional uses of herbal drugs is important for our understanding of this ethnobotanical relationship. Volume 2 deals with the phytochemical and molecular characterization of herbal medicine. Specifically, it focuess on the secondary metabolic compounds, which afford protection against diseases. Lastly, Volume 3 discusses the physiological mechanisms by which the active ingredients of medicinal plants serve to improve human health. Together this three-volume collection intends to bridge the gap for herbalists, traditional and modern medical practitioners, and students and researchers in botany and horticulture.

Heart Shock - Diagnosis and Treatment of Trauma with Shen-Hammer and Classical Chinese Medicine (Hardcover): Ross Rosen Heart Shock - Diagnosis and Treatment of Trauma with Shen-Hammer and Classical Chinese Medicine (Hardcover)
Ross Rosen; Foreword by Dr. Leon Hammer
R1,126 R1,042 Discovery Miles 10 420 Save R84 (7%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

This book describes in detail the effects and ongoing impacts of trauma on the body and mind and provides the 'missing piece' in the treatment of these stubborn conditions that every practitioner confronts. Heart Shock refers to the systemic impact that emotional and/or physical trauma has on one's physiology and psychology, interfering with one's ability to heal, and also directly attributable to a host of progressive pathology. Synthesizing the teachings of Jeffrey Yuen and the Shen-Hammer lineage and focusing heavily on psychology, Ross Rosen addresses how to identify, diagnose, and treat Heart Shock from multiple perspectives, providing a multi-faceted approach to treatment, including all the acupuncture channel systems, herbal medicine and the use of essential oils. The approach presented can also be expanded to treat any condition or disease process.

Comprension de las Glandulas (Paperback): Rajeev Saxena Comprension de las Glandulas (Paperback)
Rajeev Saxena
R122 R99 Discovery Miles 990 Save R23 (19%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

This text is in Spanish.

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