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The Influence of Civil Society on Japanese Nuclear Disarmament Policy (Paperback): Kazuhiro Tobisawa The Influence of Civil Society on Japanese Nuclear Disarmament Policy (Paperback)
Kazuhiro Tobisawa
R822 R592 Discovery Miles 5 920 Save R230 (28%) Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

Japan is the only country in the world to have been attacked with nuclear weapons. Her anti-nuclear Civil Society Organisations, with their experiences of coping with the fallout of the atom bomb blasts, are passionately committed to their cause. While international treaties are final objectives, there is another effective diplomatic approach towards nuclear disarmament: CSO diplomacy might open the window of deadlocked inter-states negotiations. The role of civil society in the field of security is relatively new, coming to prominence during the establishment of the Convention on the Prohibition of Anti-Personnel Mines, the so-called Ottawa Treaty. The Treaty also signalled that the role, presence and decision of governments are essential. This is an investigation of the influence that Japanese CSOs have on Japanese official policy in respect of nuclear disarmament. Significantly, it focuses on the private diplomacy of CSOs, on the mitigation of inter-state conflicts that lie behind nuclear issues, and on the involvement of governments in social movements of nuclear disarmament. To explain and understand this effectively could lead to the resolution of half-a-century of failed attempts at nuclear disarmament.

Theorizing Feminist Ethics of Care in Early Childhood Practice - Possibilities and Dangers (Hardcover): Rachel Langford Theorizing Feminist Ethics of Care in Early Childhood Practice - Possibilities and Dangers (Hardcover)
Rachel Langford
R2,049 Discovery Miles 20 490 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

This book responds to a growing academic interest in theorizing care and care work in the early childhood education and care (ECEC) sector. The contributors theorize a new feminist ethics of care in everyday early childhood practice, revealing its complexities and importance. Drawing on feminist theories and philosophies, the chapter authors show how the caring practices of early childhood educators involve values, emotions, decision-making, action and work. Using cutting-edge theory, authors address the social locations and the inclusion and exclusion of both care givers and care receivers. With contributions from Belgium, Canada, New Zealand, the UK and the USA, the volume brings together early childhood studies, sociology, psychology, philosophy and critical disability studies to offer diverse perspectives on feminist ethics of care in early childhood practice and its possibilities and dangers.

From Head Shops to Whole Foods - The Rise and Fall of Activist Entrepreneurs (Hardcover): Joshua Davis From Head Shops to Whole Foods - The Rise and Fall of Activist Entrepreneurs (Hardcover)
Joshua Davis
R647 R485 Discovery Miles 4 850 Save R162 (25%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

In the 1960s and '70s, a diverse range of storefronts-including head shops, African American bookstores, feminist businesses, and organic grocers-brought the work of the New Left, Black Power, feminism, environmentalism, and other movements into the marketplace. Through shared ownership, limited growth, and democratic workplaces, these activist entrepreneurs offered alternatives to conventional profit-driven corporate business models. By the middle of the 1970s, thousands of these enterprises operated across the United States-but only a handful survive today. Some, such as Whole Foods Market, have abandoned their quest for collective political change in favor of maximizing profits. Vividly portraying the struggles, successes, and sacrifices of these unlikely entrepreneurs,From Head Shops to Whole Foodswrites a new history of social movements and capitalism by showing how activists embraced small businesses in a way few historians have considered. The book challenges the widespread but mistaken idea that activism and political dissent are inherently antithetical to participation in the marketplace. Joshua Clark Davis uncovers the historical roots of contemporary interest in ethical consumption, social enterprise, buying local, and mission-driven business, while also showing how today's companies have adopted the language-but not often the mission-of liberation and social change.

Our Right To Drugs - The Case for a Free Market (Paperback, 1st Syracuse University Press ed): Thomas Szasz Our Right To Drugs - The Case for a Free Market (Paperback, 1st Syracuse University Press ed)
Thomas Szasz
R360 R290 Discovery Miles 2 900 Save R70 (19%) Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

In ""Our Right to Drugs"", Szasz shows how the present drug war started at the beginning of this century, when the US government first assumed the task of protecting people from patent medicines. By the end of World War I the free market in drugs was but a dim memory. Instead of dwelling on the familiar impracticality and unfairness of drug laws, Szasz demonstrates the deleterious effects of prescription laws, which place people under lifelong medical supervision. The result is that most Americans today prefer a coercive and corrupt command drug economy to a free market in drugs. Szasz stresses the consequences of the fateful transformation of the central aim of US drug prohibitions: from protecting the public from being fooled by mis-branded drugs to protecting them from harming themselves by self medication. He emphasises that a free society cannot endure if the state treats adults as if they were truant children and if its citizens reject the values of self-discipline and personal responsibility. After discussing the racial aspects of drug prohibition (eg. drug enforcers are far more likely to accost blacks than whites), Szasz suggests a connection between drug prohibition and the personal dread of the availability of an easy and pleasurable way to commit suicide.

Animal Ethics in Animal Research (Paperback): Helena Rocklinsberg, Mickey Gjerris, I. Anna S. Olsson Animal Ethics in Animal Research (Paperback)
Helena Rocklinsberg, Mickey Gjerris, I. Anna S. Olsson
R786 R670 Discovery Miles 6 700 Save R116 (15%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

The use of animals in research has always been surrounded by ethical controversy. This book provides an overview of the central ethical issues focusing on the interconnectedness of science, law and ethics. It aims to make theoretical ethical reasoning understandable to non-ethicists and provide tools to improve ethical decision making on animal research. It focuses on good scientific practice, the 3Rs (replacement, reduction and refinement), ethical theories applied to specific cases and an overview of regulatory issues. The book is co-authored by experts in animal research, animal welfare, social sciences, law and ethics, and provides both animal researchers and members of animal ethics committees with knowledge that can facilitate their work and communication with stakeholders and the public. The book is written to provide knowledge, not to argue a certain position, and is intended to be used in training that aims to fulfil EU Directive 2010/63/EU.

End of its Rope - How Killing the Death Penalty Can Revive Criminal Justice (Hardcover): Brandon L. Garrett End of its Rope - How Killing the Death Penalty Can Revive Criminal Justice (Hardcover)
Brandon L. Garrett
R546 R401 Discovery Miles 4 010 Save R145 (27%) Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

It isn't enough to celebrate the death penalty's demise. We must learn from it.When Henry McCollum was condemned to death in 1983 in rural North Carolina, death sentences were commonplace. In 2015, DNA tests set McCollum free. By then, death sentences were as rare as lightning strikes. To most observers this national trend came as a surprise. What changed? Brandon Garrett hand-collected and analyzed national data, looking for causes and implications of this turnaround. End of Its Rope explains what he found, and why the story of who killed the death penalty and how can be the catalyst for criminal justice reform.No single factor put the death penalty on the road to extinction, Garrett concludes. Death row exonerations fostered rising awareness of errors in death penalty cases, at the same time that a decline in murder rates eroded law-and-order arguments. Defense lawyers radically improved how they litigate death cases when given adequate resources. More troubling, many states replaced the death penalty with what amounts to a virtual death sentence--life without possibility of parole. Today, the death penalty hangs on in a few scattered counties where prosecutors cling to entrenched habits and patterns of racial bias.The failed death penalty experiment teaches us how inept lawyering, overzealous prosecution, race discrimination, wrongful convictions, and excessive punishments undermine the pursuit of justice. Garrett makes a strong closing case for what a future criminal justice system might look like if these injustices were remedied.

Making a Good Life - An Ethnography of Nature, Ethics, and Reproduction (Paperback): Katharine Dow Making a Good Life - An Ethnography of Nature, Ethics, and Reproduction (Paperback)
Katharine Dow
R501 R391 Discovery Miles 3 910 Save R110 (22%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Making a Good Life takes a timely look at the ideas and values that inform how people think about reproduction and assisted reproductive technologies. In an era of heightened scrutiny about parenting and reproduction, fears about environmental degradation, and the rise of the biotechnology industry, Katharine Dow delves into the reproductive ethics of those who do not have a personal stake in assisted reproductive technologies, but who are building lives inspired and influenced by environmentalism and concerns about the natural world's future. Moving away from experiences of infertility treatments tied to the clinic and laboratory, Dow instead explores reproduction and assisted reproductive technologies as topics of public concern and debate, and she examines how people living in a coastal village in rural Scotland make ethical decisions and judgments about these matters. In particular, Dow engages with people's ideas about nature and naturalness, and how these relate to views about parenting and building stable environments for future generations. Taking into account the ways daily responsibilities and commitments are balanced with moral values, Dow suggests there is still much to uncover about reproductive ethics. Analyzing how ideas about reproduction intersect with wider ethical struggles, Making a Good Life offers a new approach to researching, thinking, and writing about nature, ethics, and reproduction.

Sex Exposed - Sexuality and the Pornography Debate (Paperback): Mary McIntosh, Lynne Segal Sex Exposed - Sexuality and the Pornography Debate (Paperback)
Mary McIntosh, Lynne Segal
R599 Discovery Miles 5 990 Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

Over the past twenty years debates about pornography have raged within feminism and beyond. Throughout the 1970s feminists increasingly addressed the problem of men's sexual violence against women, and many women reduced the politics of men's power to questions about sexuality. By the 1980s these questions had become more and more focused on the issue of pornography--now a metaphor for the menace of male power. Collapsing feminist politics into sexuality and sexuality into pornography has not only caused some of the deepest splits between feminists, but made it harder to think clearly about either sexuality or pornography--indeed, about feminist politics more generally.

This provocative collection, by well-known feminists, surveys these arguments, and in particular asks why recent feminist debates about sexuality keep reducing to questions of pornography.

Killing McVeigh - The Death Penalty and the Myth of Closure (Paperback): Jody Lynee Madeira Killing McVeigh - The Death Penalty and the Myth of Closure (Paperback)
Jody Lynee Madeira
R506 R435 Discovery Miles 4 350 Save R71 (14%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

* "A faithful account." - Richard C. Dieter, Executive Director, Death Penalty Information Center * "In-depth, fair-minded and sensitive." - Carol Steiker, Henry J. Friendly Professor of Law, Harvard Law School * "Intense yet compassionate." - Sister Helen Prejean, author of Dead Man Walking * "Clearly written and persuasive." - Harry Charles, Library Journal * "Sensitive, nuanced, and empathetic." - Contemporary Psychology * "Provocative, interesting, and deserve[s] attention." - Choice "Important, comprehensive, and insightful analysis." - Rutgers

Perversion for Profit - The Politics of Pornography and the Rise of the New Right (Paperback): Whitney Strub Perversion for Profit - The Politics of Pornography and the Rise of the New Right (Paperback)
Whitney Strub
R576 R447 Discovery Miles 4 470 Save R129 (22%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

While America is not alone in its ambivalence toward sex and its depictions, the preferences of the nation swing sharply between toleration and censure. This pattern has grown even more pronounced since the 1960s, with the emergence of the New Right and its attack on the "floodtide of filth" that was supposedly sweeping the nation. Antipornography campaigns became the New Right's political capital in the 1960s, laying the groundwork for the "family values" agenda that shifted the country to the right. Perversion for Profit traces the anatomy of this trend and the crucial function of pornography in constructing the New Right agenda, which has emphasized social issues over racial and economic inequality. Conducting his own extensive research, Whitney Strub vividly recreates the debates over obscenity that consumed members of the ACLU in the 1950s and revisits the deployment of obscenity charges against purveyors of gay erotica during the cold war, revealing the differing standards applied to heterosexual and homosexual pornography. He follows the rise of the influential Citizens for Decent Literature during the 1960s and the pivotal events that followed: the sexual revolution, feminist activism, the rise of the gay rights movement, the "porno chic" moment of the early 1970s, and resurgent Christian conservatism, which now shapes public policy far beyond the issue of sexual decency. Strub also examines the ways in which the left failed to mount a serious or sustained counterattack to the New Right's use of pornography as a political tool. As he demonstrates, this failure put the Democratic Party at the mercy of Republican rhetoric. In placing debates about pornography at the forefront of American postwar history, Strub revolutionizes our understanding of sex and American politics.

The Freedom Trap - Reclaiming Liberty and Wellbeing (Paperback): Craig Hassed The Freedom Trap - Reclaiming Liberty and Wellbeing (Paperback)
Craig Hassed
R269 R193 Discovery Miles 1 930 Save R76 (28%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

In many ways we have never been more 'free'. We are freer to follow our dreams, set goals and live the life we choose. Yet mental health issues are sky-rocketing. Anxiety and depression are rife and more people feel overwhelmed by daily living. We are more addictive, distracted and pressured. This is a world that increasingly seems to breed discontent. So, is all our so-called freedom nothing more than a trap of our own making? Are we, as the saying goes, simply decorating the cage that keeps us imprisoned? Does everything that flies under the banner of freedom actually promote it? What can we do to change the status quo? The Freedom Trap is an inspiring call for clear thinking and a fresh appraisal of what our freedoms mean and can become. In this challenging, confronting and eye-opening look at what freedom actually is - examined from philosophical, psychological, political, social, legal, ethical, scientific, historical and neurological perspectives - mindfulness expert Associate Professor Craig Hassed explores how we can alleviate our burdens (our worries, regrets and material desires) and find a life of peace, happiness and harmony - true freedom. Including practical thinking steps to help further your understanding of what freedom really means, this book is essential reading for anyone who has ever thought 'there has to be more to life than this'.

Careless Thought Costs Lives - The Ethics of Transplants (Paperback): Janet Radcliffe Richards Careless Thought Costs Lives - The Ethics of Transplants (Paperback)
Janet Radcliffe Richards
R298 Discovery Miles 2 980 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Everyone knows that transplantation can save and transform lives, but thousands die every year on waiting lists because there are not enough organs available. If more people could be persuaded to donate, more lives could be saved. But is individual reluctance to donate the root of the problem? Individual choices are made against the background of prevailing laws, conventions and institutions, and many of those present direct or indirect obstacles to organ procurement, from both the living and the dead. If any of those cannot be justified, the deaths they cause are similarly unjustified. In The Ethics of Transplants, Janet Radcliffe Richards, a leading moral philosopher and author of The Sceptical Feminist and Human Nature after Darwin, casts a sharp critical eye over these institutional barriers to organ procurement, and the logic of the arguments offered in their defence. Her incisive reasoning forces us to confront the implications of unexamined intuitions, leads to several unexpected conclusions, and in doing so demonstrates the crucial importance of clear thinking in public debate. Originally published in hardback as The Ethics of Transplants.

Principles of Biomedical Ethics (Paperback, 7th Revised edition): Tom L. Beauchamp, James F Childress Principles of Biomedical Ethics (Paperback, 7th Revised edition)
Tom L. Beauchamp, James F Childress
R1,190 Discovery Miles 11 900 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Building on the best-selling tradition of previous editions, Principles of Biomedical Ethics, Seventh Edition, provides a highly original, practical, and insightful guide to morality in the health professions. Acclaimed authors Tom L. Beauchamp and James F. Childress thoroughly develop and advocate for four principles that lie at the core of moral reasoning in health care: respect for autonomy, nonmaleficence, beneficence, and justice. Drawing from contemporary research-and integrating detailed case studies and vivid real-life examples and scenarios-they demonstrate how these prima facie principles can be expanded to apply to various conflicts and dilemmas, from how to deliver bad news to whether or not to withhold or withdraw life-sustaining treatments. Illuminating both theory and method throughout, Principles of Biomedical Ethics, Seventh Edition, considers what constitutes moral character and addresses the problem of moral status: what rights are due to people and animals, and when. It also examines the professional-patient relationship, surveys major philosophical theories-including utilitarianism, Kantianism, rights theory, and virtue theory-and describes methods of moral justification in bioethics. Ideal for courses in biomedical ethics, bioethics, and health care ethics, the text is enhanced by hundreds of annotated citations and a substantial introduction that clarifies key terms and concepts. NEW TO THE SEVENTH EDITION Ch. 1: A clarified and more concise treatment of the common morality and its distinction from both particular moralities and the broad descriptive use of the term "morality" Ch. 3: New sections on degrees of moral status and the moral significance of moral status Ch. 4: A revised section on the therapeutic use of placebos and expanded coverage of theories of autonomy and information-processing issues Ch. 5: New material on historical problems of underprotection and recent problems of overprotection in human subjects research Ch. 6: A new section on expanded access and continued access in research and a relocated and integrated discussion of surrogate decision making for incompetent patients Ch. 7: A distinction between traditional theories of justice and more recent theories like capabilities and well-being Ch. 8: A new section on clinical ethics and research ethics Ch. 9: A whole new section on virtue theory, which expands the account from Ch. 2 of the previous edition, and on rights theory Ch. 10: An extended and more in-depth discussion of the authors' theory of method and justification in bioethics A new Companion Website at www.oup.com/us/beauchamp featuring suggestions for effectively using the book in the classroom, possible syllabi and examination questions, additional readings, useful exercises, and cases for discussion

Proof of Guilt - Barbara Graham and the Politics of Executing Women in America (Hardcover, 0 Ed): Kathleen A. Cairns Proof of Guilt - Barbara Graham and the Politics of Executing Women in America (Hardcover, 0 Ed)
Kathleen A. Cairns
R537 R421 Discovery Miles 4 210 Save R116 (22%) Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

Barbara Graham might have been a diabolical dame in a hard-boiled detective story-beautiful, sexy, and deadly. Charged alongside two male friends in the murder of an elderly widow during a botched robbery attempt, "Bloody Babs" became the third woman executed in California-after a 1953 trial that played out before standing-room-only crowds captured the imaginations of journalists, filmmakers, and death penalty opponents. Why, Kathleen A. Cairns asks, of all the capital cases in the twentieth century, did Graham's have such political resonance and staying power? Leaving aside the question of guilt or innocence-debated to this day-Cairns examines how Graham's case became a touchstone in the ongoing debate over capital punishment. While prosecutors positioned the accused woman as a femme fatale, the media came to offer a counternarrative for Graham's life highlighting her abusive and lonely beginnings. Cairns shows how Graham's case became crucial to the abolitionists of the time, who used instances of questionable guilt to raise awareness of the arbitrary and capricious nature of death penalty prosecutions. Critical in keeping capital punishment in the forefront of public consciousness until abolitionists homed in on a winning strategy, Graham's case illustrates the power of individual stories to shape wider perceptions and ultimately public policies.

Arguments about Abortion - Personhood, Morality, and Law (Hardcover): Kate Greasley Arguments about Abortion - Personhood, Morality, and Law (Hardcover)
Kate Greasley
R1,097 Discovery Miles 10 970 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Does the morality of abortion depend on the moral status of the human fetus? Must the law of abortion presume an answer to the question of when personhood begins? Can a law which permits late abortion but not infanticide be morally justified? These are just some of the questions this book sets out to address. With an extended analysis of the moral and legal status of abortion, Kate Greasley offers an alternative account to the reputable arguments of Ronald Dworkin and Judith Jarvis Thomson and instead brings the philosophical notion of 'personhood' to the foreground of this debate. Structured in three parts, the book will (I) consider the relevance of prenatal personhood for the moral and legal evaluation of abortion; (II) trace the key features of the conventional debate about when personhood begins and explore the most prominent issues in abortion ethics literature: the human equality problem and the difference between abortion and infanticide; and (III) examine abortion law and regulation as well as the differing attitudes to selective abortion. The book concludes with a snapshot into the current controversy surrounding the scope of the right to conscientiously object to participation in abortion provision.

Policing The Black Man - Arrest, Prosecution, and Imprisonment (Hardcover): Angela J Davis Policing The Black Man - Arrest, Prosecution, and Imprisonment (Hardcover)
Angela J Davis
R320 R252 Discovery Miles 2 520 Save R68 (21%) Shipped within 4 - 8 working days
Genetic Ethics - An Introduction (Hardcover): Colin Farrelly Genetic Ethics - An Introduction (Hardcover)
Colin Farrelly
R1,203 R930 Discovery Miles 9 300 Save R273 (23%) Shipped within 7 - 13 working days

Colin Farrelly contemplates the various ethical and social quandaries raised by the genetic revolution. Recent biomedical advances such as genetic screening, gene therapy and genome editing might be used to promote equality of opportunity, reproductive freedom, healthy aging, and the prevention and treatment of disease. But these technologies also raise a host of ethical questions: Is the idea of "genetically engineering" humans a morally objectionable form of eugenics? Should parents undergoing IVF be permitted to screen embryos for the sex of their offspring? Would it be ethical to alter the rate at which humans age, greatly increasing longevity at a time when the human population is already at potentially unsustainable levels? Farrelly applies an original virtue ethics framework to assess these and other challenges posed by the genetic revolution. Chapters discuss virtue ethics in relation to eugenics, infectious and chronic disease, evolutionary biology, epigenetics, happiness, reproductive freedom and longevity. This fresh approach creates a roadmap for thinking ethically about technological progress that will be of practical use to ethicists and scientists for years to come. Accessible in tone and compellingly argued, this book is an ideal introduction for students of bioethics, applied ethics, biomedical sciences, and related courses in philosophy and life sciences.

Imagining Science - Art, Science, and Social Change (Paperback): Sean Caulfield, Timothy Caulfield Imagining Science - Art, Science, and Social Change (Paperback)
Sean Caulfield, Timothy Caulfield
R631 R506 Discovery Miles 5 060 Save R125 (20%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

"Imagining Science "brings together internationally recognized artists, scientists, and social commentators to feature a body of original artwork and essays which explores the complex legal, ethical, and social concerns about advances in biotechnology, such as stem cell research, cloning, and genetic testing. Many important questions and themes emerge from this exchange, highlighting the linkages between scientific and creative research. This collaboration also stresses the vital role art can play in critiquing these biomedical technologies, particularly as advancements in science begin to challenge our ethical boundaries.

New Walk - The Midwife Diaries (Paperback): Ellie Durant New Walk - The Midwife Diaries (Paperback)
Ellie Durant
R234 R184 Discovery Miles 1 840 Save R50 (21%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Meet Chloe: passionate about midwifery and on the cusp of adulthood. As a student midwife in inner-city Leicester, Chloe finds fulfilment caring for women and families from wide-ranging backgrounds - but will her own personal challenges derail her ambitions? Having recently lost her mother, and supporting her father through addiction, Chloe must make difficult choices and reconcile her rewarding yet demanding career with loyalty for those she loves. New Walk is a profoundly moving coming-of-age story, where midwifery, birth and the decisions life throws at us combine to shape a young woman's life.

Comfort Women - Sexual Slavery in the Japanese Military During World War II (Paperback, Revised): Yoshimi Yoshiaki Comfort Women - Sexual Slavery in the Japanese Military During World War II (Paperback, Revised)
Yoshimi Yoshiaki; Translated by Suzanne O'Brien
R592 R505 Discovery Miles 5 050 Save R87 (15%) Shipped within 7 - 13 working days

Available for the first time in English, this is the definitive account of the practice of sexual slavery the Japanese military perpetrated during World War II by the researcher principally responsible for exposing the Japanese government's responsibility for these atrocities. The large scale imprisonment and rape of thousands of women, who were euphemistically called "comfort women" by the Japanese military, first seized public attention in 1991 when three Korean women filed suit in a Toyko District Court stating that they had been forced into sexual servitude and demanding compensation. Since then the comfort stations and their significance have been the subject of ongoing debate and intense activism in Japan, much if it inspired by Yoshimi's investigations. How large a role did the military, and by extension the government, play in setting up and administering these camps? What type of compensation, if any, are the victimized women due? These issues figure prominently in the current Japanese focus on public memory and arguments about the teaching and writing of history and are central to efforts to transform Japanese ways of remembering the war.

Yoshimi Yoshiaki provides a wealth of documentation and testimony to prove the existence of some 2,000 centers where as many as 200,000 Korean, Filipina, Taiwanese, Indonesian, Burmese, Dutch, Australian, and some Japanese women were restrained for months and forced to engage in sexual activity with Japanese military personnel. Many of the women were teenagers, some as young as fourteen. To date, the Japanese government has neither admitted responsibility for creating the comfort station system nor given compensation directly to former comfort women.

This English edition updates the Japanese edition originally published in 1995 and includes introductions by both the author and the translator placing the story in context for American readers.

Equity - Conscience Goes to Market (Hardcover): Irit Samet Equity - Conscience Goes to Market (Hardcover)
Irit Samet
R1,507 Discovery Miles 15 070 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

This book sets out to defend the claim that Equity ought to remain a separate body of law; the temptation to iron-out the differences between neighbouring doctrines on the two sides of the Equity/Common Law divide should, in most cases, be resisted. The theoretical part of the book is argues that the characteristics of Equity, namely, appeal to conscience, flexibility, retroactivity and the use of morally-freighted jargon, are essential for the implementation of a legal ideal that has been neglected by the Common Law: aAccountability Correspondencea. According to this fundamental legal ideal, liability imposed by legal rules should correspond to the pattern of moral duty in the circumstances to which the rules apply. Equity promotes this ideal in the fields of property and obligations by disallowing parties to exploit the rule-like nature of Common Law norms in a way that breaches their moral duty to the other party. By reference to various equitable doctrines, it is argued that the faults identified by critics of Equity, especially from the perspective of the Rule of Law, are highly exaggerated, and that the criticism often reflects a political belief in the supremacy of individualism and free market over empathy and social justice. The theoretical part is followed by three chapters, each dedicated to an in-depth analysis of the equitable doctrines of fiduciary duties, proprietary estoppel, and clean hands. For each doctrine, it is shown how their equitable characteristics are indispensable for achieving their social, ethical and economic purpose.

Sex Trafficking - Inside the Business of Modern Slavery (Paperback, With a new preface by the author): Siddharth Kara Sex Trafficking - Inside the Business of Modern Slavery (Paperback, With a new preface by the author)
Siddharth Kara
R352 R269 Discovery Miles 2 690 Save R83 (24%) Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

Every year, hundreds of thousands of women and children are abducted, deceived, seduced, or sold into forced prostitution, coerced to service hundreds if not thousands of men before being discarded. These trafficked sex slaves form the backbone of one of the world's most profitable illicit enterprises and generate huge profits for their exploiters, for unlike narcotics, which must be grown, harvested, refined, and packaged, sex slaves require no such "processing," and can be repeatedly "consumed."

Kara first encountered the horrors of slavery in a Bosnian refugee camp in 1995. Subsequently, in the first journey of its kind, he traveled across four continents to investigate these crimes and take stock of their devastating human toll. Kara made several trips to India, Nepal, Burma, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, the United Kingdom, Italy, the Netherlands, Denmark, Albania, Moldova, Mexico, and the United States. He witnessed firsthand the sale of human beings into slavery, interviewed over four hundred slaves, and confronted some of those who trafficked and exploited them.

In this book, Kara provides a riveting account of his journey into this unconscionable industry, sharing the moving stories of its victims and revealing the shocking conditions of their exploitation. He draws on his background in finance, economics, and law to provide the first ever business analysis of contemporary slavery worldwide, focusing on its most profitable and barbaric form: sex trafficking. Kara describes the local factors and global economic forces that gave rise to this and other forms of modern slavery over the past two decades and quantifies, for the first time, the size, growth, and profitability of each industry. Finally, he identifies the sectors of the sex trafficking industry that would be hardest hit by specifically designed interventions and recommends the specific legal, tactical, and policy measures that would target these vulnerable sectors and help to abolish this form of slavery, once and for all.

The author will donate a portion of the proceeds of this book to the anti-slavery organization, Free the Slaves.

Political Correctness (Paperback): Michael Eric Dyson, Michelle Goldberg, Stephen Fry, Jordan Peterson Political Correctness (Paperback)
Michael Eric Dyson, Michelle Goldberg, Stephen Fry, Jordan Peterson; Edited by Michelle Goldberg
R265 R198 Discovery Miles 1 980 Save R67 (25%) Shipped within 7 - 11 working days
Ethics and Values in Social Work - An Integrated Approach for a Comprehensive Curriculum (Paperback, 2nd Revised edition):... Ethics and Values in Social Work - An Integrated Approach for a Comprehensive Curriculum (Paperback, 2nd Revised edition)
Allan Edward Barsky
R985 Discovery Miles 9 850 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Social work ethics provide practitioners with guidance on how to promote social work values such as respect, social justice, human relationships, service, competence, and integrity. Students entering the profession need to develop a real-world understanding of how to apply these values in practice while also managing the dilemmas that arise when social workers, clients, and others encounter conflicting values and ethical obligations. Ethics and Values in Social Work offers a comprehensive set of teaching and learning materials to help students develop the knowledge, self-awareness, and critical thinking skills required to handle values and ethical issues in all levels of practice-individual, family, group, organization, community, and social policy. BSW and MSW students will particularly appreciate how complex ethical obligations and theories have been translated into plain language. Additionally, the comprehensive set of case examples and exercises provides realistic scenarios to develop critical thinking and problem solving skills across a range of practice situations.

The Story of Jane - The Legendary Underground Feminist Abortion Service (Paperback, First Edition, Enlarged ed.): Laura Kaplan The Story of Jane - The Legendary Underground Feminist Abortion Service (Paperback, First Edition, Enlarged ed.)
Laura Kaplan
R371 R301 Discovery Miles 3 010 Save R70 (19%) Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

An extraordinary history by one of its members, this is the first account of Jane's evolution, the conflicts within the group, and the impact its work had both on the women it helped and the members themselves. This book stands as a compelling testament to a woman's most essential freedom--control over her own body--and to the power of women helping women.

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